Harold Robbins Books In Order

The Carpetbaggers Books In Publication Order

  1. The Carpetbaggers (1961)
  2. The Raiders (1995)

The Betsy Books In Publication Order

  1. The Betsy (1971)
  2. The Stallion (1996)

The Predators Books In Publication Order

  1. The Predators (1995)
  2. The Secret (2000)

Madison Dupre Books In Publication Order

  1. The Looters (2007)
  2. The Deceivers (By:) (2008)
  3. The Shroud (By:) (2009)
  4. The Curse (By:) (2011)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Never Love a Stranger (1948)
  2. The Dream Merchants (1949)
  3. A Stone for Danny Fisher (1952)
  4. Never Leave Me (1953)
  5. 79 Park Avenue (1955)
  6. Stiletto (1960)
  7. Where Love Has Gone (1962)
  8. The Adventurers (1966)
  9. The Inheritors (1969)
  10. The Pirate (1974)
  11. The Lonely Lady (1976)
  12. Dreams Die First (1978)
  13. Memories of Another Day (1979)
  14. Goodbye, Janette (1981)
  15. The Storyteller (1982)
  16. Spellbinder (1982)
  17. Descent from Xanadu (1984)
  18. The Piranhas (1991)
  19. Tycoon (1996)
  20. Never Enough (2001)
  21. Sin City (2002)
  22. Heat of Passion (2003)
  23. The Betrayers (By:) (2004)
  24. Blood Royal (By:) (2005)
  25. The Devil to Pay (By:) (2006)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. The Last of the Realists (2006)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Victory (2003)

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Harold Robbins Books Overview

The Carpetbaggers

A LEGENDARY MASTERPIECE A STORY OF MONEY AND POWER, SEX AND DEATH Jonas Cord coveted his father’s fame, fortune, even his young, beautiful wife. When his father died, Jonas swore to possess them all. But Rina Marlow was the celebrated screen goddess no man could master. Her sizzling sensuality might inflame and enthrall millions, but her personal boudoir was no Hollywood fantasy. She consumed her lovers on the fiery rack of her burning desires. Rina and Jonas took Hollywood, the airplane industry, America itself by storm. From New York to LA they brawled, lusted, and carved out an empire, blazoned in banner headlines and their enemies’ blood only to learn that money and power, revenge and renown were not enough. Too much would never be enough not for Jonas Cord and the relentless Rina Marlowe. The higher they soared, the more their ambition demanded…
the darker and deadlier their fiery passions grew.

The Raiders

Continuing the story of The Carpetbaggers, Jonas Cord, Jr., is tormented by his father’s death, Nevada Smith reappears, and the bathtub sex scene is surpassed as Jonas’s daughter and son determine to outdo him.

The Betsy

In The Betsy, Harold Robbins breaks open the shocking world of the automobile industry. A world of savage ambition, searing passion, and breathtaking fortunes won or lost in a desperate struggle for power! They were two men bound together by their daring, their vision and their erotic power over women. Angelo Perino rose from an immigrant family to life on the razor’s edge, where fast cars and faster women were his for the taking. Loren Hardeman was the patriarch of a giant automobile empire and of a family sliding into decadence, adultery and destruction. From Detroit to the lavish estates of Grosse Pointe, Miami and the Riviera, they conspired to build the world’s most advanced automobile The Betsy. To do it, they would risk everything they had and the destinies of the men and women caught in the fire of their dream!

The Stallion

Savagely beaten and unemployed after defeating Loren Hardeman III in a corporate battle, Angelo Perino forges a shaky truce with his former adversary and returns to Bethlehem Motors, where the pair launch a two decade contest of destruction. PW.

The Predators

The Predators combines in one novel the finest attributes of A Stone for Danny Fisher and The Carpetbaggers. It will take you on a wild odyssey through the gaudy and reckless life of Jerry Cooper his struggles to survive in Depression era New York, his years in Europe during the Second World War, his friends, his lovers, his life in organized crime, and his entrance into the world of high powered international business. The Predators is the defining work of Harold Robbins’s spectacular career.

