Diana Palmer Books In Order

Big Spur, Texas Books In Publication Order

  1. Heather’s Song (1982)
  2. Passion Flower (1984)

Whitehall Saga Books In Publication Order

  1. The Cowboy and the Lady (1982)
  2. Darling Enemy (1983)
  3. Lacy (1991)

Whitehall Saga Books In Chronological Order

  1. Lacy (1991)
  2. The Cowboy and the Lady (1982)
  3. Darling Enemy (1983)

Friends & Lovers Books In Publication Order

  1. Friends and Lovers (1983)
  2. Rage of Passion (1987)

Soldiers of Fortune Books In Publication Order

  1. Soldier of Fortune (1985)
  2. The Tender Stranger (1985)
  3. Enamored (1988)
  4. Mercenary’s Woman (2000)
  5. The Winter Soldier (2001)
  6. The Last Mercenary (2001)

Rawhide & Lace Books In Publication Order

  1. Rawhide and Lace (1986)
  2. Unlikely Lover (1986)

Fit For A King Books In Publication Order

  1. Fit for a King (1987)
  2. Reluctant Father (1988)

Long, Tall Texans Books In Publication Order

  1. Calhoun (1988)
  2. Justin (1988)
  3. Tyler (1988)
  4. Sutton’s Way (1989)
  5. Ethan (1990)
  6. Connal (1990)
  7. Evan (1991)
  8. Harden (1991)
  9. Donavan (1991)
  10. Emmett (1993)
  11. Regan’s Pride (1994)
  12. Coltrain’s Proposal (1995)
  13. That Burke Man (1995)
  14. Paper Husband (With: Margaret Way) (1996)
  15. A Long, Tall Texan Summer (1997)
  16. Christmas Cowboy (1997)
  17. The Princess Bride (1998)
  18. Beloved (1998)
  19. Callaghan’s Bride (1999)
  20. Love With A Long, Tall Texan (1999)
  21. Matt Caldwell (2000)
  22. The Wedding in White (2000)
  23. A Man Of Means (2002)
  24. Lionhearted (2002)
  25. Lawless (2003)
  26. Man In Control (2003)
  27. The Founding Father (2003)
  28. Carrera’s Bride (2004)
  29. Renegade (2004)
  30. Hank/Redbird (With: Rita Herron) (2004)
  31. Cattleman’s Pride (2004)
  32. Boss Man (2005)
  33. Heartbreaker (2006)
  34. Outsider (2006)
  35. Lawman (2007)
  36. Winter Roses (2007)
  37. Fearless (2008)
  38. Iron Cowboy (2008)
  39. Heart Of Stone (2008)
  40. Heartless (2009)
  41. The Maverick (2009)
  42. Tough To Tame (2010)
  43. Dangerous (2010)
  44. Merciless (2011)
  45. True Blue (2011)
  46. Protector (2013)
  47. Texas Born (2014)
  48. Invincible (2014)
  49. Untamed (2015)
  50. Defender (2017)
  51. Undaunted (2017)
  52. Unbridled (2018)
  53. Coltrain (2018)
  54. Grant (2018)
  55. Drew (2018)
  56. Tom (2018)
  57. Tony (2019)
  58. Rick (2019)
  59. Unleashed (2020)
  60. Notorious (2020)
  61. Texas Proud (2020)

Long, Tall Texans Books In Chronological Order

  1. The Founding Father (2003)
  2. Calhoun (1988)
  3. Justin (1988)
  4. Tyler (1988)
  5. Sutton’s Way (1989)
  6. Ethan (1990)
  7. Connal (1990)
  8. Harden (1991)
  9. Evan (1991)
  10. Donavan (1991)
  11. Emmett (1993)
  12. Regan’s Pride (1994)
  13. That Burke Man (1995)
  14. Coltrain’s Proposal (1995)
  15. Paper Husband (With: Margaret Way) (1996)
  16. A Long, Tall Texan Summer (1997)
  17. Christmas Cowboy (1997)
  18. The Princess Bride (1998)
  19. Beloved (1998)
  20. Callaghan’s Bride (1999)
  21. Love With A Long, Tall Texan (1999)
  22. Matt Caldwell (2000)
  23. The Wedding in White (2000)
  24. A Man Of Means (2002)
  25. Lionhearted (2002)
  26. Lawless (2003)
  27. Man In Control (2003)
  28. Carrera’s Bride (2004)
  29. Renegade (2004)
  30. Hank/Redbird (With: Rita Herron) (2004)
  31. Cattleman’s Pride (2004)
  32. Boss Man (2005)
  33. Heartbreaker (2006)
  34. Outsider (2006)
  35. Lawman (2007)
  36. The Maverick (2009)
  37. Winter Roses (2007)
  38. Tough To Tame (2010)
  39. Fearless (2008)
  40. Iron Cowboy (2008)
  41. Heart Of Stone (2008)
  42. Heartless (2009)
  43. Dangerous (2010)
  44. Merciless (2011)
  45. True Blue (2011)
  46. Protector (2013)
  47. Texas Born (2014)
  48. Invincible (2014)
  49. Untamed (2015)
  50. Defender (2017)
  51. Undaunted (2017)
  52. Unbridled (2018)
  53. Coltrain (2018)
  54. Grant (2018)
  55. Drew (2018)
  56. Tom (2018)
  57. Tony (2019)
  58. Rick (2019)
  59. Unleashed (2020)
  60. Notorious (2020)
  61. Texas Proud (2020)

Marrist Sisters Books In Publication Order

  1. His Girl Friday (1989)
  2. Hunter (1990)

Long, Tall Texans: Most Wanted Books In Publication Order

  1. The Case Of The Confirmed Bachelor (1992)
  2. The Case of the Mesmerizing Boss (1992)
  3. The Case of The Missing Secretary (1992)

Night of Love Books In Publication Order

  1. Night of Love (1993)
  2. King’s Ransom (1993)
  3. Secret Agent Man (1993)

Montana Mavericks Books In Publication Order

  1. Rogue Stallion (1994)
  2. The Widow and the Rodeo Man (By:Jackie Merritt) (1994)
  3. Sleeping with the Enemy (By:Myrna Temte) (1994)
  4. The Once and Future Wife (By:Laurie Paige) (1994)
  5. The Rancher Takes a Wife (By:Jackie Merritt) (1994)
  6. Cowboy Cop (By:Rachel Lee) (1995)
  7. Father Found (By:Laurie Paige) (1995)
  8. Family Homecoming (By:Laurie Paige) (1995)
  9. Man with a Past (By:Celeste Hamilton) (1995)
  10. The Law is No Lady (By:Helen R. Myers) (1995)
  11. Baby Wanted (By:Cathie Linz) (1995)
  12. Wild West Wife by Susan Mallery (By:Susan Mallery) (1998)
  13. Cowgirl Bride (By:Susan Mallery) (1998)
  14. Maverick Hearts (By:Jackie Merritt) (1999)
  15. The Baby Quest (By:Pat Warren) (2000)
  16. The Magnificent Seven (By:Cheryl St. John) (2001)
  17. Montana Born (By:Christie Ridgway) (2002)
  18. Montana Bred (By:Myrna Mackenzie) (2002)
  19. Just Pretending (By:Myrna Mackenzie) (2002)
  20. Cinderella’s Big Sky Groom (By:Christine Rimmer) (2004)
  21. It Happened One Wedding Night (By:Karen Rose Smith) (2010)
  22. The Bride Who was Stolen in the Night (2016)
  23. Born in Whitehorn (By:Karen Rose Smith) (2017)
  24. Home on the Ranch (By:Karen Rose Smith) (2019)
  25. The Kincaid Bride (By:Jackie Merritt) (2020)

Maggie’s Dad Books In Publication Order

  1. Maggie’s Dad (1995)
  2. Man of Ice (1996)

Hutton & Co. Books In Publication Order

  1. Once In Paris (1998)
  2. Paper Rose (1999)
  3. Lord of the Desert (2000)
  4. The Texas Ranger (2001)
  5. Desperado (2002)

The Men of Medicine Ridge Books In Publication Order

  1. Circle of Gold (2000)
  2. The Wedding in White (2000)
  3. Diamond In The Rough (2009)
  4. Will of Steel (2010)

The Morcai Battalion Books In Publication Order

  1. The Morcai Battalion (As:Susan Kyle) (1980)
  2. The Recruit (As: Susan Kyle) (2009)
  3. Invictus (2010)
  4. The Rescue (2017)
  5. The Pursuit (2018)

