Michael Connelly Books In Order

Bosch Universe Books In Publication Order

  1. The Black Echo (1992)
  2. The Black Ice (1993)
  3. The Concrete Blonde (1994)
  4. The Last Coyote (1995)
  5. The Poet (1996)
  6. Trunk Music (1997)
  7. Blood Work (1998)
  8. Angels Flight (1999)
  9. Void Moon (1999)
  10. A Darkness More Than Night (2000)
  11. City of Bones (2002)
  12. Lost Light (2003)
  13. The Narrows (2004)
  14. The Closers (2005)
  15. The Lincoln Lawyer (2005)
  16. Echo Park (2006)
  17. The Overlook (2007)
  18. The Brass Verdict (2008)
  19. The Scarecrow (2009)
  20. Nine Dragons (2009)
  21. Blue on Black (2010)
  22. The Reversal (2010)
  23. Angle of Investigation (2011)
  24. The Fifth Witness (2011)
  25. Suicide Run (2011)
  26. The Drop (2011)
  27. The Black Box (2012)
  28. The Gods of Guilt (2013)
  29. Switchblade (2014)
  30. The Burning Room (2014)
  31. The Crossing (2015)
  32. The Wrong Side of Goodbye (2016)
  33. The Late Show (2017)
  34. Two Kinds of Truth (2017)
  35. Dark Sacred Night (2018)
  36. The Night Fire (2019)
  37. Fair Warning (2020)
  38. The Law of Innocence (2020)
  39. The Dark Hours (2021)

Harry Bosch Books In Publication Order

  1. The Black Echo (1992)
  2. The Black Ice (1993)
  3. The Concrete Blonde (1994)
  4. The Last Coyote (1995)
  5. Trunk Music (1997)
  6. Angels Flight (1999)
  7. A Darkness More Than Night (2000)
  8. City of Bones (2002)
  9. Lost Light (2003)
  10. The Narrows (2004)
  11. The Closers (2005)
  12. Echo Park (2006)
  13. The Overlook (2007)
  14. Nine Dragons (2009)
  15. The Drop (2011)
  16. The Black Box (2012)
  17. Switchblade (2014)
  18. The Burning Room (2014)
  19. The Crossing (2015)
  20. The Wrong Side of Goodbye (2016)
  21. Two Kinds of Truth (2017)
  22. Dark Sacred Night (2018)
  23. The Night Fire (2019)
  24. The Dark Hours (2021)

Harry Bosch Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. Blue on Black (2010)
  2. Angle of Investigation (2011)
  3. Suicide Run (2011)

Mickey Haller Books In Publication Order

  1. The Lincoln Lawyer (2005)
  2. The Brass Verdict (2008)
  3. The Reversal (2010)
  4. The Fifth Witness (2011)
  5. The Gods of Guilt (2013)
  6. The Law of Innocence (2020)

Renée Ballard Books In Publication Order

  1. The Late Show (2017)
  2. Dark Sacred Night (2018)
  3. The Night Fire (2019)
  4. The Dark Hours (2021)

Jack McEvoy Books In Publication Order

  1. The Poet (1996)
  2. The Scarecrow (2009)
  3. Fair Warning (2020)

Terry McCaleb Books In Publication Order

  1. Blood Work (1998)
  2. A Darkness More Than Night (2000)
  3. The Narrows (2004)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Void Moon (1999)
  2. Chasing the Dime (2002)
  3. Mulholland Dive: Three Short Stories (2012)

Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. The Safe Man: A Ghost Story (2012)

Children’s Books In Publication Order

  1. Filbert Nutberry’s Grand Christmas Adventure (2017)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Crime Beat (2004)
  2. 26 Miles to Boston (2020)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. In the Shadow of the Master (2003)
  2. The Best American Mystery Stories 2003 (2003)
  3. Murder in Vegas: New Crime Tales of Gambling and Desperation (2005)
  4. The Penguin Book of Crime Stories (2007)
  5. Mystery Writers of America Presents The Blue Religion (2008)
  6. The Best American Mystery Stories 2008 (2008)
  7. The Best American Mystery Stories 2009 (2009)
  8. Hook, Line & Sinister (2010)
  9. The Rich and the Dead (2011)
  10. Mystery Writers of America Presents Vengeance (2012)
  11. The Best American Mystery Stories 2013 (2013)
  12. FaceOff (2014)
  13. In the Company of Sherlock Holmes (2014)
  14. The Best American Mystery Stories 2015 (2015)
  15. The Highway Kind (2016)
  16. In Sunlight or In Shadow: Stories Inspired by the Paintings of Edward Hopper (2016)
  17. Alive in Shape and Color (2017)

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Michael Connelly Books Overview

The Black Echo

For LAPD homicide cop Harry Bosch hero, maverick, nighthawk the body in the drainpipe at Mulholland Dam is more than another anonymous statistic. This one is personal.