The Secret

The world’s bestselling novelist is back with Secrets, a steamy novel chronicling the rise of a lingerie chain. Jerry Cooper of The Predators is back to launch his new empire of intimate women’s apparel. He now has a son, Les Cooper, a streetwise young lawyer who slowly uncovers the family’s mob involvement, a secret which Jerry has desperately tried to conceal until he finds himself in need of a lawyer. Combining the grit of his early work with the glamour of his later novels, Robbins once again provides readers with a pantheon of street raised hustlers and anti heroes who would use their hard won knowledge to claw their way up the ladder of success.

The Looters

In the world of priceless art, greed and egos collide anything goes, at any price

The world of priceless art is a playground for billionaires, a rarefied atmosphere even more privileged and ruthless than owning a champion race horse or a sports team. Money and ego have turned the quest for art into a deadly business in which the superrich battle to possess the rarest and most beautiful objets d art on Earth.

Sammu ramat: Queen of Babylon. The first warrior queen in history, called by some the Who*re of Babylon. Her golden death mask left a legacy of lust and violence to those who fought to possess it.

Madison Dupre: curator for the billion dollar Piedmont collection. She fights for her career, her freedom and her life after she acquires the fifty five million dollar golden mask of the long dead Babylonian queen.

Coby Lewis: an ex Navy SEAL, who uses his frogman training to dive for sunken treasure. Madison knows she can t trust him but she also can t resist him.

Abdul ibn Hussein: His father died protecting the golden mask from thieves. Abdul said that the mask was stolen when the Baghdad museum was looted as American troops entered the city. He also claims that Navy SEALs worked with Iraqis to loot the museum.

New York, London, Zurich, and Malaga are the venues as the heat is turned on Madison and she goes on the run to clear her name and save her life.

The Deceivers (By:)

The knock on the door of struggling art expert Madison Dupre’s low rent New York apartment is that of a Thai caf deliveryman but instead of succulent noodles, he has a rare work of art from the incredible antiquity site of Angkor Wat in the jungles of Cambodia. Angkor Wat, a wonder of the ancient world, is considered by many antiquity experts to be even more majestic than the monuments of the Egyptian pharaohs. Left unprotected, the vast complex has been a treasure trove for thieves who mercilessly cut off pieces, mutilating thousand year old sculptures with chainsaws. Madison knows there is no possibility that this artifact could have been acquired legally. That knock on her door sends her to one of the most dangerous places on the planet: Phnom Penh, the sex sin drug capital of the Far East, a place where sex with an underage girl costs less than a pack of cigarettes and the price of a life is even cheaper. Stepping into a cauldron of murder and antiquity looting that takes her from New York to Cambodia, Hong Kong to Thailand, Madison keeps one step ahead of temple robbers who kill as easily as they steal. She finds comfort in the arms of a soldier of fortune who hunts landmines; tangles with a Russian model and her stud bodyguard, who introduce her to the New Eroticism; and gets entangled with a Cambodian prince with sex moves that not even the worldly Madison had tried. Madison, broke and struggling to recover from her fall from grace with the art trade, is willing to sacrifice everything in order to protect priceless, irreplaceable antiquities that have come down to us over the ages.

The Shroud (By:)

Art investigator Madison Dupre knew the offer was too good to be true: $20,000 for a quick trip to Dubai, the fantastic Arabian Nights city on the Persian Gulf. The call came from Sir Henri Lipton, a man who was supposed to be dead and who she sincerely had hoped was burning in hell because he had ruined her career before his violent demise. He told her only one tantalizing thing about the piece of art: Let’s just say it s a couple thousand years old and was buried with Christ. The fact the offer came from a man wanted on three continents for art looting was fair warning that there would be a catch. But with credit collectors and an avaricious landlord pounding at her door, Madison listened when the devil whispered magic words in her ear: $20,000 cash upfront. There was a catch, of course. A number of them. Sir Henri was up to his neck in conspiracies and needed someone to deflect the danger onto not to mention frame for the most audacious art theft in history. Dubai, a city that has been called Las Vegas on steroids, would just be the first stop for Madison on a quest that takes her to an ancient Mesopotamian city, the dark streets of exotic Istanbul, Venice at Carnival time, and a cathedral where the most sacred object of Christendom is stored. Along the way, she finds romance in the arms of a Russian agent who she doesn t trust and can t resist.

