Judith Pella Books In Order

Stonewycke Trilogy Books In Publication Order

  1. The Heather Hills of Stonewycke (1985)
  2. Flight from Stonewycke (1985)
  3. The Lady of Stonewycke (1986)

Highland Collection Books In Publication Order

  1. Jamie MacLeod (1987)
  2. Robbie Taggart (1987)

The Journals of Corrie Belle Hollister Books In Publication Order

  1. My Father’s World (1990)
  2. Daughter of Grace (1990)
  3. On the Trail of the Truth (1991)
  4. A Place in the Sun (1991)
  5. Sea to Shining Sea (1992)
  6. Into the Long Dark Night (1992)
  7. Land of the Brave and the Free (1993)
  8. A Home for the Heart (1994)
  9. Grayfox (1996)

The Russians Books In Publication Order

  1. The Crown and the Crucible (1991)
  2. A House Divided (1992)
  3. Travail and Triumph (1992)

Lone Star Legacy Books In Publication Order

  1. Frontier Lady (1993)
  2. Stoner’s Crossing (1994)
  3. Warrior’s Song (1996)

The Stonewycke Legacy Books In Publication Order

  1. Stranger at Stonewycke (1987)
  2. Shadows Over Stonewycke (1988)
  3. Treasure of Stonewycke (1988)

Ribbons of Steel Books In Publication Order

  1. Distant Dreams (1997)
  2. A Hope Beyond (1997)
  3. A Promise for Tomorrow (1998)

Ribbons West Books In Publication Order

  1. Westward the Dream (1999)
  2. Separate Roads (1999)
  3. Ties That Bind (2000)

Texas Angel Books In Publication Order

  1. Texas Angel (1999)
  2. Heaven’s Road (2000)

Daughters of Fortune Books In Publication Order

  1. Written on the Wind (2002)
  2. Somewhere a Song (2002)
  3. Toward the Sunrise (2003)
  4. Homeward My Heart (2004)

Patchwork Circle Books In Publication Order

  1. Bachelor’s Puzzle (2007)
  2. Sister’s Choice (2008)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Blind Faith (1996)
  2. Beloved Stranger (1998)
  3. Mark of the Cross (2006)

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Judith Pella Books Overview

The Heather Hills of Stonewycke

Generations are sustained by faith and love in four complete novels. Historical collection of four reprinted novels from our Heartsong Presents series by Tracie Peterson linked to New Mexico Sunrise.

Flight from Stonewycke

The second book of The Stonewycke Trilogy. A compelling Scottish story in the gothic tradition.

The Lady of Stonewycke

Book 3 of The Stonewycke Trilogy

The Lady of Stonewycke is the exciting conclusion to the lavish historical saga begun in The Heather Hills of Stonewycke and continued in Flight from Stonewycke. A sweeping saga of three generations in the lives of an aristocratic nineteenth century Scottish family, the trilogy opens doors to a world you will never forget, combining excitement and romance with a strong spiritual message characteristic of authors Phillips and Pella.

Jamie MacLeod

Jamie MacLeod: Pondering the mystery of her father’s death, watching the emotional pain of another’s rejection, stretching for the elusive dreams that led her on, discovering the chance for love all of this is Jamie MacLeod.

My Father’s World

As the wagon train made its descent from the mountains, the warm colors of autumn tried in vain to cheer the weary young travelers. Their mother had perished in the desert, and they had heard that their father was dead some years before. With the help of the wagon master, fifteen year old Corrie Belle Hollister is the only one left to bring her two brothers and two sisters into a raucous mining camp during the California Gold Rush to find their Uncle Nick. Her mother’s dying words to Corrie: ‘A woman’s got to be strong. She’s got to be able to make her way alone if she has to.’ When the little troop arrives in Miracle Springs and discovers that Uncle Nick has skipped town and the sheriff is after him, the ‘land of promise’ turns into one of fear and unknown danger. Shouts of ‘gold’ and ‘new strike’ fade away as Corrie stands in the middle of a strange town with everyone turning them away. Could they make it on their own? She’d have to try!

