Ben Bova Books In Order

Watchmen/The Others Books In Publication Order

  1. The Star Conquerors (1959)
  2. Star Watchman (1964)
  3. The Dueling Machine (1969)

Exiles Books In Publication Order

  1. Exiled from Earth (1971)
  2. Flight of Exiles (1972)
  3. End of Exile (1975)

Kinsman Books In Publication Order

  1. Millennium (1976)
  2. Kinsman (1979)

Kinsman Books In Chronological Order

  1. Kinsman (1979)
  2. Millennium (1976)

Voyagers Books In Publication Order

  1. Voyagers (1981)
  2. The Alien Within (1986)
  3. Star Brothers (1990)
  4. The Return (2009)

Orion Books In Publication Order

  1. Orion (1984)
  2. Vengeance of Orion (1988)
  3. Orion In The Dying Time (1990)
  4. Orion and the Conqueror (1994)
  5. Orion Among the Stars (1995)
  6. Orion and King Arthur (2011)

The Grand Tour Books In Publication Order

  1. Privateers (1985)
  2. Mars (1992)
  3. Empire Builders (1993)
  4. Return to Mars (1999)
  5. Venus (2000)
  6. Jupiter (2000)
  7. Saturn (2003)
  8. Mercury (2005)
  9. Powersat (2005)
  10. Titan (2006)
  11. Mars Life (2008)
  12. Leviathans of Jupiter (2011)
  13. Farside (2013)
  14. New Earth (2013)
  15. Earth (2019)

Star Quest Trilogy Books In Publication Order

  1. Death Wave (2015)
  2. Apes and Angels (2016)
  3. Survival (2017)

Outer Planets Books In Publication Order

  1. Uranus (2020)
  2. Neptune (2021)

Sam Gunn Books In Publication Order

  1. Sam Gunn Unlimited (1992)
  2. Sam Gunn Forever (1998)
  3. The Sam Gunn Omnibus: New Stories (2007)

Moonbase Saga Books In Publication Order

  1. Moonrise (1996)
  2. Moonwar (1997)

The Asteroid Wars Books In Publication Order

  1. The Precipice (2001)
  2. The Rock Rats (2002)
  3. The Silent War (2004)
  4. Aftermath (2007)

Billionaire’s Club Books In Publication Order

  1. Mars, Inc. (2013)

Jake Ross Books In Publication Order

  1. Power Play (2012)
  2. Power Surge (2015)
  3. Power Failure (2018)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. The Weather-Makers (1967)
  2. Out of the Sun (1968)
  3. Escape! (1970)
  4. THX 1138 (With: George Lucas) (1971)
  5. As On A Darkling Plain (1972)
  6. The Winds of Altair (1973)
  7. When the Sky Burned (1973)
  8. Gremlins Go Home (With: Gordon R. Dickson) (1974)
  9. The Starcrossed (1975)
  10. City Of Darkness (1976)
  11. Multiple Man (1976)
  12. Colony (1978)
  13. Test of Fire (1982)
  14. The Peacekeepers (1988)
  15. Cyberbooks (1989)
  16. The Trikon Deception (With: William R. Pogue) (1992)
  17. Triumph (1993)
  18. Death Dream (1994)
  19. Brothers (1995)
  20. The Green Trap (2006)
  21. The Immortality Factor (2009)
  22. Able One (2010)
  23. The Hittite (2010)
  24. Transhuman (2014)
  25. Rescue Mode (With: LesJohnson) (2014)
  26. Space Station Down (2020)

Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. The Next Logical Step (2010)

Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. Forward In Time (1973)
  2. Maxwell’s Demons (1978)
  3. Escape Plus (1984)
  4. Astral Mirror (1985)
  5. The Astral Mirror (1985)
  6. Prometheans (1986)
  7. Battle Station (1990)
  8. Future Crime (1990)
  9. Challenges (1993)
  10. The Future Quartet: Earth in the Year 2042 (1994)
  11. Twice Seven (1998)
  12. The Towers of Titan and Other Stories (2010)
  13. The Callahan Kids (With: ) (2012)
  14. New Frontiers (2014)
  15. Mercury and Prometheans (2015)
  16. The Best of Bova (2016)
  17. The Best of Bova, Volume II (2016)
  18. The Best of Bova, Volume III (2017)
  19. My Favorites (2020)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. The Milky Way Galaxy (1961)
  2. Giants of the animal world (1962)
  3. Reptiles since the world began, (1964)
  4. The uses of space, (1965)
  5. Planets, Life & Lgm (1970)
  6. In Quest of Quasars (1971)
  7. The Amazing Laser (1971)
  8. Man Changes the Weather (1973)
  9. The New Astronomies (1973)
  10. The Weather Changes Man (1973)
  11. Starflight and Other Improbabilities, (1973)
  12. The Fourth State of Matter (1974)
  13. Analog Science Fact Reader (1974)
  14. Workshops in Space (1974)
  15. Through Eyes of Wonder (1975)
  16. Notes to a Science Fiction Writer (1975)
  17. Science–Who Needs It? (1975)
  18. Viewpoint (1977)
  19. Closeup, New Worlds (1977)
  20. The Seeds of Tomorrow (1977)
  21. High Road (1981)
  22. Vision of the Future (1982)
  23. Assured Survival (1984)
  24. Star Peace (1986)
  25. Welcome to Moon Base (1987)
  26. Interactions (1988)
  27. The Beauty of Light (1988)
  28. Immortality (1990)
  29. First Contact (With: Byron Preiss) (1990)
  30. Are We Alone In The Cosmos? The Guide To The Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence (1992)
  31. The Craft of Writing Science Fiction That Sells (1994)
  32. Space Travel: A Writer’s Guide to the Science of Interplanetary and Interstellar Travel (With: Anthony R. Lewis) (1997)
  33. The Story of Light (2001)
  34. The Living Universe (2002)
  35. Faint Echoes, Distant Stars (2004)

The Universe of Xuya Books In Publication Order

  1. The Mammoth Book of Best New SF 24 (By:Gardner R. Dozois) (2011)
  2. Carbide Tipped Pens (With: Aliette Bodard,,Gregory Benford,Jack McDevitt,Daniel H. Wilson,Liu Cixin) (2014)

Science Fiction Writing Books In Publication Order

  1. Aliens and Alien Societies (By:) (1996)
  2. Space Travel: A Writer’s Guide to the Science of Interplanetary and Interstellar Travel (With: Anthony R. Lewis) (1997)

