Katie Flynn Books In Order

The Liverpool Sisters Books In Publication Order

  1. Liverpool Daughter (2020)
  2. Under the Mistletoe (2020)
  3. Over the Rainbow (2021)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. A Liverpool Lass (1993)
  2. The Girl From Penny Lane (1993)
  3. Liverpool Taffy (1994)
  4. The Mersey Girls (1994)
  5. Strawberry Fields (1995)
  6. From Clare to Here (1997)
  7. Rainbows End (1997)
  8. Rose Of Tralee (1998)
  9. No Silver Spoon (1999)
  10. Polly’s Angel (2000)
  11. The Girl From Seaforth Sands (2001)
  12. The Liverpool Rose (2001)
  13. Poor Little Rich Girl (2002)
  14. The Bad Penny (2002)
  15. Down Daisy Street (2003)
  16. A Kiss And A Promise (2003)
  17. Two Penn’orth Of Sky (2004)
  18. A Long And Lonely Road (2004)
  19. The Cuckoo Child (2005)
  20. Darkest Before Dawn (2005)
  21. Orphans of the Storm (2006)
  22. Little Girl Lost (2006)
  23. Beyond the Blue Hills (2006)
  24. Forgotten Dreams (2007)
  25. Sunshine and Shadows (2008)
  26. Such Sweet Sorrow (2008)
  27. A Mother’s Hope (2009)
  28. In Time for Christmas (2009)
  29. Heading Home (2009)
  30. A Mistletoe Kiss (2010)
  31. The Lost Days of Summer (2011)
  32. Christmas Wishes (2011)
  33. The Runaway (2012)
  34. A Sixpenny Christmas (2012)
  35. The Forget-Me-Not Summer (2013)
  36. A Christmas to Remember (2013)
  37. The Arcade (2014)
  38. Time to Say Goodbye (2014)
  39. A Family Christmas (2014)
  40. A Summer Promise (2015)
  41. When Christmas Bells Ring (2015)
  42. An Orphan’s Christmas (2016)
  43. A Christmas Candle (2017)
  44. Christmas at Tuppenny Corner (2018)
  45. A Mother’s Love (2019)
  46. A Christmas Gift (2019)
  47. White Christmas / Christmas at Petticoat Lane (2021)

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Standalone Novels Book Covers

Katie Flynn Books Overview

Rose Of Tralee

The year is 1925, and in Liverpool, Rose Ryder worships her father, a tram driver. She nurses a secret dream of driving trams too, even though it’s not considered a job for women. Meanwhile, in Dublin, Colm O’Neill is happily settled until his father gets a job working on the Liverptool Birkenhead tunnel, and takes Colm across the water with him. When tragedy strikes and her beloved father is killed, Rose and her mother scrape a living by turning their home into a boarding house. And it is their boarding house which Colm and his father come to when they arrive in Liverpool…

The Cuckoo Child

Set in Liverpool in the 1920s, Dot McCann, one day overhears a conversation that could send one man to prison and the other to the gallows and suddenly finds herself in possession of stolen goods. Nick, a handsome young newspaper reporter is investigating the crime and joins Dot and her friend, Emma to plot to catch the thieves. But Dot and Emma have been recognized and soon both are in very real danger…

Orphans of the Storm

Another absorbing story from this bestselling writer of Liverpool dramas, this time the story of two families one in Liverpool, the other in the Australian outback and how their lives converge and are torn apart.

Sunshine and Shadows

Daisy Kildare is poor but her Aunt finds her a position as a companion to her employers niece, Cynthia. There she meets Jake, the chauffeur’s son, and life becomes easier to bear. When Jake goes to university, Daisy means to follow, but war intervenes and she starts work at a factory, and falls in love for the very first time…
From the Hardcover edition.

A Mother’s Hope

It is a dreadful November; rain and sleet batter young Martin while he tries to hitch a lift to Liverpool. He hears a bus approaching but has no money, so when it stops to eject a weeping girl, then speeds away, he hurries to catch up. Companions in misfortune, Martin and Rose slog on together. Each has a secret which neither wishes to part with. And when they go their separate ways, they don t expect to meet again. But fate decrees otherwise…

In Time for Christmas

In a heartwarming story of love and loss, In Time for Christmas is the wonderful new Liverpool saga from the Sunday Times bestselling author.

Heading Home

In Katie Flynn’s wonderful new Liverpool saga, Louisa and Cormack Muldoon both have good jobs and live a settled life with their two young daughters. But then Grandpa Muldoon has a seizure and begs his son to return to Kilnevin and the family croft. From the Hardcover edition.

Christmas Wishes

It is the autumn of 1945 and twins Joy and Gillian Lawrence are on their way home to Liverpool. Their mother has been killed in the blitz, but the girls hope that their beloved father will be able to manage without assistance.

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