Ann Granger Books In Order

Mitchell and Markby Books In Publication Order

  1. Say It with Poison (1991)
  2. A Season for Murder (1991)
  3. Cold in the Earth (1992)
  4. Murder Among Us (1992)
  5. Where Old Bones Lie (1993)
  6. A Fine Place for Death (1994)
  7. Flowers for His Funeral (1994)
  8. Candle for a Corpse (1995)
  9. A Touch of Mortality (1996)
  10. A Word After Dying (1996)
  11. Call the Dead Again (1998)
  12. Beneath These Stones (1999)
  13. Shades of Murder (2000)
  14. A Restless Evil (2002)
  15. That Way Murder Lies (2004)

Fran Varady Books In Publication Order

  1. Asking for Trouble (1997)
  2. Keeping Bad Company (1997)
  3. Running Scared (1998)
  4. Risking It All (2001)
  5. Watching Out (2002)
  6. Mixing with Murder (2005)
  7. Rattling the Bones (2007)

Lizzie Martin/Inspector Ben Ross Books In Publication Order

  1. A Rare Interest in Corpses / The Companion (2006)
  2. A Mortal Curiosity (2007)
  3. A Better Quality of Murder (2010)
  4. A Particular Eye for Villainy (2012)
  5. The Testimony of the Hanged Man (2014)
  6. The Dead Woman of Deptford (2016)
  7. The Murderer’s Apprentice (2019)
  8. The Truth-Seeker’s Wife (2021)

Campbell and Carter Mystery Books In Publication Order

  1. Mud, Muck and Dead Things (2009)
  2. Rack, Ruin and Murder (2011)
  3. Bricks and Mortality (2013)
  4. Dead in the Water (2015)
  5. Rooted in Evil (2017)
  6. An Unfinished Murder (2018)
  7. A Matter of Murder (2019)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. A Poor Relation (1979)
  2. Summer Heiress (1981)
  3. The Garden Of Azure Dragon (1986)
  4. The Unexpected American (1988)
  5. A Scandalous Bargain (1989)
  6. False Fortune (1989)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Malice Domestic 9 (2000)

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Ann Granger Books Overview

Say It with Poison

When Meredith Mitchell agreed to stay with her actress cousin Eve in the run up to Eve’s daughter’s wedding she anticipated a degree of drama. But she hardly expected it to include murder, blackmail and unrequited love. Or to involve a certain Chief Inspector Markby, a middle aged divorcee with an emotional history as unfortunate as her own. A material witness to the only case of murder the Cotswold village of Westerfield has ever seen, Meredith also finds herself acting as mother confessor to the bride to be, who is clearly not telling the whole truth about her involvement with the dead man. Steering a path between her duty to the police and loyalty to her cousin’s family is not easy; even for someone with Meredith’s considerable diplomatic skills. And especially as her personal enquiries into events in Westerfield start to disinter past affections Meredith would far rather leave buried and to provoke new ones she’s not at all sure she can cope with…

A Season for Murder

After several years abroad with the British Foreign Service, Meredith Mitchell settles in Pook’s Common and soon finds herself solving the riddle of her neighbor’s death.

Cold in the Earth

When a bulldozer breaking ground of a new mall uncovers the corpse of a mystery man buried alive, Bamford Chief Inspector Alan Markby teams up with friend Meredith Mitchell to solve the mystery. PW.

Murder Among Us

The quiet little Cotswold village is in an uproar over the news that the rambling old Victorian landmark, Springwood Hall, is being turned into an up market country hotel and restaurant. Some locals are miffed over an imported superstar chef crowding out their resident culinary genius, while Hope Mapple, speaking for the Society for the Preservation of Historic Bamford, expresses her outrage by streaking the gala opening party. But the locals’ protests are quickly upstaged by the discovery of a murdered body in the wine cellar. And for Chief Inspector Markby and his lovely weekend guest Meredith Mitchell, the promise of a romantic country rendezvous turns into a deadly serious affair.

Where Old Bones Lie

Meredith Mitchell has joined her friend, archaeologist Ursula Gretton, in the Cotswold village farmland, digging for the old bones of Saxon warriors. But it’s the discovery of some very new bones that brings Inspector Alan Markby to the ancient burial grounds to solve a modern day murder. The victim turns out to be the wife of Ursula’s fellow archaeologist, Dan Woollard…
with whom Ursula has just ended a brief affair. Dan claims he was trapped in an unhappy marriage, and in love with Ursula, but swears he’s not guilty of murder. But when a second body is found on the site and attempts are made on Ursula’s life, it takes the sleuthing skills of the Meredith and Markby team to sift through a mountain of conflicting clues, suspects, and possible witnesses to identify the killer and solve a twenty five year old mystery as well.

