Debbie Macomber Books In Order

Cedar Cove Books In Publication Order

  1. 16 Lighthouse Road (2001)
  2. 204 Rosewood Lane (2002)
  3. 311 Pelican Court (2003)
  4. 44 Cranberry Point (2004)
  5. 50 Harbor Street (2004)
  6. 6 Rainier Drive (2006)
  7. 74 Seaside Avenue (2007)
  8. 8 Sandpiper Way (2007)
  9. 92 Pacific Boulevard (2009)
  10. 1022 Evergreen Place (2010)
  11. 1105 Yakima Street (2011)
  12. 1225 Christmas Tree Lane (2011)

Cedar Cove Related Books In Publication Order

  1. Christmas in Cedar Cove (2010)
  2. A Merry Little Christmas (2012)
  3. Welcome Back to Cedar Cove (2021)

Cedar Cove Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove Cookbook (2009)

Angels Everywhere Books In Publication Order

  1. A Season of Angels (1993)
  2. The Trouble with Angels (1994)
  3. Touched by Angels (1995)
  4. Shirley, Goodness and Mercy (1999)
  5. Those Christmas Angels (2003)
  6. Where Angels Go (2007)
  7. Angels at the Table (2012)

Back To The Ranch Books In Publication Order

  1. Lone Star Lovin’ (1993)

Blossom Street Books In Publication Order

  1. The Shop on Blossom Street (2003)
  2. A Good Yarn (2005)
  3. Susannah’s Garden/Old Boyfriends (2006)
  4. Back on Blossom Street/Wednesdays at Four (2007)
  5. Twenty Wishes (2008)
  6. Summer on Blossom Street (2009)
  7. Hannah’s List (2010)
  8. A Turn in the Road (2011)
  9. Starting Now (2013)
  10. Blossom Street Brides (2014)
  11. Twenty-One Wishes (2020)

Blossom Street Kids Books In Publication Order

  1. The Yippy, Yappy Yorkie in the Green Doggy Sweater (2011)

Blossom Street Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Blossom Street Collection Book 1 (2010)
  2. Blossom Street Collection, Book 2 (2010)
  3. Blossom Street Collection, Book 3 (2010)

Dakota Books In Publication Order

  1. Dakota Born (1999)
  2. Dakota Home (2000)
  3. Always Dakota (2000)
  4. Buffalo Valley (2001)
  5. Dakota Farm/The Farmer Takes a Wife (2016)

Deliverance Company Books In Publication Order

  1. Someday Soon (1995)
  2. Sooner or Later (1996)
  3. The Sooner the Better/Moon Over Water (1998)

Dryden Brothers Books In Publication Order

  1. Ready for Love (1999)

From This Day Forward Books In Publication Order

  1. Groom Wanted (1993)
  2. Bride Wanted (1993)
  3. Marriage Wanted (1993)

Heart of Texas Books In Publication Order

  1. Lonesome Cowboy (1998)
  2. Texas Two-Step (1998)
  3. Caroline’s Child (1998)
  4. Dr. Texas (1998)
  5. Nell’s Cowboy (1998)
  6. Lone Star Baby (1998)
  7. Promise, Texas/The Little Bookshop Of Promises (1999)
  8. Return To Promise (2008)

Legendary Lovers Books In Publication Order

  1. Cindy and the Prince (1987)
  2. Some Kind of Wonderful (1988)
  3. Almost Paradise (1988)

Those Manning Men Books In Publication Order

  1. Marriage of Inconvenience (1992)
  2. Stand-In Wife (1992)
  3. Bride on the Loose (1992)
  4. Same Time, Next Year (1995)
  5. The Manning Brides (Collection of book 1 & 2) (2008)
  6. The Manning Grooms (Collection of book 3 & 4) (2008)
  7. Silver Bells (2009)

The Manning Sisters Books In Publication Order

  1. The Cowboy’s Lady (1990)
  2. The Sheriff Takes a Wife (1990)

Men: Made in America Books In Publication Order

  1. Borrowed Dreams: Alaska (1985)

Midnight Sons Books In Publication Order

  1. Brides for Brothers (1995)
  2. The Marriage Risk (1995)
  3. Daddy’s Little Helper (1995)
  4. Because of the Baby (1996)
  5. Falling for Him (1996)
  6. Ending in Marriage (1996)
  7. Midnight Sons and Daughters (2010)

Mrs. Miracle Books In Publication Order

  1. Mrs. Miracle (1996)
  2. Call Me Mrs. Miracle (2010)
  3. A Mrs. Miracle Christmas (2019)

Mr. Miracle Books In Publication Order

  1. Mr. Miracle (2014)
  2. A Mrs. Miracle Christmas (2019)

Navy Books In Publication Order

  1. Navy Wife (1988)
  2. Navy Blues (1989)
  3. Navy Brat (1991)
  4. Navy Woman (1991)
  5. Navy Baby (1991)
  6. Navy Husband (2005)

New Beginnings Books In Publication Order

  1. Last One Home (2015)
  2. A Girl’s Guide to Moving On (2016)
  3. If Not for You (2017)

9 Months Later Books In Publication Order

  1. Because of the Baby (1996)
  2. Another Man’s Child (By:Tara Taylor Quinn) (1997)
  3. Father: Unknown (By:Tara Taylor Quinn) (1998)
  4. Expectations (By:Brenda Novak) (2000)
  5. Snow Baby (By:Brenda Novak) (2000)
  6. Baby Business (By:Brenda Novak) (2000)
  7. A Baby of Her Own (By:Brenda Novak) (2002)

Orchard Valley Books In Publication Order

  1. Valerie (1992)
  2. Stephanie (1992)
  3. Norah (1992)
  4. Lone Star Lovin’ (1993)

Rose Harbor Books In Publication Order

  1. The Inn at Rose Harbor (2013)
  2. Rose Harbor in Bloom (2013)
  3. Love Letters (2014)
  4. Falling for Her (2015)
  5. Silver Linings (2015)
  6. Sweet Tomorrows (2016)

Rose Harbor Short Stories Books In Publication Order

  1. When First They Met (2012)
  2. Lost and Found in Cedar Cove (2013)

Solution: Wedding Books In Publication Order

  1. Once Upon A Time (By:Lucy Gordon) (1986)
  2. Once Upon A Time (By:Lucy Gordon) (1986)
  3. Taking Savanah (By:) (1988)
  4. A Most Convenient Marriage (By:Suzanne Carey) (1989)
  5. Make-Believe Marriage (By:) (1990)
  6. Make Believe Marriage (By:) (1990)
  7. First Comes Marriage (1991)

That Special Woman Books In Publication Order

  1. Hasty Wedding (1993)
  2. Baby Blessed (1994)
  3. Same Time, Next Year (1995)

Wyoming Brides Books In Publication Order

  1. Denim and Diamonds (1989)
  2. The Wyoming Kid (2006)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Starlight (1983)
  2. That Wintry Feeling (1984)
  3. Heartsong (1984)
  4. Undercover Dreamer (1984)
  5. A Girl Like Janet (1984)
  6. Thanksgiving Prayer (1984)
  7. The Gift of Christmas (1984)
  8. Love Thy Neighbor (1985)
  9. Promise Me Forever (1985)
  10. Adam’s Image (1985)
  11. Laughter in the Rain (1985)
  12. The Trouble with Caasi (1985)
  13. A Friend or Two (1985)
  14. Christmas Masquerade (1985)
  15. Reflections of Yesterday (1985)
  16. Let it Snow (1986)
  17. The Matchmakers (1986)
  18. Shadow Chasing (1986)
  19. Yesterday’s Hero (1986)
  20. White Lace and Promises (1986)
  21. Jury of His Peers (1986)
  22. Yesterday Once More (1986)
  23. Friends & Then Some (1986)
  24. Love by Degree (1987)
  25. Sugar and Spice (1987)
  26. No Competition (1987)
  27. All Things Considered (1987)
  28. Love ‘N’ Marriage (1987)
  29. Husband Required (1987)
  30. Mail-Order Bride (1987)
  31. Any Sunday (1988)
  32. The Playboy and the Widow (1988)
  33. Almost an Angel (1989)
  34. For All My Tomorrows (1989)
  35. Yours And Mine (1989)
  36. The Way To A Man’s Heart (1989)
  37. Country Bride (1990)
  38. A Little Bit Country (1990)
  39. Rainy Day Kisses (1990)
  40. Fallen Angel (1990)
  41. The Courtship of Carol Sommars (1990)
  42. Father’s Day (1991)
  43. Here Comes Trouble (1991)
  44. Stolen Kisses (1991)
  45. The Forgetful Bride (1991)
  46. The Man You’ll Marry (1992)
  47. My Hero (1992)
  48. The First Man You Meet / The First Man You’ll Ever Meet (1992)
  49. Ready for Romance (1993)
  50. Morning Comes Softly (1993)
  51. Ready for Marriage (1994)
  52. The Bachelor Prince (1994)
  53. One Night (1994)
  54. Wanted: Perfect Partner (1995)
  55. Just Married (1996)
  56. Marrying Kind (1996)
  57. Montana/Montana: No Place Like Home (1997)
  58. Three Brides, No Groom (1997)
  59. This Matter of Marriage (1997)
  60. Can This be Christmas? (1998)
  61. Married in Montana (1998)
  62. Promise, Texas (1999)
  63. \’Tis the Season (With: Kat Martin) (1999)
  64. Thursdays at Eight (2001)
  65. The Christmas Basket (2002)
  66. Between Friends (2002)
  67. This Time for Keeps (2003)
  68. The Snow Bride (2003)
  69. Changing Habits (2003)
  70. When Christmas Comes/Trading Christmas (2004)
  71. There’s Something About Christmas (2005)
  72. Christmas Letters (2006)
  73. His Winter Bride (2008)
  74. Be My Angel (2009)
  75. The Perfect Christmas (2009)
  76. Christmas in Seattle (2009)
  77. Family Affair (2011)
  78. Happy Mother’s Day (2013)
  79. Starry Night (2013)
  80. Summer Wedding Bells (2013)
  81. Dashing Through the Snow (2015)
  82. Twelve Days of Christmas (2016)
  83. Any Dream Will Do (2017)
  84. Merry and Bright (2017)
  85. Cottage by the Sea (2018)
  86. Alaskan Holiday (2018)
  87. Window on the Bay (2019)
  88. Time for Love (2019)
  89. A Walk Along the Beach (2020)
  90. Jingle All the Way (2020)
  91. My Funny Valentine (2021)
  92. Perfect Partners (2021)
  93. Fairytale Forever (2021)
  94. The Best Match (2021)
  95. It’s Better This Way (2021)
  96. Dear Santa (2021)
  97. Autumn Nights (2021)
  98. Evenings by the Fire (2021)

Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. Blossom Street Dreams of Debbie Macomber Short Stories (2021)

Picture Books In Publication Order

  1. The Truly Terribly Horrible Sweater…That Grandma Knit (2000)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Knit Along with Debbie Macomber – A Good Yarn (2005)
  2. Knit Together (2007)
  3. One Simple Act (2009)
  4. Knit Along With Debbie Macomber: Hannah’s List (2010)
  5. God’s Guest List (2010)
  6. Knit Along with Debbie Macomber: A Turn in the Road (2011)
  7. Debbie Macomber’s Christmas Cookbook (2011)
  8. One Perfect Word (2012)
  9. Patterns of Grace (2012)
  10. The Best of Knit Along with Debbie Macomber (2012)
  11. Once Upon a Time (2013)
  12. Debbie Macomber’s Table (2018)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. That Summer Place (1998)
  2. \’Tis the Season (1999)
  3. Born in a Small Town (2000)
  4. Holiday Blessings (2000)
  5. Sealed with a Kiss (2002)
  6. More Than Words, Volume 2 (2005)
  7. Hearts Divided (2006)
  8. Almost Home (2009)
  9. Stories of the Heart (2012)
  10. Together for Christmas (2014)
  11. Western Hearts (2018)

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Debbie Macomber Books Overview

16 Lighthouse Road

Olivia Lockhart

16 Lighthouse Road

Cedar Cove, Washington

Dear Reader,

You don’t know me yet, but in a few hours that’s going to change. You see, I’m inviting you to my home and my town of Cedar Cove because I want you to meet my family, friends, and neighbors. Come and hear their stories maybe even their secrets!