Nebula Awards Books In Publication Order

  1. Nebula Awards 1 (By:Damon Knight) (1966)
  2. Nebula Awards 2 (By:Brian W. Aldiss,Harry Harrison) (1966)
  3. Nebula Awards 3 (By:Roger Zelazny) (1968)
  4. Nebula Awards 4 (By:Karen Anderson) (1968)
  5. Nebula Awards 5 (By:Alexei Panshin) (1969)
  6. Nebula Awards 6 (By:Thomas D. Clareson) (1971)
  7. Nebula Awards 7 (By:Theodore Sturgeon,Lloyd Biggle Jr.) (1972)
  8. Nebula Awards 8 (By:Isaac Asimov) (1973)
  9. Nebula Awards 9 (By:Kate Wilhelm) (1974)
  10. Nebula Awards 10 (By:James Gunn) (1975)
  11. Nebula Awards 11 (By:Ursula K. Le Guin,Craig Kee Strete) (1976)
  12. Nebula Awards 14 (By:Robin Malkin) (1980)
  13. Nebula Awards 15 (By:Frank Herbert) (1981)
  14. Nebula Awards 16 (By:Kim Stanley Robinson) (1982)
  15. Nebula Awards 17 (By:Joe Haldeman) (1983)
  16. Nebula Awards 19 (By:Marta Randall) (1984)
  17. Nebula Awards 20 (By:George Zebrowski) (1985)
  18. Nebula Awards 21 (By:George Zebrowski) (1985)
  19. Nebula Awards 22 (By:George Zebrowski) (1988)
  20. Nebula Awards 23 (By:Michael Bishop) (1989)
  21. Nebula Awards 24 (By:Michael Bishop) (1990)
  22. Nebula Awards 25 (By:Michael Bishop) (1991)
  23. Nebula Awards 26 (By:James K. Morrow) (1992)
  24. Nebula Awards 27 (By:James K. Morrow) (1993)
  25. Nebula Awards 28 (By:James K. Morrow) (1994)
  26. Nebula Awards 29 (By:Pamela Sargent) (1995)
  27. Nebula Awards 30 (By:Pamela Sargent) (1996)
  28. Nebula Awards31 (By:Pamela Sargent) (1997)
  29. Nebula Awards 33 (By:Connie Willis,Jane Yolen,Jerry Oltion,Nancy Kress) (1999)
  30. Nebula Awards 34 (2000) (By:Gregory Benford) (2000)
  31. Nebula Awards 36 (2002) (By:Kim Stanley Robinson) (2002)
  32. Nebula Awards 37 (2003) (By:Nancy Kress) (2003)
  33. Nebula Awards 38 (2004) (By:Vonda N. McIntyre) (2004)
  34. Nebula Awards 39 (2005) (By:Ruth Berman) (2005)
  35. Nebula Awards 40 (2006) (By:ChristopherRowe) (2006)
  36. Nebula Awards 42 (2008) (With: Ruth Berman) (2008)
  37. Nebula Awards 43 (2009) (By:Ellen Datlow) (2009)
  38. Nebula Awards 44 (2010) (By:Bill Fawcett) (2010)
  39. Nebula Awards 45 (2011) (By:Kevin J. Anderson) (2011)
  40. Nebula Awards 46 (2012) (By:John Kessel) (2012)
  41. Nebula Awards 47 (2013) (By:Catherine Asaro) (2013)
  42. Nebula Awards 48 (2014) (By:Kij Johnson) (2014)
  43. Nebula Awards 50 (2016) (By:Mercedes Lackey) (2016)
  44. Nebula Awards 51 (2017) (By:Julie E. Czerneda) (2017)
  45. Nebula Awards 52 (2018) (By:Jane Yolen) (2018)
  46. Nebula Awards 53 (2019) (By:Kim Stanley Robinson) (2019)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. The Many Worlds of Science Fiction (1971)
  2. Science Fiction Hall Of Fame (1973)
  3. The Science Fiction Hall of Fame: Volume II A (1973)
  4. Analog 9 (1973)
  5. Cosmic Laughter; Science Fiction for the Fun of It (1974)
  6. Analog Annual (1976)
  7. Aliens (1977)
  8. Study War No More (1977)
  9. Analog Yearbook (1978)
  10. Novella 3 (1978)
  11. The Best of the Nebulas (1989)
  12. Power (1991)
  13. The Best Of Analog (2002)
  14. Nebula Awards 42 (2008) (2008)
  15. Going Interstellar (2012)
  16. Carbide Tipped Pens (2014)
  17. Science Fiction Gems, Volume 9 (2015)

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Ben Bova Books Overview

The Dueling Machine

The Dueling Machine helps keep peace throughout the universe until a terrestrial power devises a telepathic means of controlling the machine thus jeopardizing the security of all solar systems.

End of Exile

Born and brought up on a space ship that is slowly deteriorating, Linc discovers its secrets and the way to get the remaining occupants to their ultimate destination.


Stoner knew. The fiery object hurtling toward the Earth was an alien spacecraft. But the world might never know. He was trapped in an iron cordon of secrecy, for the discovery had shattered the world power balance, setting off a brutal struggle for supremacy that raged from the sacred halls of the Vatican to the corridors of the Kremlin and the Pentagon. The forces of fear and treachery would use any weapon at their command, from mind war to sabotage, to keep the world in darkness. Aided by a brilliant Soviet linguist and a lovely young student, Stoner planned a desperate mission, a wild, heart stopping gamble to preserve the legacy of the star voyager for all mankind.

The Alien Within

Eighteen years ago, astronaut Keith Stoner had been the American member of a joint U.S. Soviet mission to capture an alien ship that had entered the solar system. It was the greatest adventure in the history of Earth but disaster struck when a bomb placed on the Soviet craft forced its recall. Stoner refused to return to Earth, staying behind in the strange ship alone where he fell into suspended animation. Jo Camerata, the ambitious young student who fell in love with Stoner, is now head of Vanguard Industries. Jo’s dogged determination has forced the recovery of the alien ship, and now her company is in control of the vast new technology and in control of Keith Stoner. What Camerata doesn t know, however, is that when Stoner wakes, someone else awakens, too. The alien presence in Stoner s mind that has kept him alive all these years is now free, and intends to explore the world. And it will let nothing stand in its way.

Star Brothers

Keith Stoner lay frozen in an alien spacecraft for fifteen long years; during that time he came to be something more than just an astronaut, just a man. Stoner became partly alien hismelf merged with an alien intelligence embodied in the nanotechnology that lived inside Stoner’s body. The alien whose tomb that spacecraft was, brought humanity both a blessing and a deadly peril. The technology now the control of Vanguard Industries has changed the face of the earth. The technology that lives in Stoner’s bloodstream will change mankind forever. There are powerful leaders, both corporate and political, who are becoming aware of Keith Stoner and the power he seems to control. They want that power for themselves, and will do anything to gain it. Nothing Stoner can say or do will convince these ruthless men and women that the power they seek may destroy them utterly.

The Return

In the 1980s, an alien starship visited Earth. While investigating what appeared to be a sarcophagus bearing the preserved body of its builder, astronaut Keith Stoner was trapped and cryogenically frozen. After his body was eventually returned to Earth and revived, Stoner discovered that he had acquired alien powers. Using these new powers, he built a new starship and left Earth.

Now, after more than a century of exploring the stars, Keith Stoner returns to find that the world he has come back to does not match the one he left. The planet is suffering the consequences of disastrous greenhouse flooding. Most nations have been taken over by ultraconservative religion based governments, such as the New Morality in the United States. With population ballooning and resources running out, Earth is heading for nuclear war. Stoner, the star voyager, wants to save Earth’s people. But first he must save himself from the frightened and ambitious zealots who want to destroy this stranger and the terrifying message he brings from the stars.


John O’Ryan is not a god…
not exactly. He is an eternal warrior destined to combat the Dark Lord through all time for dominion of the Earth. Follow him, servant of a great race, as he battles his enemy down the halls of time, from the caves of our ancestors to the final confrontation under the hammer of nuclear annihilation.

Vengeance of Orion

Orion finds himself thrust back to the ancient world of Greece and must prevent the Greek army from destroying the citadel of Troy. If he fails, he will lose the only woman he has ever loved. But if he succeeds, the history of the world will be changed forever. The stunning sequel to Orion.

Orion and the Conqueror

John O’Ryan is Orion more than human, less than a god, cast away on the seas of Time to do battle among the Creators for the future of mankind. Now the eternal warrior finds himself separated from his great love, Anya, and marooned in Macedonia under the reign of Phillip fighting alongside the young Alexander, and at the mercy of a Queen Olympias who is far more than she seems.


