Lesley Lokko Books In Order


  1. Sundowners (2003)
  2. Saffron Skies (2005)
  3. Bitter Chocolate (2008)
  4. Rich Girl, Poor Girl (2009)
  5. One Secret Summer (2010)
  6. A Private Affair (2011)
  7. An Absolute Deception (2012)
  8. Little White Lies (2013)
  9. In Love and War (2014)
  10. The Last Debutante (2015)
  11. Soul Sisters (2021)


  1. The Lesley Lokko Collection (2013)

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Lesley Lokko Books Overview


Take four friends…
Rianne: beautiful, wealthy and thoroughly spoilt, she has the world at her feet but is about to risk everything. Gabrielle: intelligent, loyal and always worrying about everyone else, now it’s time for her to start looking after No.1. Nathalie: petite, pretty and with a shrewd eye for business, she uses her work to help her forget the one man she can’t have. Charmaine: flirty and outrageous, she knows all about the good life. She just needs someone to pay for it…
Then a chance encounter changes everything and for Rianne and her friends, nothing is going to be the same again…

Saffron Skies

From Lesley Lokko, an outstanding new voice in women’s fiction, comes a story of family, love, grief, and power…

In this sweeping family saga, Amber Sall has the world on a platter everything a girl could ever want. She has a handsome, powerbroker father, an older brother she adores, scads of money, and two best friends, Becky and Madeline. But none of that satisfies her lifelong desire to win her father s love, and for success in a career on the basis of her own talents, not her family s power and money. Watching her beloved brother fail both tests only makes Amber more determined to succeed. Through the decades, she and Becky and Madeline need each other s support through the best and the worst that women can experience, but can their friendship survive?
Max Sall, Amber s father, is a distant, self made man, whose lust for power comes from his tragic childhood. He drove Amber s society mother to alcoholism by openly keeping a mistress in Rome. His daughter with that mistress, Paola Rossi, is spoiled by her mother. She grows up to be a beautiful, glamorous member of the international jet set, yet she is still envious of everything Amber has, and determined to do what her mother never could: get a man to marry her. But when Paola finally marries, the result is more disastrous than she ever could have dreamed.
Moving easily from London to Africa, Bosnia to New York, Saffron Skies is an unforgettable story of wealth, ambition, family, friendship, passion, loyalty, and betrayal.

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