Mike Newton / Lyle Brandt Books In Order

Mack Bolan Books In Publication Order

  1. Stony Man Doctrine (1983)
  2. Terminal Velocity (1984)
  3. Resurrection Day (1985)
  4. Dirty War (1985)
  5. Flight 741 (1986)
  6. Dead Easy (1986)
  7. Sudden Death (1987)
  8. Rogue Force (1987)
  9. Tropic Heat (1987)
  10. Fire in the Sky (1988)
  11. Anvil of Hell (1988)
  12. Flash Point (1988)
  13. Flesh and Blood (1988)
  14. Moving Target (1989)
  15. Tightrope (1989)
  16. Blowout (1989)
  17. Blood Fever (1989)
  18. Knockdown (1990)
  19. Assault (1990)
  20. Backlash (1990)
  21. Siege (1990)
  22. Blockade (1991)
  23. Evil Kingdom (1991)
  24. Counterblow (1991)
  25. Hardline (1991)
  26. Firepower (1992)
  27. Storm Burst (1992)
  28. Intercept (1992)
  29. Lethal Impact (1992)
  30. Deadfall (1993)
  31. Onslaught (1993)
  32. Battle Force (1993)
  33. Rampage (1993)
  34. Takedown (1994)
  35. Death’s Head (1994)
  36. Hellground (1994)
  37. Inferno (1994)
  38. Ambush (1994)
  39. Blood Strike (1994)
  40. Killpoint (1995)
  41. Vendetta (1995)
  42. Stalk Line (1995)
  43. Omega Game (1995)
  44. Shock Tactic (1995)
  45. Showdown (1995)
  46. Tooth and Claw (1996)
  47. Precision Kill (1996)
  48. Jungle Law (1996)
  49. Dead Center (1996)
  50. Red Heat (1996)
  51. Thermal Strike (1996)
  52. Day of the Vulture (1997)
  53. Flames Of Wrath (1997)
  54. High Aggression (1997)
  55. Code of Bushido (1997)
  56. Terror Spin (1997)
  57. Judgment in Stone (1997)
  58. Rage for Justice (1998)
  59. Rebels and Hostiles (1998)
  60. Ultimate Game (1998)
  61. Blood Feud (1998)
  62. Renegade Force (1998)
  63. Retribution (1998)
  64. Initiation (1999)
  65. Cloud of Death (1999)
  66. Termination Point (1999)
  67. Hellfire Strike (1999)
  68. Code of Conflict (1999)
  69. Vengeance (1999)
  70. Executive Action (2000)
  71. Killsport (2000)
  72. Conflagration (2000)
  73. Storm Front (2000)
  74. Evil Alliance (2000)
  75. Scorched Earth (2001)
  76. Deception (2001)
  77. Destiny’s Hour (2001)
  78. Power of the Lance (2001)
  79. A Dying Evil (2001)
  80. Deep Treachery (2001)
  81. War Load (2002)
  82. Sworn Enemies (2002)
  83. Dark Truth (2002)
  84. Blood and Sand (2002)
  85. Breakaway (2002)
  86. Caged (2002)
  87. Sleepers (2003)
  88. Strike and Retrieve (2003)
  89. Age of War (2003)
  90. Line of Control (2003)
  91. Breached (2003)
  92. Retaliation (2003)
  93. Pressure Point (2004)
  94. Silent Running (2004)
  95. Stolen Arrows (2004)
  96. Zero Option (2004)
  97. Predator Paradise (2004)
  98. Circle of Deception (2004)
  99. Point of Betrayal (2005)
  100. Devil’s Bargain (2005)
  101. False Front (2005)
  102. Lethal Tribute (2005)
  103. Season of Slaughter (2005)
  104. Ballistic Force (2005)
  105. Renegade (2006)
  106. Survival Reflex (2006)
  107. Path to War (2006)
  108. Blood Dynasty (2006)
  109. Ultimate Stakes (2006)
  110. State of Evil (2006)
  111. Contagion Option (2007)
  112. Hellfire Code (2007)
  113. War Drums (2007)
  114. Ripple Effect (2007)
  115. Force Lines (2007)
  116. The Killing Rule (2007)
  117. Devil’s Playground (2007)
  118. The Judas Project (2008)
  119. Plains of Fire (2008)
  120. Appointment in Baghdad (2008)
  121. Havana Five (2008)
  122. Colony of Evil (2008)
  123. Hard Passage (2009)
  124. Interception (2009)
  125. Cold War Reprise (2009)
  126. Mission: Apocalypse (2009)
  127. Altered State (2009)
  128. Killing Game (2009)
  129. Diplomacy Directive (2009)
  130. Betrayed (2010)
  131. Sabotage (2010)
  132. Conflict Zone (2010)
  133. Blood Play (2010)
  134. Desert Fallout (2010)
  135. Extraordinary Rendition (2010)
  136. Devil’s Mark (2010)
  137. Savage Rule (2011)
  138. Infiltration (2011)
  139. Resurgence (2011)
  140. Kill Shot (2011)
  141. Stealth Sweep (2011)
  142. Grave Mercy (2011)
  143. Treason Play (2011)
  144. Assassin’s Code (2011)
  145. Shadow Strike (2012)
  146. Decision Point (2012)
  147. Road of Bones (2012)
  148. Radical Edge (2012)
  149. Oblivion Pact (2012)
  150. Enemy Arsenal (2012)
  151. State of War (2012)
  152. Illicit Supply (2013)
  153. Explosive Demand (2013)
  154. Ballistic (2013)
  155. Crisis Diplomacy (2013)
  156. Apocalypse Ark (2013)
  157. Lethal Stakes (2013)
  158. Ground Zero (2013)
  159. Escalation Tactic (2013)
  160. Jungle Firestorm (2013)
  161. Death Metal (2014)
  162. Justice Run (2014)
  163. China White (2014)
  164. Payback (2014)
  165. Chain Reaction (2014)
  166. Terror Ballot (2014)
  167. Nightmare Army (2014)
  168. Critical Exposure (2015)
  169. Insurrection (2015)
  170. Armed Response (2015)
  171. Desert Falcons (2015)
  172. Ninja Assault (2015)
  173. Lethal Risk (2015)
  174. Dead Reckoning (2015)
  175. War Everlasting (2015)

The Executioner Books In Publication Order

  1. War Against the Mafia (1969)
  2. Death Squad (1969)
  3. Battle Mask (1970)
  4. Miami Massacre (1970)
  5. Continental Contract (1971)
  6. Assault on Soho (1971)
  7. Nightmare in New York (1971)
  8. Chicago Wipe-Out (1971)
  9. Vegas Vendetta (1972)
  10. Caribbean Kill (1972)
  11. California Hit (1972)
  12. Boston Blitz (1972)
  13. Panic in Philly (1973)
  14. Washington I.O.U. (1973)
  15. San Diego Siege (1973)
  16. Sicilian Slaughter (1973)
  17. Jersey Guns (1974)
  18. Texas Storm (1974)
  19. Detroit Deathwatch (1974)
  20. New Orleans Knockout (1974)
  21. Firebase Seattle (1975)
  22. Hawaiian Hellground (1975)
  23. St. Louis Showdown (1975)
  24. Canadian Crisis (1975)
  25. Colorado Kill-Zone (1976)
  26. Acapulco Rampage (1976)
  27. Dixie Convoy (1976)
  28. Savage Fire (1977)
  29. Command Strike (1977)
  30. Cleveland Pipeline (1977)
  31. Arizona Ambush (1977)
  32. Tennessee Smash (1978)
  33. Monday’s Mob (1978)
  34. Terrible Tuesday (1979)
  35. Wednesday’s Wrath (1979)
  36. Thermal Thursday (1979)
  37. Friday’s Feast (1979)
  38. Satan’s Sabbath (1980)
  39. The New War (1981)
  40. Tower of Terror (1982)
  41. The Violent Streets (1982)
  42. Double Crossfire (1982)
  43. Iranian Hit (1982)
  44. Return to Vietnam (1982)
  45. Terrorist Summit (1982)
  46. Paramilitary Plot (1982)
  47. Bloodsport (1982)
  48. Renegade Agent (1982)
  49. The Libya Connection (1982)
  50. Doomsday Disciples (1982)
  51. Vulture’s Vengeance (1983)
  52. Tuscany Terror (1983)
  53. Mountain Rampage (1983)
  54. Paradine’s Gauntlet (1983)
  55. Island Deathtrap (1983)
  56. Flesh Wounds (1983)
  57. Ambush on Blood River (1983)
  58. Crude Kill (1983)
  59. Sold for Slaughter (1983)
  60. Tiger War (1983)
  61. Day of Mourning (1984)
  62. The New War Book (1984)
  63. Dead Man Running (1984)
  64. Cambodia Clash (1984)
  65. Orbiting Omega (1984)
  66. Beirut Payback (1984)
  67. Prairie Fire (1984)
  68. Skysweeper (1984)
  69. Ice Cold Kill (1984)
  70. Blood Dues (1984)
  71. Hellbinder (1984)
  72. Appointment In Kabul (1984)
  73. Savannah Swingsaw (1985)
  74. The Bone Yard (1985)
  75. Teheran Wipeout (1985)
  76. Hollywood Hell (1985)
  77. Death Games (1985)
  78. Council of Kings (1985)
  79. Running Hot (1985)
  80. Shock Waves (1985)
  81. Hammerhead Reef (1985)
  82. Missouri Deathwatch (1985)
  83. Fastburn (1985)
  84. Sunscream (1985)
  85. Hell’s Gate (1986)
  86. Hellfire Crusade (1986)
  87. Baltimore Trackdown (1986)
  88. Defenders And Believers (1986)
  89. Blood Heat Zero (1986)
  90. The Trial (1986)
  91. Moscow Massacre (1986)
  92. The Fire Eaters (1986)
  93. Save The Children (1986)
  94. Blood and Thunder (1986)
  95. Death Has a Name (1986)
  96. Meltdown (1986)
  97. Black Dice (1987)
  98. Code of Dishonor (1987)
  99. Blood Testament (1987)
  100. Eternal Triangle (1987)
  101. Split Image (1987)
  102. Assault on Rome (1987)
  103. Devil’s Horn (1987)
  104. Countdown to Chaos (1987)
  105. Run to Ground (1987)
  106. American Nightmare (1987)
  107. Time to Kill (1987)
  108. Hong Kong Hit List (1987)
  109. Trojan Horse (1988)
  110. The Fiery Cross (1988)
  111. Blood of the Lion (1988)
  112. Vietnam Fallout (1988)
  113. Cold Judgment (1988)
  114. Circle of Steel (1988)
  115. The Killing Urge (1988)
  116. Vendetta in Venice (1988)
  117. Warrior’s Revenge (1988)
  118. Line of Fire (1988)
  119. Border Sweep (1988)
  120. Twisted Path (1988)
  121. Desert Strike (1988)
  122. War Born (1988)
  123. Night Kill (1989)
  124. Dead Man’s Tale (1989)
  125. Death Wind (1989)
  126. Kill Zone (1989)
  127. Sudan Slaughter (1989)
  128. Haitian Hit (1989)
  129. Dead Line (1989)
  130. Ice Wolf (1989)
  131. The Big Kill (1989)
  132. Blood Run (1989)
  133. White Line War (1990)
  134. Devil Force (1990)
  135. Down And Dirty (1990)
  136. Battle Lines (1990)
  137. Kill Trap (1990)
  138. Cutting Edge (1990)
  139. Wild Card (1990)
  140. Direct Hit (1990)
  141. Fatal Error (1990)
  142. Helldust Cruise (1990)
  143. Whipsaw (1990)
  144. Chicago Payoff (1990)
  145. Deadly Tactics (1991)
  146. Payback Game (1991)
  147. Deep and Swift (1991)
  148. Blood Rules (1991)
  149. Death Load (1991)
  150. Message to Medellin (1991)
  151. Combat Stretch (1991)
  152. Firebase Florida (1991)
  153. Night Hit (1991)
  154. Hawaiian Heat (1991)
  155. Phantom Force (1991)
  156. Cayman Strike (1991)
  157. Firing Line (1992)
  158. Steel And Flame (1992)
  159. Storm Warning (1992)
  160. Eye Of The Storm (1992)
  161. Colors of Hell (1992)
  162. Warrior’s Edge (1992)
  163. Death Trail (1992)
  164. Fire Sweep (1992)
  165. Assassin’s Creed (1992)
  166. Double Action (1992)
  167. Blood Price (1992)
  168. White Heat (1993)
  169. Baja Blitz (1993)
  170. Deadly Force (1993)
  171. Fast Strike (1993)
  172. Capitol Hit (1993)
  173. Battle Plan (1993)
  174. Battle Ground (1993)
  175. Ransom Run (1993)
  176. Evil Code (1993)
  177. Black Hand (1993)
  178. War Hammer (1993)
  179. Force Down (1993)
  180. Shifting Target (1993)
  181. Lethal Agent (1994)
  182. Clean Sweep (1994)
  183. Death Warrant (1994)
  184. Sudden Fury (1994)
  185. Fire Burst (1994)
  186. Cleansing Flame (1994)
  187. War Paint (1994)
  188. Wellfire (1994)
  189. Killing Range (1994)
  190. Extreme Force (1994)
  191. Maximum Impact (1994)
  192. Hostile Action (1994)
  193. Deadly Contest (1995)
  194. Select Fire (1995)
  195. Triburst (1995)
  196. Armed Force (1995)
  197. Shoot Down (1995)
  198. Rogue Agent (1995)
  199. Crisis Point (1995)
  200. Prime Target (1995)
  201. Combat Zone (1995)
  202. Hard Contact (1995)
  203. Rescue Run (1995)
  204. Hell Road (1995)
  205. Hunting Cry (1996)
  206. Freedom Strike (1996)
  207. Death Whisper (1996)
  208. Asian Crucible (1996)
  209. Fire Lash (1996)
  210. Steel Claws (1996)
  211. Ride the Beast (1996)
  212. Blood Harvest (1996)
  213. Fission Fury (1996)
  214. Fire Hammer (1996)
  215. Death Force (1996)
  216. Fight or Die (1996)
  217. End Game (1997)
  218. Terror Intent (1997)
  219. Tiger Stalk (1997)
  220. Blood and Fire (1997)
  221. Patriot Gambit (1997)
  222. Hour of Conflict (1997)
  223. Call to Arms (1997)
  224. Body Armor (1997)
  225. Red Horse (1997)
  226. Blood Circle (1997)
  227. Terminal Option (1997)
  228. Zero Tolerance (1997)
  229. Deep Attack (1998)
  230. Slaughter Squad (1998)
  231. Jackal Hunt (1998)
  232. Target Command (1998)
  233. Tough Justice (1998)
  234. Plague Wind (1998)
  235. Vengeance Rising (1998)
  236. Hellfire Trigger (1998)
  237. Crimson Tide (1998)
  238. Hostile Proximity (1998)
  239. Devil’s Guard (1998)
  240. Evil Reborn (1998)
  241. Doomsday Conspiracy (1999)
  242. Assault Reflex (1999)
  243. Judas Kill (1999)
  244. Virtual Destruction (1999)
  245. Blood Of The Earth (1999)
  246. Black Dawn Rising (1999)
  247. Rolling Death (1999)
  248. Shadow Target (1999)
  249. Warning Shot (1999)
  250. Kill Radius (1999)
  251. Death Line (1999)
  252. Risk Factor (1999)
  253. Chill Effect (2000)
  254. War Bird (2000)
  255. Point of Impact (2000)
  256. Precision Play (2000)
  257. Target Lock (2000)
  258. Nightfire (2000)
  259. Dayhunt (2000)
  260. Dawnkill (2000)
  261. Trigger Point (2000)
  262. Skysniper (2000)
  263. Iron Fist (2000)
  264. Freedom Force (2000)
  265. Ultimate Price (2001)
  266. Invisible Invader (2001)
  267. Shattered Trust (2001)
  268. Shifting Shadows (2001)
  269. Judgment Day (2001)
  270. Cyberhunt (2001)
  271. Stealth Striker (2001)
  272. UFORCE (2001)
  273. Rogue Target (2001)
  274. Leviathan (2001)
  275. Dirty Mission (2001)
  276. Triple Reverse (2002)
  277. Fire Wind (2002)
  278. Fear Rally (2002)
  279. Blood Stone (2002)
  280. Jungle Conflict (2002)
  281. Ring of Retaliation (2002)
  282. Devil’s Army (2002)
  283. Final Strike (2002)
  284. Armageddon Exit (2002)
  285. Rogue Warrior (2002)
  286. Arctic Blast (2002)
  287. Vendetta Force (2002)
  288. Pursued (2003)
  289. Blood Trade (2003)
  290. Savage Game (2003)
  291. Death Merchants (2003)
  292. Scorpion Rising (2003)
  293. Hostile Alliance (2003)
  294. Nuclear Game (2003)
  295. Deadly Pursuit (2003)
  296. Final Play (2003)
  297. Dangerous Encounter (2003)
  298. Warrior’s Requiem (2003)
  299. Blast Radius (2003)
  300. Shadow Search (2004)
  301. Sea of Terror (2004)
  302. Soviet Specter (2004)
  303. Point Position (2004)
  304. Into the Fire (2004)
  305. Flames of Fury (2004)
  306. Killing Heat (2004)
  307. Night of the Knives (2004)
  308. Death Gamble (2004)
  309. Lockdown (2004)
  310. Lethal Payload (2005)
  311. Agent of Peril (2005)
  312. Poison Justice (2005)
  313. Hour of Judgment (2005)
  314. Code of Resistance (2005)
  315. Entry Point (2005)
  316. Exit Code (2005)
  317. Suicide Highway (2005)
  318. Time Bomb (2005)
  319. Soft Target (2005)
  320. Terminal Zone (2005)
  321. Edge of Hell (2005)
  322. Blood Tide (2006)
  323. Serpent’s Lair (2006)
  324. Triangle of Terror (2006)
  325. Hostile Crossing (2006)
  326. Dual Action (2006)
  327. Assault Force (2006)
  328. Slaughter House (2006)
  329. Aftershock (2006)
  330. Jungle Justice (2006)
  331. Blood Vector (2006)
  332. Homeland Terror (2006)
  333. Tropic Blast (2006)
  334. Nuclear Reaction (2007)
  335. Deadly Contact (2007)
  336. Splinter Cell (2007)
  337. Rebel Force (2007)
  338. Double Play (2007)
  339. Border War (2007)
  340. Primal Law (2007)
  341. Orange Alert (2007)
  342. Vigilante Run (2007)
  343. Dragon’s Den (2007)
  344. Carnage Code (2007)
  345. Firestorm (2007)
  346. Volatile Agent (2007)
  347. Hell Night (2008)
  348. Killing Trade (2008)
  349. Black Death Reprise (2008)
  350. Ambush Force (2008)
  351. Outback Assault (2008)
  352. Defense Breach (2008)
  353. Extreme Justice (2008)
  354. Blood Toll (2008)
  355. Mission to Burma (2008)
  356. Desperate Passage (2008)
  357. Final Resort (2008)
  358. Patriot Acts (2008)
  359. Face of Terror (2009)
  360. Hostile Odds (2009)
  361. Collision Course (2009)
  362. Pele’s Fire (2009)
  363. Loose Cannon (2009)
  364. Crisis Nation (2009)
  365. Dangerous Tides (2009)
  366. Dark Alliance (2009)
  367. Fire Zone (2009)
  368. Lethal Compound (2009)
  369. Code of Honor (2009)
  370. System Corruption (2009)
  371. Salvador Strike (2010)
  372. Frontier Fury (2010)
  373. Desperate Cargo (2010)
  374. Death Run (2010)
  375. Deep Recon (2010)
  376. Silent Threat (2010)
  377. Killing Ground (2010)
  378. Threat Factor (2010)
  379. Raw Fury (2010)
  380. Cartel Clash (2010)
  381. Recovery Force (2010)
  382. Crucial Intercept (2011)
  383. Powder Burn (2011)
  384. Final Coup (2011)
  385. Deadly Command (2011)
  386. Toxic Terrain (2011)
  387. Shadow Hunt (2011)
  388. Enemy Agents (2011)
  389. Stand Down (2011)
  390. Trial by Fire (2011)
  391. Hazard Zone (2011)
  392. Fatal Combat (2011)
  393. Damage Radius (2011)
  394. Battle Cry (2012)
  395. Nuclear Storm (2012)
  396. Blind Justice (2012)
  397. Jungle Hunt (2012)
  398. Rebel Trade (2012)
  399. Line of Honor (2012)
  400. Final Judgment (2012)
  401. Lethal Diversion (2012)
  402. Survival Mission (2012)
  403. Throw Down (2012)
  404. Border Offensive (2012)
  405. Blood Vendetta (2012)
  406. Hostile Force (2013)
  407. Cold Fusion (2013)
  408. Night’s Reckoning (2013)
  409. Double Cross (2013)
  410. Prison Code (2013)
  411. Ivory Wave (2013)
  412. Extraction (2013)
  413. Rogue Assault (2013)
  414. Viral Siege (2013)
  415. Sleeping Dragons (2013)
  416. Rebel Blast (2013)
  417. Hard Targets (2013)
  418. Nigeria Meltdown (2013)
  419. Breakout (2013)
  420. Amazon Impunity (2014)
  421. Patriot Strike (2014)
  422. Pirate Offensive (2014)
  423. Pacific Creed (2014)
  424. Desert Impact (2014)
  425. Arctic Kill (2014)
  426. Deadly Salvage (2014)
  427. Maximum Chaos (2014)
  428. Slayground (2014)
  429. Point Blank (2014)
  430. Savage Deadlock (2015)
  431. Dragon Key (2015)
  432. Perilous Cargo (2015)
  433. Assassin’s Tripwire (2015)
  434. The Cartel Hit (2015)
  435. Blood Rites (2015)
  436. Killpath (2015)
  437. Murder Island (2015)
  438. Syrian Rescue (2015)
  439. Uncut Terror (2015)
  440. Dark Savior (2015)
  441. Final Assault (2015)
  442. Kill Squad (2016)
  443. Missile Intercept (2016)
  444. Terrorist Dispatch (2016)
  445. Combat Machines (2016)
  446. Omega Cult (2017)
  447. Fatal Prescription (2017)
  448. Death List (2017)
  449. Rogue Elements (2017)
  450. Enemies Within (2018)
  451. Chicago Vendetta (2018)
  452. Thunder Down Under (2018)
  453. Dying Art (2018)
  454. Killing Kings (2019)
  455. Stealth Assassin (2019)
  456. Lethal Vengeance (2019)
  457. Cold Fury (2019)
  458. Cyberthreat (2020)
  459. Righteous Fear (2020)
  460. Blood Vortex (2020)