I have to admit that my own secrets are pretty open. My marriage failed some years ago, and I have a rather…
difficult relationship with my daughter, Justine. Then there’s my mother, Charlotte, who has plenty of opinions and is always willing to share them.

Here’s an example: I’m a family court judge and she likes to drop in on my courtroom. Recently I was hearing a divorce petition. In Charlotte’s view, young Cecilia and Ian Randall hadn’t tried hard enough to make their marriage work and I agreed. So I rendered my judgement: Divorce Denied.

Well, you wouldn’t believe the reaction! Thanks to an article by Jack Griffin, the editor of our local paper and a man I wouldn’t mind seeing more of!, everyone’s talking.

Cedar Cove people love it and sometimes they leave it, but they never forget it!

See you soon…


204 Rosewood Lane

Grace Sherman
204 Rosewood Lane
Cedar Cove, Washington

Dear Listener,
If you’ve been to Cedar Cove before we’ve probably met. You can usually find me either at home or at the public library, where I work. I’ve lived in this town all my life and raised two daughters here. But my husband and I well, about six months ago, he disappeared. Just disappeared. Where’s Dan? Why did he go? Who’s he with? Will I ever find out?

My hometown, my family and friends, bring me comfort during this difficult time. Comfort and a sense of shelter. I’m continually reminded that life can and does go on. For instance, everyone’s been discussing weddings and babies lately. Justine the only daughter of my best friend, Olivia Lockhart impulsively got married a little while ago. My own daughter Kelly recently had a baby. Unfortunately, she refuses to accept that Dan might not return to see his first grandchild. My older daughter, Maryellen, is more realistic. I think she’s seeing a new man, but for some reason she won’t tell me who it is.

Then there’s Jack, who’s been pursuing a romance with Olivia, and his son, Eric, and Eric’s girlfriend, Shelly I think she’s pregnant, and Zach and Rosemary Cox, whose marriage is reputedly on the skids and Well, just come on over and we’ll talk!


311 Pelican Court

Rosie Cox
311 Pelican Court
Cedar Cove, Washington

Dear Listener,
One thing about Cedar Cove people sure are interested in what other people are doing. Take me, for instance. Everybody in the town knows that my husband, Zach, and I recently got a divorce. Everybody also knows that Judge Olivia Lockhart decreed a pretty unusual custody arrangement. It won’t be the kids moving between my place and Zach’s. We’re the ones who’ll be going back and forth!

Olivia isn’t immune to gossip herself. Will she stay with Jack, the guy who runs our local paper, or will she get back with her ex? Inquiring minds want to know!

But the really big gossip has to do with the dead guy the man who died at a local bed and breakfast. Who is he and why did he show up there in the middle of the night? Roy McAfee, our local private investigator, is absolutely determined to find out. I hope he does and then I’ll let you know! See you soon


44 Cranberry Point

Peggy Beldon
Thyme and Tide B and B
44 Cranberry Point
Cedar Cove, Washington

Dear Listener,
I love living in Cedar Cove, but things haven’t been the same since a man died in our B and B. Turns out his name was Max Russell, and Bob had known him briefly in Vietnam. We still don’t have any idea why he came here and most important of all who killed him. Because it now appears that he was poisoned. I sure hope somebody figures it out soon!

Not that we’re providing the only news in Cedar Cove these days. I heard that Jon Bowman and Maryellen Sherman are getting married. And Maryellen’s mom, Grace, has more than her share of interested men! The question is: Which one is she going to choose? Olivia I guess it’s Olivia Griffin now is back from her honeymoon, and her mother, Charlotte who’s in her mid seventies at least, seems to have a man in her life, too. I’m not sure Olivia’s too pleased

There’s lots of other gossip I could tell you. Come by for a cup of tea and one of my blueberry muffins and we’ll talk.


50 Harbor Street

Corrie McAfee
50 Harbor Street
Cedar Cove, Washington

Dear Reader,

Considering that I’m married to Cedar Cove’s private investigator, you might think I enjoy mysteries. But I don’t especially when they involve us! Roy and I have been receiving anonymous postcards and messages asking if we ‘regret the past.’ We don’t know what they mean…

On a more positive note, we’re both delighted that our daughter, Linette, has moved to Cedar Cove to work at the new medical clinic. A while ago I attended the humane society’s ‘Dog and Bachelor Auction,’ where I bought her a date with Cal Washburn, who works at Cliff Harding’s horse farm. Unfortunately Linette is less enthusiastic about this date than I am.

Speaking of Cliff, the romance between him and Grace Sherman is back on. But that’s only one of the many interesting stories here in Cedar Cove. So why don’t you drop by for a coffee at my husband’s office on Main Street or our House on Harbor and I’ll tell you everything that’s new!


6 Rainier Drive

6 Rainier Drive
Cedar Cove, Washington

Dear Reader,
As you may have heard, we’ve recently had quite a shock. My husband, Seth, and I lost our business, The Lighthouse restaurant to arson. The investigation continues. The prime suspect is a young ex employee named Anson Butler, who disappeared right after the fire.

So Seth and I are trying to sort out our lives. And let me tell you, this kind of crisis is not good for a marriage. In the meantime, life goes on for everyone else in Cedar Cove with marriages, births, reunions and even the occasional scandal. One of the most interesting pieces of news is that Cal, who works on Cliff Harding’s ranch, is now rescuing wild mustangs from Wyoming.

I have to run I’m meeting an old friend, Warren Saget, for lunch. Let’s talk soon, and I’ll fill you in on everything that’s happening in town!


74 Seaside Avenue

74 Seaside Avenue
Cedar Cove, Washington

Dear Reader,
I’m living a life I couldn’t even have dreamed of a few years ago. I’m married to Bobby Polgar now you know, the famous chess champion who just happens to be the man I love!. And we’ve got this beautiful house with a view of Puget Sound.

Lately something’s been worrying Bobby, though. When I asked, he said he was ‘protecting his queen’ and I got the oddest feeling he wasn’t talking about chess but about me. He wouldn t say anything else.

Do you remember Get Nailed, the beauty salon in Cedar Cove? I still work there. I’ll tell you about my friend Rachel, who’s got two men interested in her count ’em, two. And I’ll let you in on what I’ve heard about Linnette McAfee, who left town when her love life fell apart. That kind of trouble I know all about. Come in soon for a manicure and a chat, okay?
Teri Miller Polgar

8 Sandpiper Way

8 Sandpiper Way
Cedar Cove, Washington

Dear Listener,

I have something to confide in you. I think my husband, Dave, might be having an affair. I found an earring in his pocket, and it’s not mine. I m also worried because some jewelry was recently stolen from an old woman and Dave used to visit her a lot. You see, he s a pastor. And a good man. I can t believe he s guilty of anything, but why won t he tell me where he s been when he comes home so late?
Listener, I d love to hear what you think. I also want to tell you what s going on with your other friends in Cedar Cove. Like Sheriff Troy Davis, to mention one. His long ago love, Faith Beckwith, just moved here!

So come on in and join me for a cup of tea.

Emily Flemming

92 Pacific Boulevard

92 Pacific Boulevard
Cedar Cove, Washington

Dear Listener:

I m not much of a letter writer. As the sheriff here, I m used to writing incident reports, not chatty letters. But my daughter, Megan who ll be making me a grandfather soon told me I had to do this. So here goes.

I ll tell you straight out that I d hoped to marry Faith Beckwith my one time high school girlfriend but she ended the relationship last month, even though we re both widowed and available. There were a few misunderstandings between us, some of them inadvertently caused by Megan.

However, I ve got plenty to keep me occupied, like the unidentified remains found in a cave outside town. And the fact that my friend, Judge Olivia Griffin, is fighting cancer. And the break ins at 204 Rosewood Lane the house Faith happens to be renting from Grace Harding

If you want to hear more, come on over to my place or to the sheriff’s office if you can stand the stale coffee!

Troy Davis

The books in Macomber s contemporary Cedar Cove series are irresistibly delicious and addictive. Publishers Weekly

1022 Evergreen Place

1022 Evergreen Place, Unit B,Cedar Cove, WashingtonDear Listener,Guess what? I m falling in love! With Mack McAfee. My baby daughter, Noelle, and I have been living next door to Mack since the spring. I m still a little wary about our relationship, because I haven t always made good decisions when it comes to men. My baby’s father, David Rhodes, is testament to that. I m so worried he might sue for custody. In the meantime, the World War II letters I found are a wonderful distraction. Both Mack and I are trying to learn what happened to the soldier who wrote them and the woman he loved. Come by sometime for a glass of iced tea and I ll show you the letters. Plus I ll tell you the latest about Grace and Olivia, my brother Linc and his wife, Lori who tied the knot about five minutes after they met!, and all our other mutual friends. Oh, and maybe Mack can join us. Mary Jo Wyse

1105 Yakima Street

Dear Reader,You’ve probably heard that my wife has left me. Rachel’s pregnant, and she says she can’t handle the stress in our household anymore. My thirteen year old daughter, Jolene, is jealous of her. Maybe it’s my fault. As a widower I spoiled her Jolene was reading over my shoulder just now and says that’s not true. She claims Rachel ruined everything. But that’s not true. The real question is: How can I get my wife back? I don’t even know where she is. She’s not with Teri Polgar or any of her other friends from the salon. The other question is when will Jolene grow up and stop acting like such a brat?Of course, I’m not the only one in town with problems. Linc Wyse’s father in law is trying to destroy his business. And you know Charlotte Rhodes? Seems she’s becoming forgetful, and the family’s worried about her and Ben. Lots of other stuff going on but Rachel is better at keeping up with it than I am. If you have any idea where my wife is, give me a call. Please. Bruce Peyton

1225 Christmas Tree Lane

The people of Cedar Cove know how to celebrate Christmas. Like Grace and Olivia and everyone else, Beth Morehouse expects this Christmas to be one of her best. Her small Christmas tree farm is prospering, her daughters and her dogs are happy and well, and her new relationship with local vet Ted Reynolds is showing plenty of romantic promise. But…
someone recently left a basket filled with puppies on her doorstep, puppies she’s determined to place in good homes. That s complication number one. And number two is that her daughters Bailey and Sophie have invited their dad, Beth s ex husband, Kent, to Cedar Cove for Christmas. The girls have visions of a mom and dad reunion dancing in their heads. As always in life and in Cedar Cove there are surprises, too. More than one family s going to have a puppy under the tree. More than one scheme will go awry. And more than one romance will have a happy ending! What would the holidays be without a new Christmas story from Debbie Macomber?

