Rita Bradshaw Books In Order

Husbands and Wives Books In Publication Order

  1. Husband By Contract (1997)
  2. Second Marriage (1997)

Proposals Books In Publication Order

  1. A Convenient Proposal (2000)
  2. A Suspicious Proposal (2000)

Expecting Books In Publication Order

  1. Expectant Mistress (By:Sara Wood) (1998)
  2. The Baby Secret (As:Helen Brooks) (1998)
  3. Accidental Baby (By:Kim Lawrence) (1999)
  4. The Baby Verdict (By:Cathy Williams) (1999)
  5. The Baby Scandal (By:Cathy Williams) (2000)
  6. For the Babies’ Sakes (By:Sara Wood) (2002)
  7. The Italian’s Secret Baby (By:Kim Lawrence) (2004)
  8. The Italian’s Secretary Bride (By:Kim Lawrence) (2004)
  9. Riccardo’s Secret Child (By:Cathy Williams) (2004)
  10. His Pregnancy Bargain (By:Kim Lawrence) (2005)
  11. The Carides Pregnancy (By:Kim Lawrence) (2005)
  12. Pregnant by the Millionaire (By:Carole Mortimer) (2007)
  13. Having Leo’s Child (By:Emma Darcy) (2012)

From Here to Paternity Books In Publication Order

  1. His Baby! (By:Sharon Kendrick) (1996)
  2. A Proper Wife (By:Sandra Marton) (1996)
  3. The Price of a Wife (As:Helen Brooks) (1997)
  4. The Unexpected Child (By:) (1997)
  5. Accidental Mistress (By:Cathy Williams) (1997)
  6. The Daddy Deal (By:Kathleen O’Brien) (1997)
  7. Yesterday’s Bride (By:Alison Kelly) (1997)

Sealed with a Kiss Books In Publication Order

  1. Dearest Love (By:Betty Neels) (1994)
  2. Angels Do Have Wings (1994)
  3. Invitation to Love (1994)
  4. Wanted: Wife and Mother (By:Barbara McMahon) (1995)
  5. Legally Binding (By:Jessica Hart) (1995)
  6. P.S. I Love You (By:Valerie Parv) (1995)
  7. The Best for Last (By:Stephanie Howard) (1995)
  8. Return to Sender (1995)
  9. Undercover Lover (By:Heather Allison) (1995)

Tall, Dark & Sexy Books In Publication Order

  1. The Millionaire’s Marriage Revenge (By:) (2006)
  2. The Billionaire’s Virgin Bride (As:Helen Brooks) (2006)
  3. The British Billionaire Affair (By:) (2008)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Treasure Hunt Vacation (As: Helen Brooks) (1988)
  2. The Devil You Know (As: Helen Brooks) (1992)
  3. Stone Angel (As: Helen Brooks) (1992)
  4. And The Bride Wore Black (As: Helen Brooks) (1993)
  5. Cold Fire (As: Helen Brooks) (1993)
  6. Cruel Conspiracy (As: Helen Brooks) (1993)
  7. Sweet Betrayal (As: Helen Brooks) (1993)
  8. Gentle Savage (As: Helen Brooks) (1993)
  9. Bitter Honey (As: Helen Brooks) (1993)
  10. Lovers Not Friends (As: Helen Brooks) (1994)
  11. Web Of Darkness (As: Helen Brooks) (1994)
  12. Knight in Black Velvet (As: Helen Brooks) (1994)
  13. A Heartless Marriage (As: Helen Brooks) (1994)
  14. The Sultan’s Favourite (As: Helen Brooks) (1994)
  15. Dark Oasis (As: Helen Brooks) (1994)
  16. The Twisted Cord (As: Helen Brooks) (1995)
  17. Lace and Satin (As: Helen Brooks) (1995)
  18. Dream Wedding (As: Helen Brooks) (1996)
  19. Reckless Flirtation (As: Helen Brooks) (1996)
  20. Satisfaction Guaranteed (As: Helen Brooks) (1997)
  21. For a Mother’s Love (As: Helen Brooks) (1997)
  22. Mistletoe Mistress (As: Helen Brooks) (1998)
  23. The Bride’s Secret (As: Helen Brooks) (1998)
  24. A Very Private Revenge (As: Helen Brooks) (1998)
  25. Alone Beneath the Heaven (1998)
  26. A Man Worth Waiting For (As: Helen Brooks) (1998)
  27. The Marriage Solution (As: Helen Brooks) (1998)
  28. Forgive and Forget (As: Helen Brooks, With: ) (1998)
  29. Reach for Tomorrow (1999)
  30. Mistress To A Millionaire (As: Helen Brooks) (2000)
  31. Ragamuffin Angel (2000)
  32. A Whirlwind Marriage (As: Helen Brooks) (2000)
  33. The Stony Path (2001)
  34. Sleeping Partners (As: Helen Brooks) (2001)
  35. A Spanish Affair (As: Helen Brooks) (2001)
  36. The Urchin’s Song (2002)
  37. Christmas at His Command (As: Helen Brooks) (2002)
  38. Candles in the Storm (2003)
  39. The Parisian Playboy (As: Helen Brooks) (2003)
  40. Mistress by Agreement (As: Helen Brooks) (2004)
  41. The Most Precious Thing (2004)
  42. The Passionate Husband (As: Helen Brooks) (2005)
  43. A Ruthless Agreement (As: Helen Brooks) (2005)
  44. Always I’ll Remember (2005)
  45. The Rainbow Years (2006)
  46. Skylarks At Sunset (2007)
  47. Above The Harvest Moon (2007)
  48. Eve and Her Sisters (2008)
  49. Gilding the Lily (2009)
  50. Born to Trouble (2009)
  51. Forever Yours (2010)
  52. The Beautiful Widow (As: Helen Brooks) (2011)
  53. Break of Dawn (2011)
  54. In the Italian’s Sights (As: Helen Brooks) (2012)
  55. Dancing in the Moonlight (2013)
  56. Beyond the Veil of Tears (2014)
  57. The Colours of Love (2015)
  58. Snowflakes in the Wind (2016)
  59. A Winter Love Song (2018)
  60. Beneath a Frosty Moon (2018)
  61. One Snowy Night (2020)
  62. The Storm Child (2021)
  63. The Winter Rose (2021)