Bounty Man Books In Publication Order

  1. Vengeance Ride:Bounty Man No. 1 (1979)

Stony Man Books In Publication Order

  1. Stony Man Doctrine (1983)
  2. Stony Man II (1991)
  3. Stony Man III (1991)
  4. Stony Man IV (1992)
  5. Stony Man V (1992)
  6. Stony Man VI (1993)
  7. Stony Man VII (1993)
  8. Stony Man VIII (1993)
  9. Strikepoint (1994)
  10. Secret Arsenal (1994)
  11. Target America (1994)
  12. Blind Eagle (1994)
  13. Warhead (1994)
  14. Deadly Agent (1994)
  15. Deep Alert (1995)
  16. Blood Debt (1995)
  17. Vortex (1995)
  18. Stinger (1995)
  19. Nuclear Nightmare (1995)
  20. Terms Of Survival (1995)
  21. Satan’s Thrust (1996)
  22. Sunflash (1996)
  23. The Perishing Game (1996)
  24. Bird of Prey (1996)
  25. Skylance (1996)
  26. Flashback (1996)
  27. Asian Storm (1997)
  28. Blood Star (1997)
  29. Eye of the Ruby (1997)
  30. Virtual Peril (1997)
  31. Night of the Jaguar (1997)
  32. Law of Last Resort (1997)
  33. Punitive Measures (1998)
  34. Reprisal (1998)
  35. Message To America (1998)
  36. Stranglehold (1998)
  37. Triple Strike (1998)
  38. Enemy Within (1998)
  39. Breach of Trust (1999)
  40. Betrayal (1999)
  41. Silent Invader (1999)
  42. Edge Of Night (1999)
  43. Zero Hour (1999)
  44. Thirst for Power (1999)
  45. Star Venture (2000)
  46. Command Force (2000)
  47. Conflict Imperative (2000)
  48. Dragon Fire (2000)
  49. Judgment in Blood (2000)
  50. Doomsday Directive (2001)
  51. Tactical Response (2001)
  52. Countdown to Terror (2001)
  53. Vector Three (2001)
  54. Extreme Measures (2001)
  55. State of Aggression (2001)
  56. Sky Killers (2002)
  57. Condition Hostile (2002)
  58. Prelude to War (2002)
  59. Defensive Action (2002)
  60. Rogue State (2002)
  61. Deep Rampage (2002)
  62. Freedom Watch (2003)
  63. Roots of Terror (2003)
  64. The Third Protocol (2003)
  65. Axis of Conflict (2003)
  66. Echoes of War (2003)
  67. Outbreak (2003)
  68. Day of Decision (2004)
  69. Ramrod Intercept (2004)
  70. Terms of Control (2004)
  71. Rolling Thunder (2004)
  72. Cold Objective (2004)
  73. The Chameleon Factor (2004)
  74. Silent Arsenal (2005)
  75. Gathering Storm (2005)
  76. Full Blast (2005)
  77. Maelstrom (2005)
  78. Promise to Defend (2005)
  79. Doomsday Conquest (2005)
  80. Sky Hammer (2005)
  81. Vanishing Point (2006)
  82. Doom Prophecy (2006)
  83. Sensor Sweep (2006)
  84. Hell Dawn (2006)
  85. Oceans of Fire (2006)
  86. Extreme Arsenal (2007)
  87. Starfire (2007)
  88. Neutron Force (2007)
  89. Red Frost (2007)
  90. China Crisis (2007)
  91. Capital Offensive (2007)
  92. Deadly Payload (2008)
  93. Act of War (2008)
  94. Critical Effect (2008)
  95. Dark Star (2008)
  96. Splintered Sky (2008)
  97. Primary Directive (2008)
  98. Shadow War (2009)
  99. Hostile Dawn (2009)
  100. Drawpoint (2009)
  101. Terror Descending (2009)
  102. Sky Sentinels (2009)
  103. Extinction Crisis (2009)
  104. Season of Harm (2010)
  105. High Assault (2010)
  106. War Tides (2010)
  107. Extreme Instinct (2010)
  108. Target Acquisition (2010)
  109. Unified Action (2010)
  110. Critical Intelligence (2010)
  111. Orbital Velocity (2011)
  112. Power Grab (2011)
  113. Unconventional Warfare (2011)
  114. Extermination (2011)
  115. Terminal Guidance (2011)
  116. Armed Resistance (2012)
  117. Terror Trail (2012)
  118. Close Quarters (2012)
  119. Incendiary Dispatch (2012)
  120. Seismic Surge (2012)
  121. Choke Point (2012)
  122. Revolution Device (2013)
  123. Perilous Skies (2013)
  124. Nuclear Intent (2013)
  125. Counter Force (2013)
  126. Precipice (2013)
  127. Prodigy Effect (2013)
  128. Pulse Point (2013)
  129. Atomic Fracture (2014)
  130. Triplecross (2014)
  131. Cold Snap (2014)
  132. Domination Bid (2014)
  133. Death Dealers (2014)
  134. Mind Bomb (2015)
  135. Double Blindside (2015)
  136. Citadel of Fear (2015)
  137. War Tactic (2015)
  138. Death Minus Zero (2015)
  139. Exit Strategy (2015)

The Destroyer Books In Publication Order

  1. Created The Destroyer (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1971)
  2. Death Check (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1972)
  3. Chinese Puzzle (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1972)
  4. Mafia Fix (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1972)
  5. Dr. Quake (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1972)
  6. Death Therapy (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1972)
  7. Union Bust (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1972)
  8. Summit Chase (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1973)
  9. Murder’s Shield (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1973)
  10. Terror Squad (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1973)
  11. Kill or Cure (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1973)
  12. Slave Safari (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1973)
  13. Acid Rock (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1973)
  14. Judgment Day (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1974)
  15. Murder Ward (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1974)
  16. Oil Slick (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1974)
  17. Last War Dance (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1974)
  18. Funny Money (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1975)
  19. Holy Terror (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1975)
  20. Assassin’s Play Off (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1975)
  21. Deadly Seeds (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1975)
  22. Brain Drain (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1976)
  23. Child’s Play (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1976)
  24. King’s Curse (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1976)
  25. Sweet Dreams (By:Richard S. Meyers,Warren Murphy) (1976)
  26. In Enemy Hands (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1976)
  27. The Last Temple (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1977)
  28. Ship of Death (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1977)
  29. The Final Death (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1977)
  30. Mugger Blood (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1977)
  31. The Head Men (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1977)
  32. Killer Chromosomes (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1978)
  33. Voodoo Die (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1978)
  34. Chained Reaction (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1978)
  35. Last Call (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1978)
  36. Power Play (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1979)
  37. Bottom Line (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1979)
  38. Bay City Blast (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1979)
  39. Missing Link (By:Warren Murphy) (1980)
  40. Dangerous Games (By:Robert J. Randisi,Warren Murphy) (1980)
  41. Firing Line (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1980)
  42. Timber Line (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1980)
  43. Midnight Man (By:Robert J. Randisi,Warren Murphy) (1981)
  44. Balance of Power (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir,Molly Cochran) (1981)
  45. Spoils of War (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir,Molly Cochran) (1981)
  46. Next of Kin (By:Warren Murphy,Molly Cochran) (1981)
  47. Profit Motive (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1982)
  48. Skin Deep (By:Warren Murphy,Molly Cochran) (1982)
  49. Killing Time (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir,Molly Cochran) (1982)
  50. Dying Space (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir,Molly Cochran) (1982)
  51. Shock Value (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir,Molly Cochran) (1983)
  52. Fool’s Gold (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1983)
  53. Time Trial (By:Warren Murphy,Molly Cochran) (1983)
  54. Last Drop (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir,Molly Cochran) (1983)
  55. Master’s Challenge (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir,Molly Cochran) (1984)
  56. Encounter Group (By:Will Murray,Warren Murphy) (1984)
  57. Date with Death (By:Warren Murphy,Molly Cochran,Ed Hunsburger) (1984)
  58. Total Recall (By:Robert J. Randisi,Warren Murphy) (1984)
  59. The Arms of Kali (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1984)
  60. The End of the Game (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1985)
  61. Lords of the Earth (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1985)
  62. The Seventh Stone (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir,Ed Hunsburger) (1985)
  63. The Sky Is Falling (By:Will Murray,Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1986)
  64. The Last Alchemist (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1986)
  65. Lost Yesterday (By:Will Murray,Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1986)
  66. Sue Me (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1986)
  67. Look into My Eyes (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1987)
  68. An Old-Fashioned War (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1987)
  69. Blood Ties (By:Will Murray,Warren Murphy) (1987)
  70. The Eleventh Hour (By:Will Murray,Warren Murphy,Molly Cochran) (1987)
  71. Return Engagement (By:Will Murray,Warren Murphy) (1988)
  72. Sole Survivor (By:Will Murray,Warren Murphy) (1988)
  73. Line of Succession (By:Will Murray,Warren Murphy) (1988)
  74. Walking Wounded (By:Will Murray,Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1988)
  75. Rain of Terror (By:Will Murray,Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1989)
  76. The Final Crusade (By:Will Murray,Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1989)
  77. Coin of the Realm (By:Will Murray,Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1989)
  78. Blue Smoke and Mirrors (By:Will Murray,Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1989)
  79. Shooting Schedule (By:Will Murray,Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1990)
  80. Death Sentence (By:Will Murray,Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1990)
  81. Hostile Takeover (By:Will Murray,Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1990)
  82. Survival Course (By:Will Murray,Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1990)
  83. Skull Duggery (By:Will Murray,Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1990)
  84. Ground Zero (By:Will Murray,Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1991)
  85. Blood Lust (By:Will Murray,Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1991)
  86. Arabian Nightmare (By:Will Murray,Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1991)
  87. The Ultimate Death (By:Will Murray,Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1992)
  88. Dark Horse (By:Will Murray,Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1992)
  89. Ghost in the Machine (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1992)
  90. Mob Psychology (By:Will Murray,Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1992)
  91. Cold Warrior (By:Will Murray,Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1993)
  92. The Last Dragon (By:Will Murray,Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1993)
  93. Terminal Transmission (By:Will Murray,Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1993)
  94. Feeding Frenzy (By:Will Murray,Warren Murphy) (1993)
  95. High Priestess (By:Will Murray,Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1994)
  96. Infernal Revenue (By:Will Murray,Warren Murphy) (1994)
  97. Identity Crisis (By:Will Murray,Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1994)
  98. Target of Opportunity (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1994)
  99. The Color Of Fear (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1995)
  100. Last Rites (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir) (1995)
  101. Continental Divide (By:Warren Murphy,R.J. Carter) (2018)
  102. Monumental Terror (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir,R.J. Carter) (2019)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Writing Westerns: How to Craft Novels that Evoke the Spirit of the West (2012)

Matt Price Books In Publication Order

  1. The Gun (2002)
  2. Justice Gun (2003)
  3. Vengeance Gun (2004)
  4. Rebel Gun (2005)
  5. Bounty Gun (2006)

The Lawman Books In Publication Order

  1. Slade’s Law (1900)
  2. The Lawman (2007)
  3. Helltown (2008)
  4. Massacre Trail (2009)
  5. Hanging Judge (2009)
  6. Manhunt (2010)
  7. Avenging Angels (2010)
  8. Blood Trails (2011)
  9. Reckoning (2012)
  10. White Lightning (2013)
  11. Trackdown (2013)

Gideon Rider Books In Publication Order

  1. Smugglers’ Gold (2013)
  2. Rough Justice (2014)

VICAP Books In Publication Order

  1. Blood Sport (1990)
  2. Slay Ride (1990)
  3. The Necro Files (1991)
  4. Head Games (1991)
  5. Road Kills (1991)
  6. Black Lace (1991)
  7. Wet Work (1992)
  8. Jigsaw (1992)
  9. Dead Heat (1992)
  10. Crosshairs (2016)

Gideon Thorn Books In Publication Order

  1. Skinwalker (2015)
  2. Leviathan Rising (2015)
  3. Ghost Town (2015)
  4. Mountain Devils (2015)
  5. Soul Slayers (2017)
  6. Hallowed Ground (2017)
  7. Night Flyers (2018)
  8. Empty Graves (2018)
  9. Rip Tide (2020)
  10. Warpath (2021)

Gun Men Books In Publication Order

  1. Gun Men (2015)
  2. Gun Work (2015)
  3. Gun Smoke (2015)
  4. Gun Sights (2016)
  5. Gun Fire (2019)
  6. Gun Down (2020)

INTERSECT Files Books In Publication Order

  1. Web of Terror (2016)
  2. Death Cruise (2016)

Bureau Books In Publication Order

  1. In Honor Bound (2018)
  2. Call To Honor (2018)
  3. Blood And Honor (2018)
  4. Honor And Glory (2018)
  5. Code Of Honor (2018)
  6. In Honor’s Name (2018)
  7. Crimes of Honor (2018)
  8. Price of Honor (2019)
  9. Law of Honor (2019)
  10. When Honor Dies (2019)

Strike Force X Books In Publication Order

  1. Pablo’s Ghost (2020)
  2. Outrage (2020)

Trail Drive Books In Publication Order

  1. The Goodnight Trail (By:Ralph Compton) (1992)
  2. The Western Trail (By:Ralph Compton) (1992)
  3. The Chisholm Trail (By:Ralph Compton) (1993)
  4. The Bandera Trail (By:Ralph Compton) (1993)
  5. The California Trail (By:Ralph Compton) (1994)
  6. The Shawnee Trail (By:Ralph Compton) (1994)
  7. The Virginia City Trail (By:Ralph Compton) (1994)
  8. The Dodge City Trail (By:Ralph Compton) (1995)
  9. The Oregon Trail (By:Ralph Compton) (1995)
  10. The Santa Fe Trail (By:Ralph Compton) (1997)
  11. The Old Spanish Trail (By:Ralph Compton) (1998)
  12. The Green River Trail (By:Ralph Compton) (1999)
  13. The Deadwood Trail (By:Ralph Compton) (1999)
  14. The Dakota Trail (By:Robert Vaughan) (2001)
  15. The Alamosa Trail (By:Robert Vaughan) (2002)
  16. The Bozeman Trail (By:Robert Vaughan) (2002)
  17. The Abilene Trail (By:Dusty Richards) (2003)
  18. Trail To Fort Smith (By:Dusty Richards) (2004)
  19. The Palo Duro Trail (By:Jory Sherman) (2004)
  20. The Ogallala Trail (By:Dusty Richards) (2005)
  21. The Ellsworth Trail (By:Jory Sherman) (2005)
  22. The Tenderfoot Trail (By:Joseph A. West) (2006)
  23. Trail to Cottonwood Falls (By:Dusty Richards) (2007)
  24. The Amarillo Trail (By:Jory Sherman) (2011)
  25. The Omaha Trail (By:Jory Sherman) (2012)
  26. Big Jake’s Last Drive (By:Robert J. Randisi) (2020)
  27. The Badlands Trail (2020)
  28. The Kelly Trail (By:Terrence McCauley) (2020)
  29. Drive for Independence (As: Lyle Brandt) (2020)
  30. Red Trail (By:John Shirley) (2020)
  31. The Empire Trail (By:Jeff Rovin) (2021)
  32. The Too-Late Trail (By:Matthew P. Mayo) (2021)
  33. Terror Trail (As: Lyle Brandt, With: Ralph Compton) (2021)
  34. Ralph Compton the Sagebrush Trail (By:Robert J. Randisi,Ralph Compton) (2021)

Ashton Ford Books In Publication Order

  1. Ashes to Ashes (1986)
  2. Life to Life (As:Don Pendleton) (1987)
  3. Time to Time (1987)
  4. Mind to Mind (1987)
  5. Heart to Heart (1987)
  6. Eye To Eye (1987)

Joe Copp Books In Publication Order

  1. Copp For Hire (1987)
  2. Copp On Fire (1988)
  3. Copp in Deep (1989)
  4. Copp in the Dark (1990)
  5. Copp On Ice (1991)
  6. Copp in Shock (1992)

Phoenix Force Books In Publication Order

  1. Argentine Deadline (With: ) (1982)
  2. Guerrilla Games (As:Don Pendleton) (1982)
  3. Atlantic Scramble (As:Don Pendleton) (1982)

Stewart Mann Books In Publication Order

  1. The Insatiables (As:Don Pendleton) (1967)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Serial Killer Quarterly Vol.1 No.3 “Unsolved in North America” (2014)
  2. Under Western Stars: Stories by the Western Fictioneers (2020)

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Book Series in Order Mike Newton / Lyle Brandt Books Overview

Stony Man Doctrine

Carnage is unleashed on a horrifying scale throughout the United States, triggered by an international troika of terror.

The President calls for dirty war. Mack Bolan blasts into action with his paramilitary strike squads, Phoenix Force and Able Team, to scorch the ultimate horror. This is the big one…

A Movie in Your Mind is a unique audio entertainment experience that features a full cast of actors, sound effects and cinematic music.

Publisher’s Weekly says ‘Graphic Audio delivers an action and sound effect loaded audiobook that lives up to its tagline, A movie in your mind.’

Audiofile Magazine says, GraphicAudio sets the gold standard for full cast dramatizations, and new listeners will become instant fans.


Mack Bolan heads for the American Southwest to stop a weapons war that involves Native Americans, a beautiful woman, and tons of Firepower.

Storm Burst

Mack Bolan heads for the American Southwest to stop a weapons war that involves Native Americans, a beautiful woman, and tons of firepower.

Lethal Impact

A desperate cry for help sends Mack Bolan to the Far East and Australia to plug an expanding hero*in pipeline run by Chinese organized crime. By the author of Blood Price.


Mack Bolan matches wits with former Na*zi Bernhardt Ennslin, leader of South America’s largest cocaine manufacturing empire, and his team of terrorists when they embark on a lethal plot against American judges.

Dead Center

When a late mafioso’s great grandson is kidnapped, Mack Bolan is asked to help find the boy and protect his mother, but his quest embroils him in a murderous free for all that involves a papal assassin and a fifty year old secret.

Flames Of Wrath

The only survivor of an Israeli raid on terrorists gone wrong, Mack Bolan becomes a Mossad target, a situation that escalates when the president of the U.S. visits the Middle East.

High Aggression

Mack Bolan journeys into the remote and dangerous Himalayas to recover a stolen satellite unit, intended to monitor Chinese aggression against Tibet, from the Russian gangsters who have stolen the top secret technology and plan to sell it to the highest bidder.’

Judgment in Stone

A former American coverts ops agent has set up a false business to cover his many illegal activities, ranging from money laundering to murder and delivering high tech weaponry to terrorist groups. Now he’s ready to unleash an antinav device that seizes control of an aircraft’s autopilot and sends it plummeting to the ground. Bolan lies in wait, luring the villain into an irresistible drug deal, and a final confrontation.

Blood Feud

There’s only one way to end a feud…

Leave no one alive.

They attacked his older sister. They butchered his pa and uncle. But the bloodthirsty Harkey clan didn’t bargain on sixteen-year-old Chace Shannon. He killed his first man before he could shave. Now, Chace must ride the vengeance trail alone and take the fight to the Harkeys…

Renegade Force

Deliverance, a right wing organization made up of former law enforcement officials, is bringing back the code of vigilante justice executing criminals and noncriminals without due process. As their campaign of misguided violence escalates, Bolan is called in to quell the fires that have erupted in urban battle zones across America and to bring the leaders in to face their own trial without jury.


A doomsday cult known as the Millennial Truth preys on the fears of millions as the year 2000 approaches. But this cult goes far beyond speeches and letters. It is comprised of brilliant hackers, trained commandos and a charismatic leader clearly a recipe for disaster. Mack Bolan goes undercover in the cult, looking to stem the tide of Millennial fever.

Cloud of Death

After Bolan’s initiation into the Millennial Truth doomsday cult is complete, cult leaders become suspicious of his ability to emerge unscathed, as cult commandos are snuffed out with uncanny frequency. Bolan survives a trial by ordeal just in time to learn of an impending nightmare a nerve gas attack on the population of Las Vegas.


When American Embassy staff members are killed in Algiers, Mack Bolan cuts to the heart of the matter and finds himself in a deadly world of terrorism and warring factions, a world that is slowly approaching a boiling point.

A Dying Evil

The deadly hunt began in the United States, as an escalating series of terrorist incidents were linked to neo Na*zi fanatics calling themselves Temple of the Nordic Covenant. It was more dangerous than other Na*zi cliques because of its size and scope, and it’s leader’s apocalyptic tentacles of a war to end all wars reached accross the Atlantic to Europe.

Each time, Mack Bolan had been there to thwart the temple’s grisly agenda for global dominance and to minimalize the spill of innocent blood. But now the temple is going nuclear. Bolan races to preempt a bloodbath in racially chaged South America and lock his sights on Gerhard Steuben’s final target for the stolen tactical nuke. Endgame comes to the frozen frontier of the South Pole, where a storm of ice and fire will decide whose vision Bolan’s or a madman’s will prevail.

Deep Treachery

Dedicated to fighting terror wherever it’s found, the warriors of Stony Man do not consider failure to be an option. But the men and women of this top secret unit remain ever vigilant in the knowledge that some day a threat so enormous may arise that nothing can stop it…
not even the hardest commandos on the planet. That day may be now…

It is brilliant technology from the space race days, shelved long ago in favor of more sophisticated weaponry. No nukes, no warheads, just simple rods of stainless steel corralled in space and sent jetting into Earth’s atmosphere at Mach 2 to hit selected targets with white hot balls of molten metal. Cheap to make, impossible to stop and easy to deploy, it has fallen into hostile hands. Across the globe, a demonstration of the accuracy of Sky Hammer leaves little doubt that this could be the end game for Stony Man…
and the world.

War Load

Fast, accurate and with unimaginable destructive power, the PPS 1 is about to unleash a new era in missile warfare. But incredibly, the weapon has been hijacked by an enemy who plans to turn its sophisticated delivery system on the very nation that created it the United States.

The President assigns Stony Man and Mack Bolan the task of halting the impending nightmare. But from the start the enemy seems to be one step ahead of the American warriors. Unknown to them, there’s a traitor deep inside the U.S. government. With attack squads at every turn, Bolan inserts himself into China, where a Red Army general begins the countdown…
to annihilate America

Sworn Enemies

Dedicated to fighting terror wherever it’s found, the warriors of Stony Man do not consider failure to be an option. But the men and women of this top secret unit remain ever vigilant in the knowledge that some day a threat so enormous may arise that nothing can stop it…
not even the hardest commandos on the planet. That day may be now…

It is brilliant technology from the space race days, shelved long ago in favor of more sophisticated weaponry. No nukes, no warheads, just simple rods of stainless steel corralled in space and sent jetting into Earth’s atmosphere at Mach 2 to hit selected targets with white hot balls of molten metal. Cheap to make, impossible to stop and easy to deploy, it has fallen into hostile hands. Across the globe, a demonstration of the accuracy of Sky Hammer leaves little doubt that this could be the end game for Stony Man…
and the world.

Dark Truth

A massacre at a remote diner in the Nevada desert puts Mack Bolan in the middle of a black ops mission gone wrong. The battleground is all too familiar: Uncle Sam’s dirtiest and ugliest are guarding secrets so dark that termination of innocents in the name of security is standard operating procedure. Bolan goes to war with faceless enemies cloaking their evil in the American flag. He’s up against a rogue operative and his assassins, and a sanitizing force of Area 51 blacklists. In a secret world where power too often ends up in the wrong hands, Bolan is applying maximum heat to flush out the shadow men who kill and conspire in the name of God and country.

Blood and Sand

The pursuit of justice against global terrorism is a double edged sword as vengeance seekers like French billionaire Dante Marquis turn personal retribution into a machine of blood and madness. With a mercenary army and a network of justice insiders on his payroll, he’s launched a worldwide dragnet for the infamous terrorist who murdered his family and thousands of innocents have died in his massive genocidal sweep. Mack Bolan meets the threat with lethal force, sanctioned by the president for a double barrel mission: take down Marquis and his bounty hunting operation and strike a death blow to Hahmad and his network of terrorist cells that stretch from Tunisia to San Francisco. Going undercover in the Frenchman’s private army, the Executioner renews his pursuit of evil…
one minute, one battle, one savage at a time.


The deadly hunt began in the United States, as an escalating series of terrorist incidents were linked to neo Na*zi fanatics calling themselves Temple of the Nordic Covenant. It was more dangerous than other Na*zi cliques because of its size and scope, and it’s leader’s apocalyptic tentacles of a war to end all wars reached accross the Atlantic to Europe.

Each time, Mack Bolan had been there to thwart the temple’s grisly agenda for global dominance and to minimalize the spill of innocent blood. But now the temple is going nuclear. Bolan races to preempt a bloodbath in racially chaged South America and lock his sights on Gerhard Steuben’s final target for the stolen tactical nuke. Endgame comes to the frozen frontier of the South Pole, where a storm of ice and fire will decide whose vision Bolan’s or a madman’s will prevail.


A desperate cry for help draws Mack Bolan into a world where educated, attractive foreign women are kidnapped and forced to work in America’s top companies as blackmailed industrial spies. The back trail leads to an Indian businessman with a link to the Red Chinese, whose operation hijacks high tech cargo for a covert weapons program. Compounding the threat, these rogue nationalists using slaves to steal technology shipments from the West are employing radical Islamic terrorists as deadly enforcers. With fellow Stony Man warrior Yakov Katzenlenbogen by his side, Bolan spreads a message in blood from Los Angeles to Calcutta and Sicily: doing business with the Chinese could be fatal.


A decades old KGB campaign involving sleeper assassins planted in each of the fifty American states has been activated by a dedicated Soviet hard liner whose vision demands a long overdue day of reckoning. The carnage mounts as waves of violence light the fuse to a third world war. But someone from the bad old days has a list of names and codes; Burke Barnum is a traitor to his American government, but he’s Mack Bolan’s last hope for nailing Jasha Seriozha and his Soviet moles. With his prisoner in tow and a beautiful Russian agent riding shotgun, Bolan races to defuse these human time bombs before everyone’s luck runs out.

