Barbara Cartland Books In Order

Camfield Novels of Love Books In Publication Order

  1. Lucky Logan Finds Love (1980)
  2. The Poor Governess (1982)
  3. Light of the Gods (1982)
  4. Love and the Marquis (1982)
  5. Winged Victory (1982)
  6. Lucky In Love (1982)
  7. A Miracle in Music (1982)
  8. Miracle In Mexico (1982)
  9. White Lilac (1984)
  10. Bride to a Brigand (1984)
  11. Love Comes West (1984)
  12. A Witch’s Spell (1984)
  13. Secrets (1984)
  14. The Storms of Love (1984)
  15. Moonlight on Sphinx (1984)
  16. Revenge of the Heart (1984)
  17. Royal Punishment (1984)
  18. Island of Love (1984)
  19. Theresa and a Tiger (1984)
  20. The Devilish Deception (1985)
  21. Look With Love (1985)
  22. Victory for Love (1985)
  23. Love Is Heaven (1985)
  24. Miracle For A Madonna (1985)
  25. A Very Unusual Wife (1985)
  26. The Peril and the Prince (1985)
  27. Alone and Afraid (1985)
  28. Temptation of a Teacher (1985)
  29. Paradise Found (1985)
  30. Love Is A Gamble (1985)
  31. The Devil Defeated (1985)
  32. Dancing on a Rainbow (1986)
  33. The Love Trap (1986)
  34. Riding in the Sky (1986)
  35. A Caretaker of Love (1986)
  36. Bewildered in Berlin (1986)
  37. A World of Love (1986)
  38. The Golden Cage (1986)
  39. Never Forget Love (1986)
  40. Helga In Hiding (1986)
  41. Safe at Last (1986)
  42. Haunted (1986)
  43. Secret of the Mosque (1986)
  44. Crowned With Love (1986)
  45. Escape (1986)
  46. An Angel Runs Away (1986)
  47. Love Joins The Clans (1986)
  48. A Dream In Spain (1986)
  49. Listen to Love (1986)
  50. Forced to Marry (1987)
  51. The Goddess of Love (1987)
  52. The Herb For Happiness (1987)
  53. An Adventure of Love (1987)
  54. Love Is Invincible (1987)
  55. A Circus For Love (1987)
  56. Love Casts Out Fear (1987)
  57. Saved by Love (1987)
  58. Wanted – A Wedding Ring (1987)
  59. The Earl Escapes (1987)
  60. Starlight Over Tunis (1987)
  61. The Love Puzzle (1987)
  62. Love and Kisses (1987)
  63. Lovers in Lisbon (1988)
  64. Sapphires In Siam (1988)
  65. Revolution of Love (1988)
  66. Little Tongues of Fire (1988)
  67. The Passionate Princess (1988)
  68. Secrets of the Heart (1988)
  69. A Chieftain Finds Love (1988)
  70. The Lovely Liar (1988)
  71. Revenge Is Sweet (1988)
  72. Only a Dream (1988)
  73. Perfume Of The Gods (1988)
  74. Love at First Sight (1989)
  75. Perfect Pearl (1989)
  76. A Knight in Paris (1989)
  77. Solita and the Spies (1989)
  78. The Taming of a Tigress (1989)
  79. Love Is a Maze (1989)
  80. The Temple of Love (1989)
  81. The Bargain Bride (1989)
  82. Paradise in Penang (1990)
  83. Real Love or Fake (1990)
  84. Love Is the Key (1990)
  85. Kiss from a Stranger (1990)
  86. Beauty or Brains? (1990)
  87. Very Special Love (1990)
  88. Haunted Heart (1990)
  89. The Necklace Of Love (1990)
  90. The Marquis Wins (1990)
  91. Earl Rings A Belle (1990)
  92. Love Lifts The Curse (1991)
  93. No Disguise For Love (1991)
  94. The Queen Saves the King (1991)
  95. Too Precious to Lose (1991)
  96. Hiding (1991)
  97. A Tangled Web (1991)
  98. Just Fate (1991)
  99. Warned by a Ghost (1991)
  100. Two Hearts In Hungary (1991)
  101. A Theatre of Love (1991)
  102. Walking To Wonderland (1992)
  103. Hidden By Love (1992)
  104. A Wish Comes True (1992)
  105. Wicked Widow (1992)
  106. A Dynasty of Love (1992)
  107. Love Strikes A Devil (1992)
  108. Magic From The Heart (1992)
  109. Windmill of Love (1992)
  110. Love and War (1992)
  111. A Coronation of Love (1992)
  112. Seek the Stars (1992)
  113. Loved for Himself (1992)
  114. Kiss in Rome (1992)
  115. Born of Love (1992)
  116. Fascination In France (1993)
  117. The Cave of Love (1993)
  118. Terror from the Throne (1993)
  119. Peaks of Ecstasy (1993)
  120. The Angel and the Rake (1993)
  121. The Queen of Hearts (1993)
  122. To Scotland and Love (1993)
  123. Love at the Ritz (1993)
  124. The Dangerous Marriage (1993)
  125. Good or Bad? (1993)
  126. A Royal Rebuke (1994)
  127. The Eyes of Love (1994)
  128. Look with the Heart (1994)
  129. This Is Love (1994)
  130. Running Away to Love (1994)
  131. Safe In Paradise (1994)
  132. The Duke Finds Love (1994)
  133. The Wonderful Dream (1994)
  134. The Dare-devil Duke (1994)
  135. Never Lose Love (1994)
  136. The Spirit of Love (1994)
  137. Saved by a Saint (1994)
  138. The Innocent Imposter (1995)
  139. The Incomparable (1995)
  140. The Loveless Marriage (1995)
  141. Magical Moment (1995)
  142. Love In The Ruins (1995)
  143. Patient Bridegroom (1995)
  144. Protection of Love (1995)
  145. Running From Russia (1995)
  146. Someone to Love (1995)
  147. Beyond The Stars (1995)
  148. Passage to Love (1995)
  149. An Icicle in India (1995)
  150. Three Days to Love (1996)

