John Gregory Betancourt Books In Order

Slab’s Tavern Books In Order

  1. On the Rocks at Slab’s (2008)
  2. Well Bottled at Slab’s (2010)
  3. On the Scent at Slab’s (2010)
  4. Cleaning Up at Slab’s (2010)
  5. Slab’s Tavern (1987)

Hercules Books In Order

  1. The Wrath of Poseidon (1997)
  2. The Vengeance of Hera (1997)
  3. The Gates of Hades (1997)

Roger Zelazny’s Dawn of Amber Books In Order

  1. Nine Princes of Chaos (2002)
  2. Chaos and Amber (2003)
  3. To Rule in Amber (2004)
  4. Shadows of Amber (2005)

‘Pit Bull’ Peter Geller Mystery Books In Order

  1. Pit on the Road to Hell (2007)
  2. A Christmas Pit (2010)
  3. Pit and the Pendulum (2011)


  1. Rogue Pirate (1987)
  2. The Blind Archer (1988)
  3. Johnny Zed (1988)
  4. Rememory (1990)
  5. Performance Art (1992)
  6. Cutthroat Island (1995)
  7. Pacifica (2002)
  8. The Dragon Sorcerer (2003)


  1. Playing in Wonderland (1994)
  2. The Science Fiction Crime Megapack (2017)
  3. The King Arthur MEGAPACK : Tales of King Arthur and His Knights (2018)


  1. Dry Days in Yellow Gulch (2008)
  2. The Adventure of the Amateur Mendicant Society (2009)
  3. Dreamtime in Adjaphon (2010)
  4. The Duke of Demolition Goes to Hell (2010)
  5. Faramigon’s Eye (2010)
  6. The Last Guardian of Ru Ishtl (2010)
  7. Sympathy for Monsters (2010)
  8. Sympathy for Zombies (2010)
  9. A One-Pipe Problem (2018)
  10. The Nature of the Beast: A Tale of The Things (2020)

Anthology series

  1. The Ultimate Witch (1993)
  2. The Ultimate Zombie (1993)
  3. The Ultimate Alien (1995)
  4. The Ultimate Undead (2006)

Anthologies edited

  1. Swashbuckling Editor Stories (1993)
  2. The Best of Weird Tales (1995)
  3. Pulp Classics: Ghost Stories (June 1931) (2004)
  4. Horrorscape (2005)
  5. Horrorscape 2 (2005)
  6. Horror: The Best Of 2005 (2006)
  7. Horror: The Best of the Year (2006)
  8. Horror: The Best of the Year 2007 (2011)
  9. Short Things (2019)
  10. The Ghost Story Megapack (2020)
  11. The Second Ghost Story Megapack (2020)
  12. The Third Ghost Story Megapack (2020)

Non fiction

  1. Serve It Forth (1996)
  2. The Sci-Fi Channel Trivia Book (1996)
  3. The Sci-Fi Channel Encyclopedia of TV Science Fiction (1997)

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John Gregory Betancourt Books Overview

Nine Princes of Chaos

The third book in the Roger Zelazny trilogy.

Chaos and Amber

In Roger Zelazny’s ‘Amber’ universe, there is only one true world, of which all others are but Shadows. In the ten book saga that he created, it is learned that ‘Amber’ was not the first true world; rather, it was ‘The Courts of Chaos.’ The saga chronicled the adventures of the royal family of Amber, culminating with a worlds shaking battle between champions from Amber and from Chaos. Zelazny did not have the chance to create the origin of Amber and its royal family, or reveal other key information that is only alluded to, before he died. The Dawn of Amber trilogy expands the ‘Amber’ universe and answers the important questions left open, including how Amber was created, by whom, and why. The events in the trilogy will precede those in the existing novels, but follow some of the same, immortal characters. Finally, fans of the series will discover why it was necessary to create Amber, how Chaos and Amber came to be at war, and the true nature of the universal, sentient forces that Amber and Chaos represent.

Shadows of Amber

Oberon, newly crowned King of Amber, finds himself in the middle of deadly political machinations, as his father tries to turn him into a puppet ruler. Meanwhile, rumors abound of a Shadow Amber in the sea, where a distorted version of Oberon sits on an onyx throne. To make matters worse, Oberon’s sister is trying to marry him off to a grasping would be queen, at least two siblings are out for his blood, and the entire Shadow universe is starting to unravel. What’s a new king to do? Seek help from an unlikely new ally!

The Blind Archer

In a distant time, when Earth was flat and ruled by magic, wizards knew well the perils of sorcery. It was a lesson young Ker Orrum had yet to learn, for he had just discovered the flame of power within him, and he yearned to wield it. When the Oracle spoke of a journey and of a gem, Ker Orrum’s fate was sealed: he would wrest the Great Ruby from the mighty god called The Blind Archer. Many others had tried; none had succeeded. Yet Ker Orrum was determined to fulfill his destiny, ignorant of the awesome forces he was about to unleash. Before it was over, his odyssey would sweep him into a horrifying world of vision without sight, where he would need more than magic to conquer the searing wrath of the Faceless Demons!