Strike and Retrieve

Unabridged. For the seasoned warriors of America’s most elite and covert defense unit, each mission could be their last. Now, a grim presidential directive comes down hard, green lighting a desperate search and destroy operation where minutes count. An unknown entity is in possession of one of the deadliest weapons known to man, sounding a death knell for nations across the globe. It kills instantly. No heat, no noise, no radiation. Just silent, invisible slaughter from ultrafast, subatomic particles. The death toll mounts in a random, controlled carnage that is sending a clear message of absolute power while leaving false trails and conflicting clues. No nation can defend itself against the unilateral destructive power of a particle beam weapon. Stony Man’s only option is to destroy it. But first, they must find it…

Age of War

Extremists challenge America’s power with dirty nukes…
Maximum Effective Considered one of the most dangerous anti West terrorist groups, the Al Jabbar ply their lethal trade quietly and efficiently. But now, state of the art intelligence and the interdiction of Mack Bolan have foiled them twice in deadly plots against America. But the hunt has just begun. On a bloody chase spanning the Middle East, the Aegean and East Africa, they remain one step ahead of Bolan, leading the warrior on a race to circumvent their most monumental act of savagery. They’ve got a dirty nuke and the means to get it to American soil…
straight to the nation’s capital.


Mack Bolan has a score to settle, a mission written in the blood of friend and fellow warrior Yakov Katzenelenbogen. But there’s more at stake than just revenge. A consortium of powerful men is unleashing a global wave of terror and pushing nations to the brink of war. Katz made the ultimate sacrifice trying to stop them and Bolan can do no less than finish the battle. With backup from Stony Man’s top operatives, and a dedicated Mossad agent by his side, Bolan is pulling out all the stops on a killing field that spans the Beqaa Valley, China and Indonesia. In this deadly arena, there’s no time for hesitation, no place for mercy. The Executioner demands a final reckoning, the only kind that predators understand. A soldier’s code of honor and a promise to a friend will permit nothing less.

Pressure Point

Jihad strikes the heart of Indonesia in a Vicious terrorist onslaught to seize control of the entire region. The collusion of local extremist factions and the most powerful global terrorist network has produced a formidable enemy with the means and the will to unleash genocide. As part of covert U.S. intervention in the crisis, Mack Bolan and key Stony Man operatives are tasked with finding the terrorists’ stronghold and weapons of mass destruction. But time is running out and the enemy’s strategy and skill are putting the odds at zero for a successful mission. Nations are under siege in a world gone insanely wrong, and Bolan is at the epicenter of the madness. But he’s been there before. And there’s a way out…

Silent Running

Damage Control Coordinated strikes have begun against the governments of major Latin American countries. Simultaneously, Mexico City as well as key cities along the U.S. border from Miami to Los Angeles are being overrun in a massive incursion. To ensure the success of his revolution to seize control of Latin America, mastermind Diego Garcia has captured thousands of civilians to use as human shields at his Mexican stronghold. Against the background of pending national turmoil, Mack Bolan’s job appears simple: rescue key Western lawmakers being held hostage and remove innocents from the line of fire. But as blood and violence reshape the geopolitical landscape, the mission soon becomes a determined fight for America’s freedom.

Stolen Arrows

Critical Strike The President has personally pulled Mack Bolan in on this one a national security crisis involving the most advanced piece of technology ever conceived. Zero Platform is about to become the first orbiting weapons system operated by human/machine interface. Zero’s command center has been razed to the ground, but the person willing to become the first human prototype of biocybernetic engineering survived the attack. Now Doug Buchanan is running for his life, a wanted man on three fronts: by America’s enemies determined to destroy Zero’s capabilities; by traitors inside Washington plotting a hostile takeover of the U.S. government; and by the only individual who can save Buchanan and America from the unthinkable.

Zero Option

Critical Strike The President has personally pulled Mack Bolan in on this one a national security crisis involving the most advanced piece of technology ever conceived. Zero Platform is about to become the first orbiting weapons system operated by human/machine interface. Zero’s command center has been razed to the ground, but the person willing to become the first human prototype of biocybernetic engineering survived the attack. Now Doug Buchanan is running for his life, a wanted man on three fronts: by America’s enemies determined to destroy Zero’s capabilities; by traitors inside Washington plotting a hostile takeover of the U.S. government; and by the only individual who can save Buchanan and America from the unthinkable.

Predator Paradise

The action smacks of black ops, but Mack Bolan is to deal himself into the game at Stony Man’s bidding, riding shotgun with Cobra Force Twelve on a mission to round up the worst of the worst, from Africa through the Middle East. It is a quick and dirty sweep of the most wanted of global terror. But Bolan’s gut tells him something is wrong from the start, and that Colonel Ben Collins and his force of hardcases are into more than American justice something that smells like blood and betrayal. Playing it out long enough to separate the truth from the lies, the Stony warrior wades through the slaughter zones, hunting the enemy and watching his back. If some or all of Cobra Force turn out to be vicious, merciless predators hiding behind the Stars and Stripes, they’ll learn the sword of justice cuts both ways.

Circle of Deception

Drugs. Money. Blood. Intelligence reports reach Mack Bolan of an alliance between a Russian mafiya chieftain and a Jamaican trafficker seeking to expand his drug empire into the streets of America. The partnership is getting some inside help from corrupted operatives inside the DEA good guys gone rogue for profit. With a deadly turf war looming, the Colombian cartels retaliate against this challenge to their supremacy of the narco trafficking monopoly, forcing Bolan to go undercover as a justice official on a covert mission to shut down the pipeline. Beaten, betrayed, but still alive, he holds hard and fast to the convictions of a soldier in a war against a ruthless enemy: never surrender, never stop resisting and always keep one finger on the trigger.

Devil’s Bargain

Dancing with the devil Alpha Deep Six. Wet work specialists so covert, they were thought dead. Now this paramilitary group of black ops assassins and saboteurs has been resurrected in a conspiracy engineered somewhere in the darkest corners of military intelligence. Their mission: unleash Armageddon. They’ve got America’s most determined enemies ready to jump start the nightmare, and the countdown has begun. Blood and terror are pouring through America’s streets. A presidential directive has cut through red tape, dropped Mack Bolan square in charge. His orders are clear: abort the enemy’s twisted dreams. If Bolan survives, then it gets really personal. Because Alpha Deep Six has a hostage. A Stony Man operative…

False Front

Calculated Risk Intelligence circles are buzzing with increased chatter about an imminent terrorist strike against the United States. Now, new intel points to a Philippine based organization that has just kidnapped a dozen American missionaries. Hal Brognola calls in Mack Bolan with a threefold mission: capture the terrorist leader and extract more information by any means, free the missionaries, and stop whatever hell is about to be unleashed on innocent Americans. Bolan’s got solid support, but the enemy remains elusive, as does the bigger picture…
until the Executioner’s relentless assault exposes a grand conspiracy as grim as it is all too likely: a mastermind pulling the strings of global terror for profit…

Lethal Tribute

Unabridged. Wiped out a century ago in India, the ancient Cult of Kali has been reborn. Organized, well funded and with clandestine contacts in high places, these Hindu death worshipers have an agenda of serious destruction, backed by three stolen nuclear warheads from Pakistan. Mack Bolan heads a covert U.S. probe to the subcontinent and uncovers a situation that borders on the supernatural: an army of invisible soldiers who kill swiftly and silently, at once unstoppable and unseen. But Bolan deals with facts, not fiction and the high tech secrets behind the mysterious cult of killers lead to a hard core shakedown in the heart of Calcutta, where true evil awaits…

Season of Slaughter

Unabridged. A new American nightmare has been unleashed: nearly a thousand injured and more than 500 dead at Washington’s biggest airport in a show of terror that was just a sneak preview of the main event. Mack Bolan leads a strike force that includes the warriors of Stony Man in a race to root out a virulent enemy: a blood soaked American militia group holding hands with jihad terrorists. And they share a common bond of destruction: the U.S. government. The enemy’s got a field force to rival Stony Man black ops assassins, killers without peer. The technology they’ve managed to steal is top secret, and gives them a clear shot at any worst case scenario they choose. United, the Hand of Christ and the Fist of God are ready to accomplish what neither group can do alone: rewrite history.

Ballistic Force

Unabridged. A raid on Korean gang activity in California takes a dangerous turn into a world crisis when Mack Bolan uncovers intelligence involving North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. High level defectors from the Project Kanggye Nuclear Team scientists with first hand knowledge of North Korean missile strike capabilities are being systematically abducted back to their homeland. Unable to stop the kidnappers before they complete their mission, Bolan and elite Stony Man team members track the enemy to the Changchon Mountains, where North Korea’s despotic leader is about to achieve pre emptive strike capability with enough hidden nuclear warheads to sprout mushroom clouds all across America.


Unabridged. Mack Bolan hits the streets of Tehran, looking for a Renegade former Soviet weapons expert who sold out to the terror business a man who knows the hiding places of the toppled Iraqi dictator’s arsenal of biological and chemical agents. But the stakes get higher when Bolan makes the grim connection between the deadly weapons and individuals double dealing in death. Those paid to hide the cache are now reselling everything from bubonic plague to sarin gas to any terrorists with enough cash. In a world held hostage by the madness of a few, Bolan stands determined to fight as long as he’s alive to keep the balance of power in the hands of the good…
and hope it’s enough to make a difference.

Survival Reflex

Unabridged. Green hell. A desperate call for help on behalf of an old friend puts Mack Bolan in an awkward position. Dr. Nathan Weiss is plying his lifesaving skills among the Brazilian tribes embroiled in civil war in the heart of the blood drenched Amazon. Bolan is not sure Weiss wants help, yet the Executioner’s combat senses tell him Weiss is part of something bigger, and he finds it on a collision course with government death squads holding hands with CIA black ops, who view Weiss as a liability to the U. S.

The odds against the mission’s success greatly increase and Bolan becomes a moving target when he’s temporarily blinded in a firefight. But the Stony warrior goes into every battle knowing trouble even death will eventually find him. He’s prepared for both.

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Ripple Effect

When the military career of a top notch Green Beret is terminated by a raw deal, the soldier turns mercenary to spill blood for profit. Now he’s cast his lot with terrorists and organized crime, knowing there’s big money working for those fueled by hatred and fanaticism. And if it brings him some payback against the government that betrayed him all the sweeter. Mack Bolan not only understands the mind set of a well trained soldier, he can play it to his advantage. But he’s got less than 24 hours to rattle Vancouver’s Triads in hopes of shaking loose their prized American gun for hire because the mercenary has a suitcase full of death, and the incentive to make sure it reaches its final destination across the U.S. border.

The Killing Rule

Demolition Charge The disappearance of two CIA agents in London plus intelligence chatter involving the IRA and access to weapons of mass destruction launch Bolan’s hard probe in the British Isles. Suspecting the IRA link is the lesser part of something more far reaching and sinister, Bolan recruits a renegade force to close in on a traitor high in the ranks of the British government exposing a conspiracy involving stolen Russian nuclear submarine warheads and a death deal brokered with Iran. All that stands between a desert continent and a crippling blow to humanity is Bolan’s sheer determination to take whatever action necessary to thwart a victory for terror.

Devil’s Playground

Warrior StateWhen Emilio Brujillo, governor of Mexico’s Guerro state, finds himself under siege by the Juarez cartel, he turns to the U.S. for help against one of the most brutal narcotraficante organizations. Working undercover to stem the escalating violence, Mack Bolan is surrounded by corrupt military officials, Russian organized crime and a renegade cult that engages in ritual sacrifice. But the deadliest threat that Bolan faces is the seductive governor’s wife, who is also the secret leader of a Santeria cult. Anibella Brujillo is leaking information on Bolan’s activities to the enemy while playing her husband, her government and its people with skill and cunning. Mack Bolan is willing to swallow the lady’s bait, see where it leads…
especially if its straight to the darkest hellholes of human depravity.

The Judas Project

The cold war just the cold war just got got hot again

The old Soviet Bloc espionage games have resumed on a covert and catastrophic new playing field: the U.S. financial markets. The enemy isn’t the Russian government, but long dormant sleeper cells in America’s cities, planted by the KGB decades ago. Now a former Kremlin official has found the top secret files and stolen the blueprint, ready to pocket and manipulate America’s resources. He has hijacked operation Black Judas, enlisted the KGB’s most lethal assassin to terminate operatives, and has begun reshaping a brilliant plot to steal billions of American dollars. But he didn’t plan on a beautiful Russian cop on a vengeance hunt, or an American warrior named Mack Bolan in deadly pursuit, gunning for blood and justice.

Plains of Fire

The Republic of Sudan plunges into deeper chaos as weaponized Ebola is unleashed by extremists seeking total destabilization. As a brutal African warlord masterminds the murderous plague ravaging Sudan, his Russian black market conspirators and rogue allies in high places bankroll the ethnically charged slaughter, spreading panic and anarchy. Silent screams for retribution echo from the dead and dying, and Mack Bolan enters the fray, determined to give the terrormongers something to fear. The Executioner’s message is loud and clear: justice is his only mandate. He won’t stand down until Africa’s tyrants pay the ultimate price for their bloodlust.

Appointment in Baghdad

BLOOD CIPHER A raid on a Toronto mosque reveals a hard link to a mysterious figure known only as Scimitar. He’s a legend believed to be at the center of an international network of violent jihadist and criminal enterprises stretching across the Middle East and southwest Asia created after the collapse of a brutal dictatorial regime in Iraq.

From the opium dens of Hong Kong to the dark corners of eastern Europe, and war torn Baghdad itself, Mack Bolan and two of Stony Man’s finest are targeting an organized empire that runs everything from hero*in traffic to global jihad. Yet Scimitar remains a mystery within an enigma; a brilliant, faceless opponent whose true identity will force Bolan into a personal confrontation for justice and righteous retribution.

Havana Five

Cuba remains volatile, a powder keg that’s got the full attention of the White House. Mack Bolan’s soft probe into a missing Pentagon official tracking Colombian ELN terrorist camps inside Cuba goes hard when his cover is blown. The connection between a notorious Cuban underworld cartel, Havana Five, and a growing army of leftist insurgents puts Stony Man and Washington on high alert. And with U.S. and global interests in jeopardy and a bloodbath just a hair trigger away, the situation is turning critical. Bolan, flanked by two of Stony Man’s crack operatives, turns up the heat with a battle plan that hasn’t failed yet infiltrate, identify and destroy.

Colony of Evil

Claiming one hundred square miles of mountainous terrain inside Colombia ideal for the coca crop that supplies its revenue Colonia Victoria is a sanctuary for humanity’s most dedicated fanatics. Organized by one of Hitler s minions still deeply devoted to the eradication of those considered threats to the master race, this Na*zi Neverland is now a deadly global threat. And it s spearheading a new wave of terror with a little help from drug money, corrupt offi cials and a partnership with Islamic fanatics.

Mack Bolan s hunting party includes a Mossad agent and a local guide, as tracking Hans Gunter Dietrich becomes a violent trek deep into the jungle, where Bolan intends to dissolve an unholy alliance in blood.

Hard Passage

Acting as unofficial backup to a CIA mission threatening to go hard, Mack Bolan is ready for action on the frigid streets of St. Petersburg, Russia. Soon a mix of blood and intelligence creates a picture of a deal brokered between militant Russian youth gangs and Jihadists aimed at the United States. With too many pieces missing from the puzzle, Bolan plays the game he’s played and won countless times before: shake up the enemy’s infrastructure, derail its timetable and declare total war. But the fuse is lit all the way to the streets of Portland, where America’s most violent gangs are being armed and primed to unleash the enemy’s ultimate, shocking agenda .


The city of Split, Croatia, is a multinational den of thieves, where conspiracy, corruption and criminal cells rival for profit and power. Divergent trails of bootlegged intelligence and black market rumors put Mack Bolan on its violent streets, looking for a prize in stolen tech masterminded by a Russian mob oligarch and his Triad assassins. Forging a trail of blood and bodies, the Executioner unleashes his own brand of hellfire to stop global traffickers from doing what they do best selling death. Fully aware of the mounting odds on all fronts, Bolan is betting this mission on surviving. Again.

Cold War Reprise

Early in his blitz days, Mack Bolan single handedly shook the KGB to its core. Now intelligence puts him in a face off with Spetsnaz soldiers revitalized as the new enforcement arm of old guard Russia. At its helm, a secret consortium is determined to restore the terror tactics of the former Soviet Union, but bigger and bloodier than ever. Bolan’s hunt begins in London, where he avenges the deaths of two Russian friends, but leads him deep into Moscow, where trained killers backed by money and power plan an explosive death knell to Russian freedom…
and millions of innocents. It’s a repackaged enemy backed by old school terror, a breed Bolan intends to take down once again with lethal force.

Mission: Apocalypse

Deep inside Mexican cartel country, a dirty bomb is making its way north across the U.S. border. The location and eventual destination remain uncertain, but Mack Bolan is closing in on the radioactive caravan with luck and some dubious associates as his only allies. Bolan’s orders are to find and take out the immediate threat, but he soon discovers that his mission doesn’t end there it’s just the beginning of a bigger, grimmer picture that involves an international New Age cult. Across the globe, a self styled guru has enlisted a massive army of disaffected Soviet and South American veterans as his shock troops in a new and apocalyptic war against the world.

Altered State

Kabul, Afghanistan, remains a front line within a bureaucratic civil war, where spooks, soldiers, fanatics and narcotics collide in profit and death. Added to the mix are rumors of a hero*in operation now run by America’s largest and most respected private security firm. With no legal remedy on hand, Mack Bolan is dispatched on a scorched earth mission that threatens to expose more than just hand holding deep inside the Beltway. With his identity compromised from the start, the Executioner hooks up with a seasoned DEA agent and local informant, blowing out the infrastructure of a massive narco traffic operation brick by brick, and exposing the long arm of a traitor.

Diplomacy Directive

Blood and death mark a political rally in Puerto Rico on the eve of an election, putting U.S. interests in jeopardy. Mack Bolan’s mission: identify the unknown aggressors suspected of being a violent guerrilla unit demanding independence. But links to the presence of a Middle East terrorist cell compel Bolan to consider the worst case scenario: enemies of the West want a free and independent Puerto Rico as a strategic stronghold for strikes against the United States. The brutal business of justice leads Bolan and a select team to a secret terrorist base on American soil, deep in the Georgia swamplands. Bolan’s singular objective: the eradication of those committing acts of barbarism against the free world.

Conflict Zone

Nigeria is rich in oil, drugs and blood rivals on both the domestic and international fronts. Mack Bolan’s ticket into the chaos is a rescue operation involving the kidnapped daughter of an American petroleum executive. Her safe but violent return brings the warrior to phase two of his scorched earth campaign against the escalating guerrilla violence in this country’s delta state. Knowing that confused enemies mount ineffective defenses, Bolan launches multiple precision strikes, luring into the open hostile tribal factions vying for control of the oil fields. At the same time, Chinese and Russian agents are cutting themselves in on the region’s untapped fortune in oil. It’s the kind of blood and thunder mission that Bolan fights best, the kind of war that keeps him in his element long enough to defeat the enemy and with luck get out alive.

Blood Play

When Intelligence sources link two suspicious deaths in New Mexico with a move by the Russian mafiya to infiltrate the Native American casinos, the national security risk runs dangerously deep. Control of this resort area guarantees possession of the tribal reservations’ nuclear waste plant. Now the mob’s primary objective is under way: processing plutonium for nuclear warheads in America’s own backyard. Mack Bolan is on the move with members of the Stony Man commando teams, locked in the crosshairs of the Russian gangsters and racing against time and the odds. This treacherous field operation involves kidnapping, murder, classified secrets and a killing spree that won’t end until Bolan claims victory or forfeits his final fight to death.

Desert Fallout

The discovery of deadly biological poisons and mass slaughter at an archaeological dig in Egypt puts a previously hidden enemy in Bolan’s crosshairs. It begins hot, fast and bloody as Bolan unearths a mysterious pretender to the Egyptian throne who is harnessing the bloodlust of terrorist groups to launch a Middle East endgame. Playing all factions Muslim, Jewish and Christian against the others, the self proclaimed Eternal Pharaoh has the ambition and the army to unleash a storm of violence in the region that promises all out war. This dark enemy and his predecessors have sown the seeds of their magnificent coup for generations, but never anticipated an enemy so righteous in his fury a relentless, implacable hunter called the Executioner.

Extraordinary Rendition

On the streets of a democratic Russia, espionage, civil war and Mafiya control dominate a new kind of battlefield. Bolan’s mission: locate, extract and deliver a ruthless Russian arms dealer to a transport team ready to take him back to the United States to stand trial. But the Russian made friends in high places CIA, FBI, KGB during his career as both a player and a pawn. With compromising leaks high up in counterintelligence circles, and a hard force of specialized handlers keeping him alive and doing deals with rogue nations, the arms merchant is a hard man to get to, much less take alive. Bolan doesn’t get hung up on odds, risk or the roll of the dice. He’s focused on a mission gone sour in hostile territory and his personal commitment to finishing by any means necessary.


With bloodied hands in everything from child po*rn to identity theft and spam scams, an elusive Russian cybercrime organization is poised for the big score. They’ve hacked into Wall Street’s financial systems with a big prize at stake. Called upon for a blitz, Mack Bolan takes the network’s top hacker into custody. Using the tech wizard to help him infiltrate the group’s Manhattan ranks, Bolan poses as a gun for hire. Battered by intelligence leaks and enemy fire from New York to Boston, Bolan stays in grim pursuit. The complete destruction of the organization’s infrastructure is priority one. If he stays lucky and alive Bolan will turn his sights on the scheme’s mastermind. Nothing less than all out war at the kingpin’s Hamptons fortress and his Russian stronghold will deliver the justice Bolan demands for the victims of this ruthless enterprise.


A raid on a sex slave depot on the U.S. eastern seaboard is the launching pad of an international firestorm for Mack Bolan. His target-the Albanian mafia-is rapidly expanding its American network with help from the resurrected Kosovar terrorist group, the KLA. After mopping up the mob’s stateside end of the pipeline, Bolan and a beautiful Russian agent track the long reach of drugs, human trafficking and black-market arms sales across the Atlantic to the port city of Marseille, France. Bolan blazes a trail of incendiary retribution through corrupt officials, Corsican drug lords and terrorist infrastructure. At the top of his death game, he plays to his enemy’s weaknesses, inciting betrayal and panic. But the main event lies across the Adriatic, where the godfather of the Albanian mob is about to get a visit from the Executioner-and a one-way ticket to his own personal hell.

Kill Shot

The terror begins with ruthless precision when the clock strikes noon. Gunfire rings out in major cities along the East Coast. Innocent Americans fall, each from a direct Kill Shot. After witnessing a hit in Baltimore, Mack Bolan dives into battle against an unknown but powerful enemy. Across the country, the coordinated strikes continue, but law enforcement is unable to stop the deadly sniper attacks. Bolan goes hard, shouldering the burden of dismantling a plot to turn the United States into a police state. At the heart of the conspiracy, sworn enemies have joined for a unified goal: the nuclear devastation of the Middle East. As blood spills and the country heads toward martial law, Bolan sights his crosshairs on ruthless radicals and their nightmare agenda.

Grave Mercy

The horror of the Ton Ton Macoute has returned. At its helm, a mastermind of religious fanaticism and military strategy. This Haitian madman commands an army of machete wielding hordes, stripped of their humanity by powerful toxins. He backs his alchemy with automatic weapons and Jamaican gangsters. And he’s plotting a swift, brutal invasion of a troubled island. Once the dead past is brought back to life, he will resume his place as the power behind the throne. Mack Bolan witnessed this madman’s horror show up close. The crazed leader’s death warrant was signed when the first victim fell. Now the zealot is about to experience the Executioner’s trademark version of hellfire righteous, hardcore and everlasting.

Shadow Strike

Eco Armageddon is the goal of a far reaching plan with the scope, vision and power to strike oil rigs around the globe. With unprecedented disaster looming, Mack Bolan begins the hunt to identify and stop the terror dealers behind the threat. A trail that starts in Brooklyn’s underworld leads to black market underwater mines, the looting and sinking of a British destroyer carrying gold, and the purchase of Hercules transports in Miami. The long arm of the terrorist operation, brilliantly organized by a vengeance hungry madman, is soon to be hijacked by the Russian mob. Adding rocket torpedoes to the punishing arsenal, the enemy is all but invincible, possessing the technology, the soldiers and the greed to kill millions and doom the world.

Decision Point

The Pacific Rim’s most vicious human predators, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, are on the move again. But old school terror tactics have given way to a more clandestine approach to hijacking global power. The Tigers have grassroots fundraising inside the United States and the death of a uniquely positioned software engineer tips to something big in the works. A young woman from a powerful family is ransomed at the same time a powerful new technology is stolen. Following the trail of both, Mack Bolan finds that it leads to Singapore and the murky waters of the Bay of Bengal. The Tigers have acquired a top secret satellite and soon the terror will go online. Staying one step ahead of their stone cold pursuer and finding refuge in their fortified compound, the Tigers and their calculating leader give Bolan a fight for his life. He’s willing to pay that price, but he’ll take the terrorist leader and his pirates to hell with him for their crimes.