Daughter of Grace

She is learning how to be a Daughter of Grace. When Corrie Belle Hollister and her younger brothers and sisters unexpectedly found their father on the streets of Miracle Springs, their shocking reunion was tentative at best. It would take the full story of My Father’s World for them to discover each other in their hearts and to start to become the family God wanted them to be. Daughter of Grace shows the developing relationships between the reunited Hollisters. And many things in Miracle Springs change: the new church gets built, a school is opened, Pa Hollister settles into his role as father, and the Hollister cabin becomes a home. But the biggest change occurs in Corrie as she matures into womanhood thanks, especially, to Mrs. Parish. Pa Hollister rightly concludes that the children need a mother’s care. But when he makes his choice, Corrie’s world is once again shaken.

On the Trail of the Truth

Since coming to California, Corrie Belle Hollister’s life has been marked by change and growth. And now with a new mother to care for her brothers and sisters, Corrie is free to consider the future. She longs to be a journalist, to serve God with her writing, to become a woman of the truth. But the truth can be elusive, especially as it leads her into what has always been a man’s world. In her quest to become a newspaper reporter, Corrie finds herself in the rough and tumble towns of the gold fields alone. The closer she gets to the truth, the more severe the opposition. Corrie discovers a conspiracy of deception that means danger not only to herself but to her family. The Trails Are Unfamiliar, and the Truth Beckons Her On But Is It Worth the Risk?

A Place in the Sun

She came to California a young, frightened girl, alone with four brothers and sisters to care for. Now Corrie Belle Hollister has grown into a young woman with a loving family and a bright future. But trouble in Miracle Springs and within the Hollister Belle clan itself threatens to divide the town and the family. Almeda carries a secret that could mean the end of their hopes for a peaceful, secure life. Corrie herself must face the reality that God sometimes works through difficult, heartbreaking circumstances to see His will accomplished. When Trouble Comes, Will Faith and Love Be Enough to Sustain Them?

Sea to Shining Sea

As the election of 1860 draws near and political tensions between North and South threatens to escalate into a full scale war, Corrie Belle Hollister finds herself thrust into the political arena. Her reputation as California’s Woman Reporter and her vain attempts to help Colonel John Fremont in the presidential election of 1856 have brought her to the attention of the leaders of California’s new Republican Party. And the handsome young political aide, Cal Burton, helps to convince Corrie that Lincoln and the party even the nation itself depend upon the influence she can wield through her speaking and writing. Corrie firmly believes that slavery is wrong, and that she should do what she can to help Lincoln get elected. But mounting conflict within the Hollister clan and in the nation at large bring her to the realization that the decisions she makes could change her life forever. Her Reputation Has Spread Beyond California. Is Politics Her Future…
or Something Else?

Into the Long Dark Night

As the War Between the States escalates into full scale conflict threatening to tear the nation apart, Corrie Belle Hollister finds herself far from her home and thrust into the center of the battle. Invited by President Lincoln to visit Washington and help with his reelection campaign, Corrie heads east, toward her own roots. As she seeks to sort out God’s will in the midst of tragedy, she unwittingly uncovers a plot that could change the course of the nation forever. She must take action but the risk could cost her life. What Would She Find in the Heart of Danger?

Land of the Brave and the Free

Pursued as a Union spy within Confederate territory, Corrie Belle Hollister’s desperate attempt to escape on horseback was cut short by a slamming sensation in her back which was followed by an explosion of sound. The pain from the deadly bullet lasted but a moment followed only by numbness. All sounds began to fade as she rode on, struggling to maintain her grasp on the horse’s mane. Then even the silence faded into nothingness as blackness overcame the light. Will Corrie discover the answers to life’s most important questions…
at the convent in her writing in the service of President Lincoln?Will Corrie Ever Find the Home Where She Belongs?

A Home for the Heart

Over two years have past since Corrie Belle Hollister left Miracle Springs and now, with the Civil War behind her, Corrie is returning home to the family she loves, back to California, and yet back to even more than that. Rising up with Corrie is a new feeling that the time has come for her to decide where home really is. Corrie has grown into a mature woman in her time away from home. Will her family see the difference? it is time to decide where she belongs Where is her home Where is the home for her heart?