Wyoming Men Books In Publication Order

  1. Wyoming Tough (2011)
  2. Wyoming Fierce (2012)
  3. Wyoming Bold (2013)
  4. Wyoming Strong (2014)
  5. Wyoming Rugged (2015)
  6. Wyoming Brave (2016)
  7. Wyoming Winter / Wyoming Christmas (2017)
  8. Wyoming Legend (2018)
  9. Wyoming Heart (2019)
  10. Wyoming True (2020)
  11. Wyoming Homecoming (2022)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Dream’s End (1979)
  2. If Winter Comes (1979)
  3. Love on Trial (1979)
  4. To Have and to Hold (1979)
  5. Bound by a Promise (1979)
  6. Now And Forever (1979)
  7. Storm Over the Lake (1979)
  8. Sweet Enemy (1979)
  9. To Love and Cherish (1980)
  10. September Morning (1982)
  11. A Waiting Game (1982)
  12. Fire and Ice (1983)
  13. Snow Kisses (1983)
  14. Diamond Girl (1983)
  15. A Loving Arrangement (As: Diana Blayne) (1983)
  16. White Sand, Wild Sea (As: Diana Blayne) (1983)
  17. Dark Surrender (As:Diana Blayne) (1983)
  18. The Rawhide Man (1984)
  19. Blind Promises (1984)
  20. Roomful of Roses (1984)
  21. Lady Love (1984)
  22. Color Love Blue (As:Diana Blayne) (1984)
  23. Heart of Ice (1984)
  24. The Australian (1985)
  25. Cattleman’s Choice (1985)
  26. Love By Proxy (1985)
  27. The Humbug Man (1986)
  28. Eye of the Tiger (1986)
  29. Champagne Girl (1986)
  30. Loveplay (1986)
  31. After the Music (1986)
  32. Tangled Destinies (As: Diana Blayne) (1986)
  33. Betrayed by Love (1987)
  34. Woman Hater (1987)
  35. Diamond Spur (As: Susan Kyle) (1988)
  36. Fire Brand (As: Susan Kyle) (1989)
  37. Hoodwinked (1989)
  38. Denim and Lace (As: Diana Blayne) (1989)
  39. Night Fever (1990)
  40. The Best Is Yet To Come (1991)
  41. True Colors (1991)
  42. Trilby (1992)
  43. Escapade (As: Susan Kyle) (1992)
  44. Amelia (1993)
  45. Nora (1994)
  46. Noelle (1995)
  47. All That Glitters (As: Susan Kyle) (1995)
  48. Magnolia (1996)
  49. The Savage Heart (1997)
  50. Midnight Rider (1998)
  51. The Greatest Gift (1999)
  52. Most Wanted (2000)
  53. After Midnight (2003)
  54. Before Sunrise (2005)
  55. Miss Greenhorn (2009)
  56. Innocence Protected (2010)
  57. Courageous (2012)
  58. The Rancher (2012)
  59. Rough Diamonds (2013)
  60. Mountain Man (2016)
  61. The Snow Man (2018)
  62. A Rancher for Christmas (2019)
  63. The Rancher’s Wedding (2020)
  64. The Reluctant Father (2020)
  65. A Love Like This (2021)

Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. Calamity Mom (2016)
  2. Mistletoe Cowboy (2021)

Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. The Marrying Kind (1999)
  2. For Now and Forever (2019)

Man of the Month Books In Publication Order

  1. Honor-Bound Groom (By:Yvonne Lindsay) (1974)
  2. Hotshot (By:Kathleen Korbel) (1990)
  3. Nelson’s Brand (1990)
  4. Dream Mender (By:Sherryl Woods) (1992)
  5. Wildcat (By:Rebecca Brandewyne) (1996)
  6. The Patient Nurse (1997)
  7. The Lioness Tamer (By:Rebecca Brandewyne) (1998)
  8. An Officer and a Millionaire (By:Maureen Child) (2009)
  9. The Last Lone Wolf (By:Maureen Child) (2010)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Abduction & Seduction (1995)
  2. Take This Man (2000)
  3. A Hero’s Kiss (2003)
  4. More Than Words (2004)
  5. Motherhood (2005)
  6. One Night With A Cowboy (2009)
  7. Marrying My Cowboy (2019)
  8. Lone Wolf (2021)

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Diana Palmer Books Overview

Heather’s Song

Cole Everett dreams of touching beautiful Heather Shaw’s vulnerable heart and showing her the path to fulfilling her desires, but unfortunately circumstances have made Heather the only woman that Cole can never possess. Reissue.

Passion Flower

Taking a job with the Circle C Ranch in Texas after losing her position with a successful New York design firm, Jenny unsuccessfully tries to avoid rancher Rett Culhane out of fear that he may discover her secret past. Reissue.

The Cowboy and the Lady

Seven years ago Amanda Carson watched her affluent, well respected family lose both face and fortune. Then her childhood crush ice cold cowboy Jace Whitehall made her an offer she had to refuse. Now Amanda has returned to Casa Verde, Jace’s luxurious home. And Jace isn’t about to let her forget who she is or what she’s lost. Yet beneath their heated words, something simmers, waiting. For what once drove Amanda from this land may be the one thing that can make her stay.


New York Times bestselling author Diana Palmer offers a classic tale of tempestuous desire…
and the birth of a dynasty — available for the first time in over a decade.

Cole Whitehall had asked Lacy Jarrett to wait for him. But after the war, he returned to the rambling Whitehall cattle ranch a changed man, the promise of lasting love replaced by a cold, hard distance. Lacy yearned to reignite the once inseparable couple’s unquenched passion.

Unwittingly compromised into marriage, the handsome Texan refused to come under Lacy’s thumb. But the hard press of aching desire had her longing to learn the secrets Cole harbored in his heart. Tormented, she wouldn’t let him shoulder the burden alone, and soon the pursuit of an endless love would burn bright enough to set their world ablaze.

Friends and Lovers

Unable to agree upon anything despite their strong friendship, John and Madeline are unprepared to fall in love with each other, and while they resist their growing feelings, each hopes the other will act first. Reissue.

Rage of Passion

Seeking refuge from a vicious custody battle with her ex husband, Maggie Turner journeys to her godmother’s ranch, where her godmother’s seductive son, Gabe Coleman, offers her the marriage and stable home life that will help her keep her young daughter. Book available

Soldier of Fortune

On the trail of a group of terrorist kidnappers, Chicago attorney J. D. Brettman teams up with Gabby Darwin, and the two lovers share danger and desire in the lawless tropical forests. Reissue.

The Tender Stranger

Realizing the on edge lifestyle he has always lead is not the one for intriguing but straitlaced Dani St. Clair, mercenary Eric Van Meer follows his conscience and proposes marriage in the most dangerous challenge his heart has ever faced.


Believing he would never again see the wife who betrayed him, Diego Laremos, a dangerous and passionate man with few friends and unwillingness to trust, is stunned when he learns that she and a mysterious little boy need his help.

The Winter Soldier

Most everyone in Jacobsville, Texas, steered clear of taciturn Cy Parks. However, spirited Lisa Monroe wasn t exactly quaking in her boots, and electrified the formidable loner with her sweetly tantalizing kisses. Their fiery passion escalated when The Winter Soldier returned to the line of duty and claimed the lovely Lisa as his bride, to shield her from a revenge seeking desperado. Clearly, Cy was getting mighty possessive of this enchanting woman who needed the type of safeguarding only he could provide. But who would protect the beguiling bride from him…

Fit for a King

They were friends, neighbors and occasional confidants. Certainly nothing more. Now Kingston Roper needs a favor from Elissa Dean he needs her to get caught in his bed. Elissa’s sure she can help King out of an awkward situation caused by his rebounding sister in law s misplaced affection. After all, she might be the last American virgin, but she could definitely play the temptress just to be neighborly, of course. But there s a problem with her good intentions. Because Elissa doesn t want to playact anymore. She wants the real thing with King. But Elissa knows the kind of passion a man like King expects: brief, intense and heartbreaking. Passion could lead to many things, but could they ever be the things they both want? The dialogue is charming, the characters likeable and the sex is sizzling, and the roller coaster emotions between hero and hero*ine will give Palmer s many fans an enjoyable ride. Publishers Weekly on Once in Paris


A New York Times Bestselling Author Connal Tremayne lived in torment since he lost his wife in a tragic accident. On the anniversary of that date, he drank to drown the remorse and Pepi Mathews, the daughter of his boss, wanted to help him. However, the young woman had expected to follow him to a bar in Mexico City, and instead he took her to a chapel and asked her to marry him. Pepi played along, feeling safe that the marriage certificate would not be valid in the U.S., but on the following day, she was going to discover that their union was perfectly legal…


Ever since she could remember, Anna Cochran had been in love with Evan Tremayne. But the stubborn man refused to take innocent Anna seriously. To Evan, Anna would always be in need of protection from rough and tumble cowboys like him! Yet he couldn’t deny that she woke a fierce, restless yearning in his hardened heart.

The Princess Bride

The groom was everything Tiffany Blair wanted. He was danger. He was love, and she was meant to spend forever with him. Kingman Marshall insisted that marriage was for fools. But still Tiffany vowed she’d walk down the aisle as King’s bride. But he was too old and burdened with secrets to indulge in fantasies of living happily ever after.