Sicilian Slaughter

Adventure series. Mark Bolan strikes at the Mafia’s Birthplace. 7th printing.

Colorado Kill-Zone

Mack Bolan attacks a special Mafia strike force!

Deep and Swift

Deep and Swift Mack Bolan, The Execuctioner 148

Firing Line

In the latest Executioner saga, the blood flows freely as all American terminator Mack Bolan faces off against another pack of vile criminals.

Steel And Flame

Outnumbered and outgunned as usual, Mack Bolan straps on his piece and takes on a pack of nasty evildoers.

Hard Contact

A cell of Middle Eastern extremists has a deadly score to settle with the U.S. and has deployed an execution squad on a fanatical crusade to America. In his war against terrorism, Mack Bolan deals himself into a game that takes him across the United States to halt a ruthless campaign of death. When terrorists import atrocities to America’s shores, they have to pay the duty collected in blood by the Executioner.

Hell Road

A renegade agent, with enough firepower to level most Mid East nations, and an army of mercs willing to use it launch the attack on the compound, setting Kamal at large. With the Israeli America agenda shot to pieces, Bolan vows to pursue Kamal and his shock troops to the farthest corner of hell to deliver Executioner justice.

Death Whisper

Mack Bolan sees Red Star, a supposed mining camp, for what it really is a firebase and a launch point for illegal arms and drugs into the U.S. The enemy is former Spetsnaz commandos. Using the killer squads as muscle, a Russian sleeper network is plotting with a Mexican crime lord to tunnel death right into America’s backyard.

Steel Claws

A grim conspiracy is emerging as Red China moves the People’s Revolution into the West via the Chinese mafia, the Triads. Mack Bolan has begun a massive counterstrike, with two members of Phoenix Force backing his play. His Triad killing sweep is taking him from America’s largets cities to Amsterdam, Paris and Milan. But the final front of the conflict is in Asia, where the conspiracy’s mastermind is mobilizing for total war.

Blood Harvest

A macabre wave of death puts Mack Bolan on the streets of New Orleans, where human organs are being sold to the highest bidders. The dark side of human depravity is familiar territory for Bolan, but now he’s up against something infinitely darker and a mastermind who leaves a blood trail from the heart of the Big Easy to the bayous.

End Game

Mack Bolan is tracking a stolen nuclear weapon along a violent global trail that begins in Scotland, then takes him high into the mountains of Afghanistan, and finally to a Carribbean island stronghold.

Devil’s Guard

An ex KGB general is preparing to launch the New Revolution for com munism in America’s backyard Cuba. With a cadre of displaced compatriots, aided by the Cuban military and armed with stolen Russian weaponry, he’s us ing drug money to finance an army of mercenaries and that’s where Mack Bol an picks up the trail.

Doomsday Conspiracy

A major international conspiracy among U.S. military traitors, former KGB agents and international organized crime has begun a campaign of selective human annihilation. The most advanced weapons of mass destruction are poised to unleash the Coalition’s vision of a New Earth. Every contingency has been planned and provided for except one. The Executioner’s hellfire blitz sweeping from the U.S. through Europe and the Middle East has left the enemy scrambling for damage control and winding up the doomsday clock.

Death Merchants

A drug czar gets a taste of Bolan’s medicine. Dirty Dealing Drug kingpin Emilio Vega has found a new product line: an experimental narcotic he’s mass producing. Learning of the plans to flood America’s streets with this highly addictive drug, the President has issued the order: take out Vega now. Mack Bolan’s search and destroy mission runs into snags when Vega decides to protect his turf, ready to fight back. With a DEA task force, local law enforcement and a handful of double dealers all staking out a piece of the action, the operation is turning the streets of Atlanta into a war zone. Staying the course, the Executioner keeps his sights trained on the man selling poison ready to bury Vega and his operation with a simple pull of the trigger.

Scorpion Rising

A misguided patriot unleashes a death squad…
Maximum Gain Mack Bolan has been sanctioned to neutralize threats the law can’t touch. His next assignment: there’s a death squad operating from America’s shores, a brainchild of a government insider who is no longer content serving his country. Tim Considine appointed himself judge and jury but now he’s paying the ultimate price. His handpicked execution team has gone rogue. The Scorpions are offering their elimination services for a price and there’s no shortage of takers for the elite team of intelligent, military trained assassins who have a lust for killing and money. The line between right and wrong is a thin one. When it is crossed the Executioner will be waiting.

Hostile Alliance

Bolan stalks the underbelly of Central America. HIGH GROUND Francisco Gothe is the godfather of southern Costa Rica, a human monster whose real estate and resort holdings front the world’s biggest illegal antiquities smuggling business. He’s built an empire desecrating sacred burial grounds with slave labor, leaving a trail of blood and murder in his wake. Ruthless and cold blooded, he’s got the right people in law and government on his payroll and considers himself untouchable. Mack Bolan considers Gothe a dead man. But first, he’s going undercover as one of Gothe’s enforcers, to run interference on the kingpin’s biggest deal joining forces with one of Central America’s most powerful drug smugglers. In a land where cocaine is king, and corruption and murder are the cost of doing business, the Executioner knows bankruptcy is best declared with a well aimed bullet.

Deadly Pursuit

Bolan goes full assault on a trail of hijacked nukes…
TARGET OF OPPORTUNITY Smashing through a web of deception reaching from the South China Sea to Vancouver and beyond, Mack Bolan ignites the battle zone against a Chinese Triad suspected of brokering stolen Russian nukes to buyers in Mideast terrorist circles. Barely surviving the blistering counterattack by the Triads or the wellorganized suck play orchestrated by a CIA double agent, Bolan strikes back hard against the Russian Mafiya who are peddling weapons of mass destruction, while raising the stakes for shadow players behind a global conspiracy. In a world where friend and foe cross the line at will, the Executioner trusts only his warrior’s instinct…

Final Play

END GAME Allying himself with the beautiful leader of a Chinese Triad caught between rogue CIA agents and a violent underworld, Mack Bolan goes looking for the major players behind a international incident of hijacked nukes. A global hunt has put him in the crosshairs of criminal elements at every port, and as the Executioner gets closer to the truth, the seconds tick away to disaster. With a nuke set to launch on a city full of innocent people, he closes in on a conspiracy spawned by a powerful consortium playing hardball with trade relations ready to ignite what could be the start of World War III.

Dangerous Encounter

Dead End A shoot out at London’s Heathrow Airport finds Mack Bolan on a trail of blood that leads him to the heart of Soho and a turf war brewing among the city’s most dangerous elements. With the Triads, Mafia, local mobs and vice racketeers all ruthlessly determined to control everything from drugs and guns to human flesh, the streets are becoming a minefield of violence, greed and depravity. Bolan usually works best solo but this time he needs to the help of a couple of locals, armed and ready to help him crack open a white slavery and drug smuggling operation. Going up against London’s toughest criminals, Bolan blitzes on, determined to exact justice from those who profit in human misery: death by the hand of the Executioner.

Blast Radius

A hard probe into stolen nukes puts Mack Bolan on a firefight through Scandinavia, racing to piece together a scenario involving China, thirty tactical nukes and an unknown target. With Phoenix Force’s Gary Manning as point man, they’re losing a battle against an enemy that is heavily armed, highly organized and deadly. While the endgame remains uncertain, Russian and Finnish gangsters, Chinese special purpose troops and the mysterious power brokers backing the operation are hours away from unleashing hell on earth. The Executioner’s arctic battleground is a frozen hell, but the odds are mounting for a meltdown of apocalyptic proportions.

Shadow Search

Bolan stalks his prey deep in African bush country…
The bloody terrain of West Africa is the staging ground for a rescue mission with almost impossible odds. Mack Bolan’s directive comes straight from the Oval Office: find and recover two hostages, kidnapped to blackmail the embattled head of a civil war torn province. Into The Heart. Bolan is facing powerfully backed terrorists whose campaign of death strikes fear into the heart of a struggling nation. And his offensive loses ground when he clashes with ruthless slave traders, whose innate knowledge of the hostile African bush makes the enemy and the hostages more elusive. But the war continues deep into the shadow land where violence and death rule, and justice comes only at the uncompromising hand of the Executioner.

Sea of Terror

Piracy is a big and bloody business in the south Pacific as cutthroats with speedboats and machine guns hit anything that floats. A vacationing American couple with connections in high places is being held for ransom the latest in a long list of victims. ‘No compromise’ is the official U.S. policy. Unofficially there’s Mack Bolan. Facing tremendous odds and on unfamiliar turf, Bolan’s mission is to find the couple and extricate them from captivity if they are still alive. But first he has to reckon with the region’s most notorious and brutal pirate, Sun Meong Lee. If the hostages are dead, Bolan will deliver the kind of blood justice the international courts are unwilling to dispense. For those who profit from death and suffering, the Executioner promises nothing less.

Soviet Specter

Bolan stalks his prey deep in African bush country…
The bloody terrain of West Africa is the staging ground for a rescue mission with almost impossible odds. Mack Bolan’s directive comes straight from the Oval Office: find and recover two hostages, kidnapped to blackmail the embattled head of a civil war torn province. Into The Heart. Bolan is facing powerfully backed terrorists whose campaign of death strikes fear into the heart of a struggling nation. And his offensive loses ground when he clashes with ruthless slave traders, whose innate knowledge of the hostile African bush makes the enemy and the hostages more elusive. But the war continues deep into the shadow land where violence and death rule, and justice comes only at the uncompromising hand of the Executioner.

Point Position

Bankrolled by a drug czar turned arms dealer, Europe’s most dangerous right-wing splinter group grabs a cache of stolen chemical weapons. Doubling the score, the terrorists seize a prototype weapon, the brainchild of a U.S. black ops project so covert, not even the Oval Office is aware of its existence.

Mack Bolan’s offensive to neutralize the terrorists and recover the weapons is undermined by rogue mercenaries operating deep inside a shadow world, all determined to retrieve the prototype: a sonic weapon of stunning destructive capabilities.

The Executioner’s long arm of justice never wavers as he stalks the streets and catacombs of Marseilles, targeting the guilty with a hail of lead and fury.

Into the Fire

An isolated firefight off the Gulf of Mexico disturbs Johnny Bolan enough to put in a call to big brother Mack. They discover mercenary collusion with local rebels on a tiny Caribbean island…
and hints of Mob involvement in a run of the mill peasant rebellion. Superior Force A hard probe into a merc compound deep in the Louisiana bayou goes to hell after the first shot, leaving the Bolan brothers with little more than a new wild card in the deck: a lady Fed. The trio tracks the Mafia connection to its final resting place, courtesy of a few well aimed kill shots, but the big picture remains out of focus. As the cold trail stateside leads to international waters, a virulent enemy is baiting a new hook.

Flames of Fury

His brother Johnny’s urgent summons draws Mack Bolan into a campaign to take down Maxwell Reed, an exiled Caribbean dictator using an army of mercenaries to stage a coup. Reed is financed by a consortium of international crime lords intent on claiming a stake in the corrupt and violent future of Isla de Victoria.

Bolan has Reed in his sights when his quarry and those who pay his way move the fight from its stateside beginnings to Panama City and the Bahamas. Along the way, many fall to the guns of the Bolan brothers, a rogue lady Fed and Stony Man’s Jack Grimaldi.

But the foursome is shattered when one of their own is captured, and all that may be left to fight for is the bittersweet taste of revenge.

Killing Heat

Running on sheer nerve and raw fury, Johnny Bolan faces a difficult challenge: find his brother. It’s the grim endgame in a campaign to take down a rogue Caribbean dictator and his puppet masters: a cartel of global predators bankrolling a revolution for profit. On a relentless sweep to take out the major heavies, the Bolan brothers have exacted a steep price in enemy blood, but the tab is getting longer by the hour, with Johnny and a gutsy lady Fed prepared to collect in full on the small island nation where it all began. And if they’re too late to save the Executioner, vengeance will be scorched earth all the way.

Night of the Knives

Mack Bolan’s takedown of a brutal African warlord reveals a more sinister plot. Someone has locked sights on Bolan, gunning for the warrior in a determined bid to put him down fast. Shifting gears, Bolan hunts the hunters as the trail leads him to Argentina. A mysterious group with connections in high places is lining the pockets of criminals and drug smugglers from Africa to South America. As a wave of terror hits Buenos Aires, Bolan tracks the flow of blood to the heart of a conspiracy that will leave scores of innocents dead. At its center sits a handful of brilliant men with twisted visions and an insatiable lust for power. Their only language is violence and they are about to receive a personal message from someone who speaks it fluently. The Executioner.

Death Gamble

Misfortunes of War Nightwind, the military’s best kept secret, is the most lethal anti missile aircraft in America’s arsenal. Its solid state laser system and advanced optics make it virtually indestructible and infinitely lethal. But, willing to barter his secrets to enemies of the Western world, the scientist who created it has sold out. The blueprints for Nightwind are going on the auction block in exchange for cold, hard cash. Brokering the deal is an ex KGB killer with traitors on his payroll. Nikolai Kursk’s vision is limited only by his capacity for power. Not only has he put the scientist and the system plans on the market, he’s about to up the ante by stealing the plane itself. His buyers are dealing because they want to see America burn. And their blood money suits Kursk just fine. But that kind of currency carries a price soon to be collected in full by the Executioner.


Lethal Containment The high level demonstration of a military experiment has gone hideously wrong. A refined nerve agent designed to temporarily enhance strength and endurance on the battlefield has failed. Anyone who comes in direct contact with the highly contagious agent is transformed into a human monster: a living, breathing, killing machine. The research facility is in full Lockdown and Hal Brognola is trapped inside. Mack Bolan and Phoenix Force’s David McCarter must enter the hot zone where contaminated researches are slaughtering each other. The threat to the population at large is enormous. If the Stony Man warriors can’t gain control of the facility, Brognola and countless others will die. And while the battlefield is a new one, the Executioner’s mission remains the same: protect the innocent and punish the guilty.

Lethal Payload

Rogue’s Gallery A rescue mission in the South Pacific turns up a wild card that puts Mack Bolan on the trail of an elusive enemy mounting a horrific and ingenious attack against the U.S. one that involves traitors deep inside one of the world’s most elite and powerful groups of soldiers: the French foreign legion. Bolan’s hard probe takes him halfway across the globe to French Guiana, where a faceless enemy is a deadly pursuit. The stakes get higher when Bolan makes the connection between the country’s state of the art satellite launch facility and a terrorist plot poised to send shock waves around the world. With the situation spinning out of control, the Executioner plays long odds for his very survival. But this time he’s betting the farm.

Agent of Peril

Without warning, three U.S. made tanks swoop down on an Israeli settlement with cannons blazing. When the attack is over, hundreds are dead. Mack Bolan’s hard probe reveals that the tanks were missing from a U.S.-to-Egypt military aid package.

Bolan’s mission takes him to Cairo to find out who is selling American weapons to terrorists. But the enemy is organized and deadly, anticipating his arrival. He races across Egypt and Lebanon, facing highly trained commandos, Hezbollah hitmen, even a Syrian armored platoon.

It all leads to an ancient copper mine, a squadron of nerve-gas bearing drones, and a countdown to the start of a bloody war between Egypt and Israel if the Executioner is unable to stop the insane plot.

Poison Justice

Triangle of Terror A deadly alliance between the New York Mob, a Colombian cartel and Middle Eastern terrorists is the starting point of a plot that could end with the wholesale slaughter of innocent Americans. At stake is a radioactive toxin developed for the space program, but now for sale to fanatics in the market for a killer weapon. Corrupt Justice officials are neck deep in the conspiracy but where black ops activity begins and ends is anybody’s guess. Bad odds get worse when Mack Bolan, posing as a Justice agent, turns up at the scene of a shooting. The victim: Hal Brognola. On the run and hunted by both sides of the law, Bolan’s luck is running out. But the battle never ends until the Executioner wins…
or dies.

Hour of Judgment

Unabridged. Two American missionaries are captured and ransomed in the jungles of Borneo, and the White House orders a quick and dirty rescue under the radar of the press: no political backlash, no strained relations with foreign powers. Washington views it as damage control, but for Mack Bolan, it’s grim business as usual. Caught between a volatile terrorist group calling themselves the Sword of Freedom, and the brutality of the take no prisoners Indonesian military, Bolan faces tough odds. His biggest liability is a young Navy SEAL on a very personal mission: to find and rescue the two hostages…
his parents. It’s up to the Executioner to show him there are options in the law of the jungle: live or die.

Code of Resistance

Unabridged. Mack Bolan’s mission is the quick retrieval of Stony Man commando Calvin James, who is intervening on behalf of an old friend and a just cause in a tiny Pacific island nation. Unofficially, Bolan just became the cavalry. The island is rich in precious metals and gems, the target of a global consortium run by a madman who’s hired an army of mercenaries to protect the group’s interests, even if it means slaughtering every man, woman and child. The attack force consists of seasoned soldiers with state of the art hardware, and an order to level the island, if necessary. War has come to paradise. But so has the Executioner…

Exit Code

Unabridged. Enemies bent on nothing less than total terror have infiltrated the U.S. government’s most sophisticated defense technology. So far, Mack Bolan and the Stony Man cybernetics team have identified the terrorists, their elite hackers and their inside connection the D.C. mafia but haven’t cracked their doomsday code. Bolan goes undercover as a Mob hit man to wipe out the syndicate ties. It’s a different enemy and different rules, but the game is still the same: infiltrate and destroy. But getting rid of the hired help is only the first step in preventing a campaign that could lead to the collapse of America’s infrastructure. Inside the highest levels of government, there is a traitor. Unlocking the front door for the enemy has earned him a free pass to eternity from the Executioner.

Suicide Highway

Unabridged. Mack Bolan arrives in war torn Afghanistan in answer to the murders of UN relief workers and walks into the cross fire of an international crisis that includes Mossad, Hamas and American Special Forces. All are hunting a coalition of rogue Israeli agents calling themselves Abraham’s Dagger. This killing squad is on a rampage of wanton slaughter. Every day Bolan walks the fine line between being a soldier on a mission and a vigilante. He fights by a strict code: civilian losses are unacceptable and he strikes only when dead certain of the prey’s guilt. Abraham’s Dagger has violated the rules of war, confusing justice with revenge. The Executioner plans to show them the fine print…
in blood.

Rebel Force

ENEMY COMBATANT Mack Bolan is on the trail of encrypted documents thought to contain details of the financial networks of terrorist groups around the globe. Real time intelligence points to Grozny as the meeting place for a deadly deal, but Bolan arrives too late to stop the slaughter or retrieve the goods. With a missing U.S. undercover operative and a renegade intelligence broker on the loose in the badlands of Chechnya, Bolan plays hardball in a world of counterintelligence and backstabbing, where the only game is blood and betrayal. But whether it’s the concrete jungle or the ope road, the Executioner understands the rules of engagement better than anyone there are no rules.

Double Play

Bolan wages war against hired assassins.

Orange Alert

Irish terrorists bring their homegrown war to U.S. soil.

Vigilante Run

‘The hunt for a killer on a rampage of revenge in upstate New York leads Mack Bolan to a nest of criminals. A vigilante is targeting local meth lab gangs doing business with white supremacists. But innocents are dying in the wake of one man’s killing spree. That places him squarely in Bolan’s gun sights. Trailing his quarry through chaos and death, Bolan exposes a new and far grimmer scenario a conspiracy involving local powerbrokers. The goal is an act of home grown terror orchestrated by rogue sleeper cells of the Chinese government. There’s a fine line between rough justice and cold blooded murder something the Executioner understands all too well.’

Dragon’s Den

A bloodbath aboard a celebrity packed yacht leaves the daughter of a high ranking politician dead. Going undercover as a DEA official, Mack Bolan probes what appears to be a drug deal gone bad. But as kilos of high grade hero*in flood Los Angeles, Bolan’s investigation exposes something worse than business as usual for local gangs and dirty politicians. The trail leads to Jakarta and the Golden Dragon, a drug lord with his hands in the pockets of officials and an agenda that goes beyond white powder and cold hard cash. The Executioner hammers the opposition with a vengeance, savaging the Dragon’s stranglehold on the drug trade…
and engraging a powerful enemy whose mission stops nothing short of full blown terror.

Carnage Code

Rogue Threat When the CIA intercepts a coded message that reveals the delivery of nuclear materials to Sudan, the U.S. decides to investiage this North African hot spot. Mack Bolan’s hard probe exposes a renegade faction deep within the Sudanese government that’s planning to nuke its Ethopian neighbors into oblivion an event that could lead to global war.

Bolan is greeted in a hail of bullets as he enters Khartoum with a young journalist and an old spy as backup. Going on the offensive, he must smoke out an enemy operating undercover in the country’s law enforcement, intelligence and diplomatic agencies. With a lethal shipment of plutonium to track down, the Executioner wastes no time using the kind of hard core diplomacy that gets the job done.


BLOWBACKMack Bolan’s mission takes him to Bogota, Colombia, where an American corporation has been practicing bad business for nearly two decades. If it’s a weapons contract, classified materials or soldiers for hire, the company will deal all with the blessing of the CIA. But now, certain high ranking individuals are playing by their own rules, stepping outside of their operating field into a whole new ball game: selling America’s secrets to hostile nations. The members of a CIA investigating team are all dead, except one hostage. U.S. officials, from the Oval Office down, are anxious. The Executioner’s objective is to reel in an operation spinning out of control…
by any means necessary.

Volatile Agent

Terminal Velocity Mack Bolan undertakes a rapid deployment rescue operation in West Africa, where a C.I.A. asset possessing crucial U.S. intelligence is trapped and dying. For years, the agent has played the counterintelligence game for profit. Now, holed up in a grimy hotel in the middle of a bloodbath, her last hope is making his way to her across the civil war torn Ivory Coast. Bolan’s point of insertion is the center of hell, where monsoon rains and wholesale slaughter conspire to shorten his mission and his life. Warlords, mercenaries and local police collide in genocidal fury, leaving the Executioner little choice in his punishing assault. He cuts a swathe of fury and retribution to his target, prepared to die but never to quit.

Hell Night

BLOOD BROTHERS The deadliest, most organized threat ever to homeland security is situated in America’s own backyard. A violent, militant arm of a neo Na*zi group has forged an unholy alliance with Palestinian terrorists to bring about a mutual goal. They want to generate panic, chaos and bloodshed on America’s streets. With limited intelligence available and even less time, Mack Bolan works down a hit list of strikes planned by both groups at home and abroad. The attacks are intended to destabilize America’s military, legal and government institutions, and light the fuse for the final act of terror against the heart of U.S. political power. The Executioner’s urgent directive comes straight from the President: do anything to stop this and do it now.

Killing Trade

A shell shocked cityA new type of ammunition has Mack Bolan fighting a deadly war. But this time the battleground is New York City. Bolan has to uncover the source of the devastating new ammunition. The explosive, high penetration bullets not only slice through armored vehicles with ease, but are the hottest item on the small arms market. Not everyone wants these bullets destroyed. Having had a taste of their destructive power, those involved are willing to kill to keep their supply moving. With the Big Apple at stake and the city’s toughest thugs and paid assassins wanting him dead, the Executioner must destroy the source before he becomes the target.

Black Death Reprise

The search for a missing virologist leads Mack Bolan to a cult with a horrific agenda. An order of monks has emerged as a new force of unprecedented terror. Legend has it that the centuries old brotherhood was the mastermind of the Black Death. Reborn as a fully modern paramilitary organization with cells across the globe, the order is ready to unleash a new plague upon the world. With ritualistic precision, forty couriers of death will be deployed to major cities. Bolan’s race to stop the unthinkable takes him from the U.S. to Australia. The Executioner must find the source before a designer disease with its roots in history’s darkest nightmare causes untold human suffering.

Ambush Force

Deep Cover When an elite branch of U.S. Army Rangers are beheaded and burned in Afghanistan, fingers point to the Taliban. But Mack Bolan suspects otherwise. He’s betting it was an inside job. But why? And, more importantly, whose hands are covered in Ranger blood? Looking for answers and payback Bolan goes undercover with a private security company based in Afghanistan. Immersed in the cutthroat world of hired assassins and a carefully hidden plot to offer up mercenaries and liberators alike to the highest bidder, Bolan finds himself in deeper than ever before. The Executioner will need to work fast before he becomes the next casualty.

