Heather Graham Books In Order

Donna Miro and Lorna Doria Books In Publication Order

  1. Sensuous Angel (1985)
  2. An Angel’s Share (1985)

MacAuliffe Vikings Books In Publication Order

  1. Golden Surrender (1985)
  2. The Viking’s Woman (1990)
  3. Lord of the Wolves (1993)

Angel Hawk Books In Publication Order

  1. Bride of the Tiger (1987)
  2. Angel of Mercy (1988)
  3. Borrowed Angel (1989)

Slater Brothers Books In Publication Order

  1. Dark Stranger (1988)
  2. Apache Summer (1989)
  3. Rides a Hero (1989)

Fire Books In Publication Order

  1. Princess of Fire (1989)
  2. Knight of Fire (1993)

Camerons Saga: North American Woman Books In Publication Order

  1. Sweet Savage Eden (1989)
  2. A Pirate’s Pleasure (1989)
  3. Love Not a Rebel (1989)

Camerons Saga: Civil War Books In Publication Order

  1. One Wore Blue (1991)
  2. And One Wore Gray (1992)
  3. And One Rode West (1992)

Old Florida’s MacKenzies Civil War Books In Publication Order

  1. Runaway (1994)
  2. Captive (1996)
  3. Rebel (1997)
  4. Surrender (1998)
  5. Glory (1999)
  6. Triumph (2000)

No Other Books In Publication Order

  1. No Other Man (1995)
  2. No Other Woman (1996)
  3. No Other Love (1997)

Suspense Books In Publication Order

  1. Drop Dead Gorgeous (1998)
  2. Tall, Dark, and Deadly (1999)
  3. Long, Lean, and Lethal (2000)
  4. Dying to Have Her (2001)
  5. Hurricane Bay (2002)
  6. Picture Me Dead (2003)
  7. Dead on the Dance Floor (2004)
  8. The Presence (2004)
  9. Killing Kelly (2005)

Alliance Vampires Books In Publication Order

  1. Beneath a Blood Red Moon (1999)
  2. When Darkness Falls (2000)
  3. Deep Midnight (2001)
  4. Realm of Shadows (2002)
  5. The Awakening (2003)
  6. Dead by Dusk (2005)
  7. Kiss of Darkness (2006)
  8. Blood Red (2007)

Graham Family Books In Publication Order

  1. Come the Morning (1999)
  2. Conquer the Night (2000)
  3. Seize the Dawn (2001)
  4. Knight Triumphant (2002)
  5. The Lion in Glory (2003)
  6. When We Touch (2004)
  7. The Queen’s Lady (2007)

Harrison Investigation Books In Publication Order

  1. Haunted (2003)
  2. The Presence (2004)
  3. Ghost Walk (2005)
  4. The Vision (2006)
  5. The Dead Room (2007)
  6. The Seance (2007)
  7. The Death Dealer (2008)
  8. Nightwalker (2009)
  9. Unhallowed Ground (2009)
  10. The Killing Edge (2010)

Victorian Fairy Tale Books In Publication Order

  1. Reckless (2005)
  2. Wicked (2005)

Flynn Brothers Books In Publication Order

  1. Deadly Night (2007)
  2. Deadly Harvest (2008)
  3. Deadly Gift (2008)

Vampire Hunters Books In Publication Order

  1. Night of the Wolves (2009)
  2. Night of the Vampires (2009)
  3. Bride of the Night (2011)

Prophecy Books In Publication Order

  1. Dust to Dust (2009)

The Keepers Books In Publication Order

  1. The Keepers (2010)
  2. The Shifters (By:Alexandra Sokoloff) (2010)
  3. The Wolven (By:Deborah Leblanc) (2010)

The Keepers: L.A. Books In Publication Order

  1. Keeper of the Night (2012)
  2. The Gatekeeper (2012)
  3. Keeper of the Shadows (By:Alexandra Sokoloff) (2013)
  4. Keeper of the Dawn (2013)

Bone Island Books In Publication Order

  1. Ghost Memories (2010)
  2. Ghost Shadow (2010)
  3. Ghost Night (2010)
  4. Ghost Moon (2010)

Krewe Of Hunters Books In Publication Order

  1. Phantom Evil (2011)
  2. Heart of Evil (2011)
  3. Sacred Evil (2011)
  4. The Evil Inside (2011)
  5. The Unseen (2012)
  6. The Unholy (2012)
  7. The Unspoken (2012)
  8. The Uninvited (2012)
  9. The Night is Watching (2013)
  10. The Night is Alive (2013)
  11. The Night is Forever (2013)
  12. Crimson Twilight (2014)
  13. The Cursed (2014)
  14. The Hexed (2014)
  15. The Betrayed (2014)
  16. When Irish Eyes Are Haunting (2015)
  17. The Silenced (2015)
  18. The Forgotten (2015)
  19. All Hallows Eve (2015)
  20. The Hidden (2015)
  21. Haunted Destiny (2016)
  22. Deadly Fate (2016)
  23. Darkest Journey (2016)
  24. Dying Breath (2017)
  25. Dark Rites (2017)
  26. Wicked Deeds (2017)
  27. Hallow Be the Haunt (2017)
  28. Fade to Black (2018)
  29. Pale as Death (2018)
  30. Echoes of Evil (2018)
  31. Haunted Be the Holidays (2018)
  32. Christmas, The Krewe and a Large White Rabbit (2018)
  33. The Summoning (2019)
  34. The Seekers (2019)
  35. The Stalking (2019)
  36. Blood Night (2019)
  37. Horror-Ween (2019)
  38. Easter, the Krewe and Another Large White Rabbit (2020)
  39. Mother’s Day, the Krewe, and a Really Big Dog (2020)
  40. Seeing Darkness (2020)
  41. The Trance (2020)
  42. For Honor and Glory (2020)
  43. Born on the 4th of July (2020)
  44. The Apparition (2020)
  45. Deadly Touch (2020)
  46. A Most Unusual Case (2020)
  47. The Dead Heat of Summer (2020)
  48. A Horribly Haunted Halloween (2020)
  49. Dreaming Death (2020)
  50. An Unexpected Guest (2020)
  51. Christmas, the Krewe, and Kenneth (2020)
  52. A Very Krewe Kind of Valentine’s Day (2021)
  53. St. Patrick’s Day (2021)
  54. The Unforgiven (2021)
  55. The Forbidden (2021)
  56. The Unknown (2021)
  57. Haunted House (2021)

Cafferty & Quinn Books In Publication Order

  1. Let the Dead Sleep (2013)
  2. Waking the Dead (2014)
  3. Infernal Night (2014)
  4. The Dead Play On (2015)
  5. Toys in the Attic (2015)
  6. Blood on the Bayou (2016)
  7. Big Easy Evil (2017)
  8. Bitter Reckoning (2018)

New York Confidential Books In Publication Order

  1. Flawless (2016)
  2. A Perfect Obsession (2017)
  3. A Dangerous Game (2018)
  4. A Lethal Legacy (2019)
  5. The Final Deception (2020)