The dead man, Billy Meadows, was a fellow Vietnam ‘tunnel rat’ who fought side by side with him in a nightmare underground war that brought them to the depths of hell. Now, Bosch is about to relive the horror of Nam. From a dangerous maze of blind alleys to a daring criminal heist beneath the city to the tortuous link that must be uncovered, his survival instincts will once again be tested to their limit.

Joining with an enigmatic and seductive female FBI agent, pitted against enemies inside his own department, Bosch must make the agonizing choice between justice and vengeance, as he tracks down a killer whose true face will shock him.

The Black Ice

Narcotics officer Cal Moore’s orders were to look into the city’s latest drug killing. Instead, he ends up in a motel room with a fatal bullet wound to the head and a suicide note stuffed in his back pocket. Working the case, LAPD detective Harry Bosch is reminded of the primal police rule he learned long ago: Don’t look for the facts, but the glue that holds them together. Soon Harry’s making some very dangerous connections, starting with a dead cop and leading to a bloody string of murders that wind from Hollywood Boulevard to the back alleys south of the border. Now this battle scarred veteran will find himself in the center of a complex and deadly game one in which he may be the next and likeliest victim.

The Concrete Blonde

The Dollmaker was the name of the serial killer who had stalked Los Angeles ruthlessly, leaving grisly calling cards on the faces of his female victims. Now with a single faultless shot, Detective Harry Bosch thinks he has ended the city’s nightmare. But the dead man’s widow is suing Harry and the LAPD for killing the wrong man an accusation that rings terrifyingly true when a new victim is discovered with the Dollmaker’s macabre signature. So for the second time, Harry must hunt down a death dealer who is very much alive, before he strikes again. It’s a blood tracked quest that will take Harry from the hard edges of the L.A. night to the last place he ever wanted to go the darkness of his own heart. With The Concrete Blonde, Edgar Award winning author Michael Connelly has hit a whole new level in his career, creating a breathtaking thriller that thrusts you into a blistering courtroom battle and a desperate search for a sad*istic killer.

The Last Coyote

Harry Bosch’s life is on the edge. His earthquake damaged home has been condemned. His girlfriend has left him. He’s drinking too much. And after attacking his commanding officer, he’s even had to turn in his L.A.P.D. detective’s badge. Now, suspended indefinitely pending a psychiatric evaluation, he’s spending his time investigating an unsolved crime from 1961: the brutal slaying of a prostitute who happened to be his own mother. Even after three decades, Harry’s questions generate heat among L.A.’s top politicos. And as the truth begins to emerge, it becomes more and more apparent that someone wants to keep it buried. Someone very powerful…
very cunning…
and very deadly. Edgar Award winning author Michael Connelly has created a dark, fast paced suspense thriller that cuts to the core of Harry Bosch’s character. Once you start it, there’s no turning back.

The Poet

With his four Harry Bosch novels, Michael Connelly joined ‘the top rank of a new generation of crime writers’ Los Angeles Times. Now Connelly returns with his most searing thriller yet a major new departure that recalls the best work of Thomas Harris Red Dragon, Silence of the Lambs and James Patterson Along Came a Spider.

Our hero is Jack McEvoy, a Rocky Mountain News crime beat reporter. As the novel opens, Jack’s twin brother, a Denver homicide detective, has just killed himself. Or so it seems. But when Jack begins to investigate the phenomenon of police suicides, a disturbing pattern emerges, and soon suspects that a serial murderer is at work a devious cop killer who’s left a coast to coast trail of ‘suicide notes’ drawn from the poems of Edgar Allan Poe. It’s the story of a lifetime except that ‘The Poet‘ already seems to know that Jack is trailing him…

Here is definitive proof that Michael Connelly is among the best suspense novelist working today.

Trunk Music

Following on the heels of his extraordinary New York Times bestseller, The Poet, Edgar Award winning author Michael Connelly brings you Trunk Music, his most electrifying Harry Bosch novel to date a taut, complex thrill ride that confirms Connelly’s standing as one of the premier crime writers of our day. Detective Harry Bosch is back on the job and working on the hottest murder investigation in Hollywood. The body of a movie producer has been found stuffed into the trunk of his Rolls, and to Harry the evidence seems to say it all: it’s ‘Trunk Music,’ a Mafia production. The money trail leads from L.A. to Las Vegas, and Harry’s determined to get to the bottom of things but he’s making some powerful enemies along the way. And, as if he wasn’t knee deep in trouble already, he’s about to take the biggest gamble of all on love. Mixing business with pleasure: it’s the kind of parlay that could drive Harry to distraction…
and into an early grave. Vegas style.