Simon Hart had sworn off romantic entanglements forever. But every man had a weakness, and his was the beautiful, beguiling Tira Beck. He’d angrily labelled the flamboyant socialite a shameless flirt with a cavalier attitude to marriage until he learned she’d secretly saved all her love for him. Against his will, Simon became entranced by her, her every gesture igniting his passion. Still, he knew the virtuous virgin wasn’t about to surrender her nights to him…
unless he became her Beloved!

Callaghan’s Bride

Rugged as an oak, moody as a thundercloud, rancher Callaghan Hart awed women and intimidated men. So how could one scrappy little readhead nearly bring Callaghan to his knees?Easy! Tess Brady, the ranch’s new housekeeper, was soft as a kitten. Dewy as springtime. And secretly sweet on big, bad Callaghan. Which drove the hardened loner mad. For Tess’s youthful innocence drew him like forbidden fruit. He wanted to touch her. Taste her. Make her his…
But no way would Callaghan bed a stary eyed virgin whose dreams he could never fulfill. No way would he get trapped into marriage. No matter how tempting the bait…

Love With A Long, Tall Texan

They’re long and lean…
and impossible to resist. Mavericks through and through. And they have all the ladies in Jacobsville swooning. But not just any woman can tame these rugged Texans and make them give up their bachelor ways. Because when these Long, Tall Texans fall in love, it’s for real, for life, no holds barred…
Luke Craig: The elusive bachelor. He won’t be lassoed until the most infuriating lady he’s ever met careens into his life…
Christopher Deverell: The man on the move. An ambitious reporter is about to break the story of the century unless he can stop her…
Guy Fenton: The rogue. With a bad boy reputation, he’s beyond redemption. Until a prickly publicist vows to bring him to his knees.


His Winter Bride…
? As the holiday season approached, the residents of Jacobsville were whispering about Janie Brewster’s hopeless crush on Leo Hart. Up till now, all her efforts to lasso the dynamic cattleman had crumbled quicker than those mouthwatering biscuits that Hart men coveted. However, this time the starry eyed debutante had come up with the perfect self improvement campaign to dazzle Leo she’d become a courageous cowgirl! Still, her sudden transformation seemed to rouse Leo’s formidable temper more than ever. But wait…
was it hot blooded hunger not dark disdain that gleamed in his eyes when they melted into those smoldering kisses beneath the mistletoe? Could the last Hart bachelor be on the verge of taking Janie as his bride?


USA Today bestselling author Emilie Richards continues the journey begun in her beloved novel Whiskey Island with this unforgettable tale of star crossed lovers, murder and three sisters who discover a hidden legacy that will lead them home at last to Ireland. Megan, who is feeling hopelessly unprepared in her new marriage, has no idea how to fix the problems already facing her relationship. Casey, who is happily married to her high school sweetheart, is facing a new challenge: motherhood. And Peggy, who always dreamed of becoming a doctor, has put medical school on hold with the discovery that her young son is autistic. Each facing her own difficulties, the Donaghue sisters are brought to the remote Irish village of Shanmullin by Irene Tierney, a distant relative who hopes that they will be able to help her learn the truth about her father’s death in Cleveland more than seventy five years ago. As a stunning tale of secrets and self sacrifice, greed and hidden passions unfolds, the life of each sister will be changed forever.

Man In Control

Ever since DEA agent Alexander Cobb had given Jodie Clayburn a Texas size brush off, they’d been sworn enemies. But eight years later, an undercover operation brought them back together again. This cynical Long, Tall Texan couldn’t believe the baby faced schoolgirl was now an understated beauty who electrified his senses and his heart. Or that she’d help him crack the drug smuggling case that threatened all of Jacobsville. Tantalized to the core, Alexander would risk everything to possess and protect the untouched young woman. This fearless secret agent always got his man or in this case, woman. But this time, would the Man In Control get caught in his own web of danger…
and desire?

Diana Palmer’s 100th book!

The Founding Father

A New York Times Bestselling Author For over a decade, New York Times bestselling author Diana Palmer has won fans’ hearts worldwide with her tantalizing Long, Tall Texans tales. Now this treasured storyteller brings you the story of how it all began…
Discover how legends were made when Jacobsville founding father Big John Jacobs weds the daughter of a prosperous railroad tycoon. Will passion blaze when the fortune seeking Long, Tall Texan brands his sweetly unassuming wife with his soul searing kisses? Available only in Core 7.

Carrera’s Bride

Christmas Bride With his imposing stature and notorious reputation, Marcus Carrera instilled fear in friends and foes alike. However, there was one woman who could see beyond the casino tycoon’s formidable veneer to the gruffly tender man inside. And their destinies collided when Jacobsville sweetheart Delia Mason was unexpectedly swept up in a tidal wave of trouble while on a tropical island holiday getaway. After Carrera rescued her from an unwelcome suitor, he claimed her trembling lips in a boldly possessive kiss that left her dizzy with delight…
and breathless for more. But in his top secret line of work, this man of mystery moved in dangerous circles. Now Carrera had to risk it all to take Delia as his beloved bride!


For the first time in paperback,New York Times bestelling author Diana Palmer’s compelling story of love, loss…
And sweet salvation. Newly appointed police chief Cash Grier makes it his personal mission to keep law and order in the streets of Jacobsville. As a true Renegade, Cash has learned never to take anything at face value especially not his gorgeous sworn enemy, ‘Georgia Firefly’ Tippy Moore. But Tippy is no longer a spoiled Hollywood starlet, just an unassuming beauty who has almost as many skeletons in her closet as Cash. Now the hard edged Texan finds himself powerless to resist their explosive chemistry. Just as Cash is about to believe that Tippy might be the one for him, an unforgivable betrayal leads to despair, deceit and unexpected danger. Now all roads lead to this one pivotal moment that would test the very fabric of a love that had once known no bounds…

Cattleman’s Pride

Are his bachelor days numbered?

He was strong, seductive and set in his ways. She was shy, unassuming and achingly innocent. Together, next-door neighbors Jordan Powell and Libby Collins were like oil and water. Yet when Jordan made it his personal crusade to help Libby hold on to her beloved homestead, everyone in Jacobsville knew it was just a matter of time before wedding bells chimed for these sparring partners. And if truth be told, the taciturn rancher wouldn’t deny the exquisite tenderness that surged through him every time he pulled Libby into his powerful embrace any more than she could resist his breathtaking kisses. But a Cattleman’s Pride was a force to be reckoned with. Could Libby accomplish what no woman had before and tame this Long, Tall Texan’s restless heart?

Boss Man

‘Blake Kemp was a man who knew his own mind and was as stubborn as the day is long in Jacobsville, Texas. As the town’s leading lawyer, he had a reputation to uphold, and he didn’t want the tender ministrations of his assistant to get in his way even if he desperately needed her, since those big boots of his did have a tendency to step on toes. So, of course, the Boss Man fired pretty, gentle Violet, for having the nerve to, of all things, try to help him! But, being a smart as well as hard headed man, Blake could soon see that without his guiding light, his life would soon be in darkness. Only one thing to do hire her back and make sure that business didn’t mess with matters of the heart. Only then did he find that Violet had an agenda of her own and it didn’t include letting the Boss Man forget how indispensable she was both on and off the job!’



J. B. Hammock played by his own rules, and rule number one was never settle down. He treated his women well, but with a no strings detachment they all accepted. But sweet Tellie Maddox hovered about like a gossamer butterfly, always trying to take care of him, always caring about him. It was enough to make a confirmed bachelor take drastic measures.

Then Tellie lost part of her memory. She believed she was J.B.’s faithful sidekick. Even he couldn’t be so heartless as to push Tellie aside, and so he played the role of friend…
until friendship turned to something else, something so much deeper than a Heartbreaker like J.B. ever intended. He was hooked.

Then Tellie’s memory returned…


Meet Colby Lane, the Long, Tall Texan Diana Palmer’s fans have been clamoring for a man who is larger than life, and twice as exciting. The New York Times bestselling author delivers to readers a thrilling new story set against the rugged, ever changing south Texas landscape.

Former black ops CIA operative Colby Lane, now retired from his wild years as a mercenary, has found his new calling as assistant chief of security for the mammoth Ritter Oil Corporation. All he wants is a new start. What he discovers, though, is that the past is never far behind. Colby is soon enmeshed in plans to trap a notorious drug trafficker, and it seems that his ex wife, Sarina Carrington whom he so cruelly left after one day of marriage may be more involved than she’s letting on. Not only that, but Sarina has a six year old dark eyed daughter whose father is mysteriously absent or is he?


Danger and desire collide in the breathtaking new novel by Diana Palmer

When San Antonio FBI agent Garon Grier buys a ranch in Jacobsville, Texas, the strong, silent loner is hoping to mend some broken family fences. He’s not looking for love when he finds an unexpected, unwanted attraction to the girl next door, a shy, lovely woman who believes some secrets are best kept hidden. But the truth will prove just as dangerous when Garon tackles the most difficult case of his career, hunting an escaped convict, a child predator whose former victims are all dead. All except one.

