Faith Martin Books In Order

DI Hillary Greene Books In Publication Order

  1. Murder on the Oxford Canal / A Narrow Escape (2004)
  2. Murder at the University / On the Straight and Narrow (2005)
  3. Murder of the Bride / Narrow is the Way (2006)
  4. Murder in the Village / By a Narrow Majority (2006)
  5. Murder in the Family / Through a Narrow Door (2007)
  6. Murder at Home / With a Narrow Blade (2007)
  7. Murder in the Meadow / Beside a Narrow Stream (2008)
  8. Murder in a Mansion / Down a Narrow Path (2008)
  9. Murder in the Garden / Across the Narrow Blue Line (2010)
  10. Murder by Fire / A Narrow Point of View (2010)
  11. Murder at Work / A Narrow Exit (2011)
  12. A Narrow Return / Murder Never Retires (2012)
  13. A Narrow Margin of Error / Murder of a Lover (2013)
  14. Walk a Narrow Mile / Murder Never Misses (2013)
  15. A Narrow Victory / Murder at Midnight (2015)
  16. The Work of a Narrow Mind / Murder in Mind (2015)
  17. A Narrow Trajectory / Hillary’s Final Case (2018)
  18. Hillary’s Back! (2020)
  19. Murder Now and Then (2021)

Jenny Starling Books In Publication Order

  1. The Birthday Mystery / Birthdays Can Be Murder (2010)
  2. The Winter Mystery / A Fatal Fall of Snow (2011)
  3. The Riverboat Mystery / Dying for a Cruise (2012)
  4. Castle Mystery / The Invisible Murder (2012)
  5. The Oxford Mystery / Deadly Stuff (2014)
  6. The Teatime Mystery / Just Not Cricket (2016)
  7. The Country Inn Mystery (2019)

Monica Noble Books In Publication Order

  1. An Unholy Mess / The Vicarage Murder (2015)
  2. An Unholy Whiff of Death / The Flower Show Murder (By:Joyce Cato) (2015)
  3. An Unholy Shame / The Manor House Murder (By:Joyce Cato) (2016)

Ryder & Loveday Mystery Books In Publication Order

  1. A Fatal Obsession (2018)
  2. A Fatal Mistake (2018)
  3. A Fatal Flaw (2019)
  4. A Fatal Secret (2019)
  5. A Fatal Truth (2020)
  6. A Fatal Affair (2021)
  7. A Fatal Night (2021)

Great Reads Books In Publication Order

  1. An Oxford Secret / The Jewelled Web (1996)
  2. Caribbean Flame (1997)
  3. An Oxford Enemy / Dear Enemy (1997)
  4. An Oxford Revenge / Moth to the Flame (1999)
  5. An Oxford Scandal / Melting the Iceman (2001)
  6. An Oxford Inheritance / The Windrush Affairs (2001)
  7. An Oxford Fraud / Altered Images (2001)
  8. Imposters in Paradise (2002)
  9. An Oxford Suspect / A Matter of Trust (2002)
  10. Heart of Fire (2006)
  11. Hidden Rainbows (2006)
  12. The Lying Game (2006)
  13. Island Daze (2008)
  14. An Oxford Trial / River Deep (2009)

Great Reads Books In Chronological Order

  1. The Lying Game (2006)
  2. An Oxford Revenge / Moth to the Flame (1999)
  3. An Oxford Scandal / Melting the Iceman (2001)
  4. An Oxford Enemy / Dear Enemy (1997)
  5. An Oxford Secret / The Jewelled Web (1996)
  6. An Oxford Fraud / Altered Images (2001)
  7. An Oxford Trial / River Deep (2009)
  8. An Oxford Inheritance / The Windrush Affairs (2001)
  9. An Oxford Suspect / A Matter of Trust (2002)
  10. Imposters in Paradise (2002)
  11. Heart of Fire (2006)
  12. Hidden Rainbows (2006)
  13. Caribbean Flame (1997)
  14. Island Daze (2008)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Stolen Fire (As: Maxine Barry) (1993)
  2. Fire and Ice (As: Maxine Barry) (1996)
  3. Destinies (As: Maxine Barry) (1997)
  4. Resolutions (As: Maxine Barry) (1997)
  5. Dark Desire (As: Maxine Barry) (1998)
  6. Altered Images (As: Maxine Barry) (2003)
  7. His Last Gamble (As: Maxine Barry) (2012)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Be Happy!: A Notebook/Journal with Positive Inspirational and Motivational Quotes from Lifea s Great Philosophers (2019)
  2. My Dream Journal (2019)
  3. Positive Vibes Bible (2019)