Blood Work

Thanks to a heart transplant, former FBI agent Terrell McCaleb is enjoying a quiet retirement, renovating the fishing boat he lives on in Los Angeles Harbor. But McCaleb’s calm seas turn choppy when a story in the ‘What Happened To?’ column of the LA Times brings him face to face with the sister of the woman whose heart now beats in his chest. From her, McCaleb learns a terrible truth: that the donor of his heart was not killed in an accident, as he’d been told, but was murdered.

Wracked with guilt over the fact that he’s alive because another human being was killed, McCaleb embarks on a private investigation of his donor’s murder a crime as horrific as anything he ever encountered as a serial killer investigator for the FBI. /Content /EditorialReview EditorialReview Source Amazon. com Review /Source Content Michael Connelly has been attracting fans by the droves with his hard boiled, edgy thrillers. A former crime reporter for the Los Angeles Times, Connelly combines a poet’s ear for language with a deep understanding of the criminal mind to create dark, dramatic stories that raise the thriller genre to a new level.

In Blood Work, Connelly introduces a new character, Terry McCaleb, who was a top man at the FBI until a heart ailment forced his early retirement. Now he lives a quiet life, nursing his new heart and restoring the boat on which he lives in Los Angeles Harbor. Although he isn’t looking for any excitement, when Graciela Rivers asks him to investigate her sister Gloria’s death, her story hooks him immediately: the new heart beating in McCaleb’s chest is Gloria’s.

As McCaleb investigates the evidence in the case, the suspected randomness of the crime gives way to an unsettling suspicion of a twisted intelligence behind the murder. Soon McCaleb finds himself on the trail of a killer more horrifying than anything he ever encountered before.

Angels Flight

When the body of high profile black lawyer Elias Howard is found inside one of the cars on Angels Flight, a funicular in downtown LA, there’s not a detective in the city who wants to touch the case. For Howard specialises in lawsuits alleging police brutality, racism and corruption and every LAPD cop is a possible suspect in his killing. Detective Harry Bosch is put in charge. Howard’s murder occurred on the eve of a major trial: on behalf of a black client, Michael Harris, Howard was to bring a civil case against the LAPD for violent interrogation tactics that had caused his client the partial loss of his hearing. Harris had been acquitted of the rape and murder of a twelve year old girl, but many, including Bosch, believe him guilty. Howard had let it be known that the trial would serve a dual purpose to target and bring down the guilty cops and to expose the real murderer of the little girl. Post Rodney King, the 1992 riots and the trial of O J Simpson, the City of Angels is living on its nerves. To discover the truth Harry must dig deep in his own backyard except that it’s a minefield of suspicion and hate that could detonate in his face. And as if he didn’t have enough on his mind, his happiness with Eleanor Wish looks to be shortlived. With Angels Flight the matchless Michael Connelly has delivered another hugely accomplished, heartfelt and stunningly authentic thriller.

Void Moon

There seems to be an unspoken rule among mystery writers that once the author has created a successful character, the obligation to fans demands regular installments in the hero’s life history, whatever the author’s literary aspirations. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was famously unsuccessful at killing off Sherlock Holmes and resurrected his detective in response to public outcry. Michael Connelly’s police procedural series featuring Harry Bosch has garnered numerous top mystery awards, including the coveted Edgar. But, strangely, it is his deviations from Bosch, including The Poet and Blood Work, that have drawn the biggest readerships and have won awards of their own to boot The Poet was honored with the 1997 Anthony Award. Now, once again, Connelly follows up the success of a Bosch book, Angels Flight, with a non series tale that pushes Connelly’s already impressive body of work into new territory. Void Moon traces the path of Cassie Black, a gifted thief who struggles with the temptation of ‘outlaw juice’ the burning desire to live the fast life of crime and payoffs even while she regularly attends her probation meetings. It’s not that hawking Porsches to newly flush young Hollywood males isn’t satisfying, but…
well, it isn’t. After years away, she returns to her old striking grounds in Las Vegas for one last big mark hoping to pave her way into a new life. But Cassie discovers that her old Las Vegas is a new town with a new skyline and new and more deadly bad guys; it is also a place haunted by the ghost of her lover partner Max. When her take proves to be 10 times larger than she imagined, her road to freedom runs afoul of the Mob while a morally questionable and openly vicious PI sniffs her trail. With its attractive central character, meticulous plot, and glitzy packaging, Void Moon seems perfectly poised for the New York Times bestsellers list. That is not to say, however, that Connelly has ‘dumbed down’ his usual presentation. The novel displays Connelly’s stunning ability to breathe reality into his fiction with the subtle details that can only come from careful research and his years of experience reporting on crime for the L.A. Times. What other author has so lovingly described the aftermath of crime? The jail sentence, recidivism, thenumbing visits to the parole officer where ‘she held the plastic cup she would have to squat over and fill while an office trainee, dubbed the wizard because of the nature of her monitoring duty, watched to make sure it was her own urine going into the container.’ While we Connelly fans are always eager to read the next Bosch, once again we’re not disappointed with Connelly’s ‘vacation.’ Patrick O’Kelley

