Anna Jacobs Books In Order

Backshaw Moss Books In Publication Order

  1. A Valley Dream (2021)
  2. A Valley Secret (2021)

Birch End Books In Publication Order

  1. A Daughter’s Journey (2019)
  2. A Widow’s Courage (2020)
  3. A Woman’s Promise (2020)

Blake Sisters/Swan River Saga Books In Publication Order

  1. Farewell to Lancashire (2009)
  2. Beyond The Sunset (2010)
  3. Destiny’s Path (2011)

Chronicles of Tenebrak Books In Publication Order

  1. Quest (1993)
  2. Lands of Nowhere (2010)
  3. Shadow of the Serpent (2010)
  4. The Price of Wisdom (2010)
  5. Tenebrak, the Founding (2010)

Chronicles of Tenebrak Books In Chronological Order

  1. Tenebrak, the Founding (2010)
  2. Quest (1993)
  3. Lands of Nowhere (2010)
  4. Shadow of the Serpent (2010)
  5. The Price of Wisdom (2010)

Ellindale Saga Books In Publication Order

  1. One Quiet Woman (2017)
  2. One Kind Man (2018)
  3. One Special Village (2018)
  4. One Perfect Family (2019)

The Gibson Family Books In Publication Order

  1. Salem Street (1994)
  2. High Street (1995)
  3. Ridge Hill (1996)
  4. Hallam Square (1996)
  5. Spinners Lake (1997)

Greyladies Books In Publication Order

  1. Heir to Greyladies (2013)
  2. Mistress of Greyladies (2014)
  3. Legacy of Greyladies (2015)

Honeyfield Books In Publication Order

  1. The Honeyfield Bequest (2017)
  2. A Stranger in Honeyfield (2017)
  3. Peace Comes to Honeyfield (2019)

Hope Books In Publication Order

  1. A Place of Hope (2013)
  2. In Search of Hope (2013)
  3. A Time for Hope (2015)

The Kershaw Sisters Books In Publication Order

  1. Our Lizzie (1999)
  2. Our Polly (2000)
  3. Our Eva (2002)
  4. Our Mary Ann (2003)

Lady Bingram’s Aides Books In Publication Order

  1. Tomorrow’s Promises (2007)
  2. Yesterday’s Girl (2008)

The Lancashire Settlers Books In Publication Order

  1. Lancashire Lass (2000)
  2. Lancashire Legacy (2001)

The Michaels Family Books In Publication Order

  1. A Pennyworth of Sunshine (2003)
  2. Twopenny Rainbows (2004)
  3. Threepenny Dreams (2005)

Penny Lake Books In Publication Order

  1. Changing Lara (2019)
  2. Finding Cassie (2020)
  3. Marrying Simone (2020)

Peppercorn Street Books In Publication Order

  1. Peppercorn Street (2014)
  2. Cinnamon Gardens (2015)
  3. Saffron Lane (2018)
  4. Bay Tree Cottage (2018)
  5. Christmas in Peppercorn Street (2019)

The Preston Sisters/Preston Family Books In Publication Order

  1. Pride of Lancashire (2005)
  2. Star of the North (2006)
  3. Bright Day Dawning (2006)
  4. Heart of the Town (2006)

Rivenshaw Books In Publication Order

  1. Time to Remember (2015)
  2. A Time for Renewal (2015)
  3. A Time to Rejoice (2016)
  4. Gifts For Our Time (2017)

The Staley Family Books In Publication Order

  1. Down Weavers Lane (2002)
  2. Calico Road (2005)

The Traders Books In Publication Order

  1. The Trader’s Wife (2011)
  2. The Trader’s Sister (2012)
  3. The Trader’s Dream (2012)
  4. The Trader’s Gift (2013)
  5. The Trader’s Reward (2014)