Candle for a Corpse

Twelve years after the mysterious disappearance of a teenage girl, a body turns up in the Gresham family plot, and DI Alan Markby and his friend, Meredith Mitchell, uncover links between the dead girl and a member of the local gentry, a respected MP.

A Touch of Mortality

Meredith’s old friend Sally Caswell and her scientist husband have moved from London to the quiet of Oxfordshire and find nothing but trouble. Quarrels between the moody scientist and a cranky neighbor, goats in the backyard, and a letter bomb in the mail all add to malice, mystery, and murder and another case for Meredith and Markby to solve. Martin’s Press.

A Word After Dying

Inspector Alan Markby and his long time friend Meredith Mitchell have taken a cottage in the country for a much needed holiday. But so sooner are they relaxing with a neighbor over a glass of blackberry wine, when Markby is being badgered for an ‘off the record’ opinion about a somewhat suspicious accidental death. Retired journalist Wynne Carter has been satisfying her professional curiosity by investigating a former villager: Olivia Smeaton, a reserved old lady with a racy past whose life and recent fatal fall leave a lot of questions unanswered. Determinedly off duty, Markby grumbles that the woman’s death was probably caused by a loose slipper sole. Still, Meredith’s interest is piqued by suggestive acts of vandalism that have been striking the village, including the malicious poisoning of the victim’s much loved pony. And, when another body is found, even Markby must admit that there is foul play afoot. with the villagers becoming increasingly unfriendly, and the mysterious violence continuing, Meredith and Markby begin to fear that Olivia’s death may have been just the first of many, unless the two of them can make sense of the scandalous secrets so carefully hidden by the inhabitants of the seemingly peaceful Cotswold village.

Call the Dead Again

When Meredith Mitchell spots a hitchhiker on a lonely road outside Bamford one evening, she feels obliged to give her a lift. But Mitchell drops off her passenger feeling distinctly uneasy. Though pleasant enough, and despite her apparent self confidence, the girl seems highly secretive. And what business can she have at Tudor Lodge, the beautiful old home of Brussels based lawyer Andrew Penhallow? Penhallow is constantly coming and going from the European mainland, but that night he is at home, and with his son away and his wife in bed with a migraine alone. The next morning he is found murdered in the garden. His death results in some spectacular revelations about a double life involving his mysterious visitor, Kate Drago. Might their meeting have escalated into a murderous fury? But Kate is not the only suspect. What about Harry Sawyer, owner of a nearby garage, who had a long running dispute with Penhallow over land? Does the ne’er do well Joss family have anything to do with the killing? And what role does Kate’s solicitor and friend, Freddie Green, play, arriving hotfoot from London to stake his client’s claim to Penhallow’s considerable estate? Superintendent Alan Markby investigates the ghosts of Penhallow’s past as well as the secrets of the present. But when his colleague, Sergeant Prescott, inconveniently falls in love with the main suspect, Markby can rely only on his girlfriend, Meredith, to help him solve the case. This highly enjoyable crime novel is the eleventh to feature the appealing Cotswold sleuths, and displays all Ann Granger’s skill with place, plot, and character.

Beneath These Stones

Life has not been easy for 12 year old Tammy Franklin. Her mother has passed away, and now her father’s new wife has been found stabbed to death. Superintendent Markby is the first on the scene, and he must protect Tammy, as her father is the primary suspect. No one is talking, and Markby and Mitchell are faced with a truth far more complex than they imagined.

Shades of Murder

Since the end of the nineteenth century, the Oakley family of Bamford, England, has lived in the shadow of tragedy. In 1889, Cora Oakley died by inhaling a poisonous gas in her sleep, and her husband William was put on trial for the murder. Although the case was dismissed, Oakley’s reputation was ruined, and he fled the country, never to be heard from again. Over a hundred years later, the only remaining members of the Oakley family are two elderly sisters living in Bamford, who exist in poverty in their rambling ancestral home, Fourways. Unable to maintain their mansion, the sisters have decided to sell the house and live comfortably on the proceeds. But a young Polish man named Jan appears, claiming to be William Oakley’s great grandson and brandishing what he alleges is Oakley’s will, which entitles him to half the profits from the sale. The sisters panic, knowing that, although Jan’s claims don’t stand up, a court case could drag on for years, and time is not on their side. When Jan is found dead, poisoned by the same substance used to kill his great grandmother so many years ago, it seems that murder has returned to haunt the Oakley family once again, and Superintendent Markby must unravel two mysteries, one from a hundred years ago, to find the killer.