Nine to Five Books In Publication Order

  1. Beyond All Reason (By:Cathy Williams) (1996)
  2. Sleeping with the Boss (By:Cathy Williams) (1998)
  3. A Boss In A Million (As: Helen Brooks) (1999)
  4. Mistress Contract (As: Helen Brooks) (2000)
  5. To Tame A Proud Heart (By:Cathy Williams) (2000)
  6. The Irresistible Tycoon (As: Helen Brooks) (2001)
  7. Assignment: Baby (By:Jessica Hart) (2001)
  8. Merger By Matrimony (By:Cathy Williams) (2001)
  9. Hired by Mr. Right (By:Nicola Marsh) (2005)
  10. Contract to Marry (By:Nicola Marsh) (2005)
  11. Contracted: Corporate Wife (By:Jessica Hart) (2005)
  12. Business Arrangement Bride (By:Jessica Hart) (2006)
  13. Boardroom Bride and Groom (By:Shirley Jump) (2008)
  14. Assignment: Seduction (By:Cathy Williams) (2009)
  15. The Boss’s Proposal (By:Cathy Williams) (2020)
  16. Secretary on Demand (By:Cathy Williams) (2020)

Christmas Surrender Books In Publication Order

  1. Snowbound Seduction (As: Helen Brooks) (2010)
  2. Just One Last Night (As: Helen Brooks) (2012)
  3. His Christmas Virgin (By:Carole Mortimer) (2012)
  4. A Night in the Palace (By:Carole Mortimer) (2014)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Sealed with a Kiss (2002)
  2. British Bachelors & Conveniently Bedded Bundle (2010)

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Rita Bradshaw Books Overview

A Convenient Proposal

Candy was instantly wary when Quinn Ellington suggested marriage. She knew her uncle has asked Quinn to look after her while she recovered from an accident but wasn’t marriage taking it a bit too far? Many women had tried to get Quinn to the altar. What really lay behind his proposal?

A Suspicious Proposal

Essie met Xavier Grey at a wedding, and although he clearly disapproved of Essie, she was determined not to care. Xavier was intent on pursuing her. Rich and handsome, he was used to getting what he wanted. But was it an affair or marriage he had in mind?

The Baby Verdict (By:Cathy Williams)

Jessica’s boss, Bruno Carr, has assigned her to work closely with him on a major lawsuit. Then a business trip in the Caribbean led to steamy, sensual nights but was it more than an affair? The only verdict Jessica could be certain of was that she was expecting her boss’s baby!

The Italian’s Secret Baby (By:Kim Lawrence)

Scarlet Smith has kept millionaire Roman O’Hagan’s child hidden from him and now the arrogant Italian is determined to discover why a woman he’s never slept with is claiming to have his son! Can she keep the truth behind the baby’s birth a secret?

Not when Roman wants to take his revenge…
by sharing Scarlet’s bed!