American Hero Books In Publication Order

  1. Simple Gifts (By:Kathleen Korbel) (1994)
  2. Between Roc and a Hard Place (2006)
  3. A Walk on the Wild Side (By:Eileen Dreyer) (2018)

Finnegan Connection Books In Publication Order

  1. Law and Disorder (2017)
  2. Shadows in the Night (2017)
  3. Out of the Darkness (2018)
  4. Undercover Connection (2018)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Tender Taming (1983)
  2. When Next We Love (1983)
  3. A Season for Love (1983)
  4. Tempestuous Eden (1983)
  5. Quiet Walks the Tiger (1983)
  6. Night, Sea and Stars (1984)
  7. Tender Deception (1984)
  8. Red Midnight (1984)
  9. Hours to Cherish (1984)
  10. Arabian Nights (1984)
  11. Serena’s Magic (1984)
  12. Queen of Hearts (1985)
  13. Tomorrow the Glory (As: Shannon Drake) (1985)
  14. Hold Close the Memory (1985)
  15. Night Moves (1985)
  16. The Di Medici Bride (1986)
  17. Blue Heaven, Black Night (As: Shannon Drake) (1986)
  18. Dante’s Daughter (1986)
  19. Handful of Dreams (1986)
  20. The Devil’s Mistress (1986)
  21. The Maverick and the Lady (1986)
  22. The Game of Love (1986)
  23. Eden’s Spell (1986)
  24. Liar’s Moon (1987)
  25. King of the Castle (1987)
  26. A Circumstantial Affair / A Matter of Circumstance (1987)
  27. Siren from the Sea (1987)
  28. Strangers in Paradise (1988)
  29. Lie Down in Roses (1988)
  30. Ondine (1988)
  31. Every Time I Love You (1988)
  32. This Rough Magic (1988)
  33. Lucia in Love (1988)
  34. Forever My Love (1990)
  35. A Perilous Eden (As:Heather Graham Pozzessere) (1990)
  36. Wedding Bell Blues (As:Heather Graham Pozzessere) (1990)
  37. Forbidden Fire (1991)
  38. Hatfield and McCoy (As: Heather Graham Pozzessere) (1991)
  39. Emerald Embrace (As: Shannon Drake) (1991)
  40. Snowfire (1991)
  41. Mistress of Magic (As:Heather Graham Pozzessere) (1992)
  42. Bride of the Wind (As: Shannon Drake) (1992)
  43. Double Entendre (As:Heather Graham Pozzessere) (1992)
  44. Damsel in Distress (As: Shannon Drake) (1992)
  45. The Last Cavalier (1993)
  46. The Trouble With Andrew (1993)
  47. Spirit of the Season (1993)
  48. Slow Burn (1994)
  49. An Angel’s Touch (1995)
  50. For All of Her Life (1995)
  51. Branded Hearts (As: Shannon Drake) (1995)
  52. Eyes of Fire (1995)
  53. The King’s Pleasure (1996)
  54. A Magical Christmas (1996)
  55. Down In New Orleans (As:Heather Graham Pozzessere) (1996)
  56. If Looks Could Kill (1997)
  57. Never Sleep with Strangers (1998)
  58. A Season of Miracles (2001)
  59. Daughters of Destiny (2001)
  60. Summer Fires (2001)
  61. Take 5 (2001)
  62. Beautiful Stranger (2001)
  63. Night of the Blackbird (2001)
  64. Forbidden Stranger (2003)
  65. The Ultimate Treasure (2003)
  66. Snowy Nights (2003)
  67. In the Dark (2004)
  68. Suspicious (2005)
  69. The Island (2005)
  70. The Last Noel (2007)
  71. The Pirate Bride (As: Shannon Drake) (2008)
  72. A Bride by Christmas (With: Candace Camp) (2008)
  73. Home in Time for Christmas (2009)
  74. There Be Dragons (2009)
  75. An Angel for Christmas (2011)
  76. Bougainvillea (2015)
  77. Still Waters (2016)
  78. The Rising (2017)
  79. American Drifter (2017)
  80. The Face in the Window (2017)
  81. Up in Flames (2018)
  82. The Ghost of You (2018)
  83. Seize the Wind (2019)
  84. Tangled Threat (2019)
  85. Witness to Death (2020)
  86. Danger in Numbers (2021)
  87. Crimson Summer (2022)

Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. The Devil in the Woods (2010)
  2. Grave Danger (2012)
  3. Do You Fear What I Fear? (2017)
  4. Banshee (2020)

Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. Heather Graham’s Christmas Treasures (2014)
  2. Heather Graham’s Haunted Treasures (2015)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Why I Love New Orleans (2014)

Men: Made In America II Books In Publication Order

  1. Dream Come True (By:Ann Major) (1982)
  2. Moments Harsh, Moments Gentle (By:Joan Hohl) (1984)
  3. Too Near The Fire (By:Lindsay McKenna) (1984)
  4. To Love A Dreamer (By:Ruth Ryan Langan) (1985)
  5. Starstruck (By:Anne McAllister) (1985)
  6. Stormwalker (By:Dallas Schulze) (1987)
  7. Bayou Midnight (By:Emilie Richards) (1987)
  8. To Tame a Wolf (By:Anne McAllister) (1987)
  9. All in the Family (As:Heather Graham Pozzessere) (1987)
  10. Author’s Choice (By:Elizabeth August) (1988)
  11. Arizona Heat (By:Jennifer Greene) (1995)

Rebecca Paisley Collections In Publication Order

  1. Love Potion (By:Rebecca Paisley) (1995)
  2. Romantic Times (With: Rebecca Paisley) (2016)

Aliens Collections In Publication Order

  1. The Complete Aliens Omnibus: Volume One (By:Steve Perry) (2015)
  2. The Complete Aliens Omnibus: Volume Two (By:Robert Sheckley,David Bischoff) (2016)
  3. The Complete Aliens Omnibus: Volume Three (By:Sandy Schofield) (2016)
  4. Aliens: Bug Hunt (2017)
  5. The Complete Aliens Omnibus: Volume Four (By:Yvonne Navarro,S.D. Perry) (2017)
  6. The Complete Aliens Omnibus: Volume Five (By:Michael Jan Friedman,Diane Carey) (2017)
  7. The Complete Aliens Omnibus: Volume Six (By:John Shirley,Diane Carey) (2018)
  8. The Complete Aliens Omnibus: Volume Seven (By:B.K. Evenson) (2018)

Dark Delicacies Books In Publication Order

  1. Dark Delicacies: Original Tales of Terror and the Macabre by the World’s Greatest Horror Writers (2005)
  2. Dark Delicacies II: Fear (2007)
  3. Dark Delicacies III: Haunted (2009)

