Kitty Neale Books In Order

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. A Cuckoo in Candle Lane (2004)
  2. Outcast Child (2005)
  3. The Empty Hearth (2006)
  4. Another Time, Another Place (2006)
  5. No Time for Tears (2006)
  6. Nobody’s Girl (2007)
  7. Family Betrayal (2008)
  8. Sins of the Father (2008)
  9. Desperate Measures (2009)
  10. Lost & Found (2009)
  11. Lost Angel (2009)
  12. Forgotten Child (2010)
  13. Mother’s Ruin (2010)
  14. A Father’s Revenge / A Mother’s Struggle (2011)
  15. A Broken Family (2012)
  16. Abandoned Child (2013)
  17. A Daughter’s Disgrace (2015)
  18. A Family Scandal (2016)
  19. A Mother’s Sacrifice (2017)
  20. A Daughter’s Courage (2018)
  21. A Sister’s Sorrow (2019)
  22. A Family’s Heartbreak (2019)
  23. A Daughter’s Ruin (2020)
  24. A Family Secret (2022)

The Battersea Tavern Books In Publication Order

  1. A Mother’s Secret (2021)

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Kitty Neale Books Overview

Another Time, Another Place

A wonderfully gritty and heart warming south London saga the sequel to A Cuckoo in Candle LaneBattersea 1966. Sally Jones has a happy life with her loving husband Arthur and adorable daughter Angela. But everything changes after her grandmother has a stroke and they move back to Candle Lane to look after her. Soon Sally starts to have doubts about the strength of their relationship as Arthur becomes increasingly mysterious about where he goes and who he visits. Sally senses danger, and her powers of sight are never wrong…

No Time for Tears

The heart warming sequel to Another Time, Another Place Sally Jones is heartbroken when she finds her husband in the arms of Patsy Laurington, her neighbour and friend. Devastated, she returns to her mothers house, only to find that her refuge is scheduled for demolition. Patsy is hiding a dark secret, and in her desperation to snare Sallys husband, she schemes to keep them apart. It is only when divorce proceedings are in progress that the shocking truth emerges, but for Sally, it has come too late…

Desperate Measures

Four women seek the ultimate revenge against the men who betrayed them. The gritty new drama from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Nobody’s Girl. SWINDLED! Val Thorn, Paula Richardson, Cheryl Cutter and Betty Grayson have one thing in common they have all been betrayed by men. SHAMED! Rape victim Paula has been terrified ever since her brutal attack. High flyer Val’s life has fallen to pieces since she was forced out of her job. Grief stricken by her grandmother’s death, nurse Cheryl was tricked out of her inheritance. Timid housewife Betty sacrificed all for her husband. Now, 20 years later, he’s left her and she’s destitute. SACRIFICED! Now these four women want revenge. Masterminded by Val, the four women set out to right past wrongs. But will their role of avenging angels take them down a terrible road?

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