The Wiltshire Girls Books In Publication Order

  1. Cherry Tree Lane (2010)
  2. Elm Tree Road (2011)
  3. Yew Tree Gardens (2012)

The Waterfront Books In Publication Order

  1. Mara’s Choice (2021)
  2. Sarah’s Gift (2022)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Persons of Rank (1992)
  2. Envoy (1994)
  3. Jessie (1998)
  4. Like No Other (1999)
  5. Seasons of Love (2000)
  6. A Proper Match (2000)
  7. A Forbidden Embrace (2001)
  8. Replenish the Earth (2002)
  9. Mistress of Marymoor (2002)
  10. Change of Season (2003)
  11. Marrying Miss Martha (2004)
  12. The Wishing Well (2005)
  13. An Independent Woman (2005)
  14. The Corrigan Legacy (2006)
  15. Family Connections (2007)
  16. Kirsty’s Vineyard (2007)
  17. Freedom’s Land (2008)
  18. Chestnut Lane (2008)
  19. Saving Willowbrook (2009)
  20. In Focus (2009)
  21. Licence to Dream (2010)
  22. The Northern Lady (2010)
  23. The Sword of Azaray (2010)
  24. Moving On (2011)
  25. Winds of Change (2012)
  26. Marrying a Stranger (2013)
  27. Tomorrow’s Path (2016)
  28. A Very Special Christmas (2021)

Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. Short and Sweet (2012)
  2. The Cotton Lass and Other Stories (2018)
  3. The Best Valentine’s Day Ever and other stories (2022)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Plotting and Editing (2011)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Summer of Love (1994)
  2. Recipes for Crime (1995)

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Anna Jacobs Books Overview

The Price of Wisdom

Across the length and breadth of the Twelve Claims, the armies of the Serpent are massing. Their cult of evil and suffering threatens to spread throughout the Confederation. Discord is everywhere even on the satellite circling the planet Sunrise. In the High Alder the Kindred prepare to make their stand. Only Herra’s wisdom can defeat the Serpent. But can the Kindred afford the bitter cost?

Salem Street

Struggling to escape the oppression of Salem Street in nineteenth century Lancashire, England, Annie is banished from home by her jealous stepmother but is forced to return to find work after a brutal rape leaves her pregnant and alone.

High Street

In a second volume about Annie Gibson, Annie finally manages to open a dressmaking salon on High Street, but Annie’s triumph is shortlived when she finds that someone is trying to undermine her business. By the author of Salem Street.

Ridge Hill

Preparations are under way for Annie Gibson’s wedding to the wealthy Frederick Hallam, but not everyone is pleased about it. Then the real troubles begin to pile up. Annie’s son is devastated to find out who his real father is, and someone has uncovered the secret Annie fought hard to keep hidden.

Hallam Square

In this saga set in 19th century Lancashire and featuring the Gibson family, Annie is now happily married to mill owner Frederick Hallam, but a threat from the past emerges to cause her anxiety.

Spinners Lake

When mill owner Frederick Hallam dies in 1860, his widow Annie plans to build Spinners Lake, a project that will keep her from destitution. But then artist Tian Gilchrist walks into her life, awakening disturbing memories. Can Annie love another man the way she loved Frederick?

Our Lizzie

Lizzie Kershaw is an independent spirit. At twelve, she loses her father and her happy family life ends as her mother grows to resent her. Then circumstances push Lizzie into an early marriage, where she finds her mother’s petty cruelties replaced by her husband’s frequent beatings.

But she is a survivor. When World War I breaks out, Lizzie’s husband is forced to join up and she seizes the opportunity to run away. She finds independence and friendship in a munitions factory plus the promise of a new love. But as war ends, the shadow of her husband looms again. Can she break free of him and find happiness?

This is a vivid and engrossing tale of endurance, set in Lancashire from 1909 1914. Anna Jacobs has once again created characters so real you laugh and weep with them and you will never forget Our Lizzie.