Grace Carver grew up in this quiet Texas town. She works as a cook at the local cafe and nurtures a spectacular garden in the home she shares with her elderly grandmother. She remains unmarried and untouched because of a past darkened by tragedy. Now, at only twenty-five, she’s accepted loneliness as a way of life. That is, until Garon.

But only when fear and uncertainty collide in reckless heartbreak does Garon fully realize what he’s found with Grace — and what he may have lost. Because his hunt for a killer has lead him to the last person on earth he would ever have expected to be the one who had escaped death at the hands of a madman. And now a desperate Lawman and a proud woman must decide if secrets will come between them forever…
or free them to love.

Winter Roses

Diana Palmer’s heroes are compelling, vibrant and utterly impossible to resist, just like her novels! Handsome, eligible ranch owner Stuart York was not one to mince words. Ivy Conley, his younger sister’s best friend, found out the hard way. During a night’s stay at his Jacobsville ranch, Ivy wound up in Stuart’s arms. The resulting fireworks singed them both…
and knowing she was too young, Stuart closed his heart to her. Now, years later, Ivy is determined not to be treated like a little girl anymore. Although still innocent, Ivy knows she has to fight her own battles, but for some reason Stuart is always fighting them for her, keeping her from harm. And safe in Stuart’s arms Ivy feels like a woman…
a woman who belongs to him.


Even in the wide open spaces of Texas, secrets fi nd a place to hide in the heart of a shy, determined woman; behind the hard, rugged exterior of a DEA agent; and in the dangerous world of drug smuggling.

Rodrigo Ramirez is sent undercover as an itinerant laborer on Gloryanne Barnes’s stepbrother’s farm in Jacobsville, where he’s looking to bust a new and vicious cartel operating south of the border. Gloryanne is smart, savvy and fi ercely independent, but her job has put her in danger from the same criminal Rodrigo is investigating. She’s drawn to the enigmatic new farmhand, Rodrigo, a man who is much more than he seems, and who stirs a desire that leaves her breathless. But secrets are about to shatter all their lives, for better, for worse and maybe forever.

Gloryanne’s sweet innocence is too much temptation for a tormented man. Confused and bitter about love, driven by his dangerous job and searching for answers, Rodrigo is not sure if his reckless offer of marriage is just a means to completing his mission or something more. But as Gloryanne’s bittersweet miracle and Rodrigo’s double life collide, two people learning just what it means to trust must face the truth about each other, and decide if there’s a chance for the future they both secretly desire.

Iron Cowboy

Rancher Jared Cameron was a mystery to everyone in Jacobsville, Texas and he liked it that way. Only sweet natured bookseller Sara dared to intrude on his privacy informing the loner that a book on ogres might be more appropriate for a man of his qualities. Charmed by her audaciousness, Jared seduced the town’s plain Jane. But their burgeoning relationship soon thrust Sara into Jared’s hidden world of intrigue.

Now the Iron Cowboy had to steel himself for the fight of his life and his heart.

Heart Of Stone

Boone Sinclair is a hallmark Diana Palmer hero: tall, strong and handsome. A businessman and a rancher, Boone had it all except for Keely Welsh. The first time he spotted her on his property, he was determined not to let her get away from him. The lovely beauty would be his.

Every Long, Tall Texan gets his woman, and this one would not be denied.


As a teenager, Gracie worshipped her stepbrother, Jason, a strong, silent young cowboy who left home early to seek his fortune. Though Gracie hadn t seen him in years, when her mother passed away, Jason ensured that Gracie would be cared for. Now the wealthy owner of Comanche Wells ranch, Jason has finally come back home, and discovered that the little girl he knew is all grown up. When a moment of unbridled passion results in a kiss, Jason realizes that he’s falling for Gracie. But Gracie harbors a shameful secret that makes her deeply afraid of love. Stung by her rejection, Jason leaves, ready to put the past and the one woman he can t have behind him once more. Gracie thinks she s lost Jason forever. But when danger threatens her and the ranch, she can only hope that her long, tall Texan will come blazing home to save her, despite her secrets and take control of Comanche Wells, and her heart, once and for all.

The Maverick

Always in the middle of trouble, be it during roundup or at Jacobsville county dances, Harley Fowler emerges unscathed. Until he meets whirlwind, top notch investigator Alice Jones, who is trying to solve a murder involving the one family Harley doesn’t want to talk about his own. Suddenly he’s in the midst of mayhem and all he can think about is protecting Alice. But the stubborn woman is unappreciative of his efforts. What’s a confirmed maverick to do? Is seduction the solution?

Tough To Tame

A spellbinding new installment in the Long, Tall Texans series!

New York Times bestselling author Diana Palmer welcomes you back to Jacobsville to become reacquainted with Bentley Rydel. He lives hard and loves fiercely-but sometimes it takes the right woman to make a man a hero. This rugged Texan is going to be Tough To Tame!

Plus a Diana Palmer reader favorite!

Passion Flower

A young New York City career woman takes a working vacation on a Texas ranch, and passion blooms when she meets her brooding boss!


Tall, lean and headstrong, FBI agent Kilraven lives by his own rules. And one of those rules includes keeping his hands off Jacobsville’s resident sweetheart, Winnie Sinclair, no matter the temptation. Shy and innocent, Winnie couldn t handle a man like him a merciless man with a haunted past. And this small town may hold not only the woman he fights to resist, but the answers to a cold case that is very personal to Kilraven . Winnie has had her own share of sorrow and senses Kilraven s pain. Even though she tries to deny it, the gentle 911 operator feels a connection with the darkly handsome agent. When he makes the disturbing discovery that her family s unsavory past might have a bearing on his case, Winnie is determined to help him crack it and the ice around his heart. As they combine forces in a Dangerous investigation, the stakes rise ever higher. Winnie s life is on the line, and she ll need Kilraven more than ever. But if they are to have a future together, her ruthless Texan will need to confront his past and risk it all for their love.

True Blue

The eagerly awaited new installment in the Long, Tall Texans seriesNew York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Diana Palmer continues her beloved Long, Tall Texans series by delving deep into the heart of one of San Antonio’s top detectives, Rick Marquez. He never met a case he couldn’t solve or a woman he couldn’t charm. But this smooth talking Texan is about to meet the one woman who’ll lasso him body and soul!


The eagerly awaited new installment in the Long, Tall Texans seriesNew York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Diana Palmer continues her beloved Long, Tall Texans series by delving deep into the heart of one of San Antonio’s top detectives, Rick Marquez. He never met a case he couldn’t solve or a woman he couldn’t charm. But this smooth talking Texan is about to meet the one woman who’ll lasso him body and soul!

His Girl Friday

Danetta Marist didn’t know what to do about her gruff, handsome boss. He gave her looks that made her spine tingle. And then there was that sweet, heart stopping kiss in his office. But Danetta believed in marriage, and everyone knew rugged Cabe Ritter was a terrible womanizer…
In his heart, Cabe was no playboy. His ‘ladies’ man’ image had kept him safe from women like his pretty secretary who wanted a commitment. Cabe realized that young, fresh and deliciously tempting Danetta had a lot to learn about love. But now that he’d held her in his arms he decided that HE had to be the man to teach her…
for the rest of their lives.

The Case of the Mesmerizing Boss

Despite his feelings for the lovely and innocent Tess Meriwether, Texas Ranger Dane Lassiter believes that she deserves someone better than a scarred and troubled ex cop, until Tess becomes the target of a killer and Dane takes on the self appointed task of protector.’

The Case of The Missing Secretary

The Case of The Missing Secretary by Diana Palmer. THE PINING PRIVATE EYE. Kit Morris would simply quit and let financial wizard Logan Deverell see for himself just how far his Midas touch took him…
without a secretary! For three years she’d kept his books, losing her head over one singularly stubborn financial figure Logan himself! If he was too proud to sense the sparks, Kit had a mind to make him sense their absence! How was a respectable businessman supposed to react when his missing secretary turned up working for a private eye? Sure, Logan was miserable. But he couldn’t ask Kit to come back to work when every inch of him wanted her for play! MOST WANTED: Diana Palmer’s exciting series continues. Whatever you want they’ve got!

Rogue Stallion

‘I don’t want kindness, or your kind of woman.’ Sterling McCallum gave the plain, hard warning to Jessica Larson. The brooding rouge cop had a stone place of a heart and a past as mysterious as the case that had brought them together. But this time Jessica couln’t back off. Something compelled her to stand her ground and brave the emotions this man had long aroused. Suddenly, their darest secrets, their deepest desires, shimmered to the surface, about to explode.