Never Love a Stranger

Harold Robbins’ very first novel is also one of his most powerful. Never Love a Stranger tells the gritty and passionate tale of Francis ‘Frankie’ Kane, from his meager beginnings as an orphan in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen. From that confused and belittling start, Frank works his way up, choosing the wrong side of the law to make a name for himself. At a young age, he becomes one of the city’s most dangerous men, indulging in his passion for power, sex, and the best things in life whether or not they can be purchased. First published in 1948, the novel began Robbins’ prolific career after someone made him a $100 bet that he couldn’t write a bestseller. Twenty six pot boiling novels later, he proved the power of his words. Never Love a Stranger takes an unflinching look at a New York that’s long gone by exposing life during and after the Great Depression, when the syndicate ruled the city without mercy.

The Dream Merchants

Return to a time when Hollywood was young and the movie industry was just starting out. In Harold Robbins’ second novel, he captures a bygone era of entertainment pioneers turning cinematic dreams into reality. The Dream Merchants is a story of powerful men and passionate women, doing whatever they have to in order to succeed. Johnny Edge is a former carny hustler, filled with schemes and ambition. Peter Kessler trades in a life of being stuck in the hardware business for the fortunes of moviemaking. Actress Dulcie Warren isn’t afraid to use her sexuality to fulfill her ambitions. And if she has to take someone down to get to the top? That’s show business. Their worlds collide on the studio back lots at Magnum Pictures in moments of intrigue and entanglement. Robbins’ own experiences at Universal Studios laid the foundation for The Dream Merchants, the novel that would later be made into an all-star miniseries featuring Mark Harmon, Morgan Fairchild, Eve Arden, Robert Culp, Jose Ferrer, Robert Goulet, and Fernando Lamas.

A Stone for Danny Fisher

As a teenager, Danny Fisher had all he ever wanted a dog, a grown up summer job, flirtatious relationships with older women and a talent for ruthless boxing that quickly made him a star in the amateur sporting world. But when Danny’s family falls on hard times, moving from their comfortable home in Brooklyn to Manhattan’s squalid Lower East Side, he is forced to leave his carefree childhood behind. Facing poverty and daily encounters with his violent, anti Semitic neighbors, Danny must fight both inside and outside the ring just to survive. As his boxing becomes legendary in the city’s seedy underworld, packed with wiseguys and loose women, everyone seems to want a hand in Danny’s success. Robbins’s colorful, fast talking characters evoke the rough streets of Depression era New York City. Ronnie, a prostitute ashamed of how far she’s fallen and desperately in need of friendship; Sam, a slick bookie who wants to profit from Danny’s boxing talent; and Nellie, a beautiful but lonely girl who refuses to believe Danny is beyond redemption each of whom has a different vision of Danny’s future will help steer his rocky course. Gritty, compelling, and groundbreaking for its time, A Stone for Danny Fisher is a tale of ambition, hope, and violence set in a distinct and dangerous period of American history. A classic, sexy bestseller by Harold Robbins, reintroduced to a whole new generation of readers.

Never Leave Me

Robbins’ New York is the world of big business and the men and women who make it big. Honor and decency are nothing in a city where respect is measured by the size of your expense account. And it’s the city that Brad Rowan, a man on the make, hopes to conquer on his climb to the top, bringing with him the women he loves, uses, and destroys. Drawing from his own experiences in New York, Robbins vividly portrays our eternal desire for greed, desire, and blind ambition, in this timeless tale of success and struggle in the city that never sleeps.