America Has Ceded The Heavens To The Tyrants And The Renegades. The U.S. has abandoned its quest for the stars, and an old enemy has moved in to fill the void. The potential wealth of the universe is now in malevolent hands. Rebel billionaire Dan Randolph possessor of the largest privately owned company in space intends to weaken the stranglehold the new despotic masters of the solar system have on the lucrative ore industry. But when the mineral rich asteroid he sets in orbit around the Earth is commandeered by the enemy, and his unarmed workers are slaughtered in cold blood, the course of Randolph’s life is changed forever. Now cataclysm is aimed at the exposed heart of America a potential catastrophe that Randolph himself inadvertently set in motion. And the maverick entrepreneur must use his skills, cunning, and vast resources to strike out at his foes hard, fast and with ruthless precision and wear proudly the mantle that fate thrust upon him: space pirate!


Mars, ‘the bloody planet,’ is a world shrouded in mystery. As the source of endless fascination, Mars offers us the most promise for finding evidence of life. Half Navajo American Jamie Waterman is a geologist whose dream comes true when he is selected for the first landing team on Mars. He endures the rigors of training, the personality conflicts and political intrigues, as well as the dangers of travelling over 100 million kilometers in space. Once the international crew lands on Mars, they discover they must battle not only the alien land they have invaded but earthbound bureaucrats as well. As they head toward a chasm that is ten times larger than the Grand Canyon, the twenty five astronauts come face to face with the most shocking discovery of all.

Empire Builders

Dan Randolph never plays by the rules. A hell raising maverick with no patience for fools, he is admired by his friends, feared by his enemies, and desired by the world’s loveliest women. Acting as a twenty first privateer, Randolph broke the political strangle hold on space exploration, and became one of the world’s richest men in the bargain. Now an ecological crisis threatens Earth and the same politicians that Randolph outwitted the first time want to impose a world dictatorship to deal with it. Dan Randolph knows that the answer lies in more human freedom, not less and in the boundless resources of space. But can he stay free long enough to give the world that chance?

Return to Mars

Six years have passed since half Navajo, half Anglo Jamie Waterman took charge of a foundering expedition to the Red Planet, and led its surviving members on a dangerous trek to Mars’ Valles Marineris and to, perhaps, the greatest scientific discovery in the history of humankind: fragile, lichenlike organisms growing just beneath the planet’s rocky surface; extraterrestrial life in its most basic form. But things have soured for Waterman back in Earth’s rich atmosphere and the two halves of Jamie’s heart native mystic and rational scientist have slipped further and further out of balance. Now a second Martian expedition has been announced one motivated purely by its profit potential and Jamie Waterman’s wounded soul is beckoning him back to the eerie, unforgiving landscape whose sere natural beauty reminds him so strongly of Navajo lands. As commander of the new team, he will have to contend with a bitter and destructive rivalry, a disturbing new emotional attraction, and the deadly, incomprehensible ‘accidents’ that appear to be sabotage all of which could doom the mission to failure. But Waterman knows he must not fail for much more is at stake than his personal redemption and the safety of his crew. For there are still great secrets to be uncovered on this cruel and enigmatic world not the least being something he glimpsed in the far distance during his first Mars excursion; an improbable structure perched high in the planet’s carmine cliffs; a dwelling that only an intelligent being could have built!


The surface of Venus is the most hellish place in the solar system. The ground is hot enough to melt aluminum. The air pressure is so high it has crushed spacecraft landers as though they were tin cans. The sky is perpetually covered with clouds of sulfuric acid. The atmosphere is a choking mixture of carbon dioxide and poisonous gases. This is where Van Humphries must go. Or die trying. His older brother perished in the first attempt to land a man on Venus, years before, and his father had always hated Van for surviving when his brother died. Now his father is offering a ten billion dollar prize to the first person to land on Venus and return his oldest son’s remains. To everyone’s surprise, Van takes up the offer. But what Van Humphries will find on Venus will change everything our understanding of Venus, of global warming on Earth, and his knowledge of who he is.


Beginning with Venus Tor, 2000, Ben Bova set out to write a new series of loosely linked SF novels dramatizing for a wide readership the real solar system we live in. In Venus, we were taken first hand to the crushing, searing surface of that truly terrifying planet. Now, in Jupiter, Bova takes us to one of the strangest places imaginable, a place where hydrogen flows as a liquid, a place with a lightless ocean ten times wider than the entire Earth, a place where cyclones larger than planets rage for centuries at a time. Grant Archer merely wanted to study astrophysics, to work quietly as an astronomer on the far side of the Moon. But the forces of the ‘New Morality,’ the coalition of censoriuous do gooders who run 21st century America, have other plans for him. To his distress, Grant is torn from his young bride and sent to a research station in orbit around Jupiter, charged with the task of spying on the scientists who work there. What they don’t know is that his loyalty to science may be greater than his loyalty to the ‘New Morality.’ But that loyalty will be tested in a mission as dangerous as any ever undertaken…
AUTHORBIO: A six time winner of science fiction’s Hugo award and past president of the SF Writers of America and the National Space Society, Ben Bova lives in Florida.


Following the bestselling, widely praised Venus and Jupiter, Ben Bova offers a new adventure of solar system discovery like nothing previously imaginedIn the bestselling novels Venus and Jupiter, Ben Bova dramatized the latest discoveries about our own solar system in an epic tale of near future exploration and development. Now Bova turns his attention to one of our system’s greatest mysteries Saturn. Earth groans under the thumb of fundamentalist political regimes. Crisis after crisis has given authoritarians the upper hand. Freedom and opportunity exist in space, for those with the nerve and skill to take it. Now the governments of Earth are encouraging many of their most incorrigible dissidents to join a great ark, a one way expedition to Saturn, the ringed planet that baffled Galileo and has fascinated astronomers ever since. But humans will be human, so amidst the idealism permeating Space Habitat Goddard are many individuals with long term schemes, each awaiting their moment. And hidden from them is the greatest secret of all the real purpose of this expedition known to only a few…


The planet closest to our Sun, Mercury is a rocky, barren, heat scorched world. But there are those who hope to find wealth in its desolation.

Saito Yamagata thinks Mercury‘s position makes it an ideal place to generate power to propel starships into deep space. Astrobiologist Victor Molina thinks the water at Mercury s poles may harbor evidence of life. Bishop Elliot Danvers has been sent by the Earth based New Morality to keep close tabs on Molina.

But all three of these men are blissfully unaware of their shared history, and of how it connects to the collapse of Mance Bracknell s geosynchronous space elevator a generation ago. Now they re about to find out, because Mance is determined to have his revenge


This is the Audiobook CD Library Edition in vinyl case. Directed by Kirk Miller A sweeping mix of space, murder, romance, politics, secrets, and betrayal, Powersat will take you to the edge of space and the dawning of a new world. Two hundred thousand feet up, things go horribly wrong. An experimental low orbit spaceplane breaks up on reentry, falling to earth over a trail hundreds of miles long. And in its wake is the beginning of the most important mission in the history of space. America needs energy, and Dan Randolph is determined to give it to them. He dreams of an array of geosynchronous Powersats, satellites that gather solar energy and beam it to generators on Earth, freeing America from its addiction to fossil fuels and breaking the power of the oil cartels forever. But the wreck of the spaceplane has left his company, Astro Manufacturing, on the edge of bankruptcy. Worse, Dan discovers that the plane worked perfectly right up until the moment that saboteurs knocked it out of the sky. And whoever brought it down is willing and able to kill again to keep Astro grounded. Now Dan has to thread a dangerous maze. The visible threats are bad enough: Rival firms want to buy him out and take control of his dreams. His former lover wants to co opt his unlimited energy idea as a campaign plank for the candidate she’s grooming for the presidency. NASA and the FAA want to shut down his maverick firm. And his creditors are breathing down his neck. Making matters even more dangerous, an international organization of terrorists sees the Powersat as a threat to their own oil based power. And they’ve figured out how to use it as a weapon in their war against the West.