Christmas in Cedar Cove

First, drop in at 5-B Poppy Lane, where you’ll get a chance to visit with Helen Shelton, her granddaughter Ruth, and Ruth’s husband, Paul. They’ll offer you a cup of mulled cider and the story of how they met – and they’ll share Helen’s breathtaking adventures during the Second World War. Then drive out to Grace and Cliff Harding’s place. They have a small horse ranch not far from Cedar Cove. Mary Jo Wyse and her little girl, Noelle, will be there, too. Join them in reliving their memories of the Christmas Mary Jo came to Cedar Cove, pregnant and alone, and had her baby in the Hardings’ stable well, actually the apartment above it. That’s the night firefighter Mack McAfee began to fall for Mary Jo and the idea of a family – with her. Find out why every Christmas in Cedar Cove is special!

Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove Cookbook

Now, from Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove Cookbook, you can relish in your own home the same superb meals found in Cedar Cove’s households. Charlotte Rhodes, one of the series’ most beloved characters, invites all fans of Cedar Cove, as well as anyone who enjoys classic home cooking, to join her in touring the town’s kitchens as she shares more than 130 of her treasured family recipes. And she’s got plenty to tell you about the people of Cedar Cove, too!You’ll find such mouthwatering dishes as: Justine Gunderson’s Grilled Salmon with Lime Jalape o Butter Teri Polger’s Macaroni and Cheese Charlotte Rhodes’s Cinnamon Rolls Olivia Griffin’s Creamy Tarragon Chicken Salad The Pot Belly Deli’s Broccoli and Cheese Soup in a Bread Bowl And many moreWhether you’ve just discovered the world of Cedar Cove or have devoured all the books, you can now partake of the town’s culinary traditions and cook just like Charlotte, her family and friends!

A Season of Angels

Heaven SentWhen three willing but wacky angels called Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy are giving Christmas prayer request to answer, there’s just one catch: each angel must teach her charge a memorable lesson before the wish can be granted.

The Trouble with Angels

A Wing and a PrayerWhen irrepressible angels Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy set out for the City of Angels to grant three rush Christmas prayer requests, they are sure they can help without resorting to, er, divine intervention. But they soon find it will take more than one miracle to teach their precious lessons of love as well as make three special holiday dreams come true!

Touched by Angels

The divinely inspired, if slightly dizzy trio of angels Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy have winged into New York City to answer three Christmas wishes, and teach a few lessons along the way.

Those Christmas Angels

Every Christmas, three lovable angels visit Earth. Once a year, Shirley, Goodness and Mercy are allowed to intervene or, more accurately, interfere! in human affairs. Despite their frequent misadventures and the chaos they often cause, things always seem to turn out right…. This Christmas, join Those Christmas Angels as they respond to Anne Fletcher’s prayer request. She wants her son, Roy, to meet a special woman – and the angels contrive to throw Julie Wilcott in his path literally!. Shirley, Goodness and Mercy offer you laughter and Christmas cheer in this heartwarming story! ‘The busybody angels…provide a few delightful surprises as lives transform.’ – Publishers Weekly

Where Angels Go

Christmas is a time for angels

Shirley, Goodness and Mercy are back! These three irresistible angels love their assignments on Earth. They especially love helping people who send prayer requests to Heaven even though the Archangel Gabriel, their boss, knows they’re going to break the rules!

This Christmas, Mercy is assigned to bring peace of mind to an elderly man…
who discovers an unexpected answer to his prayer.

Goodness is sent to oversee the love life of a woman afraid to risk commitment a second time.

And Shirley has the task of granting a little boy’s fondest Christmas wish.

Shirley, Goodness and Mercy go wherever they’re needed. These three charming angels often find themselves in trouble, but somehow things always work out for the best especially at Christmas.

What would the holidays be without a new Christmas story from Debbie Macomber?

Lone Star Lovin’

When Sherry Waterman leaves Orchard Valley, Oregon, for Pepper, Texas, she’s definitely not in the mood for Lone Star Lovin’. But if anyone can change her mind, it’s Cody Bailman – a hardworking, good-looking rancher. Not only that, Cody has a twelve-year-old daughter who thinks Sherry’s ‘just perfect for Dad’! Texas men are a breed apart…

The Shop on Blossom Street

From Publishers Weekly A Seattle knitting store brings together four very different women in this earnest tale about friendship and love. Lydia Hoffman, a two time cancer survivor, opens the shop A Good Yarn as a symbol of the new life she plans to lead. She starts a weekly knitting class, hoping to improve business and make friends in the area. The initial class project is a baby blanket, and Macomber Changing Habits, a knitter herself who offers tips about the craft and pithy observations from knitting professionals throughout the novel, includes the knitting pattern at the start of the book. Well heeled Jacqueline Donovan, who chooses to ignore her empty marriage, disguises her disdain for her pregnant daughter in law by knitting a baby blanket. Carol Girard joins the group as an affirmation of her hopes to finally have a successful in vitro pregnancy. Alix Townsend, a high school dropout with an absentee father and a mother incarcerated for forging checks, uses the class to satisfy a court ordered community service sentence for a drug possession conviction for which her roommate is really responsible. Unfortunately, Macomber doesn’t get much below the surface of her characters, and, although they all have interesting back stories, the arc of each individual happy ending is too predictable. The only surprise involves Alix’s hapless, overweight roommate, Laurel, and even this smacks of plot driven manipulation. Macomber is an adept storyteller overall, however, and many will be entertained by this well paced story about four women finding happiness and fulfillment through their growing friendships.

A Good Yarn

You might have heard about a wonderful little yarn store in downtown Seattle. Debbie Macomber can take you there! In the year since it opened, A Good Yarn has thrived and so has Lydia Hoffman, the owner. A lot of that is due to Brad Goetz. But when Brad’s ex wife reappears, Lydia is suddenly afraid to trust her newfound happiness. Elise Beaumont joins one of Lydia’s popular knitting clas*ses. Living with her daughter, Aurora, Elise learns that her onetime husband plans to visit and that Aurora wants a relationship with her father, regardless of how Elise feels about him. Bethanne Hamlin is facing the fallout from a divorce and joins the knitting class as the first step in her effort to recover a sense of dignity and hope. Courtney Pulanski is a depressed and overweight teenager. She’s staying with her grandmother, who’s trying to help by taking her to the knitting class at A Good Yarn. Four women, brought together by the craft of knitting, find companionship and comfort in each other. Who would’ve thought that knitting socks could change your life? Performed by Linda Emond

Susannah’s Garden/Old Boyfriends

It was the year that changed everything. When Susannah Nelson turned eighteen, her parents sent her to school abroad. She said goodbye to her boyfriend, Jake and never saw him again. She never saw her brother again, either; Doug died in a car accident while she was away. Now, at fifty, she finds herself regretting the paths not taken. Especially the chance to be with Jake…
Long married, a mother and a teacher, she should be happy. But she feels there’s something missing, although she doesn’t know exactly what. Not only that, she’s balancing the demands of an aging mother and a temperamental twenty year old daughter. Because her mother, Vivian, a recent widow, is having difficulty coping and living alone, Susannah prepares to make some hard decisions. In returning to her hometown of Colville, Washington, to her parents’ house, her girlhood friends and the garden she’s always loved, she also returns to the past and the choices she made back then. What she discovers is that things are not always as they once seemed. Some paths are dead ends. But some gardens remain beautiful…

Back on Blossom Street/Wednesdays at Four

There’s a new shop on Seattle’s Blossom Street a flower store called Susannah’s Garden, right next door to A Good Yarn. Susannah Nelson, the owner, has just hired a young widow named Colette Blake. A couple of months earlier, Colette had abruptly quit her previous job after a brief affair with her boss. To her dismay, he’s suddenly begun placing weekly orders for flower arrangements! Susannah and Colette both join Lydia Goetz’s new knitting class. Lydia’s previous clas*ses have forged lasting friendships, and this one is no exception. But Lydia and her sister, Margaret, have worries of their own. Margaret’s daughter, Julia, has been the victim of a random carjacking, and the entire family is thrown into emotional chaos. Then there’s Alix Townsend. Her wedding to Jordan Turner is only months away but she’s not sure she can go through with it. Her love for Jordan isn’t in question; what she can’t handle is the whole wedding extravaganza engineered by her mentor, Jacqueline, with the enthusiastic cooperation of her future mother in law. A reception at the country club and hundreds of guests she’s never even met it’s just not Alix. Like everyone else in Lydia’s knitting class, Alix knows there’s a solution to every problem…
and that another woman can usually help you find it!

Twenty Wishes

What do you want most in the world?Anne Marie Roche wants to find happiness again. At 38 her life’s not what she d expected she s childless, a recent widow, alone. She owns a successful bookstore on Seattle s Blossom Street, but despite her accomplishments, there s a feeling of emptiness. On Valentine s Day, Anne Marie and several other widows get together to celebrate…
what? Hope, possibility, the future. They each begin a list of Twenty Wishes, things they always wanted to do but never did. Anne Marie s list starts with: Find one good thing about life. It includes learning to knit, doing good for someone else, falling in love again. She begins to act on her wishes and when she volunteers at a local school, an eight year old girl named Ellen enters her life. It s a relationship that becomes far more involving than Anne Marie intended. It also becomes far more important than she ever imagined. As Ellen helps Anne Marie complete her list of Twenty Wishes, they both learn that wishes can come true but not necessarily in the way you expect. As millions of women know, Debbie Macomber understands their lives and writes the stories they want to read.