The Widow and the Rodeo Man (By:Jackie Merritt)

A bargain with the devil…
.. Blue eyed, slow talking and handsome as sin Luke Rivers appeared on her doorstep and just wouldn’t go away. Maris Wyler had no pity for his hard luck cowboy story. Only Luke wasn’t looking for a handout he’d come to collect a debt. He’d take it in cash. He’d take it in horses. He’d take it on any terms the pretty widow named. Maris’s conscience couldn’t deny Luke’s claim…
. and the woman in her couldn’t resist striking a bargain.

Sleeping with the Enemy (By:Myrna Temte)

The Seduction. Proud tribal leader Jackson Hawk was as powerful as the all knowing night; and just as seductive. His magnetism drew Maggie Schaeffer ever closer; awakening her passionate nature and daring her to face her long denied heritage. In this beautiful wilderness, there was so much she didn’t understand. Was this enigmnatic man her destiny; or a sworn enemy determined to betray her in the ardent darkness?

The Once and Future Wife (By:Laurie Paige)

The lawman’s wife. Only duty could bring FBI agent Tracy Roper back to Montana, where her once blissful marriage had been shattered. Sheriff Judd Hensley had given her almost everything a wife could want; except what she’d needed most. Now his passionate embrace promised to set their broken dreams to right. But would a second go round mean love for better or for worse?

The Rancher Takes a Wife (By:Jackie Merritt)

A well planned abduction. Rancher Wyatt North wouldn’t wait any longer. He’d loved Melissa Avery for almost a lifetime. Now he was determined to have her. She’d know soon enough that the man she believed to be a stranger in the heat of the night was really a man she’d known forever. And she’d soon know that despite her unsettled past, he was about to claim her future.

Cowboy Cop (By:Rachel Lee)

On the brink of breaking the biggest case of his Whitehorn, Montana career, Clint Calloway is completely unprepared for the truth about his parentage and his feelings for new partner Dakota Winston.

Man with a Past (By:Celeste Hamilton)

His eyes promised secrets; and so much more! Some folks in Whitehorn talked her ear off and some squirmed at the sight of her. But when reporter Elizabeth Monroe got only a long, hard glare from Jonas Bishop, she knew the man was hiding something. Something every bit as scandalous as all the town’s juicy little secrets. Problem was, Jonas aroused much more than just Elizabeth’s suspicions.

The Law is No Lady (By:Helen R. Myers)

The marriage. Everyone was talking about the sudden marriage between Katie Randall and Ethan Walker. Why would an honorable court judge want to marry a disreputable outlaw? Maybe it was her compassion for his niece, the child he sought custody of. Or maybe she’d made the mistake of falling for a rugged loner who could never giver her more than his name.

Baby Wanted (By:Cathie Linz)

He would be the father! The whole town was talking. So Travis Bains had to put a stop to his ex wife’s outrageous plan. Just because Lori wanted a baby didn’t mean she could shamelessly seek out an eligible stud. And if his pretty ex wouldn’t listen to reason, then Travis would have to resort to passion. Because even though Lori didn’t want Travis for a husband, no other man was going to father her child…

Wild West Wife by Susan Mallery (By:Susan Mallery)

Return To Whitehorn, Montana, where a lone maverick out for justice forged a legend…
Mail order bride Haley Winthrop came to Big Sky Country with big dreams of a home and husband, until a soft spoken cowboy with haunted eyes stole her heart away from her fiance and took her heart hostage. Jesse Kincaid had vowed to bring down the man who’d had his father killed and what better way to start than by kidnapping his bride to be? But he hadn’t planned on falling for his own prisoner, and though Jesse’d sworn off love forever, something in Haley’s blazing kisses promised eternity.

The Baby Quest (By:Pat Warren)

She was a woman in search of a child…
And rugged P.I. Jack Henderson was her last resort the only man who could help her find her sister’s missing baby. But Rachel Montgomery never expected the rush of feelings the long, lean loner would arouse. Then Jack vowed to lay his life on the line for the baby’s sake, and Rachel knew beneath his stony facade, a loving heart beat strong and true. Dare she hope to shatter his brooding emotions and make a husband a part of her heartfelt quest?

The Magnificent Seven (By:Cheryl St. John)

‘A life with you just isn’t possible.’Heather Johnson had never intended to return to Whitehorn, Montana. But restoring an inherited ranch seemed the perfect way to pass the summer with her three kids. The moment she hired carpenter Mitch Fielding, though, his motherless twin daughters in tow, those short term plans suddenly went awry. Mitch was the first man in her life who truly seemed to notice her. And as his skillful hands restored the ranch and ignited a passion she’d never known, her fragile heart began to heal, as well. For once in Heather’s life everything seemed magnificent. And that scared her. Because the future she wanted and the past she’d run from were forever in Whitehorn…

Montana Born (By:Christie Ridgway)

Montana Big Sky Country. The Treasure State. And in the heart of it is Whitehorn. Home to rugged men and tender women, a thousand stories of passion, adventure and secrets…
The Marriage Maker by Christie Ridgeway Successful businessman Ethan Redford never proposed a deal he couldn’t close and that included marriage. Yet Cleo Kincaid Monroe’s demands opened him up to repercussions he’d never expected…
Christie Ridgway has a ‘smart, peppy style…
‘ Publisher’s Weekly And the Winner Weds! by Robin Wells Every woman wanted Austin Parker, the hottest ticket on the racing circuit. Yet Frannie Hannon’s pearls and pink sweater sets couldn’t compare with his boots and tight fitting jeans or so she thought…
‘Robin Wells’s…
touches of humor and passionate fireworks will steal readers’ hearts away.’ Romantic Times Magazine

Montana Bred (By:Myrna Mackenzie)

Montana. Big Sky Country. The Treasure State. And in the heart of it is Whitehorn. Home to rugged men and tender women, a thousand stories of passion, adventure and secrets…
Just Pretending by Myrna Mackenzie FBI Agent David Hannon’s plans for a quiet vacation in his hometown were overturned by a murder investigation. And officer Gretchen Neal wasn’t making his nights peaceful either especially as the case had them working very closely together…
Storming Whitehorn by Christine Scott Native American Storm Hunter’s return to Whitehorn sent tremors through town and shock waves of desire through innocent Jasmine Kindcaid Monroe. But then Storm discovered the Monroes might have had something to do with his brother’s long ago disappearance!

Cinderella’s Big Sky Groom (By:Christine Rimmer)

Wedding bells in Whitehorn?Ross Garrison was everything Lynn Taylor had ever dreamed of in a prince. And in one fairy tale night, she gave him her innocence and her heart. Now everyone was talking about how the prim schoolteacher turned up in the sexy lawyer’s bed until Ross gave the townsfolk something to really talk about and claimed Lynn as his bride to be! Lynn knew Ross was only trying to protect her honor. After all, this confirmed bachelor was about as far from marriage material as a man could be. Unless, of course, he fell in love…

It Happened One Wedding Night (By:Karen Rose Smith)

‘I won’t rest until I make you mine!’Handsome cowboy Ryder Redstone always got what he wanted, and he wanted Daisy Harding as his wife. But she stubbornly refused to marry him, despite her carrying his child. She didn’t deny that a blazing passion sizzled between them, but she insisted that she wouldn’t accept a proposal inspired out of duty. Well, Ryder had had enough of this nonsense. He was determined to make Daisy irrevocably his, and while he regretted that he hadn’t put a ring on her finger before they learned they were about to become parents, Ryder planned to change that the next time around!

The Kincaid Bride (By:Jackie Merritt)

After being caught in a compromising clinch with his boss’s granddaughter, ranch foreman Eli Forrester was forced into a shotgun marriage with Melanie Kincaid. Eli had never wanted anyone as much as he did beautiful Melanie. But he’d learned the hard way not to let anyone get too close. Which meant that they could share heated glances and soul searing kisses, but Eli wouldn’t let her thaw his cold, hard heart. Still, it wasn’t easy when every instinct told him that the city spitfire was the woman who could offer the solace he craved .

Man of Ice

It was Dawson Rutherford’s last hope to secure the land he needed. Only one woman had the power to drive this rancher wild, and now he needed her to pose as his bride to be! A tempestuous night had forced Dawson to abandon all hope of making Barrie his wife.

Once In Paris

It was in Paris she first saw him. He was tall, handsome utterly dangerous. Inexplicably drawn to him, Brianne Martin pulled a grief stricken Pierce Hutton back from the depths of despair. He was forever grateful, but he drew the line at seducing a woman half his age. It was in Paris she fell in love. Although Pierce was strictly off limits, Brianne couldn’t imagine surrendering her innocence to anyone but him. Certainly not to her stepfather’s corrupt business associate. Obsessed with Brianne since their first meeting, this man would stop at nothing in his relentless pursuit of her, including masterminding a marriage to merge their powerful families. All seemed lost, until Pierce passionately saved Brianne’s life…
as she’d once saved his.