79 Park Avenue

Behind this memorable story of the turning point in the lives of two lovers, one risen from the gutter and the other unashamedly drifting towards it, lies the ugly background of the seamy side of New York life. Maryann Flood, a ‘model’ at 79 Park Avenue, has been arrested on charges of procurement, bribery and blackmail. Mike Keynes is conducting the prosecution but fate seems to have played against him in offering the long sought after chance of advancement in his career, through the trial of the woman he loves and who loves him. A harrowing story of the love of two people trying to bridge the gap between the law and the New York underworld, under the shadow of the sordid reign of prostitution.


The story of this steamy novel centers on an amoral young Italian aristocrat with a penchant for violence who owes his extravagant lifestyle to the favors of a mafia overlord. So when he is asked to silence four witnesses due to testify against the mob, the aristocrat is more than happy to comply in a most brutal manner. Only he did not figure on a special agent one who helped build the mountain of evidence against the organization entering into a lethal game of cat and mouse with him. And the special agent is the only one who realizes that it is not loyalty, or honor, or debt that drive the young man to murder but the thrill of the kill!

Where Love Has Gone

Harold Robbins once said, For me, the goal is always to make the page disappear and speak to my reader face to face as each character comes to life. The 1962 novel that rocked Hollywood to its core is finally back in print. Ripped from the headlines, Where Love Has Gone is inspired by the real life murder of Johnny Stompanato, Lana Turner’s lover, who was allegedly stabbed by the actress daughter. Luke Carey has a wife and a baby on the way. His future looks bright until his past catches up with him unexpectedly. A phone call in the dead of night summons him back to San Francisco to help his fourteen year old daughter Danielle, whom he hasn t seen in six years. But helping Danielle means he may have to face his ex wife Nora a prospect Luke is none too eager to explore. The inspiration for the 1964 blockbuster film starring Bette Davis.

The Adventurers

Harold Robbins, a novelist known for steamy passion in his works, stirs up passion of a different kind in The Adventurers, a story of revolution and danger in the sultry jungles of South America. As a young boy, Diogenes Alejandro Xenos, witnesses the murder of his mother and sister by a band of marauders. As ‘Dax’ grows to adulthood, he channels his fear and hatred into a desire for revolution, swearing revenge on those in power as he upsets the status quo. His actions make him an outlaw, living on the fringes of society in a land turned upside down with corruption. He is wanted by men and women alike but for very different reasons. This epic tale of escape from the horrors of a third world regime is one of Harold Robbins’ most ambitious novels ever, combining his trademark sensuality with political intrigue and a globe spanning variety of exotic locales. Lose yourself in The Adventurers.

The Inheritors

In 1969, Harold Robbins began his ‘trilogy of greed’ with The Inheritors, a tell-all novel about the entertainment industry. Spanning the years 1955 to 1965, and based on the lives of actual network executives and movie moguls, the novel exposes the sex, power, and politics of mass media. Steve Gaunt is working hard to build his television empire. He’s a visionary and a bit of a rebel, making him a hit, both in the ratings and with beautiful women. Sam Benjamin, meanwhile, is building his career through the movies. When they join forces, the partnership has the potential to make them very wealthy and powerful. But it’s a dirty business and a rogue industry, and friendships can fall in a heartbeat when money is on the line. In its initial publication, The Inheritors was a timely indictment of an industry on fire. Today, it is a fascinating look back at a time when television was just coming into its own, and how the movie industry dealt with this new threat.

The Pirate

Tale of an anti Semitic Lebanese oil sheik, who, though he does not know it, is actually an Israel born Jew. Adapted as a two night miniseries in 1978 starring Anne Archer, Franco Nero, Olivia Hussey, and Armand Assante.