A Darkness More Than Night

When a sheriff’s detective shows up on former FBI man Terry McCaleb’s Catalina Island doorstep and requests his help in analyzing photographs of a crime scene, McCaleb at first demurs. He’s newly married to Graciela, who herself dragged him from retirement into a case in Blood Work, has a new baby daughter, and is finally strong again after a heart transplant. But once a bloodhound, always a bloodhound. One look at the video of Edward Gunn’s trussed and strangled body puts McCaleb back on the investigative trail, hooked by two details: the small statue of an owl that watches over the murder scene and the Latin words ‘Cave Cave Dus Videt,’ meaning ‘Beware, beware, God sees,’ on the tape binding the victim’s mouth. Gunn was a small time criminal who had been questioned repeatedly by LAPD Detective Harry Bosch in the unsolved murder of a prostitute, most recently on the night he was killed. McCaleb knows the tense, cranky Bosch Michael Connelly’s series star see The Black Echo, The Black Ice, et al. and decides to start by talking to him. But Bosch has time only for a brief chat. He’s a prosecution witness in the high profile trial of David Storey, a film director accused of killing a young actress during rough sex. By chance, however, McCaleb discovers an abstruse but concrete link between the scene of Gunn’s murder and Harry Bosch’s name:’This last guy’s work is supposedly replete with owls all over the place. I can’t pronounce his first name. It’s spelled H I E R O N Y M U S. He was Netherlandish, part of the northern renaissance. I guess owls were big up there.’McCaleb looked at the paper in front of him. The name she had just spelled seemed familiar to him.’You forgot his last name. What’s his last name?”Oh, sorry. It’s Bosch. Like the spark plugs.’Bosch fits McCaleb’s profile of the killer, and McCaleb is both thunderstruck and afraid thunderstruck that a cop he respects might have committed a horrendous murder and afraid that Bosch may just be good enough to get away with it. And when Bosch finds out via a mysterious leak to tabloid reporter Jack McEvoy, late of Connelly’s The Poet that he’s being investigated for murder, he’s furious, knowing that Storey’s defense attorney may use the information to help get his extravagantly guilty client off scot free. It’s the kind of plot that used to make great Westerns: two old gunslingers circling each other warily, each of them wondering if the other’s gone bad. But there’s more than one black hat in them thar hills, and Connelly masterfully joins the plot lines in a climax and denouement that will leave readers gasping but satisfied. Barrie Trinkle

City of Bones

When the bones of a 12 year old boy are found scattered in the Hollywood Hills, Harry Bosch is drawn into a case that brings up the darkest memories from his own haunted past. The bones have been buried for years, but the cold case doesn’t deter Bosch. Unearthing hidden stories, he finds the child’s identity and reconstructs his fractured life, determined that he not be forgotten. At the same time, a new love affair with a female cop begins to blossom for Bosch until a stunningly blown mission leaves Bosch in more trouble that ever before in his turbulent career. The investigation races to a shocking conclusion and leaves Bosch on the brink of an unimaginable decision one that will leave readers hungrily awaiting Michael Connelly’s next masterpiece.

Lost Light

Fed up with the hypocrisy and bureaucracy of the LAPD, Harry Bosch has retired. But the life of a retiree doesn’t suit him. He has devoted himself to law enforcement out of a deep drive to see justice done equally for all. On his own, he is still drawn toward the abyss. And when he rediscovers a startling, unsolved murder among the old case files he’s been poring over, he knows he can’t rest until he finds the killer, with or without a badge. Moving ever further inside the remarkable character of Harry Bosch, whom the New York Post calls ‘the quintessential mystery book hero,’ Michael Connelly takes another step closer to the classic novels of Raymond Chandler in this breakneck, relentless, and potent new novel.

The Narrows

FBI agent Rachel Walling finally gets the call she’s dreaded for years. The Poet has returned. Years earlier she worked on the famous case tracking the serial killer who wove lines of poetry into his hideous crimes. Rachel has never forgotten the Poet and apparently he has not forgotten her. Former LAPD detective Harry Bosch gets a call, too, from an old friend whose husband recently died. The death appeared natural, but this man’s ties to the hunt for the Poet make Harry dig deep. What he finds leads him into the most terrifying situation he has ever encountered. So begins the most deeply compelling, frightening, and masterful novel Michael Connelly has ever written, placing Harry Bosch squarely in the path of the most ruthless and ingenious murderer in Los Angeles’s history. This spectacularly dramatic and shocking novel will have Michael Connelly’s readers desperately hungry for the next book from ‘one of America’s best writers’ Cleveland Plain Dealer.

