Chris Kuzneski Books In Order

Payne & Jones Books In Publication Order

  1. The Plantation (2000)
  2. Sign of the Cross (2006)
  3. Sword of God (2007)
  4. The Lost Throne (2008)
  5. The Prophecy (2009)
  6. The Secret Crown (2010)
  7. The Death Relic (2011)
  8. The Einstein Pursuit (2013)
  9. The Malta Escape (2018)

The Hunters Books In Publication Order

  1. The Hunters (2013)
  2. The Forbidden Tomb (2014)
  3. The Prisoner’s Gold (2015)

The Hunters: Origins Books In Publication Order

  1. Before the Storm (2016)

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Chris Kuzneski Books Overview

The Plantation

The first to disappear is a ski instructor, out for a morning jog in the secluded mountains of Colorado. Hours later, a pregnant woman is abducted from a crowded hospital and smuggled past security without a hitch. Two places, two incidents, a single motive. And so it begins…

One by one, in cities across America, people of all ages are being taken from their homes, their cars, their lives. But these aren’t random kidnappings. They’re crimes of passion, planned and researched several months in advance, then executed with a singular objective in mind.


Ariane Walker is one of the victims, dragged from her apartment with no obvious signs of a struggle. The cops said there is little they can do for her. There isn’t enough evidence to go on. Not enough time has passed. But that isn’t good enough for Jonathon Payne. He loves Ariane and isn’t about to sit around while her trail runs cold.

Using the skills that they learned in the MANIACs, a special branch of the U.S. military, Payne and his best friend, David Jones, give chase, trekking to New Orleans on little more than a whim, hoping that Payne’s gut instinct pays off. It does. With the help of several locals, the duo slowly begin to uncover the mystery of Walker’s abduction and the shocking truth behind Louisiana’s best kept secret: The Plantation.

Sign of the Cross

On a Danish shore, a Vatican priest is found – hanging on a cross. Within days, the same crime is repeated…this time in Asia and Africa. Meanwhile, deep in the legendary Catacombs under Orvieto, Italy, an archaeologist unearths a scroll dating back two thousand years, revealing secrets that could rock the foundations of Christianity. Its discovery makes him the most wanted criminal in all of Europe. But his most dangerous enemies operate outside the law of man…

‘An immensely inventive and rewarding thriller.’ – Lewis Perdue, author of Daughter of God

‘I was hooked at the first sentence…
it was one continuous wild ride.’ – John Gilstrap, author of At All Costs

Sword of God

Off the coast of South Korea, a young boy discovers a cave soaked in human blood. Less than a week later, everyone in his village disappears

In Saudi Arabia, a female archaeologist unearths an artifact that threatens the very foundation of Islam. To some, it is a discovery that must be silenced at all costs

In a secret bunker run by U.S. intelligence, the unthinkable has happened. While interrogating one of the world’s most dangerous terrorists, an ex member of the MANIAC Special Forces squad is brutally executed. Jonathon Payne and D. J. Jones, his former commanders, offer to spearhead the investigation. They quickly realize there is more to this atrocity than terrorist reprisal there is a plot in motion that will burn the world in the fires of a holy war

Chris Kuzneski writes as forcefully as his tough characters act. 1 New York Times bestselling author Clive Cussler

A nonstop locomotive of a thriller…
had me burning the midnight oil til breakfast. New York Times bestselling author Vince Flynn

The Lost Throne

The hardcover debut of national bestselling author Chris Kuzneski, author of Sign of the Cross, Sword of God, and The Plantation. In 1890, a man collapses near the Piazza della Santa Carit in Naples, Italy. Strangers manage to revive him, but he is unable to speak. Police carry him to the nearest hospital, where he is not admitted because he has no money or identification. Frantically trying to communicate, he scribbles notes in ancient Greek and German that would have told the world about a discovery of immense importance if anyone had read them…
. Reaching from the wonders of ancient Greece to a harrowing quest in modern day Europe, The Lost Throne features Jonathon Payne and D. J. Jones, former members of a top secret, very special unit of the armed forces. Now as private citizens they still get recruited from time to time for the most delicate and dangerous missions. Payne and Jones must race to recover the lost treasure that could rewrite history, before it is destroyed by a group of men who will stop at nothing to conceal the secret.

The Prophecy

The next exciting, action packed thriller from the national bestselling author. Michel de Nostredame, the French apothecary commonly known as Nostradamus, has gained a cult like following, a loyal band of enthusiasts who credit him with predicting numerous world events the Great Fire of London, the rise of Napoleon and Hitler, and the nuclear destruction of Hiroshima. However, his most important collection of prophetic verses has remained hidden…
until now. In the year 2009, a letter was mailed to a woman who does not understand why she has received the puzzling correspondence, written in a series of codes and ancient languages. She enlists the help of Jonathon Payne and David Jones. Relentlessly hunted by those determined to protect the secret, the duo has no choice but to fight back. In an adventure that spans two continents and several centuries, Payne and Jones must locate the sacred text that may change everything we know about the future.

The Secret Crown

From the mountains of Bavaria to the secret tunnels under King Ludwig II’s castles, no one is safe when they search for The Secret Crown. Hidden among the crates in a recently discovered World War II bunker are documents stamped with an elaborate black swan, the insignia of the murdered King Ludwig II. According to legend, Ludwig stockpiled a massive treasure in the years before his death, a cache of gold and jewels that would finance the construction of the largest castle of all time. But in the years since his death, no one has found any evidence that Ludwig had hidden anything. Until now. Jonathon Payne and David Jones are pulled into the mystery by a colleague of theirs, a former supply sergeant in the U.S. military who asks them to investigate. They agree to help and quickly find themselves in a life or death struggle to uncover the truth about Ludwig’s murder and his mythical treasure.

The Death Relic

The New World, 1545…
Vanquished by the Spanish Empire, little remains of the Aztec and Mayan civilizations. From the ashes of their cities, a unified legend emerges: the Christians who conquered them possessed a mysterious object, an artifact so powerful so deadly that it was known throughout the Americas as ‘The Death Relic.’ Yucatan Peninsula, present day…
When Maria Pelati’s research team disappears in Mexico, Jonathon Payne and David Jones embark on a perilous mission to find the missing archaeologists. The duo quickly finds a link between the group’s work and its recent disappearance. Following the clues left behind, the pair try to solve one of the darkest mysteries of the new world, but their quest for the relic might cost them their lives.

The Malta Escape

Audio CD, Tantor and Blackstone Publishing

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