Eternal Collection Books In Publication Order

  1. Wonderful Dreamby Barbara Cartland (1794)
  2. Love Is the Enemy by Barbara Cartland (1865)
  3. Hungry for Love (1942)
  4. This Time It’s Love (1944)
  5. Escape from Passion (1945)
  6. Hazard of Hearts (1949)
  7. The Little Pretender (1950)
  8. A Ghost in Monte Carlo (1951)
  9. Elizabethan Lover (1953)
  10. The Enchanted Waltz (1955)
  11. The Kiss of the Devil (1955)
  12. The Kiss Of Paris (1956)
  13. Love Forbidden (1957)
  14. Stars in my Heart (1957)
  15. Sweet Adventure (1957)
  16. Sweet Enchantress (1958)
  17. The Golden Gondola (1958)
  18. Love in Hiding (1959)
  19. The Runaway Heart (1961)
  20. Love is Dangerous (1963)
  21. The Hidden Evil (1963)
  22. The Fire of Love (1968)
  23. The Pretty Horse-Breakers (1971)
  24. The Audacious Adventuress (1971)
  25. The Irresistible Buck (1972)
  26. The Reluctant Bride (1972)
  27. Lost Enchantment (1972)
  28. Say Yes, Samantha (1973)
  29. The Glittering Lights (1974)
  30. No Darkness for Love (1974)
  31. The Dangerous Dandy (1974)
  32. The Karma of Love (1974)
  33. The Ruthless Rake (1974)
  34. The Magnificent Marriage (1974)
  35. The Penniless Peer (1974)
  36. As Eagles Fly (1975)
  37. The Impetuous Duchess (1975)
  38. Love is Innocent (1975)
  39. The Flame Is Love (1975)
  40. Call of the Heart (1975)
  41. The Tears of Love (1975)
  42. A Gamble with Hearts (1975)
  43. The Shadow of Sin (1975)
  44. The Odious Duke (1975)
  45. Fire on the Snow (1975)
  46. A Kiss for the King (1975)
  47. Never Laugh at Love (1976)
  48. The Wild Cry of Love (1976)
  49. Secret of the Glen (1976)
  50. The Secret of the Glen (1976)
  51. The Husband Hunters (1976)
  52. The Slaves of Love (1976)
  53. The Proud Princess (1976)
  54. The Disgraceful Duke (1976)
  55. The Dream and The Glory (1976)
  56. The Golden Illusion (1976)
  57. Passions in the Sand (1976)
  58. An Angel in Hell (1976)
  59. The Blue Eyed Witch (1976)
  60. Love and the Loathsome Leopard (1977)
  61. Look Listen and Love (1977)
  62. The Castle Made for Love (1977)
  63. The Love Pirate (1977)
  64. The Magic of Love (1977)
  65. A Touch of Love (1977)
  66. A Duel With Destiny (1977)
  67. The Sign Of Love (1977)
  68. The Punishment of a Vixen (1977)
  69. The Outrageous Lady (1977)
  70. The Marquis Who Hated Woman (1977)
  71. The Chieftain Without a Heart (1978)
  72. Alone in Paris (1978)
  73. Looking For Love (1978)
  74. The Passion and the Flower (1978)
  75. Lord Ravenscars Revenge (1978)
  76. Love Lords and Ladybirds (1978)
  77. Lovers In Paradise (1978)
  78. The Duke and the Preacher’s Daughter (1978)
  79. The Ghost who fell in Love (1978)
  80. The Race for Love (1978)
  81. Love Leaves at Midnight (1978)
  82. A Princess in Distress (1978)
  83. Love in the Clouds (1979)
  84. The Duchess Disappeared (1979)
  85. Only Love (1979)
  86. A Gentlemen In Love (1979)
  87. The Prince and The Pekingese (1979)
  88. Imperial Splendour (1979)
  89. No Time For Love (1979)
  90. The Prisoner of Love (1979)
  91. Love Climbs In (1979)
  92. Love in the Dark (1979)
  93. Flowers For the God of love (1979)
  94. A Nightingale Sang (1979)
  95. Terror in the Sun (1979)
  96. Women Have Hearts (1979)
  97. The Goddess and the Gaiety Girl (1980)
  98. Lucifer and the Angel (1980)
  99. Bride to the King (1980)
  100. A Heart Is Stolen (1980)
  101. Punished with Love (1980)
  102. The Horizons Of Love (1980)
  103. The Power and the Prince (1980)
  104. A Song of Love (1980)
  105. The Dawn of Love (1980)
  106. Love For Sale (1980)
  107. Ola and the Sea Wolf (1980)
  108. Lost Laughter (1980)
  109. From Hell to Heaven (1980)
  110. No Escape from Love (1981)
  111. Gift of the Gods (1981)
  112. A Portrait of Love (1981)
  113. Pride and the Poor Princess (1981)
  114. The Heart of the Clan (1981)
  115. Winged Magic (1981)
  116. An Innocent in Russia (1981)
  117. Count the Stars (1981)
  118. Pure and Untouched (1981)
  119. Signpost to Love (1981)
  120. Kiss of Life (1981)
  121. Dollars for the Duke (1981)
  122. The Wings of Ecstasy (1981)
  123. Enchanted (1981)
  124. In The Arms of Love (1981)
  125. The River of Love (1981)
  126. A Shaft of Sunlight (1981)
  127. For All Eternity (1981)
  128. Love at the Helm (1982)
  129. A King in Love (1982)
  130. A Marriage Made In Heaven (1982)
  131. From Hate to Love (1982)
  132. Love on the Wind (1982)
  133. Love Wins (1982)
  134. The Call of The Highlands (1982)
  135. Kneel For Mercy (1982)
  136. Caught by Love (1982)
  137. Mission to Monte Carlo (1982)
  138. Wish for Love (1982)
  139. Riding to the Moon (1982)
  140. The Duke Comes Home (1982)
  141. Diona and a Dalmatian (1983)
  142. Love and Lucia (1983)
  143. Journey to a Star (1983)
  144. Gypsy Magic (1983)
  145. The Unwanted Wedding (1983)
  146. A Duke in Danger (1983)
  147. Lights, Laughter and a Lady (1983)
  148. The Unbreakable Spell (1983)
  149. A Rebel Princess (1984)
  150. Moon Over Eden (1984)
  151. The Island Of Love (1984)
  152. The Scots Never Forget (1984)
  153. Fire In The Blood (1984)
  154. Music from The Heart (1987)
  155. 132. Revenge Is Sweet (1988)
  156. Saint and the Sinner (1988)
  157. The Earl Rings a Belle (1990)
  158. Love Runs In (1991)
  159. The Sleeping Princess (1991)
  160. Lies for Love (1992)
  161. Love and a Cheetah (1994)
  162. The Patient Bridegroom (1995)
  163. Love, Lies and Marriage (1997)
  164. The Lovelight of Apollo (1998)
  165. In Love, In Lucca (1998)
  166. The Prude and the Prodigal (2001)
  167. Who Can Deny Love (2013)
  168. Desire of the Heart (2020)
  169. An Innocent In Paris (2020)
  170. Stand and Deliver your Heart (2021)
  171. Duel of Hearts (2021)