Outback Assault

Be Just or Be DeadWhen a paid assassin starts killing innocent people, it’s time to take him out. But while eliminating one killer, Mack Bolan stumbles onto a deadly drug pipeline that takes him deep into the Australian Outback and into the heart of the Asian mob. To destroy the enemy Bolan must protect the one thing standing in the Triad’s way a young Aboriginal girl. With the Triad and a highly trained covert team funded by the dead assassin’s partner tracking him, the Executioner is caught in a lethal cross fire. To survive, he’ll have to use skills he never knew he had.

Defense Breach

All bets are off

A group of insiders has stolen a top secret code that could compromise the entire U.S. defense system. Mack Bolan is called upon to track the security breach, only to discover he’s too late. With half of the code now in the possession of a radical terrorist group, the stakes have suddenly been raised and U.S. aircraft carriers are sitting ducks in the Persian Gulf.

The terrorists have joined forces with a Las Vegas crime family, and Bolan must infiltrate the Mob to stop the final transaction. As the Middle East edges closer to war, the Executioner has no choice but to unleash a battle of his own.

Extreme Justice

It was supposed to be an open and shut case against a high ranking mobster on trial for conspiring to aid Middle Eastern terrorists in a series of brutal attacks against the U.S.

But the so called last don of New York City is likely to be acquitted when mercenary hit teams kill every prosecution witness except one.

Gilbert Favor is a retired money mover now living in Costa Rica, and is the government’s last hope. Mack Bolan’s mission is to track Favor and return him Stateside. But the money laundering specialist is less than willing to come forward. The gunmen tracking him want silence by way of a bullet. The Executioner must deliver the witness alive, no matter what the cost.

Blood Toll

Tensions are at an all time high when Chinese and American fighter jets engage each other over the island of Taiwan. As diplomats point fingers, the situation behind the scenes grows dire. Intelligence reports indicate a terrorist group backed by high ranking officials in the Chinese government has established itself on U.S. soil. Using hi tech jammers, the terrorists have blocked all communication with the outside world. With the city of Honolulu under siege and the death toll climbing, there’s only one man who can take the enemy down. Going in alone, Mack Bolan infiltrates the terror cell. Another Pearl Harbor is at stake. This time China may have started the war, but the Executioner is determined to end it.

Mission to Burma

A CIA asset carrying highly classified information disappears when her plane is shot down over Burma. Two paramilitary rescue teams are sent to track her but are compromised, captured or killed. There’s only one person left who might be able to get her and the intel back to safety: Mack Bolan.

Moving carefully through a maze of inhospitable and dangerous mountain terrain, Bolan must avoid Chinese forces seeking to recover what was stolen from them, and the Indian military, who hope to snatch for themselves the information about China’s nuclear missiles. But the Executioner’s moves aren’t just being monitored; they’re being anticipated. Someone on his side is working against him .

Desperate Passage

Corruption in the Indonesian government reaches new heights when a top level official sanctions a thriving piracy ring in the region. The profits are helping to fund a new bioterrorism weapon that will ultimately be used against America. When the U.S. State Department officials who unearthed evidence of the whole scheme disappear, Mack Bolan is sent to find them. But Bolan is ambushed by a group of commandos at his drop zone in the mountains outside Jakarta. Protecting a covert jungle stronghold, the mercenaries are desperate to keep the true extent of their activities hidden. A team of assassins is lying in wait and the Executioner must stop them with a hit of his own.

Final Resort

Holiday travel turns deadly after a group of Middle Eastern freedom fighters escapes from Camp X Ray and declares the U.S. their number one enemy. When a cruise ship is hijacked, a rescue mission fails to save the lives of the passengers. Mack Bolan is called in to neutralize the fugitives before they can strike again.

But stopping them won’t be easy. Heavily armed and seizing control of a luxury Cuban hotel, the terrorists are prepared to die for their cause taking the innocent guests with them. In a race to beat the clock and avert a mass murder, the Executioner has only one choice search and destroy.

Patriot Acts

A political assassination in Los Angeles leads to a red alert when the gunman then declares war against Washington. Trained by a secret organization within the U.S. government, the sniper is relentless in his quest to make a better America even if it means killing millions of innocent people along the way.

With the free world in jeopardy, Mack Bolan must stop the rogue agent before the man unleashes his plan. But it’s going to take more than weapons to win this battle. Armed with the same deadly skills as Bolan, the misguided killer could be the Executioner s ultimate foe.

Face of Terror

A cadre of violent bank robbers is wreaking havoc in the Midwestern states, amassing a small fortune and a large body count. Covered faces, jungle fatigues and foreign accents have everyone from their victims to the government thinking an Arab terror cell is to blame. But the appearance of the criminals is deceiving. While tracking them, Mack Bolan discovers he is fighting an enemy nobody wants to suspect American soldiers.

As the reign of terror escalates, Bolan realizes the group’s ultimate objective is to destroy a major American city unless the federal government pays an exorbitant sum. As the deadline approaches, the Executioner decides it’s payoff time, handing the traitors the ransom they deserve.

Hostile Odds

The illicit activities of an organized crime family draw Mack Bolan to California, where he uncovers a deadly power struggle. It seems a branch of this family tree extends to a small town in Oregon where the Mob’s influence runs deep. Following the bloody trail, Bolan takes his war across the state line.

Profits from prostitution, drugs and numbers rackets tied to several local businesses are being funneled to a radical ecoterrorist group more than willing to strike out against anything and anyone standing in its way. A war is brewing and the small town is under siege. Faced with mounting casualties, the Executioner will have to use his own methods to clean up the environment.

Collision Course

The global trade in prohibited weapons has reached terrifying proportions. First it was illegal handguns controlled by bikers. Then the pistols were being exchanged by mob bosses for tiny microprocessors that could turn an average SCUD missile into a weapon of mass destruction. As Mack Bolan digs deeper, he realizes it adds up to only one outcome: war.

But even as he races against the clock to infiltrate terrorist cells, and plunges into the unforgiving jungles of Southeast Asia, Bolan faces a painful certainty. The entire situation was engineered by a traitoran American traitor.

Now the U.S. is on the brink of disaster…
and the Executioner is running out of time.

Pele’s Fire

When six U.S. naval officers disappear inexplicably while on leave in Honolulu, Mack Bolan is suspicious. Then an informant emerges from the Hawaiian underground with claims that a nationalist group has escalated its home rule rhetoric to militant action. He claims Pele’s Fire is planning a devastating terrorist attack somewhere on the islands. There aren’t any obvious links between the two events, but Bolan spots a potentially deadly chain.

The masterminds of terror are desperate to eradicate any possibility the traitor who has cooled to their cause will keep them from executing their shocking plan. It’s up to Bolan to protect the informant and stop the attack making the Executioner both hunter and prey.

Loose Cannon

A jungle ambush leaves several Indonesian security forces dead, setting off a political firestorm in the volatile region. When a disgraced former U.S. ambassador emerges as the mastermind behind the attack, Mack Bolan is called in to find the man before the country descends into civil war.

A fugitive informant is Bolan’s only lead, and as more bodies turn up along the way, he soon realizes the ambush was only the beginning of a deadly scheme. After spending years in prison, the rogue envoy is determined to exact revenge against the Indonesian government and take what he believes he deserves. But vengeance comes with a price, and the Executioner is ready to make him pay.

Crisis Nation

When American military personnel are found beheaded in the swamps of Puerto Rico, Mack Bolan boards a plane and lands in a political revolution. As the streets of San Juan turn bloody, he suspects someone outside the country is running the show and the gangs behind the military slaughter are simple pawns in a much more complex game.

After Bolan almost loses his own head in a midnight ax attack, an ambush sends some of his team to hospital. He decides it’s time to take the war to the enemy even if it means bringing down his own version of the apocalypse. Because when it comes to settling scores, the Executioner is the one wielding the ax.

Dangerous Tides

The large cruise ship is a haven of luxury and relaxation until rogue sailors seize the ship. The raiders have taken the passengers and crew hostage. But when Mack Bolan infiltrates the vessel, he learns that this isn’t a simple incident of nautical terrorism the ocean liner is really a testing ground for a sinister chemical weapon.

The toxic acid has been manufactured for one gruesome purpose: war on the West. Bolan finds himself up against ruthless pirates, compromised antiterrorist units and the delicate balance of international relations. The Executioner must tread lightly and become deadlier still.

Dark Alliance

From the lazy heat of Miami to the steamy Colombian jungles, Mack Bolan is on the trail of a missing American journalist. The woman was close to exposing the key players in a dangerous drug cartel, and Bolan figures they snatched her to protect their illicit empire. Each step pulls him further into an unforgiving world of guns and violence until he himself is captured. The vicious drug czar responsible for Bolan’s plight reveals a carefully planned conspiracy that could topple a government…
and an entire nation. Tortured and beaten, Bolan is only seconds away from escape…
or death. His only advantage: the enemy isn’t banking on the unrelenting force known as The Executioner.

Fire Zone

After the leader of an African rebel group hijacks the shipment of enough gold to fund a revolution, Mack Bolan must retrieve it before the killing starts. But the military commander is elusive, and with oil, minerals and political clout at stake, it’s going to take more than guns and bombs to bring him down.

Tracking the gold to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Bolan is determined to win the battle. Unable to trust even the CIA, he has to put his combat and survival skills to the test in order to infiltrate the rebel base and destroy the key players. In a region filled with danger, deceit and government conflict, there is only one man who can stop the revolution the Executioner.

Lethal Compound

U.S. intelligence agents become aware of a wealthy American’s plans only when they intercept the chatter of Chinese spies. It is the billionaire’s intention to lead a secret archaeological expedition into the mountainous border triangle between Afghanistan, China and Tajikistan. Mack Bolan is inserted within the group as they head into an area that is a hotbed of opium production. Traveling undercover with a group of foreign mercenaries hired to act as private security, Bolan knows that priceless treasure isn’t the only thing hidden in the mountains of Tajikistan. And when they come under attack by Russian fighter jets, it becomes apparent to the Executioner that the unstable region is about to blow.

Code of Honor

Pink. Orange. White. Indigo. In the ruthless and unforgiving world of mercenaries, these are the code names of an elite group of assassins, known collectively as the Black Cross. They leave behind no DNA, no evidence at all and until they were recruited by the shadowy group, they were the best and deadliest operatives working for the U.S. government. When someone begins targeting retired American servicemen CIA, navy and marines Stony Man decides to send Black Cross a new recruit: Mack Bolan. Bolan must infiltrate the cell of skilled assassins, taking the entire organization apart, body by body. And he’ll do it the only way he knows how…
Executioner style.

System Corruption

Frank Carella is just doing his job when he makes a horrifying discovery a major contractor has knowingly supplied substandard armor to the U.S. military. When Carella becomes a whistle blower he unwittingly alerts the men behind a sinister and deadly cover up. Mack Bolan is drawn into the hunt when Carella’s life is suddenly under threat as the incriminating information he has gathered becomes the prize in a deadly chase. Bolan must navigate a network of sabotage and deception with a well organized enemy closing ranks around him. As bodies start piling up, Bolan knows his only chance is to get to the finish line first. Fortunately, it’s a game that the Executioner plays with deadly skill…

Salvador Strike

Federal authorities thought they were about to shut down the American activities of the lethal MS 13 gang for good. But when the star witness and the prosecuting attorney are murdered, the trial of the gang’s leaders is in shambles. With legal avenues exhausted and an undercover agent missing deep within the deadly organization, the situation is critical. Mack Bolan is called in to fight fire with fire. But MS 13’s leaders have a plan to terrorize suburban America. In order to stop them, Bolan will have to follow their trail deep into the Salvadoran jungle, moving fast and striking hard. Using warrior skills honed in another distant land, the Executioner will show no mercy.

Frontier Fury

A covert airdrop lands Mack Bolan inside the brutal northern Pakistan border territory. From deep within a terrorist cell an informant has leaked crucial information to Stony Man Farm. He knows the location of two of the highest ranking members of al Qaeda. They are the most wanted men in the world, and they’ve spent years dodging American troops and plotting further attacks worldwide. Now Bolan is in hostile territory on a mission to eliminate men who will stop at nothing in pursuit of vengeance. And he faces government troops determined to protect the terrorists. With time running out and the enemy closing in, the Executioner must do what no one else has settle the score.

Desperate Cargo

Infiltrating a Dutch human trafficking organization turns deadly when two undercover agents are tortured and shot. Protected by a complex infrastructure and ruthless lawyers, the businessmen behind the crime are untouchable under international law. But Mack Bolan isn’t about to play by their rules. Entering Holland alone, Bolan heads to Rotterdam where he is prepared to seek out his target and destroy the corrupt organization piece by piece. The leaders of the group think they are invincible, but with the lives of women and children at stake, they are about to learn what it’s like to be hunted by the Executioner.

Death Run

For a group of fundamentalist extremists, stealing a shipment of weapons grade plutonium from Pakistan was almost too easy. Now they have everything they need to construct a terrifying weapon on U.S. soil. They believe their plans are virtually undetectable but Mack Bolan is on their trail. When the Executioner tracks the stolen plutonium he uncovers a brutal network hiding behind the scenes of the professional motorcycle racing circuit. The world of professional motorcycle racing is fast and dangerous and comes complete with corrupt oil companies, al Qaeda ties and murder. The race has already started and only the winner will survive.

Deep Recon

Tensions are on the rise after a BATF agent’s cover is blown during a gunrunning bust in the Florida Keys. There’s a leak within the Feds and Mack Bolan is sent in to search and destroy before more lives are lost. But with highly trained ex marines running the guns and dedicated to eliminating loose ends, Bolan knows infiltrating the unit could be a fatal assignment. With nothing to lose, the mercenaries are ready to declare war on whoever gets in their way. It’s kill or be killed, and the Executioner is ready to take them up on their offer if that’s what will break the chain of command.

Silent Threat

When several German CEOs become victims in deadly accidents and their strategic companies are suddenly bought out, red flags are raised in U.S. intelligence circles. All signs indicate that the buyouts are being orchestrated by the head of a powerful cult and he’s planning a terrorist attack. But getting to the cult leader and ending the threat proves to be challenging especially when an army of zealous followers bristling with weapons are prepared to die for the cause. Mack Bolan is determined to infiltrate the group and destroy the organization before they unleash their plan of destruction. The cult leader may believe he can bring death, but there is only one Executioner.

Killing Ground

Mack Bolan is on a covert mission in Afghanistan when the body of an American soldier goes missing following an ambush. Bolan is determined to get the fallen soldier back on American soil, but the Taliban forces who stole the body have their own plans and an honorable burial is not one of them. With more U.S. soldiers killed along the trail and the Taliban planning to execute a group of innocent women and children in an effort to disgrace the American troops, Bolan knows every second counts. The Executioner has only one chance to stop the ruthless plan, and nothing is going to stand in his way.

Threat Factor

A Somali pirate attack raises a red flag when the stolen cargo is Russian tanks and ammunition enough to start a civil war. Called in to seek and destroy the weapons, Mack Bolan knows the only way to head off future bloodshed is to cause some deadly mayhem of his own. Dodging the local warlords in their own backyard isn’t going to be easy especially when their army of foot soldiers is seemingly endless. But Bolan is ready to end this lethal game. With the bidding about to begin, the Executioner is prepared to go all the way and his price is death.

Raw Fury

When rebels take the students of a Malaysian private school hostage, tensions in the region threaten to explode. In a country filled with unrest and on the verge of civil war, peaceful negotiation is not an option. Mack Bolan is sent in to keep a lid on the uprising and to find a way to free the hostages. Bolan soon discovers that the kidnapping is driven by a powerful ethnic cleansing group with a deadly political agenda. With the clock ticking down to a mass genocide, Bolan’s mission turns into a death trap. The hostage takers may be prepared to kill anyone who stands in their way, but the Executioner is ready to make the ultimate sacrifice while taking down any who attempt to stop him.

Cartel Clash

Tensions are high after a powerful Mexican drug cartel kills an undercover DEA agent in a declaration of war against the United States. A shipment of missiles is bound for the region, and Washington’s hands are tied with red tape. With the border beyond American control, only Mack Bolan can get in and stop the destruction before innocent blood is shed. With no backup, no government protection and hired killers tracking his every move, death and destruction are about to strike. The law may not be able to touch the cartel, but Bolan isn’t the law he’s the Executioner.

Recovery Force

An increase in deadly kidnappings puts the residents of Phoenix, Arizona, in a state of panic. Dangerous and brutal, the Sinaloa drug cartel has set up shop in the region. But the abductions are only the beginning. Determined to take over the drug pipeline between Nogales and Phoenix, a merciless Mexican drug lord will stop at nothing to gain control no matter how many innocent people die along the way. With the city under siege and local law enforcement rendered powerless, Mack Bolan must find a way to stop the cartel’s operation. But it’s going to take more than brawn and firepower to win this battle. The Executioner must conduct a spectacular blitz to destroy the crime ring and restore order in Sun City.

Crucial Intercept

A series of high profile shootings in Virginia exposes a deadly scavenger hunt with numerous factions competing for the prize. An ex CIA cryptologist who created an unbreakable code has unwittingly been sold out to the terrorist group who can get to him first. Before any more innocent lives are lost, Mack Bolan must intercept the human bounty and keep the code from falling into enemy hands. With several fully equipped foreign black ops groups tracking his every move and willing to die for their cause, Bolan is running out of time, ammunition and options. He has only one choice turn the war back on the terrorists. A single American citizen may hold the key to military superiority, but there is only one soldier who can defend it the Executioner.

Powder Burn

A ruthless Colombian drug lord has launched a deadly campaign targeting DEA agents and U.S. diplomats. With the body count growing and the American government powerless, Mack Bolan is called in as a last resort to infiltrate the criminal syndicate and destroy the chain of command before more innocent blood is shed. As the number of attacks grows, Bolan knows he must shut down the operation quickly. But the cartel’s ruthless expansion plan is well under way, and surrendering is not an option. Backed up by a group of right wing terrorists, the cartel’s leader has declared war on any organization or man that stands in his way. There’s just one flaw in the plan no one expected the Executioner.

Final Coup

With the current president on the run for war crimes, an emergency election is called in Cameroon. But will the two candidates live long enough to see election day? Assigned to protection duty, Mack Bolan soon learns the politicians aren’t the only ones in danger. There’s a traitor in their midst who won’t stop until Bolan and his team are dead. Ambushed at every turn and a constant target for snipers, Bolan knows that flushing out the enemy won’t be easy especially when everyone is a suspect. With millions of lives and the fate of Cameroon’s government at stake, he’s determined to stop the fight before more blood is shed. With no one to trust, the Executioner knows there’s only one way to beat the killers at their game: destroy them before they destroy you.

Deadly Command

Military grade guns are finding their way onto American streets, turning neighborhoods into war zones. And, after three officers and two civilians are killed in the crossfire of a Miami gang standoff, it’s time for someone to strike back. Yet with little concrete proof to use against those supplying the illegal weapons, the police are helpless. Fortunately for them Mack Bolan doesn’t need evidence. It’s old fashioned justice he’s after. Going solo on his mission, Bolan soon discovers Miami is just the beginning. An arms dealer has set up operations in New York, Chicago and New Mexico. But this supplier isn’t the only one wanting a slice of the American gun pie. Another more ruthless group is ready to step in and will take out anyone who gets in their way unless the Executioner can take them down first.

Shadow Hunt

When a U.S. Marshal goes missing in New Orleans, Mack Bolan sets out on a search and rescue mission and is thrown into an intricate web of corruption. It seems the Mafia is alive and well in the Big Easy and operating under the rule of a powerful new leader. With the D.A.’s office and local law enforcement on the mob’s payroll, Bolan soon learns the entire city is one massive death trap and the chances of getting himself and the federal agent out alive are dwindling by the minute. But this soldier isn’t going down without a fight. The Executioner decides it’s time to pay the crime family a visit and make them an offer they won’t have a chance to refuse.

Enemy Agents

When California’s Mojave Desert becomes the training ground for a homegrown militia group with a deadly scheme to ‘take back’ America, Mack Bolan is sent in to unleash his own form of destruction. But first he’ll have to infiltrate the unit and unravel their plot before it’s too late. With less than forty eight hours to go, the stakes have suddenly been raised and millions of Americans are about to be caught in the cross fire of a terrorist attack. As the militia sets its plan in motion, Bolan has only one opportunity to strike back and shut them down forever. Timing will be tight, but if these right wing extremists want a war, then the Executioner is there to oblige.

Stand Down

When a prominent family is murdered and their teenage daughter is nowhere to be found, Mack Bolan knows something is shady in Quincyville, Kansas. His plan had been to pass through while seeking a little downtime. But now he’s not leaving until he finds out what evil has the town in its grip. After a soft probe, Bolan discovers that an industrial meth lab is functioning under the guise of a pharmaceutical company. A Mexican drug lord has taken control of the Midwest town and the local police are on the organization’s payroll. The residents are too terrified to speak up. With the life of a young woman at stake, the time for defense is over. The Executioner decides to shut down the lab…
and clean up the town for good.

Trial by Fire

When a plane filled with American cadets is shot down in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mack Bolan is sent to find the group. But he isn’t the only one looking for them. With terrorists tracking them through the jungle and ready to ambush them at every turn, the rescue mission becomes a dangerous game of escape. As the enemy seems to be gaining strength, Bolan and the cadets are running out of places to hide. The soldier knows they have no choice but to stop running and face the terrorists head on. With a group of untrained cadets as his backup against an entire army, winning seems impossible. But the Executioner’s primed for battle and ready to teach everyone a lesson in jungle warfare.

Hazard Zone

A luxury Jamaican tourist resort turns into a death trap when a vacationing American senator’s daughter is murdered. When her body is then used to unleash chemical warfare on the U.S., it’s clear this wasn’t just a random crime. It was a message and Mack Bolan intends to respond. Tracking the bioterrorist behind the gruesome attack back to the Jamaican ghettos quickly turns into a deadly chase. Bolan soon finds himself the target of the island’s most lethal gang. But they aren’t the only ones prepared to kill to protect their secrets. There is another highpowered operator in the game, and the Executioner is determined to take him out even if it means bringing the battle back to Washington.

Fatal Combat

CUTTHROATAfter a number of civilians turn up dead from knife wounds throughout Detroit, a red flag is raised in Washington. Concerned the city has become a testing ground for low budget, low tech domestic terrorism, the President wants those responsible for the deaths brought down. And there is only one man who can get under the radar to do it Mack Bolan. But the pieces of the puzzle are as intricate as the knife wounds, and everywhere Bolan turns leads to another dead end. One thing is certain: whoever is behind the killings doesn’t want him around. And it seems everyone from the police department to the Mafia is in on the fight. If it’s a duel to the death they want, then the Executioner is ready to battle.

Damage Radius

A criminal kingpin has taken over the streets of New Orleans and he’s not just dealing in guns, drugs and fixed fights he’s handing out death warrants to all who refuse his orders. Before any more people disappear, Washington decides it’s time to shut this operation down, and Mack Bolan is just the man for the job. But infiltrating the organization comes with a price, as Bolan is put through a series of tests that challenge not only his moral code but also his life. He’ll play the mobsters’ games if he has to, but once he’s on the inside the Executioner will be the man calling the shots every last one of them.

Battle Cry

A group of homegrown Scottish terrorists guns down an American businessman in the name of their cause free Scotland from England, whatever the cost. But something more sinister lurks below the surface, and Mack Bolan is called in to stop them before they strike again. There is only one way to bring this group to its knees destroy whoever is funding them. But before justice can be served, Bolan will have to penetrate the benefactor’s heavily guarded fortress overlooking Loch Ness. Whatever the risks, this band of extremists and their puppet master must fall, and the Executioner is determined to be the last man standing.

Nuclear Storm

An ecoterrorist group has set up base in a secluded part of Yellowstone National Park with a plan to save the planet. Believing mankind is a virus that must be eradicated, the group has set in motion a plot to kill millions in seconds and leave the rest of the human race on the verge of extinction. Nothing will throw them off course including any campers who try to stop them. But Mack Bolan isn’t your average outdoorsman. Unarmed, with only his wits and nature on his side as the clock ticks down to a nuclear disaster, Bolan knows the best chance for saving countless innocent lives and averting a global crisis is through guerilla warfare. The terrorists may be on a mission to destroy man, but the Executioner has his own elimination objectives.

Stony Man II

Years in the planning, a Palestinian madman has unleashed the ultimate global terror sweep. Stony Man pulls out all the stops to avert a war that could set world peace back for generations. In the Oval Office, the President watches anxiously wondering if the skill and talent available to Stony Man cna hold the world together one more time.