Hugo Award winning editor, author, scientist, and journalist, Ben Bova is a modern master of near future science fiction and a passionate advocate of manned space exploration. For more than a decade, Bova has been chronicling humanity’s struggles to colonize our solar system in a series of interconnected novels known as The Grand Tour.

Now, with Titan, Ben Bova takes readers to one of the most intriguing destinations in near space: the extraordinary moon of Saturn which made international headlines last year when the Huygens probe sent back remarkable images of its strange landscapes.

2095. After long months of travel, the gigantic colony ship Goddard has at last made orbit around Saturn, carrying a population of more than of 10,000 dissidents, rebels, extremists, and visionaries seeking a new life. Among Goddard s missions is the study of Titan, which offers the tantalizing possibility that life may exist amid its windswept islands and chill black seas.

When the exploration vessel Titan Alpha mysteriously fails after reaching the moon s surface, long buried tensions surface among the colonists. Eduoard Urbain, the mission s chief scientist, is wracked with anxiety and despair as he sees his life s work unravel. Malcolm Eberly, Goddard s chief administrator, takes ruthless measures to hold onto power as a rash of suspicious incidents threaten to undermine his authority. Holly Lane, the colony s human resources director, must confront the station s powerful leaders to protect the lives of its people. And retired astronaut Manuel Gaeta is forced to risk his life in a last, desperate attempt to salvage the lost probe.

Torn by intrigue, sabotage, and an awesome discovery that could threaten human space exploration, a handful of courageous men and women must fight for the survival of their colony, and for the destiny of the human race.

Mars Life

Jamie Waterman discovered the cliff dwelling on Mars, and the fact that an intelligent race lived on the red planet sixty five million years ago, only to be driven into extinction by the crash of a giant meteor. Now the exploration of Mars is itself under threat of extinction, as the ultraconservative New Morality movement gains control of the U.S. government and cuts off all funding for the Mars program. Meanwhile, Carter Carleton, an anthropologist who was driven from his university post by unproven charges of rape, has started to dig up the remains of a Martian village. Science and politics clash on two worlds as Jamie desperately tries to save the Mars program and uncover who the vanished Martians were.

Leviathans of Jupiter

In Ben Bova’s novel JUPITER, physicist Grant Archer led an expedition into Jupiter’s hostile planetwide ocean, attempting to study the unusual and massive creatures that call the planet their home. Unprepared for the hostile environment and crushing pressures, Grant’s team faced certain death as their ship malfunctioned and slowly sank to the planet’s depths. However one of Jupiter’s native creatures a city sized leviathan saved the doomed ship. This creature’s act convinced Grant that the huge creatures were intelligent, but he lacked scientific proof. Now, several years later, Grant prepares a new expedition to prove once and for all that the huge creatures are intelligent. The new team faces dangers from both the hostile environment and from humans who will do anything to make sure the mission is a failure, even if it means murdering the entire crew.

Sam Gunn Unlimited

Sam Gunn visionary, scoundrel, lover, liar, and the twenty first century’s biggest capitalist pig vows to go where no one has gone before and bring back a profit.

The Sam Gunn Omnibus: New Stories

THE IRREPRESSIBLE SAM GUNN A hero without peer or scruples, Sam Gunn has a nose for trouble, money, and women though not necessarily in that order. A man with the ego and stature of a Napoleon, the business acumen of a P. T. Barnum, and the raging hormones of a teenage boy, Sam is the finest astronaut NASA ever trained and dumped. But more than money, more than women, Sam Gunn loves justice. And he really does love money and women. Whether he’s suing the Pope, helping twin sisters entangled in the ‘virtual sex’ trade, or on trial for his life on charges of interplanetary genocide, you can be sure of one thing: this is one space jockey who’ll meet every challenge with a smile on his lips, an ace up his sleeve and a weapon in his pocket. Now, for the first time between covers, Hugo winner Ben Bova presents all the tales of Sam Gunn to date, including three never before collected in book form. Here is the entire chronicle of Sam Gunn, trailblazer and scoundrel, as he scams his way from one end of the Solar System to the other, giving bold new meaning to the term ‘venture capitalist.’


This is the Audiobook CD Library Edition in vinyl case. Directed by Emily Janice Card Read by Stefan Rudnicki There is a future of astonishing possibilities waiting on a lifeless world of surprising contrasts, where sub frigid darkness abuts the blood boiling light a future threatened by greed and jealousy, insanity and murder. A twenty first century US aerospace company has developed the first permanent human settlement on the moon. The settlement is made possible by major scientific breakthroughs, particularly in the practical use of nanotechnology microscopic machines that can build structures on the moon using raw lunar materials, as well as correct damage done to the human body by illness and injury. But conflict within the company’s founding family and growing protests against the technology from radical environmentalists and religious fundamentalists on Earth put Moonbase in danger of closure. Former astronaut and brilliant visionary Paul Stavenger must prevent the project from falling into the wrong hands as a power struggle leads to murder and the near destruction of Moonbase.


Ben Bova’s extraordinary Moonbase Saga continues with a breathtaking near future adventure rich in character and incident. The action begins seven years after the indomitable Stavenger family has realized its cherished dream of establishing a colony on the inhospitable lunar surface. Moonbase is now a thriving community under the leadership of Doug Stavenger, a marvel of scientific ahievement created and supported by nanotechnology: virus size machines that can build, cure, and destroy. But nanotechnology has been declared illegal by the home planet’s leaders. And a powerful despot is determined to lay claim to Stavenger’s peaceful city…
or obliterate it, if necessary. The people of Moonbase a colony with no arms or military must now defend themselves from earth born aggression with the only weapon at their disposal: the astonishing technology that sustains their endangered home.

The Precipice

Once, Dan Randolph was one of the richest men on Earth. Now the planet is spiraling into environmental disaster, with floods and earthquakes destroying the lives of millions. Randolph knows the energy and natural resources of space can save Earth’s economy, but the price may be the loss of the only thing he has left the company he founded, Astro Manufacturing. Martin Humphries, fabulously wealthy heir of the Humphries Trust, also knows that space based industry is the way of the future. But unlike Randolph, he doesn’t care if Earth perishes in the process. And he knows that the perfect bait to ensnare Dan Randolph and take control of Astro is his revolutionary new fusion propulsion system. As Randolph accompanied by two fascinating women who are also brilliant astronauts flies out to the Asteroid Belt aboard a fusion propelled spacecraft, Humphries makes his move. The future of mankind lies in Randolph’s hands. The Asteroid Wars have begun.

The Rock Rats

Visionary space industrialist Dan Randolph is dead but his prot g , pilot Pancho Barnes, now sits on the board of his conglomerate. She has her work cut out for her. For Randolph’s rival, Martin Humphries, still wants to control Astro and still wants to drive independent asteroid miners like Lars Fuchs out of business. Humphries wants revenge against Pancho and, most of all, he wants his old flame, Amanda, who has become Lars Fuchs’s wife. Brim*ming with memorable characters and human conflict, rugged high tech prospectors and boardroom betrayals, The Rock Rats continues the tale of our near future struggle over the incalculable wealth of the Asteroid Belt, the richest source of raw mineral wealth known to humankind. Before it ends, many will die and many will achieve more than they ever dreamed was possible.

