Gail Gaymer Martin Books In Order

Romance Across the Globe Books In Order

  1. An Open Door (2015)
  2. To Keep Me Warm (2015)
  3. Better to See You (2015)
  4. Dreaming of Castles (1999)
  5. Apple of His Eye (2015)
  6. Romance Across The Globe (2015)

Loving Books In Order

  1. Loving Treasures (2002)
  2. Loving Hearts (2003)
  3. Loving Ways (2003)
  4. Loving Care (2004)
  5. Loving Promises (2005)
  6. Loving Feelings (2005)
  7. Loving Tenderness (2005)

Michigan Island Books In Order

  1. In His Eyes (2006)
  2. With Christmas in His Heart (2006)
  3. In His Dreams (2007)
  4. Family in His Heart (2007)

Monterey Peninsula Books In Order

  1. And Baby Makes Five (2007)
  2. Garlic and Roses (2008)
  3. Butterfly Trees (2008)

Dreams Come True Books In Order

  1. A Dad of His Own (2011)
  2. A Family of Their Own (2011)
  3. A Dream of His Own (2012)

Stranded Books In Order

  1. Lost in Red Rock Country (2017)

Red Rocks Books In Order

  1. Love in the Air (2018)
  2. Sedona Sunset (2019)


  1. Seasons (1998)
  2. Upon a Midnight Clear (2000)
  3. Secrets of the Heart (2001)
  4. Her Secret Longing (2001)
  5. Secrets Within (2001)
  6. A Love for Safekeeping (2002)
  7. Over Her Head (2002)
  8. The Harvest (2003)
  9. The Christmas Kite (2003)
  10. Out On a Limb (2004)
  11. Finding Christmas (2005)
  12. Dad in Training (2009)
  13. Groom in Training (2010)
  14. Bride in Training (2010)
  15. Her Valentine Hero (2013)
  16. The Firefighter’s New Family (2013)
  17. Rescued by the Firefighter (2014)
  18. Treasures of Her Heart (2014)
  19. A Mother to Love (2015)
  20. Romance By Design (2015)
  21. A Husband for Christmas (2015)
  22. Where Wildflowers Grow (2016)
  23. Love Comes to Butterfly Tree Inn (2017)
  24. Mackinac Island Christmas (2017)
  25. Teacher’s Pet (2018)
  26. See Jane Run (2018)
  27. Secrets at Rose Arbor (2019)


  1. Once Upon a Time (2000)
  2. Fairy-Tale Brides (2000)
  3. Home for Christmas (2001)
  4. German Enchantment (2002)
  5. Hidden Motives (2004)
  6. That Christmas Feeling (2004)
  7. Upon a Midnight Clear / Secrets of the Heart (2006)
  8. Monterey Memories (2009)
  9. Christmas Gifts (2011)
  10. Love Inspired January 2014 – Bundle 2 of 2 (2014)
  11. An Open Door / True Riches (2014)
  12. The British Brides Collection (2014)
  13. Love Inspired April 2014 – Bundle 1 of 2 (2014)
  14. An Old-Fashioned Christmas Romance Collection (2014)
  15. Love Inspired June 2015 – Box Set 2 of 2 (2015)
  16. Love Inspired October 2015 – Box Set 1 of 2 (2015)
  17. Second Chance at Love (2016)
  18. Get Your Kiss on Route 66 (2016)
  19. Songs of the Heart (2016)
  20. Romancing the Wild (2017)
  21. Happily Ever After (2017)
  22. Deck the Halls / Upon a Midnight Clear (2017)
  23. Four-Legged Love (2018)
  24. Marrying Her Best Friend (2018)
  25. Stranded (2018)
  26. The Christmas Kite / The Lawman’s Holiday Wish (2018)
  27. That Christmas Feeling / Yuletide Proposal (2018)
  28. With Christmas in His Heart / The Forest Ranger’s Christmas (2019)
  29. Yuletide Baby / A Husband for Christmas (2020)
  30. Upon a Midnight Clear / Season of Joy (2021)


  1. The English Garden (2001)
  2. Michigan (2004)
  3. Mackinac Island (2006)
  4. Yuletide Treasures (2015)
  5. A Kiss is Still a Kiss (2015)
  6. Touched by Love in Tucumcari (2016)
  7. Love In Danger (2017)
  8. When Love Calls (2017)
  9. Journey With Love (2017)
  10. Small Town Girls (2017)
  11. Stranded Hearts (2017)