The X-Files Books In Publication Order

  1. Goblins (By:Charles L. Grant) (1994)
  2. Whirlwind (By:Charles L. Grant) (1995)
  3. Ground Zero (By:Kevin J. Anderson) (1995)
  4. Ruins (By:Kevin J. Anderson) (1995)
  5. Antibodies (By:Kevin J. Anderson) (1997)
  6. Skin (By:Ben Mezrich) (1998)
  7. Fight the Future (By:Elizabeth Hand) (1998)
  8. I Want to Believe (By:Max Allan Collins) (2008)
  9. X-Files: Trust No One (With: Gayle Lynds,Jonathan Maberry,Max Allan Collins,Kevin J. Anderson,Tim Lebbon,Keith R.A. DeCandido,Brian Keene,Peter Clines,Gini Koch) (2015)
  10. X-Files: The Truth Is Out There (By:Jonathan Maberry,Kelley Armstrong,David Farland,Rachel Caine,,Kami Garcia,,Hank Phillippi Ryan) (2016)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Love’s Legacy (1981)
  2. Christmas Love Stories (1991)
  3. Bewitching Love Stories (1992)
  4. Always and Forever (1997)
  5. Summer Sensations (1998)
  6. Legacies of Love Collection (1999)
  7. Lonesome Rider & The Heart’s Desire (2001)
  8. I’d Kill For That (2004)
  9. More Than Words, Volume 2 (2005)
  10. A Bride by Christmas (2008)
  11. Dark Delicacies III: Haunted (2009)
  12. More Than Words, Volume 5 (2009)
  13. First Thrills (2010)
  14. Home Improvement: Undead Edition (2011)
  15. Love is Murder (2012)
  16. Vampires, Werewolves and Zombies…Oh My! (2012)
  17. Inherit the Dead (2013)
  18. FaceOff (2014)
  19. A Fantastic Holiday Season: The Gift of Stories (2014)
  20. Murder in Key West 2 (2015)
  21. X-Files: Trust No One (2015)
  22. Never Fear – Phobias: Everyone Fears Something… (2015)
  23. Never Fear – Christmas Terrors (2015)
  24. Never Fear – The Tarot (2016)
  25. Hardboiled Horror (2017)
  26. Scream and Scream Again! (2018)
  27. 1001 Dark Nights: Compilation Nineteen (2018)
  28. Shattering Glass (2020)
  29. Nothing Good Happens After Midnight (2020)
  30. Holiday Fakeout (2021)

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Heather Graham Books Overview

Golden Surrender

. PRINCE OLAF OF NORWAY Lord of the Wolves, the golden Viking warrior who came in his dragon ship to forge a great kingdom in the Emerald Isle. PRINCESS ERIN Daughter of the Irish High King, the ebony haired beauty who swore bitter vengeance on the legendary Norseman who had brought death and destruction to her beloved homeland. Yet, in the great Norse and Irish alliance against the invading Danes, it was her own father who gave her in marriage to her most hated enemy. Bewitched by Olaf’s massive strength, seduced by his power, still Erin vowed that neither the wrath of his sword nor the fire of his kiss would sway the allegiance of her proud and passionate heart.

The Viking’s Woman

Her wild spirit made him crave her…
Her firebrand hair blazed as glorious as a sunrise. Her long limbs promised the sweet mysteries of the night. Rhiannon, King Alfred’s favorite niece, was enraged when her uncle sealed an alliance of war by pledging her to Eric, the towering golden haired prince whose blue eyes penetrated her with a glacial stare. But the more she fought the marriage…
the man…
the more she became inflamed by the fire that lay beneath his Viking ice. His passion pierced her heart…
His broad shoulders as hard as the steel of his sword, Eric bowed to no man. The only battle he feared losing was with Rhiannon. For she had reached into the savage recesses of his heart. No campaign on the field, no treason from within, would he fight as fiercely or with such desire…
as the war he waged to possess what was his.

Lord of the Wolves

She was the hero*ine of her people . With her extraordinary violet eyes, French Countess Melisande was a prize for any man. But the teenage hellion who rode into battle to defend her people belonged to the warrior who saved her life, made her his bride, then disappeared for years. Now Conar MacAuliffe had returned to claim his wife, now a ravishing woman determined to fight for her freedom at all costs. But the proud beauty who feared no man suddenly feared herself and the passionate embrace of the husband who vowed to never let her go. He was the mighty viking conqueror they called Lord of the Wolves, a legendary warrior whose greatest challenge would come with the woman he was destined to wed. In the fiery Countess Melisande he would find his heaven and hell. Even as he waged war for her heart, he dared not to yield his own. Even as he laid sweet, seductive siege to her body, he tried to shield his soul. It would take a common enemy, a little trust, and a united front to awaken them both to a love that could change their lives forever.

Bride of the Tiger

Rafe Tyler needed answers. Two years before Rafe’s brother had been lured into danger by Tara Hill’s ethereal beauty and bewitching magic. And he’d disappeared. Now Rafe had to know what had really happened to him. Was he alive or dead? Rafe could only find out by being as ruthless as he believed Tara had been. But Tara wanted answers, too. For two years, she’d hidden from the scandal, the accusations, the painful uncertainty. Now the tiger was out of the jungle and she had to face him head on.

Dark Stranger

A stranger came riding…

Kristin McCahy was a fighter, struggling to keep the remnants of her family and ranch together as the Civil War raged around them. On the day when all hope seemed lost, a stranger rode to her rescue, his guns spitting fire and his eyes ablaze with a passion only she could quench.

His name was Cole Slater, and with him by her side, Kristin no longer had to fight her battles alone. Long after the gunfire faded into silence, Cole would be with her, as together they healed the wounds of their war torn land and raised their children to greet the bright new dawn.

Apache Summer

Jamie Slater had survived the Civil War, but he’d never outlive his reputation with a gun…


Born and raised in frontier Texas, beautiful Tess Stuart needed a hired gun to avenge her uncle’s murder. But the only one willing to help was the infuriating, irresistible Lieutenant Jamie Slater the man whose passion set her aflame.

Jamie knew no woman could match Tess’s lust for life. But one man could and he would have her, even if he had to fight his way through a hundred crooked lawmen and Indian massacres. For Tess had a spirit that matched his own…
as wild and strong as the land they both loved.

Rides a Hero

The war was over…

But Shannon McCahy and Malachi Slater, embittered by the conflict, still fought a raging battle of wills all their own. A Yankee whose only solace was the land she had struggled to save, Shannon hated the hot tempered Malachi, a Rebel on the run who stood for all she had come to despise.

Yet as jayhawkers and bushwhackers descended upon the lawless Missouri border, the two joined forces in a desperate search for their endangered loved ones. They clashed relentlessly, but as time ran out they were forced to realize there was something between them far stronger than hatred…

Princess of Fire

Willing to fight the treacherous Norman invaders to the death, Fallon, a fierce and beautiful Saxon princess, flees Alaric, the powerful Norman warrior who saves her life. Reissue.’

Sweet Savage Eden

From bestselling author Heather Graham comes the first book in her new North American Woman series an early 17th century tale of love between Jassy, the illegitimate daughter of an actress and a Duke, and Jamie, an arrogant nobleman, who leave England and journey together to the New World.