Dreams Die First

California in the 1960s is a time of free love and peace on Earth. But the times, they are a’changing, and Gareth Brendan is trying his best to keep up. When his wealthy, powerful uncle gives him control of an underground newspaper, Gareth finds an outlet for all the radical thoughts and ideas he’s kept inside. Suddenly, he’s the head of an empire of casinos and clubs, movies and magazines, surrounded by models and pimps who cater to the ultra rich. Dreams Die First is an explosive story of one man’s vision of liberated sexuality and how he turns that vision into a life of fame and fantasy. But all that power comes at a price, as a ruthless underworld syndicate seeks to topple Gareth’s throne. Harold Robbins, the world’s bestselling novelist, does it again in Dreams Die First, a tale of power and passion that transports readers to another place and time.

Memories of Another Day

Harold Robbins, the world’s most popular and captivating storyteller, has created what may well be the most significant book ever written about the rise of the labor unions. The 1979 novel, freshly re released, is the saga of Daniel Boone ‘Big Dan’ Huggins, who rises from poverty and the mines of West Virginia to become the most respected and feared labor organizer in the nation. Daniel’s life and death are tied to the challenges and fortunes of American labor. Once he is gone, his youngest son Jonathan must take up the reins of his father’s cause, returning to Daniel’s roots to better understand the path that led him to his destiny. Robbins has a gift for combining popular fiction with the most pertinent subjects of the twentieth century, to create a snapshot of the time. Relevant, respectful, and very readable, Memories of Another Day proves once again why Harold Robbins’ books have sold more copies than any other American writer in history.

Goodbye, Janette

Harold Robbins, the best selling master of erotic fiction and high society, takes aim at the fashion industry in his bold tale, Goodbye, Janette. Tanya and her daughters, Janette and Lauren, survive the tortures of prison camp in Europe in World War II to begin a life of high fashion and high society. Tanya plunges headlong into the world of haute couture, building her fortune as she entices men and immortalizes women. Lauren chooses a path of decadence, benefitting from the stunning beauty that makes her a star in the world of glamour and fashion. But her choice to get involved with dangerous people threatens to destroy her. Janette, meanwhile, conquers the demons of her childhood to become a powerful, wealthy, and successful fashion model. The lives of these three sensual and exciting women unfold in one of Harold Robbins most shockingly erotic novels of all time.

The Storyteller

Joe Crowne is a poor boy from Brooklyn with a burning ambition to write to be a storyteller. Thanks to natural street smarts and ruthless ambition, Joe tears himself free from a world of gangsters, drug dealers, prostitutes, and pimps. In his sights is the unmatched glamour of Hollywood the dolce vita of Europe and all the glitter and self indulgence that comes with success. Yet as much as Joe wants fame, excess, and easy sex, he hungers for real love. The Storyteller is a ticket to the hidden fantasy world of beautiful people, to luxury and desire…
it is the story of a brilliant young man whose every American dream came true.


In the hard hitting works of Harold Robbins, even the sacred isn t sacred. He takes aim at the world of religious revivalism. They re all over the airwaves the televangelists promising eternal salvation for an earthly price. The biggest of them all simply calls himself Preacher. He begins his career in the foxholes of Vietnam, with a noble goal: spread the word of peace, love, and charity. Back home in the States, he starts The Church, where sex and drugs are as much a part of the culture as prayers and sacraments. Preacher’s following grows as he travels throughout the country, taking the faithful. In Texas, he meets up with a powerful billionaire who likes his style. Before long, Preacher is the top entertainer in the televised arena of big top, big time religion for profit. Somewhere deep inside Preacher, a guilty conscience burns, and he knows he must make a terrible sacrifice to expose the hypocrisy.

Descent from Xanadu

His grandfather had built empires, his father had achieved the ultimate success in business, and today, through his inheritance, he is the richest and most powerful man in the world. His purpose is to break the barriers again for all mankind. Judd Crane searches to find answers that have yet been unanswerable for mankind. How can a man live forever? His quest becomes passion as he spans the globe searching for knowledge and truth about life. As he does, he discovers worlds of intrigue, decadence, and the ruthless power of world leaders.

The Piranhas

Friction. Mafia turmoil. Hollywood snakes and Wall Street vipers. That’s what Jed Stephens has got. And a body…
. Or, he would, if a certain species of vicious little fish couldn’t strip a corpse bare in under a minute. Jed should have known better when his shady cousin insisted they take a trip down the Amazon, to see the sights and check out the local color…
Jed can’t say he’s surprised when their scenic Amazonian vacation turns into an enormous coca leaf buy. And that’s just the beginning.