The Closers

‘A city that forgets its murder victims is a city lost. This is where we don’t forget,’ Detective Hieronymus ‘Harry’ Bosch is told by his new boss, as he ends a three year retirement and rejoins the Los Angeles Police Department at the start of The Closers, the 11th installment of Michael Connelly’s Edgar winning series. Having long ago demonstrated his knack for cracking previously unsolved homicides, Bosch is assigned to the newly re branded Open Unsolved Unit aka ‘cold case’ squad, and charged with resolving the 17 year old abduction and slaying of a mixed race teenager. Rebecca Verloren, 16, was discovered missing from her Chatsworth home on a July morning in 1988. Her corpse and the gun that ended her life were later found on a hill behind the house. An autopsy revealed that she’d recently undergone an abortion, and a piece of skin tissue presumably the killer’s was found trapped inside the murder weapon. Only now, though, has DNA science matched that tissue to Roland Mackey, a dyslexic 35 year old tow truck operator with no obvious connection to the deceased. It’s up to Bosch, once more partnered with Kizmin Rider, to determine whether Mackey offed Becky Verloren, or was at least an accessory to that tragedy. But the more Bosch and Rider dig into this dusty crime, trying in part to determine whether racial animosity might have been involved, the more pain and resistance they encounter. Becky’s white mother maintains the teen’s old bedroom as a shrine, while her shattered father, an African American chef, has vanished into LA’s homeless community. Of the two original investigators on the case, one has since committed suicide, and Bosch suspects that the other now a police commander is helping to keep the lid tight on some old departmental secrets, perhaps linked to our hero’s nemesis, Deputy Chief Irvin S. Irving. Understandably rusty after three years sans shield, Bosch makes his share of personal and professional mistakes here including one that supplies The Closers with a lethal, plot turning climax. But the greater problem is that Connelly exhausts so much time and effort following his protagonist through the tedium of modern police procedures, that he neglects what readers have liked more about this series in the past: its persistently deft exploration of Bosch’s lonely, haunted soul which remains mostly out of sight in this tale, and the author’s frequent flights of lyrical prose also not much in evidence. Would be novelists wanting an example of a solidly constructed cop tale need look no further than The Closers. But readers hoping to learn why Connelly is so well respected in this genre should turn, instead, to previous Bosch titles such as The Concrete Blonde, Angel’s Flight, or City of Bones. J. Kingston Pierce

The Lincoln Lawyer

Best selling author Michael Connelly, whose character driven literary mysteries have earned him a wide following, breaks from the gate in the over crowded field of legal thrillers and leaves every other contender from Grisham to Turow in the dust with this tightly plotted, brilliantly paced, impossible to put down novel. Criminal defense attorney Mickey Haller’s father was a legendary lawyer whose clients included gangster Mickey Cohen in a nice twist, Cohen’s gun, given to Dad then bequeathed to his son, plays a key role in the plot. But Dad also passed on an important piece of advice that’s especially relevant when Mickey takes the case of a wealthy Los Angeles realtor accused of attempted murder:’The scariest client a lawyer will ever have is an innocent client. Because if you screw up and he goes to prison, it’ll scar you for life.’Louis Roulet, Mickey’s ‘franchise client’ so called becaue he’s able and willing to pay whatever his defense costs seems to be the one his father warned him against, as well as being a few rungs higher on the socio economic ladder than the drug dealers, homeboys, and motorcycle thugs who comprise Mickey’s regular case load. But as the holes in Roulet’s story tear Mickey’s theory of the case to shreds, his thoughts turn more to Jesus Menendez, a former client convicted of a similar crime who’s now languishing in San Quentin. Connelly tellingly delineates the code of legal ethics Mickey lives by: ‘It didn’t matter…
whether the defendant ‘did it’ or not. What mattered was the evidence against him the proof and if and how it could be neutralized. My job was to bury the proof, to color the proof a shade of gray. Gray was the color of reasonable doubt.’ But by the time his client goes to trial, Mickey’s feeling a few very reasonable doubts of his own. While Mickey’s courtroom pyrotechnics dazzle, his behind the scenes machinations and manipulations are even more incendiary in this taut, gripping novel, which showcases all of Connelly’s literary gifts. There’s not an excess sentence or padded paragraph in it what there is, happily, is a character who, like Harry Bosch, deserves a franchise series of his own. Jane Adams