The Pink Collection Books In Publication Order

  1. A Perfect Way to Heaven (1980)
  2. The Prince Who Wanted Love (1989)
  3. Love and the Clans (1990)
  4. A Dream Come True (1997)
  5. Love Became Theirs (1999)
  6. Lovers In London (1999)
  7. A Kiss in the Desert (1999)
  8. A Virgin Bride (1999)
  9. Learning to Love (1999)
  10. Sailing to Love (2000)
  11. A Paradise on Earth (2000)
  12. Follow Your Heart (2000)
  13. Ruled by Love (2000)
  14. Love Drives in (2000)
  15. The White Witch (2000)
  16. Love in the Highlands (2000)
  17. Love Is Triumphant (2000)
  18. Stars in the Sky (2000)
  19. The Ship of Love (2000)
  20. A Dangerous Disguise (2000)
  21. The Star of Love (2000)
  22. Love in the East (2000)
  23. Love Wins in Berlin (2000)
  24. A Heart in Heaven (2000)
  25. Love Is the Reason for Living (2000)
  26. The Heart of Love (2000)
  27. The House of Happiness (2000)
  28. The Cross of Love (2000)
  29. Love Rescues Rosanna (2000)
  30. Theirs to Eternity (2000)
  31. Royalty Defeated by Love (2000)
  32. They Sought Love (2000)
  33. They Found Their Way to Heaven (2000)
  34. Journey to Happiness (2000)
  35. An Archangel Called Ivan (2001)
  36. Rescued by Love (2001)
  37. Love Solves the Problem (2001)
  38. The Weapon is Love (2001)
  39. A Call of Love (2001)
  40. The Richness of Love (2004)
  41. Love Finds a Treasure (2004)
  42. The Keys of Love (2006)
  43. Forever and Ever (2007)
  44. An Unexpected Love (2007)
  45. Saved by an Angel (2007)
  46. Touching the Stars (2007)
  47. Seeking Love (2007)
  48. Journey to Love (2007)
  49. Love by the Lake (2007)
  50. The Waters of Love (2008)
  51. A Kiss from the Heart (2008)
  52. Danger to the Duke (2008)
  53. Rivals for Love (2008)
  54. This Way to Heaven (2008)
  55. A Princess Prays (2008)
  56. The Triumph of Love (2009)
  57. A Change of Hearts (2009)
  58. The Marquis Is Trapped (2010)
  59. Hide and Seek for Love (2010)
  60. Love by Moonlight (2010)
  61. The Tree of Love (2010)
  62. Love at Last (2011)
  63. Mine for Ever (2011)
  64. The Unbroken Dream (2011)
  65. In Hiding (2011)
  66. Love at the Tower (2011)
  67. The Earl’s Revenge (2011)
  68. The Castle (2012)
  69. A Kiss of Love (2012)
  70. The Magnificent Marquis (2012)
  71. The Gates of Paradise (2012)
  72. A Heaven on Earth (2012)
  73. A Lucky Star (2012)
  74. A Royal Love Match (2012)
  75. The Duke Is Deceived (2012)
  76. A Miracle of Love (2012)
  77. A Shooting Star (2012)
  78. Love Came from Heaven (2012)
  79. Love and Apollo (2012)
  80. A Castle of Dreams (2012)
  81. A Battle of Brains (2012)
  82. They Touched Heaven (2012)
  83. A Prayer for Love (2012)
  84. Love Conquers War (2012)
  85. A Flight to Heaven (2012)
  86. A Heart Finds Love (2012)
  87. A Heart in Chains (2012)
  88. The Healing Hand (2012)
  89. The Trail to Love (2012)
  90. The Winning Post Is Love (2012)
  91. Love and the Gods (2012)
  92. The Mountain of Love (2012)
  93. The Revelation Is Love (2012)
  94. To Heaven with Love (2012)
  95. Money or Love (2012)
  96. It Is Love (2012)
  97. Joined by Love (2012)
  98. Pray for Love (2012)
  99. Secret Love (2012)
  100. Search for a Wife (2012)
  101. The Queen Wins (2012)
  102. A Steeplechase for Love (2012)
  103. A Teacher of Love (2012)
  104. Wanted – A Royal Wife (2012)
  105. Hiding from Love (2012)
  106. A Rose in Jeopardy (2013)
  107. Love’s Dream in Peril (2013)
  108. The King Without a Heart (2013)
  109. A Sacrifice for Love (2013)
  110. Soft, Sweet and Gentle (2013)
  111. A Prisioner in Paris (2013)
  112. A Battle of Love (2014)
  113. Danger in the Desert (2014)
  114. Love Has No Name (2014)
  115. A Golden Lie (2014)
  116. In Search of Love (2014)
  117. A Road to Romance (2014)
  118. She Wanted Love (2014)
  119. The Earl Elopes (2014)
  120. A Wilder Kind of Love (2014)
  121. The Bride Runs Away (2014)
  122. Beyond the Horizon (2014)
  123. Crowned by Music (2014)
  124. Blessing of the Gods (2014)
  125. Saved by the Duke (2015)
  126. A Train to Love (2015)
  127. Wanted – A Bride (2015)
  128. Hiding from the Fortune-Hunters (2015)
  129. The Marquis Is Deceived (2015)
  130. The Viscount’s Revenge (2015)
  131. Captured by love (2015)
  132. An Ocean of Love (2015)
