David Lynn Golemon Books In Order

Event Group Thriller Books In Publication Order

  1. Event (2006)
  2. Legend (2007)
  3. Ancients (2008)
  4. Leviathan (2009)
  5. Primeval (2010)
  6. Legacy (2011)
  7. Ripper (2012)
  8. Carpathian (2013)
  9. Overlord (2014)
  10. The Mountain (2015)
  11. The Traveler (2016)
  12. Beyond the Sea (2017)
  13. Empire of the Dragon (2018)
  14. Season of the Witch (2019)

Supernaturals Books In Publication Order

  1. The Supernaturals (2011)
  2. In the Still of the Night (2017)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. A Whiter Shade of Pale (2015)

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David Lynn Golemon Books Overview


In the summer of 1947, an unidentified object crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. There were no survivors. Now it’s happened again. But this time, two creatures have emerged from the wreckage alive…
One is a small being that is kind and benevolent, brim*ming with intense emotion and intelligence. The other, however, is an animal of remarkable strength and power. It has been brought clandestinely to our world with one sole purpose: the total extinction of all life on Earth. It is called the Destroyer of Worlds. Only the Event Group, the most secret agency in the history of the U.S. government, is prepared to wage battle against such a creature. The Event Group is a dedicated collection of the nation s most brilliant men and women of science, philosophy and the military. Their difficult task: solving the mysteries of the past and uncovering the hidden truths behind the myths and legends propagated throughout world history. In doing so they protect America from past mistakes and ensure that history s errors will never be repeated. An act of war that started in New Mexico decades ago, and was covered up by another far darker organization, has been discovered by the Group at the same time as the new and seemingly identical incident threatens to wipe out the Earth s population. In the desert wastelands of the American Southwest, a battle is about to commence as the two creatures set out to fulfill their own destinies among the human race. Led by the valiant Major Jack Collins, the Event Group wages total war in the heat soaked sands of the desert landscape. Using the benevolent creature as an ally and resource, they combine forces with the powerful might of the U.S. military and prepare themselves for an epic battle against the most dangerous threat against human existence that history has ever seen. Event tells of an epic struggle between two worlds. Author David Lynn Golemon has written a classic supernatural thriller, each page bringing human civilization closer to extinction, that proves a blistering roller coaster ride of thrills and adventure.


Go down a river of no return, toward a fateful meeting with an animal that predates mankind’s existence by ninety million years after a treasure that has captured man s desires for centuries. This is what Legends are made of.

The year 1533: Sent by Francisco Pizarro, Captain Hernando Padilla and his small Spanish expedition found the Legend that men had only dared to whisper. In a lost valley deep in Brazil, he discovered what had driven men of greatness into sheer madness: El Dorado, the largest gold deposit in the world, hidden away from the march of time, preserved as the pristine Eden of wondrous sights and forgotten people.

But what he found wasn t just gold.

Instead, Padilla and his crew awakened a devil hidden in the lost valley, a beast of the Amazon who rises from the mother of all waters to viciously kill any who threaten the secret of the long vanished Incas. But one soldier survives the bloody savagery and, before dying, shares his story with a lone priest in Peru. A secret the Vatican quickly buried away.

The Present: Professor Helen Zachary is searching for a hidden Legend, buried deep within the Amazon Basin a great beast who has survived there since the dawn of time, a being ready to plunge modern science into a world of darkness. And into this darkness, Professor Zachary and her team vanish.

Now a letter from a colleague of Zachary s sends the Event Group, led by Major Jack Collins, chasing down the professor s lost expedition and into the Legendary darkness of the Amazon. Dedicated to discovering the truth behind the myths and Legends propagated throughout world history, the Event Group an agency within the U.S. government that officially doesn t exist ensures that mistakes from the past are never repeated. They are a dedicated collection of the nation s most brilliant men and women of science, philosophy and the military.

