David Bischoff Books In Order

Nightworld Books In Order

  1. Nightworld (1978)
  2. The Vampires of Nightworld (1981)

Star Fall Books In Order

  1. Star Fall (1980)
  2. Star Spring (1982)

Dragonstar Books In Order

  1. Day of the Dragonstar (1983)
  2. Night of the Dragonstar (1985)
  3. Dragonstar Destiny (1989)

Gaming Magi Books In Order

  1. The Destiny Dice (1985)
  2. The Wraith Board (1985)
  3. The Unicorn Gambit (1986)

Star Hounds Books In Order

  1. The Infinite Battle (1985)
  2. Galactic Warriors (1985)
  3. The Macrocosmic Conflict (1986)
  4. The Planet Killer (2012)
  5. Reincarnation War (2014)

UFO Conspiracy Books In Order

  1. Abduction (1990)
  2. Deception (1991)
  3. Revelation (1991)

Mutants Amok Books In Order

  1. Mutants Amok (1991)
  2. Mutant Hell (1991)
  3. Mutants Amok at Christmastime (1991)

Dr. Dimension Books In Order

  1. Dr. Dimension (1993)
  2. Masters of Spacetime (1994)


  1. The Seeker (1976)
  2. The Phantom of the Opera (1978)
  3. Forbidden World (1978)
  4. Tin Woodman (1979)
  5. The Selkie (1982)
  6. Wargames (1983)
  7. Mandala (1983)
  8. The Crunch Bunch (1985)
  9. A Personal Demon (1985)
  10. The Manhattan Project (1986)
  11. Some Kind of Wonderful (1987)
  12. The Blob (1988)
  13. The Judas Cross (1994)
  14. Hackers (1995)
  15. J.R.R.Tolkien University (2000)
  16. Philip K. Dick High (2000)
  17. The Diplomatic Touch (2001)
  18. The H.P. Lovecraft Institute (2002)
  19. Jack London, Star Warrior (2002)
  20. The Tawdry Yellow Brick Road (2004)
  21. Paranormal Romance (2012)


  1. Aliens Omnibus Vol 2 (1996)


  1. Tripping the Dark Fantastic (2000)


  1. Young Sun Ra and the Strange Celestial Roads (2012)

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David Bischoff Books Overview


By day it was paradise. By night it was a seething hell. Nightworld where for centures werewolves, dragons, griffins, and vampires served a computerized Prince of Darkness…
Where every sunset brought forth a call for the most heinous acts imaginable by the most frightening creature of all…
Where a courageous young lord and a determined outworlder set forth on a journey of innumerable terrors to destroy the computer creature known as Satan in its own technologically horrifying haven of hell! ‘Wonderful! A journey in the company of ood travelers through a landscape of old menaces newly twisted a cleanly written adventure story.’ Roger Zelazny

Dr. Dimension

Dr. Dimetrious Demopolous and his two lab assistants accidentally blast of for the cosmos in a space/time ship of their own creation. They soon learn they have two stowaways academic rivals Vivian Vernon and Geoffrey Wussman. While Dr Demopolous searches for a way home, Drs. Vernon and Wussman join forces with an alien race of blue noses to conquer earth. Its up to Dr. D to save our planet.

The Seeker

Laser Books 30, May 1976. Laser was a line of SF adventure novels which published 3 titles per month between August 1975 and February 1977.

J.R.R.Tolkien University

Bilbo Baggins Goes to College well, sort of. How about, Ralph Phillips goes to Wizard’s College?

Philip K. Dick High

‘You’ve never wondered what the meaning of life is, have you?’ asked my teacher. I shook my head. ‘I thought people who were depressed asked those kind of questions.’ ‘Okay. Then Quinn, I’ll have to be more direct. Middlevale isn’t Middlevale. Eisenhower isn’t truly an accredited American high school. I’m not me, and you’re not you!’ ‘Then who are we?’ ‘Victims!’ Her finger shot in the air. ‘Victims of some sort of experiment! Some kind of psycho-social experiment perpetrated by scientists without principle, a government without morals!’ Her dewlaps quivered with indignity. My head was spinning again. I tried to speak but I couldn’t. ‘These ears…
open them up and you’ll find microchip monitors and controls. And judging by the kind of ‘visions’ we’ve both seen, I’d also say you’d also find some kind of mind-cloak device, adjusted to auditory and visual aspects of our brains, normalizing the odd things that may abound in this laboratory environment.’ I blinked. ‘You mean, it’s all a joke?’ ‘A bad one. A total farce.’ ‘You’re telling me…
You’re saying that it’s all a set-up? But how long has this been going on, then?’ ‘Hard to say. Part of your memories could have been programmed.’ ‘Programmed?’ I stared. ‘Like computers.’

The Diplomatic Touch

It’s outer space hilarity, mayhem, and temptation as a husband and wife duo of intergalactic diplomats tries to recruit a new planet into the interplanetary federation. Unfortunately, the inhabitants of Nocturne III have a lot more on their minds than just talking. Lots of great jokes punning the science fiction genre, cult movies, and more.

The H.P. Lovecraft Institute

It’s the HP Lovecraft Institute for Celestial Engineering and of course I alone am escaped to tell thee. It’s the kind of school that no one ever graduates alive.

Jack London, Star Warrior

This Jack London is not the author of Call of the Wild, but a young woman telepath warrior who has taken his name as her own, and lives by his principles of survival. And her survival is no ordinary task: she lives on an earth haunted by monsters from the stars. The Shabba?

Tripping the Dark Fantastic

This is a formal ball, and you’ll be dancing with us all: your companion is a Soho New York zombie artist. The Prom King is the Vampire Dracula, dressed formally and very grim; Music will be courtesy of an avante garde rock band as old as the stones upon the hills. David Bischoff Tripping the Dark Fantastic: eight exquisite tales of fear

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