Echo Park

Detective Harry Bosch reopens one of his own unsolved cases and comes face to face with a psychotic killer he has been seeking for years. A thrilling new novel by the author of the 1 bestseller The Lincoln Lawyer. In 1995 Marie Gesto disappeared after walking out of a supermarket. Harry Bosch worked the case but couldn’t crack it, and the 22 year old woman was never found. Now Bosch is in the Open Unsolved Unit, where he still keeps the Gesto file on his desk, when the DA calls. A man accused of two heinous killings is willing to come clean about several others, including the murder of Marie Gesto. Bosch must now take the confession of the man he has sought and hated for eleven years. But when Bosch learns that he and his partner missed a clue back in 1995 that could have led them to Gesto’s killer and stopped nine murders that followed his whole being as a cop begins to crack. Michael Connelly’s enthralling new novel pits the detective People magazine calls ‘one of the most complex crime fighters around’ against one of the most sad*istic killers he has ever confronted. It confirms that Michael Connelly ‘is the best writer of suspense fiction working today’

The Overlook

In his first case since he left the LAPD’s Open Unsolved Unit for the prestigious Homicide Special squad, Harry Bosch is called out to investigate a murder that may have chilling consequences for national security. A doctor with access to a dangerous radioactive substance is found murdered in the trunk of his car. Retracing his steps, Harry learns that a large quantity of radioactive cesium was stolen shortly before the doctor’s death. With the cesium in unknown hands, Harry fears the murder could be part of a terrorist plot to poison a major American city.
Soon, Bosch is in a race against time, not only against the culprits, but also against the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI in the form of Harry’s one time lover Rachel Walling, who are convinced that this case is too important for the likes of the LAPD. It is Bosch’s job to prove all of them wrong.

The Brass Verdict

Things are finally looking up for defense attorney Mickey Haller. After two years of wrong turns, Haller is back in the courtroom. When Hollywood lawyer Jerry Vincent is murdered, Haller inherits his biggest case yet: the defense of Walter Elliott, a prominent studio executive accused of murdering his wife and her lover. But as Haller prepares for the case that could launch him into the big time, he learns that Vincent’s killer may be coming for him next.

Enter Harry Bosch. Determined to find Vincent’s killer, he is not opposed to using Haller as bait. But as danger mounts and the stakes rise, these two loners realize their only choice is to work together.

Bringing together Michael Connelly’s two most popular characters, The Brass Verdictis sure to be his biggest book yet.

The Scarecrow

The instant 1 bestseller from author Michael Connelly ‘the best mystery writer in the world’ GQ brings back the hero of The Poet in a terrifying new thriller. Forced out of the Los Angeles Times amid the latest budget cuts, newspaperman Jack McEvoy decides to go out with a bang, using his final days at the paper to write the definitive murder story of his career. He focuses on Alonzo Winslow, a 16 year old drug dealer in jail after confessing to a brutal murder. But as he delves into the story, Jack realizes that Winslow’s so called confession is bogus. The kid might actually be innocent. Jack is soon running with his biggest story since The Poet made his career years ago. He is tracking a killer who operates completely below police radar and with perfect knowledge of any move against him. Including Jack’s.

Nine Dragons

LAPD Detective Harry Bosch is off the chain in the fastest, fiercest, and highest stakes case of his life. Fortune Liquors is a small shop in a tough South L.A. neighborhood, a store Bosch has known for years. The murder of John Li, the store’s owner, hits Bosch hard, and he promises Li’s family that he’ll find the killer. The world Bosch steps into next is unknown territory. He brings in a detective from the Asian Gang Unit for help with translation not just of languages but also of the cultural norms and expectations that guided Li’s life. He uncovers a link to a Hong Kong triad, a lethal and far reaching crime ring that follows many immigrants to their new lives in the U.S. And instantly his world explodes. The one good thing in Bosch’s life, the person he holds most dear, is taken from him and Bosch travels to Hong Kong in an all or nothing bid to regain what he’s lost. In a place known as Nine Dragons, as the city’s Hungry Ghosts festival burns around him, Bosch puts aside everything he knows and risks everything he has in a desperate bid to outmatch the triad’s ferocity.

The Reversal

Longtime defense attorney Mickey Haller is recruited to change stripes and prosecute the high profile retrial of a brutal child murder. After 24 years in prison, convicted killer Jason Jessup has been exonerated by new DNA evidence. Haller is convinced Jessup is guilty, and he takes the case on the condition that he gets to choose his investigator, LAPD Detective Harry Bosch. Together, Bosch and Haller set off on a case fraught with political and personal danger. Opposing them is Jessup, now out on bail, a defense attorney who excels at manipulating the media, and a runaway eyewitness reluctant to testify after so many years. With the odds and the evidence against them, Bosch and Haller must nail a sad*istic killer once and for all. If Bosch is sure of anything, it is that Jason Jessup plans to kill again.

The Fifth Witness

Mickey Haller has fallen on tough times. He expands his business into foreclosure defense, only to see one of his clients accused of killing the banker she blames for trying to take away her home. Mickey puts his team into high gear to exonerate Lisa Trammel, even though the evidence and his own suspicions tell him his client is guilty. Soon after he learns that the victim had black market dealings of his own, Haller is assaulted, too and he’s certain he’s on the right trail. Despite the danger and uncertainty, Haller mounts the best defense of his career in a trial where the last surprise comes after the verdict is in. Connelly proves again why he ‘may very well be the best novelist working in the United States today’ San Francisco Chronicle.