The Silent War

When corporations go to war, standard business practice goes out the window. Astro Corporation is led by indomitable Texan Pancho Lane, Humphries Space Systems by the rich and ruthless Martin Humphries, and their fight is over nothing less than resources of the Asteroid Belt itself. As fighting escalates, the lines between commerce and politics, boardroom and bedroom, blur and the keys to victory will include physics, nanotechnology, and cold hard cash.

As they fight it out, the lives of thousands of innocents hang in the balance, including the rock rats who make their living off the asteroids, and the inhabitants of Selene City on Earth’s moon. As if matters weren’t complicated enough, the shadowy Yamagata corporation sets its sights on taking advantage of other people’s quarrels, and space pirate Lars Fuchs decides it’s time to make good on his own personal vendetta.

It’s a breakneck finale that can end only in earth’s salvation or the annihilation of all that humankind has ever accomplished in space.


In the wake of the Asteroid Wars that tore across the solar system, Victor Zacharius makes his living running the ore carrier Syracuse. With his wife and two children he plies the Asteroid Belt, hauling whatever cargo can be found. When the Syracuse stumbles into the middle of a military attack on the habitat Chrysalis, Victor flees in a control pod to draw the attacker’s attention away from his family. Now, as his wife and children plunge into the far deeps of space, Victor has been rescued by the seductive Cheena Madagascar. He must do her bidding if he s to have a prayer of ever seeing his family again.

Elverda Apacheta is the solar system s greatest sculptor. The cyborg Dorn was formerly Dorik Harbin, the ruthless military commander responsible for the attack on Chrysalis. Their lives and destinies have been linked by their joint discovery of the alien artifact that had, earlier, profoundly affected industrialist Martin Humphries. Similarly transformed by the artifact s mysterious powers, Apacheta and Dorn now prowl the Belt, determined to find the bodies of the many victims of Harbin s atrocities so that they can be given proper burials.

Kao Yuan is the captain of Viking, owned by Martin Humphries, who s determined to kill Dorn and Elverda because they know too much about the artifact and its power over him. But Viking‘s second in command, Tamara Vishinsky, appears to have the real power on board ship. When Viking catches up to Apacheta and Dorn, their confrontation begins a series of events involving them, the Zacharius family, and Martin Humphries and his son in the transformation of the human solar system

Power Play

Dr. Jake Ross, a university astronomer, wants nothing more than to teach a few clas*ses each semester and continue on his research. However, he is being aggressively recruited to be the science advisor to Frank Tomlinson, an ambitious politician with his eye on the U.S. Senate. Tomlinson is in need of an edge that will allow him to defeat his opponent at the polls, and Dr. Ross can contribute just that: MHD. MHD, or magnetohydrodynamics, is a new innovation that will allow electricity to be generated efficiently and cheaply. The senate is essentially guaranteed if Tomlinson can deliver unlimited energy to voters at less than half the price of nuclear power. But MHD is still in its infancy, and although the outlook is extremely promising there are great and deadly risks. The incumbent senator will not give up his seat without a fight, and as Dr. Ross discovers, the world of politics carries its own dangers. Nothing has prepared Dr. Ross for the extreme tactics that desperate and powerful people are willing to use. Power Play is a timely thrill ride by Ben Bova, one of science fiction’s most respected novelists.

As On A Darkling Plain

Earthlings are sent to Saturn’s largest moon to investigate machines that were left behind centuries ago by an alien race.

The Winds of Altair

Earth is an old planet, and her teeming mas*ses are running out of resources…
and time. It is up to men such as Jeff Holman to discover a haven for Earth’s millions. Altair VI is one such planet, and Holman is determined to transform this world into one where the human race can survive. Star probes had long before informed Earth that Altair VI had a flourishing ecology with one very tough beast at the top of the food chain, a beast that will have to be dealt with before the human colony ships arrive. The beast is not only tough, it is as smart as a man. Holman is faced with a soul wrenching decision for to make Altair VI habitable for humans, all native life must die.

Gremlins Go Home (With: Gordon R. Dickson)

Comic sci fi novel, illustrated by Kelly Freas. ‘Several hundred years ago a band of explorers were marooned on Planet Earth. Alas, the Little People are not strong on gadgetry, and they have had to while away the centuries of their youth, living for the day when they could get off this god forsaken mudball, this most benighted, desolate and boring! planetary slum in the Known Universe. At last, the time has come. All they need now is a human a young one will do to help them hijack a Shuttle to take them to where their rescue awaits. And that shouldn’t be too hard, for what All American boy could resist giving a hand to a friendly leprechaun?’

City Of Darkness

He’s passed his college entrance exams with flying colors. He can do pretty much whatever he wants. But what teenager Ron Morgan wants most is for his father to quit telling him what to do. Quit running his life. What better way to unwind than having a last blowout on Labor Day in the domed playground of Fun City: Manhattan.

Inside the dome, however, Ron loses his wallet and identity card. Worse, he’s trapped when the dome closes for the season. There’s no way out. Gangs roam the street. Food is scarce. Ron is on his own.

All Ron wanted was some fun. He’ll be lucky to escape New York alive…


In the Future, Everything is Different. But Nothing Has Changed.’The Earth has been poisoned by pollution, choked by overpopulation, and ravaged by the mindless greed of power hungry corporations. A fragile peace is threatened by landless revolutionaries and global anarchy seems imminent. Yet a single ray of hope remains…
‘Island One is a celestial utopia, and David Adams is its most perfect creation a man with a brain as advanced as any computer and a body free of human frailties. But David is a prisoner a captive of the Colony that created him destined to spend the days of his life in an island sized cylinder that circles a doomed and desperate home planet. Thousands of miles below him, a world trembles; its people cringe in terror and despair in anticipation of an impending apocalypse. And as Earth’s boundaries, fate has cast one extraordinary human in the role of savior. For David Adams has a plan one that will ultimately ensure the salvation of his species…
or its annihilation.

The Peacekeepers

The United States and Russia have joined forces to form the International Peacekeeping Force, a body created by the Athens Peace Conference in the wake of nuclear war in the Middle East. Assigned control of every nation’s orbiting nuclear hardware, the International Peacekeeping Force’s brief is to prevent any military action across national borders, anywhere in the world. Period. The IPF is capable of dealing with the normal run of chicanery. But, when super terrorist Jamal Shamar makes off with the world’s last half dozen nuclear warheads, a new force is needed: mercenaries. An elite clandestine force available to anyone, anywhere, as long as the cause is world peace.


Computer genius Carl Lewis has invented the ‘Cyberbook,’ an electronic device that instantly and inexpensively brings the written word to the mas*ses. But not everyone warms to Carl’s ideas. Add corporate spies, authors threatening to strike, and a wave of mysterious murders, and you have Ben Bova at his best.

The Trikon Deception (With: William R. Pogue)

In the near future: Earth is an ecological nightmare, and humanity may well go the way of the dinosaurs. But overhead orbits salvation. A vast metallic island in space, Trikon conducts research too risky to be held on earth research which could save the planet.

Yet Commander Dan Tighe discovers that the Trikon’s major project is espionage. Its crew is split into warring factions; its scientists consumed by greed, lust and drugs run the lab for their own gain.

Only Commander Tighe can save the Trikon and only Trikon can save the earth.