Stony Man III

Jared Quillian is penetrating the superpowers’ defense systems. He has the computer capability to access U.S. and Soviet military cybernetics as well as the systems at Stony Man. As Quillian sets into motion the final stages of his horrifying bid for power, America has one chance to strike win or lose as the rest of the world watches and waits.

A Movie in Your Mind is a unique audio entertainment experience that features a full cast of actors, sound effects and cinematic music.

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Stony Man V

War has been declared on the DEA and its European counterparts by an unknown enemy one who is powerful enough to have established a major upheaval in the drug world, creating a massive new international cartel. When some top U.S. drug enforcement agents are brutally murdered, the President orders Stony Man to take the cartel down by any means.


Receiving presidential orders that let him act outside the law, Stony Man, the leader of an elite antiterrorist operation, responds to a group of North Korean hijackers who have stolen ten tactical nuclear missiles.

Deep Alert

A wave of terror hits the open seas when an alliance is formed between the Ukraine and Lybia, and when the world’s first stealth submarine is hijacked, the Stony Man teams are forced to begin an international sea hunt.

Blood Debt

A series of terrorist attacks between Lima and Berlin is revealed to be the result of a deadly plot, and the Stony Man team prepares a retaliatory three pronged attack in the hopes of identifying the plot’s source.


When a series of deadly nuclear accidents occur, setting off violent civil unrest, the Stony Man teams are called upon to outrun a satellite that is targeting a major American nuclear plant.


Learning that high ranking U.S. military personnel are secretly financing Puerto Rican freedom fighters who would expose Cuba to a military strike, the Stony Man team prepares for a three front defensive sweep.

Enemy Within

It’s up to the Stony Man warriors to stop the deadly plan of a high tech pyromaniac, which includes the bombing of federal buildings in a dozen large U.S. cities. For this demented soul, the federal buildings are just for practice, since he has a bigger target in mind.

Breach of Trust

America is headed toward the new millennium, but the dangers of the old world still loom. The endless quest for power and the visions of madmen continue to plague the cherished freedom of humanity and Stony Man continues the endless struggle to keep the forces of evil at bay. Now a new fuse is lit in Russia…
The death of the Russian president creates a free for all among the political factions vying for supremacy in a race closely shadowed by a powerful Mafia. With anarchy and disaster a heartbeat away, Stony Man’s cyber team and in the field commandos move into battle stateside and behind enemy lines to crush the Mafia machine. But the warriors are unaware that the enemy is lurking in their own backyard at Stony Man Farm.


America is headed toward the new millennium, but the dangers of the old world still loom. The endless quest for power and the visions of madmen continue to plague the cherished freedom of humanity and Stony Man continues the endless struggle to keep the forces of evil at bay. Now a new fuse is lit in Russia…
The death of the Russian president creates a free for all among the political factions vying for supremacy in a race closely shadowed by a powerful Mafia. With anarchy and disaster a heartbeat away, Stony Man’s cyber team and in the field commandos move into battle stateside and behind enemy lines to crush the Mafia machine. But the warriors are unaware that the enemy is lurking in their own backyard at Stony Man Farm.

Silent Invader

The ultra covert arm of the U.S. Justice Department, Stony Man has an ongoing mission to keep the world’s trouble spots from exploding, by destroying the agents of terror who threaten humanity. Now, as deadly nerve gas slaughters innocents and puts America under fire, Stony Man’s crack cybernetics and battlefield commandos track evil incarnate to its darkest heart. Three major hits so far: two villages in Azerbaijan, and an attack on a merchant ship in the Caspian Sea; the body count mounts, and stolen U.S. chemical weapons are believed responsible. While fingers point to Iraq, Able Team, Phoenix Force and Mack Bolan follow the trail of death to a much more insidious enemy who has harnessed power of the technical age for his own gain.

Edge Of Night

Unabridged. A covert action group known only to the President, Stony Man’s ultra secret command center, cyber intelligence network and crack commandos battle terror with swift and deadly force. But with the new millennium, Stony Man faces a nightmare that may turn the West into a graveyard. An outbreak of mutated anthrax has spread from the Western embassies in the Arab world to the US, and the plague that could end civilization is unleashed. As Mack Bolan hunts for the plague’s mastermind, Able Team takes on a cult arming for Armageddon, and Phoenix Force races to defuse a nuclear war in India…
As the end of the century nears, nothing perhaps not even Stony Man can stop the madness.

Zero Hour

Stony Man becomes America’s last chance to stop a deadly plague and nuclear assault against the West. Countdown to the millennium has begun and the pulse of the world is racing with it.

There is a new savior of the Middle East and a harbinger of destruction for the West. Untouchable by law or politics, this conspirator has chosen the millennium to send the Western world back to the Dark Ages. Stony Man warriors Mack Bolan, Phoenix Force and Able Team race against time to find this madman and his cult of ancient assassins.

The countdown has begun. It may be the final countdown.

Thirst for Power

The world’s largest dams are being blown up, cutting off vital freshwater supplies. As massive walls of water rush down valleys, obliterating entire towns and villages, the Able Team and Phoenix Force commando teams move with lethal determination to find the faceless mastermind behind the mass destruction. With Mack Bolan missing and presumed dead, and more innocents dying by the day, Stony Man vows total and complete retribution.

Star Venture

Unabridged. The United States becomes a sitting duck when the space shuttle Venture Star is hijacked by the Chinese and put to work deploying deep space nukes capable of striking anywhere in the world. Stony Man’s mission is twofold and next to impossible: while Phoenix Force launches a raid to recover Venture Star in the Gobi desert, Able Team takes Armageddon to space, where the crack commandos engage in the ultimate star wars battle to destroy the nukes aimed at America’s heart. Failure is not an option.

Command Force

Unabridged. The newly resurrected cult of the Simbas is making its way through the Congo basin, leaving behind a river of blood. Genocidal butchery inflicted by the power crazed leader reaches crisis proportions when the madman snatches the Ebola virus from a government lab. While fear has paralyzed the world, America’s combat commandos stage a daring rescue in the African jungle unaware an enemy has breached their command center’s security with intent to destroy.

Conflict Imperative

Unabridged. A land for peace deal between the Peruvian government and a local rebel faction is brokered by an ex IRA terrorist. Sent to monitor the peace accord, Bolan and a DEA agent are captured and marched into the IRA man’s jungle stronghold. But Stony Man won’t rest until they reclaim one of their own. Phoenix Force and Able Team invade the jungles of Peru, committed to finding their missing colleague, dead or alive, and they’re more than ready to send a few souls to hell as payback…

Extreme Measures

STONY MAN As Long as terror is used to further the visions of a twisted few, Stony Man will stand firm in its mission to retaliate with extreme prejudice. The covert arm of the Justice Department, Stony Man’s elite field and cybernetics commandos are sanctioned by the Oval Office and are equipped to take on any enemy in any battlefield: ground, sea, air, space…
Or cyberspace. Now the flames of the jihad strike anew in a master conspiracy that may plunge America into a death spiral. RAGE OF MOTION In a brilliantly conceived plot to weaken America from within, a renegade faction of Islamic fundamentalists has triggered a series of terrorist attacks across the U.S. Masking their agenda by unleashing a bloodbath in their own backyard, the wave of terror is fast approaching real time, Stony Man enters the game, deploying state of the art technology to deliver a killing blow to America’s attackers.

Defensive Action

Stony Man America’s last and best line of defense is a strictly off the books operation, known only to the President. Dedicated to keeping America safe from hostiles, Stony Man is comprised of a cybernetics team that provides the battle plan intelligence, and an elite group of seasoned commandos who get down and dirty on the front lines. Now America’s enemies from within and without mount a strategic attack on a new state of the art defense system…
Defensive Action A conspiracy to cripple a sophisticated antimissile system and the United States itself is under way, fueled by the twisted ideology of a domestic militia group. Their campaign against the government has gone global; their terrorist agenda refinanced and expanded by a cabal of America’s enemies: North Korea, Russia and China. Crisscrossing the North American continent, Stony Man enters a desperate race against time to halt this act of attrition…
before America pays the price in blood.

Rogue State

America’s defense system faces a deathblow from hidden enemies. Stony Man For the dedicated warriors of Stony Man, the rules of engagement are straight and to the point: total deniability. Only the President of the United States can deploy the top secret team of antiterrorist commandos into battle. When crisis intervention requires stealth and quick response, Stony Man’s cyber experts and skilled operatives spring into action to defuse the threat to America. Target Acquisition The Slingshot satellite system is America’s most vital and controversial defense. Stony Man successfully halted a strike against its radar facility in Alaska, but now hidden enemies a rogue alliance of North Korean and Russian extremists have stolen the top secret data necessary to blow the satellites out of the sky. In a highly covert operation through the unfriendly terrain of North Korea, the odds go from bad to worse when one of their own is captured. But bad odds are the ones Stony Man plays best…

Roots of Terror

The chains of oppression rattle in Myanmar…
TERROR WATCH While the spirit of America and the free world stands strong and defiant in the face of terror, global hot spots continue to put the men and women of Stony Man in the heat of battle. A covert hard force of cybernetic and battlefield commandos, liaising only with the Oval Office by one dedicated Fed, Stony Man continues its daring bid to strike down the brokers who deal in blood and human misery. DEATH KNELL A country held hostage by a violent military junta, Myanmar is a land of horror and beauty. As the ruling party struggles to maintain its strangle hold on millions of innocent countrymen, the rally cry of freedom fighters rings on the anniversary of slaughter. But those in power are prepared to retaliate with stockpiles of deadly nerve gas and American nuclear weapons now theirs by way of a decades old military cover up that’s about to light the fuse to a massacre. Stony Manoperatives spring into action before Myanmar’s call to freedom becomes a death knell.

Axis of Conflict

Unimaginable terror is about to be unleashed on America’s shores…
STONY MAN Since its inception as the Oval Office’s ultra covert, swift arm of justice against terror, Stony Man has played hardball with the world’s worst savages. The crack cybernetics team gathers the intelligence to open the gates of battle for field commandos willing to march straight into hell to deliver justice. Now, in the face of mankind’s darkest reality, the future of humanity itself belongs to a few good men willing to face down a nightmare beyond comprehension. STEEL SHADOW The free world’s worst enemy failed to destroy her once before, but now they’ve regrouped and expanded a jihad vengeance that is nothing short of bio engineered Armageddon, brilliant and unstoppable. A weapon unlike anything America has ever seen is about to be unleashed on U.S. soil. Stony Man races across the globe in a desperate bid to halt a vision straight out of doomsday with humanity’s extinction on the horizon…

Echoes of War

Stony ManAmerica’s most powerful and covert counterterrorist group, Stony Man, rises to the challenge that comes with defending world peace and freedom. But now this elite corps of brilliant cyber warrior and crack field commandoes is facing a crisis that threatens not only the Western world but carries a doomsday price for all humanity. Echoes of WarWith just hours standing between survival and a landscape of the dead and dying, Stony Man picks up the hellfire trail, attacking hot spots across the globe. Facing an unholy alliance of Mideast terrorists conspiring with America’s most dangerous enemies to unleash the ultimate and perhaps, unstoppable bioengineered weapon of honor, Stony Man deploys righteous fury against this rolling juggernaut, standing firm on the front lines of what may be their last good fight.


When not called to provide crucial assistance to its elite commandos on the ground in real time battle, America’s ultra covert counterterrorist cyber warriors maintain a constant vigil against new global threats. Now, the West’s worst nightmare is at hand: a weapon of bio terror controlled by criminal masterminds ready to unleash raw and unbridled terror. Spreading like wildfire through American targets in Europe, a lethal virus has now reached a U.S. Navy battleship. Unless the Stony warriors can stop it, the vessel will be nuked. But the crisis facing Stony Man escalates by the second, as ground and cyber crew race to find the source…
a trail that leads to the Balkans, to old world butchers backed by power, money and enough madness to unleash hell on earth.

Day of Decision

A covert last line of defense for America. Stony Man is armed and ready in a dangerous era. In a new age of terrorists willing to unleash nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, the Oval Office provides the unconditional green light to the Stony warriors to do whatever it takes to circumvent any attack on the U.S. Now Stony Man is facing the unimaginable…
Typhoon class nuclear sub has been commandeered by terrorist dissidents. Halfway across the globe, members of the same group have hijacked an airliner and rerouted it to Somalia. Now the plane is heading toward its U.S. target with a nuclear payload. While Stony Man’s elite cyber team works feverishly to understand a blueprint for horror. Able Team and Phoenix Force strike out from Afghanistan to Siberia. tracking the nightmare to its source.

Ramrod Intercept

In the covert world of clandestine operations, Stony Man is the President’s deniable expendable a ready reaction force that officially doesn’t exist. For this elite fighting team, there’s no glory, just the knowledge that a successful mission means one less threat…
for the moment. But now a traitor in America’s military has made a deal that could alter the balance of power in the West…
It’s the next step in silent, invisible warfare and now the Ramrod Intercept technology has fallen into the hands of America’s most virulent enemies. The head of a black ops U.S. military facility has made a deal with an exiled Sudanese general, a monster willing to share the weapon’s destructive capabilities with an army of terrorists in exchange for shock troops on his blood march to take Khartoum. Stony Man’s grim three way mission: find the traitor, stop a devastating coup and retrieve America’s secret weapon.

Terms of Control

The ultrasecret counterterrorist force called Stony Man utilizes a brilliant cybernetics team and a dedicated fighting force to combat the ever changing threats against the free world. Stony Man answers only to the President. But when politics, public relations and treachery put the Oval Office in the hot seat, Stony Man runs an uphill battle to avert global disaster…
with millions of lives hanging in the balance. Supertankers bound for the U.S. are being sabotaged, and key foreign enterprises in America are coming under attack. The message is loud and clear: someone wants the U.S. to close its borders to outsiders and Stony Man thinks it knows who. The scheme is the brainchild of a powerful senator bringing his own brand of isolationism…
to the extreme. He’s hired mercenaries to do the dirty work, and the body toll is rising by the hour. Stateside and across the globe a grim endgame is fast approaching. The outcome all boils down to luck, timing and the combat skills of a few good men…

Rolling Thunder

The clandestine operations group known as Stony Man is unbound by rules of procedure and answers only to the Oval Office. Hal Brognola’s team of cyberwarriors and battlefield commandos takes the most direct approach to stem the tide of global terrorism and high crime. As the court of last resort, they handle the dirty work no other department or agency can touch. The Basque Liberation Movement, a militant splinter cell of Spain’s notorious ETA terrorist group, has seized a state of the art new supertank equipped with nuclear firing capabilities. Intent on carrying their blood message to the world, the BLM has planned a devastating show of force at a NATO conference in Barcelona. As Stony Man’s cybernetics team works feverishly to track the terrorists and the stolen warheads, the commandos of Able Team and Phoenix Force hit the ground running. But a clever, resourceful enemy remains one step ahead, in a race against the odds getting worse by the minute…

Cold Objective

Stony Man The most sophisticated covert agency in the world, Stony Man stands on the front lines of America’s defense. Cybernetics wizards are the brains behind the muscle of the elite in field commando forces of Able Team and Phoenix Force. Now, Stony Man stares down a blood horizon, racing to head off the mother of all catastrophic incidents, the destruction of the Alaskan oil pipeline. Blinding Fire A Seattle based oil tycoon has put his wealth and twisted vision to work in a quest to control the world’s oil reserves. He’s got what it takes to pull it off: the Russian mafiya on his payroll, and Middle East sympathizers willing to die to see America burn. And if that’s not enough, he’s got the nukes and bioweapons to bring the world to its knees. Stony Man unleashes an all out assault, knowing that a few good men are all it takes to stand up, be counted and face down evil. Or die trying.

The Chameleon Factor

Their orders come direct from the Oval Office and only when the situation is desperate enough to call for swift, hands on measures. Stony Man’s cybernetics team and tactical commandos are put into action to remove threats against America with surgical precision. Now it’s crisis time, and the situation is big a Level 10 security clearance, for the President Only. And for Stony Man, it’s one shot, no second chances…
A brilliant new development in portable stealth technology, Chameleon is a state of the art jamming device that blocks all kinds of magnetic frequencies, making it the ultimate death shield in the right hands. But in the wrong hands, it would mean the obliteration of America’s defense and communications systems and open season on its citizens. When Chameleon is stolen by a traitor who provides a fiery demonstration of its doomsday power, Stony Man must retrieve it at any cost. If Chameleon is deployed…
shutting it down is not an option.

Silent Arsenal

Stony Man The covert group known as Stony Man has a presidential mandate: keep democracy safe from terror, murder, and mayhem. To that end, these elite techno warriors and battle hardened commandos take it to the enemy wherever the next conflict occurs. Now, for the dedicated warriors, it’s down to dirty business, as a weaponized plague is unleased across the globe…
Silent Arsenal The outbreak of a manufactured virus that is 100 percent lethal takes Phoenix Force and Able Team into a war against terror that’s spreading from the jungles of Myanmar to Somalia, and across the globe to Europe. Tracking the insanity to its source, Stony Man discovers that when the smoke clears, they’re facing the worst of all possible nightmares: a conspiracy made in America.

Gathering Storm

Ready to respond to any threat against America, her allies or world stability, Stony Man is a strictly off the books operation whose orders come straight from the Oval Office. Now it’s a war situation for Stony Man, and the countdown has begun for a plot aimed at full blown destabilization of the Middle East and pure terror unleashed in the heart of the West. The enemy: Iraq’s former ruling regime and loyal fedoyeen soldiers. Their mandate to reclaim control in Iraq is to inflict as much devastation as they can on specified Western targets and create total anarchy in the Middle East. They’ve got the means, money and power in high places and to prove it, they just blew up a town in Texas. All that stands between freedom and the unthinkable is a group of diehard warriors who specialize in pulling off the impossible.

Full Blast

The President’s fail safe option when America is threatened is an elite group of cybernetics specialists and battle hardened commandos who operate off the books and under governmental radar. This ultra clandestine force called Stony Man has defeated terror on many fronts. Now they’re dealing with an escalating crisis from outside the country and a far bigger one from within…

The unstable new government in postwar Iraq is a target for those with visions of power and glory corrupted by madness and twisted ideology. As one of Iraq’s former military elite launches a make or break bid to regain control of his country by nuclear force, a devastating new threat comes from across the Atlantic. From within the ranks of America’s protectors and defenders, a conspiracy to overthrow the U.S. government appears unstoppable.


Bound by loyalty and patriotism, the men and women of Stony Man don’t think of themselves as heroes, just dedicated Americans willing to do whatever it takes to protect the inalienable rights of freedom and justice. No matter how difficult the mission, how fierce or dangerous the enemy, the cyber team and battle hardened warriors of America’s most sophisticated, action ready defense unit are willing to sacrifice everything in the name of duty, honor and country. An advanced weapon prototype is hijacked by an unidentified group of mercenaries and followed by a wave of massacres in the streets of America’s cities. The torch of anarchy and hatred has been lit, and waves of destruction have begun to spread across the globe. A crisis has erupted as angry radicals are poised to become deadly freedom fighters so powerful that not even the superpowers can oppose them. Stony Man’s only chance America’s only chance is to strike first, strike hard, strike now…

Promise to Defend

The elite counter terrorist group known as Stony Man has one mandate: to protect good from evil; to separate those willing to live in peace from those who kill in order to fulfill their own agenda. When all hell breaks loose, the warriors of Stony Man enter the conflict knowing each battle could be their last, but the war against freedom’s oppressors will continue…
Wind of a grim conspiracy comes to light, and the levels of treachery go deep into America’s secret corridors of power. When the Cadre Project was created decades ago, it served to protect the U.S. government during the Cold War. Now, it’s a twisted, despotic vision commandeered by a man whose hunger for power is limitless, whose plan to manufacture terror and lay a false trail of blame across the globe may find America heading into all out world war against the old superpowers.

Doomsday Conquest

Accountable only to the Oval Office and fully committed to the security of the U.S. in an ever morphing terrorist landscape, the warriors of Stony Man never relent, tire, or fold. America’s last line of defense understands that all it takes for evil to prevail is for a few good people to stand down. For Stony Man, that day will never come. Not now. Not ever. The covert world of black ops takes on a sinister new twist as high ranking rogue operatives offer super tech weapons for sale to enemies of the United States in an effort to ‘fix’ the Middle East. With buyers from Russia to Iran lining up for the prize, America’s national security is about to blow up in a mushroom cloud, plunging Stony Man into a killing game with no end or winner in sight.

Sky Hammer

Dedicated to fighting terror wherever it’s found, the warriors of Stony Man do not consider failure to be an option. But the men and women of this top secret unit remain ever vigilant in the knowledge that some day a threat so enormous may arise that nothing can stop it…
not even the hardest commandos on the planet. That day may be now…
It is brilliant technology from the space race days, shelved long ago in favor of more sophisticated weaponry. No nukes, no warheads, just simple rods of stainless steel corralled in space and sent jetting into Earth’s atmosphere at Mach 2 to hit selected targets with white hot balls of molten metal. Cheap to make, impossible to stop and easy to deploy, it has fallen into hostile hands. Across the globe, a demonstration of the accuracy of Sky Hammer leaves little doubt that this could be the end game for Stony Man…
and the world.

Vanishing Point

A covert group of warriors dedicated to protecting America against acts of terror and violence perpetrated by enemies of the free world, the commandos of Stony Man enter each new battle backed by advanced cybernetics, sophisticated weaponry and orders straight from the Oval Office. A violent Japanese cult has united with Iraqi terrorists, but the ultimate strike remains unknown. The stakes get higher when a U.S. aircraft carrier in the Pacific disappears from radar. On board is the X 51, the most advanced unmanned aircraft ever built, hijacked along with the ship by the rogue Japanese scientist who designed it. As the USS Stennis becomes a war zone and the crew succumbs to a poison attack, a covert three man unit called Able Team is now the last line of defense against a global shock wave.

Doom Prophecy

The men and women of the covert defense team Stony Man were handpicked because they believe in a cause, driven by a passion that sends them into daily battle against impossible odds. The computer wizardry of the agency’s cybernetics team enables the two action units to strike multiple blows for justice against the world’s predators. But now, even the cloak of secrecy around Stony Man isn’t enough protection from the notorious cybercriminal KA55ANDRA…
She claims to be prophetess of a new age, but her agenda of destruction is aimed directly and very personally at one powerful man inside one of America’s highest offices. Her reign of terror is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of lawmen, soldiers and intelligence operatives, and she shows no sign of stopping. Her destructive genius is fueled by white hot vengeance, and she’s not above spreading mass murder across the globe to achieve it. For Stony Man, it’s a showdown of blood and justice that’s as personal as it gets.

Oceans of Fire

Stony Man is the last line of defense in a new age of terror. The covert ops teams that make up the clandestine anti terrorist group are the elite in the field. Backed by superior cybernetic and real time intelligence, the men of Phoenix Force and Able Team strike with relentless precision, fighting the worst the world has to offer, whenever and wherever it leads them. The trail to recapture stolen Russian nukes puts Stony Man on a mission that’s turning suicidal. Using covert and hardball tactics, the nukes are traced to a source inside the Middle East, but it’s soon discovered that the Arab extremists are merely financiers in an operation laced with wrong turns, double dealings and the changing face of an enemy clever enough to stay one step ahead. Stony Man is up against a deadly chimera: Russian mafiya, Afghan warlords and a mysterious German corporate magnate whose desire for revenge threatens to wipe America’s eastern seaboard off the map.

Extreme Arsenal

The selfless determination to make the world a safer place and the ability to take the battle to the enemy anywhere around the globe is what separates the warriors of Stony Man from any other tactical defense team. A covert force that answers only to the Oval Office, Stony Man recruits the best people ready, willing and able to use their combat skills and risk their lives to stop the predators in their drive for power. Stony Man has played hard and dirty against the Fascist regimes and death squads of Central America who employ wholesale slaughter to claim supreme power across the region. Now a mysterious enemy is using stunning new technology to turn El Salvador into a bastion of fascism. Tipping the scales against the most seasoned fighting men on the planet is an army of seemingly invincible killers and a platoon of unstoppable armored vehicles, now on a rampage across the country in an orgy of destruction.