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Faith Martin Books Overview

Murder on the Oxford Canal / A Narrow Escape

Private eye Paul Lomax never wanted the case. Checking on errant wives wasn’t his scene, but Rex Saunders seemed a likeable guy and keeping an eye on his ex fashion model wife Mona promised to be all profit and no pain. How was Lomax to know that foxy old Rex was keeping so many secrets? And then there was the problem of Lomax’s budding relationship with the glamorously irrepressible Melody Brown. Taking the case didn’t help the romance along, especially when Mona dumped her inhibitions and demanded a little attention. Now Mona is terrified by sickening threats and the local morgue is filling up fast. When a hit man moves in and the police don’t want to know, Lomax and Mona find themselves on their own. Will they be able to hide from the orgy of violence erupting all around them?

Murder at the University / On the Straight and Narrow

When a pretty French student is found dead in her room at an exclusive private Oxford college, everyone assumes it is yet another sad case of accidental drug overdose. But Detective Inspector Hillary Greene quickly begins to think otherwise. As the investigation unfolds, D.I. Greene soon discovers that the young victim had been leading a very interesting life indeed. And when a highly unusual cause of death is established, she finds herself leading a high-profile murder inquiry. This is certainly no time to be distracted by a cheeky animal rights charity trying to claim her house, or fret about the permanent transfer to her station of the man who once investigated her for corruption.

Murder in the Village / By a Narrow Majority

When a would be politician is found battered to death in his kitchen, DI Hillary Greene is not convinced that the motive is political. After all, the victim was not universally popular in the small village where he lived, and it quickly transpires that he was having an affair. But then Hillary, working on another case, is abruptly and violently prevented from continuing with the murder investigation. Instead, another problem takes over all her time a problem that could have serious ramifications for both herself, and her superiors. For as Hillary knows only too well, cops don’t like it when they themselves come under investigation!

Murder at Home / With a Narrow Blade

When an elderly woman is stabbed to death in her own home, Detective Inspector Hillary Greene is instantly puzzled. The house doesn’t appear to have been robbed and Flo Jenkins herself was well liked by her neighbors. It was also widely known that she was very unwell and when the post mortem reveals that she was riddled with cancer and had only weeks left to live, Hillary is even more nonplussed. Why kill a dying woman? To make matters worse, her team is distracted by the upcoming marriage of their sergeant, Janine Tyler, to Superintendent Philip Mallow and her subsequent transfer out of HQ. Hillary’s new DC turns out to have something of a violent temper and an uncertain past. With no forensics, no leads, and only a junkie nephew as a vague suspect, will this be Hillary Greene’s first failure on a murder case?

Murder in the Meadow / Beside a Narrow Stream

When Wayne Sutton’s body is found in a beautiful summer meadow, his head bashed in and a red paper heart left callously on his body, Hillary is not surprised to learn that the handsome young artist had a reputation as a heartless Casanova. Moreover, she quickly learns that any number of the middle aged, usually married and always wealthy women who regularly bought his canvas*ses might have reason for wanting him dead. But as she delves deeper into this chilling case of cold blooded, premeditated murder, she begins to see that perhaps all is not what it seems. Worse still is that her new DS, Gemma Knowles, although efficient and pleasant enough, definitely has a secret agenda of her own.

Murder in a Mansion / Down a Narrow Path

DI Hillary Greene is feeling the strain. A sniper is on the loose killing police officers, and the atmosphere at Thames Valley Police HQ is understandably tense. But it is business as usual when a wealthy woman is found murdered in her home in the pleasant little village of Bletchington. Hillary soon learns that the victim was universally unpopular and suspects are thick on the ground. Things don’t get any better when she learns DC Keith Barrington has been keeping secrets and has the potential to be very disruptive to her team. Things are also coming to a head with her extremely competent if very underhanded sergeant, Gemma Fordham. But even as Hillary searches for a vicious and cold blooded killer, a tragic event is looming on the horizon that will rock her world. Is this going to be the end for her?