A magnificent saga of love and war, of political conflict and imminent change, of two women Against the vast and formidable backdrop of pre revolutionary Russia, the lives of two families become inextricably entwined. Anna Yevnovna Burenin, a peasant girl from the tine village of Katyk, must leave the home she loved to work in a prince’s palace in St. Petersburg, bringing her family’s heritage of faith with her. Anna’s future is altered forever when she is thrust into the presence of the high minded, spoiled Princess Katrina. But even as Anna’s own life is changed, her faith exerts a transforming influence over the willful young princess. But the life of protected royalty in St. Petersburg cannot be isolated forever from the forces that buffet the mighty Russian Empire. While grand dukes and their duchesses celebrate New Year’s at the Tsar’s legendary Winter Palace, revolution brews and war in the Balkans seems inevitable. Both peasant and princess face the prospect of their beloved Russia being torn apart by conflict within and without. Caught in the crosscurrents of history, who will survive?

The Crown and the Crucible

A magnificent saga of love and war, of political conflict and imminent change, of two women Against the vast and formidable backdrop of pre revolutionary Russia, the lives of two families become inextricably entwined. Anna Yevnovna Burenin, a peasant girl from the tine village of Katyk, must leave the home she loved to work in a prince’s palace in St. Petersburg, bringing her family’s heritage of faith with her. Anna’s future is altered forever when she is thrust into the presence of the high minded, spoiled Princess Katrina. But even as Anna’s own life is changed, her faith exerts a transforming influence over the willful young princess. But the life of protected royalty in St. Petersburg cannot be isolated forever from the forces that buffet the mighty Russian Empire. While grand dukes and their duchesses celebrate New Year’s at the Tsar’s legendary Winter Palace, revolution brews and war in the Balkans seems inevitable. Both peasant and princess face the prospect of their beloved Russia being torn apart by conflict within and without. Caught in the crosscurrents of history, who will survive?

A House Divided

The Heroes Have Returned…
But the Turmoil Rages On As the war in the Balkans draws to its bitter and devastating close, Prince Sergi returns to St. Petersburg and to his love, the young servant Anna Burenin. But the battles still rages both within Sergi’s heart and in the revolution that threatens to overthrow the tsar’s tenuous control over his vast empire. Anna’s brother Paul, disillusioned with a peasant’s lot in tsarist Russia, joins with his revolutionary friends. Yet even as he seeks to make a difference for the future of his beloved Motherland, his violent actions may endanger the life of the sister he loves so well. Torn between love for her family and devotion to the Fedorcenko family, Anna faces life changing decisions. Her faith in God and His intervention is all that supports her as she stands in the gap to keep her loved ones and all of Russia from becoming A House Divided.

Travail and Triumph

All around them, the Russia they have known is crumbling. Can faith in God bring triumph out of their tragedy? The noble house of Fedorcenko has much to rejoice in: the marriage of Princess Katrina, the anticipation of a new baby, the return of Prince Sergi. But life does not end as a fairy tale. Even as they celebrate, rebel forces are at work to overthrow the tsar and the house of Fedorcenko as well. In this compelling sequel to A House Divided, Michael Phillips and Judith Pella continue the saga of two families the aristocratic family of Fedorcenko and the humble peasants from Katyk, the Burenins. From the frozen wasteland of Siberia to the tumult of St. Petersburg, Phillips and Pella weave a story that demonstrates how God’s sovereignty extends over all human experience.

Frontier Lady

She Learned Too Late On Her Wedding Night That She Had Escaped Nothing Deborah Graham’s escape from the ravages of the Civil War to the plains of Texas holds more than the promise of a new beginning. She is marrying a handsome young man who will inherit wealth and influence from his cattle baron father. But the reverberations of a murderer’s bullet echo far down the corridors of her life and change everything for Deborah. From the plains of Texas to the Indian Territories of Kansas, Deborah finds herself faced with all the beauty, savagery, and challenges of the Old West. And along the way a tiny seed of faith is planted and the characteristics that will become her distinctive mark strength, independence, honor and faith in a God who is bigger than the land ever noted for its awesome size will begin to develop. THE CAPTIVATING FIRST BOOK IN A NEW HISTORICAL FICTION SERIES FROM JUDITH PELLA.