Unabridged. Panic rocks the White House after an unknown killer satellite fires a nuke into the Australian Outback a dire warning from an unknown enemy. Stony Man is on the attack with all the martial and technical proficiency at their disposal, racing to identify the enemy and any means to destroy it. As anarchy and mass murder push the world to the edge, Stony Man hunts an unfathomable menace: an alliance of black ops and united enemies a threat no power on earth has yet faced…

Neutron Force

Unabridged. For the seasoned warriors of America’s most elite and covert defense unit, each mission could be their last. Now, a grim presidential directive comes down hard, green lighting a desperate search and destroy operation where minutes count. An unknown entity is in possession of one of the deadliest weapons known to man, sounding a death knell for nations across the globe. It kills instantly. No heat, no noise, no radiation. Just silent, invisible slaughter from ultrafast, subatomic particles. The death toll mounts in a random, controlled carnage that is sending a clear message of absolute power while leaving false trails and conflicting clues. No nation can defend itself against the unilateral destructive power of a particle beam weapon. Stony Man’s only option is to destroy it. But first, they must find it…

China Crisis

Stony ManWhen talks and negotiations stall, when rampant violence goes unchecked, the covert arm of the U.S. Justice Department enters the fray at Presidential command. United by an unspoken bond of commitment and patriotism, Stony Man operates for a just cause: the sanctity of the free world, even if keeping it safe demands the ultimate sacrifice. China CrisisWhen a Chinese test missile crashes inside the Afghan desert, a conspiracy of global proportions explodes. The missile is fitted with stolen American technology and Beijing will be caught in diplomatic crosshairs unless they can retrieve the hardware. A Stony Man team is dispatched to get it first and bring tough justice to the shadow organization deep within the U.S. government selling America’s biggest military secret to the world.

Capital Offensive

STONY MAN. Dedicated to a seek and destroy mandate when presidential directive sends them into the heat of battle, the cyber and commando teams of Stony Man hit hard and fast to remove threats of global magnitude. Now a secret terrorist organization has hacked its way into defense satellites opening a trapdoor to Hell…
Capital Offensive America stands virtually defenseless as global security is compromised and nations prepare for the final conflagration that will end civilization. Stony Man gets a lead on a rogue Argentinean general and his twisted vision of a scorched and reborn planet Earth, but tracking the technology and the masters of destruction is a race where seconds count…
and the loser will be humanity itself.

Deadly Payload

Unflinching duty and patriotism stand at the core of the covert operations group known as Stony Man. Answering only to the Oval Office, and with a mandate to strik before the world suffers, the clandestine field and cyber operatives work without a warrant and outside the law, enabling them to strike down those who obey no law.


A powerful U.S. based consortium has begun a full scale assault to take over the world. Attacking on multiple fronts, this secret cadre has enough high tech weaponry to push nations to an apocalyptic standoff and now China, Russia and the Middle East are poised to unleash swift, savage and bloody nuclear relatiations. Stony Man teams are spread thin, racing to stop the unthinkable as the world is pushed over the edge of reason, and an unseen, perhaps unstoppable, enemy brings the planet seconds closer to flash point.

Act of War

When crisis demands skill, stealth and the kind of diplomacy that comes from a mandate to strike down terror, the call to action goes to Stony Man. Under presidential directive, the crack commando teams of Phoenix Force and Able Team, backed by the most sophisticated cybernetics team in the world, bring the fight to the enemy…
and take no prisoners.


Technology capable of exploding cached nuclear arsenals around the globe has fallen into the hands of a group of unidentified terrorists. Mushroom clouds are appearing from the deserts of New Mexico to the mountains of Asia, as warhead stockpiles become radioactive fallout. Facing an untenable decision on whether to disarm or stand and fight, the Oval Offi ce can only watch and wait as Stony Man tracks the enemy to the far flung reaches of the Balkans, where fifteen families of organized crime will be masters of the universe or blow it out of existence.

Critical Effect

Stony Man

Eighty miles outside the nation’s capital, the President’s covert defense unit has its orders: stop terror at its source. From the cyber wizards at the helm to the commandos on the ground, the warriors of Stony Man are united by an unbreakable bond of honor and courage, where ultimate sacrifice is the price sometimes paid but never in vain.

Bug Spheres

A NATO special ops aircraft carrying a top secret prototype goes down near the French German border. In St. Louis, a rogue scientist unleashes an experimental pathogen on innocent victims. Stony Man targets the disturbing intel and launches an offensive that stretches from Munich to America’s heartland. It’s a worst case scenario linking a radical Middle Eastern group with Europe’s most sophisticated smugglers, putting stolen tech into enemy hands along with a killer virus manufactured for mass destruction.

Dark Star

When crisis demands skill, stealth and the kind of diplomacy that comes from a mandate to strike down terror, the call to action goes to Stony Man. Under presidential directive, the crack commando teams of Phoenix Force and Able Team, backed by the most sophisticated cybernetics team in the world, bring the fight to the enemy…
and take no prisoners.


Technology capable of exploding cached nuclear arsenals around the globe has fallen into the hands of a group of unidentified terrorists. Mushroom clouds are appearing from the deserts of New Mexico to the mountains of Asia, as warhead stockpiles become radioactive fallout. Facing an untenable decision on whether to disarm or stand and fight, the Oval Offi ce can only watch and wait as Stony Man tracks the enemy to the far flung reaches of the Balkans, where fifteen families of organized crime will be masters of the universe or blow it out of existence.

Splintered Sky

America’s elite defense unit works under the radar and outside the law to stop terror before it hits America’s streets. But with each new crisis, Stony Man’s cyberwizards understand that the new battlefield is deep space. Someday, a superweapon may be impossible to stop. With luck, that day won’t come, thanks to Stony Man’s field teams bringing the fight to the enemy, face to face .

An invisible enemy plots to launch a dirty bomb from orbit, exposing vulnerable cities to hard radiation. Intel points to a multinational terror force bent on controlling the skies over the free world. Suddenly the Farm is on a hunt for a threat that could shake the entire planet. From deep cover penetration of hostile Red China to an emergency rescue flight to save the International Space Station, the covert commandos are pushed to the limit, especially when they have to prevent a suicide crash of a knockoff shuttle into New York City a collision that would turn the city into a smoking crater.

Primary Directive

Stony Man intelligence has picked up chatter about something bigger than any terrorist attack on U.S. soil. Now it’s zero hour and the agency has dispatched operatives on two fronts: Panama and the Mexican border, where al Qaeda is using drug pipelines willing to accommodate cash payers to funnel terrorists into the country. It’s clear the operation has been in the planning stages for a long time, with moles deep inside the U.S. security net. Now the only questions remaining are when and where the attack will take place. And how Stony Man is going to stop it

Shadow War

STONY MANThe war against terror is played by a different set of rules for the men and women of the elite unit known as Stony Man. On the record, they don’t exist, and plausible deniability is the first mandate if a mission goes sour. Off the books, the cyberteams and field commandos understand the risk…
and accept America’s dirtiest missions without hesitation. BELLICOSE DAWNIntelligence has picked up chatter of the launch of an imminent strike of unknown origin and scope against the U.S. Code named Bellicose Dawn, it involves Mexican drug runners, jihadists and international funding. Stony Man must navigate an unknown strike point, fragmented information and a brewing political firestorm. But soon it’s enough to unleash the ultimate nightmare men down, missing, maybe dead, and things going so bad so fast that the day every Stony Man member prayed would never happen may have arrived.

Hostile Dawn

Bold new threats put America’s elite counterterrorist unit Stony Man on the front lines of a war in which fanatics pursue twisted ideology and spilled blood. As the covertaction arm of the Oval Office, these cybernetic and commando teams work under the radar and in the hot zones to neutralize threats before innocent citizens pay the ultimate price.

Rogue organizations within antiWestern nations are banding together to attack their common enemy on a new front. New Dawn Rising is the badboys club of the Middle East, Africa and Asia, using money, influence and politics to access global seats of corporate power and cripple the free world from the boardroom. Los Angeles is the target of a violent assault that’s about to simultaneously take out, take over…
and wreak mass terror.


American politics has been infiltrated by terrorist elements, and something big and unprecedented is ready to launch. A radical fringe group of the environmentalist movement is linked to a suspiciously well funded American communist party, secretly backed by a wealthy businessman and political insider. With time running out, Stony Man races to stop an enemy who’s armed with stolen uranium from unleashing a shock wave of violence to hijack the White House and the American way of life.

Terror Descending

Dedicated to a cause thirty years in the making, a powerful militant group has amassed a private army of weaponry and mercenaries, and a mandate of world peace by way of mass murder. Across the globe, unmarked planes are spilling a tidal wave of innocent blood as military and civilian targets all become fair game. When enough of the world is gone they will step into power. Unless freedom’s last, longest and only shot does what it does best: the impossible.

Sky Sentinels

Iran is flexing its military muscle, kidnapping U.S. journalists and openly daring America to retaliate. But a hostile confrontation would spell political and global disaster, while doing nothing means exposing Americans to danger. To demonstrate Iran’s worldwide reach, Iranian intelligence officers within the U.S. kidnap three prominent Americans from the Washington, D.C., area. Dispatched to free the hostages and get a handle on the main event, Stony Man discovers the planning stages of a radical multinational plot that could ignite the next and last world war.

Season of Harm

When a routine FBI raid on a New Jersey warehouse turns into a bloodbath, an explosive link between Asian hero*in smugglers and Russia’s newly elected strongman president emerges. With the help of radical new satellite imaging technology, the Stony Man teams sweep across the U.S. Northeast and the Golden Triangle, unleashing relentless fury against an army of narco lords and a highly protected political kingpin poised to take the motherland and the world .

High Assault

A long anticipated break in intelligence puts Stony Man on a rapid fire mission to halt a massive terrorist attack in America’s heartland. Able Team hits the streets of the Venezuelan capital, hunted by political death squads while working to sever Iran’s increasingly powerful narco pipeline to the States. Across the globe in Basra, Phoenix Force gets betrayed and burned in the hellgrounds targeted, outnumbered and outgunned with men down. But Stony Man has been to hell and back many times before. They don’t intend to fail now.

War Tides

When the President needs immediate, covert intervention for a crisis too sensitive or desperate to involve normal channels, Stony Man strikes under the radar and beyond official government protocols. Baptized in the fires of justice, freedom and protection, Stony Man stands for the highest of ideals: dedication to duty and a fierce resolve to defeat those who would brutalize nations. It’s called FACOS Fast Attack Covert Operations Submarine and is now in the hands of an elusive and violent group known as the Revenge of Allah. This supersub, capable of blistering speed and stealth, carries a first strike nuclear payload, spelling a new world of terror for America. With orders to recover the stolen prototype or destroy it, Stony Man s mission goes beyond standard ‘terminate with extreme prejudice.’ With the nuclear armed and powered warship poised to strike America s eastern seaboard, failure is not an option and neither is compromise. Stony Man must stop the show before the terrorists go live.

Extreme Instinct

Hidden in the rolling hills outside Washington, D.C., is the hardsite of America’s ultra covert antiterrorist organization, Stony Man. A force of dedicated commandos and cyberwarriors, this elite, handpicked unit effects surgical strikes against the many faces of evil. Their jurisdiction is anywhere trouble takes them. Their duty to serve and protect. Their missions completely deniable. It begins with a tactical nuclear explosion in Russia. Evidence points to the Chinese, who claim it’s a Russian trick. For Stony Man, it’s the start of the ultimate nightmare as the two countries amass firepower and troops. Soon more staggering explosions rock nations around the globe. At the heart of the horror is stolen tech a nonnuclear Fuel Air explosive ‘T bomb.’ Cheap, powerful and clean, it’s fallen into enemy hands. As cities crumble under its force, the teams track the covert and traitorous factions wreaking havoc in a game of world domination.

Target Acquisition

Stony Man, the covert action arm of the Justice Department, is the highest level trump card at Presidential discretion. The handpicked team of commandos and brilliant cybernetic specialists engage in the kind of last minute, high difficulty and direct intervention operations that sidestep red tape and rules. Stony Man’s mandate: get the job done. With ground teams working separate missions across the globe one against jihadists fueling terror in Pakistan and another rescuing a plane filled with American hostages in the Amazon the cyber team at Stony Man connects the dots to an unfolding global nightmare. At its source, a megalomaniacal emir with the power and royal connections to cause international havoc. He’s willing to sacrifice countless innocent lives for his own twisted vengeance. With ruthless efficiency, Stony Man engages in all out war to stop evil at its source.

Unified Action

When a situation calls for an immediate response and an enemy must be found and neutralized, a team of special operators under presidential directive moves in. Stony Man cyber specialists stay close to ground events in real time, while direct action units engage the combatants with precision and lethal force. Two red hot situations a world apart put the Stony Man strike teams on separate hunter killer operations in unstable regions. In the urban hellgrounds of Domincan Republic, Able Team follows the blood trail of mysterious military contractors. Across the globe in Kyrgyzstan, Phoenix Force stalks a group of dangerous extremists with terrorist connections. But a stunning link between the two operations puts the Stony Man teams on the hunt for a ruthless financier who is plotting a massive wave of terror for profit.

Critical Intelligence

Operating under covert presidential directive, the clandestine antiterrorist organization Stony Man doesn’t officially exist. Unofficially, they fight the fires bureaucracy can’t or won’t touch. Off the grid, under the radar and 100 percent deniable, the commando and cyber specialists of Stony Man are the ultimate problem solvers-and the best defense the nation has….

Stony Man launch teams are rolling hot as convergent threats erupt across the globe. From South America to Somalia, Toronto and Kiev, the action is raging. Colombian narco-terrorists, Chinese Tongs, African warlords, a Russian kingpin, a cutthroat Saudi prince and a corrupt American lawyer are linked as agents of a shadow group called Seven. The ties and power of this nebulous organization go deep and dark-with the strength to leverage the ultimate power play against Stony Man itself.

Armed Resistance

When the Oval Office needs covert rapid response to avert disaster, Stony Man gets the call. Handpicked, the best of the best in cyber intelligence and commando warfare, this elite squad fights by a code of duty and dedication to holding the line between the free world and violent extremists. Sudan’s political situation is a nightmare. Guerilla forces specializing in human trafficking and black market arms rule in the violence torn region. With members undercover inside a military arms depot in Mississippi, weapons are being diverted to the rebels profiteering on human misery. Able Team moves in stateside, while Phoenix Force goes deep into the bloodiest regions of Sudan and Uganda. It’s a grim race to find a kidnapped CIA agent, a cache of human cargo and an arsenal of stolen weapons bound for illegal sale. Stony Man is hunting predators who kill for profit and pleasure battling long odds to bring some justice to a ruthless land.

Created The Destroyer (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

When ex New Jersey cop Remo Williams is electrocuted for the murder of a dope dealing goon, CURE, a super secret government agency that doesn’t really exist, schemes to resurrect Remo as the ultimate killing machine that will carry out most of its dirty plans. Under the direction of expert assassin Master Chiun, Remo is transformed into the Destroyer and launches a series of secret plots to dissolve the underworld.

Death Check (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

The big brains behind the business usually have many pots boiling on their stove, or running their think engines as the case may be. But when the business motto of the Brewster forum, ‘Pursuing Research Into Original Thought’, leads them to some eccentric affairs that throw them far enough off track, Remo Williams enlists the help of his Master Chiun to solve a harrowing crime.

Chinese Puzzle (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

A Chinese diplomat is decidedly deceased and the communist chairman’s advisor is shanghaied while burrowing in the Bronx. The State Department is seeing red and a sour situation gets spicy. Now Remo Williams and his Korean mentor, Master Chiun, must save the abducted adviser and compromise the conspiracy before the kung fu hits the fan. As the US and China prepare for nuclear battle and an assassin’s bullet has The Destroyer’s name on it, the fate of the world is as complicated to solve as a Chinese Puzzle.

Mafia Fix (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

When ten billion filthy drug dollars’ worth of hero*in pollutes the Jersey shore and threatens to make the Mafia a second Evil Empire, the president knows there’s just one man who can stop a Jersey Kingpin from destroying the country and that’s an ex Jersey cop resurrected and nicknamed the Destroyer. Remo Williams is on a mission to mainline death and destruction into the Cosa Nostra before Main Street gets stuck. But how will Master Chiun’s masterpiece of a human killing machine score? Will history’s biggest drug score go bust? With Remo on the mission you know he’ll sniff out the swine and cover his tracks but when he gets to the top will he find he’s gone too high and realize that the Mafia fix is in?

Dr. Quake (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

Forber isn’t a mad scientist, he’s a tectonic technician with a touch for terror who goes by the name ‘Dr. Quake’. California’s touchy San Andreas Fault is in danger of being professionally provoked. But it’s not Dr. Quake’s fault, for someone has split with his earthquake machine. If this dastardly deviant doesn’t get a million dollars in cold hard cash he is going to shake down Southern California for a whole lot more. Luckily, shakedowns and natural disasters are just what the doctor ordered for Remo Williams, Korean death master Chiun’s trained killing machine, because when it comes to finding weapons of mass destruction, it takes one to find one. After our Destroyer sifts through the blackmail and terror it’s the pompous perpetrator who won’t be left standing.

Death Therapy (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

Brilliant and dazzlingly beautiful Dr. Lithia Forrester is masterminding an undercover agency that is stealing America’s top secrets. The group is infiltrating the highest echelons of the U.S. government and planning to sell the information at an international auction, where every country’s ante is a billion in gold control of the USA going to the highest bidder. What the small army doesn’t know is they are subjects of Dr. Forrester’s mind control experiments. They are doing themselves in, while the lovely doctor reaps the rewards. That is, until Remo and Chiun crush the plot and save the country then both buyer and selling may be going…

Union Bust (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

When a giant transportation union controlling all air, train and truck traffic is born, not only does this conglomerate pose a threat to the local leaders, but the entire country is at risk until Remo Williams moves in to dissolve danger in a deadly game.

Summit Chase (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

The President of Scambia’s life is in danger when one sleezy goon schemes to assassinate not only a leader, but immobilize and destroy the entire country and transform its peaceful society into a thundering safe haven for international hoods. Master Chiun and his prot g Remo Williams descend on the scene to combat the treacherous plot…
but not without a fight.

Murder’s Shield (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

An army of renegade cops across the country have been assigned the task of squashing criminal cockroaches under their boots. It’s a dirty job and the White House entrusts it to only one man The Destroyer. Between Master Chiun’s exquisite sense of justice and Remo Williams’ knack for murder, they are ready to bring justice to town once and for all.

Terror Squad (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

A wave of global terrorism spreads as a result of one madman’s tyrannical powers. Even while the governments of three major world powers are on his trail, CURE, the United States’ top secret agency, knows of only one way to solve the problem The Destroyer. There’s little doubt that Master Chiun’s prot g Remo Williams is capable of waging any war, but when the mysterious radical assassin is out to kill, everyone runs for cover except the fearless and most powerful.

Kill or Cure (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

A plot designed by the United States’ top secret agency, CURE, to dispose of a certain corrupt politician, is revealed in what unravels into a national scandal. The agency must be dismantled before greater suspicions arise and one of the top leaders, The Destroyer, is finally destroyed himself. But Master Chiun’s days of work haven’t ended, and he’s not waiting around for his sidekick Remo to be out of a job either. The two are determined to do whatever possible to keep each other in business and continue to bring justice to society.

Slave Safari (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

Chiun knows a secret and he isn’t even telling Remo, the Destroyer, whom he has taught all his skills and loves as a son, because America has committed a sin against him he cannot pardon. They are in Africa, where feuds that have smoldered over centuries are being resolved by death and massacre. But how many deaths? And why? The facts are bizarre. In a Baltimore cemetery a white woman of aristocratic birth, who had died as a slave in Africa many years ago, is supposed to lie buried. But it is not her body in the coffin and that can spark an international incident. It’s going to get hotter in Africa. America’s future seems dark indeed and only Remo, the Destroyer, can bring back the light.

Acid Rock (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

The stage is set for murder, mayhem and deafening music. But the music isn’t loud enough to drown out the shots aimed at the gorgeous redhead on stage. Not that anybody is paying much attention, not in the screaming chaos of the world’s biggest rock festival ever. The girl likes to be near singers, the freakier and more spaced out the better. Some of them get too close and wind up permanently spaced out. Why? Someone wants to kill the beautiful girl with the long auburn hair. She is under contract for one million dollars. A big bounty is on her beautiful head. She has to be killed, and quick. But Remo and Chiun have other ideas. Their assignment from CURE says protect her at any costs and that means someone is going to have to pay a very high price.

Judgment Day (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

The new director is ordering the Destroyer and his mentor Chiun to kill Smith, the director of CURE. They are searching for Smith, who is successfully hiding, when immediate trouble begins for the deadly duo, because Chiun doesn’t want to agree to the killing. Smith is Chiun’s emperor, the man who pays the salary that supports the ancient village of Sinanju. Chiun doesn’t know about CURE, just about Smith, and the cash always arrives on time. That’s enough. Remo is a company man though, a trained killer who works for CURE, the top secret agency that doesn’t exist, and if they don’t want Smith to exist any longer, it is his job to murder him. Orders are orders. But who is the new director? Who hired him and who fired Smith? Could there be another infiltrator? CURE’s security has been violated before, and there is always that possibility. There are a lot of questions to be answered before judgment day arrives.

Murder Ward (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

The Robler Clinic is getting a reputation for too many deaths during routine operations. A gorgeous female administrator, Ms. Kathy Hahl, is discovering a profitable little racket, and her tame anaesthetist, Dan Demmet, is playing along nicely. When timid mother dominated Nathan David Wilberforce a subject of special interest to CURE comes to a premature death at the clinic, Remo and Chiun decide it is time to infiltrate…
And it is Remo who books in as the ‘patient’ exposing him to the rare and deadly ageing drug.

Oil Slick (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

The Middle Eastern state of Lobynia had been supplying oil to the U.S.A. for years, but when Colonel Baraka takes over from the king after a coup, there is a change of policy and the cut off of oil threatens the whole American economy. Baraka has big plans but they bring him big trouble. First there is Remo, whose brief is to get the oil flowing again before American industry grinds to a halt. And then there is Chiun, Remo’s Korean friend and teacher. Chiun’s family holds a centuries old contract to protect the kings of Lobynia and Chiun takes his responsibilities very seriously…

Last War Dance (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

The rebels from the Revolutionary Indian Party plan on capturing the small midwestern town of Wounded Elk, intent on a final showdown against the white man. But only CURE knows that just outside the city limits is the Cassandra the United States’ most secret nuclear installation, an atomic doomsday machine big enough to blow up the world. Remo and Chiun are needed to divert the Indian attack on the monument where the Cassandra is hidden. And to stop a ruthless KGB agent from finding the deadly weapon.

Funny Money (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

The San Diego branch of the Secret Service is receiving some absolutely perfect counterfeit U.S. currency in the mail, and getting nervous. A flood of these bogus bucks could cripple the economy. But plans for using the funny money are more devious than that and it’s all the work of an utterly gorgeous impossible brilliant female scientist and her not quite human associate, Mr. Gordons. She’s holding the world’s monetary system, as ransom for a NASA space age computer program so advanced its use on earth is limited. In space? That’s another matter a matter for Remo Williams, the Destroyer, to settle before the future of America and the world becomes the property of a beautiful, diabolical creature and her unstoppable sidekick!

Holy Terror (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

The Divine Bliss Mission in India is just another money hustle till its leader begins using his disciples to penetrate the higher U.S. echelons. The Blissful Master, alias whiz kid Dom, has a nice line in drug induced bliss for the converted and a sideline in painful death for unbelievers that have cost CURE four Agents. Remo and Chiun hit India, Dom flees, but curvaceous follower Joleen is prepared to embrace a new master the outraged Chiun. Leaving behind them a trail of blissful dead, the three head for home and more trouble.

Assassin’s Play Off (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

For centuries, the ancient House of Sinanju is recognized as the center of learning for all the martial arts. From the ancestral nucleus of Oriental power and prestige have come the world’s deadliest assassins and killers, also man’s greatest protectors and warriors. To become a Master of Sinanju, however, is to totally perfect one’s mental, spiritual, and physical powers. Very few mortals possess even a fraction of the necessary skills. Mere muscle or brains do not matter. Rarer still have been the men who dare to even approach the lowest steps of this shrine to violence and sudden death at Sinanju. The masters of Sinanju are the sun source and essence of the martial arts since prehistory. Recent upstart fighting techniques such as Kung Fu, Karate, Ninja, Aikido are but minor variations in the deadly armament of a Master. Only foreplay to the Grand Battle. And now, for the first time, a Westerner, a white man, Remo Williams, is defending the Holy Place against his relentless archenemy, Nuihc. Not since the Mongol invasions and the barbaric Chinese warlords has the land trembled in such anticipation. The scenario begins in New Jersey. The die is cast in a U.S. government submarine. Now Chiun and the Premier of Korea will witness the Grand Battle. And Remo Williams the Destroyer is being allowed but one blow. One split second opportunity to punch, slash, chop, smash or kick…
The ghosts of a thousand warriors dance in the dust as the two men face each other. And Chiun knows.