A Restless Evil

The officer on duty at Bamford police station is skeptical when he takes a call from Guy Morgan. Morgan claims to have stumbled upon human bones in Stovey Woods in the heart of the Cotswalds, but surely animal bones are more likely? Morgan, though, is a doctor as well as a hiker, and he knows exactly what he’s found. It sends a shiver down Detective Alan Markby’s spine when he hears the news. Twenty two years ago, as a fresh faced young inspector, he had a rare failure: His hunt for a brutal serial rapist preying on local women in the Stovey woods came up empty. After the third rape, the attacker disappeared, never to be heard of again. Now, with a new investigation prompted by Morgan’s grisly discovery, the trail could be warm once more. But almost at once Markby is confronted with another body and a thoroughly up to date murder. Markby’s lover, Meredith Mitchell, can’t help but wonder: Could the two be connected? But as both are about to find out, it seems that some of the village residents would be just as happy to let sleeping dogs lie and secrets both old and new stay hidden…

That Way Murder Lies

Meredith Mitchell is delighted when an old friend from her consular days, Toby Smythe, turns up on leave between foreign postings. But Toby has a problem or rather his relative Alison Jenner has and Toby wants to enlist the help of Meredith’s fianc , Detective Superintendent Alan Markby. Alison has been receiving anonymous hate mail in which reference is made to a time twenty five years earlier when she stood trial for the murder of her aunt, Freda Kemp, but was acquitted. Who is the writer, and how does he or she know about this secret in Alison’s past?Markby is reluctant to become involved, not least because Toby is hardly his favorite person. Besides, he and Meredith are planning their wedding, and distractions aren’t welcome. But inquiries into a poisoned pen campaign soon turn into a murder investigation. With the help of Inspector Jessica Campbell, a new member of Markby’s team, and the non professional but enthusiastic assistance of Meredith and Toby, the inquiry unravels a twenty five year old mystery and its dreadful legacy of violence.

Asking for Trouble

Fran Varady is insolvent, unemployed and, though for the moment she’s got the leaky roof of the squat she shares in Jubilee Street over her head, she’ll very soon be homeless thanks to the council eviction department. Her dreams of becoming an actress, nurtured when her father and grandmother were still alive, seem a long way off. But Fran is a survivor…
which her former housemate, Terry, found hanging from the ceiling of her room, clearly is not. Terry, secretive and selfish, was far from popular with the rest of the household, but her death shakes the Jubilee Street Creative Artists’ Commune, as the squat residents half jokingly call themselves. And, the more Fran discovers about the death of the young woman whose life briefly intersected with her own, the more she begins to see it was not all it first seemed.

Keeping Bad Company

Buying a coffee for down and out ‘Alkie’ Albie at Marylebone Station is Fran Varady’s good deed for the day. But when the grateful Albie takes her into his confidence, Fran suddently finds herself launched on her second investigation. For Albie, though obviously fond of a drink and none too familiar with soup and water, is absolutely clear about one thing he claims to be the only witness to the violent abduction of a young girl. Although the police scornfully dismiss Albie’s story as alcoholic hallucinations, Fran is determined to follow it up. And her suspicions seem to be spot on when she is warned off by her old sparring partner, Sergeant Parry, and then approached by a boyhood friend of her late father’s, distraught over the kidnapping of his daughter. But this is only the beginning of Fran’s investigation days later, Alkie Albie is found dead…

Risking It All

When Fran Varady is approached by Private Investigator Clarence Duke, she mistrusts him on instinct. But she can’t ignore what he has to tell her. Her mother, Eva, who walked out on Fran when she was only seven years old, has hired Clarence to find her daughter. And for good reason. Eva is dying. Within days, Fran is reunited with the mother she hasn’t seen for fifteen years, and is soon to lose again. But the biggest bombshell is still to come. Eva has another child a daughter she gave up soon after her birth and she wants Fran to find her. Matters aren’t helped by the fact that slippery Clarence Duke seems intent on discovering what she’s up to. But it’s when he’s found dead in his car outside Fran’s home that the trouble really begins…