Summer on Blossom Street

Knitting and life. They re both about beginnings and endings. That’s why it makes sense for Lydia Goetz, owner of A Good Yarn on Seattle s Blossom Street, to offer a class called Knit to Quit. It s for people who want to quit something or someone! and start a new phase of their lives.

First to join is Phoebe Rylander. She recently ended her engagement to a man who doesn t know the meaning of faithful, and she s trying to get over him. Then there s Alix Turner. She and her husband, Jordan, want a baby, which means she has to quit smoking. And Bryan Hutchinson joins the class because he needs a way to deal with the stress of running his family s business not to mention the lawsuit brought against him by an unscrupulous lawyer.

Life can be as complicated as a knitting pattern. Just ask Anne Marie Roche. She and her adopted daughter, Ellen, finally have the happiness they wished for. And then a stranger comes to her bookstore asking questions.

Or ask Lydia herself. Not only is she coping with her increasingly frail mother, but she and Brad have unexpectedly become foster parents to an angry, defiant twelve year old.

But as Lydia already knows, when life gets difficult and your stitches are snarled, your friends can always help!

Hannah’s List

My darling Michael, I know this letter will come as a shock to you . On the anniversary of his beloved wife’s death, Dr. Michael Everett receives a letter Hannah had written him. In it she reminds him of her love and makes one final request. An impossible request I want you to marry again. She tells him he shouldn’t spend the years he has left grieving her. And to that end she’s chosen three women she asks him to consider. First on Hannah’s List is her cousin, Winter Adams, a trained chef who owns a caf on Seattle’s Blossom Street. The second is Leanne Lancaster, Hannah’s oncology nurse. Michael knows them both. But the third name is one he’s not familiar with Macy Roth. Each of these three women has her own heartache, her own private grief. More than a year earlier, Winter broke off her relationship with another chef. Leanne is divorced from a man who defrauded the hospital for which she works. And Macy lacks family of her own, the family she craves, but she’s a rescuer of strays, human and animal. Macy is energetic, artistic, eccentric and couldn’t be more different from Michael. During the months that follow, he spends time with Winter, Leanne and Macy, learning more about each of them and about himself. Learning what Hannah already knew. He’s a man who needs the completeness only love can offer. And Hannah’s List leads him to the woman who can help him find it.

A Turn in the Road

In the middle of the year, in the middle of her life, Bethanne Hamlin takes a road trip with her daughter, Annie, and her former mother-in-law, Ruth. They’re driving to Florida for Ruth’s 50th high-school reunion. A longtime widow, Ruth would like to reconnect with Royce, the love of her teenage life. She’s heard he’s alone, too…
and, well, she’s curious. Maybe even hopeful. Bethanne herself needs time to reflect, to ponder a decision she has to make. Her ex-husband, Grant – her children’s father – wants to reconcile now that his second marriage has failed. Bethanne’s considering it…
. Meanwhile, Annie’s out to prove to her onetime boyfriend that she can live a brilliant life without him! So there they are, three women driving across America. They have their maps and their directions – but even the best-planned journey can take you to A Turn in the Road. Or lead you to an unexpected encounter – like the day Bethanne meets a man named Max who really is a hero on a Harley. That’s when Bethanne’s decision becomes a lot harder. Because Grant wants her back, but now there’s Max…
. From Seattle’s Blossom Street to the other end of the country, this is a trip that could change three women’s lives.

Dakota Born

Buffalo Valley is the place of my heart. My parents came from towns a lot like this in the Dakotas, so Buffalo Valley has special meaning for me. I hope that in reading Dakota Born you’ll share my love for the prairie and for its proud, hardworking people.
Debbie Macomber

Buffalo Valley, North Dakota. Like so many small Midwest towns, it’s dying. Stores are boarded up, sidewalks cracked, houses need a coat of paint. But despite all that,there’s a spirit of hope here, of defiance. The people still living in Buffalo Valley are fighting for their town.

Lyndsay Snyder is a newcomer. She’s an outsider, even though she spent childhood vacations here. Now she returns to see the family house again, to explore family secrets and reevaluate her life.

To her own astonishment, she decides to stay, to accept the vacant position of teacher. Her decision marks a new beginning for Buffalo Valley and for Lyndsay, who discovers in this broken little town the love and purpose she’s been seeking.

Dakota Home

Buffalo Valley has found new life. People have started moving to this town people like Lindsay Snyder, who came as a teacher and stayed, marrying local farmer Gage Sinclair. And now Lindsay’s best friend, Maddy Washburn, has decided to pull up stakes and join her in Buffalo Valley, hoping for the same kind of satisfaction. And the same kind of love

Jeb McKenna is a rancher, a solitary man who’s learned to endure. Maddy unafraid and openhearted is drawn to Jeb, but he rejects her overtures. Until one of North Dakota’s deadly storms throws them together

Those few days and nights bring unexpected consequences for Maddy and Jeb. Consequences that, one way or another, affect everyone in Buffalo Valley.

Always Dakota

Local rancher Margaret Clemens is taking a chance on happiness, and going after what she wants for a change. And what she wants is marriage to cowboy, Matt Eilers. Regardless of what her friends and family say, and despite all the rumors, Margaret wants Matt anyway. Oh…
and she plans on having his baby, too. Please join me for my third and final visit to Buffalo Valley, North Dakota. This town exists only in my imagination, but its spirit and sense of community are definitely real. Buffalo Valley resenbles many places in my family’s history, and perhaps in yours. If you’ve been to Buffalo Valley before, I invite you to come and visit the friends you’ve met their; if not, prepare to make some new ones. Buffalo Valley, North Dakota, has become a good place to live the way it used to be, thirty or fourty years ago. People here are feeling confident about the future again. Stalled lives are moving forward. People are taking risks on new ventures and on lifelong dreams. On Happiness. And one of those people is local rancher Margaret Clemens, who’s finally getting what she wants most. Marriage to cowboy Matt Eilers. Her friends dont think Matt’s such a bargain; neither did her father. But Margaret’s aware of Matt’s reputation and his flaws. She wants him anyway. And she wants his baby…

Buffalo Valley

New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber invites you to join her in Buffalo Valley, North Dakota. If you’ve read Dakota Born, Dakota Home or Always Dakota, you’ve already met the people of Buffalo Valley and you’ll enjoy this opportunity to visit them again. If this is your first time in Buffalo Valley, you’ll soon feel right at home!

Someday Soon

Opposite AttractCain had chosen his lifestyle. He thrived on the challenge. No drug, he told himself, could produce the physical or emotional high of a successfully completed mission. No drug and no woman. Then why was he standing on a cold San Francisco pier like a lovelorn teenager, hoping for a glimpse of Linette Collins?And then he saw her. For a moment it felt as if someone had hit him against the back of his head. He went stock still. She stood in line at a fish and chips place. The wind whipped her hair about her face and she lifted a finger to wrap a thick strand of dark hair behind her ear. The smart thing to do was to turn around, and walk away as fast as his feet would carry him. He’d gotten what he wanted. One last look at her. His curiosity should be satisfied. But even as his mind formulated the thought, Cain knew that just seeing Linette again wasn’t enough.

Sooner or Later

No one in the tiny town of Boothill, Texas, knows the real Shaun Murphy. Heck, most of them don t even know his first name and that’s the way Murphy likes it. But he can t hide from the pretty young postmistress, Letty Madden. Letty s brother is missing, and she knows Murphy s the only one who can help her find him. But Murphy doesn t need her money. And so when Letty comes to him, her begging brown eyes as dark as bittersweet chocolate, he makes her a very indecent proposal. Letty Madden is a woman of grit and faith, a woman with a mission. She ll do anything to get her twin brother back, even if it means giving herself to Murphy. But their rendezvous is far more passionate than they ever expected and Sooner or Later, they ll have to face the fact that they ve fallen wildly in love.

The Sooner the Better/Moon Over Water

She’s stuck with Jack Lorraine Dancy has just discovered that everything she believes about her father is a lie starting with the fact that Thomas supposedly died years ago. Now she s learned that not only is he not dead, he s living in a small town south of the border. In the process of tracking him down, she manages to get framed for theft and pursued by the real thief, the police, and a local crime boss. Her father s friend Jack Keller agrees to help her escape, although Lorraine s reluctant to depend on a man like him. And he s stuck with her!Jack s every bit the renegade Lorraine thinks he is an ex mercenary and former Deliverance Company operative. He s also the one person who can guide her to safety. But there are stormy waters ahead, including an attraction neither of them wants to feel. An attraction that s as risky as it is intense for both of them. The sooner he can get Lorraine home, the better! If you love women who hold their own in any adventure you re going to love this tale. BookPageFormerly published as Moon Over Water

Ready for Love

Two brothers And the women who love them Ready for Romance? At the age of fourteen, Jessica Kellerman was wildly infatuated with Evan Dryden. But that was just a teenage crush and now, almost ten years later, she’s in love truly in love with his older brother, Damian. But everyone, including Damian, believes she’s carrying a torch for Evan! Ready for Marriage? Mary Jo Summerhill is the woman in love with Evan. But her background’s blue collar, while Evan’s is blue blood. So three years ago she got out of his life and broke his heart. Now she needs his help. More than that, she wants his love. She wants a second chance with Evan…
The Dryden men bachelors no longer. Not if these women have anything to say about it!

Texas Two-Step

Ellie Frasier needs her friends. She’s still learning to run the business her father left her. But now her relationship with one of her friends seems to be changing!

Caroline’s Child

Who’s the father of Caroline’s Child? Everyone in Promise wants to know, but no one’s ever asked or ever will. Maggie’s five now, and Caroline Daniels has kept her silence all these years. It doesn’t change how the people in Promise feel about Caroline. They’re protective of her and Maggie: they care. Especially rancher Grady Weston, who’s beginning to realize he more than cares…

Dr. Texas

Audio CD, Brilliance Audio

Promise, Texas/The Little Bookshop Of Promises

Some of the people in Promise are from old ranching families like the Westons and Pattersons folks who arrived in the Hill Country more than a century ago. And then there are newcomers like Annie Applegate, who’s looking for peace but finds a great deal more. She agrees to marry a widowed veterinarian for the sake of his children and discovers that marriage can lead to love. In Promise, everyone’s life is a story! The people here, like people everywhere, experience tragedies as well as triumphs, sorrow as well as joy. This town, like towns everywhere, has its share of secrets. But whether times are good or bad you’re never alone in a place like Promise. And as Annie Applegate knows, that makes all the difference.

Return To Promise

PROMISE, TEXAS, is a good place to live with the person you love. When rancher Cal Patterson and his wife, Jane better known as Dr. Texas face a threat to their marriage, she leaves Promise, the town that’s become her home as much as his. Will Jane be back by Christmas? Because, for both of them, the greatest gift of all would be her Return To Promise. GOLD RIVER, ALASKA, isn’t your average town. After being jilted by her fianc , Caroline Myers ends up there thanks to her matchmaking aunts, who send her on what appears to be an autumn vacation. Not surprisingly, they have something different in mind. Something that involves spending a snowy Christmas in handsome Paul Trevor’s home as his Mail Order Bride.