Paper Rose

Cecily Blake falls in love with Tate Winthrop after he bravely rescues her, but as a Native American, he refuses a mixed marriage, until Cecily is given a chance to save him from a secret that could destroy him.

Lord of the Desert

From seduction in the royal sheikhdom to high adventure in the hot Arabian desert comes a breathtaking love story by New York Times bestselling author Diana Palmer…
. Sheltered small town girl Gretchen Brannon was out of her element when she aligned herself with Sheikh Philippe Sabon, the formidable ruler of Qawi. They came from different worlds, yet she found a soul mate in the powerful, sensual man who’d suppressed his passions for far too long and harbored a secret anguish. Nevertheless, he made the virtuous young woman aware of her own courage…
and, in turn, she aroused his sleeping senses as no other woman could. However, now that Gretchen’s heart belonged to the Lord of the Desert, danger loomed when she became the target for vengeance by the sheikh’s most diabolical enemy. In a final showdown that would pit good against evil, could love and destiny triumph…

The Texas Ranger

When Texas Ranger Marc Brannon returns to the line of duty, a high profile murder mystery pits him against the vibrant and vulnerable junior investigator from his past. Years ago, Josette Langley made no secret of the fact that she was desperately in love with the rugged lawman, and despite their differences, the rough hewn loner became drawn to the innocent young woman. Yet Marc and Josette parted on explosive terms when she made a shocking accusation that shattered both their lives. Now they are back together again…
. And this time a lot more is at stake than just their hearts. For the woman Marc cherished is being targeted by a corrupt political figure who will stop at nothing to bury the truth. Can Marc and Josette set aside their stormy discord and see justice served? Or will they both be caught in the cross fire…
? Diana Palmer provides her myriad of romance fans with a stirring story. Midwest Book Review


Tough and relentless, Cord Romero lives for the adrenaline rush that comes with being a mercenary for hire. But this time the job is personal. Having barely survived a murder attempt from an elusive enemy, Cord is determined to neutralize his foe the head of a multinational corporation that fronts a child labor ring. In order to get closer to his target, Cord joins forces with the Lassiter Detective Agency, where he’s reunited with his childhood friend Maggie Barton. Maggie is no longer the impressionable young woman he once knew. She is now strong, independent and in charge of her own life and, professionally, Cord’s equal. She has one vulnerability: a tragic secret from her past that threatens her relationship with Cord and sets her up as a pawn for his deadly enemy. Cord cannot afford to be distracted during the most important case of his life. But Maggie plays an indispensable part in unraveling the links to his enemy’s crimes. Forced to trust each other for their very survival, Cord and Maggie embark on a lethal game of cat and mouse that can leave only one winner standing.

Circle of Gold

Sparks flew the moment Kasie Mayfield arrived at Gil Callister’s Montana ranch to temporarily care for his two daughters.

Diamond In The Rough

Sassy Peale is desperate to help her family, but her meager salary doesn’t stretch far. Then she meets John Callister, and she thinks her new friend is an honest to God cowboy rugged and trustworthy.

But John isn’t a ranch hand, he’s a millionaire from one of Montana’s most powerful families! And when Sassy finds out who he really is, she’s certain the arrogant millionaire is just playing with her. John has to convince Sassy that he’s the man she first thought he was a Diamond In The Rough.

Will of Steel

Follow New York Times bestselling author Diana Palmer to Medicine Ridge, Montana, and meet Police Chief Theodore Graves a man as rugged as the land he passionately wants to claim as his own. Only one thing stands in his way, a feisty woman who is prepared to meet his challenge. Sparks fly as they go toe to toe, but can the man with a Will of Steel finally learn what it means to bend?

The Morcai Battalion (As:Susan Kyle)

Drama and excitement explode in this new, expanded version of New York Times bestselling author Diana Palmer’s legendary first book, The Morcai Battalion.A ragtag band of humans from the Terravegan colonies fights the Rojok invaders and their ship is destroyed. Rescued by the Centaurian commander of the terror inspiring Holconcom, the humans must learn to live with their hostile alien counterparts when they are captured by the Rojoks and thrown into the galaxy’s most horrible prison camp. The female exobiologist has to save the life of the alien commander in order to save her captain, her comrades, and herself.A rocket ride full of action, humor, and sacrifice.

Wyoming Tough

A cowboy through and through, ranch owner Mallory Kirk knows what it means to put in a full day’s work. But does his new cowgirl? He has his doubts that Morie Brannt will be able to pull her own weight, even if the petite young woman does seem to have a lot of spirit. As they spar over events at the ranch and a past that threatens their hopes for the future, sparks begin to fly, and Mallory can’t help but notice Morie in a new light. But is this tough Wyoming man ready to love?

Dream’s End

Make it happen! That’s what shy secretary Eleanor Perrie was determined to do! She was fed up with Curry Matherson’s treatment of her. His nontreatment, that is. Her tall, dark Texan boss the man who consumed her every thought barely even looked at her. It was a situation that called for drastic measures. It was a situation that called for…
a makeover! Gone were the prim and proper outfits, the owlish glas*ses, the demure hairdo…
Out came the stylish dresses, and down came the hair! Curry was stunned. Was this fabulous, sexy vision really Eleanor?

Love on Trial

Under His Spell Verdict: Love Dynamic attorney Hawke Grayson was known around town as quite the ladies’ man. But feisty reporter Cyrene Jameson swore she was immune to his seductive charms. And yet, after being assigned to do a story on Hawke, she felt a flutter of sizzling awareness as a result of his smoldering stare and wondered how much longer her defenses would hold up! This darkly sensual bachelor was quickly making his way into her heart, but he was not a marrying man. Could Cyrene convince this impossibly stubborn legal eagle it was an open and shut case of true love?

Now And Forever

She was gonna get her man! Lutecia Peacock was at her wits’ end! And it was all due to Russell Currie. The sexy as all get out farmer who had helped raise Lutecia after her father died refused to see that she was a grown up now and a pretty sensational looking one at that. What was more, he flat out rejected the fact that she was desperately in love with him had been for years! There was only one thing to do: turn up the Georgia heat full steam and show Russell that she was the woman for him Now And Forever!

Storm Over the Lake

Under His Spell The Perfect Revenge? Three years ago, spirited reporter Dana Meredith had ruined and lost the only man she’d ever loved. Now businessman Adrian Devereaux seemed bent on evening the score with the woman who’d cost him his empire and his heart. Dana felt as though she was facing time in hell and her boss was the devil himself! And yet…
there were those precious moments when Adrian swept Dana off her feet with his exquisite tenderness. Could Adrian have already attacked…
with sweet intent?

Sweet Enemy

Under His Spell Sparring Partners Wholesome Maggie Kirk had always been wary of commanding cowboy Clint Raygen. So if her best friend’s forbidding older brother rubbed her the wrong way, how come she’d chosen his ranch to recover from a broken heart? She knew the dangers that her foe posed…
yet every time she crossed paths with the hard edged cattle rancher, her pulse would race out of control. Maggie secretly dreamed of awakening to womanhood in Clint’s powerful embrace…
but did these sweet enemies have a shot at becoming lifelong lovers?

To Love and Cherish

Under His Spell Spontaneous Combustion Shelby Kane wasn’t about to let her friend’s bossy brother run off his family’s ranch again! And Kingston Brannt kept a tight rein on his volcanic desires, but made it abundantly clear that he resented Shelby’s sweetly distracting presence and the fiery passion she stirred in him. Although the ruggedly handsome, impossibly stubborn cowboy fought their explosive attraction at every turn, somehow his brooding, blustery ways made him even more irresistible to a starry eyed Shelby. Now the jaded Texas bachelor was about to learn a mighty big lesson in love from the very woman he scorned!

September Morning

Only one thing stands between Kate and the man she loves, and that one thing is the man she loves. Blake swears he would never walk down the aisle, unless it is in the other direction. Changing the ways of this arrogant lady killer won’t be easy. Especially when he insists on fighting their lifelong battle of wills as fiercely as ever.

Snow Kisses

Returning to Montana to recover from the trauma that left her emotionally scarred, Abby Shane remembers her affair with Cade McLaren, who comforts Abby and makes her wish he could be more than a protector. Reissue.

Diamond Girl

All Denny Cole ever noticed was her typing speed. But Kenna Dean promised herself that one day the Atlanta lawyer would see beyond his efficient secretary to the woman beneath. It seemed an uphill battle until Denny’s partner and stepbrother Regan decided to make her over to catch Denny’s eye. But the ‘solution’ backfired when Regan became the problem. She’d distrusted him on sight until he swept her into his practiced arms to an ecstasy she’d never known before. He was grooming her for another man, but suddenly Kenna wanted to capture only Regan’s heart.

The Rawhide Man

Agreeing to marry a woman he does not love in order to claim her oil shares, a determined man is unaware that his wife of convenience truly wants him and hides a secret fear that threatens to destroy her. Reissue.