Stoner’s Crossing

The Disclosure Shattered Their World, But the Trail to the Truth Led Back to Stoner’s CrossingNineteen years ago, Deborah Stoner stood on the gallows of Stoner’s Crossing, Texas, awaiting execution for the murder of her husband. Miraculously, she escaped but now the past has caught up with her, and history threatens to repeat itself. And this time the stakes are higher. She could lose not only her life, but the love and respect of her daughter Carolyn as well. As the secrets of Deborah’s past begin to unravel, Carolyn is thrust into the midst of a dilemma. Torn between love for her mother and the possibility of finding a place with a grandfather she never knew, Carolyn must call on all her courage to face the terrible truths that have been hidden for two decades.A Tale of Deception and Intrigue, Mystery and the Grace of God.

Warrior’s Song

He Was the Son of a Cheyenne Warrior, but the Shining Image Was Growing Dim. He was the only son of Deborah Killion and Broken Wing, and Blue Sky had been regaled with tales of the fine deeds of his dead father, a Cheyenne warrior whose noble measure would have been the same regardless of the color of his skin. But at seventeen Sky was nearly a man himself, and the stories of his father seemed just that stories, childhood fairy tales that did not stand up to the constant buffeting by the harsh realities of bigotry. Torn between the two worlds of his heritage, Sky is locked in confusion, questioning, and bitterness. When he is befriended by a young rancher’s son whose life he saved, Sky feels he has found the acceptance he’s been looking for. But a horrible tragedy is followed by a cowardly act of betrayal, and he is forced to flee his home. Searching for meaning and love, he must now face his betrayer and the lies that drove him away.

Stranger at Stonewycke

The Stonewycke fortune is being stretched to its limits as the family tries to bolster the town’s economy. With Allison representing a new susceptibility to change and corruption, the family is once again the crossroads of destiny.

Shadows Over Stonewycke

Shadows Over Stonewycke is the second book in The Stonewycke Legacy and continues the Ramsey family story portrayed in Stranger at Stonewycke.

Treasure of Stonewycke

Treasure of Stonewycke is the exciting final book in The Stonewycke Legacy and concludes the Ramsey family story that begain in The Stonewycke Trilogy.

Distant Dreams

Only Her Father Understood her Love of the Unknown and the Promise of Distant Dreams

Caught up in the excitement of America’s westward expansion in 1835, fifteen year old Carolina Adams falls in love with the railroad. Living in a society that decidedly looks down on such aspirations in a woman, Carolina longs to study more masculine subjects such as science and advanced mathematics.

Fresh out of college, James must decide whether to join his father in the banking industry or pursue his own fascination with the railroad business. While recovering from an injury in a train derailment, James takes on a tutoring job at the Adams’ plantation. He will serve as Carolina’s teacher, but more important to his family, he will court Virginia, Carolina’s beautiful older sister.

Overwhelmed by her father’s surprise of a tutor, Carolina applies herself to her studies, while Virginia uses all of her southern charms to elicit a marriage proposal from James. But when Carolina’s and James’ mutual interests lead to unexpected feelings for each other, where will their dreams take them?

A Hope Beyond

Facing personal tragedy and the loss of her own true love, Carolina struggles to find A Hope Beyond. Carolina Adams clung to the distant dream of America’s westward expansion with the railroad as a promise for a bright future. But she finds life at Oakbridge, the family plantation, nearly unbearable. Confronted by overwhelming tragedies and injustices, as well as the loss of her first true love, Carolina struggles through her broken dreams to find A Hope Beyond. After breaking his wedding engagement with Virginia, Carolina’s older sister, James Baldwin immerses himself in work for the B&O Railroad, the other passion in his life besides Carolina. But as he helps to build the line west to Cumberland, unforeseen forces work to keep him and Carolina apart forever. Desperate to escape the painful situation at home, Carolina moves to Baltimore and becomes a nanny to Victoria, a little girl whose mother has died. When the child’s future becomes entwined with Carolina’s through a shocking business proposal from Victoria’s dark and brooding father, Carolina must choose between her own aspirations for love and the fate of an innocent child.

A Promise for Tomorrow

When James Baldwin takes a new position with the B&O Railroad, he and Carolina decide to move their growing family from Baltimore to a small rural town in the Allegheny Mountains. Carolina’s stepdaughter, Victoria, becomes enthralled with handsome Kiernan, an Irish railroad worker. But will the upper class Baldwins even consider him as a suitor for their daughter? And when tensions rise among the workers, can James stop a destructive plan before it’s too late?

