David Gibbins Books In Order

Jack Howard Books In Publication Order

  1. Atlantis (2005)
  2. Crusader Gold (2006)
  3. The Lost Tomb (2008)
  4. The Tiger Warrior (2009)
  5. The Mask Of Troy (2010)
  6. Atlantis God (2011)
  7. Pharaoh (2013)
  8. Pyramid (2014)
  9. Testament (2016)
  10. Inquisition (2017)

Total War Rome Books In Publication Order

  1. Destroy Carthage (2013)
  2. The Sword of Attila (2015)

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Total War Rome Book Covers

David Gibbins Books Overview


From an extraordinary discovery in a remote desert oasis to a desperate race against time in the ocean depths, a team of adventurers is about to find the truth behind the most baffling legend in history. The hunt is on for

Marine archaeologist Jack Howard has stumbled upon the keys to an ancient puzzle. With a crack team of scientific experts and ex Special Forces commandos, he is heading for what he believes could be the greatest archaeological find of all time the site of fabled Atlantis while a ruthless adversary watches his every move and prepares to strike.

But neither of them could have imagined what awaits them in the murky depths. Not only a shocking truth about a lost world, but an explosive secret that could have devastating consequences today. Jack is determined to stop the legacy of Atlantis from falling into the wrong hands, whatever the cost. But first he must do battle to prevent a global catastrophe.

Crusader Gold

From the fall of the Roman Empire to the last days of Na*zi power, marine archaeologist Jack Howard and his team of adventurers are hot on the trail of history’s most elusive and desired treasure: the lost golden menorah of Jerusalem. And what they discover could change the world forever . Deep beneath the windswept waters near Istanbul, Jack and his crack team of experts have uncovered a surprising clue to the location of the fabled treasure plundered during the Crusades. Meanwhile, in a dusty cathedral library, someone unearths a long forgotten medieval map. Together the two discoveries will solve an ancient mystery and spark a race to stop a present day conspiracy of staggering proportions. From diving into the core of an arctic iceberg to the last stand of a Viking warship to an extraordinary revelation deep in the jungles of Central America, Jack is headed straight into a globe spanning clash of civilizations, into an astounding underground labyrinth steeped in blood and horrors and to a confrontation with a killer on a shattering crusade of his own.

The Lost Tomb

For centuries, people have speculated about the fabled lost libraries of antiquity. If one were found, what marvels would it contain? Now a fearless team of adventurers is about to unearth that long hidden secret, and it will lead them to the most astonishing discovery ever made.

In the treacherous waters off the rugged Sicilian coast, marine archaeologist Jack Howard and his team of scientific experts and ex Special Forces commandos make a shocking find while searching for the legendary shipwreck of the apostle Paul. And when a second artifact is uncovered in the ruins of a buried city, Jack is on the verge of a discovery that could shake the world to its foundations: the handwritten words of Jesus Christ himself.

As he follows a hunch from the dying confession of an emperor to the burial crypt of a medieval pagan queen, Jack is chasing a conspiracy whose web stretches to the highest levels of international power and he will have to risk everything to stop the controversial document from falling into the hands of a shadowy brotherhood determined to fulfill their murderous vows.

The Tiger Warrior

Two ancient cultures, a lost treasure from the distant past: what powerful secrets does it conceal and how far will some go to possess them? Dive into a new full throttle hunt from master of the action adventure thriller David Gibbins, as he unleashes

The trail starts in the Roman ruins and leads to a shipwreck off the coast of Egypt. Soon the world’s top marine archaeologist, Jack Howard, and his team of scientific experts and ex Special Forces adventurers are pushing their way through the mysterious jungles of India, following in the footsteps of a legendary band of missing Roman legionnaires. Meanwhile, at a remote lake in Kyrgyzstan, a beautiful woman has found evidence of a secret knowledge that has cost the lives of countless seekers through the centuries. And what Jack uncovers will lead him to dig not only into the ancient past but into his own family history. For over a century earlier his great great grandfather returned from an archaeological expedition in India forever traumatized by what he d experienced. And in order to lay the past to rest, Jack will have to unearth an artifact that might have been better left buried and with it a power that some of history s most ruthless tyrants have sought to rule the world .

The Mask Of Troy

Jack Howard becomes part of a terrifying legacy and a race against time, in the action packed new adventure from bestselling author David Gibbins. Marine archaeologist Jack Howard discovers a shipwreck with ancient inscriptions that indicate the galley is part of the war fleet of Agamemnon, king of the Greeks. When Jack’s daughter finds a drawing made by a concentration camp survivor that holds a clue to Schliemann s secret, Jack becomes embroiled in a desperate chase across Europe against a ruthless enemy…

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