Blind Promises

A big blond bear of a man with a bear’s growl! Her new patient, Gannon van der Vere, had run off his last four nurses. But, determined to live up to the strength of her name, Dana Steele refused to be intimidated. A powerful entrepreneur until a devastating accident left his future in doubt, Gannon raged at all who approached. Dana hoped to light a candle in his darkness and to escape from the shadows in her own past. But when she fell in love with her curmudgeonly employer, Dana’s challenge was no longer strictly professional. Could prayer and persistence bring them both to a new dawn?

Roomful of Roses

Bestselling author Diana Palmer brings a passionate and tender story of a smalltown journalist who finds herself falling in love against her better judgment with a man whose passion is the pursuit of a good story. Until a sniper’s bullet brings him home. But for how long? Reissue.

Lady Love

While eluding her father’s money and his matchmaking schemes, Merlyn Forrest Steele enjoys baiting Cameron Thorpe, whom she views as a brooding cold fish, until Thorpe decides to beat her at her own game. Reissue.

The Australian

Four years after she surrendered her heart to John Sterling, a brash, brazen cattle man, Australian woman Priscilla Johnson returns home to teach school and finds that her feelings for John are unchanged. Reissue.

Cattleman’s Choice

Carson Wayne had come to Mandelyn with the ultimate request he needed her to teach him how to treat a lady. It was too intriguing a challenge to turn down. Mandelyn suspected that the renegade was really a caring and sensitive man. But what she hadn’t counted on were her own feelings for this irresistible rebel. From the author of Lady Love.

The Humbug Man

Montana rancher Tate Hollister had to be the grouchiest, grumpiest humbug man widow Maggie Jeffries had ever met. But, as the holiday season progressed, Maggie discovered that Tate wasn’t completely immune to the Christmas spirit his loving embrace on a cold winter’s night could prove to be the gift of a lifetime…

Champagne Girl

Tired of being controlled, Catherine must match wits with Matt in order to escape to New York to follow her dreams, but the tables turn, and she is caught in a game of temptation and desire. Reissue.’

After the Music

It starts as a joke. Sabina is only pretending to be engaged to her best friend, millionaire Al Thorndon. Al talked her into the scheme to trick his older brother, Thorn. When Thorn accuses Sabina of being a gold digger, she laughs it off. She doesn’t think of the repercussions that Thorn will dig up her long buried secrets. Revealing them will destroy everything. But she can’t let her best friend down, can she? Reissue.

Diamond Spur (As: Susan Kyle)

A New York Times BestsellerTexas rancher Jason Donavan was known for his temper, his brooding nature and his deep distrust of women. No one at the Diamond Spur ranch could stand his moods except Kate Whittman. Kate was young and inexperienced, but she knew that Jason was the only man for her. She wanted him more than anything, but he offered her only brotherly protection until the day she discovered that Jason’s desire was as strong as her own. But Jason was not interested in commitment, or marriage, and especially not love. So Kate pursued another fantasy becoming a successful New York fashion designer. But just when it seemed that her fairy tale was coming true, fate brought her back to Texas. To Jason. And to a dream that she’d almost abandoned.


Maureen Harris is a professional secretary for the MacFaber Corporation, a company that manufactures jets. After a plane is sabotaged, Maureen decides to spice up her life by conducting her own investigation. She is suspicious of the company’s newest and most antagonistic mechanic, but is shocked to find herself seduced by the stranger. But the mechanic has a secret that will shock her even more.

Night Fever

Diana Palmer’s legions of fans will be dazzled by this breathtaking novel, available in print for the first time in over a decade. At the tender age of twenty four, Rebecca Cullen found life much too complicated. She worked a full time job, raised her two teenage brothers, supported her retired grandfather and tended to their Georgia farm. When her troubled brother Clay was arrested on drug charges, Rebecca’s life suddenly began to come apart at the seams. the last thing she needed was the district attorney on the case to be arrogant, rude and the handsomest man she’s ever seen. Word on the street was that Rourke Kilpatrick was notorious for his hard line against drug dealers. He used whatever means necessary to prosecute them. But Rebecca’s brother was innocent. And when the antidrug Rourke began to sympathize with Rebecca and her family, she couldn’t help but admit her sizzling attraction to him. As passions flared between them, innocent Rebecca dared to hope that her narrow world might finally be opening up to include someone like Rourke sophisticated, sensual and exciting. Every time she was with him, she felt like Cinderella at the ball. All she wanted was to feel his arms wrapped around her, his strong body pressed up against hers. But is the man she’s falling in love with just using her to pursue a drug dealer? Now Rebecca will have to decide which is stronger: Rourke’s passion for the law or for her.

The Best Is Yet To Come

As a young secretary, Ivy McKenzie fell hopelessly in love with tycoon Ryder Calaway. But the searing passion that sizzled between them and Ryder’s cool rejection sent innocent Ivy running. Now, five years later, Ivy discovered that Ryder’s magnetic virility was still as daunting and harder than ever to evade. Jet setter Ryder had always gotten what he wanted except for Ivy. For years, he’d waited for her, longed for her. Now she was free, and Ryder’s patience was at an end. This time, he vowed to make her irrevocably his. Given this precious second chance, could he convince sweet Ivy that the best was yet to come?

True Colors

A New York Times Bestseller Meredith Ashe thought her heart was broken when Cy Harden’s family ran her out of town as a scared teenager, penniless and pregnant. Now she’s back as the poised, powerful head of a multinational corporation and she’s planning a hostile takeover of Harden Properties. Cy doesn’t know the secrets Meredith is hiding, and she has no intention of telling him. But when Meredith begins to fall for Cy all over again, even her carefully made plans can’t protect her.


New York Times bestselling author Diana Palmer brings you her classic tale of a young woman who discovers her own strength in the wilds of the American West available for the first time in over a decade.

Arizona, 1910

Dear Diary,

It will take more than threats and one overbearing rancher to drive me away from my rightful property…

When I inherited this isolated land near the Mexican border, I knew running it would be difficult and dangerous very different from my privileged life in Louisiana, where I was the genteel Miss Trilby Lang. But I certainly didn’t expect that my neighbor, Thorn Vance, would be challenging me at every turn. Or that his brusque, ruggedly appealing ways would prove a dangerous temptation that I’m finding harder and harder to resist. Now, with trouble sweeping the territory, I need his help. But how much will I risk putting myself in the hands of a man who’s used to getting exactly what he wants?

Escapade (As: Susan Kyle)

Made owner of a nearly bankrupt San Antonio newspaper by her father’s death, Amanda Todd must first fly to the Carribbean to convince the paper’s co owner that she can save the paper.


Amelia, independent and headstrong, curbed her ways against her father’s anger. He was determined that she would marry into the Cullhane family. But it was the fierce gaze of King Cullhane who haunted her mind. King wanted her all right, but he didn’t trust her. And Amelia knew that the one thing she couldn’t deny was the raging need inside of her that could only be assuaged by King’s savage embrace…
. From the Paperback edition.


When innocent, wealthy Nora Marlowe came to visit the Wild West, she was as wide open to adventure as the vast Texas horizon. Its rugged individualism and dashing cowboys suited her romantic spirit. That is, until the wrong cowboy decided to take the elegant heiress down a notch!

Cal Barton didn’t like haughty Eastern misses. And he certainly didn’t appreciate one invading the ranch where he worked. But something about Nora was irresistible. The pull between them only grew stronger the longer she stayed until a simple kiss became a full fledged seduction that threatened to destroy everything she held dear.


After a devastating flood orphaned Noelle Brown, she thought her handsome and charming benefactor, Andrew Paige, could be the man of her dreams. So why did his steely eyed older stepbrother, Jared Dunn, make her heart race and her breath catch in her throat?Desperado turned lawman, Jared had come home to Fort Worth, Texas, ready to leave his dangerous past behind. The green eyed, feisty young woman his stepbrother had taken in wasn’t the gold digger Jared had expected. Far from it the unconventional, innocent beauty needed his guidance to learn the ways of high society, a task he found surprisingly enjoyable. When scandal threatened them all, Noelle would be forced to marry to save the family’s honor. But which brother had truly captured her heart? With rivalry pitting brother against brother, one thing was for certain this wouldn’t be a marriage of convenience!

All That Glitters (As: Susan Kyle)

Winning a prestigious design contest and landing a job in a New York fashion house, Ivory Keene finds the secrets of her past at risk of discovery when she begins an affair with her company’s owner.


Atlanta in 1900 was a city of contrasts: a bustling place where commerce and high society flourished amid the languid rhythms of the sultry South. Claire Lang loved her life there, but one man’s presence unsettled her very soul. John Hawthorn’s dark eyes and lean, handsome face captivated Claire more than she wanted to admit. And when tragedy struck, Claire found herself desperate enough to marry him a man who couldn’t return her passionate love. As the fragrant scent of the Magnolia wafted on warm breezes, Claire aroused fierce, unexpected desires in her elusive husband. And once she had tasted his kisses and savored his lovemaking, she dared to fight for him as a sizzling scandal threatened to engulf them and the love she began to believe could be theirs .