  133. No Bride, No Wedding (2015)
  134. A Strange Way to Find Love (2016)
  135. For the Love of Scotland (2016)
  136. Double the Love (2016)
  137. A Beauty Betrayed (2016)
  138. One Minute to Love (2016)
  139. Love for Eternity (2016)
  140. Secret Danger (2016)
  141. Music From Heaven (2016)
  142. The Duke Hated Women (2016)
  143. An Angel From Heaven (2016)
  144. The King Wins (2017)
  145. They Ran Away (2017)
  146. Love Saves the Day (2017)
  147. Love Finds the Way (2017)
  148. The Castle of Love (2017)
  149. Music Is the Soul of Love (2017)
  150. The Importance of Love (2017)
  151. Love Under the Stars (2017)
  152. She Fell in Love (2017)
  153. The Earl in Peril (2017)
  154. Love Cannot Fail (2017)
  155. A Princess Runs Away (2017)
  156. From the Dangers of Russia to Love (2018)
  157. Love Danced In (2018)
  158. Love Finds the Duke at Last (2018)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. His Hour (1910)
  2. Bars of Iron (1916)
  3. The Bars Of Iron (1916)
  4. Jig-Saw (1925)
  5. The Sons of the Sheik (1925)
  6. Sawdust (1926)
  7. If the Tree Is Saved (1929)
  8. For What? (1930)
  9. Sweet Punishment (1931)
  10. A Virgin In Mayfair (1932)
  11. Dance On My Heart (1933)
  12. Just Off Piccadilly (1933)
  13. Not Love Alone (1933)
  14. A Rainbow to Heaven (1934)
  15. A Beggar Wished (1934)
  16. Love and Linda (1935)
  17. First Class, Lady? (1935)
  18. Passionate Attainment (1935)
  19. The Forgotten City (1936)
  20. Dangerous Experiment (1936)
  21. The Adventurer (1937)
  22. Love at Forty (1937)
  23. But Never Free (1937)
  24. Saga At Forty (1937)
  25. The Bitter Winds of Love (1938)
  26. Broken Barriers (1938)
  27. Lost Love (1939)
  28. The Black Panther (1939)
  29. Love in Pity (1939)
  30. The Gods Forget (1939)
  31. Now Rough, Now Smooth (1941)
  32. A Heart is Broken (1942)
  33. The Leaping Flame (1942)
  34. Open Wings (1942)
  35. Sleeping Swords (1942)
  36. The Dark Stream (1944)
  37. Out of Reach (1945)
  38. Yet She Follows (1945)
  39. Armour Against Love (1945)
  40. The Hidden Heart (1946)
  41. Against the stream (1946)
  42. Again This Rapture (1947)
  43. The Dream Within (1947)
  44. Where is Love? (1947)
  45. If We Will (1947)
  46. No Heart is Free (1948)
  47. The Enchanted Moment (1949)
  48. The Knave of Hearts (1950)
  49. Love Is an Eagle (1951)
  50. Love is Mine (1952)
  51. The Secret Heart (1952)
  52. Cupid Rides Pillion (1952)
  53. Love Is The Enemy (1952)
  54. The Passionate Pilgrim (1952)
  55. The Lady and the Highwayman (1952)
  56. Love Me Forever (1953)
  57. Blue Heather (1953)
  58. Enchanted Waltz (1955)
  59. Metternich, The Passionate Diplomat (1955)
  60. Bewitching Women (1955)
  61. The Coin of Love (1956)
  62. The Captive Heart (1956)
  63. The Thief of Love (1957)
  64. The Scandalous Life of King Carol (1957)
  65. Love, Life and Sex (1957)
  66. Lights of Love (1958)
  67. A Kiss of Silk (1959)
  68. The Smuggled Heart (1959)
  69. The Price is Love (1960)
  70. Husbands and Wives (1961)
  71. A Light to the Heart (1962)
  72. Royal Lovers (1962)
  73. The many facets of love (1963)
  74. The Unpredictable Bride (1964)
  75. Danger by the Nile (1964)
  76. Love on the Run (1965)
  77. Theft of a Heart (1966)
  78. Love To The Rescue (1967)
  79. Love Is Contraband (1968)
  80. The Enchanting Evil (1968)
  81. The Wings of Love (1968)
  82. I Search for Rainbows (1969)
  83. The Secret Fear (1970)
  84. Messenger Of Love (1970)
  85. Smuggled Heart (1970)
  86. Wings on My Heart (1970)
  87. Love Holds the Cards (1971)
  88. Love and Marriage (1971)
  89. The Complacent Wife (1972)
  90. A Halo for the Devil (1972)
  91. Lines on Life and Love (1972)
  92. The Wicked Marquis (1973)
  93. The Daring Deception (1973)
  94. A Virgin In Paris (1973)
  95. Josephine, Empress of France (1973)
  96. The Bored Bridegroom (1974)
  97. The Castle of Fear (1974)
  98. The Cruel Count (1974)
  99. Lessons in Love (1974)
  100. A Sword to the Heart (1974)
  101. Journey to Paradise (1974)
  102. The Little Adventure (1974)
  103. The Private Life of Charles II (1974)
  104. The Frightened Bride (1975)
  105. A Very Naughty Angel (1975)
  106. The Devil In Love (1975)