  1. Then Came Darkness (2015)
  2. True Riches (2015)
  3. Once a Stranger (2015)
  4. Tumbling into Love (2017)
  5. A Love Unforeseen (2017)
  6. All Good Gifts (2018)
  7. Christmas in Holly (2019)
  8. To Walk in the Garden (2020)
  9. Dream of Me (2020)

Non fiction

  1. Kneel Before The Babe (1996)
  2. We Give You Thanks (1996)
  3. Through The Eyes Of A Child (1999)
  4. On Eagles’ Wings (2001)
  5. Writing the Christian Romance (2007)

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Gail Gaymer Martin Books Overview

Loving Ways

Open Hearts Sometimes love needed a heavenly hand, but Annie O’Keefe was reluctant to believe in romance. She had always been the family caretaker and made sure everyone else’s needs were met first. But when a charming landscaper appeared outside her window, Annie had secret hopes that this handsome stranger might be meant just for her. Ken Dewitt had a past he’d rather forget, but he counted himself lucky that nothing had ever killed the joy in his heart or his faith in God. He wanted to help show Annie the way to happiness and freedom. She needed to know how special she was. He only prayed the truth wouldn’t break the strong bond between them.

Loving Care

After the failure of her marriage many years ago, Christie Hanuman started over and vowed to remain single…
until her ex-husband walked back into her life. Patrick had also changed, and was now raising his three-year-old son while caring for his ailing father. Even more amazing to Christie, he had discovered a profound faith in God. Was this transformation a sign from above? Was it a new chance at happiness?

Loving Promises

Heartfelt Vows Widow Bev Miller promised to keep her chin up and trust in God after her husband’s untimely death. She had her boisterous children to nurture through this transitional time. When she encountered handsome businessman Dale Levin, she began to wonder about the possibilities. Could love strike her a second time? While caring for his aging parents, Dale witnessed a true marriage and didn’t feel such a powerful force could ever exist for him. Love was an old fashioned romantic notion that faded over time. But then Bev and her kids crept into his routine…
and into his heart. Would God prove his long held beliefs wrong and grant him the happy ending he craved?

Loving Feelings

When Todd Bronski realized an eight year old boy had stolen his laptop, he was set to call the police. But then Jenni Anderson, little Cory’s aunt, came to apologize, and, well, she was lovely. Jenni was grateful that Todd had decided to leave the police out of it and help teach Cory a better way. The man was handsome, intelligent, kind and caring with Cory. Todd awakened feelings she hadn’t experienced in years. But Jenni wasn’t looking for a man. She had way too much on her plate. Besides, Todd had agreed to be her new business partner, and she wasn’t about to mix business with pleasure…

Loving Tenderness

After her car broke down, single mother Hannah Currey was relieved when a caring stranger helped her find refuge. But hotel manager Andrew Somerville was more than just a Good Samaritan. His kindness and gentle attention helped her believe in love again. With a painful secret haunting her, would Hannah be able to return the love this one in a million man so deserved?Andrew wanted to rebuild his life, and falling in love with Hannah was the last thing on his agenda. And despite Hannah’s cautious demeanor, Andrew found it difficult to contain the tenderness that welled up inside him whenever she was near. Was loving this special woman another mistake…
or the miracle that he’d been praying for?

With Christmas in His Heart

Very good. Minimal shelfwear. Scuffing of edges Owner initials inside front cover. No markings. Pages are clean and bright. Binding is tight.

In His Dreams

Escape to beautiful Beaver Island could be the answer to Marsha Sullivan’s need for a fresh start. Since her husband’s death four years ago, Marsha had lost her way, but on Beaver Island, she had good memories to help guide her. Running into Jeff, her brother in law, in this paradise turned out to be a blessing. Not only did they share grief in losing their spouses, but also a warm bond began to form between them. Did God want her to love again? The only thing she knew for sure was that being with Jeff and his daughter felt like family.

