John Dean Books In Order

Early DCI John Blizzard Books In Order

  1. A Flicker in the Night (2005)
  2. No Age to Die (2005)
  3. The Vengeance Man (2006)
  4. The Latch Man (2006)

DCI John Blizzard Books In Order

  1. The Long Dead (2006)
  2. Strange Little Girl (2007)
  3. The Railway Man (2009)
  4. The Secrets Man (2011)
  5. A Breach of Trust (2015)
  6. Death List (2019)

DCI Jack Harris Books In Order

  1. The Dead Hill (2008)
  2. The Vixen’s Scream (2017)
  3. To Die Alone (2010)
  4. To Honour the Dead (2012)
  5. Thou Shalt Kill (2018)
  6. Error Of Judgement (2019)
  7. The Killing Line (2020)
  8. Kill Shot (2020)
  9. Last Man Alive (2021)

Danny Radford Books In Order

  1. The Numbers Game (2014)
  2. Sentinel (2015)

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John Dean Books Overview

No Age to Die

When an old lag is released from a prison sentence for child murder, Detective Chief Inspector John Blizzard is ordered to warn him about his future conduct. But, as news of the release spreads and another teenager is killed within hours, feelings run high in the local community and Blizzard and his sergeant, David Colley, find themselves struggling to contain an ugly and rapidly escalating situation. As the investigation develops, their attention turns to the local church run by a terrified clergyman and a group of sinister evangelicals who insist that even the worst sinner can be saved by the light of the Lord. The detectives soon discover that behind the holy facade beats a heart of evil and a dark secret, which are worlds away from love and forgiveness…

The Vengeance Man

When the police receive reports of a ghostly figure appearing at the dead of night in a local graveyard, Detective Chief Inspector John Blizzard cannot take the matter seriously. But the smile fades from his face when the figure commits its first murder, brutally dashing the brains from a local drug dealer. Realizing that the unearthly apparition is very much human, Blizzard and his team of detectives find themselves conducting investigations in one of the city’s most affluent suburbs. And what they find behind the respectable facade is a world of seething feuds, deep rooted fears, and plenty of people with a motive to kill.

The Long Dead

When sixteen skeletons are unearthed near an old prisoner of war camp outside the northern city of Hafton, it seems like a straightforward case for Detective Chief Inspector John Blizzard. With all indicators pointing to natural deaths from influenza during the First World War, there seems little to concern modern day detectives. But Blizzard’s instincts tell him something is wrong. As he investigates the case alongside his colleague, Sergeant David Colley, they find themselves revealing dark secrets concealed for more than fifty years. And for John Blizzard it’ll mean confronting demons from his own past.

Strange Little Girl

The anniversary of a mother and child’s murder brings back painful memories for Detective Chief Inspector John Blizzard and his right hand man, Detective Sergeant Dave Colley. But when the body of the main suspect is found lying next to the grave of the victims, the case everyone thought was dead has suddenly become very much alive. The investigation takes the detectives into a murky world where dark secrets abound and emotions run high. As the case unfolds, the officers are given a chance to solve once and for all one of the greatest mysteries in the city’s criminal history. They hope to finally track down the Strange Little Girl who somehow escaped the slaughter of her mother and sister.

The Dead Hill

The discovery of a dead gangland figure in a quarry brings back dark memories for Detective Chief Inspector Jack Harris and the hilltop community in which he works. As the detective investigates the murder, not only is he forced to deal with hostile villains, fightened townsfolk, and colleagues who doubt his capacity to bring the killer to justice, he also has to confront part of his past that he had hoped would be forgotten. And in doing so, he is forced to reevaluate the loyalties of those closest to him.

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