Westward the Dream

GO WEST! Continuing the legacy of the RIBBONS OF STEEL series, this romantic new epic from the bestselling author team of Judith Pella and Tracie Peterson joins the dangerous and exciting exploration of the western frontier. Furthering the legacy of Carolina and James Baldwin begun in the RIBBONS OF STEEL series, Pella and Peterson’s newest venture pushes West and features the romances and adventures of a new generation of Baldwins. In this engaging first book, Westward the Dream, Brenton and Jordana Baldwin make a trip across the continent to California, leaving a home ravaged by the Civil War. Planning to visit the gold fields and photograph the wilds of western America, the travelers become tied to the establishment of the Union Pacific Railroad. Romance blossoms along the way, but dangers threaten to turn the dream into a tragedy. ‘Wonderful characters, compelling conflict, and adventure. All with fascinating history sprinkled in…
‘ J.K., MN

Separate Roads

While the Civil War is raging, Brenton Baldwin has promised to provide a safe escort to California for Caitlan O’Connor. But now that his heart is totally hers, how can he leave her once they finally arrive? Meanwhile, Kiernan and Victoria O’Connor struggle as his work on the Central Pacific Railroad keeps them separated for long periods of time. Then a devastating accident with explosives suddenly changes everything. What will this mean for all of them?

Ties That Bind

The Race to Complete the Transcontinental Railroad Accelerates…
. Will Sabotage Thwart Their Dream?

The strife of the Civil War has ended, but the Indian wars on the Plains have intensified and the Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railroads are locked in a high stakes competition to link the eastern states with their western counterparts

Jordana Baldwin had come to California by stagecoach to help her sister Victoria, but after three years she has grown restless and feels the need to do something different. When her writing catches the attention of an eastern newspaper, she takes on the guise of a man to report on the progress of the rail line and spy for the Central Pacific.

But Jordana has continued to correspond with Captain Rich O’Brian, who has left the army and now works for the Union Pacific. When they meet again, romantic sparks fly, but Rich’s past still looms between them. Since his wife’s death, he’s made it clear he wants no ties to another woman, yet he realizes he’s fallen in love with Jordana.

As the last tracks are laid to join the East and the West, will competing interests keep Jordana and Rich apart…
or bring them together?

Texas Angel

Elise Toussaint Hearne thought her devastating secret was safe after all, her dark hair and complexion could mean she had French ancestry. But that did little to save her when it was discovered that her deceased mother was a runaway quadroon. Disowned and shamed by the Hearne family, Elise and her baby find themselves on their way to the wild frontier of Texas as slave. When Elise inadvertently meets Benjamin Sinclair, a fiery evangelist determined to convert the lawless Texans, their lives become intertwined in the midst of tragedy shattering their fragile existence and forcing them to discover the faith that sustains. This volume also includes the full length novel Heaven’s Road, the story of Micah Sinclair, the reckless but courageous stepson of Elise.

Heaven’s Road

As Texas recovers from its violent revolution, a runaway son winds up fighting for the Mexicans, then is recruited into the Texas Rangers.

Written on the Wind

Book 1 of the Daughters of Fortune series. Cameron Hayes’ determination to distance herself from her famous father and establish herself as a journalist finds her back in her beloved Russia, now threatened by Hitler’s greed. In Moscow she meets Dr. Alex Rostov, a once prominent US surgeon who has been forced to return to his Russian homeland. Anger over the politics of war brings Alex and Cameron together, but will tragedy ultimately drive them apart? Cameron’s sisters, Blair and Jackie, have each set out on paths certain to dismantle a family already fragmented by turmoil, within and without. Long held secrets shimmer just beneath the surface of a family united only in name…
will the trauma of war be the catalyst for peace?

Somewhere a Song

Book 2 of Daughters of Fortune. Somewhere a Song opens the day after Pearl Harbor as the daughters of newspaper tycoon Keegan Hayes suffer the aftermath on three different continents journalist Cameron Hayes in Moscow, searching for the half brother she’s never met; Jackie in California, dangerously aligning herself with the Japanese community; and Blair in Manila, desperately seeking the whereabouts of her estranged army officer husband even as she is caught up in the terror of war. The trauma each woman experiences threatens to further drive a wedge in the Hayes family. Is there hope when the world s at war?

