Margaret Dickinson Books In Order

Fleethaven Books In Order

  1. Plough the Furrow (1994)
  2. Sow the Seed (1995)
  3. Reap the Harvest (1996)

Abbeyford Books In Order

  1. Abbeyford (1998)
  2. Abbeyford Inheritance (1998)
  3. Abbeyford Remembered (1999)

Ryan Family Books In Order

  1. The Buffer Girls (2016)
  2. Daughters of Courage (2017)

Maitland Trilogy Books In Order

  1. The Poppy Girls (2018)
  2. The Brooklands Girls (2019)
  3. The Spitfire Sisters (2020)


  1. Pride of the Courtneys (1968)
  2. Road to Hell (1975)
  3. Sarah (1981)
  4. Adelina (1981)
  5. Carrie (1981)
  6. Lifeboat! (1983)
  7. Portrait of Jonathan (1997)
  8. The Miller’s Daughter (1997)
  9. Beloved Enemy (1998)
  10. Chaff Upon the Wind (1998)
  11. The Fisher Lass (1999)
  12. The Tulip Girl (2000)
  13. The River Folk (2001)
  14. Tangled Threads (2002)
  15. Twisted Strands (2003)
  16. Brackenbeck (2003)
  17. Red Sky in the Morning (2004)
  18. Without Sin (2005)
  19. Pauper’s Gold (2006)
  20. Wish Me Luck (2007)
  21. Sing as We Go (2008)
  22. Suffragette Girl (2009)
  23. Sons and Daughters (2010)
  24. Forgive and Forget (2011)
  25. Jenny’s War (2012)
  26. The Clippie Girls (2013)
  27. Fairfield Hall (2014)
  28. Welcome Home (2015)
  29. Secrets at Bletchley Park (2021)
  30. Wartime Friends (2022)


  1. Sons And Daughters / The Tulip Girl (1900)
  2. Tangled Threads / Twisted Strands (2002)
  3. Plough Furrow / Sow the Seed (2004)
  4. Red Sky in the Morning / Without Sin (2005)
  5. Pauper’s Gold / Wish Me Luck (2009)
  6. Sing As We Go / Wish Me Luck (2009)


  1. Christmas Fireside Stories (2014)

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Margaret Dickinson Books Overview

The River Folk

For 12 year old Mary Ann Clark life has always been tough. The pretty daughter of a wife beating drunk, it’s no surprise that she has grown up afraid of her own shadow. That is until ‘Battling Bessie Ruddick’ takes the young girl under her wing. But then, Mary Ann falls for Bessie’s son Dan…

Twisted Strands

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Red Sky in the Morning

Market trader Eddie takes pity on Anna, a young girl abandoned in the marketplace of a small Lincolnshire town, and shelters her. Slowly, Anna begins to open up, first to Eddie’s son Tony, then to Eddie. But it will take time for her to reveal the secrets of her past life, and who she is running from.

Wish Me Luck

Fleur Bosley didn’t believe in love at first sight, at least not until she bumped into Robbie Rodwell on a railway station in the blackout of wartime Britain. Posted to a newly built Lincolnshire airfield, Robbie as a wireless operator on bombers and Fleur as a R/T operator in the watch office, their only escape is to the little cottage in the nearby village where Fleur is billeted with another WAAF, Ruth. The two girls become good friends, but Ruth, already hurt by the loss of one of the pilots, does not approve of wartime romances. And Ruth is not the only one to disapprove. When Fleur’s mother hears Robbie’s name she becomes hysterical and bans him from her home. The young couple are determined to grab their happiness where they can, but is it a kind Fate or a cruel one that has brought them together when secrets from the past threaten their future? Away from their families, there is fun and laughter, the aircrews determined to make the most of every day, every minute, but whenever they fly off into the night on a bombing raid, Fleur must keep watch until the early hours praying that Robbie’s plane comes back…

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