Our Polly

Little Billy is the light of Polly’s life it’s for her son’s sake that she puts up with an unkind mother in law and an isolated farm. Then Billy is knocked down by a car, his father killed attempting to save his life, and Polly, cast off by her husband’s family, is left with a child who may never walk or talk again. Polly’s own family, the Kershaws, provide all the support they can, but they are unable to outmanoeuvre the malicious Dr Browning Baker, who is determined to have Billy taken away from his mother, depriving him of the exercises and stimulation that are his only hope. Forced to flee to the Fylde coast, Polly and Billy find that their future may lie with another damaged family an ex Army captain whose First World War marriage was a terrible mistake, and his daughter, who has never recovered from the hostility of the mother she loves. But danger threatens their fragile happiness…

Our Eva

Eva Kershaw thought she would never marry, and is happy living a quiet life with her dear friend Alice. But Alice is ill, and her nephew has thrust himself into their household. Alice’s dearest wish is that Eva should not make the same mistakes she did, and she alters her will so that Eva and Gus are strongly compelled to marry. Eva obliges to fulfil her dead friend’s wishes. But Gus is not all he seems to be: he is not Alice’s kind nephew, but a robber, confidence trickster, and not even Gus Blake. And Eva is in terrible danger…

Our Mary Ann

Mary Ann is illegitimate and life in 1905 is hard. It rapidly becomes worse when her new stepfather begins to interfere with her. Sent away at fifteen to bear his child, she meets Gabriel Clough, who helps her escape to Blackpool after the birth. The Great War brings Mary Ann many new opportunities, and brings Gabriel back into her life. But circumstances mean they can never be together. It is not until her mother dies that Mary Ann returns to Lancashire, determined to uncover the secrets of her past. Then danger threatens both her and the child she thought she’d lost forever…
Will history repeat itself or will Mary Ann’s courage win her the happiness she deserves?

Lancashire Lass

Seventeen year old Liza is happy working as a lady’s maid until her employers decide to emigrate and her father makes up his mind that she is to wed an older widower whom she detests. Determined to avoid a loveless marriage, Liza plans to run away, and when the widower rapes her in order to force her to marry him, she flees back to the family for whom she worked, and they all set out on the long voyage to Australia. On board ship Liza realises she has fallen pregnant, and that even if she can survive the journey, the demanding life of a settler in 1850s Western Australia will be made even harder by an illegitimate child. But Liza is to find that in addition to deprivation of the worst sort, Australia will offer her opportunities she could never have dreamt of back home in Lancashire.

Lancashire Legacy

At eighteen Cathie longs for more than life as a settler in the Australian bush. She accepts her uncle’s offer to send her to England and runs away from her family, not realising he is using her to get revenge on his sister Liza. Attacked at the docks in Liverpool, Cathie takes refuge with the man who saved her, a man who has his own troubles. But as she slowly regains her memory and meets her Lancashire relatives, she must confront the legacy of her mother’s past. And even in 1876, the same wealthy families who forced her mother to leave Lancashire are still powerful enough to threaten Cathie’s happiness and safety, as well as that of anyone close to her.

A Pennyworth of Sunshine

Keara Michaels doesn’t want to leave her family in Ireland, but fate sends her first to Lancashire, then across the sea to Australia, pregnant and penniless. And Theo Mullane, the man who loves her, is married, with an ailing baby son, so cannot follow her as he longs to. Mark Gibson leaves Lancashire to avoid marriage. But gold prospecting is a dangerous pursuit, and when his gentle young wife dies in childbirth, his father in law kidnaps the baby. So Mark runs away again, this time to Western Australia, where he employs Keara in his country inn. But danger threatens them all, even in the bush, as Keara searches for her lost sisters, Theo comes looking for the woman he loves, and Mark at last confronts his past.

Seasons of Love

Helen Merling yearns to be loved. When she meets an actor a common and dishonest profession, in the eyes of her father Helen succumbs to the young man’s charms. Pregnancy and marriage follow, but Robert Perriman is a cheating philanderer. Will Helen suffer a lifetime of drudgery?

