J D Davies Books In Order

Matthew Quinton Journals Books In Order

  1. Gentleman Captain (2009)
  2. The Mountain of Gold (2011)
  3. The Blast That Tears the Skies (2012)
  4. The Lion of Midnight (2013)
  5. The Battle of All the Ages (2014)
  6. The Rage of Fortune (2017)
  7. Death’s Bright Angel (2016)
  8. The Devil Upon the Wave (2017)
  9. Ensign Royal (2014)

Jack Stannard of the Navy Royal Books In Order

  1. Destiny’s Tide (2019)
  2. Battle’s Flood (2019)
  3. Armada’s Wake (2020)

Non fiction

  1. Gentlemen and Tarpaulins (1991)
  2. Pepys’s Navy (2008)
  3. Blood of Kings (2010)
  4. Britannia’s Dragon (2013)
  5. Kings of the Sea (2017)

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J D Davies Books Overview

Gentleman Captain

1662: Restoration England. Cromwell is dead, and King Charles II has reclaimed the throne after years of civil war. It is a time of divided allegiances, intrigue, and outright treachery. With rebellion stirring in the Scottish Isles, the hard pressed sovereign needs men he can trust to sail north and defuse this new threat. Matthew Quinton is such a man the second son of a noble royalist family, he is loyal, if inexperienced. Having sunk the first man of war under his command within weeks, Matthew is determined to complete his second mission without loss of life or honor. Upon taking command of His Majesty’s Ship the Jupiter, the young Gentleman Captain is faced with a resentful crew and has but few on whom he can rely: Kit Farrell, an illiterate commoner with vast seafaring experience, and Phineas Musk, a roguish but steadfast family retainer. As they approach the wild coast of Scotland, Matthew begins to learn the ropes and win the respect of his fellow officers and sailors. But he has other difficulties on the voyage north: a suspicion that the previous captain of the Jupiter was murdered, a feeling that many among his crew have something to hide, and the growing conviction that betrayal lies closer to home than he had thought. With cannon fire by sea and swordplay by land, Gentleman Captain is a rousing high seas adventure in the finest nautical tradition.

The Mountain of Gold

Beset by pirates, Knights of Malta, and saboteurs, Captain Matthew Quinton sails to Africa in pursuit of a mountain of gold in this rousing sequel to Gentleman Captain. A splendid addition to nautical adventure sets sail again, this time for the coast of Africa. When a captured Barbary pirate saves his neck with a tall tale of a fabled mountain of gold, Captain Matthew Quinton has his doubts. But King Charles II can t resist the chance to outstrip the Dutch with a limitless source of wealth. With the devious pirate O Dwyer in tow, Quinton embarks on a voyage beyond the map’s edge, still convinced that the mountain is mere legend. But as attempts to sabotage his mission draw closer to the mark, he begins to wonder…
Back in England, the king has arranged a wedding between Matthew s elder brother, the Earl of Ravensden, and a mysterious lady rumored to have murdered her previous two husbands. Resolved not to fail his meddlesome sovereign, and to return home in time to protect his family and his home, Captain Quinton approaches the coast of Africa with a troubled mind. Dewey Lambdin, author of King, Ship and Sword

Gentlemen and Tarpaulins

The first scholarly study of the Royal Navy during the reigns of Charles II and James II, this book as*sesses the traditional picture of the Restoration Navy in the light of recent scholarship, using the evidence not only of Samuel Pepys, the greatest diarist and naval administrator of the age, but also that of his contemporaries. Davies examines the reactions of naval personnel to the demands imposed by Pepys, and analyzes the structure of the service. He also explores the lives and attitudes of the men the ‘tarpaulins’ and their officers the quests for promotion, enrichment, and glory, their very different problems posed by peace and war, the nature of life at sea, and the role of the Navy in national life.

Pepys’s Navy

All aspects of the English navy in the second half of the seventeenth century are comprehensively described in this book by one of Britain’s leading authorities of a period that witnessed the creation of a permanent naval service. One of the book’s most significant players is Samuel Pepys, whose tireless work over thirty years did so much to develop systems for construction and administration that prepared the navy for its global struggle with the French. This book will appeal to scholar and layman alike.

Blood of Kings

Blood of Kings is a story of murder, lust for power, and revenge. It is the story of a plot to kill King James Stuart that proved far more dangerous to his life than the nearly contemporary Gunpowder Plot-a plot so devilish that Shakespeare used it as the basis for Macbeth. Blood of Kings reveals startling evidence that links the Gowrie Conspiracy of 1600 to an assassination that changed the course of European history, and considers the possibility that the bloodline of Mary Queen of Scots-down to and including the present royal family-might have no legitimate right to the throne. The book focuses on the Gowrie Conspiracy of 1600. On 5 August of that year, John Ruthven and his brother Alexander were killed in mysterious circumstances in front of King James VI of Scots, soon to be James I of England. The book focuses on what actually happened on that day and why it happened.

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