A Pirate’s Pleasure

She was his deffiant captive. With her flame gold hair and azure eyes, Skye Kinsdale was a prize beyond compare. Betrothed to a lord she’d never met, she set sail for America sworn to reject him on sight until the infamous pirate Silver Hawk seized her ship and banished all other men from her life. Burning with rage and passion, she was determined to destroy the arrogant buccaneer, to be free at any cost…
He Was Her Keeper…
And Her SlaveThe black prince of the seas, he was feared by pirate and privateer alike. Silver Hawk vowed he would have the vixen, make her crave his savage embrace. She was his by law of the sea. The man who commanded a Caribbean kingdom swore he would teach his wild temptress to love, to surrender to the lawless thrill of…
A Pirates Pleasure.

Love Not a Rebel

The stunning North American Woman series concludes with this sexy tale of a revolutionary hero and the alluring Tory colonist who is forced to marry him. Red hot desire burns in the two lovers who trust each other only as far as the bedroom.

One Wore Blue

Proud Southerner Kiernan McKay is horrified when Jesse Cameron with whom she has planned a future of marriage bliss declares his intention to fight for the Union army, and as the Civil War rages on, she tries to cast her traitorous lover from her heart.

And One Wore Gray

The sequel to One Wore Blue follows Jesse Cameron’s brother Daniel, a Confederate colonel, whose love for Callie Michaelson, fierce Union supporter, threatens their lives and forces them to face terrible decisions. Originally in paperback.

And One Rode West

In the aftermath of the Civil War, when raids on rebel plantations threaten her family property, Christa Cameron coaxes a young Union officer into marriage, secretly vowing to keep her purity intact.


The best selling author of One Rode West presents the first of a five book historical saga set in nineteenth century Florida, where Tara Brent’s dangerous past and an Indian war threatens her new marriage. PW.


Visiting the exotic Florida Territory for the first time, sheltered Virginia belle Teela Warren falls for half Native American James McKenzie, but their forbidden love is challenged by the Indian Wars. Tour.


Alaina McMann fears she will succumb to the brazen sensuality of Union major Ian McKenzie, who is ordered to capture the Confederacy’s most notorious and seductive spy, known as the Moccasin, who also happens to be his wife.


A brilliant writer of fiery and dazzling romance, New York Times bestselling author Heather Graham proves again why she is one of America’s favorite romance novelists! They are an unlikely pair brought together by fate amid the drama and violence of the American Civil War. Although she is the daughter of a Yankee colonel and he is a staunch defender of the Confederate cause, it is through their passion that they manage to overcome their war-time political differences…
and find in each other the love of a lifetime!

– Over 22 million copies of Heather Graham’s books in print!
Surrender is the sequel to Heather Grahams’ national bestseller Captive and New York Times bestseller Rebel
– Graham’s books have been published in over 15 different languages
A Magical Christmas and Rebel were Doublday Book Club Selections
– We have two more books coming from Heather Graham
– Set during the American Civil War


Heather Graham’s acclaimed Florida Civil War series has achieved near classic status capturing readers’ hearts with an epic family saga as bold and passionate as America itself…
Now comes the long awaited sixth and final novel in the New York Times bestselling series. In Triumph, the Civil War is drawing to an end as friends are reunited, enemies reconciled, and lovers put to the ultimate test. Praise for Heather Graham’s Civil War novels: ‘Classic…
Graham does it better than anyone else.’ Publishers Weekly’Breathtaking…
Hurrah for Ms. Graham for bringing many fascinating historical events to life.’ Romantic Times

Drop Dead Gorgeous

From New York Times bestselling author Heather Graham comes a romantic suspense thriller! After being acquitted of murdering his high school girlfriend 15 years ago, a man returns to Miami. While there, he encounters another former girlfriend and discovers that they still share feelings for one another. But before the couple can rekindle their relationship, they must confront the past. Old high school friends connected to the events leading to the 15 year old murder are being killed! In order to learn the truth behind the deaths, they must return to the scene of the crime…
and stop a psychotic killer from finishing what he started so long ago!

Tall, Dark, and Deadly

When her friend disappears, and the cops seem uninterested in following up the case, a glamorous young woman starts her own investigation. With the help of an autistic child and her ex lover, she digs deeper into the missing woman’s affairs especially her job as a criminal defense attorney. The growing list of suspects includes clients, colleagues, family members, and old flames all of whom have their own reasons to get rid of the woman. And when a socialite with ties to the law firm is found in the Everglades, the trio of sleuths realize that someone is tying up loose ends…
and they may be next! Praise for Drop Dead Gorgeous: ‘Versatile Heather Graham cranks up the fear factor in her gripping new tale of romantic suspense. Drop Dead Gorgeous delivers passion and terror.’ Romantic Times ‘Tremendous…
places equal emphasis on the romance and the suspense without shortchanging either one…
. Appealing, fast paced, terrific…
a thrill a minute!’ Midwest Book Review

Dying to Have Her

The bestselling author of Long, Lean and Lethal is back with more sizzling romantic suspense set in the high gloss world of TV soap operas where anything can be had for a price. Success. Fame. Money. Even murder…

Hurricane Bay

In Hurricane Bay, New York Times bestselling author Heather Graham uses the steamy sensuality of the Florida Keys as a backdrop for this gripping page turner that will keep you up late into the night. Dane Whiteclaw knows something about Sheila Warren that no one else does. Dane knows Sheila’s dead. The ex special forces agent turned private investigator had found a photo under his door a picture of Sheila’s body. She had been strangled with his tie and posed on the beach of his private island in the Florida Keys. The crime appears to be the handiwork of a serial killer currently terrorizing the Miami area. Dane is being set up to take the fall for the killings. He just doesn’t know why. Kelsey Cunningham is Sheila’s best friend. When she can’t find Sheila, she confronts one person she thinks will have information Dane, Sheila’s former lover and a man Kelsey knows from her own past. Dane makes it clear he doesn’t want Kelsey getting involved. But it’s obvious he knows more than he’s saying, and she’ll do whatever it takes to discover the whereabouts of her missing friend. Driven by fear for Sheila and guilt at not being there when her friend needed her, Kelsey follows Sheila’s tracks into a wild and dangerous world of sex, violence and drugs. Dane is right behind her, an unwanted protector in the shark infested waters she’s swimming. But the tentative trust between them shatters when Sheila’s body is discovered and Kelsey recognizes Dane’s tie. Now Kelsey doesn’t dare trust anyone. Especially a man she can no longer deny she has always loved. She begins to look over her shoulder, suddenly very afraid. Because here on Hurricane Bay, a devastating storm can hit without warning, and whether it’s a tempest of unbridled passion or the desperate fury of a killer, nothing and no one is safe.