As he rises to the pinnacle of success in the broadcast industry, corporate predator Jack Lear makes a fortune as a pioneer of network television, marrying two gorgeous socialites along the way, but, despite his many triumphs and great wealth, he continues to long for what he cannot have.

Never Enough

The world’s bestselling novelist is back with Never Enough, a new novel of fast and loose trading, of stocks as well as sexual partners, following the rise and fall of New York power broker David Shea. When David Shea, a high powered Wall Street investment banker blows off his twenty fifth high school reunion, he essentially turns his back on his past. David was shielded from a horrific crime he committed in his youth by his father’s power and prestige, going on to great success while managing to avoid every bad break. But in a life of big money payoffs, potentially lethal pitfalls, and legal wrangling, fate is bound to get the upper hand at least once.

Sin City

From the New York Times bestselling author of The PredatorsFor more than five decades, bestselling author Harold Robbins has thrilled millions of readers with tales heavy in action, ruthless characters, international intrigue, and the sexiest people ever captured in print. Now in Sin City, he takes us to a town famous for all these, Las Vegas. Jack ‘Lucky’ Riordan is anything but lucky. The illegitimate son of Howard Hughes, he and his mother are cast out of Las Vegas when Hughes learns of the pregnancy, only for Jack to return years later to make his fortune. Jack might not have luck. But he has an eye for a quick con. His skills soon allow him to climb the ladder as head of security for one of Glitter Gulch’s most ruthless casinos, where cheating will get you jail, if you’re not crippled by security first. Jack sees it all: the corruption of fast money, the ways his friends will stab in the back for a shot at a jackpot, and the allure of women who will do anything to hit the big time. But the big time in Vegas always comes at a cost…
and Jack is about to learn the price of life in Sin City.

Heat of Passion

Win Liberte has it all. He prides himself on never having worked a day in his life. He has everything he wants fast cars, beautiful women, a racing yacht, a penthouse in Manhattan. Orphaned at eleven, Win inherited an international diamond business that is managed by his uncle. Then Win loses it all when his uncle commits suicide after investing all of Win’s money in a scheme that fails. His single remaining asset is a bankrupt diamond mine in Angola, a steaming, war ravaged country in equatorial Africa. In the blood and muck of central Africa, Win experiences the ‘Diamond Curse’ first hand. Battles over Angola’s vast wealth in gems occur daily, and fights for control of the diamond industry have wiped out generations. Thriving on the challenge, Win founds an international diamond business that challenges a powerful cartel’s stranglehold on the market. Loved by two women a movie goddess who sears men’s souls and a dedicated UN worker who risks her life in Africa Win doesn’t find anything worth living for until he loses love. From the tunnels of the diamond mine to the stage at the Academy Awards, from the beds of beautiful women to a battle with warlords, Win has to fight to get back everything he ever wanted.

The Betrayers (By:)

Nick Cutter starting with nothing crosses oceans and continents as he conquers the world’s gambling and liquor markets, only to risk everything for the love of a woman. Luz had nightheat, the sensuous quality in a woman that makes men ache with desire. Nick loved and lusted for her the first time he saw her. But what he didn’t know was that Luz had secrets that beneath the glamour and sex appeal was a woman determined to turn her back on wealth and challenge a corrupt political system. Even if it meant her life. Nick started out dirt poor as a child, he survived the war torn frozen hell of the Siege of Leningrad and saw his mother starve to death as fat cat bureaucrats ate well. He learned early that there were the haves and have nots in this world. He was going to get everything rich people had and more. From a brutal Soviet orphanage to a plantation in the steamy jungles of the Caribbean, from sultry, violent Havana to the dangerous streets of Santo Domingo, Nick battled men who controlled and exploited the wealth of nations. With bootleg vodka and exotic rum, he built a business empire that would one day bring him into conflict with the most brutal dictator in the Caribbean and a struggle for the love and life of the only woman he ever truly loved.