Murder in the Garden / Across the Narrow Blue Line

A shattered DI Hillary Greene returns to work following the death of her friend, Superintendent ‘Mellow’ Mallow, and is immediately plunged into another murder case. An old man is found dead by his terminally ill daughter. This leaves her with no one to care for her children after she’s gone, and Hillary and her angry team are determined to find the killer. But Hillary, already far from being on her best form, faces solving her most tragic case to date whilst coping with two severe handicaps. Her new superintendent is a man she’s crossed swords with in the past, and she knows that from now on she’s going to have to watch her back. And to make matters even worse, her ex Sergeant Janine Mallow is out for revenge on the man she, and everyone else at Thames Valley HQ feels is responsible for Mel’s death. In the end, Hillary is faced with making a decision that could not only end her career, but could even put her behind bars!

The Birthday Mystery / Birthdays Can Be Murder

When travelling cook Jenny Starling is asked to cater a birthday party for a pair of well-heeled twins, she doesn’t expect to find herself in the midst of a shocking murder. However, when she does, she is compelled to uncover the truth. When it comes to someone adding the extra ingredient of poison to her own precious recipes, Jenny isn’t going to take it lying down. She has a reputation to protect- and she won’t stop until the real culprit is found.

An Oxford Enemy / Dear Enemy

Keira Westcombe married an elderly man out of compassion, but that didn’t stop her being labeled a gold digger. Worst of all was the condemnation of her new stepson. Keira certainly didn’t have motherly feelings for Fane Harwood, but since he despised her, there was no point in falling in love with him.

Heart of Fire

Charis Scott, a princess of the Royal Hawaiian bloodline, isn’t prepared for the advent of Jago Marsh into her life, a man who wants to take her company, self respect, and anything else that he can commandeer. And when she believes this avid collector of Polynesian art has stolen a priceless family heirloom from her, it means war! Meanwhile, eminent vulcanologist Riordan Vane has troubles of his own. He’s falling in love with his research assistant and his late wife’s brother is out to ruin him. On top of all that, the volcano that he’s studying looks set to erupt. Passions are not the only things heating up on the Big Island.

Hidden Rainbows

When Persis Canfield Hope finds her grandmother’s diaries dating from 1938, she decides it would be fun to follow in her footsteps and cross the great continent of Australia from coast to coast via train. On board, she meets the charming and enigmatic Dane Culver but has no idea that he has a hidden motive in befriending her one that involves a fabulous and purloined jewel! Also on board is another English woman, Rayne Fletcher. She’s there as an investigator for an insurance company, and is simply out to nail fraudster Avery McLeod so falling in love with him was definitely not on the agenda. Unfortunately for them both, the real criminal has an agent on board who is determined that neither of them will live to see the journey’s end.

The Lying Game

After serving 13 years for a murder she didn’t commit, Oriana Foster returns to her home village with only one purpose in mind to find the real killer of Rollo Seton. With her, she brings Connor O’Dell, a good looking bodyguard for when things get rough. But it’s Lowell Seton, younger brother of Rollo and the love of Oriana’s life, who quickly becomes the greatest danger to her heart. And when Connor falls for Mercedes Seton, Oriana’s former best friend, things are in danger of totally falling apart for the killer now has other victims in mind.

Island Daze

Tahnee Sawyer doesn’t want to be in Barbados, but her stepmother has been kidnapped, and with her father undergoing a life threatening operation, it’s up to her to deal with it all in secret. In order to follow the kidnapper’s demands, she hires local boat owner Jonah Rodgers to ferry her about, little realizing that he begins to suspect her of being mixed up in a drug smuggling ring! So the last thing that the rich, sophisticated, beautiful Tahnee needs right now is to fall for a gorgeous, tanned, laidback bad boy turned sea captain. How will it all end?

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