Picture Me Dead

A seasoned cop working too close to the edge and a smart, sexy officer in training get more than they bargained for in this intriguing new page turner from New York Times bestselling author Heather Graham. Ashley Montague is nearing the end of her police training but nothing has prepared this rookie for the rite of passage that will take her on a deadly ride into the underbelly of Miami’s drug world. It begins with the shocking discovery of a body on the highway and her glimpse of a mysterious hooded figure watching from the side of the road. At another crime scene in the heart of the Everglades, Detective Jake Dilessio stares at the body of a mutilated woman the victim identical to the victims of a cult leader he had put behind bars five years ago. Is this a copycat killing, or have his deepest fears been realized? Is the wrong man behind bars and the real killer still on the hunt? Ashley’s investigation into the highway incident shockingly reveals a connection to Dilessio’s case. Now she needs answers badly enough to turn to an obsessed cop willing to do whatever it takes to get to the truth in a conspiracy that has stayed one step ahead of him for five years. The last thing they want or need is the electric pull of desire as they are dragged deeper into a dark, dangerous world of corruption and evil, where a callous traitor in the ranks of the police force and a cold, calculating mastermind of terror are waiting for them. Now, with time running out and their lives on the line. Ashley and Jake have everything to fight for…
and everything to lose.

Dead on the Dance Floor

New York Times bestselling author Heather Graham choreographs a sexy thriller of passion and murder…
Accomplished dancer Lara Trudeau drops dead of a heart attack brought on by a lethal combination of booze and pills. To former private investigator Quinn O’Casey, it’s a simple case of death by misadventure. But when his brother Doug, a Miami Dade patrolman, asks for help, he can’t refuse. Especially when he learns that Lara and Doug a student at the Moonlight Sonata dance studio where Lara occasionally taught were having an affair. And despite Quinn’s lack of interest in the case and even less in dancing, experience has taught him not to count on the obvious when it comes to murder. Going undercover as a dance student, Quinn meets studio manager Shannon Mackay, a beautiful, graceful woman who has left world class competition to teach. He also uncovers some disturbing facts. Everyone there had a reason to hate Lara Trudeau, a woman as ruthless as she was talented. As a drama of broken hearts, shattered dreams and tangled motives unfolds, Quinn begins looking for a killer. In a city where pleasure drugs are a fast and dangerous high, Quinn is alarmed by the growing number of deaths due to overdose, illegal substances and execution style shootings connected to the Moonlight Sonata. Shannon, too, has begun to wonder if strange events surrounding the studio have a deeper source. She suspects she’s being followed. Worse, she fears someone may be trying to kill her. Shannon is about to discover the risks she is willing to take to fight for what she wants to dance, to compete again, to share her life with Quinn. Yet someone has another plan for her, a dangerous shadow figure make all the more deadly by wearing the face of a friend. But someone just hadn’t counted on Quinn O’Casey a man who doesn’t give up and never backs down, especially when it comes to protecting the woman he loves.

The Presence

A New York Times Bestselling Author

Toni Fraser and her friends buy an ancient run down Scottish castle with plans to turn it into a tourist destination. They want to create a reenactment that combines fact and fiction, complete with local history, murder and an imaginary laird named Bruce MacNiall. But when the actual owner a tall, dark and formidable Scot who shares the fiction laird’s name comes charging in, the similarity between this actual being and the fictitious character created for the performance is shocking. Soon the group is drawn into a real life murder mystery, and Toni begins to have sinister lifelike dreams in which she sees through the eyes of the killer dreams that suggest a connection to Laird MacNiall. Bruce claims he wants to help catch the murderer. But can Toni trust him…
especially when his ghostly double wanders the forest in the black of night?

Killing Kelly

It was the most dangerous role of her career…
and possibly the last. Playing a malicious diva on a popular daytime soap, actress Kelly Trent has garnered more than her fair share of hate mail. She doesn’t believe anyone would really confuse her with her character, but when an accident on the set hits too close for the producers’ comfort, Kelly is unceremoniously put on hiatus. At her agent’s suggestion, she agrees to appear in a music video, thinking the time away filming in the Florida Keys might be just the thing to put her life in perspective. But with two left feet, Kelly only hopes dance instructor Doug O’Casey can work miracles. A former Miami cop, Doug still has a lawman’s instinct for trouble, and the continued threats made against Kelly tell him that she is in danger. Now, as a deranged fan closes in, Doug realizes that someone close to Kelly wants more than her character killed off the show someone wants her stone cold dead.

When Darkness Falls

In a windswept Scottish cemetery, Jade MacGregor’s carefree vacation abroad is marred by a seemingly random tragedy. A year later back home on a shadowy French Quarter street, she glimpses an oddly familar face. Coincidence–or something more distrubing?

Realm of Shadows

A New York Times Bestseller

In an ancient churchyard just outside Paris, archeologists uncover an ancient tomb certain they have stumbled onto the find of the century. But something goes very wrong as the tomb is opened. Something too frightening to imagine…
and too terrible to utter. For American visitor Tara Mason, the romantic city of her dreams has suddenly turned sinister. For she has heard the blood curdling screams in the churchyard and knows that she must run away from the powerful stranger chasing after her…
and from a legendary, sensual predator who stalks the night. At the country estate where she has sought refuge, the shadowy man reappears. He calls himself a guardian, sworn to protect the innocent from an evil most never see. And Tara will have to trust him, because that evil has seen her…
and won’t stop until it claims her, body and soul.

The Awakening

New Orleans musician Megan has returned to the home of her ancestors to perform, with her husband Finn, in a weeklong series of concerts, culminating on All Hallow’s Eve and to renew her connection with the past. As the full moon approaches, Megan senses that she is in great danger.

Dead by Dusk

For American Stephanie Cahill, Bella Vista is a new beginning a chance to put her painful past behind her. Yet, from the moment the first body is discovered at the site of an archaeological dig, Stephanie feels as if she’s being watched, followed, studied,. hunted. Archaeologist Grant Peterson senses something odd about this dig, something that has him locking his door at night. And now, the echoes of a burial site’s ancient legend can be found in the chilling signature of a killer on the loose, as one by one, young women start disappearing, only to be found horribly mutilated. The powerful attraction between Stephanie and Grant is a complication neither can afford as they are pulled into a desperate race against time to keep Stephanie from joining the ranks of the missing. For nothing in Bella Vista is what it seems. No one can be trusted. And those closest to Stephanie may prove the most dangerous of all.

Blood Red

When a fortune teller shows bridesmaid Lauren Crow an omen of her gruesome death, she and her friends laugh it off as cheesy theatrics until women begin disappearing in the night.

Even as the streets become more dangerous, Lauren finds herself lu*sting after a man who is himself dangerous and quite possibly crazy. Mark Davidson prowls the city by night armed with crosses and holy water, in search of vampires, whose existence, he insists, is real. He is as irresistibly drawn to Lauren as she is to him, and not only because she’s the image of his murdered fianc e. But Mark’s frightening obsession with finding his lover’s killer merely hides a bitter vendetta that cuts deeper than grief over a lost love.

As Lauren wrestles with desire and disbelief, sinister shadows lengthen over New Orleans, threatening her friends and foretelling a battle that may spell the end of the city’s uneasy truce between the living and the undead.