  107. The Mask of Love (1975)
  108. An Arrow of Love (1975)
  109. Desperate Defiance (1975)
  110. Bewitched (1975)
  111. Towards the Stars (1975)
  112. A Frame of Dreams (1975)
  113. Conquered by Love (1976)
  114. The Incredible Honeymoon (1976)
  115. The Elusive Earl (1976)
  116. A Dream From The Night (1976)
  117. Diane De Poitiers (1976)
  118. Fragrant Flower (1976)
  119. The Heart Triumphant (1976)
  120. The Mysterious Maid-Servant (1977)
  121. The Wild, Unwilling Wife (1977)
  122. The Temptation of Torilla (1977)
  123. The Hell Cat and the King (1977)
  124. The Dragon and the Pearl (1977)
  125. The Naked Battle (1977)
  126. Love Locked In (1977)
  127. Taming of Lady Lorinda (1977)
  128. Kiss The Moonlight (1977)
  129. The Rhapsody of Love (1977)
  130. The Curse of the Clan (1977)
  131. The Irresistible Force (1978)
  132. The Twists and Turns of Love (1978)
  133. A Fugitive from Love (1978)
  134. The Judgement of Love (1978)
  135. The Unknown Heart (1978)
  136. The Problems of Love (1978)
  137. Magic or Mirage (1978)
  138. A Runaway Star (1978)
  139. The Drums of Love (1979)
  140. Light of the Moon (1979)
  141. The Treasure Is Love (1979)
  142. A Safety Match (1979)
  143. A Serpent of Satan (1979)
  144. The Explosion of Love (1979)
  145. Love in the Moon (1980)
  146. Money, Magic and Marriage (1980)
  147. Vote for Love (1980)
  148. The Perfection Of Love (1980)
  149. Only a Girl’s Love (1980)
  150. Ashes of Desire (1980)
  151. Free From Fear (1980)
  152. Little White Doves of Love (1980)
  153. My Brother Ronald (1980)
  154. The Waltz of Hearts (1981)
  155. Dreams Do Come True (1981)
  156. Secret Harbor (1981)
  157. Afraid (1981)
  158. The Lioness and the Lily (1981)
  159. A Night of Gaiety (1981)
  160. The Lion Tamer (1981)
  161. Tetherstones (1981)
  162. The Kiss of Life (1981)
  163. Touch a Star (1981)
  164. Love Rules (1982)
  165. Vibrations of Love (1982)
  166. Moments Of Love (1982)
  167. Tempted to Love (1983)
  168. Help From The Heart (1983)
  169. Getting Older, Growing Younger (1984)
  170. Love Has His Way (1984)
  171. Island Masquerade (1985)
  172. Loves Comes to the Castle (1989)
  173. Free as the Wind (1989)
  174. Desire in the Desert (1989)
  175. The Music of Love (1989)
  176. Barbara Cartlands Year of Royal Days (1989)
  177. Royal Eccentrics (1989)
  178. Royal Jewels (1989)
  179. A Game of Love (1990)
  180. Heaven in Hong Kong (1990)
  181. An Innocent Mayfair (1991)
  182. The Scent of Roses (1991)
  183. Stolen Halo (1992)
  184. Drena and the Duke (1992)
  185. The Magic Of Paris (1993)
  186. A Duel of Jewels (1993)
  187. The Duke’s Dilemma (1994)
  188. Apocalypse of the Heart (1995)
  189. A Heart of Stone (1998)
  190. Love Under Fire (2019)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Ronald Cartland (1942)
  2. The Isthmus Years (1943)
  3. The Years of Opportunity (1948)
  4. Etiquette Handbook: A Guide to Good Behaviour from the Boudoir to the Boardroom (1950)
  5. Book of Etiquette (1950)
  6. Etiquette for Love and Romance (1950)
  7. The Fascinating Forties (1954)
  8. The Outrageous Queen: A Biography of Christina of Sweden (1956)
  9. Look Lovely, Be Lovely (1958)
  10. The Private Life of Elizabeth, Empress of Austria (1959)
  11. Vitamins for Vitality (1959)
  12. Sex and the Teenager (1964)
  13. The Pan Book of Charm (1965)
  14. The Youth Secret (1968)
  15. The Magic Of Honey (1970)
  16. Health Food Cookery Book (1971)
  17. Polly: The story of my wonderful mother (1971)
  18. Book of Beauty and Health (1972)
  19. Woman–the enigma (1974)
  20. Food for Love (1975)
  21. Book of Useless Information … (1977)
  22. Recipes for Lovers (1977)
  23. We Danced All Night (1977)
  24. Book of Love and Lovers (1978)
  25. I Seek the Miraculous (1978)
  26. The Light of Love: Lines to Live by Day by Day (1979)
  27. Scrapbook (1980)
  28. Romantic Royal Marriages (1981)
  29. Written With Love: Passionate Love Letters (1982)
  30. Keep Young And Beautiful (1982)
  31. Book of Celebrities (1983)
  32. The Romance of Food (1984)
  33. Book of Health (1985)
  34. I Reach for the Stars (1995)
  35. Barbara Cartland’s Guide To Romance Writing (2000)
  36. Barbara Cartland On Romance Writing (2002)