Deadly Seeds (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

James Orayo Fielding is a multimillionaire. He hates people. Considers them little more than bugs…
to be controlled or eradicated. Fielding also has a new way to solve the famine that is escalating in many overpopulated countries. It is a secret grain treatment that matures seeds in just one month. News of this spectacular process sweeps across the world. Starving nations of India, Asia, Africa, and South America literally ransom their treasures to be given the formula for this key to survival. Ecologists and world leaders are proclaiming Fielding as a hero to mankind. All this adulation merely bugs the wily old man. He’ll do as he pleases, when he damn well chooses to do so, and harvest all the profits himself. Foreign agents attempt to steal the formula. Even the Mafia attempts to get into the picture. Naturally, CURE is also involved. Is it really possible to feed the world at discount prices? Why would a millionaire delay the chance to make billions of dollars? Remo and Chiun discover a triple cross so sinister that even they are impressed, and decide that the world is worth saving after all. For a bowl of rice with a side order of raw bean sprouts to go.

Brain Drain (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

Artists, composers, and writers are being mutilated and destroyed in the bloodiest murders in police history. This maniac is taking one thing their brains! The chief of CURE nearly ends up as the next corpse…
Remo and Chiun are acting fast, and discovering the killer’s an old enemy, stockpiling brains to extract the creativity he’s lacking…
They are tracking him to Hollywood top brain center where work can be fun! A sexy agent wants Remo for a new career…
Chiun meets his soap opera idol…
and there’s a great spectacle coming: irresistible force, Sinanju, meeting indestructible object, Mr. Gordons.

Child’s Play (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

The government’s Witness Protection Program has been hitting a bit of a snag lately. Despite their brand new secret identities, certain loose lipped mob stoolies are getting blown away by a group of gun toting adolescents. And in an effort to save face, a big mouth Army bigwig’s been pointing the accusing finger at the wrong assassins Remo Williams and his mentor, Sinanju master Chiun! There’s a new kind of ‘baby boom’ going around. And before he plays dead for a bunch of homicidal half pints, the Destroyer is going to nip the poisonous peewee pandemonium in the bud!

King’s Curse (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

New York graffiti artists are leaving their marks everywhere. Even on museum exhibit Uctut, the massive stone idol of the Actatl tribe, who had secretly survived since Cortes and his conquistadors. They are avenging the insult by killing museum trustees and a congressman by the ancient ritual of cutting out their hearts! Remo and Chiun are entering the fray with ancient Sinanju, and Actatls biting the dust as the tribe musters to do battle with CURE. Meanwhile, Remo is acquiring two camp followers. One can’t keep her mouth shut, the other can’t keep her clothes on…
the odds are sure loaded against CURE.

Sweet Dreams (By:Richard S. Meyers,Warren Murphy)

When a brilliant professor invents the world’s first fantasy realization device, allowing anyone to watch their own secret fantasies on television, the Mafia are out to steal it, TV executives want to control it, and Remo and Chiun might be the only ones able to prevent it from killing everyone. As the death toll mounts, Remo, the Destroyer, and his teacher Chiun race to decipher the device’s dangerous and deadly effects. But will the secret agents be able to resist the lethal temptation to watch their own secret fantasies?

In Enemy Hands (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

A congressional committee investigates abuses by America’s spy network and winds up gutting our nation’s intelligence system. Suddenly the Russians are having a field day; their special killer teams roam Europe at will. American spies turn up dead. In capitals around the world, meetings are held to plan the next anti-American escapade. American is defenseless before the rest of the world…
Well, not quite defenseless. America’s two secret weapons, Remo Williams, the Destroyer, and his incredible Korean teacher, Chiun, a master assassin, are being thrown into the breach. They are being sent overseas to start restoring some sense of safety and sanity to the world’s balance of power. But the Soviets don’t give up that easily. They have a secret weapon too, and when they unleash it, Remo and Chiun find themselves poised for a battle to the death…
With each other!

The Last Temple (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

The bodies of two murdered Israelis have turned up, hacked to bits and the pieces arranged in a bloody swastika – and Remo and Chiun are on their way to meet the leaders of an Israeli doomsday group, Zeher Lahurban. In the event of Israel losing the war with the Arabs, secretly stored atom bombs will drop on Arab territory. But a group of ex-Na*zis discover the plan, and see a way to destroy the Jewish nation once and for all – without any help from the Arabs. Remo and Chiun are up against fanatics with long memories, who are keeping Hitler’s schemes alive in their twisted minds.

Ship of Death (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

Beware Greeks bearing gifts especially when it’s billionaire Demosthenes Skouratis selling the biggest pleasure cruise ship ever built to the United Nations for their headquarters. CHEAP! Over three times the size of the QE II, this huge vessel has everything from high tech offices and communications equipment to luxury spas, casinos, restaurants and palatial apartments. But the deal doesn’t include a dozen dead bodies and a hull full of bombs being rigged to explode the night of the opening gala! And Remo Williams, the Destroyer, plans to crash the party. Tipped off the plot when CURE director Harry Smith is getting beaten up by some tough crew members, Remo and Sinanju master Chiun blast full steam ahead, drowning the sleazy rats and save the UN from a watery grave.

The Final Death (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

The fat’s in the fire when a Texas beef mogul is found skinned and gutted like one of his steers. Soon after, innocent people across the country are dying from eating meat injected with a powerful poison. Fearing a threat to national security, the White House orders Remo Williams, the Destroyer, to find the butchers and stop the killing. The grisly deaths are no mystery to Chiun, Remo’s Sinanju master, but the work of an ancient Chinese vegetarian cult of murderers sworn to kill the meateaters of the West. Now the Destroyer’s got to cut off the fanatics before they slaughter the U.S.!

Mugger Blood (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

Word on the streets is don’t mess with the Lords. The Saxon Lords kill for cigarette money and rule the New York ghettos with fear. Even the cops stay off their turf. But one man can’t stay away when he reads about the brutal beating of an old woman in broad daylight. Remo Williams, the Destroyer, goes hunting for punks. Stalking the slums with Chiun, master Sinanju assassin, Remo starts his own program of urban renewal. The Big Apple will never be the same.

The Head Men (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

Remo Williams, aka The Destroyer, is being summoned to the nation’s capital by the White House to expose a vicious plot to assassinate the President. The FBI and CIA are coming up empty in their investigation of a string of murderers of top executives around the country and now they need the special talents only The Destroyer can provide. Cutting to the core of the deadly conspiracy, Remo discovers a security leak on Capitol Hill itself and tightens his lethal noose. But, can he and Chiun, his Sinanju mentor, stop the killers before the President becomes the last corpse in the long line of The Head Men?

Killer Chromosomes (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

What happens when an insane female scientist discovers a genetic link between species and experiments on herself? She transforms into a tiger the man eating kind. Wild, beautiful and deadly, Dr. Sheila Feinberg tests her new savage nature and leaves a trail of mangled male corpses behind. Insatiable, she stalks the only man worthy of her hunger for power, Remo Williams, the Destroyer. Ordered to stop the menace, Remo becomes both hunter and bait for this she devil and winds up her prisoner, the stud she needs to create a new race. As Remo fights her bloodlust, master assassin Chiun circles in for the final kill to end the threat to humankind!

Voodoo Die (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

Under the Communist President for Life, a voodoo priest named Generalissimo Sacrist Corazon, the natives of the Caribbean Isle Baqia aren’t complaining, thanks to a delicious drug they call ‘mung.’ When shot through with radiation, however, mung becomes a powerful weapon: it literally liquefies the opposition, and Generalissimo Corazon has no qualms about using it. After an innocent missionary becomes the latest victim of Corazon’s mung machine, the world is alarmed, and deadly forces are inspired. The Chinese, the Russians, and the CIA all vie to control the mung machine, while CURE’s own powerful weapons, Remo and Chiun, make their way to Baqia and further discover nuclear warheads aimed at the United States. Sacrist Corazon must be stopped, but has the Destroyer met his deadly voodoo match?

Chained Reaction (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

Black is not only beautiful, it’s Ruby Gonzalez…
the wild CIA lady with a sure cure for what ails Remo and Chiun. Remo Williams just can’t seem to forget he was once a Newark cop. But when you’re the Destroyer you do need a little humility. Yellow, the worth of gold, the texture of parchment, the color of the sun source itself…
and, in the inscrutable, insuperable, Chiun, a veritable galaxy of wisdom and power. And fun at a riot. It will be all over when Southern idiots with whips and chains, and Northern madmen with money attempt to reduce business costs by raising slavery to new levels of efficiency. The Destroyer, with a little help from his two friends, proves that billions of dollars and armies of thugs just aren’t enough. Then bucks and Ruby will do…

Last Call (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

During a CIA budget war, a group of assassins mistakenly triggers an ingenious CIA plot originally planned in the 1950s and a worldwide killing spree of top level Russian officials begins…
Only the Destroyer, with the all wise Chiun and the ever wild Ruby, can stop them from reaching their primary target the Russian premier! However, in the midst of all this carnage, Chiun still wants Remo and Ruby to create a super baby as heir to Sinanju, before the government’s budget cuts wipe out welfare funds! How will The Destroyer cope with life and death, love and procreation, all at once?

Power Play (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

Wesley Pruiss is a misunderstood and misled publishing entrepreneur. The dirtier his little magazine gets, the more money he makes. There seems to be no limit to the dirt of the money. His full color monthly, called Gross, soon spawns a chain of raunchy nightclubs ‘Grossouts’ and now a spectacular motion picture was being planned. Disgusting. UnAmerican, even. Enter Remo and Chiun. Not to destroy, but the protect! Disgusting, but very American. Who’d want to kill a dirty publisher? Why worry about the rottenest, most depraved publication in history? Because of the oil industry and their concern over the growth of solar energy, obviously. Oil makes the world go’round. It’d be perverse to think otherwise…
. as you’ll quickly learn in this thirty sixth volume in the violent chronicle of the Destroyer, the invincible shatterer of worlds from Sinanju.

Bottom Line (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

The president is calling. Dr. Harold W. Smith, head of the secret agency known as CURE, took the phone from the bottom left drawer of his desk and answered with a sigh, ‘Yes, sir.’ The President of the United States could not directly assign CURE to do anything, he could only suggest. The one and only order any president could give CURE would be for its immediate dissolution. And five presidents now hadn’t quite done that. Though all five were often tempted. ‘What do you know about the Lippincott case?’ the Southern voice asked. Smith regurgitated a two page, single spaced capsule of hard information. ‘Uh, huh. Well, I hear there’s a plot to kill all the Lippincotts, and it has something to do with animals. Weird experiments, like,’ ‘I see,’ Smith gagged. ‘Yeah, and I think it involves my having the Lippincotts use their clout to open up new trading markets in China.’ The hint was clear. The White House would like the Destroyer to take a look at the situation. ‘You’ll be using those two, I suppose?’ Smith rolled his eyes upward, ‘I imagine so.’ ‘Whatever you say,’ he drawled, ‘just, er, um, tell them to keep the deaths down.

Bay City Blast (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

‘Yes,’ Smith said, ‘he is taking over the city. He is giving an open invitation to organized crime to move its operations into Bay City. He’s opening the piers so that contraband can move in and out easily, so drugs can flow freely. Mob interests are coming from all over the country…
setting up cutting rooms and jewelry factories for stolen diamonds…
printing facilities for counterfeit stock certificates and securities…
major counting rooms for what may become the nation’s biggest illegal gambling operations. It’ll be the crime capital of the U.S. within a few months!’ ‘Well, there’s capitalism at work again. Proving that our system works best,’ Remo said. ‘…
And we want you and Chiun to keep him alive. Of course, he won’t know who you are or who you work for,’ Smith said. ‘Or why. Which includes us, as usual. But that’s OK, if we can’t kill him with kindness, then we’ll CURE him,’ Remo said. ‘Let’s not get into that,’ Smith gasped.

Missing Link (By:Warren Murphy)

Beer for breakfast, that’s how the brother in law of the President of the United States starts his day. Beer is his food, his fuel, and his future, if not his finale. His sudsy philosophy immersed him in a continuing controversy, embarrassing the White House, and making him a media personality. It is also giving him some very lucrative consulting jobs for foreign governments. Like the Libyans. They want his help in obtaining plutonium…
For peaceful purposes, of course…
a Holy War against Israel being the furthest thing from their minds. Suddenly good old Bobby Jack is missing. And the list of suspects seems endless. America’s number one beer drinker is finally muzzled. But by whom? The Bad Guys or the Good Guys? Terrorists or patriots? The Libyans or the Israelis? The Secret Service or the Mafia? The Destroyer?

Dangerous Games (By:Robert J. Randisi,Warren Murphy)

The Olympics promise to be a rare relaxation in the tensions between the States and Russia, until a racial purist decides to punish America’s multi racial track and field team. The Americans, Russians, and Germans are confident that they can stop this racial terrorism until a bomb explodes in the super secure Olympic village, killing two Russian security guards just before the torch is lit. As the threats come racing in, CURE’s agents Remo and Chiun put on their running shoes. and join the U.S.’s Olympic team. Enlisting the aid of a beautiful and flexible Indian gymnast, Remo and Chiun race to track down the terrorists who vow to permanently disqualify America’s track and field squad. But when the terrorists turn on Remo and Chiun, it’s a sprint to the finish for CURE’s agents to keep the Olympic torch aflame.

Firing Line (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

Ruby is too hot to handle, and Remo is being ordered to play fireman. But friendship comes first, even to a Master of Sinanju, and Remo is steaming mad. Mad enough, in fact, to walk out. It’s out of the frying pan and into the fire because Chiun, deferring to tradition, refuses to quit CURE. And they both know that soon he could be hot on Remo’s tail. But the heat’s really on when Remo meets up with Sparky, a walking Molotov cocktail. New York firefighters are walking off the job, and an arson gang, with Sparky in tow, has decided to strike while the iron’s hot. Unless they receive the ransom they demand, they’ll turn the city into the biggest backyard barbecue in history.

Timber Line (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

Tulsa Torrent, America’s biggest lumber company, is stumped when a couple of its key scientists are axed. Seems the deceased were part of a team developing an oil producing tree, and a lot of interested parties have been looking to grease their palms. Before anyone else is pulped, Remo and Chiun are planted to see the project out of the woods. But danger sprouts at every turn, and when the environmentalist High Sierra Society enters the picture, determined to make Tulsa Torrent take a hike, the project rests on pines and needles. Somebody’s barking up the wrong tree, and Remo and Chiun must get to the root of the matter before the unknown hatchet man mulches America’s energy future into one big compost heap…

Midnight Man (By:Robert J. Randisi,Warren Murphy)

Now you see him, now you don’t! Law-enforcement officials think they’ve see everything until they bump into Elmo Wimpler, the inventor of a substance that can make anything invisible. Wimpler’s found his niche in life by dropping out of sight – literally – and killing with a device that crushes skulls. His victims are multiplying, there are no clues in sight, and authorities are groping in the dark. Under suspicion themselves, Remo and Chiun set out to play blindman’s buff with the killer no one can see, but they, too, draw a blank. As they stalk their quarry sight unseen, the assassin’s ultimate target materializes a deposed Middle Eastern sovereign with a $25 million price tag on his head. The United States has granted him asylum, and it’s up to Remo and Chiun to bring the curtain down on Wimpler’s operation before he sends the monarch to Kingdom Come…

Balance of Power (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir,Molly Cochran)

Remo and Chiun must focus on the dizzy series of event connecting the banana republic of Hispania, the Peaches of Mecca, and a luscious blonde named Gloria X. The missing link lies in the tequila soaked brain of Barney Daniels, an ex CIA agent who is spirited away to a mental hospital when he tips a few wild stories to the press. Under the influence of an intoxicating woman, the groggy sot becomes a hired assassin and gets into some tight situations. Every cutthroat in New York City is plying him with drinks to find out what he knows, and Daniels is having a high time…
until someone slips him a mickey. It all comes back to his staggering memory in a dream: it’s not the U.S. but the Russkies who are pouring missiles into the lush jungles of Hispania. Unless Remo and Chiun act fast, Washington, D.C. is likely to get blasted.

Spoils of War (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir,Molly Cochran)

The entire U.S. army is being forced to wage war on its own people by a pontificating ten preacher and the blonde Venus traveling as his wife. But, saints be praised, Remo and Chiun are of a different persuasion, and their unorthodox tactics leave many a zombie eyed Christian soldier prostrate on the ground. Chaplains are dying left and right…
an army base appears out of nowhere those answers to a higher authority than even the Pentagon. Agents of CURE postulate that a Mideast power may have created these apocalyptic events, but the facts are cloistered in secrecy. When Remo and Chiun look for answers, there’s no room for sacred cows and that’s the gospel truth!

Next of Kin (By:Warren Murphy,Molly Cochran)

Remo and Chiun arrive at the vacation paradise of St. Maarten, only to find they’re deep in Dutch. The beautiful island is a very ugly scene. A lot of corpses have been showing up, each one bearing the unmistakable stamp of Sinanju, the ancient Korean martial art known only to the two men. The trail of bodies leads to a strange castle…
and a young Dutchman a man, it turns out, who’s taken a blood vow to send both disciple and mentor to their deaths. A man who knows all their secrets…
and has a few of his own. It’s up to Remo and Chiun to stop him, but this time they’re skating on thin ice. And if they slip, the whole world may go under.

Profit Motive (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

It seems like a good idea at first a bacterium developed to consume oil spills at sea. But when the bug mutates, threatening to convert all the petroleum in the world into wax, Western civilization is suddenly up for grabs. And a lot of slimy characters are determined not to let it slip through their fingers. Which is where Remo and Chiun come in that is, until the Master of Sinanju cuts out…
joining the opposition. It seems that black gold generates a lot of the yellow kind and someone’s offering to send a little something extra to a certain Korean village…
Remo’s left in a real bind. And with his mentor bent on wiping out all that the ex cop stands for, now, more than ever, it looks as if the Destroyer and CURE are nearing the end of the road…

Skin Deep (By:Warren Murphy,Molly Cochran)

Just as world leaders are flocking to New York to discuss world peace, someone takes off with the U.S. Navy’s latest super weapon a top secret, atom armed jet bomber that can escape radar detection. Remo and Chiun launch an investigation, but they’re just winging it…
until unexpected turbulence forces them to an uncharted island off the Florida Keys. Then all at once peril is hovering over their heads, in the form of an ex Na*zi with BLITZKRIEG on his mind. His flights of fancy have the free world taxing toward disaster, with Remo and Chiun going along for the ride. Under constant attack, our heroes are flying by the seat of their pants. And this time it looks as if even the secrets of Sinanju won’t help them land on their feet!

Killing Time (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir,Molly Cochran)

America’s beautiful people are playing follow the leader with their latest guru, diet doctor Felix Foxx. As Foxx’s disciples are dropping pounds, however, U.S. military leaders are dropping like flies. Coincidence? Maybe. But CURE’s been counting causalities, and Remo and Chiun are being dispatched to muscle in and settle the score. They arrive too late at Foxx’s fat farm a fool’s paradise where the wealthy go to buy time. And where, it appears, the smart set are losing a lot more than cellulite…
Our heroes stumble onto an insidious plot one that’s eating away at the very core of Western civilization. And even racing against time, they’ve got a slim chance of stopping it…

Dying Space (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir,Molly Cochran)

When a garbageman in California is found skinned alive, Remo and Chiun figure it’s a dirty business. When the same man starts showing up in the company of a tipsy lady scientist, they know something’s really rotten. But finding out the new face belongs to an old foe a deadly enemy they killed themselves they know trouble’s heading right for their laps, and they’ve got to move fast to keep from landing down in the dumps…
for good. Hot on a trail littered with peril, Remo and Chiun head for Moscow where the KGB, the scientist, and the once dead enemy of Sinanju teach them just who’s going to bury whom? As they waste away in a Soviet prison, America’s future is coming to a head a warhead. And with Remo and Chiun incarcerated, the U.S. is going to be incinerated…
unless, somehow, the odds shift to give the good guys a fighting chance…

Fool’s Gold (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

It’s a routine archaeological find, on a routine archaeological dig until the strange inscription on a buried plaque is translated. Then all at once the entire world is prospecting for gold a whole mountain of it hidden centuries before by an ancient Latin American people. The U.S. is determined to stake a claim because that much gold, in the wrong hands, could destroy the free world’s economy. But nothing’s panning out, and the only person who can decipher the clues to the gold’s location might not live long enough to complete the task. It seems everyone’s trying to kill her…
There’s only one CURE for gold fever Remo and Chiun. But unless they strike it rich, this gold rush is bound to be a bust, and the free market along with it. Unfortunately, our heroes’ luck is about played out…

Last Drop (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir,Molly Cochran)

The High and the MightyIt’s enough to give a drug pusher nightmares: thousands upon thousands of sober citizens are suddenly turning on and dropping out for free and the illicit narcotics business has ground to a halt. Under other circumstances, the pushers’ plight would be cause for official celebration. But this time Washington’s good and worried. And when the rock ribbed Harold W. Smith, head of the supersecret agency CURE, knuckles under to the first buzz of his life, it’s clearly time for Remo and Chiun to take matters into their own hands. Trouble is, Remo’s suffering from a midlife career crisis, and he’s flirting with retirement…
. With the backbone of America melting into Silly Putty, will the land of the free be transformed into the land of the Lotus Easters? It;s a loaded question, and the answer lies with an 80 year old Korean assassin and his rebellious pupil…

Dark Horse (By:Will Murray,Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

An ordinary California political campaign turns into a thriller when someone begins killing off the candidates, and it is up to Remo and Chiun to stop him.

Feeding Frenzy (By:Will Murray,Warren Murphy)

While searching for the lethal ingredient in a popular snack food, Remo and Chiun encounter an exotic beauty determined to make Chiun her instant enemy and Remo her love slave.

High Priestess (By:Will Murray,Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

New Age diva Squirrelly Chicane the hottest channeler the side of Atlantis has made millions getting high on the afterlife. So when a delegation of Himalayan holy men convince a very stoned Squirrelly that she’s an incarnation of the Bunji Lama, she figures ruling their little country would be a kick. But big bad China is playing a game of turf war and Tibet is the unlucky first contestant. The holy underdogs hoped that an American national on the throne even one as nuts as Squirrelly would keep the bullies away. Not! Now, the U.S. is sitting on a powder keg. Solution: send in Remo and Chiun with some free tickets to paradise.

Infernal Revenue (By:Will Murray,Warren Murphy)

When a smooth talking artificial intelligence computer chip known as Friend covertly hijacks the new computer system at CURE, Harold Smith and his supersecret crime fighting organization log on to turbo trouble. Friend’s fiendish strategy screws up the data base so efficiently that both Remo and Chiun quit bad timing now that Friend has released a stealth virus that will attack systems everywhere, holding the world hostage to techno terrorism. With CURE’s intelligence network rendered useless and the IRS at his door, Smith’s only option looks like a suicide pill. But Friend overplays his hand, and now a reluctant Remo and determined Chiun are back on the payroll powered up to foil the greatest threat CURE has ever faced

Identity Crisis (By:Will Murray,Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

Could Dr. Harold Smith be Remo Williams’s biological father? Not only is Remo a few decades behind in Father’s Day cards, but the discovery has sparked the volatile relationship between Remo, and a very jealous Chiun, and Smith who can’t let his own son remain CURE’s expendable enforcement arm. But in his padded cell, one of CURE’s archenemies has been quietly regaining his extraordinary mental powers. His evil mind is culling gray matter and projecting diabolical illusions, putting a dizzying spin on real world events. The whole family ties freak out at CURE is his brainstorm…
and it may be enough to destroy the secret crime fighting organization forever.

Target of Opportunity (By:Warren Murphy,Richard Sapir)

Remo is set to teach a few lessons in hospitality at Florida’s top tourist attraction, but his mind is made up. He is a free agent. No more CURE, no more trying to solve America’s problems. But the nation goes into a state of shock when a Lee Harvey Oswald look alike is nailed trying to shoot the President, and Remo can’t ignore the call of duty and a sense of d j vu. Soon, a meddling television anchorwoman and strange transformations at the White House leave him feeling that he has landed a role in a bizarre Hollywood thriller. With the direct line to the President still dead, and Chiun trying to give away the secret of CURE, Remo and Smith are hard pressed to protect the Man who threatened to shut down CURE for good…