Come the Morning

In the days when Scotland lay under siege from the Vikings who sailed from the north and the Norman English who came from the south King David sought to unite his people into one nation. For this, he needed loyal warriors. Waryk de Graham soon proved the greatest of these fighters, and was knighted Lord Lion. But his honored position came with a price: a wife chosen for him by the king a reluctant Viking bride. Daughter of a Gaelic noblewoman and a Viking warlord, Mellyora MacAdin had an imagination that blazed with dreams of ancient myths and tales of adventure. She had already pledged her heart when she received King David’s decree to marry the fierce Lord Lion. As he came to claim her, Mellyora swore to resist this barbarian nobleman only to find herself a willing partner to his seduction. Now, torn between defiance and devotion, Mellyora must decide where her future truly lies, as she discovers the savagery in her family’s blood, and the secrets of her husband’s heart.

Conquer the Night

Sir Arryn Graham had come to seek revenge against Kinsey Darrow for his bloody deeds against the Highland rebels. And he’d do it by claiming Darrow’s bride Kyra as his own. But he found a lady who was much more than a pawn. Conquered by this bold knight, Kyra embraced his savage passion, knowing it marked her as the King’s enemy. Now she is running for her life, an outcast who may be hanged unless Arryn can save her with his courage and redeem his own soul.

The Lion in Glory

A thrilling epic about the price of war…
and the glory of love

When We Touch

A New York Times Bestselling Author Men! If they aren’t accusing Lady Maggie Graham of witchcraft or murder, they’re marrying her off to old men who drop dead at the altar. And now she needs the help of the most infuriating man of all Lord Jamie…
. Women! They conduct themselves in a completely inappropriate manner, and then they call you vile names for coming to their rescue. And no woman is more wicked, more intoxicating than Lady Maggie.

The Queen’s Lady

She desired him above all others…
Would he now be her executioner? Lady Gwyneth Macleod has staked her fortune and her reputation to help Mary, Queen of Scots take her rightful place on the throne. But her struggle to guide the reckless, defiant queen has put her at perilous odds with Rowan Graham, a laird dangerously accomplished in both passion and affairs of state. And the more Gwyneth challenges his intentions, the less he can resist the desire igniting between them. Now, with her country in turmoil and treachery shadowing her every step, will Gwyneth’s last daring gamble lead her to the ultimate betrayal or a destiny greater than she could ever imagine? Don’t miss this dramatic new historical romance from the incomparable Shannon Drake!


Love is everywhere…
When does a gift become a curse? Matt Stone doesn’t believe in ghosts. But there are those who are convinced his home, a historic Virginia estate that dates back to the Revolutionary War, is Haunted. Pressured to get at the truth about some strange happenings at Melody House, he agrees to let Harrison Investigations explore the house. But he isn’t ready for beautiful, intriguing Darcy Tremayne. As a paranormal investigator, Darcy has learned to believe in the unbelievable. And she’s given Matt fair warning: sometimes people don’t like the skeletons she finds. She never dreamed that the warning would apply to herself. For she’s about to discover that Melody House holds much more than a simple mystery form the distant past. What it holds is a very real and lethal danger, one that will cast her into a struggle against the worlds of both the living and the dead.

The Presence

A New York Times Bestselling Author

Toni Fraser and her friends buy an ancient run down Scottish castle with plans to turn it into a tourist destination. They want to create a reenactment that combines fact and fiction, complete with local history, murder and an imaginary laird named Bruce MacNiall. But when the actual owner a tall, dark and formidable Scot who shares the fiction laird’s name comes charging in, the similarity between this actual being and the fictitious character created for the performance is shocking. Soon the group is drawn into a real life murder mystery, and Toni begins to have sinister lifelike dreams in which she sees through the eyes of the killer dreams that suggest a connection to Laird MacNiall. Bruce claims he wants to help catch the murderer. But can Toni trust him…
especially when his ghostly double wanders the forest in the black of night?

Ghost Walk

Yes, she believed in ghosts, or if not ghosts, per se, a memory that lingered in certain places. It sure as hell wasn’t something she was going to share with anyone. Nikki DuMonde’s newest employee is standing at the end of her bed at four o’clock in the morning begging for help. It’s a joke, right? Besides, as manager of a successful New Orleans haunted tour company, Nikki doesn’t scare easily. But in the light of day, harsh reality sets in as a police officer informs her that Andy was brutally murdered at the exact time Nikki swears the distraught woman was in her room. No one believes her except for Brent Blackhawk, a paranormal investigator desperately trying to forget his tragic past. Half Irish, half Lakota and able to communicate with the dead Brent is used to living in two worlds. But when he realizes the ghost of a slain government agent is also trying to reach out to Nikki, he knows that she, too, must listen to the dead if she wants to keep living.

The Vision

The gift of sight comes at a dangerous price

When Deep Down Salvage begins the hunt for the Josephine Marie, it seems like any other dive…
until Genevieve Wallace sees The Vision of a dead woman in the water, her vacant eyes boring into Genevieve’s very soul.

Terrified and confused by what she saw, Genevieve is haunted by the memory, but no one including her diving partner Thor Thompson believes her. When a dead woman washes up on shore, everyone assumes this is Genevieve’s ‘vision,’ but Genevieve knows the truth: the dead woman is not the ghost she saw but another victim of the same brutal killer.

Sensing that the threat of death is coming closer, she and Thor are forced to acknowledge that some things can’t be explained, but simply are. Somehow they have to link a violent past with a present day mystery or risk losing themselves in an abyss of terror.

The Dead Room

A year ago, archaeologist Leslie MacIntyre barely survived the explosion that took the life of her fianc , Matt Connolly. In the long months since, sh’s slowly come to terms not only with her loss but with her unsettling new ability to communicate with ghosts, a dubious ‘gift’ received in the wake of her own brush with death.

Now sh’s returned to lower Manhattan’s historic Hastings House, site of the explosion, to conquer her fears and investigate a newly discovered burial ground. In this place restless spirits hold the secrets not only of past injustice but of a very real and very contemporary conspiracy with deadly designs on the city’s women including Leslie herself.

By night Matt visits her in dreams, warning her and offering clues to the truth, while by day she finds herself helped by and attracted to his flesh and blood cousin Joe. Torn by her feelings for both men, caught between the worlds of the living and the dead, Leslie struggles against the encroaching danger that threatens to overcome her. As she is drawn closer to the darkness at the heart of Hastings House, she must ultimately face the power of an evil mind, alone in a place where not even the men she loves can save her.

The Seance

From the New York Times bestselling author of Haunted and Ghost Walk comes a new spine tingling story from beyond the grave

A chill falls over Christina Hardy’s housewarming party when talk turns to a recent murder that has all the hallmarks of the so called ‘Interstate Killer’ murders from fifteen years before. To lighten the mood, the guests drag out an old Ouija board for a little spooky fun…
and that’s when things become truly terrifying.

Summoned by the Ouija board, the restless spirit of Beau Kidd, the lead detective and chief suspect on the original case, seeks Christina’s help: the latest killings aren’t copycat crimes, and he wants his name cleared. Back in the real world, cop turned writer Jett Braden is skeptical of Christina’s ghostly encounters, but his police sources confirm all the intimate details of the case her otherworldly source is reliable, and the body count is growing.