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Eternal Collection Book Covers

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Book Series in Order Barbara Cartland Books Overview

Lucky Logan Finds Love

Devastated by the loss of his wife, Belinda Wyncombe’s father gambles away the family assets, forcing Belinda to concoct a plan to make some money.

Love Casts Out Fear

Love Casts Out Fear by Barbara Cartland To help the elopement of her worldly cousin, the exquisite Lady Charis, shy, delicately lovely Alecia Stambrook agrees to impersonate her in France at the Headquarters of the Army of Occupation, where her Guardian the handsome but frightening Lord Kiniston is with the Duke of Wellington. The sheltered, country beauty is terrified of being unmasked and also of losing her new found joy in a timeless and precious love.

The Taming of a Tigress

This is another romantic story by the author of nearly 180 books.

A Theatre of Love

A romantic novel from the prolific pen of Barbara Cartland.

Walking To Wonderland

Weary of the social rounds, Theodore, Duke of Eaglefield returns on foot to his ancestral home, Eagle Hall, and falls in love with lovely Alysia, a young woman fleeing from an unhappy marriage.

Hidden By Love

A British Ambassador rescues the lovely governess to the daughter of a wealthy Turkish businessman, a young lady who, without his help, is destined to become the miserable third wife to the Grand Vizier.

A Wish Comes True

A close brush with death and the sweetly ministering hands of Olivia Lambrick help transform the cruel, seemingly heartless Earl of Chadwood into a man who finds and follows his heart.

Wicked Widow

Kyla Shenley overhears her stepmother plotting to kill her young brother, Terry, so she can inherit his money. Kyla and Terry run away to their old Nanny, who is now looking after the Earl of Granston’s niece at Liliecote Castle only to discover that their stepmother is at the castle.

Love Strikes A Devil

Saddened to learn of the death of her cousin Vincent, Charisa is further upset when Vincent’s unscrupulous heir arrives in Paris to claim Vincent’s Mawdelyn Priory and Charisa.

Love and War

When her newly widowed mother, Lady Langdale, loses her fortune and her reputation to the machinations of a cruel captain, Gina Lang turns to the handsome Marquis of Mortlake for assistance.

A Coronation of Love

Burdened with the troubles of her kingdom, Saria, English born Aldrina must fend off the sinister attentions of a royal suitor and finds love with Juro.

Seek the Stars

Lady Sadira Bourne is betrothed to a man she despises and must marry him to save her father’s reputation, but at the last minute she flees to Morocco and finds true love in the Sacred City of Fez.

Loved for Himself

Disillusioned when he discovers that the seemingly innocent debutante he had intended to marry is in fact an ambitious schemer, the Marquis of Mounteagle disguises himself as a commoner in order to find himself a truly innocent woman.

Kiss in Rome

In her gamble to reconcile a childhood friend with an adored beau, Alina Langley poses as a widowed aristocrat and journeys to Rome, where her host, the handsome Marquis of Teverton gives her her first taste of love.

Born of Love

Going abroad to avoid the scandal of her latest failed romance, Lady Marcia Woode moves into the exclusive Chateau de Roux, where she meets the Duc de Roux, a person with as much an aversion to marriage as she.

Fascination In France

Hoping to rescue her friend, the Honorable Judy Forde, from an unwanted marriage to the womanizing Duc de Sahran, Lady Celita Dale finds herself unexpectedly falling in love with the prospective bridegroom.

The Cave of Love

Salema must chose between love and her family when she meets and falls in love with the son of the man she is betrothed to.

Terror from the Throne

By royal command, King Inged of Klaklov would wed a British bride to calm the turmoil of his nation. Queen Victoria chose a distant and destitute relation. Lovely Toria journeyed to meet her betrothed, but even her adventurous heart could not fathom the sordid spectacle within the king’s inner sanctum!

Peaks of Ecstasy

Offered the governorship of India if he agrees to marry, arrogant aristocrat Lord Roydon of Wick sends away to England for a bride and ends up with Geta Naunton, a beautiful woman who longs to see India.

The Angel and the Rake

Angela Brooke risks scandal when she auditions for and lands the role of an angel in a production by the Marquis of Vauxhall’s private theater.

The Queen of Hearts

When her twin sister, the fiance a7e of King Ivan of Arramia, takes ill, Sola of Kessell must fill in for her on an official visit and finds herself falling in love with the handsome monarch.

A Royal Rebuke

After his amorous escapades earn him the disapproval of Queen Victoria, Lord Victor Brooke must redeem himself by escorting a lovely young princess to her wedding to the ruler of Zararis, but his mission becomes complicated by love, duty, and danger.

The Eyes of Love

Blinded in India by a Fakir’s malediction, the Earl of Dornoch reluctantly travels to Scotland to assume his duties as Chieftain of his clan, where the lovely Vara McDorn becomes his guide among strangers, while a rival plots against him.

Look with the Heart

After a fire destroys her home, Erlina Sherwood seeks shelter at Meldon Hall, home of the arrogant Marquis of Meldon, where she encounters the embittered nobleman, blinded in an accident and living in seclusion.

This Is Love

With his royal appointment as Master of the Horse contingent upon his marriage, the Marquess of Rockingdale persuades spirited Athina Ling, who has come to the rescue of his mistreated nephew, to masquerade as his wife.

Running Away to Love

When her guardian makes plans to sell her to a wicked and depraved Lord, Ivana Sherard flees to London and into the arms of the Earl of Lorimer, who employs her as a spy for the Crown.

Safe In Paradise

To escape an arranged marriage to a widowed duke twice her age, Zarina Bryden, a beautiful heiress, comes up with a scheme involving her childhood playmate, now the poverty stricken Earl of Linwood.

The Duke Finds Love

After rescuing Lady Lynda from drowning, the Duke of Buckington, society’s most notorious aristocrat, is honor bound to marry the young beauty, and during a honeymoon trip to Greece and a hunt for an ancient sculpture, the mismatched couple finds true love.

