Adele Parks Books In Order

Playing Away Books In Publication Order

  1. Playing Away (2000)
  2. Young Wives’ Tales (2007)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Game Over (2001)
  2. Larger Than Life (2002)
  3. The Other Woman’s Shoes / Lust for Life (2003)
  4. Still Thinking of You (2004)
  5. Husbands (2005)
  6. Tell Me Something (2008)
  7. Love Lies (2009)
  8. Men I’ve Loved Before (2010)
  9. About Last Night (2011)
  10. Whatever It Takes (2012)
  11. The State We’re In (2013)
  12. Spare Brides (2014)
  13. If You Go Away (2015)
  14. The Stranger In My Home (2016)
  15. The Image of You (2017)
  16. Lies Lies Lies (2019)
  17. I Invited Her In (2019)
  18. Just My Luck (2020)
  19. Both of You (2021)

Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. Happy Families (2008)
  2. Love Is A Journey (2016)

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Adele Parks Books Overview

Playing Away

It’s sexy. It’s roguish. It’s hilarious. It’s a sensational debut novel from London, a joyously comic take on modern marriage and its fallout. Single people may feel they have it rough…
but wait until you see what happens when married folk fall in lust. Connie Green’s life should be perfect. She has a hot career, her wonderful husband, Luke, and a bunch of great girlfriends. But she has just met overwhelmingly sexy John at a business conference. Her head and her heart said, ‘no way,’ but her traitorous body shrieked ‘yes, YES!’ Now Connie’s deep into a tawdry affair, which is destroying her peace of mind and her grand plan for Happily Ever After. Maybe John is her destiny. After all, she’s losing weight. It can’t be a bad thing if she’s losing weight, can it? Connie longs to confide in her girlfriends. They’ve always discussed their sex lives before, preferably over cocktails. But this infidelity thing makes it a trifle awkward. Connie’s not quite sure what she wants. And that’s exactly the trouble. A novel for every woman juggling the untidy mix of work, romance, sex, and marriage, Playing Away shimmers with equal parts comic relief and penentrating insight. Adele Parks has crafted a cunningly revealing portrait of the lives of hip, urban women, poised at the cusp of a millennium.

Game Over

Cas Perry wants nothing to do with love her dad walking out on her mother was quite enough romantic drama, thank you very much. And why should she bother with relationships when she can manipulate just about any man for sex? The steely hearted TV producer plays with other people’s love lives and orchestrates unscripted fireworks on the edgy reality show Sex with an Ex a ratings blockbuster that is sending her already hot career skyrocketing. Now, the woman who has all the answers meets the man who, for the first time, poses questions other than ‘buy you a drink?’. Stunningly handsome Darren would be a sensation on Sex with an Ex and Cas needs him to ensure the show’s success. So why is she wining and dining the sexiest man she’s ever met and talking about family values, marriage, and fidelity? Darren’s principles are changing the rules of attraction. And this may be one game Cas won’t mind losing…

Larger Than Life

Georgina has gone to great lengths to transform herself into the kind of woman Hugh Williams could love. Now, at thirty two, she’s got the perfect career in advertising, the perfect body just say no to doughnuts, and at last, the perfect man who finally left his overbearing wife. Life with sexy, career driven Hugh is like a page from a magazine what more could a woman want? She never planned on getting pregnant. Now she’s the kind of woman who scavenges the office trash bin for that last doughnut…
who bursts into tears reading baby books…
and whose life is about how it feels on the inside, and not how it looks on the outside. But as George grows bigger, Hugh grows more distant. The tiny being who hasn’t even entered the world is already testing theirs. And by the end of nine months, George will know what it truly means to love someone unconditionally including herself.

The Other Woman’s Shoes / Lust for Life

If the shoe fits…
Here’s what the Evergreen sisters have in common: jealousy. Eliza longs for the stability of Martha’s picture perfect marriage; Martha craves the spontaneity of Eliza’s life with her sexy musician boyfriend. Now one of the sisters has dumped her mate, and the other one just got dumped. Suddenly single minded, they are about to get what they think they’ve always wanted a chance to walk in the other woman’s shoes…
. buy a pair in every color. Here’s what the Evergreen sisters found out: trading placescan be a complicated affair. With new lovers in their lives, Eliza’s partaking in sensible discourse at upscale dinner parties, while Martha’s having great, no strings attached sex. But love is full of surprises…
and dream lovers can be full of hot air. No longer green with envy, can the Evergreen sisters each find a perfectly imperfect man to make their lives their real lives truly satisfying?

Still Thinking of You

Rich has always been skeptical about falling in love. Natasha has always fully expected to. And when these two find each other, they win the entire True Love package tenderness and hot sex and open eyed kisses. Long weekends in bed and talk of marriage and babies. The kind of love where there’s no room for secrets. That, after all, is what Tash says will keep them going strong: total and complete honesty…
. AND NOTHING BUT? Now Rich and Tash are engaged, and Rich’s old school friends crash into their love cocoon with big plans for celebrating, along with spouses and significant others, on a trip to a stunning French ski resort. But a lot can happen in a week that’s meant to capture the free spirited fun they all shared a decade ago. And in the glare of a whiteout on the slopes, Tash crosses paths with the one secret Rich should have kept: his colorful, vivacious, needy ex lover, Jayne…


Bella secretly married her childhood sweetheart, Stevie, over a decade ago; they were at university, two big kids playing at being grownups. When it all unravelled and reality hit, Bella simply got up and left. And the secret remained a secret. Years later, Bella meets Philip and, despite her vow never to marry again, she can’t resist him. He is a catch. Funny, charming, interesting and kind. Only hitch is, she’s still technically, anyway married to Stevie. Bella, typically, just ignores the problem. And the moment to tell Philip never quite seems to arrive. So Bella plans never to reveal her secret after all, it’s just a silly piece of paper, lodged at a registrar’s office in Aberdeen, isn’t it? She hasn’t seen Stevie for years probably never will again. Except that Bella’s best friend Laura has fallen in love, and when she introduces her new man to the gang it is none other than Stevie. Could things get any more complicated? Only if Bella and Stevie fall in love with each other again

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