Death Dream

Cyber World is destined to be the ultimate adult playground. Using virtual reality, players can fly jet fighters in combat, take part in the gunfight at OK Corral, or walk on the moon. These simulations are indistinguishable from reality and have a pulse pounding often terrifying immediacy. Dan Santori has been hired by ParaReality, Inc. to make sure Cyber World opens on schedule. But the people who test the simulations have begun to die, and Dan soon realizes that he and his family might be the next victims in a violent game. Like Michael Crichton, Ben Bova is a master at turning a fascinating bit of science into a rousing read. Now, with ‘Death Dream,’ he extrapolates from today’s headlines of virtual reality theme parks to produce a commanding and riveting novel of suspense.

The Green Trap

Microbiologist Michael Cochrane has been murdered. His brother Paul wants to find out who did it and why.

Accompanied by a beautiful industrial spy, Elena Sandoval, Paul follows the trail from California to Cambridge, Massachusetts. Along the way, a lot of people seem to be interested in getting in their way, or discovering what they know. It’s clear that Michael was working with cyanobacteria, the bacteria that crack water molecules and release free oxygen. It s less clear why this would get anybody killed. Or why oil billionaire Lionel Gould wants to pay Paul and Elena big money for the details of Michael s work.

Then the truth emerges: Michael had found a way to get cyanobacteria to crack hydrogen out of simple water molecules. A process that could be industrialized, producing enough hydrogen to cleanly power the world. Practically free fuel, out of one of the planet s most abundant resources: water.

No wonder everyone, from Middle Eastern heavies to hired domestic muscle, suddenly seems to be trying to get in Paul and Elena s way.

As the world s secrets and their own teeter in the balance, both Paul and Elena must decide what to do before it s too late.

Contemporary, topical, and exciting, The Green Trap is a thriller of today s energy skull duggery both the kind you read about in the headlines, and the kind you don t.

The Immortality Factor

Provocative, gripping, startling: bestselling author Ben Bova delivers a knockout read with his trademark blend of cutting edge science and unrelenting suspense .

Some see stem cell research as mankind’s greatest scientific breakthrough. Others see a blasphemous attempt to play God. Suddenly, the possibility of immortality exists. Two brothers, both doctors, stand on opposite sides of the controversy. To Dr. Arthur Marshak, his work is a momentous gift to humanity. To Dr. Jessie Marshak, it is a curse. Between them stands a beautiful, remarkable woman both brothers will do anything to save.

Somehow, before it s too late, Arthur and Jessie Marshak must bridge the gap that divides them on an issue that could mean nothing less than life or death for millions.

Able One

Able One is a timely thrill-ride by one of science fiction’s most respected novelists.

When a nuclear missile launched by a rogue North Korean faction explodes in space, the resulting shockwave destroys most of the world’s satellites, throwing global communication into chaos. US military satellites, designed to withstand such an assault, show that two more missiles are sitting on launch pads in North Korea, ready to be deployed. Faced with the threat of a thermonuclear attack, the United States has only one possible defense: Able One.

ABL-1, or Able One, is a modified 747 fitted with a high powered laser able to knock out missiles in flight. But both the laser’s technology and the jet’s crew is untested. What was originally a training flight with a skeleton crew turns into a desperate race to destroy the two remaining nukes. Will Able One‘s experimental technology be enough to prevent World War III–especially when it becomes clear that a saboteur is on board?

The Hittite

This is the tale of Lukka, The Hittite soldier who traveled across Greece in search of the vicious slave traders who kidnapped his wife and sons. He tracks them all the way to war torn Troy. There he proves himself a warrior to rank with noble Hector and swift Achilles. Lukka is the man who built the Trojan horse for crafty Odysseus, who toppled the walls of Jericho for the Isrealites, who stole beautiful Helen the legendary face that launched a thousand ships from her husband Menaleus after the fall of Troy and fought his way across half the known world to bring her safely to Egypt.

Escape Plus

No one could move without being followed. No one could speak without being overheard. The almost sentient computer system was everywhere. The prison was billed as ‘escape proof,’ and sofar that was true. But Danny Romano was not about to believe it…
the jail hadn’t been built that could hold him. Danny would escape. Even if he had to permanently change his identity to do it.

Through Eyes of Wonder

Discusses the relationship between science and science fiction with examples from literature.


A collection of editorials that Ben Bova wrote as editor of Analog.


The average reader is introduced to the incredible world of subatomic physics: a world of gamma rays, neutrinos, positrons and Z bosons.


That arresting statement sounds as if it might come from a science fiction story. But it is astonishing, exciting fact as explained by Dr. Ben Bova. In his distinguished career, Dr. Bova has predicted many scientific developments. Now he explores the future effects of science and technology on the human life span and discovers that one day, death will no longer be the inevitable end of life. Dr. Bova guides readers through worldwide research into the biochemical processes that causes aging and death, and shows what scientists are discovering about stopping, perhaps even reversing them. With crystal clear prose, Dr. Bova explains how science could maintain the youth and vigor of a fifty year old indefinitely and the consequences for marriage and family ties. He also offers provocative thoughts on the tumultuous societal consequences of such biomedical breakthroughs, as greatly extended life spans and virtual Immortality transform institutions like Medicare, Social Security, pension plans, life insurance, even the very foundations of work and retirement. Here is a compelling, startling, understandable, and vitally important study of humankind’s greatest challenge and most tantalizing opportunity. The first immortals are already living among us. You might be one of them. That arresting statement sounds as if it might come from a science fiction story. But it is astonishing, exciting fact as explained by Dr. Ben Bova. In his distinguished career, Dr. Bova has predicted many scientific developments. Now he explores the future effects of science and technology on the human life span and discovers that one day, death will no longer be the inevitable end of life. Dr. Bova guides readers through worldwide research into the biochemical processes that causes aging and death, and shows what scientists are discovering about stopping, perhaps even reversing them. With crystal clear prose, Dr. Bova explains how science could maintain the youth and vigor of a fifty year old indefinitely and the consequences for marriage and family ties. He also offers provocative thoughts on the tumultuous societal consequences of such biomedical breakthroughs, as greatly extended life spans and virtual Immortality transform institutions like Medicare, Social Security, pension plans, life insurance, even the very foundations of work and retirement. Here is a compelling, startling, understandable, and vitally important study of humankind’s greatest challenge and most tantalizing opportunity. The first immortals are already living among us. You might be one of them. That arresting statement sounds as if it might come from a science fiction story. But it is astonishing, exciting fact as explained by Dr. Ben Bova. In his distinguished career, Dr. Bova has predicted many scientific developments. Now he explores the future effects of science and technology on the human life span and discovers that one day, death will no longer be the inevitable end of life. Dr. Bova guides readers through worldwide research into the biochemical processes that causes aging and death, and shows what scientists are discovering about stopping, perhaps even reversing them. With crystal clear prose, Dr. Bova explains how science could maintain the youth and vigor of a fifty year old indefinitely and the consequences for marriage and family ties. He also offers provocative thoughts on the tumultuous societal consequences of such biomedical breakthroughs, as greatly extended life spans and virtual Immortality transform institutions like Medicare, Social Security, pension plans, life insurance, even the very foundations of work and retirement. Here is a compelling, startling, understandable, and vitally important study of humankind’s greatest challenge and most tantalizing opportunity.