The Italian’s Secretary Bride (By:Kim Lawrence)

A quiet evening in Manhattan turns into an electrically charged encounter when billionaire tycoon Luca O’Hagan finds himself alone with his brother’s beautiful assistant. The attraction he feels for Alice cannot be ignored; he has to have her….

Alice can’t help falling for the powerful and sexy Luca. Yet when he proposes a marriage of convenience, she refuses, knowing she doesn’t have his love. But perhaps she’s been too hasty-she’s just discovered she’s having his child!

Riccardo’s Secret Child (By:Cathy Williams)

Millionaire businessman Riccardo Fabbrini was furious that his child had been kept a secret from him! He blamed his daughter’s guardian the very pretty Julia Nash. And he intended to use seduction as his revenge! After all, no woman had immunity against the full force of his charm…
. But with each searing kiss he shared with Julia, Riccardo’s passion drove him to consider a new, more permanent course of action…

His Pregnancy Bargain (By:Kim Lawrence)

It was one night of passion Megan would never forget Luc Patrick had skillfully taken her and used her…
leaving her pregnant with his baby. Nevertheless Megan tracked down the sexy Frenchman and was left breathless by his bargain marry him for the sake of their child. How could Megan live a life of duty when she secretly loved her husband?But if marriage to Luc was an affair of cold convenience by day, then by night it was one of hot desire…

The Carides Pregnancy (By:Kim Lawrence)

Naive Becca Summer is seduced by Greek tycoon Christos Carides. Knowing of the hostility between their families, Christos deliberately conceals his true identity. Their lovemaking is passionate and Becca discovers she’s expecting Christos’s child! Christos is furious that Becca has tried to keep her pregnancy from him, and he’s determined to marry her. What sweeter way to get his revenge?

Pregnant by the Millionaire (By:Carole Mortimer)

Hebe can’t believe she’s ended up in her handsome boss’s bed. But it seems Nick Cavendish just needed to be with someone on the anniversary of his young son’s death. Nick tries to dismiss Hebe in the same way he has all his women. But that’s not so easy when Hebe’s his assistant and she’s got morning sickness! Nick has a change of heart: he’s been sent a second chance at fatherhood! But Hebe’s heart is breaking, being married as she is for the baby’s sake.

Having Leo’s Child (By:Emma Darcy)

Leo was determined to marry Teri, the mother of his child. But Teri couldn’t forget that Leo had never considered marrying her before she fell pregnant and great sex wasn’t love. Would the tie of their child be enough? What price this marriage?

Dearest Love (By:Betty Neels)

An Offer She Couldn’t Refuse? ‘I wish to marry for the wrong reasons. I am not in love with you…
‘ Titus Taverner was a busy and successful medical man who lacked a wife. Arabella had applied for the job of caretaker at his consulting rooms, but was happy to accept this new position Titus was offering until she complicated matter by falling in love with him…

Invitation to Love

Dillon Archer had already ruined Heidi Cameron’s father’s business and played a part in his early death. Now he seems set on wrecking the rest of Heidi’s life the bed & breakfast business which is all she and her mother salvaged from the wreckage and acquiring Heidi herself, just for good measure! Leigh Michaels is the author of more than 90 books, including 80 contemporary romance novels. She also writes single title historical romance set in Regency England. Her website is www. leighmichaels. com

The Billionaire’s Virgin Bride (As:Helen Brooks)

As a lawyer, Zeke Russell is second to none; dynamic and driven, he always wins. So when his ex fianc e Melody Taylor asks for his help, he takes his chance to settle an old score!

Melody didn’t think she would ever have to see Zeke again, but now she has no choice but to swallow her pride and accept his proposition: rekindle their relationship though this time it’s on his terms! However, there’s one thing Melody is determined to make sure of: she will never surrender .

The British Billionaire Affair (By:)

Shy designer Candida Greenway is out of her depth at a dinner hosted by her client. And charming playboy Max Seymour is out of her league!

Constantly surrounded by high society darlings, Max has known his fair share of glamorous women. Now he’s set his sights on one who refuses to fall at his feet!

Candida’s head says she can never be more to Max than a passing affair so why won’t her heart listen when she tries to resist him?

For a Mother’s Love (As: Helen Brooks)

Kate’s pregnancy by someone other than her boyfriend forces her into a relationship with Hank, who promises her the world if she gets rid of the baby. Kate’s sister adopts the baby secretly, but no one knows that Hank has a dark secret of his own, a secret that will one day be revealed.

Mistletoe Mistress (As: Helen Brooks)

When Hawk Mallen took over the company Joanne worked for, it seemed he’d taken over her life as well. Now he was in charge, Hawk seemed to expect his new assistant’s duties to extend out of office hours.