Some Kind of Wonderful

Beautiful inside and out, New York socialite Judy Lovin values family over fortune and fame. So when her father’s business collapses and his most powerful enemy offers to help – in exchange for Judy’s company – she agrees to join John McFarland on his remote Caribbean island. It isn’t long before she discovers that John’s far from the beast he seems to be!

Marriage of Inconvenience

Rich Manning & Jamie Warren have always been just good friends. However, that changes when Jamie asks Rich to father the child sheso desperately wants. Rich agrees if she’ll marry him. He thinks their marriage of convenience could become a real one.

The Manning Brides (Collection of book 1 & 2)

Rich Manning and Jamie Warren have always been friends and nothing but friends. However, that changes when she asks him to father the child she so desperately wants. Rich agrees if she’ll marry him. Because he thinks their Marriage of Inconvenience could become a real marriage instead.

Paul Manning, a grieving widower with three small children, turns to Leah Baker for help and comfort. When that comfort begins to grow into something else, Paul discovers that he wants more than a Stand In Wife.

Silver Bells

It wasn’t easy for Phillip Lark to single handedly raise his rambunctious teenage daughter. But the girl had hatched a plot to find her father a wife, and lovely Carrie Weston seemed to fit the bill. Phillip claimed he wasn’t interested in remarriage, but would the magic of the holiday season and Carrie’s wonderful charms help him change his mind?

Brides for Brothers

Location: north of the Arctic Circle, Population: 150 mostly men! But the three O Halloran brothers, who run a bush plane charter service called Midnight Sons, are heading a campaign to bring women to town. Brides for BrothersSawyer O Halloran, the middle brother, isn t entirely in favor of this scheme. But he considers himself immune to any woman even the lovely Abbey Sutherland. She’s arriving in Alaska within days. However, there s a complication or two. She hasn t told them she s arriving with kids!

The Marriage Risk

Location: north of the Arctic Circle, Population: 150 mostly men! But the three O’Halloran brothers, who run a bush-plane charter service called Midnight Sons, are heading a campaign to bring women to town. The Marriage Risk Like his brothers, Charles O’Halloran has a distrust of marriage in general – and of anyone related to Catherine Harmon Fletcher in particular. She’s the woman who tried to destroy his parents’ marriage. Too bad Lanni Caldwell, the only woman he’s ever really fallen for, is Catherine’s granddaughter…

Because of the Baby

Lonely men in Hard Luck, Alaska, looking for women. Our town might be cold, but our hearts are warm! Location: north of the Arctic Circle. Population: 150 mostly men! But the three O Halloran brothers, who run a bush plane charter service called Midnight Sons, are heading a campaign to bring women to town. Matt Caldwell, Charles O’Halloran’s brother in law, is an easygoing charmer, still in love with his ex wife. Karen’s still in love with him, too. Her reaction to him the night of his sister’s wedding certainly proved that. It also left her pregnant. Now Matt wants her to marry him again and not just Because of the Baby!

Falling for Him

Christian, the youngest O Halloran brother, has a problem, and her name is Mariah Douglas. The Midnight Sons secretary is always losing his messages, misplacing his files and generally creating chaos. Despite that, he can t get her out of his mind.

Midnight Sons and Daughters

Scott O Halloran and Chrissie Harris are all grown up now. After years away from Alaska, Scott’s back in town, and everybody s wondering if he s here to stay. Especially Chrissie, the girl he left behind

Mrs. Miracle

Seth Webster’s heart never healed after he lost his adored wife. Now, with Christmas approaching, wild twin boys to raise alone, a home in chaos, and the latest in a long line of exasperated housekeepers quitting in disgust, Seth needs more than help to keep his family togethe…
he needs a miracle. And then a miracle arrives on his doorstep. Her name is Mrs. Merkle, but the kids call her ‘Mrs. Miracle‘ and from the moment the warm, knowing, and very patient nanny appears, everything is different. Her sassy spirit is infectious, and it gives Seth the courage to approach Reba, a beautiful travel agent who’s been hurt and betrayed, and is afraid to ever love again. Through the magic of faith and with a little help from a children’s Christmas pageant and a lot of encouragement from Mrs. Miracle Seth and Reba might just be able to find a Christmas miracle of their very own: true love.

Call Me Mrs. Miracle

This Christmas, Emily Merkle call her Mrs. Miracle! is working in the toy department at Finley’s, the last family-owned department store in New York City. And her boss is none other than…Jake Finley, the owner’s son. For Jake, holiday memories of brightly wrapped gifts, decorated trees and family were destroyed in a Christmas Eve tragedy years before. Now Christmas means just one thing to him – and to his father. Profit. Because they need a Christmas miracle to keep the business afloat. Holly Larson needs a miracle, too. She wants to give her eight-year-old nephew, Gabe, the holiday he deserves. Holly’s widowed brother is in the army and won’t be home for Christmas, but at least she can get Gabe that toy robot from Finley’s, the one gift he desperately wants. If she can figure out how to afford it… Fortunately, it’s Mrs. Miracle to the rescue. Next to making children happy, she likes nothing better than helping others – and that includes doing a bit of matchmaking! This Christmas will be different. For all of them.

Navy Wife

Falling for a man in uniform can be hard…
New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber weaves emotional tales of love and longing. Here is the first of her celebrated NAVY series! Impulsive, wounded, vulnerable, Lindy Kyle was unprepared for a roommate like Rush Callaghan. Strong, sensitive and sexy, the temporarily dry docked naval officer was everything she’d ever dreamed of in a man…
in a husband. But Rush placed duty to his country above all else. Though he and Lindy were swept away on a tide of passion, he was called back to sea. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder but will their marriage survive their partings?

Navy Blues

She needed just one night with him…
Despite her ex husband’s bullheadedness, Carol Kyle knew he’d be the perfect man to father the child she so desperately wanted. Yet she also realized that the strong, honorable man would never allow his child to be raised without a father. So Carol needed to plot, to plan, to maneuver, to seduce Steve into her bed for one last time…
And then once more. Still, the passion when they were together was never the problem it was the absences that tore them apart. Had they grown enough to chance trying again especially when Carol’s plan seemed about to work?

Navy Brat

Another moving, emotional tale in the Navy Series from New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber. Erin MacNamera had one hard and fast rule: never, never, never fall for a navy man. But, from the heart stopping moment her eyes met Lieutenant Brandon Davis’s across a crowded lounge, Erin knew life would never be the same. Sexy, tender and strong, Brandon was all she’d ever dreamed of in a man, but he was also navy and as a Navy Brat from way back, she knew better than to give her heart to a seafaring man. When an old friend asked Brand to look up his eldest daughter, he never dreamed Erin would turn out to be a stubborn beauty who resisted him at every turn. Couldn’t she see that they were meant for each other? When Brand was called to duty, it gave him the perfect opportunity to teach his sweet Irish rose a thing or two about navy men and love…

Navy Woman

The return of a poignant classic in New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber’s NAVY series! Busy attorney Catherine Fredrickson loved her job at a submarine base in Washington, but her new boss, Royce Nyland, had her spirits sinking fast. The icy widower was distant, demanding…
and incredibly attractive. And though he kept her at arm’s length, he aroused a stormy passion in Catherine that was impossible to deny. Already struggling to keep afloat while caring for his energetic daughter, Royce didn’t need any more distractions especially not in the form of an appealing woman! Though the laws of the sea deemed naval fraternizing strictly taboo, how long could Royce resist romance when just the sight of Catherine capsized his vulnerable heart?

Navy Baby

A New York Times Bestseller

It was a night she’d never forget…
two strangers coming together in one breathless moment of intense need and heart stopping desire. But now sheltered Hannah Raymond is expecting the child of rugged naval seaman Riley Murdock a man she thought she’d never see again. Now fate has reunited them. They had created the miracle of life together, but would that be enough to spark the miracle of love?

Navy Husband

A New York Times Bestseller

When Shana Berrie’s sister, a naval nurse, is sent to sea, Shana looks after her daughter, Jazmine. Lieutenant Commander Adam Kennedy, a family friend, seems to feel she needs help as a substitute parent while Jazmine decides Shana needs help finding a husband. A Navy Husband, of course!

Snow Baby (By:Brenda Novak)

When Chantel Miller gets lost during an unexpected snowstorm, a stranger named Dillon Broderick rescues her. In the hours they spend together they become very close and the intimacy of that night creates a special bond between them. But real life intervenes. The woman Chantel was on her way to see is her sister, Stacy. They’ve been estranged for ten years and Chantel is determined to regain her affection. The woman Dillon was on his way to see is…
Stacy. They’ve been friends for some time but now there’s an added complication. Stacy’s in love with him. Which means Chantel can’t pursue a relationship with Dillon. Even when she discovers she’s pregnant because of that snowy night…

Baby Business (By:Brenda Novak)

She needs money, a lot of it, to pay for her daughter’s operation. Macy McKinney will do anything for five year old Haley. Businessman Thad Winters, a widower, wants a child without the complications of a relationship. He’s willing to pay for that. He interviews applicants and hires Macy to have his baby. Once Macy’s pregnant, they decide that a temporary marriage will simplify the situation but it does exactly the opposite!


Valerie Bloomfield rushes home to Orchard Valley, Oregon, when her father, David, suffers a heart attack. She and her two younger sisters, Stephanie and Norah, are gathering at his side, praying he ll live, fearing he ll die. At a time like this, falling in love is the last thing on Valerie‘s mind. And with Dr. Colby Winston, of all people! He s David s heart surgeon, a renowned specialist who enjoys small town living, while Valerie is a high powered businesswoman who prefers city life. They re complete opposites in every way. Yet David keeps insisting she and Colby are a perfect couple.


Norah Bloomfield is feeling a bit unneeded these days. Her father is recovering from his heart attack, and her sisters, Valerie and Stephanie, are busy planning their weddings. But then a cantankerous Texan named Rowdy Cassidy crashes his small plane in Orchard Valley. The same Rowdy Cassidy who’d been Valerie’s boss…and who’d demanded she marry him. Now he’s Norah‘s patient, and in all her nursing experience she’s never encountered a more difficult man. Or a more irresistible one! Except…is he still in love with her sister? When Norah‘s friend Sherry Waterman leaves Orchard Valley, Oregon, for Pepper, Texas, she’s definitely not in the mood for Lone Star Lovin’. But if anyone can change her mind, it’s Cody Bailman-a hardworking, good-looking rancher. Not only that, Cody has a twelve-year-old daughter who thinks Sherry’s ‘just perfect for Dad’! Texas men are a breed apart…

First Comes Marriage

There are all the usual ways, of course, but here’s how Janine Hartman did it. My grandfather Hartman arranged a husband for me! Zach Thomas, the intended groom, was just as outraged as I was. But gramps insisted we’d be ‘a perfect match.’ First Comes Marriage, according to him. Does Grandfather know best? You decide! ‘Debbie Macomber writes characters who are as warm and funny and real as your best friends.’ – New York Times bestselling author Susan Wiggs

Denim and Diamonds

Rancher Chase Brown has always loved Letty Ellison, but nine years ago she left their small Wyoming town, searching for a different kind of life. Now she’s come home to Red Springs with her dreams in tatters-and a five-year-old child in tow. She’s ready to trade the false glitter of Hollywood for the true happiness of being a rancher’s wife. Chase’s wife. But is it too late?