The spirits are right. The Interstate Killer is still out there, and Christina’s life is hanging in the balance between this world and the next.

The Death Dealer

The chilling sequel to the NEW YORK TIMES bestseller THE DEAD ROOM. Genevieve O’Brien knows all about nightmares. She survived for two months as the prisoner of a deranged killer. Now a new menace is stalking the streets of New York. The media is buzzing about the Poe Killings, a string of homicides mirroring the author’s macabre stories. Almost without exception, the victims have been members of a literary society devoted to the master of crime fiction and Genevieve’s own mother may be next. Spooked by the bizarre slayings, Genevieve turns to PI Joe Connolly, her rescuer, her friend and…
? She wants him to be much more, but he’s been avoiding her since her ordeal, and she can’t seem to get close to him. Joe isn’t sure there even is a case. But as the body count rises and their investigation leads them miles from Manhattan, he has to admit that there’s a twisted new serial killer at work. Even more unsettling is the guidance Joe is receiving from beyond the grave. People he knows to be dead his cousin Matt and Matt’s fianc e Leslie are appearing to him, offering new clues and leads, and warning him of terrible danger ahead. But not even otherworldly intervention can keep Genevieve and Joe’s new nightmare from becoming terrifyingly real and putting them squarely in the crosshairs between this world and the next.


Jessy Sparhawk has seen firsthand how gambling can ruin people’s lives. But one night, desperate for money, she places the bet that will change her life forever. Just as she s collecting her winnings, a man stumbles through the crowd, a knife protruding from his back, and crashes into her, pinning her to the craps table. Hired to investigate the murder, private detective Dillon Wolf finds himself fascinated by the gorgeous redhead who d been trapped beneath the victim and by the single word the dying man had whispered in her ear, Indigo. What neither of them realizes is that the nightmare is only just beginning. Because bodyguard Tanner Green may have been killed by that knife, but his angry ghost isn t going anywhere not without vengeance. Now, literally caught between the living and the dead, Dillon and Jessy have no choice but to forge ahead together. Their investigation will take them from the glitz of the Vegas strip into the dealings of casino magnate Emil Landon, the man who signs both their paychecks, and out into the desert to a ghost town called Indigo, where past and present come together in a search for gold. Years ago, blood was shed on that very ground, and now it looks as if history is about to repeat itself, with the living and the dead facing off for possession of a fortune, and Dillon and Jessy fighting not only to stay alive but for the chance to build a future.

Unhallowed Ground

When Sarah McKinley is finally able to buy and restore the historic Florida mansion that she has always loved, she dismisses the horror stories of past residents vanishing and a long dead housekeeper who practiced black magic. Then, in the midst of renovations, she makes a grim discovery. Hidden within the walls of Sarah’s dream house are the remains of dozens of bodies some dating back over a century.

The door to the past is blown wide open when Caleb Anderson, a private investigator, shows up at the mansion. He believes several current missing persons cases are linked to the house and its dark past. Working together to find the connection and stop a contemporary killer, Sarah and Caleb are compelled to research the history of the haunted house, growing closer to each other even as the solution to the murders eludes them.

But there is one who knows the truth a spirit who follows every move they make. Soon Caleb begins to fear that if he can’t stay a step ahead, he could lose Sarah to a killer with an ability to transcend time in a quest for blood and sacrifice.

The Killing Edge

Chloe Marin was lucky. She was just a teenager when a party at a Florida beachside mansion turned into a savage killing spree, and she was one of the few to survive. Bloody handwriting on the walls pointed to a cult whose rituals included human sacrifice. Chloe’s sketch of one of the killers linked two dead cult members found in the Everglades to the massacre, closing the case as far as the cops were concerned. Ten years later Chloe works as a psychologist specializing in art therapy to help traumatized victims, and on the side she finds release in her passion for the martial arts. Police who hire her as a consultant know she’s a literal kick-ass advocate for victims who can’t always speak for themselves. The current disappearance of a young swimsuit model ranks low on the cops’ priority list. Everyone assumes the girl has run off for some fun in the sun, instead of getting ready for a photo shoot. Everyone but Chloe, who suspects a killer is using the modeling agency to stalk his prey. When the ghost of the model appears, asking Chloe for help, she knows that she has to do everything she can. So does Luke Cane, a British ex-cop-turned-P.I. investigating the disappearance of the model on behalf of her father. Chloe and Luke have trouble trusting each other, but they can’t help their strong attraction for one another. Luckily they agree on the important things: someone needs to find those missing girls, and if a few laws have to get bent so lives can be saved, too bad. When Chloe arrives late for an appointment at the modeling agency, she discovers a gruesome mass murder eerily similar to the one she witnessed a decade ago – and can’t help thinking that if she hadn’t run late, she would have been there when the killer arrived. Ten years ago she hadn’t been convinced the police had identified the real killers, and now she’s sure of it. The same evil mind is behind the current murders, and she’s afraid she’s the target – and terrified that she won’t be able to cheat death a third time. She has no choice now but to trust Luke on every level, because with a killer closing in, he’s the only one who’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep her alive.


From elite London society to the golden sands of Egypt…
and the sacred places of her heart…
When Kat Adair plunges into the waves to rescue a drowning man, it is just the beginning of an odyssey that will sweep the fisherman’s daughter into danger and desire. Convinced she is in love with the man she saved, Egyptologist David Turnberry, she feigns amnesia, thus enabling her to linger among the highborn. Hunter MacDonald, rugged archaeologist, is wise to her little charade and determined to protect his best friend. Undaunted, Kat stows away on the ship carrying David and Hunter’s expedition party to the land of the pharaoh. Scandal ensues, and Hunter vows the only way to curtail this confounding woman’s schemes is to marry her. Inevitably, in the sultry heat of the desert, passions ignite. But as the secrets of the ancient tombs are revealed, terrible danger unfolds, and Kat must trust the one man willing to risk everything to save her from doom.


The Earl was known as a beast.

Camille Montgomery is aware of the Wicked man’s reputation. But as an expert in antiquities, she also knows his family’s Egyptian artifacts are the finest in England. The problem is, her wayward stepfather knows this, too — and he’s determined to steal them. So when he’s caught in the act of robbing the so-called Beast of Carlyle, Camille must swallow her fear and boldly confront the man whose mask is said to hide a face too loathsome to behold.

The Earl of Carlyle has lived in the shadows ever since the suspicious death of his parents. But he’s never stopped trying to unravel the mystery behind what he suspects to have been their murder. And now that the lovely Camille has stumbled into his life, he has the perfect pawn for his deadly game of vengeance and deceit. But in laying his ruthless trap, will he risk losing his own heart?

Deadly Night

The Flynn brothers have inherited more than a New Orleans plantation. They’ve inherited a ghostly presence and a long kept secret.