The Savage Heart

Diana Palmer’s sizzling historical novels are full of soul stirring emotion, rich storytelling, and breathtaking desire. Now the winner of a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award carries on her bestselling tradition with The Savage Heart, a fiery story of a woman with big dreams and a man who has nothing left to believe in except her…
. Tess Meredith and Raven Following shared freedom and friendship on the wild Montana plains. But brutal hardships that plagued the Sioux forced Raven to abandon his people, his heritage and Tess. In Chicago, he forged a new life as a new man with a new name until Tess arrived, bringing with her the past he’d tried to deny. But Tess was a fighter, and she would harness all the courage and spirit of a way of life gone forever to wage her greatest battle…
for love.

Midnight Rider

Savor the magic of New York Times bestselling author Diana Palmer in a dazzlingly sensual story of turn of the century Texas, of a man as enigmatic and forbidding as the sun drenched land and the woman who dares to cross into the uncharted territory of his heart. To Bernadette Barron, Eduardo Cortes was the enemy. A noble count with a sprawling ranch in the grand state of Texas, Cortes challenged her with dark, penetrating eyes that seemed to pierce her very soul. Could he see the burning truth: that she loved him? It is a secret Bernadette vows to keep especially now that she is to become his wife. For theirs is a marriage bargain, pure and simple. He needs a rich wife to save his ranch; she needs a titled husband. Yet desire will turn a marriage of convenience into a passionate battle of wills, and change an innocent girl into a woman aware of her own powers of attraction. For it is love’s fiery initiation that will make Bernadette aware of her own capacity for pleasure as well as her husband’s skill at providing it. And it is the sheer force of her own love that will give her newfound strength to battle against the odds to claim a man and a love she will not be denied…

Most Wanted

Include three previously released novels. THE CASE OF THE MESMERIZING BOSS Name: Dane Lassiter. Description: A private eyeful at home…
and on the range. Secret Sorrow: A family is forever denied to him. Current Focus: Tess Meriwether, gentle, vulnerable and targeted for danger. He had been a Texas Ranger, a lawman extraordinaire. Now Dane headed the Lassiter Agency, a group of crack Houston private detectives. Soul scarred by women, he existed only for his work until the night his secretary, Tess Merwether, became the target of drug dealers. He had to keep her safe. But their stormy past made Dane the one man Tess wouldn’t want protecting her…
. THE CASE OF THE CONFIRMED BACHELOR MARRIAGE ACCORDING TO NICK REED: My sister thinks I should. But what can I say? I’m a private eye and I like excitement, change. I get bored hanging around a place for long. That kind of attachment marriage…
no, definitely not for me…
MARRIAGE ACCORDING TO TABITHA HARVEY: Children, a home, a man who loves me to share it with. Marriage…
my lifelong dream. DO I HAVE A MAN IN MIND? Well, one, only Nick couldn’t be tied down. Just my luck falling for a confirmed bachelor…
THE CASE OF THE MISSING SECRETARY The Case of the Missing Secretary by Diana Palmer THE PINING PRIVATE EYE Kit Morris would simply quit and let financial wizard Logan Deverell see for himself just how far his Midas touch took him…
without a secretary! For three years she’d kept his books, losing her head over one singularly stubborn financial figure Logan himself! If he was too proud to sense the sparks, Kit had a mind to make him sense their absence! How was a respectable businessman supposed to react when his missing secretary turned up working for a private eye? Sure, Logan was miserable. But he couldn’t ask Kit to come back to work when every inch of him wanted her for play!

After Midnight

On exclusive Seabrook Island, South Carolina, Nicole Seymour is simply Nikki not the glamorous political fund raiser she is in Charleston. It’s her spirited innocence and laughing green eyes that draw Kane Lombard to her from the moment they first meet on the beach. Although he seems as casual and unassuming as any vacationer, Nikki knows who Kane really is a wealthy Houston oilman…
And her brother’s biggest political rival. When Kane discovers the truth about Nikki’s identity, his desire turns instantly to distrust. Now Kane and Nikki find themselves pitted against each other in a battle that tests their loyalties and their desires. But even the most passionate enemies sometimes become lovers…
After Midnight.

Before Sunrise

Mega bestselling author Diana Palmer sweeps readers into a world of passion, intrigue and hearfelt emotion in her tantalizing new novel.

Jeremiah Cortez thought he’d left the past behind him especially the part of his past concerning Phoebe Keller. In her final year in college she stirred his world weary soul. Now, three years later, seeing the blond beauty again sparks dormant desires. But he has to push his emotions aside he has ties that can’t be broken, no matter how much he longs to reconnect with the determined, vivacious woman he once knew.

Phoebe thought her feelings for Cortez were buried as deep as the artifacts she studies in her museum. An expert in Native American culture, she has her doubts when an anthropologist claims to have discovered a Neanderthal skeleton on the nearby reservation. But before Phoebe can pursue the matter, the professor who called her turns up dead in a local cave and the FBI sends in Cortez to investigate.

No sooner does Cortez show up in Phoebe’s office than the heat that’s always simmered between them flares anew. Phoebe can’t forget the heartbreak he caused, but neither can she deny the aching need he arouses with the merest touch. Now, as the two delve further into the murder, they find themselves entangled in a world of conspiracy, deception…
And a love more powerful than anything they’ve ever known.

Mountain Man

Tailored after the actual ‘Crow Killer’ John Johnson, Sam Minard is a Mountain Man who seeks the freedom that the Rocky Mountains offers trappers. After his beloved Indian wife is murdered, Sam Minard becomes obsessed with vengeance, and his fortunes become intertwined with those of Kate Bowden, a widow who faces madness. This remarkable frontier fiction captures that brief season when the romantic myth of the far West became a fact.

Nelson’s Brand

Allison Hathoway had never met a man like Gene Nelson. He was a dark horse a man running wild or so all her friends told her. But Allison knew he was a man with secrets…
and one who had been hurt. Her heart went out to him. Lovely Allison was a lure that Gene couldn’t resist. The enigmatic beauty aroused a tenderness he’d never known and a passion he couldn’t fight. But could he convince Allison to risk forever on Nelson’s Brand of loving?

The Patient Nurse

Although the underlying passion between Ramon and Noreen was undeniable, Noreen had never been able to reveal her true feelings for the gorgeous surgeon. He’d always blamed her for the death of his wife and it was only when Noreen fell ill that Ramon realized how wrong he’d been…

An Officer and a Millionaire (By:Maureen Child)

Mr. January: Hunter Cabot, Navy SEAL.
Vital Statistics: Tall, rich and married?
Mission: Find out who’s been sleeping in his bed.

The broad shouldered military man had no patience with games. Margie Cabot? had to go. She d been masquerading as his spouse for nearly a year, living in his house while he d been overseas. Now all his skills were focused on payback: it would be sweet, swift and sexy.

But first he d have that wedding night!

The Last Lone Wolf (By:Maureen Child)

Mr. May: Jericho King, ex marine, all businessThe Promise: Look after a fallen comrade’s sisterThe Price: She wanted his baby!After a career of life risking service, Jericho King desired only the solitude of his mountain lodge…
and the occasional no strings affair. But when Daisy Saxon arrived, his plans came to an end, for he’d once pledged his help if ever she was in need. Surely he could give her a job and a home, all without succumbing to his desires. But the lone wolf was in for a shock when he learned Daisy’s true agenda was to get pregnant with King’s baby!

Abduction & Seduction

Three short works follow themes of rugged and dangerous men of the West who kidnap the women of their choice and unexpectedly capture their hearts.

A Hero’s Kiss

For over a decade, New York Times bestselling authorDiana Palmerhas won fans’ hearts worldwide with her tantalizing Long, Tall Texans tales! Now as a special holiday treat, this treasured storyteller brings you the story of how it all began. The Founding Father by Diana PalmerDiscover how legends were made when Jacobsville founding father Big John Jacobs weds the daughter of a prosperous railroad tycoon! Will passion blaze when this fortune seeking Long, Tall Texan brands his sweetly unassuming wife with his soul searing kisses? And from beloved Harlequin Historical authors Judith Stacy and Mary Burton Wild West Wager by Judith StacyRebecca Merriweather comes west to rural Colorado, only to alienate all eligible men in town! Now the ‘prim and proper’ spinster must sweet talk a devilishly handsome saloon owner into a most disreputable dalliance…
. Snow Maiden by Mary BurtonDashing real estate magnate Adam Richmond is bah Humbugging his way through the holidays when he is driven to distraction by Russian beauty Sophia Petrovnova. Are Yuletide wedding bells about to ring? Join them for A Hero’s Kiss a brand new collection from Harlequin Books!

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