The Wyoming Kid

A Cowboy’s Joy Rancher Lonny Ellison has never known a woman like Joy Fuller. For one thing, she doesn’t seem very interested in him, and as an ex rodeo cowboy, Lonny’s not used to that. Women mobbed The Wyoming Kid during his rodeo days! And another thing, he and Joy who’s a schoolteacher and his sister Letty’s best friend seem to argue constantly. But it doesn’t matter, does it? Because he’s not interested in Joy, either. Wait a minute. Maybe he is. At least that’s what Letty seems to think their arguments are all about. Yup, she might have a point there. Now he has to convince Joy that marriage to The Wyoming Kid will be as exciting as an eight second bull ride and as sweet as the cookies she loves to bake.

Promise Me Forever

Frustrated by his slow recovery after an accident, Sloan Whittaker had chased off everyone who’d tried to help him. He was a prisoner to his bitterness convinced he would never walk again. Joy understood Sloan’s battle, she had been there all he had to do was start believing. As his therapist, that was all she wanted. As a woman, she feared that once he could walk he would. Reissue.

The Matchmakers

Single mom Dori Robertson is suddenly under pressure to find a new father for her eleven-year-old son. And he’s already chosen the guy – former pro-football player Gavin Parker. As it turns out, Gavin’s daughter wants her dad to marry again, too. When the kids join forces, Gavin suggests he and Dori start dating, just to satisfy the kids. Dori figures it’s safe enough…until he kisses her! ‘Debbie Macomber is the poster girl for the Harlequin magic…she is a bona fide superstar.’ – Publishers Weekly

Shadow Chasing

Falling in love with Philip during a romantic Mexican vacation, Carla is distraught when she learns Philip is a cop just like her late father, and she once again fears losing someone to a dangerous career. Reissue.

All Things Considered

Judd Matthiessen had a reputation for trouble. And Judd’s desertion of Lanni and their daughter only seemed to prove it. So why did it feel so right to Lanni when Judd walked back into her life? And why did she agree to accompany him to the Matthiesen ranch when all it could do was bring back dangerous memories?

The Playboy and the Widow

A confirmed bachelor, Cliff wasn”t prepared to trade in the fast lane for car pools. Diana lived life in the shadows, hiding behind motherhood and determined to pla y it safe. They were both adept at playing their roles. Unti l the playboy met the widow. ‘

Yours And Mine

When Joanna’s daughter, Kristen, asks Joanna if she would consider remarriage. Joanna’s answer is an immediate no. Tanner Lund feels the same way. Like Joanna, he’d been divorced after a disastrous marriage. And like her, he’s raising an 11 year old daughter alone. Joanna’s Kristen and Tanner’s Nicole are best friends, so it’s inevitable that Joanna and Tanner will become friends, too. And it is not long before they’re both feeling something stronger than friendship something they would both prefer to ignore. If only they could. As seen on Romance Classics television.

Rainy Day Kisses

Rainy Day Kisses Debbie Macomber New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber sold her first book in 1982. Since then she has been gathering awards and accolades from around the world and now has over 40 million copies of her books in print. Publishers Weekly sums up the secret of her success: ‘Macomber has a gift for evoking the emotions that are at the heart of the romance genre’s popularity.’ While Susannah Simmons struggles up the corporate ladder, her neighbor Nate Townsend stays home baking cookies and flying kites. She resents the way he questions her values and the way he messes up her five year plan when she falls in love with him! The Bride Price an original novel by bestselling Harlequin Romance author Day Leclaire Day is much loved by fans and fellow authors for her upbeat, emotional and charming stories. Says Debbie Macomber, ‘Day Leclaire leaves the reader with a smile and a warm heart!’ Piper Montgomery will do anything for her brother, even if it means handing herself over as collateral to his arch rival, Gideon Hart a man who left her five years before. For ‘Heartless Hart,’ it’s all about business and revenge, but to Piper’s own surprise she wants the deal to include love.

Fallen Angel

When her troubled company is miraculously rescued by a handsome and intriguing stranger, a young heiress fears that her heart is in danger when she falls for him. Reissue.

The Courtship of Carol Sommars

Peter Sommars is fifteen, and what he needs is a little more independence. Which is why he’d like his mom, Carol, to start dating. He even knows the perfect man – Alex Preston, his best friend’s dad. As it turns out, Alex is interested, but Carol’s doing everything she can to sidestep his pursuit. Which only makes Alex – and the boys – more determined! ‘With first-class author Debbie Macomber it’s quite simple – she gives readers an exceptional, unforgettable story every time.’ – ReadertoReader. com

The Forgetful Bride

Caitlin Marshall’s trying to go home to Minnesota for Christmas, but at the last minute she gives her airline ticket to a stranded soldier. So Cait spends the holidays with Joe Rockwell, who was a childhood friend and is still a terrible tease, claiming that Cait’s his wife. Oh, sure, they were ‘married’ in a pretend ceremony when she was eight, but now Joe wants to make their ‘marriage’ real!

The Man You’ll Marry

The First Man You Meet

Shelly Hansen was horrified when her great aunt’s wedding dress arrived because, according to family legend, she was destined to marry the next man she met. So when she tripped on an escalator and fell into Mark Brady s arms, she told him and herself that she wasn t interested in marriage. But then she started seeing him everywhere. Coincidence?

Is The Man You ll Marry

After her own wedding, Shelly sends her best friend, Jill Morrison, the dress which is delivered to Jill s hotel in Hawaii. But at least the man she sat beside on the plane gorgeous grouch Jordan Wilcox can t be the man in question, can he? She met him before she got the dress!

The First Man You Meet / The First Man You’ll Ever Meet

The First Man You Meet

Shelly Hansen was horrified when Great Aunt Milly’s infamous wedding dress arrived on Friday the thirteenth. Family legend said she’d marry the next man she met. So when she ran into handsome Mark Brady, Shelly told herself — and him — that she wasn’t interested. But then she started seeing him everywhere. Just coincidence?

Jacob’s Girls

Jacob Ryan has trouble in triplicate! Seven-year-old Allie is organizing her teacher to death. Seven-year-old Jessie is crying in class. Seven-year-old Meggie is becoming almost reclusive. Jacob is told that what the girls need is a women in their lives — and maybe they do. But the last thing Jacob needs is to exchange girl trouble for…
women trouble!

Ready for Romance

At the age of fourteen, Jessica Kellerman was wildly infatuated with Evan Dryden. But that was just a teenage crush and now, almost ten years later, she’s in love truly in love with his older brother, Damian. But everyone, including Damian, believes she’s carrying a torch for Evan!

Morning Comes Softly

A shy Louisiana librarian, Mary Warner fears she’ll always be alone, so she answers a personal ad from a rancher in Montana. Marrying a man she’s never met is reckless, but something about him calls to her.

Tragedy made Travis Thompson the guardian of three orphaned children. Determined to keep the kids out of foster care, he places the ad, and is surprised to marry a mysterious southern woman sight unseen.

It could be the mistake of a lifetime, but Mary might be what this broken family needs. With a little faith, a little trust, and a lot of love, two lonely hearts might just discover the true meaning of miracles.

Ready for Marriage

Mary Jo Summerhill is the woman in love with Evan. But her background’s blue collar, while Evan’s is blue blood. So three years ago she got out of his life and broke his heart. Now she needs his help. More than that, she wants his love. She wants a second chance with Evan…

The Bachelor Prince

Prince Stefano was a man most girls could only dream of meeting. And now the very handsome and very eligible bachelor has come to America in search of the girl he would someday make his bride! Hope Jordan’s prince has finally come but there is no happy ending in sight. Her royal suitor needs a wealthy wife to save his country from ruin, but Hope has nothing to offer Stefano except her love. Hope Jordan was the first woman to capture Stefano’s soul, but will he give up his kingdom for her love?

One Night

Love is on the airMorning deejay Carrie Jamison spouts the quirky brand of comedy Kansas City loves to wake up to. She’s skyrocketing in the ratings, and her quick wit has won her the admiration of everyone at KUTE radio except Kyle Harris. A serious, no frills newscaster, Kyle disapproved of Carrie’s antics, and isn’t afraid to broadcast his feelings to her or anyone else. When the tension between them approaches a meltdown, the station manager delivers a shocking ultimatum: Carrie and Kyle must make nice or end up on the unemployment line. With so much at stake, how hard could it be to give peace a chance? As they both open up to the possibility, they are startled to discover how simple it is. And, even more surprising, how quickly the warmth of friendship can flare into the splendors of love.

Wanted: Perfect Partner

There are all the usual ways, of course, but here’s how Meg Remington did it. My teenage daughter, Lindsey, had the nerve to place a personal ad on my behalf – Wanted: Perfect Partner. Worse, Steve Conlan, who answered the ad, was perfect, according to her. Did a teenage matchmaker get it right? You decide! ‘Debbie Macomber writes characters who are as warm and funny and real as your best friends.’ – New York Times bestselling author Susan Wiggs

Marrying Kind

High school sweethearts Katie and Jason haven t seen each other in ten years and now she’s walked back into his life. With one look, the love they shared comes flooding back only now the odds seem stacked against them. But when something s meant to be, all bets are off

Montana/Montana: No Place Like Home

When her grandfather asks her to move back home, Molly figures it will be good for her and her two sons to escape the big city influences that have threatened to tear the small family apart. But warm memories of a sprawling ranch don’t quite match the reality: Molly’s grandfather is quite ill, the place is rundown and there is a stranger running things. Although Molly can’t deny her attraction to the ruggedly handsome Sam Dakota, she can’t bring herself to trust him especially with her grandfather pushing them into marriage.

Three Brides, No Groom

They were college friends with plans to become blushing brides. Gretchen had the beauty, Maddie had the brains and cheerleader Carol had the bounce. And they each had a man to marry. But suddenly there is trouble in paradise. The grooms were suddenly getting cold feet. And now, these three women have decided they aren’t going to get mad they’re going to get even! .