Blood Royal (By:)

Her Royal Highness, the Princess of Wales, was an ordinary young woman who was picked to be the future queen. Her wedding was a worldwide sensation. But she was deceived and betrayed before the honeymoon was over. Five months after a fairy tale wedding, she threw herself down a flight of stairs when she was pregnant with a future heir to the throne. Suicide attempts, illicit affairs, and paranoia that there were plots by the Royals to kill her became the norm as the fairy tale turned into a horror story. After suffering degradation and humiliation at the hands of her husband, the heir to the British throne, she shot him with one of his own antique pistols. Paranoid that her own attorneys would deceive her, the princess reaches across the Atlantic to hire someone she knows for certain has no ties to the Crown. Marlowe James is an American trial lawyer. Running away from an abusive home, she supported herself by working as a waitress, rising to become a famous trial lawyer. Marlowe James has been dubbed the ‘burning bed lawyer’ by the news media because of her successful defense of women who killed their abusive husbands. And to top that, she was the accused in her first murder trial. Now she not only has to do battle in the Old Bailey with barristers loyal to the Crown, she has to come to grips with her own feelings about a woman who has been handed everything any woman would desire and throws it all away. The explosive tale that will be exposed in the courtroom is one of jealous rage and unfulfilled desires, of sexual deceit by one of the most powerful men on earth and the bloody revenge enacted by a woman scorned.

The Devil to Pay (By:)

Nash Novak, a struggling Seattle businesswoman who has been framed for arson and murder, is in desperate need of money for her defense. The only way for her to get it: A coffee plantation she has inherited. But there’s a catch: She has to run the plantation, deep in the jungles of Colombia, a land of drug lords and warlords. The mysterious inheritance of the plantation, from the father she had never met, comes at the same time a criminal conspiracy is turning her life into a living hell a conspiracy that stretches all the way to Colombia. Racing to South America, on the run from the police, she becomes entangled with suspicious characters: Ramon, rich and handsome, with a secret sex life that shocks even Nash though she considers herself an adventurous woman; Josh, an American expatriate, who claims to be a simple gem smuggler and arouses passions in Nash she thought were long dead; and Lily Soong, an erotic Chinese beauty who men and women lust after, often to their doom. But no one brings as much danger to her life as Pablo Escobar, king of the Medell n drug cartels, considered the most dangerous man in Colombia, the murder capital of the world. Things get even more complicated when Nash’s quest to clear herself takes her to Shanghai, home of the powerful Chinese Triads that control the flow of dirty money from gambling, prostitution, drugs and murder. Refusing to let the cartel’s murderers drive her off the plantation and ruin the lives of hundreds of families who work it, Nash tackles organized crime and police agencies on two continents to save her plantation…
and stay alive.

The Last of the Realists

Written by one of his contemporaries, this biography of G. K. Chesterton gives new insight into the politics of one of the early 20th century’s most all encompassing authors. Championing a worldview that focused on the need for justice and social equality, Chesterton sought to make society respectable and balanced through his countless political, economic, and religious writings.


Victory: Volume ThreeForeword by Stephen CoontsBreakthrough on Bloody Ridge by Harold CoyleThe Eagle and the Cross by R. J. PineiroFrom The New York Times bestselling editor of CombatA stirring tribute to the Greatest Generation of Americans, Victory brings together the finest military fiction writers in the world with short novels of courage, skill, daring, and sacrifice. Here you will meet the men and women who fought and won World War II, in thrilling stories of war as it was really fought. An exciting sequel to the bestselling Combat, Victory brings together today’s greatest military, espionage, and technothriller writers in all original, thrilling tales of World War II great short novels that range from the home front to the battlefields of Europe to the depths of the Pacific. Join Coonts, Ralph Peters, Harold Coyle, David Hagberg, Jim DeFelice, and R. J. Pineiro, in works filled with nonstop action.

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