Family in His Heart

A Random Act of Kindness Businessman Nick Thornton couldn’t help being impulsive. But he had no misgivings about hiring away the fesity new waitress at his favorite diner. After all, he could spot a person in need, and Rona Meyers needed a protector. Yet, as he got to know her, he was humbled by her caring and no nonsense attitude. Maybe he was the one in need after all those long years he’d been struggling to keep his faith. With his sense of family shattered, Nick couldn’t stop wondering if God wanted him to have a new beginning. And a new chance at love.

And Baby Makes Five

This is not what Felisa Carrillo envisioned when she left her home in Guadalajara. Sixteen, married to a handsome guy, handing to America. Who could have know her husband would turn abusive and ”America” would mean migrant work and impoverished living? But here she is, years later, wiser but still in trouble. Chad Garrison is on a routine visit to his fields when he sees a young migrant worker double over in pain. He hurries to help, only to find she is about to deliver a child there in his field. He rushes her to the hospital, then finds himself drawn to her. Is Chad being taken in by a scheming, dishonest immigrant, as some of hsi friends suggest? Should Felisa be concerned that Chad has ulterior motives in his generosity toward her? Is this relationship God’s doing or just a big mistake?

Garlic and Roses

‘Garlic Breath. Garlic Bud. Garlic Head.’ Juli Clemans has been called them all. Her father’s garlic farm and prosperous store have made the family wealthy, but for Juli, the ridicule has outweighed the rewards. So when she finally meets a man she’s interested in, how can she tell him who she is when he’s disgusted by garlic? Alan Louden is drawn to Juli’s compassion for others when they meet as volunteers at a soup kitchen. But Alan has a secret, and finding a way to expose it becomes more and more difficult as their relationship grows. Will Alan and Juli learn to trust God who introduced them in the first place or will they continue to lean on their own understanding?

Butterfly Trees

Alissa is capable and in control. Alissa Greening is proud of all she’s accomplished. Her bed and breakfast is well known and profitable. Her life is organized and happy a little lonely, but she trusts God to deal with that. The rest of it she can handle. Ross Cahill s Southern California ranches keep him busy. When his mother talks him into traveling to Pacific Grove to witness the annual Monarch migration, he reluctantly turns responsibility over to his managers and takes a long overdue vacation. Can these two busy, self sufficient people stop long enough to see the hand of God moving in their lives? Will they learn to give God the reins, or will they continue on alone, missing out on the great blessings He wants to bestow?

A Dad of His Own

With his Dreams Come True foundation, Ethan Fox turns wishes into reality. Amazing trips. Meeting heroes. But Ethan has come to care deeply for a sick boy whose dream is…a dad. And not just any dad: Ethan. Though little Cooper has a great chance of getting well, widowed Ethan can’t chance loving-and losing-again. Yet he’s spending time with the sweet boy and his lovely, strong single mother, Lexie Carlson. Could a little boy’s wish for A Dad of His Own come true after all?

The Christmas Kite

After her in laws paid her to disappear, single mom Meara Hayden moved to Mackinaw Island to start over. With her faith and her son’s enthusiasm, she knew she could do it. But she never thought one simple kite would lead her to love again. Jordan Baird felt as aimless as the kites he made. After losing his family, he led a reclusive life. Then, unexpectedly, a mother and her special son made him see new possibilities, the happiness of love and faith. Did Jordan dare dream of the riches life had to offer?

Out On a Limb

Karen Chapman came to her grandfather’s orchard to rest. She finds herself, however, in the midst of a family feud and falling for a descendant of her grandfather’s archrival. Eric Kendall found Karen in his grandfather’s tree and lost his own heart. He finds Karen’s faith refreshing, though he knows his own is lacking. Eric soon realizes that he wants Karen to be part of the future he’s trying to define but he can’t be the man she needs until he makes the Lord his focus. Is Eric willing to go Out On a Limb to secure Karen’s love? Or will they allow the unresolved quarrel of their grandfathers to fell their affection? Fall in love with this inspiring love story and our entire collection of Christian romance novels from Heartsong Presents!

Dad in Training

How is Brent Runyan supposed to reach his troubled nephew? The workaholic businessman knows nothing about providing a real home to the orphaned boy who needs him so much. Special education teacher Molly Manning thinks the answer is threefold: love, time and a dog. But Brent can barely let his nephew into his heart, let alone a golden retriever. With his tragic past, Brent knows what can happen when you love anything: you can lose it. Until Molly asks this Dad in Training to start with the basics by letting her stay forever.