This Matter of Marriage

The dating game is always the same. One disaster after another. Fortunately, Hallie McCarthy can compare notes with her neighbor, Steve Marris. He’s divorced and in the same boat. Right too bad Hallie and Steve are not interested in each other!

Thursdays at Eight

Thursdays at Eight, New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber’s new hardcover novel from MIRA Books, is the story of four friends, each at a turning point in her life. Each woman’s story is unique, told with the warmth and compassion that demonstrates why the author has become one of the leading voices in women’s fiction today. Four women come to a journal writing class with different needs and goals. What they found was friendship a closeness that they wanted to sustain long after the last day of class. Though they were very different in their ages, careers and life choices, the four developed a companionship that answered a shared need for acceptance, nurturing and support. To maintain their newly found relationship, these four formed a breakfast club, promising to meet, without fail, on Thursdays at Eight. Clare is recovering from the devastating divorce that resulted when her husband left her for a woman young enough to be their daughter. Driven by anger and the need for revenge, she attempts to restart her life and regain her self respect. But an unexpected turn of events will force her to look deep inside for forgiveness and compassion and for the woman she used to be. Elizabeth is a successful professional in her late fifties. She’s struggling with the loss of her husband when both of her grown children relocate to other parts of the country. Knowing she must find a way to overcome her feelings of abandonment, she vows not to waste another moment of her life, and will’s herself to find fulfillment in her work and her friends and if her future should include the possibility of romance, even better! Karen is a twenty something aspiring actress. She provides the sparkle in the group as she relates the humorous incidences of her as yet unsuccessful quest for stardom. Beneath her upbeat attitude, though, she suffers from her mother’s disapproval and negative comparisons with her very respectable married sister. As she endeavors to find her own identity and decide her life’s true course, she discovers that, even in one’s own family, things are not always what they seem. Julia is turning forty this year. Her husband’s career is established; her children are growing up and she has just started her own knitting shop. Finally past her ‘mothering’ years, she feels that her life is on schedule until she discovers she’s pregnant! While her husband is delighted at the news, Julia is devastated and her teenage children are embarrassed and outraged at the inconvenience a new baby will mean for them! As these women deal with the changes fate has thrown at them, their Thursday mornings at the Mocha Moments Caf take on even greater importance in their lives. Their meetings are a time for emotional sustenance, unconditional acceptance and the true kindness offered by friends and confidants.

The Christmas Basket

No one tells a Christmas story like Debbie Macomber. The Christmas Basket is filled with gifts for the reader gifts of warmth and laughter…
and emotional truth. This Christmas, let Debbie make you smile! That summer more than ten years ago, while they were still in high school Noelle McDowell and Thomas Sutton fell secretly in love. Secretly because their mothers had been locked in a bitter feud for decades. But despite the animosity between Sarah McDowell and Mary Sutton, Noelle planned to elope with Thom. Until he jilted her. This Christmas Noelle McDowell is home to celebrate the holidays with her family. After all, December 25 is also her birthday. Unfortunately, Noelle’s feelings about home or rather, her hometown of Rose, Oregon were changed forever the day Thomas Sutton broke her heart. This Christmas the feuding mothers find themselves working together to fill Christmas baskets for charity. What irony! And what an opportunity for reconciliation…
if only they could see it. This Christmas Noelle and Thom discover they’re still in love. Regardless of their mothers’ reactions, they want to be together. Is that possible? Can old rivalries be set aside? Will Sarah’s Christmas daughter have a second chance with Mary’s charming son? Maybe she will…
this Christmas!

Between Friends

Jillian Lawton and Lesley Adamski. Two girls from very different backgrounds. Jillian is the only child of wealthy parents, while Lesley’s from a working class family. They become best friends in the turbulent ’60s, but their circumstances, their choices and their mistakes take them in virtually opposite directions. Lesley stays in their Washington State hometown. She gets pregnant and marries young, living a life defined by the demands of small children, not enough money never enough money and an unfaithful husband. Jill lives those years in a completely different way: on a college campus shaken by the Vietnam War, and then as an idealistic young lawyer in New York City. But they always remain friends. Through the years and across the miles, through marriage, children, divorce and widowhood, Jill and Lesley confide everything to each other every grief and every joy. Because the quality of a friendship is the quality of a life.

The Snow Bride

A Snowbound Christmas…
A Second chance bride! Practical Jenna Walsh has done something impratical. she’s met a man on the internet and now, a month before Christmas, she’s going to Alaska to marry him. Dalton Gray seems to be everything she wants in a husband sensitive, gallant, romantic…
On the flight to Fairbanks, she has the misfortune to sit beside Reed Kenner, who obviously isn’t sensitive, gallant, or romantic. However, he’s not impressed with her plan t marry Dalton, a man he detests for good reason, as Jenna later finds out. So Reed takes it upon himself to change her destination and her marraigae plans. Which is why Jenna ends up at Reed’s cabin in tiny Snowbound, Alaska. It’s currently a one woman town and the other woman’s out of town. That leaves Reed, a bunch of eccentric old men, a few grizzly bears and Jenna. Kidnapped! And then there’s a blizzard. The two of them alone, stranded in Snowbound…
Hmm. Maybe she’ll be a Christmas bride, after all

Changing Habits

They were sisters once. Almost forty years ago, in a more innocent time, two girls enter the convent. Angelina and Joanna come from vastly different backgrounds, but they have one thing in common a desire to serve, to join in the community of sisters. Despite the relative seclusion of the convent house in Minneapolis, they’re not immune to what’s happening in the world around them. In 1972 Angie’s involvement with a pregnant teenager triggers a crisis of faith. At the same time, Joanna’s relationship with a Vietnam veteran brings her face to face with the choices she made and didn’t make in her own life. Then, Angie and Joanna leave the sisterhood, abandoning the convent for the exciting and confusing world outside. The world of choices to be made, of risks to be taken. Of men and romantic love. The world of ordinary women…
Debbie Macomber illuminates women’s lives with compassion, with love and with grace. In Changing Habits she proves once again why she’s one of the world’s most popular writers of fiction for and about women. Performed by Trini Alvarado

When Christmas Comes/Trading Christmas

Trading Houses. Trading Towns. Trading Christmas!Emily Springer, widowed mother of one, decides to leave Leavenworth, Washington, to spend Christmas with her daughter in Boston. Charles Brewster, history professor, curmudgeon and resident of Boston, wants to avoid Christmas altogether. He figures a prison town should be nice and quiet over the holidays except he’s thinking of the wrong Leavenworth!Through an internet site, Charles and Emily arrange to swap houses for the holiday. So Emily goes to Boston and discovers that her daughter has gone to Florida. And Charles arrives in Leavenworth to discover that it’s not the prison town it’s Santa’s village! The place is full of Christmas trees, Christmas music and elves. Meanwhile, Emily’s friend Faith Kerrigan travels to Leavenworth to visit her and instead finds Charles the grinch. Then Charles’s brother, Ray, shows up at his home in Boston to discover that he isn’t there but Emily is. Through all the mix ups and misunderstandings, amid the chaos and confusion, romance begins to emerge in unexpected ways. Because everything changes at Christmas!Also included is a Special Bonus Story, The Forgetful Bride!A seasonal classic first published as When Christmas Comes.

Christmas Letters

Celebrate Christmas on Blossom Street with a brand new romantic comedy from New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber! Katherine O’Connor often spends her days at a cozy cafe on Blossom Street in Seattle where she writes Christmas Letters for other people. She’s good at making their everyday lives sound more interesting. More humorous. More dramatic. But for Dr. Wynn Jeffries, who also frequents the cafe, Christmas means lies and deception. In fact, the renowned child psychologist recommends that parents ‘Bury Santa Under the Sleigh.’ Katherine, however, feels that his parenting philosophy is one big mistake at least, based on her four year old twin nieces, who are being raised according to his ‘Free Child’ methods. She argues with Wynn about his theories, while he argues that her letters are nothing but lies. They disagree about practically everything and yet, somehow, they don’t really want to stop arguing. As the days and nights move closer to Christmas, Katherine and Wynn both discover that love means accepting your differences. And Christmas is about the things you share…

The Perfect Christmas

What would make your Christmas perfect?For Cassie Beaumont, it’s meeting her perfect match. Cassie, at thirty three, wants a husband and kids, and so far, nothing’s worked. Not blind dates, not the internet and certainly not leaving love to chance. What other options are there? Well she could hire a professional matchmaker. Simon Dodson has quite a reputation, but he’s very choosy about the clients he takes on and very expensive. Cassie considers him a difficult, acerbic know it all, and she’s astonished when he accepts her as a client. Claiming he has her perfect mate in mind, Simon assigns her three tasks to complete before she meets this paragon. Three tasks that are all about Christmas: being a charity bell ringer, dressing up as Santa’s elf at a mall and preparing a traditional turkey dinner for her neighbors most of whom she happens to dislike. Despite a number of comical mishaps, Cassie does it all and then she’s finally ready to meet her match. But just like The Perfect Christmas gift, he turns out to be a wonderful surprise!

Christmas in Seattle

Celebrate Christmas with Debbie Macomber! Christmas Letters Katherine O?Connor often spends her days at a cosy caf? on Blossom Street, writing Christmas letters for other people. She?s good at making everyday lives sound more interesting. For Dr. Wynn Jeffries, the festive season means lies and deception. But Katherine and Wynn soon discover that Christmas is all about celebrating the things you share…
The Perfect Christmas Cassie, at thirty three, wants a husband and, so far, nothing?s worked. Not blind dates, not the internet and certainly not leaving love to chance. What?s left? Professional matchmaker Simon Dodson. Claiming he has her Mr. Right in mind, Simon assigns Cassie three Christmas tasks to complete before she meets him. But is Cassie really ready to meet her perfect match? Make time for friends. Make time for Debbie Macomber.

Family Affair

Rediscover the joy of 1 New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber’s delightful tale of unexpected love, second chances, and a cat named Dog. Lacey Lancaster has always longed to be a wife and mother. However, after a painful divorce, she decides it’s time to lay low for a while in her charming San Francisco apartment with her beautiful Abyssinian cat, Cleo. Everything would be wonderful, except for her utterly impossible neighbor Jack Walker. When he’s not arguing day and night with his girlfriend, begging her to move in with him, he’s chasing down his cat named Dog, who seems determined to get Cleo to succumb to his feline advances. Then Lacey discovers the awful truth Cleo is in the family way and Dog’s to blame. She’s furious that neither Jack nor his amorous animal seem too upset about the situation. But Lacey learns that things are not quite as they seem. Jack’s ‘girlfriend’ is really his sister and his intentions toward Lacey are very honorable. And though she’s not quite sure about Dog, Lacey begins to discover the tender joy of falling in love all over again.