First Contact (With: Byron Preiss)

Scientists and scientific writers come together in this book to confront the challenge of the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

Are We Alone In The Cosmos? The Guide To The Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence

THE WORLD’S LEADING SCIENTISTS CONFRONT THE ULTIMATE QUESTION: ARE WE ALONE IN THE COSMOS? Featuring Essays by: Philip Morrison, Arthur C. Clarke, Donald Goldsmith, Frank Drake, Bruce Campbell, and Ben Bova. Never before has so much time and concetrated effort been spent by so many scientists and writers in pursuit of the answer to this fundamental question. In this extraordinary work, major scientists involved in the Search for extraterrestrial intelligence known as SETI explain their work and reveal their thoughts. Joining them are some of the best speculative thinkers, from Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov to Gregory Benford, who address the major philosophical questions involved. Includes new essay by Dr. Donald Goldsmith, author of The Hunt for Life on Mars, and The Ultimate Einstein, on the new personal computer search for alien contact via the internet, and how you can partake in it. You can share your thoughts about the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence in the new ibooks vitual readers group at www. ibooksinc. com

The Craft of Writing Science Fiction That Sells

Guides writers step by step through the major elements of SF storytelling, showing how to construct strong, editor attracting stories and novels.

Space Travel: A Writer’s Guide to the Science of Interplanetary and Interstellar Travel (With: Anthony R. Lewis)

Space Travel explains science, to help you make your fiction plausible. You’ll engineer your rockets with accurate technical data. Show your characters’ physical responses to weightlessness. Know the environment of space, how inhospitable it is and how it’s opening for business. Build an Earth orbiting habitat for your story’s setting. Discover our solar system…
and the staggering immensity of interstellar space. Consider the prospect of near lightspeed travel. Imagine the conflicts, legal and military, your fictional missions might spark. In this book, you’ll see what is real today and what may become real tomorrow.

The Story of Light

The Story of Light affects us every day of our lives…
In highly visual, entertaining and easy to understand language, famed science writer Ben Bova explains the many ways light affects our minds, bodies and universe. Why do people kiss with their eyes closed? What exactly is quantum physics? Why is it difficult to swat a mosquito? Is the universe expanding or contracting? How do lasers work? What do we ‘see’ when we dream?In this all encompassing work, one of the most noted science fiction as well as nonfiction writers of our time explores the subject of light and shows how it has shaped every aspect of our existence. From the creation of life to the exploration of the heavens and the stars, from the origins of the earth to the possibility of life on distant planets, Ben Bova unveils the beauty and science behind this phenomenon. Dr. Bova masterfully explains how light affects us every day of our lives, from our religions to our sex drives, as well as how we use light in art, science, industry, entertainment, cosmetics, jewelry and much more.’The enlightenment of discoveries and the brilliance of Ben Bova combine to enable our minds to glimpse the majesty of the infinite worlds of light in the universe.’ Buzz Aldrin’Superbly written a banquet of topics served by a master literary chef!’ Bill Pogue, Skylab astronaut’The Story of Light is a light hearted, enlightened romp through many facets of human experience, reflected and refracted through Bova’s bright, polychromatic mind.’ David Grinspoon, Principal Scientist, Southwest Research Institute and author of Venus Revealed

Faint Echoes, Distant Stars

In this fascinating and cutting edge work, Dr. Ben Bova explores one of the most thrilling and elemental questions humanity has ever posed: Are we alone? From Copernicus to the advent of SETI and beyond, Bova takes his readers on a tour of the scientific and political battles fought in the pursuit of knowledge and speculates on what the future may hold. Can life exist outside the planet Earth? The first question one should ask is: How is it possible for life to exist within Earth’s brutal confines? On our own world, creatures exist and thrive in environments first thought to be completely alien and inhospitable. From the rare air of the upper atmosphere to the depths of the oceans, life persists amid crushing pressures, crippling heat, and absolute darkness. Bacteria brought to the moon have survived for years without water, at temperatures near absolute zero, and in spite of radiation levels that would kill human observers. With such resilient and tenacious creatures, it seems that life could spring up, and survive, anywhere. Many skeptics believe that finding life outside our solar system will never occur within our lifetime but perhaps it’s unnecessary to look that far. Our neighboring planets may already serve as havens for extraterrestrial life. Scientists have already identified ice caps on Mars and what appears to be an enormous ocean underneath the ice of Jupiter’s moons. The atmosphere on Venus appeared harsh and insupportable of life, composed of a toxic atmosphere and oceans of acid until scientists concluded that Earth’s atmosphere was eerily similar billions of years ago. An extraterrestrial colony, in some form, may already exist, just awaiting discovery. With the development of new technology, such as the space based telescopes of NASA’s Terrestrial Planet Finder TPF, we may not have to leave the comfort of our home world to discover proof of life elsewhere. But the greatest impediment to such an important scientific discovery may not be technological, but political. No scientific endeavor can be launched without a budget, and matters of money are within the arena of politicians. Dr. Bova explores some of the key players and the arguments waged in a debate of both scientific and cultural priorities, showing the emotions, the controversy, and the egos involved in arguably the most important scientific pursuit ever begun.

Aliens and Alien Societies (By:)

A thoughtful, clear and utterly fascinating reference, this book is absolutely vital to writers who want to put extraterrestrial life forms in their novels and stories.

Nebula Awards 2 (By:Brian W. Aldiss,Harry Harrison)

These stories, first published in 1966, represent an exciting and important time in the history of science fiction the era when SF became true literature. Editors for this volume are BRIAN W. ALDISS and HARRY HARRISON. ALDISS is a prolific award winning author of over two dozen novels, hundreds of short stories, several critical works, and poetry. His latest novels are THE TWINKLING OF AN EYE: OR MY LIFE AS AN ENGLISHMAN and SUPERTOYS. The multiple award winning author of dozens of novels of speculative fiction, HARRISON is best known for The Stainless Steel Rat series, MAKE ROOM! MAKE ROOM! the basis for the film SOYLENT GREEN, and the alternate history novels STARS & STRIPES FOREVER and STARS & STRIPES IN PERIL. He lives in Ireland. The Secret Place by Richard McKenna ‘ A sensitive piece of writing, a perfect example of second generation science fiction, the retelling and reexamination of a theme that originated in the pulp years…
‘ Light of Other Days by Bob Shaw The memorable classic featuring ‘slow glass’ through which light takes a very long time to travel. Who Needs Insurance? by Robin S. Scott If one can be accident prone, then perhaps one can be ‘safety prone’ but why? Among the Hairy Earthmen by R.A. Lafferty Earth is nothing more than a bloody playground for the children of the gods. The Last Castle by Jack Vance A prime example of one of Vance’s ‘haunting mood possessed visions of the distant future, written in a style that stirs the reader to reaction and response.’ Day Million by Frederik Pohl A very short story ‘jewel like conciseness’ of future love, life, and romance. When I Was Miss Dow by Sonya Dorman ‘ A sense of strangeness, more than a bit of human warmth, as well as a good strong whiff of alien strangeness.’ Call Him Lord by Gordon R. Dickson Earth proves to be a testing ground for the son of an emperor of a hundred worlds. In the Imagicon by George Henry Smith ‘What good was paradise without something to compare it to? Without a taste of hell from time to time, how could a man appreciate heaven?’ We Can Remember It For You Wholesale by Philip K. Dick Now better know as the story on which film Total Recall was based, the original is a far more subtle questioning of reality. Man In His Time by Brian W. Aldiss The sole survivor of crash landing on Mars returns to Earth, but is 3. 3077 minutes ahead of the rest of the world.

Nebula Awards 28 (By:James K. Morrow)

Morrow notes that many of the Nebula finalists grapple with the question Is science good or bad? Lending weight to this debate are all of the winners and many of the finalists in the 1992 awards.

Nebula Awards 29 (By:Pamela Sargent)

Each of the Nebula winners and finalists featured here displays its own often highly idiosyncratic excellence. This volume, which represents the best of 1993, includes offerings from Harlan Ellison, Kim Stanley Robinson, and Lisa Goldstein.