A Forbidden Embrace

When, after the death of her mother, beautiful Cassandra Trent is told that she must join her aunt and have a London Season, the twenty year old is full of rage. Brought up in the Northern town of Bardsley, she is convinced that she will never fit in to polite society and neither does she want to. But soon she develops a close relationship with her gentle cousin Susannah, who is a victim of her mother’s pushy, social climbing nature. Susannah, petrified of marrying the charming, wealthy Simeon Giffard, enlists Cassie’s help, and soon Lady Berrinden’s hopes for her daughter are ruined. It is, after all, Cassie for whom Simeon holds a torch and, despite the danger of losing his good name, somehow he must win the heart of this strong willed Northern lady…

Replenish the Earth

When Sarah Mortonby’s mother dies in 1735, Sarah has no alternative but to seek help from her mother’s family, even though they disowned her for marrying Sarah’s father. She is shocked to find herself the sole survivor and heir to her mother’s old home. It’s so dilapidated, she is urged to sell, and a neighbour, Mr Sewell, is eager to buy. However, Sarah has fallen in love with it, but needs a husband with practical skills, because she is lame. Immediately attracted to Will Pursley, a farmer dispossessed by Sewell and now acting as her bailiff, she proposes to him. But can the two of them manage to save the estate? Or will Sewell find a way to cheat them out of it? And will the fondness growing between them turn into love? They are not the only ones who’ve been wronged by Sewell and, when the whole village rises up against him, danger threatens William and Sarah as well.

Mistress of Marymoor

A dark stranger, a moonlit horse ride, a crumbling mansion- is this a nightmare or a dream come true for Deborah Jannvier? Late in the 18th century, beautiful Deborah Jannvier and her widowed mother live in a tiny cottage at the mercy of Deborah’s cruel uncle. One evening, just as Deborah’s patience with her pauper’s life ends, a darkly handsome but gruff stranger arrives at the cottage with a bizarre demand. He wants Deborah to accompany him by horse to Marymoor, a crumbling manor on the edge of the Lancashire moors where Deborah’s great-uncle Ralph is on his death-bed. If Deborah will promise to do whatever Ralph asks of her, she will be made Mistress of Marymoor and all her worries for herself and her mother can be cast aside. But Deborah will have to leave tonight. Can she trust herself to this man who is hardly a gentleman? And what will she have to do to secure her future?

Change of Season

If you take a devoted wife and mother and push her out of her cosy home in Australia into a whole series of crises and new situations in England, don’t expect her to be unmarked by it. If this trusting wife then finds out about her husband’s philandering, you can expect big changes to occur especially when she realizes he’s just had an affair with her best friend. And if all this happens at a time when she is winning acclaim as an embroidery artist and has just come into an inheritance that will give her financial independence, then the outcome of the trip may not be quite what her manipulative husband had bargained for.

Marrying Miss Martha

A new historical romance from a bestselling author When Captain Merrivale dies, his daughters Martha and Penelope are left almost penniless. They find employment as schoolteachers in the Lancashire mill town of Tapton working for mill owner Jonas Wright, charged with educating not only his own four young daughters, but also some of the more promising mill workers. On arrival at Tapton they find more than they had bargained for. Penelope is caught up in a riot which brings her into contact with a disgruntled worker, Clem Porter, a man whose family have been brought close to starvation by a rival mill owner’s ill treatment. Meanwhile Martha finds herself drawn, against her better judgement, to Ben Seaton, the father of one of her charges. She is as angry at this disruption to her plans to remain a spinster as he is to find himself attracted to such a demanding and seemingly stern young woman

The Wishing Well

A contemporary novel of family life, from a bestselling author When her unfaithful husband, Craig, dies in a car accident shortly after leaving her, Laura decides to return home to nurse her mother. After all, her two children, Ryan and Deb, are grown up now, and Deb holds her mother responsible for her father’s desertion. Craig’s treachery has driven her family apart, and Laura must resolve their problems before she can start a new life herself…