The Dare-devil Duke

Determined to avoid an arranged marriage, heiress Kasia Ross takes a job as a governess at Dreghorne Castle, only to find herself falling for her charge’s handsome and roguish uncle.

Never Lose Love

Orphan Josina Marsh journeys to England to meet her mother’s estranged family at Nevondale Hall and falls head over heels in love with a handsome and headstrong duke.

The Spirit of Love

Odella Wayne, an innocent beauty and country girl, exposes a French spy to the admiring Marquis of Midhurst, and when he asks her to help identify an assassin, they find themselves united by love in the midst of a terrible war.

Saved by a Saint

Running away from a betrayal that left him brokenhearted, the Marquis of Melverley saves delicate orphan Christina Churston from an unwanted suitor and finds their new romance threatened by his fortune hungry cousin, Terence.

The Innocent Imposter

Impersonating her sophisticated older sister at the latter’s luxurious estate, Ursa is challenged by the irresistible Marquis of Charnwood to also pretend that she is his fiance a7e, until her genuine feelings cause her to pursue a forbidden love.

The Incomparable

Amorita Howe and her brother attend the Earl of Eldridge’s country house party, hoping to win money for their beloved Nanny’s operation, but the glamorous and notorious Earl soon has plans of his own for the shy Amorita.

The Loveless Marriage

An attempt to heal the ancient feud between the MacSteel and McBrara clans leads to the engagement of Fyna MacSteel and the Earl of Braradale, a match full of love and possibilities that is threatened by dark forces.

Love In The Ruins

Finding herself orphaned and penniless in Tunisia, Mimosa Shenson, the daughter of a historian, steps into her missing cousin’s life as a means of returning to Britain, but she is unaware of her cousin’s scandalous reputation.

A Touch of Love

The Duke’s arms went around her and before Tamara realized what was happening his lips were on hers.. For a moment she was still in surprise, then she felt a sudden rapture so wonderful that she knew this was what she had been seeking. ‘Oh my darling,’ the Duke said ho*arsley. ‘Ilove you’ ‘I.. Love you!’ she whispered. Then, even as she spoke she remembered the unforgettable things she had written about him before she had come to love him. An icy hand gripped her heart as she tore herself from his embrace and raced suddenly to her room…

Love Wins

Reprint mass market paperback by BMI. Regency romance. 152 pages

Love in the Highlands

When the Balkan Prince Stanislaus demanded an English bride, Queen Victoria decided to send him Lady Lavina, whose family had a slight connection with royalty. Determined to avoid this fate, Lavina threw herself on the mercy of the Marquis of Elswick, a disagreeable man who had turned his back on the world following betrayal by the woman he had loved. Surprisingly, he agreed to help by pretending to be engaged to Lavina, and, with her father, they left to visit her relatives in Scotland. In the highlands Lavina began to find herself attracted to the Marquis. Beneath his harsh manners he had a heart a heart that perhaps she could win. But nearby was the Queen’s country home, Balmoral, and when Her Majesty arrived with Prince Stanislaus, they knew that there was still a battle to be fought. Now Lavina learned the shattering secret that was the real reason the Marquis had agreed to help her. And that secret was to threaten to take from her the man she loved. How she discovered the truth in a way that nearly cost him his life, is told in this romantic novel.

Love Is Triumphant

When Rosina’s dear friend leapt to her death after the man she loved betrayed her, she vowed vengeance on all men. Rosina declared that no man could be trusted, including Sir John Crosby, member of parliament, whom she had secretly loved since girlhood. Now a debutante, she found herself caught up in a whirl of social activity. An election was imminent and her father, Sir Elroy Clarendon, was favoured to be made a government Minister. Her new friend Lady Doreen, daughter of the Earl of Blakemore was secretly in love with an unknown admirer. To Rosina’s dismay he turned out to be Arthur Woodward, the man whose betrayal had destroyed her friend, and whose incriminating letters Rosina possessed. In spite of his threats, she defied him. Sir John, after begging her to stop, tried to protect her. How they dealt with the venomous Woodward, and discovered true love, is told in this romantic novel, the 670th by Barbara Cartland.

Stars in the Sky

Sylvia, daughter of the Duke of Belham, is bored with the various young men she meets at Lady Lamborne’s masked ball. At last she escapes their attentions and makes her way into the cool, moonlit garden, where she encounters a masked stranger.

The following morning, Sylvia’s father reveals that he has amassed such debts from his gambling that the family can no longer maintain their high profile London life. They must return to Castle Belham and Sylvia realises that she will never see her mystery stranger again.

At Castle Belham, Count Von Brauer enters their lives. In time, the Duke loses a vast sum of money to him at a gathering. The Count offers to overlook the debt in return for Sylvia’s hand in marriage. At first, Sylvia refuses, but when the Duke suffers a nervous collapse, her resistence crumbles.

Only a stranger from the past can rescue her from her nightmare…
only the Stars in the Sky can point the way.

Touching the Stars

Touching the Stars Number 35 in the Barbara Cartland Pink Collection Justina Mansell, the youngest daughter of Lord and Lady Mansell is told that her sister has been invited to visit India, but cannot accept. So Justina jumps at the chance to go in her place. Her aunt arranges for her to be chaperoned on board ship by the stately Mrs. Arbuthnot, who is travelling with her two daughters and her little terrier, Muffin. Justina is quickly attracted to the good looking Sir Thomas Watson who is most attentive and much admires her beauty when he joins the Arbuthnot table for dinner. When the Arbuthnot ladies succumb to seasickness Justina takes Muffin for walks along the deck. There she meets the solitary figure of Lord Castleton with his own dog. He knows her father and they strike up a friendship. Justina finds herself compromised in her cabin by Sir Thomas even though she has given him no encouragement and is forced to agree to become engaged to him to prevent a scandal. Lord Castleton is not at all pleased by this turn of events, especially as Justina seemed far from happy with her engagement. How Justina is swept from despair to happiness and love after a number of surprises and unexpected twists is told in this unusual and intriguing romance by BARBARA CARTLAND