Sleeping Partners (As: Helen Brooks)

Powerful tycoon Clay Lincoln was the only man who could save Robyn’s PR company. The deal was simple: he’d finance her, but remain a silent partner. Robyn wouldn’t actually need to work with him…
. Robyn was still embarrassed over a passionate kiss they’d once shared after which Clay had just walked away. Now he was clearly impressed by the striking, professional woman she’d become…
and wanted to be her sleeping partner in more than just a business sense!

Christmas at His Command (As: Helen Brooks)

Marigold couldn’t wait to spend the festive season in her friend’s cottage without a man in sight! But after injuring her ankle, she was thrown on the mercy of her arrogant neighbor instead handsome surgeon Flynn Moreau. Flynn took charge and insisted Marigold stay with him. They were alone together in his palatial home, and the blizzard raging outside was soon matched by the storm of passion within. Marigold’s New Year’s resolution had been to stay happily single, but first she must survive the temptation of her blatantly sensual captor…

The Parisian Playboy (As: Helen Brooks)

Jacques Querruel appeared regularly in society magazines with a string of women. When he decided that he wanted shy, sexy Holly Stanton as his personal assistant, it was a fait accompli!Holly fully intended not to be swept off her feet. But working long hours by Jacques’s side, she was bombarded with temptation! And mixing business with pleasure was Jacques’s specialty…

Mistress by Agreement (As: Helen Brooks)

From the moment tycoon Kingsley Ward walks into Rosie’s office, she recognises the sexual invitation in his eyes. Rosie chose her career over her love life long ago but Kingsley decides he will pursue her until he wins her as his mistress…
and he’s never lost a deal yet!

The Passionate Husband (As: Helen Brooks)

Marsha is shocked to see her soon to be ex husband again. She hasn’t seen Taylor since she left him when she suspected him of having an affair. Now she’s trying desperately not to fall for him all over again. After all, he cheated on her…
Didn’t he? Taylor is determined to prove to Marsha he wants her back and he always gets what he wants…
Doesn’t he? He’s going to be her passionate husband: prepare the perfect seduction scene, turn on the charm and, finally, reclaim Marsha as his wife.

The Irresistible Tycoon (As: Helen Brooks)

Kim had been ecstatic when Lucas Kane offered her a job as his new secretary-until she realized that her new boss was breathtakingly sexy. Could she stay true to her vow of avoiding an office affair?

And Lucas wasn’t just a powerful tycoon-he struck up an instant rapport with Kim’s little daughter. Handsome and funny, Lucas was impossible to resist. Especially when he made it clear that he wanted more than temporary passion-he wanted Kim permanently!

Business Arrangement Bride (By:Jessica Hart)

Tyler Watts is rich, and successful. Now Tyler realizes he is sorely lacking the one status symbol that everybody seems to have…
the perfect wife. Tyler needs help with this situation, so hires relationship coach Mary Thomas. Every day she spends with Tyler makes her wish that she could be the one to fill his vacancy for a wife…

Boardroom Bride and Groom (By:Shirley Jump)

For gorgeous lawyer Nick Gilbert, an after hours rendezvous with a woman usually means a romantic dinner, not a children’s charity picnic. But he’s game! Especially as his date is his rather prim but intriguing colleague, Carolyn Duff…
. Watching her with the little kids, Nick sees a new side of Carolyn. He starts to understand the glimmer of sadness behind her dazzling green gaze. When the real woman behind the all business facade is laid bare, Nick has never seen anyone more beautiful…

His Christmas Virgin (By:Carole Mortimer)

Jonas Buchanan is a man renowned for being arrogant and seemingly emotionless, both inbusiness and in his private life. He never combines work and pleasure, and steers clear of any woman who doesn’t play by his rules . Rule 1: He doesn’t bed virgins. Rule 2: He doesn’t do Christmas. Mary ‘Mac’ McGuire loves the festive season, and she’s as pure as the snow falling outside Jonas’s window. But by Christmas Day she might well have Jonas breaking every rule in his book!

Sealed with a Kiss

Hearts, flowers…
kids?! Who needs Cupid when you’ve got kids? In Debbie Macomber’s ever popular My Funny Valentine, a mom runs from the matchmaking efforts of her children right into the arms of a handsome stranger. A very persistent young man dreams of making his hero his dad in Mom and Mr. Valentine by Judith Brown. And a special little girl is behind a roomful of flowers…
And lasting love in Her Secret Valentine by Helen Brooks. There’s a little Cupid in every kid! And a lot of romance in…
Sealed with a Kiss

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