The Truly Terribly Horrible Sweater…That Grandma Knit

Cameron loves his grandmother. She knows just what makes him tick. That’s why he can’t figure out why Grandma would send him a sweater a truly terribly horrible sweater for his birthday. Cameron pours mustard on his sweater. He puts it on his dog in the rain. He even tries to send it to the thrift shop. But nothing works. Now Grandma is coming for the holidays, and Cameron has to wear her gift to him. But what’s he going to say when she asks what he thinks about the sweater she made? With a sure hand and a light touch, worldwide bestseller Debbie Macomber and her new writing partner, Mary Lou Carney, reveal that what Grandma knit into Cameron’s sweater is the greatest gift of all. Debbie and Mary Lou have included simple knitting instructions and an original knitting pattern for Cameron’s sweater. You can find them at the back of this book.

Knit Along with Debbie Macomber – A Good Yarn

Debbie Macomber’s fans know that the fascinating characters in her fiction stories are often knitters. To help you experience the rewards of knitting, Leisure Arts is delighted to offer this companion publication to Debbie’s Cedar Cove series. This book is filled with knitting patterns, excerpts from Debbie’s books, and four delicious recipes. You’ll also find patterns for four sample blocks that you can make to contribute to Debbie’s favorite nonprofit organization, Warm Up America! 10 Projects: A Spot for Pets pet bed, Chemo Turban, Scarf Exchange one scarf seven ways, Charlotte’s Kitchen Cozies potholder and hot pad, Felted Knitting Tote, Tom’s Lap Robe, Baby Blanket, Puget Sound Afghan, Jolene’s Pullover, and Leif’s Sweater

Knit Together

Debbie Macomber calls Knit Together
the project of her heart.
Whenever she speaks, her theme is
simple: don’t be afraid to dream. God
created us for a reason, and when we
come to recognize our deepest longing,
we can discover His plan for our
lives. Full of encouragement and
divine empowerment for women,
the book centers around the Bible’s
assurance that God knits each one of
us together in our mother’s womb.
Debbie deftly weaves her own story
throughout the book, using the knitting
theme of her most recent bestsellers to create metaphors
that explore God’s handiwork in creating us for a purpose.

One Simple Act

What if you, personally, could make the world a better place…
by tomorrow? Debbie Macomber knows the secret to doing exactly that! In a world that seems too often stingy and grudging, she has witnessed how One Simple Act of generosity can yield unforeseen miracles. You are about to discover, through true stories, what happens when we commit intentional acts of generosity. Lives are changed in ways we never envisioned. Come with Debbie late one evening through the checkout line at the grocery store. Visit a midwestern train station. Discover the link between a submarine, a few bread crumbs, and some minnows. Visit ancient Galilee as a young boy volunteers his fishes and loaves to Jesus only to see his meager gift multiplied many times over to feed five thousand. Listen in on a touching phone call with an elderly widow. You will stand amazed at what God accomplishes when we make ourselves available through simple acts of generosity. This blend of true stories and motivating messages will delight and surprise you as you discover how giving the gifts of time, encouragement, hope, laughter, prayer, hospitality, service, and even forgiveness can have lasting, life changing impact, not only on the recipient of such gifts but on the giver as well. Debbie Macomber, through the power of story, invites us to live with open hands, offering who we are and what we have to God, to use in the lives of others. When we do so, lives including our own are changed in ways we couldn’t have imagined. All it takes is One Simple Act.

Knit Along With Debbie Macomber: Hannah’s List

Author Debbie Macomber’s book, Hannah’s List, is the newest addition to her popular Blossom Street series of novels. Knit Along With Debbie Macomber: Hannah’s List, the companion book to the novel, includes 15 knitted projects inspired by the lives and projects of the characters from Debbie’s compelling book. This is the 10th book in the Knit Along with Debbie Macomber series.

God’s Guest List

Who is on God’s Guest List for your life…
and why? The answers may surprise you. Through touching true stories and inspiring insight Debbie Macomber takes readers on a journey to discover the shaping influence others have on us and the power we have to shape and influence those whose paths cross ours. Each of us have influencers that have affected our lives some from a distance, some through word or deed, some through example, be it good or bad. Often we don t even recognize the deep impact others have had and how God has used them to shape us into who we are. By pausing to recognize these influences we begin to grasp how God s guest list had a purpose far beyond what we imagined. We begin to see the seeds of influence that grew into our personal values and character. In some people God invites into our lives, we see only what appears to be painful or negative influence. We bear the scars of disappointment, hurt, betrayal, and pain. Here Macomber redirects our attention, opening our eyes to how those experiences prompted strength, resilience, resolve, decisions, and choices about how we would change and who we would become. In other instances, God has surprised us with just the people at just the right time to support, teach, lead, or love us, but perhaps we haven’t quite recognized God’s timing and work through these ‘guests.’But perhaps the greatest treasure this book holds is the power to grasp our own power to influence others, and even to anticipate what lives we have yet to touch. In the tradition of How to Win Friends and Influence People, Macomber casts a vision to seize every opportunity to be a positive and faithful influence on others. With this realization comes the willingness and anticipation to live with the door of our lives wide open to greet each new life God brings across the threshold. God’s Guest List is filled with true stories and rich insight that will forever change how you see the people in your life.

Knit Along with Debbie Macomber: A Turn in the Road

Three generations of women set out on a road trip across the United States from Washington to Florida. Ruth, the grandmother, is heading for her 50th class reunion. Bethanne, the ex-daughter-in-law, has to make a major life decision and is using this trip to make up her mind. Annie, the youngest, has recently been dumped by her boyfriend and is looking for adventure. And so begins A Turn of the Road, the newest novel in the Blossom Street series by beloved author Debbie Macomber. Knit Along with Debbie Macomber: A Turn of the Road, the Knit Along companion book to the novel, features knitted projects inspired by the lives and projects of the characters from Debbie’s compelling book.

One Perfect Word

In the tradition of One Simple Act and God’s Guest List, perennial bestselling novelist Debbie Macomber reveals in inspiring, moving stories that the simplicity of One Perfect Word can become profound. When Debbie took the time to intentionally focus on a single word such as prayer, trust, or surrender for a whole year, this act changed not only herself, but those around her. The surprising thing is that when we decide to focus on one word for the year, Debbie writes, God takes part in the choosing. That s why the word is perfect for us. We may not see it at the time, but as we look back we see that it all worked together our word, our life, our journey. For example, the year she chose the word balance, her career moved to a whole new level. The pressures on Debbie to speak, promote, and practically live on the road were overwhelming. It was her yearlong focus on that all too difficult word balance that helped her refine her schedule. As you read Debbie s and others stories, you will be inspired to find your own word and will see how One Perfect Word can make all the difference. One Word Can Make All the Difference For almost twenty years I ve been meeting with a group of women entrepreneurs for breakfast once a week. Many years back, my breakfast club ladies and I decided to select a word to serve as a personal focus for the year. Over time the words I ve chosen have had a powerful impact on my life. In John 15:7 the Lord says, If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you. That could be the story of my life. As I ve tried to remain in Him and tuck His words deep in my soul, I ve asked, I ve imagined, and I ve dreamed. I have to confess, God s blessed me far beyond that for which I asked. Why should that be such a big surprise? That verse carries a promise. And God always keeps His promises. When we choose one single word from His Word and spend a year with it, I ve found that the Lord takes us by the hand and walks us through the year, teaching us about that word, about ourselves, and even more, about God Himself. from One Perfect Word

That Summer Place

It’s nothing special on the surface, merely a rambling old Victorian summerhouse on a secluded island, where the sky is blue and the water is clear. Yet after a month at the Rainshadow Lodge, people begin to change and fall in love. How else can you account for what happens to the most mismatched, unlikely couples? There’s Beth, who’s stuck sharing the lodge with a complete stranger and a difficult one at that. And Mitch, a workaholic on a deadline who has to depend on free spirited Rosie, who functions on ‘island time.’ Not to mention Catherine, who’s falling in love with Michael, the lodge’s handyman for the second time!

Born in a Small Town

In this three in one story collection, fans of Macomber’s ‘Midnight Sons’ series meet a whole new generation of family members and get updates on original characters in ‘Midnight Sons and Daughters’. In addition, Bowen welcomes readers back to Glory, Alberta, in ‘The Glory Girl’ and Johnson continues her ‘Patton’s Daughter’s’ tale with ‘Promise Me Picket Fences’.

Sealed with a Kiss

Hearts, flowers…
kids?! Who needs Cupid when you’ve got kids? In Debbie Macomber’s ever popular My Funny Valentine, a mom runs from the matchmaking efforts of her children right into the arms of a handsome stranger. A very persistent young man dreams of making his hero his dad in Mom and Mr. Valentine by Judith Brown. And a special little girl is behind a roomful of flowers…
And lasting love in Her Secret Valentine by Helen Brooks. There’s a little Cupid in every kid! And a lot of romance in…
Sealed with a Kiss

Hearts Divided

Grandmothers know best…
especially these three grandmothers, all soldiers’ brides. Their generation lived through war and peace, good times and bad, love and loss. 5 B Poppy Lane by Debbie Macomber All her life, Ruth Shelton has loved visiting her grandmother in Cedar Cove, Washington. Now Ruth comes to ask advice about her own romance with a soldier and discovers a secret in her grandmother’s past. The Apple Orchard by Katherine Stone Clara MacKenzie’s granddaughter Elizabeth arrives at Clara’s Oregon farm needing comfort. That’s exactly what Clara offers and so does a childhood friend named Nick Lawton. But Nick wants to offer Elizabeth more than comfort. More than friendship…
Liberty Hall by Lois Faye Dyer When Professor Chloe Abbot finds herself caught up in a troublesome mystery, she turns to her grandmother. She needs Winifred’s expertise as a wartime code breaker. She doesn’t need suggestions about her love life all of which involve an ex marine Jake Morrissey!

Almost Home

Whale Island by Cathy Lamb Family secrets and imposing friends are making Chalese feel like an outsider in her very own home on beautiful Whale Island. But it’s only when a shocking revelation makes her feel truly lost that she opens her heart to the possibilities the past offers including a chance at love with the last man she expected Queen of Hearts by Judy Duarte Her high school reunion is coming up, and advice columnist Jenn Kramer couldn t be dreading it more until she lays eyes on Marcos. Jenn hardly noticed him when they were kids, but now he s all grown up and how deliciously he s changed The Honeymoon House by Mary Carter It doesn t get more romantic than Andy Beck s cottage on Martha s Vineyard. But love is the last thing on his mind he just wants to get the cottage ready for his best friend s honeymoon. At least that s the plan, until he finds the gorgeous Maid of Honor ransacking his house in the most irresistible way The Marrying Kind by 1 New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber High school sweethearts Katie and Jason haven t seen each other in ten years and now she s walked back into his life. With one look, the love they shared comes flooding back only now the odds seem stacked against them. But when something s meant to be, all bets are off

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