A Rare Interest in Corpses / The Companion

‘In the corners of the room the shadows cast velvety veils. It would not be too difficult to imagine someone stood there and watched. I thought of Madeleine Hexham…
. I glanced around me. It was likely that I’d been given my predecessor’s room and that it was here she had planned her flight into the arms of her mysterious lover.’ When Lizzie Martin arrives in London in 1864 to become a lady’s companion, her first impressions are disturbing. She’s barely out of the station when her cab encounters a wagon carrying the remains of a young woman recently dead. At her new home, Lizzie learns that her predecessor, Madeleine Hexham, disappeared without a word of warning. Despite rumors of immoral behavior surrounding the girl’s departure, Lizzie is soon persuaded that there’s a deeper mystery here. Her suspicions are tragically confirmed when Inspector Benjamin Ross delivers shocking tidings. Lizzie is determined to unravel the truth about the lost Miss Hexham. As, too, is Ben Ross: a man who cares about justice, whatever the class of victim. But they must tread carefully, as a cornered killer is the most dangerous of all…

A Mortal Curiosity

It’s 1864 and Lizzie Martin is leaving London for the south coast of England to be the companion of Lucy Craven, a teenager who lives in seclusion with her aunts and has recently lost an infant daughter to illness. En route, Lizzie meets Doctor Lefebre, a slightly off putting gentleman headed for the same destination. Lefebre, it turns out, is an alienist hired by Lucy s family to determine whether the young woman is mad. And he discloses something shocking: Lucy Craven doesn t believe her daughter is dead; she insists the baby was stolen from her. In Hampshire, complications mount. Late at night, Lizzie hears furtive voices outside, there s a gentleman farmer whose demeanor with Lucy seems unusually familiar, and, while Lucy proves a bit moody, she hardly seems deranged. The girl s aunts are clearly withholding something…
. These tensions come to a head when a man is found dead in the garden, stabbed with a knife from the aunts home. Lizzie calls upon her beau, Inspector Benjamin Ross. Together, they find themselves entangled in a mystery as bewildering as any they ve faced.

A Better Quality of Murder

Evil lurks on the streets of Victorian London in this gripping crime novel. As Inspector Ben Ross of Scotland Yard walks homeward one Saturday night in late October 1867, the fog that swirls around him is like a living beast. By the time it has lifted next morning a woman lies murdered in Green Park. Allegra Benedict was the beautiful Italian wife of an art dealer in Piccadilly. But what had she been doing in London that afternoon, and why had she been selling her brooch in the Burlington Arcade just hours before her death? As Ben begins his investigation, his wife Lizzie with the help of their maid Bessie looks into Allegra’s private life and uncovers more than one reason why someone might want her dead…

Mud, Muck and Dead Things

The first Campbell and Carter mystery from one of the nation’s best loved crime writers Lucas Burton hates the countryside. To him it’s nothing but Mud, Muck and Dead Things. And he’s right. When he turns up at a deserted farm in the middle of nowhere hoping to conduct a business deal he stumbles across the body of a girl. And that’s just the start of his bad luck: Penny Gower from the local stables has spotted his silver Mercedes leaving the scene of the crime. Suddenly, for Lucas, things are looking very bleak indeed…
Inspector Jess Campbell is on the case, but with few leads and a new superintendent, Ian Carter, breathing down her neck, she’s beginning to feel the pressure. Then another dead body is found…

Malice Domestic 9

An anthology of orginial traditional mystery storiesIncluding Agatha Christie’s classic mystery The Case of the Discontented SoldierWith fourteen Christie inspired tales from today’s most talented mystery writersDig into a toxic treat of murder most foul from the devious minds of the finest writers Robert Bernard Jan Burke Kate Charles Marjorie Eccles Teri Holbrook Gwen Moffat Marcia Talley Dorothy Cannell Charles Todd Ann Granger Walter Satterthwait Carolyn Wheat Susan Moody Sample some delectable bits of malicious motives…
and most intriguing murders Residents of an old age home have a killer of a plan for dealing with chronic complainers. The ladies of the parish just love Father Luke…
they love him to death. Someone just can’t wait for old Aunt Marigold’s heart to give out. Joan Hess presents Malice Domestic 9AN ANTHOLOGY OF ORIGINAL TRADITIONAL MYSTERY STORIES Including Agatha Christie’s classic mystery The Case of the Discontented SoldierWith fourteen Christie inspired tales from today’s most talented mystery writersDig into a toxic treat of murder most foul from the devious minds of the finest writersRobert Bernard Jan Burke Kate Charles Marjorie Eccles Teri Holbrook Gwen Moffat Marcia Talley Dorothy Cannell Charles Todd Ann Granger Walter Satterthwait Carolyn Wheat Susan MoodySample some delectable bits of malicious motives?and most intriguing murdersResidents of an old age home have a killer of a plan for dealing with chronic complainers. The ladies of the parish just love Father Luke…
they love him to death. Someone just can’t wait for old Aunt Marigold’s heart to give out.

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