Journey to Love

Number 37 in the Barbara Cartland Pink Collection Shana, the beautiful daughter of Lord Hallam has not yet been a debutante as she has been helping her father write his autobiography. Although retired from the Foreign Office, Lord Hallam agrees to go abroad leaving his daughter alone in the country. Before he leaves he asks Shana to run an errand to the landlord of the village inn known as the Rose and Crown, where she finds there is a crisis in the kitchen and offers to cook luncheon for the Marquis of Kilbrooke and his shooting party. She not only cooks the food, but helps to wait at table and she meets the Marquis who to her surprise is young and very handsome. Shana returns to the Rose and Crown to cook again for two strangers who turn out to be Italians and overhears, as she speaks Italian fluently, their dastardly plot to rob the Marquis of his extremely valuable collection of gold and silver heirlooms. She feels it is her duty to warn the Marquis of their plot and in doing so becomes involved in an exciting and dangerous adventure. How Shana overcomes the perils confronting her and unexpectedly finds love and happiness is told in this unusual and exciting story by BARBARA CARTLAND.

Love Finds the Way

When John Chester returned to England after suddenly inheriting a Dukedom he knew his life had changed forever. But he didn’t know just how much. Gina Wilton was like a breath of fresh air. But she was also everything John disapproved of in a young women, independent, assertive, always ready to contradict him. Yet she had ideas about restoring his dilapidated castle, and he found he needed her help. The more they were together, the more he noticed how pretty she was, how witty and sparkling. But how could he believe that Gina was attracted to him, when it was she who produced an heiress and advised him to marry her? And when she was so clearly in love with another man. But there were more surprises in store for him. How they sorted out the love triangle in a way that nobody could have anticipated, is all told in this romantic novel, the 665th by BARBARA CARTLAND.

Bars of Iron

Tudor, the young doctor, sees the devil in Piers’ eyes too late to change his taunting tactics and his last shred of self control vanishes like smoke in a gale. Uttering a fearful oath and springing forward, Piers snarls like an animal loosed from the leash. The struggle lasts seconds and Tudor finds himself flung backwards across the table and pinned there, with his enemy’s hands gripping his throat, and fierce eyes, grim and murderous, glaring down into his own. ‘Be still!’ hisses Piers, his voice no more than a whisper. ‘Or I’ll kill you by Heaven, I will!’ Strong and willful, Piers has been plunged into a time of troubles and now suddenly finds himself with the bloodlust pounding high in his veins…
and is it because he is being forced to leave, through the contrivances and conniving of this doctor…
or is it because his soul is aflame with a forbidden desire a welling from the depths of his soul that threatens to drown him each time he sets eyes upon that all too securely married Mrs. Denys?


Jig Saw is where the Barbara Cartland story began she wrote the novel in 1920 when only 19. Published in hardback by Duckworth in 1925 at the price of seven shillings and sixpence, it received great acclaim from the critics who described it as ‘a first novel of considerable promise’ and ‘a novel which is such a powerful study of ‘West end life with the lid off’, that I can hardly believe it’s been written by a girl’. This year, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of her death, the Barbara Cartland. com estate will publish 5000 limited edition exact replicas of the original book. From the original book cover: A real novel from within. The first book by a young author is a vivid and moving story of the difficulties and temptations which confront a young girl on her first entry into the richest and gayest set of London society. The intoxication of her new freedom and her love of adventure lead her inevitably to exploit her wit and beauty to her own unhappiness, but by good luck and her own native goodness she finds peace and happiness at last. It is a dramatic conflict of emotions, written with a zest and freshness which will win the admiration of all readers.

The Leaping Flame

Bold romance and tingling suspense by one of the great romantic writers of all time. Full of lies, secrets! Exquisite ecstasy too powerful to resist.

The Cruel Count

Another romance by the world’s bestselling author of romantic fiction, Barbara Cartland.

A Dream From The Night

Olinda Selwyn finds that she must earn some money to pay for medical treatment for her mother. So she ta kes up a job restoring period beds for a noblewoman. She fin ds herself caught up in a world of romance and family drama. ‘

Light of the Moon

Just for one agonising moment, Neoma thought that the wonder she had felt for the Marquis was gone. Then, like a streak of lightning running through her it was there moving through her whole body into her heart. A new novel from the queen of romance, Barbara Cartland.

A Game of Love

The Earl of Inchester reveals a strange sense of priorities when, in the interest of family honor, he chooses to save his ancestral home by marrying the daughter of a despicable usurer.

A Duel of Jewels

Katerina flees her home to escape an arranged marriage to an elderly duke, and while in exile, she meets the dashing Prince Michael, a man determined to win a wager against the evil Prince Fredrich.

Etiquette Handbook: A Guide to Good Behaviour from the Boudoir to the Boardroom

Written nearly 50 years ago, this handbook conjures up a period when addressing work colleagues by their first names was frowned upon, wives could expect to receive a weekly allowance from their husbands, and hats were ubiquitous. Laced throughout is Barbara Cartland’s wit and wisdom. This is a wonderfully evocative insight into manners that have largely disappeared on such topics as marriage Unless she is ill a woman should get up and cook her husband’s breakfast before he goes to work in the morning. It is bad manners to do this in curlers, without lipstick, in a shabby dressing gown and down at heel slippers., children Boys should be taught at a very early age six or seven to say ‘Sir’ to an older man. They will continue to do this until they are about twenty one., romance A young man taking a girl out for the evening usually calls for her at her parents house…
It is correct for her father or mother to offer a cocktail or sherry and to talk to him for about five or ten minutes., and table manners Fresh fruit like apples and pears should be eaten with a silver knife and fork..

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