Toward the Sunrise

Book 3 of Daughter’s of Fortune. In the summer of 1942, on three different continents, the daughters of newspaper tycoon Keagan Hayes are caught in chaos within and without. Though all have come to a personal faith, they are thrown into physical and emotional trauma that severely tests that faith. In Los Angeles, Jackie’s Japanese American husband is sent to an internment camp. In the Philippines, Blair is captured by the Japanese and imprisoned. In Russia, Cameron is arrested and forced to leave the country. They each struggle to find strength to endure the hardships inflicted upon them and to maintain their confidence in the God who is writing the pages of their lives.

Homeward My Heart

The ‘war to end all wars’ is over, but the Cold War is just beginning. Cameron works as a foreign correspondent for her father’s newspaper while she continues to try to obtain a Soviet visa in order to join her husband, Alex, who is not allowed to leave Russia. Blair is in Washington D.C., where husband, Gary, works for the State Department. Jackie is in California, struggling to cope with widowhood and single motherhood. All three are experiencing private heartaches that severely test their faith when Cameron s visa is suddenly approved. Blair and Jackie decide to join her in a clandestine search for their stepbrother. Danger and intrigue, courage and faith explode in a powerful conclusion in this Daughters of Fortune saga, book 4.

Bachelor’s Puzzle

He never intended to stay…
The women of the Maintown church ladies society eagerly await the arrival of the new circuit riding preacher a bachelor, they’ve been told. To welcome him, they and their eligible daughters decide to make him a ‘welcome’ quilt. The project turns into a fierce competition as each young woman tries to outdo the other in creating a quilt block so exquisite that it and she will gain the young minister’s attention. Zack Hartley is unlike any preacher the church has ever seen. He bumbles about in the pulpit, and when he visits the sick, instead of praying for them he hangs laundry, washes dishes, tends children does whatever needs doing. His inexperience and humorous blunders, however, eventually prove endearing and only further encourage the young ladies in their obvious attempts to snare him. But Zack is hiding something, and if his deception is found out, disappointing the Maintown ladies may be the least of his worries.

Sister’s Choice

She had thought he was the one…
Now she’s not sure of anything. When it comes to quilting, Maggie Newcomb is all thumbs. And nobody rubs it in more than Emma Jean Stoddard. But Maggie swallows her ire for one simple reason: she has a crush on Emma Jean’s handsome son, Colby, and doesn’t want to ruin her chances. So she works hard to become the best quilter in Maintown. Her plan seems to be working…
until Tamara Brennan comes to town. Tamara is wealthy, poised, and beautiful. Several of the local boys are immediately smitten with her, including Colby Stoddard. Desperate to keep Colby’s attention, Maggie devises an elaborate plan with her friend Evan. But her scheme brings unexpected consequences, and before long Maggie isn’t sure what her heart truly desires.

Blind Faith

A fledgling artist and a single mother, Irene Delany has had her share of hardships, and the shocking news of her ex husband’s mysterious death threatens to crumple her newly found contentment in suburban San Francisco. As the events surrounding Greg’s death unfold, Irene discovers a shadowed past that includes Joel Costain a successful attorney who is deeply intent on finding Greg’s murderer. Chasing the thread of a mystery, two very different lives unwittingly weave together. Struggling to see beyond their differences and beyond the challenge Joel must face daily Irene soon realizes that Joel is just as intent on whittling away the walls around her heart. Can she find love again a love she can trust?A veteran of the bestseller charts, Judith Pella spins a tale that begins with heart rending anguish and ends with a portrait of redemption and unconditional love.

Beloved Stranger

When she pledged ‘For better, for worse,’ she didn’t know she would face both so soon

After a chance meeting off the coast of Puerto Vallarta, Frank Stefano and Shelby Martin sense an immediate chemistry between them a bond that blossoms as their relationship deepens. With her father’s recent death and a runaway mother, Shelby finds herself more than willing to put sorrows behind her and start anew with a man who reflects all that she desires in a soul mate.

At Shelby’s urging, a spur of the moment wedding follows their whirlwind romance. But upon their return to California, the honeymoon begins to crumble as Frank’s shadowed past one that Shelby was willing to ignore takes on a dark and mysterious edge. Amid confusing allegations, Shelby’s faith in her husband and in a God who loves is shaken to the core. Where will she find the strength she needs to face an uncertain future?

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