Cutthroat Island

Inheriting her father’s pirate ship and his map to an unfathomable treasure, the fiery Morgan Adams begins a merry hunt, with the help of con artist William Shaw, until her uncle and the British Navy get in the way. Movie tie in.


It was an artificial island created in the middle of the Pacific ocean, designed to feed the starving millions of the world…
For a brilliant holographic artist, hopelessly in love with a woman who abandoned him, it is a chance to win back her affections…
For eco terrorists, it is the dream of a lifetime gone horribly wrong…
And for a ruthless billionaire industrialist, it is a chance to rule the world…
Pacifica is the thrilling new science fiction novel by John Gregory Betancourt, nationally best selling author of The Dawn of Amber,and Linda E. Bushyager, author of Master of Hawks and The Spellstone of Shaltus.

The Adventure of the Amateur Mendicant Society

Holmes and Watson investigate spies and amateur beggars in this thrilling addition to the Sherlock Holmes mythos, based on one of the unpublished tales mentioned in the original series.

The Ultimate Alien

In this strange and exciting collection, some of the best known authors of the fantastic explore the intricacies and speculations of human encounters with the other…
with aliens. From Robert Silverberg’s examination of interspecies marriage to Arthur C. Clarke’s classic tale of the exploration of Venus, from Mike Resnick and Nicholas A. DiChario’s hilarious look at an alien radio broadcast to Nina Kiriki Hoffman’s intense study of a woman taken over by a plant like creature here are spectacular stories transcending time and space.

The Ultimate Undead

Celebrating the strange and unusual, some of the best known authors of the fantastic and the horrific explore the myths and legends surrounding a creature both dead and the undead the zombie! From Anne Rice’s chilling portrait of a woman more dead than alive to Chelsea Quinn Yarbro’s future where nobody dies forever, from Nina Kirki Hoffman’s powerful story of the dead returned for love to Gene Wolfe’s tale of computer driven corpses, The Ultimate Undead feature spectacular zombie stories of the modern ages.

The Best of Weird Tales

Weird Tales has always been the most popular and sought after of all pulp magazines. Its mix of exotic fantasy, horror, science fiction, suspense, and the just plain indescribable has enthralled generations of readers throughout the world.

Collected here are 13 of the best short stories published in Weird Tales’ first year of publication, 1923 classics by many who would later play an integral part in the Unique Magazine, such as H.P. Lovecraft, Frank Owen, and Farnsworth Wright.

Pulp Classics: Ghost Stories (June 1931)

A reprint of the June 1931 issue of the classic pulp magazine, GHOST STORIES, which features contributions from Conrad Richter best known as the author of THE LIGHT IN THE FOREST and a story by E. and H. Heron pen name for Mrs. Kenneth and Mr. Hesketh Prichard featuring their psychic detective, Flaxman Low.

Horror: The Best of the Year

The best stories of the year: here is a collection of the best horror prose written in 2005, by some of the genre’s greatest authors, and selected by two of horror’s most respected editors. In this volume you’ll find stories by Joe Lansdale, Jack Cady, Holly Phillips, Nicholas Royle, Joe Hill, Caitlin Kiernan, M. Rickert, Richard Bowes, Barbara Roden, Clive Barker, Laird Barron, Jeff VanderMeer, Ramsey Campbell, Nick Mamatas, Michael Marshall Smith, Simon Owens and David Niall Wilson.

Serve It Forth

What do the world’s most imaginative minds feast upon? Spiderfish Stew…
Shrimp Anarchy…
Surrealistic Fudge…
Pa’s Peasant Soup…
and Marvelous Morphed Meat. How do the world’s great science fiction and fantasy authors feed themselves when they’re not whipping up tales of wonder? What did they eat before they were famous and what do they serve to their friends? Compiled and annotated by bestselling author Anne McCaffrey, Serve It Forth is an unparalleled collection of recipes submitted by the writers themselves, so you can eat like Patricia Anthony The I’ve Been to Brazil I Know What Black Beans Are Dip, David Gerrold Death to the Enemies of the Revolution Chili, and Poul Anderson The Great Pumpkin. Each wonderful, dunce proof recipe is accompanied by personal notes from the author chefs, as they guide you into the preparation of such repasts as: Sherried Walnut Cake by Lois McMaster Bujold Pig by David Drake Comforting Clam Chowder by Peter S. Beagle Night of the Living Meatloaf by Allen Steele How and Why to Dress and Prepare Texas Armadillo by Ardath Mayhar Catfish and Red Meat Flavoring by Larry Niven And over 100 more! With additional dinner, dessert, and bread recipes by Joe Haldeman, Katherine Kurtz, Mercedes Lackey, John Brunner, Joan Vinge, M. K. Wren, and many more.

The Sci-Fi Channel Encyclopedia of TV Science Fiction

This guide features virtually every science fiction series in the past five decades, from Captain Video to Babylon 5, from One Step Beyond to The X Files, My Favorite Martian, and 3rd Rock from the Sun. With every hit from Dr. Who to Star Trek: Voyager; every cult show from The Prisoner and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy to Blake’s 7; and every short lived effort from The Fantastic Journey to Earth II, this is the definitive volume on televised science fiction entertainment.

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