The Drop

Harry Bosch has been given three years before he must retire from the LAPD, and he wants cases more fiercely than ever. In one morning, he gets two. DNA from a 1989 rape and murder matches a 29 year old convicted rapist. Was he an eight year old killer or has something gone terribly wrong in the new Regional Crime Lab? The latter possibility could compromise all of the lab’s DNA cases currently in court. Then Bosch and his partner are called to a death scene fraught with internal politics. Councilman Irvin Irving’s son jumped or was pushed from a window at the Chateau Marmont. Irving, Bosch’s longtime nemesis, has demanded that Harry handle the investigation. Relentlessly pursuing both cases, Bosch makes two chilling discoveries: a killer operating unknown in the city for as many as three decades, and a political conspiracy that goes back into the dark history of the police department.

Crime Beat

Before he became a novelist, Michael Connelly was a crime reporter, covering the detectives who worked the homicide beat in Florida and Los Angeles. In vivid, hard hitting articles, Connelly leads the listener past the yellow police tape as he follows the investigators, the victims, their families and friendsand, of course, the killersto tell the real stories of murder and its aftermath. Connellys firsthand observations would lend inspiration to his novels, from The Black Echo, which was drawn from a real life bank heist, to Trunk Music, based on an unsolved case of a man found in the trunk of his Rolls Royce. And the vital details of his bestknown characters, both heroes and villains, would be drawn from the cops and killers he reported on: from loner detective Harry Bosch to the manipulative serial killer, the Poet. Connellys reporting is filled with captivating people, vivid atmosphere and the telling clues that take the reader into the mindset of an investigator. Stranger than fiction and every bit as gripping, these pieces show once again that Michael Connelly is not only a master of his craft, but also one of the great American writers in any form.

In the Shadow of the Master

Few have crafted stories as haunting as those by Edgar Allan Poe. Collected here to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Poe’s birth are sixteen of his best tales accompanied by twenty essays from beloved authors, including T. Jefferson Parker, Lawrence Block, Sara Paretsky, and Joseph Wambaugh, among others, on how Poe has changed their life and work. Michael Connelly recounts the inspiration he drew from Poe’s poetry while researching one of his books. Stephen King reflects on Poe’s insight into humanity’s dark side in ‘The Genius of ‘The Tell Tale Heart.” Jan Burke recalls her childhood terror during late night reading sessions. Tess Gerritsen, Nelson DeMille, and others remember the classic B movie adaptations of Poe’s tales. And in ‘The Thief,’ Laurie R. King complains about how Poe stole all the good ideas…
or maybe he just thought of them first. Powerful and timeless, In the Shadow of the Master is a celebration of one of the greatest literary minds of all time. The Mystery Writers of America, founded in 1945, is the foremost organization for mystery writers and other professionals dedicated to the field of crime writing.

The Best American Mystery Stories 2003

This seventh installment of the premier mystery anthology boasts pulse quickening stories from all reaches of the genre, selected by the world renowned mystery writer Michael Connelly. His choices include a Prohibition era tale of a scorned lover’s revenge, a Sherlock Holmes inspired mystery solved by an actor playing the famous detective onstage, stories of a woman’s near fatal search for self discovery, a bar owner’s gutsy attempt to outwit the mob, and a showdown between double crossing detectives, and a tale of murder by psychology. This year’s edition features mystery favorites Elmore Leonard, Walter Mosley, James Crumley, Joyce Carol Oates, and Brendan DuBois as well as talented up and comers, for a diverse collection sure to thrill all readers. Since its inception in 1915, the Best American series has become the premier annual showcase for the country’s finest short fiction and nonfiction. For each volume, a series editor reads pieces from hundreds of periodicals, then selects between fifty and a hundred outstanding works. That selection is pared down to twenty or so very best pieces by a guest editor who is widely recognized as a leading writer in his or her field. This unique system has helped make the Best American series the most respected and most popular of its kind. Edgar Award winner Michael Connelly has chosen a collection of stellar stories by the genre’s luminaries and by the most promising newer talents in the field. As usual, this year’s Best American Mystery Stories will delight readers with dramatic variety and unsurpassed quality. James CrumleyPete DexterBrendan DuBoisElmore LeonardWalter MosleyJoyce Carol Oates