An Independent Woman

A romance set in the aftermath of the First World War When the Great War ends, Serena risks everything. Her dying mother has confided a secret to her which means she can?t stay with her bullying father. She’s been waiting to turn thirty and come into her inheritance, but she hadn?t known he?d stolen her money, or how desperate he would be to bring her back and keep the secret safe. Justin’s life has also been changed by the war. His injuries will get better, but due to his cousins? deaths he has unexpectedly inherited a crumbling old house, the care of his elderly aunt and a very little money. When he stops men from kidnapping Serena in the street, he couldn?t have guessed it would bring him love ? or put his life in danger. How will the two of them survive a wicked man’s desperate attacks?

The Corrigan Legacy

Maeve Corrigan, once a successful businesswoman and resolutely independent, is dying. Having no children of her own, she determines that she will bequeath her great wealth to one of several nephews or nieces, the offspring of her two estranged brothers. And so, she arranges to meet three of them: Kate, a young woman whose family lives the other side of the world, in Australia, and who is suffering from debilitating illness. Against her parents’ wishes, she seizes the challenge laid down by her aunt, and travels to England. Mitch Corrigan is the son of Maeve’s ruthless brother Des, a man who will trample over anyone to get his way, whose wife, Judith has recently walked out on him. As Maeve’s dying wish is revealed to each of these three people, a new future opens up before them, with the promise ofa whole new family…

Family Connections

The new bestseller from a well-loved author – When Gina Porter discovers she may have family on the other side of the world, she determines to travel to England and meet these unknown relatives. At her home near Blackpool, Peggy Wilkes wakes every day to her bullying husband. She too has decided to make a new start. As these two women embark on their voyages of self-discovery, they forge bonds that reinforce the value of Family Connections.

Kirsty’s Vineyard

Four years after Kirstys husband is killed in a car accident, she meets Ed James, a cancer ridden old man who leaves her his estate. But there is a condition attached to his legacy: she must live at the remote vineyard in a corner of Western Australia for at least one year.

Chestnut Lane

A moving tale from a well loved author When novelist Sophie Carr rescues a man hiding in her garden from a group of paparazzi, she finds that her new neighbour is ageing pop star Jez Winter, whos had a tough time lately. Lifes not been easy for Sophie either, losing her husband and having difficulties with her children. And Sophie also has a secret to hide. One that makes her very wary of getting involved with Jez…

Saving Willowbrook

The new bestseller from this popular author When Ella discovers that her husband Miles is planning to sell their farm without her agreement, its the final straw: her marriage, already on the rocks, is over. Determined to save Willowbrook, and to protect her little daughter Amy, Ella embarks on a mission to build the farm into a successful bed and breakfast business. But Miles is an ambitious and ruthless man, and he has other plans for the property.

In Focus

The new best seller from a well loved author When a new feature on Pete Newbury’s popular TV programme shows his adult image digitally transformed to that of a young child, Beth is shocked to realize that he s her baby brother, who vanished without trace thirty eight years ago. But bringing their family back together after so much heartache isn t going to be easy, and she may lose the man she loves in the process…

The Northern Lady

When, after the death of her mother, beautiful Cassandra Trent is told that she must join her aunt and have a London Season, the twenty year old is full of rage. Brought up in the Northern town of Bardsley, she is convinced that she will never fit in to polite society and neither does she want to. But soon she develops a close relationship with her gentle cousin Susannah, who is a victim of her mother’s pushy, social climbing nature. Susannah, petrified of marrying the charming, wealthy Simeon Giffard, enlists Cassie’s help, and soon Lady Berrinden’s hopes for her daughter are ruined. It is, after all, Cassie for whom Simeon holds a torch and, despite the danger of losing his good name, somehow he must win the heart of this strong willed Northern lady…

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