Danielle Girard Books In Order

The Rookie Club Books In Publication Order

  1. Dead Center / The Rookie Club (2006)
  2. One Clean Shot (2012)
  3. Dark Passage (2013)
  4. Interference (2014)
  5. Everything to Lose (2014)

Dr. Schwartzman Books In Publication Order

  1. Exhume (2016)
  2. Excise (2017)
  3. Expose (2018)
  4. Expire (2019)

Badlands Thriller Books In Publication Order

  1. White Out (2020)
  2. Far Gone (2021)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Savage Art (2000)
  2. Ruthless Game (2001)
  3. Chasing Darkness (2002)
  4. Cold Silence (2002)

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Danielle Girard Books Overview

Chasing Darkness

The acclaimed author of Ruthless Game and Savage Art returns with a chilling new novel about a female agent, a serial killer, and the secret past that links them.

Cold Silence

The acclaimed author of Chasing Darkness, Savage Art, and Ruthless Game is back with a thrilling new novel…
When computer programmer Cody O’Brien’s son is kidnapped in broad daylight, Cody’s greatest fear is knowing the true motive behind it…
A former FBI agent with a new identity, Cody knows that old secrets and vendettas die hard. Now she’s on the run again to save her son from the one woman who wants only one thing: cold blooded revenge.

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