Murder in Vegas: New Crime Tales of Gambling and Desperation

Las Vegas. Lost Wages. Sin City. An artificial oasis of pleasure, spectacle, and entertainment, the gambling capital of America has reinvented itself so many times that its doubtful that anyone knows for sure what’s real and what isn’t in the miles of neon and scorching heat. Las Vegas is considered the ultimate players destination no matter what your game. Almost anything is available for a price, mind you, and sometimes losers walk away from the tables with even less than just an empty wallet or purse sometimes they don’t walk away at all. Now the International Association of Crime Writers and New York Times bestselling author Michael Connelly have gathered twenty two crime and mystery stories about the ultimate playground, Las Vegas, and what can happen behind the glitz and glamour. From a gambler who must must win at the roulette table to stay alive to a courier who’s only mistake was accepting a package with Las Vegas as the final destination, come to the true city that never sleeps, where fortunes are made and lost every day, and where snake eyes aren’t found just on a pair of dice. Featuring stories by:James Swain, S.J. Rozan, Wendy Hornsby, Michael Collins, T.P Keating, J. Madison Davis, Sue Pike, Joan Richter, Libby Hellmann, Tom Savage, Edward Wellen, K.j.a. Wishnia, Linda Kerslake, John Wessel, Lise McClendon, Ronnie Klaskin, Ruth Cavin, A.B. Robbins , Gay Toltl Kinman, Micki Marz, Rick Mofina, Jeremiah Healy

Mystery Writers of America Presents The Blue Religion

Nineteen original stories including a new contribution by New York Times bestselling author Michael Connelly about riveting showdowns between cops and criminals.

From Hawaii at the turn of the twentieth century to the post Civil War frontier, from smoggy Los Angeles to the woods of Idaho, these gripping stories trace the perils and occasional triumphs of lawmen and women who put themselves in harm’s way to face down the bad guys. Some of them even walk the edge of becoming bad guys themselves.

In T. Jefferson Parker’s ‘Skinhead Central,’ an ex cop and his wife find unexpected menace in the idyllic setting they have chosen for their retirement. In Alafair Burke’s ‘Winning,’ a female officer who is attacked in the line of duty must protect her own husband from his worst impulses. In Edward D. Hoch’s ‘Friday Night Luck,’ a wanna be cop blows his chance at a spot on the force and breaks his case. In Michael Connelly’s ‘Father’s Day,’ Harry Bosch faces one of his most emotionally trying cases, investigating a young boy’s death.
The magnificent and never before published Connelly story is alone worth the price of admission, and combined with 18 unexpected tales from crime’s modern masters makes this an unmissable collection.

The Best American Mystery Stories 2008

A must read for anyone who cares about crime stories. BooklistThe award winning author and Emmy nominated television writer George Pelecanos serves as editor of the twelfth installment of this genre expanding anthology, featuring twenty of the past year’s most enthralling, suspenseful, and slyly illuminating mystery stories.A cut and dried case for a wily crime scene reconstructionist is turned on its head in Michael Connelly s Mulholland Dive. A terrible secret shared between two childhood friends resurfaces decades later as one of them lies on her deathbed in Alice Munro s masterful Child s Play. James Lee Burke tells the haunting tale of a Hurricane Katrina evacuee who unexpectedly finds comfort from an unimaginable loss in Mist. And in Holly Goddard Jones s Proof of God, a young man s car is repeatedly vandalized as proof that someone knows about the truths he d never willingly reveal. As Pelecanos notes in his introduction, the twenty original and unique voices in this collection pay homage to the genre s forebears by taking crime fiction into a thrilling new direction. But make no mistake, he says, we are all standing on the shoulders of writers who came before us and left an indelible mark on literature through craftsmanship, care, and the desire to leave something of worth behind.

The Best American Mystery Stories 2009

Best selling novelist Jeffrey Deaver edits this latest collection of the genre’s finest from the past year. Featuring ‘gritty tales told with panache,’ this is a ‘must read for anybody who cares about crime stories’ Booklist.

Hook, Line & Sinister

Original short stories by best selling mystery writers about their favorite pastime shing. Sixteen of America’s favorite author anglers spin tales of mystery and fishing in this collection. From the tragic to the comic with many stops in between, these stories reflect the authors’ passions for both making stories and catching fish. Michael Connelly, Ridley Pearson, John Lescroart, Don Winslow, Melodie Johnson Howe, Victoria Houston, and others all share a mysterious affection for things piscatorial when not busy writing best selling books. This collection of all original short stories will entertain even the most discriminating mystery reader. Proceeds from this book will help support two charitable groups, Casting For Recovery, which helps women cancer survivors to heal body and soul through fly fishing, and Project Healing Waters, which does the same for our returning veterans. Contributing authors include Ridley Pearson Mark T. Sullivan Michael Connelly John Lescoart Andrew Winer Dana Stabenow Don Winslow Melodie Johnson Howe James W. Hall C.J. Box Victoria Houston William Beall Spring Warren Brian M. Wiprud William Tapply T. Jefferson Parker .

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