Nebula Awards 30 (By:Pamela Sargent)

Excellent in all departments Kirkus Reviews, Nebula Awards 30 continues a tradition of excellence by offering, alongside works by the winners in all Nebula categories, a generous selection of fiction, poetry, and essays not found in any other best of the year anthologies.

Nebula Awards31 (By:Pamela Sargent)

The prestigious Nebula Awards are the Oscars of science fiction and fantasy, the only SF awards bestowed annually by the writers’ own demanding peers, the Science fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. Just as the Nebula Awards honor only the finest science ficiton and fantasy, the Nebula Awards series showcases only the best of the ballot, offering as well fiction and nonfiction not collected elsewhere and a dazzling selection of essays written expressley for each volume. No other best of year anthology represents the achievement of the Nebula Awards so well. Nebula Awards 31 is, as Publishers Weekly said of a previous volume, ‘essential reading for anyone who enjoys science fiction.’

Nebula Awards 33 (By:Connie Willis,Jane Yolen,Jerry Oltion,Nancy Kress)

A perfect match the all time top Nebula Award winner edits this year’s volume of the celebrated series honoring the Nebula Awards. The coveted Nebula Awards are the only SF awards bestowed annually by the writers’ own demanding peers, the Science fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. Each Nebula Awards collection showcases the year’s Nebula winning fiction, top selections from the ballot including work not collected in other best of the year anthologies and intriguing essays written expressly for each volume. Nebula Awards 33 features prizewinning fiction by Vonda N. McIntyre, Jerry Oltion, Nancy Kress, and Jane Yolen; the Rhysling Award winners for best SF poetry; classic stories by Grand Master Poul Anderson and Author Emeritus Nelson Bond; and original essays by Jack Williamson, Kim Stanley Robinson, Ellen Datlow, Sheila Williams, Cynthia Felice, Michael Cassutt, Geoffrey Landis, Beth Meacham, Wil McCarthy, and Christie Golden. This excellent compendium is, as was said of last year’s volume, ‘a must read for both serious and casual SF fans alike.’

Nebula Awards 34 (2000) (By:Gregory Benford)

The Nebula Awards are the Academy Awards of science fiction: the finest works in the genre each year as voted by the members of SFWA, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. Nebula Awards Showcase 2000 is a thought provoking and entertaining volume of and about science fiction. Editor Gregory Benford speaks of the interaction between science fiction and science over the past century; editors and authors Jonathan Lethem, Gordon Van Gelder, George Zebrowski, David Hartwell, and Bill Warren discuss and disagree about science fiction’s place in the larger literary scene; authors William Tenn and Hal Clement are honored; and award winning stories are presented by Sheila Finch, Jane Yolen, Bruce Holland Rogers, Joe Haldeman an excerpt from his novel Forever Peace, Geoffrey A. Landis, Walter Jon Williams, and Mark J. McGarry.

Nebula Awards 36 (2002) (By:Kim Stanley Robinson)

Selected by the members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America Nebula Awards Showcase 2002 presents the finest award winning fiction of the year and includes insightful commentary about the current state of science fiction. ‘Invaluable, not just for the splendid fiction and lively nonfiction, but as another annual snapshot, complete with grins and scowls.’ Kirkus Reviews ‘Would serve well as a one volume text for a course in contemporary science fiction.’ New York Review of Science Fiction

Nebula Awards 37 (2003) (By:Nancy Kress)

Here is the ssential index of one year in SF and fantasy, full of winners and nominees of the prestigious Nebula Award. For groundbreaking works in the genre, the Nebula is perhaps the highest honor in the field and a beacon for readers looking for the best quality science fiction and fantasy around.

Nebula Awards 39 (2005) (By:Ruth Berman)

In an annual tradition, the members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America present the Nebula Awards to honor the authors of the year’s most astounding fiction compelling stories that widen the imaginative boundaries of the genre. Includes Eleanor Arnason, Richard Bowes, Cory Doctorow, Harlan Ellison, Carole Emshwiller, Jeffrey Ford, Karen Joy Fowler, Neil Gaiman, Charles Harness, Elizabeth Moon, Robert Silverberg, Adam Troy Castro, and James Van Pelt.

Nebula Awards 40 (2006) (By:ChristopherRowe)

Each year, the members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of Americar bestow the Nebula Awards to authors whose exemplary fiction represents the most thought provoking and entertaining work the genre has to offer. Nebula Awards Showcase collects the year’s most preeminent science fiction and fantasy in one essential volume. This year’s winners include Lois McMaster Bujold, Eileen Gunn, Ellen Klages, and Walter Jon Williams, as well as Grand Master Anne McCaffrey.

Nebula Awards 42 (2008) (With: Ruth Berman)

This annual tradition from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America collects the best of the year’s stories, as well as essays and commentary on the current state of the genre and predictions for future science fiction and fantasy films, art, and more. This year’s award winning authors include Jack McDevitt, James Patrick Kelly, Peter S. Beagle, Elizabeth Hand, and more. The anthology also features essays from celebrated science fiction authors Orson Scott Card and Mike Resnick.

Nebula Awards 43 (2009) (By:Ellen Datlow)

Michael Chabon, Michael Moorcock, Karen Joy Fowler, and more: The pulse of modern science fiction. New York Times Book Review

This annual tradition from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America collects the best of the year’s stories, as well as essays and commentary on the current state of the genre and predictions of future science fiction and fantasy films, art, and more.

This year s award winning authors include Michael Chabon, Karen Joy Fowler, Ted Chiang, and Nancy Kress, plus 2008 Grand Master Michael Moorcock.

Nebula Awards 44 (2010) (By:Bill Fawcett)

The year’s best science fiction and fantasy in one essential volume. An annual commemoration, the Nebula Awards are presented by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America to those members whose imaginations refine and re define the infinite storytelling possibilities found within the genre. The Nebula Awards Showcase represents the best of the best in fantasy in one indispensible collection. This year’s compilation includes stories by: Ursula K. LeGuin Catherine Asaro John Kessel Nina Kiriki Hoffman Harry Harrison, this year’s Grandmaster

Science Fiction Hall Of Fame

This volume is the definitive collection of the best science fiction novellas between 1929 to 1964 and contains eleven great classics. There is no better anthology that captures the birth of science fiction as a literary field. Published in 1973 to honor stories that had come before the institution of the Nebula Awards, The Science Fiction Hall Of Fame introduced tens of thousands of young readers to the wonders of science fiction and was a favorite of libraries across the country. This volume contains novellas by: Ray Bradbury, James Blish, Algis Budrys, Theodore Cogswell, E. M. Forster, Frederik Pohl, James H. Schmitz, T. L. Sherred, Wilmar H. Shiras, Clifford D. Simak, and Jack Vance.

The Science Fiction Hall of Fame: Volume II A

The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Volume One, honored the best of science fiction’s early short stories. This volume is the definitive collection of the best science fiction novellas written between 1929 to 1964 and contains eleven great classics. There is no better anthology that captures the birth of science fiction as a literary field.

Published in 1973 to honor novellas that had come before the institution of the Nebula Awards, The Science Fiction Hall of Fame introduced tens of thousands of young readers to the wonders of science fiction and was a favorite of libraries across the country.

This volume contains novellas by Poul Anderson, John W. Campbell Jr., Lester del Rey, Robert A. Heinlein, C. M. Kornbluth, Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore, Eric Frank Russell, Cordwainer Smith, Theodore Sturgeon, H. G. Wells, and Jack Williamson.

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