Groom in Training

A widow with a sad past, Steph Wright finds comfort in her faith and her adorable Border collie, Fred. When scampering Fred becomes friendly with the neighbor’s pedigreed Bouvier, Steph meets the very handsome Nick Davis. With a broken engagement and a busy job, Nick isn’t open to love and romance. Especially when Steph needs an escort to a wedding, and Nick agrees to be her not really date. But through dog walks, long talks and a shared love of the Lord, Steph realizes there’s some unexpected Groom in Training going on, too!

Bride in Training

Perfectionist Martin Davis’s life is in turmoil. The lonely businessman’s search for companionship led him to adopt a dog a rather rambunctious terrier. And now Martin’s at his wits’ end. When dog trainer Emily Ireland offers to help, Martin is grateful and intrigued. But he’s wary of getting too close to the sweet, pretty Emily, especially when he learns of her scandalous past. Can Martin ever open his heart to the possibility that Emily just may be his perfect bride?

Once Upon a Time

The stories from bedtime fairy tales are not just for children. Enjoy inspirational romance woven around beloved fairy tale themes in contemporary settings from authors Irene B. Brand, Lynn Coleman, Yvonne Lehman, and Gail Gaymer Martin.

Home for Christmas

Faith and love lead to a Christmas reunion of four siblings who were raised separately.

German Enchantment

Linked by celebrations of German holidays, this collection starts in 1632 at Engelturm Castle in the Black Forest, follows a soldier to the American Revolution in 1776, returns to the Black Forest during WWI, and ends in Dinkelsbuhl for the 2002 children’s festival which began in 1632.

Hidden Motives

Suspense, mystery, and danger pervade the four stories of this romance collection. As love blossoms for four women, threatening situations also arise. Laurel’s resolve is tested when a cyber stalker begins sending menacing E mails. Gerri goes undercover as a housekeeper in an attempt to vindicate her wrongfully accused grandfather. Shelby travels to her vacant childhood home in Louisiana to find the key to recurring migraines. Stephanie works to restore an old church only to be warned by mysterious lights to leave things as they are. Should they proceed with their dangerous tasks? Can they trust their hearts to guide them?

That Christmas Feeling

Two moving inspirational novellas by beloved award winning authors ‘Christmas in my Heart’ by Catherine Palmer When Claire Ross visited her reclusive aunt Flossie upon moving back home, she never expected her gift of a holiday wreath to come sailing after her as she left. Nor did she suspect her aunt of harboring past secrets…
and present mischief. But the greatest surprise was rediscovering her teenage crush, a police chief eager to join forces to teach her aunt the true meaning of Christmas…
and help Claire realize all her dreams. ‘Christmas Moon’ by Gail Gaymer Martin Caring for businessman Paul Stewart’s twins was more than just a nanny job for Rose Danby, who longed for a family of her own. So when her employer, a widower, promised her the moon to relocate from sunny California to wintry Minnesota, Rose agreed, despite misgivings. Then one Christmas Eve, Rose saw the path to happiness illuminated by moonglow, faith…
and love.

Monterey Memories

Walk the streets and countryside of Monterey, California, with three couples who are surprised by love in the midst of their busy lives. Chad helps Felisa when she goes into labor in his lettuce field. Juli meets Alan while volunteering at a soup kitchen. Ross takes an overdue vacation at Alissa’s bed and breakfast. Can busy people slow down enough to realize the love God has brought into their lives?

Christmas Gifts

Small Town Christmas by Gail Gaymer MartinWhen seven year old twins act up in temporary teacher Amy Carroll’s class, she meets their very apologetic widowed father, Mike Russet. The handsome man has his hands full but can two mini matchmakers and holiday cheer open his heart to Christmas romance?Her Christmas Cowboy by Brenda MintonAfter being jilted a week before her wedding, Elizabeth Harden attends a bull riding event for her dad, where she tries unsuccessfully to avoid bull fighter Travis Cooper, a too handsome heartbreaker. But could her first impression of Travis be mistaken? A Christmas wedding just might be in her future, after all .