Using cutting edge technology exclusively designed for the Event Group by the U.S. military, they travel from Brazil to the Little Bighorn, from Columbia to the hallowed grounds of Arlington National Cemetery. As they do, the Event Group faces mounting opposition from several different adversaries bent on either discovering the whereabouts of El Dorado…
or trying to bury the Legend forever. Praise for Event

Golemon puts his military experience to good use in this promising debut sure to satisfy fans of The X Files…
the plotting and hair s breadth escapes evoke some of the early work of Preston and Child, and the author’s premise offers a rich lode of materials for inevitable sequels.
Publishers Weekly

‘Imagine mixing in a blender a Tom Clancy novel with the movie Predator and the television series The X Files
. Readers who enjoy nonstop action and lots of flying bullets will enjoy Golemon s first book in a projected series.
Library Journal

The Roswell Incident whether Legend, fact, or some combination of both has inspired countless novels and movies over the years, but David Lynn Golemon s Event peels back the layers of Roswell with refreshing originality. The action is spectacularly cinematic, the characters compelling, and the story is a flat out adrenaline rush that pits real world, cutting edge military technology against a literally out of this world threat. Even better, the Event Group itself is one of the best fictional agencies to arise in the literature of government conspiracies.
New York Times bestselling authors Judith and Garfield Reeves Stevens
Fans of UFO fiction will find this a great read, and fans of military fiction won t be disappointed either.


Reminiscent of the works of James Rollins and Matthew Reilly comes the latest in an action packed series about the nation’s most secret agency the Event GroupTen thousand years before the Roman Empire marched great legions across the known world, there was a civilization dedicated to the sciences of earth, sea, and sky. In the City of Light lived people who made dark plans to lay waste to their uncivilized neighbors using the very power of the planet itself. As the great science of their time was brought to bear on the invading hordes, hell was set loose on Earth. And the civilization of Atlantis disappeared in a suicidal storm of fire and water. Now history threatens to repeat itself. The great weapon of the Ancients has been uncovered in the South Pacific, and it is being deciphered by men of hatred by an evil once thought banished from history. Again, the black swastika of hate is rising. Their plan is to attempt to control and direct the most destructive force this world has yet to see, a weapon that would make nuclear arms pale in comparison. The world starts to tremble under the power of the ancient science. The seas rise, the earth cracks, and entire cities crumble to dust as the evil plan mapped out thousands of years before takes shape. The Event Group, the most secret department of the United States government, staffed by the most brilliant men and women of science, philosophy, and the military, must take the lead and try to stop the power of the Ancients. With a presidential mandate to discover the truth behind the myths and legends of history, the Event Group fights to ensure that mistakes from the past are never repeated. Headed by Colonel Jack Collins, the Group must face its most dangerous assignment ever: to find the lost trail of the Ancients and unearth the missing key before the new Reich. Can the most secret federal service of the United States track down the lost trail that will lead them to the lair of this secret power? Or will the world explode in a chain reaction that began more than eleven thousand years ago? The Event Group is the world’s only hope as they search and battle for the lost power of the Ancients. Heart pounding action combines with historical adventure as the Event Group discovers that some myths never die…


The ships of the world are under attack, attacks so sudden and vicious that many ships are lost without a single distress call. The navies of the world start a frenzied search, but even these ships disappear without a trace.

Enter the Event Group, the most secret organization in U.S. history. Armed with proof that history is repeating itself, the Group finds themselves in the grasp of an insane genius straight out of the pages of Jules Verne. They are up against the descendent of the man who was the inspiration for the captain of a vessel known to the world as Nautilus.

Legend comes to life in the form of Leviathan, the most advanced undersea vessel in history. She will stop at nothing to save the seas and to render justice to humankind for a world that has long been dying, a world Leviathan plans to alter forever, unless the Event Group can stop her!


The New York Times bestselling author of Ancients and Leviathan returns with another adrenaline rush the latest thriller in the Event Group Series Twenty thousand years ago, when man crossed the land bridge to North America, creatures called They Who Follow made the great trek as well. But once in the new continent, the giant beasts disappeared, whether into hiding or extinction, no one knew. Centuries later, a battered journal the only evidence left from the night of the Romanovs execution turns up in a rare bookstore. As the U.S. and Russians vie for the truth, and the lost Romanov treasure, they collide with a prehistoric predator thought long extinct. It’s up to the Event Group to lay to rest the legends. On an expedition into the wilds of British Columbia, Colonel Jack Collins and his team make a horrifying discovery in the continent s last deep wilderness, where men have been vanishing for centuries.

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