The English Garden

Visit garden settings in the England of 1601, 1850, 1943, and today. Experience how love and faith entwine like the vines on the trellis.


Four couples come together in diverse Michigan locations, but they each have to answer the same question: Will they allow God to lead in their love lives? Faith, humor, adventure, and suspense fill four romances by Martin, who shares her love of her home state and her God.

Mackinac Island

Amid the rich history of Mackinac Island, the power of faith and love is tested. When Neal Wellington is forced to seek help, Ninette Curvier comes to his rescue. Will her faith give him the strength to face his past? When Jane Douglas nurses ‘Mad’ August Durant, her prayers change his life. Will his transformation last? Francine Woods finds love with Thomas Carlton. When mystery enters her life, will her faith and love stand the test? A stranded Alison Kessler is rescued by Jacob Randall. Although Alison resists his attentions, will that keep Jacob from rescuing her again? Can these four generations of women meet life’s challenges on the shores of Mackinac Island?

Kneel Before The Babe

Four complete Christmas services: Christmas Play With Drama And Service Of Lights Christmas Service Based On Traditions And Carols From Around The World Christmas Service In Monologues And Carols Christmas Service Of Scriptures, Traditions, And Carols These inspiring services are easy for any size church to prepare and present. Each one offers a unique and different approach. Gail Gaymer Martin has a Bachelor of Science degree in Education, majoring in English and Speech Performance, and a Masters degree in Educational Guidance and Counseling from Wayne State University in Detroit. She is a high school guidance counselor. She has written news and feature articles for professional publications and has been active for many years in worship planning and choral music. Gail sings with two professional choral ensembles. She is a script writer for puppet ministries and has written and directed numerous successful musical comedy productions used in fund raising programs. Her poetry has been widely published.

Through The Eyes Of A Child

The dialogues in this resource are designed for use between a youth and an adult pastor, parent, or youth leader. Six bulletin formats are included with dialogue scripts. Worship themes are: Advent Past, Present, and Future Jesus Came To Earth Jesus Will Come Again Lord Jesus, Quickly Come Through The Eyes Of A Child Christmas dialogue Through The Eyes Of A Child Epiphany dialogue Gail Gaymer Martin is an English and public speaking instructor for the Detroit College of Business as well as a freelance writer with articles and short stories appearing in many Christian publications. She has written curriculum for Augsburg Fortress in addition to four previous books. She has served her church as a worship planner and service writer for many years. She was honored as ”Writer Of The Year” at a recent Detroit Conference of American Christian Writers. A licensed professional counselor in the state of Michigan, she holds the M. Ed. degree from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan.

On Eagles’ Wings

It’s a difficult time to make decisions when a loved one dies. Yet families must make many choices in a short period of time, including ones about the funeral service itself. Those who are frustrated by the process of selecting Bible texts and themes for their loved one’s prayer vigil now have a resource to help guide them in their hour of need. On Eagles’ Wings provides ten thematic prayer services designed for use at funeral vigils or as alternative funeral services. Each service is complete and ready to use including a bulletin format, yet there is flexibility for individual input. Brief descriptions of each service’s theme help family and clergy select the one most appropriate for the deceased. And the services can be led by either clergy or lay leaders, an especially helpful feature for congregations that are serviced by part time clergy. Gail Gaymer Martin is a multi published freelance writer with articles and short stories appearing in many Christian publications. The author of twelve church resource books, Martin also writes inspirational romances for several publishers. She is an English and public speaking instructor for the Detroit College of Business as well as a contributing editor and monthly columnist for The Christian Communicator. Martin was honored as the 1996 ”Writer Of The Year” by the Detroit Conference of American Christian Writers. A licensed professional counselor in the state of Michigan, she holds the M. Ed. degree from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan.

Writing the Christian Romance

Writing the Christian Romance provides readers with detailed instruction for creating a storyline that is reflective of Christian values with authentic well constructed principled characters. This comprehensive book shows writers how to develop an engaging, passionate, conflict driven romantic storyline without the use profanity, gratuitous violence, or sexually explicit content. Writers will learn to construct stories using the three threads around which Christian romance is centered: the characters’ personal growth, the growth of the romance, and the characters’ spiritual growth, which is as irrevocably tied to the storyline as the first two threads.

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