Aidan Flynn, a private investigator and eldest of the Flynn brothers, scoffs at the haunted house rumors especially since Kendall Montgomery, a tarot card reader who has been living in the mansion, is the one to tell him the tale of a woman in white. But when he finds a human bone on the grounds and another by the river, Aidan delves into the dark history of the Flynn plantation.

Forced together to uncover the truth, Aidan and Kendall realize that a serial killer whose victims seem to vanish into thin air has long been at work and that their own fates are about to be sealed forever unless they believe in the unbelievable.

Deadly Harvest

When a young woman is found dead in a field, dressed up as a scarecrow with a slashed grin and a broken neck, the residents of Salem, Massachusetts, begin to fear that the infamous Harvest Man is more than just a rumor. But out of town cop Jeremy Flynn doesn’t have time for ghost stories. He’s in town on another investigation, looking for a friend’s wife, who mysteriously vanished in a cemetery.
Complicating his efforts is local occult expert Rowenna Cavanaugh, who launches her own investigation, convinced that a horror from the past has crept into the present and is seducing women to their deaths. Jeremy uses logic and solid police work. Rowenna depends on intuition. But they both have the same goal: to stop the abductions and locate the missing women before Rowenna herself falls prey to the Harvest Man’s dark seduction.

Deadly Gift

Zachary Flynn is off to Ireland to escort an old friend, Sean O’Riley, home to Rhode Island after a bout of illness in the land of his birth. Zach has no idea he’ll be coming home with far more than old friends. While Zach doubts that murder was intended, he must accept the possibility, since Sean’s business partner has gone missing. Caer, a woman with an agency in Ireland, knows that Sean’s life is in danger, and she takes on the role of Sean’s nurse to stay close to him. Zach doesn’t trust her anymore than he trusts the third partner in the sailing and charter business, his wife, the cops, or the man in the moon.

But if Sean is to make another Christmas, especially after receiving a strange gift in the mail, he knows he has to find the truth behind the mist that comes in the night, and the strange whispers of ancient Ireland that tease him in the darkness.

Night of the Wolves

Guided by visions as she hunts for her father’s murderer, Alexandra Gordon returns to Victory, Texas and lands straight in the arms of fearsome lawman Cody Fox.A dedicated soldier in the war against evil, Cody wears his battle scars with honor, all the while hiding a shameful secret from the perceptive Alexandra. Their attraction to one another is instant and unstoppable, but soon it may cost Alex her life. For an ancient evil has been awakened and is stalking the townsfolk after dark…
. To protect Alex, Cody must choose between a showdown with the devil and the fiery beauty whose kisses soothe his tormented soul.

Bride of the Night

She’s the vampire that could destroy a nation. At least, that’s what Pinkerton detective Finn Dunne thinks of Tara Fox. Capturing her aboard a ship sneaking its way northward, he’s convinced she’s been sent to take out President Lincoln. While she’s certainly the most attractive assassin he’s ever faced, that won’t keep him from his duty. Tara has always been caught between worlds. As a vampire born and raised in Key West, she has many friends among the humans. Many friends that are now fighting and dying in the raging Civil War. When her strange dreams began, she thought of them as abstract visions. But she now knows that she must travel to Washington, D.C., and protect the president at all costs. Finn still won’t trust her, despite what he’s seen. And if Tara has to go through him or bring reinforcements to save Lincoln, she will do whatever it takes, even if it costs her her heart.

Dust to Dust

Not long ago, Scott Bryant would have described himself as an ordinary guy. But one act of heroism has changed his life forever or at least until the apocalypse occurs. Because the end of the world is on its way.

Suddenly and inexplicably possessed of superhuman strength, Scott finds himself allied with the enigmatic and alluring Melanie Regan in a quest to find the mysterious Oracle in hopes of averting the absolute destruction that threatens.

Melanie herself has been falling into trances, sketching terrifying visions of future events and she wants answers. She knows better than Scott where to look for help, but even she cannot fathom the powers that have thrust them together in an epic battle of good against evil.

The earth itself will soon turn against its inhabitants, and now mortal and immortal must join forces if any are to survive.

The Keepers

At the core of New Orleans lie the otherworldly vampires and shape shifters that hide in plain sight among mankind. As one of The Keepers, an elite group possessing superior skill and strength, Fiona MacDonald’s duty is to maintain peace in a place where one vampire’s bite could ignite war. When Detective Jagger DeFarge, a vampire, is called in at the discovery of a body drained of blood, both the detective and Fiona must join uneasy forces. Jagger will stop at nothing to find the murderer including working with the sensual and suspicious Fiona. As more die, it becomes clear that this isn’t the work of an ordinary vampire. No one is safe. So when the killer’s attention turns to Fiona, will Jagger risk destroying his own species to protect the woman he so passionately desires?The Keepers: Three extraordinary sisters, balancing the duties of their birthrights and the yearnings of their hearts

The Shifters (By:Alexandra Sokoloff)

Charged with overseeing the shapeshifters of New Orleans, Caitlin MacDonald has her reasons for being wary of their kind. So when charismatic bounty hunting shifter Ryder Malloy blows into town claiming to be on the trail of a horde of malevolent entities called Walk Ins, Caitlin has no reason to trust him with her city or her heart. But as tourists start dropping dead from supernatural possession, Cait must team with Ryder to navigate his shadowy, ephemeral world Fiercely independent, Ryder usually hunts alone but this case requires an exception. To prevent a supernatural massacre, he needs the beautiful Keeper on his side and, if possible, even closer. In his world, appearances can be deceiving and deadly. And the only way they’ll survive is if this woman who tempts him like no other trusts in him completely .

Ghost Shadow

There are those who walk among us who are no longer alive, but not yet crossed over. They seek retribution…vengeance…to warn. Among the living, few intuit their presence. Katie MacDonald is one who can. As she’s drawn deeper and deeper into a gruesome years-old murder, whispered warnings from a spectral friend become more and more insistent. But Katie must uncover the truth: could David Beckett really be guilty of his fiancee’s murder? Worse – the body count’s rising on the Island of Bones, and the dead seem to be reenacting some macabre tableaux from history. The danger is increasing by the moment – especially as Katie finds herself irresistibly drawn to David, who may be responsible for more than just one killing….

Ghost Night

A slasher movie turns real when two young actors are brutally murdered on a remote island film set. Their severed heads and arms are posed in macabre homage to a nineteenth century pirate massacre. Two years later, survivor Vanessa Loren is drawn back to South Bimini by a documentary being made about the storied region. Filmmaker Sean O’Hara aches to see how the unsolved crime haunts her and Sean knows more than a little about ghosts. Lured by visions of a spectral figurehead, Vanessa discovers authentic pirate treasures that only deepen the mystery. Are the murders the work of modern day marauders, the Bermuda Triangle or a deadly paranormal echo of the island’s violent history? As Vanessa and Sean grow closer, the killer prepares to resume the slaughter unless the dead can intervene.

Ghost Moon

Reclusive collector Cutter Merlin is seldom seen in Key West-lately, not at all. Officer Liam Beckett visits Merlin’s curious house and discovers the gentleman in his study. In his death grip: a volume of occult lore and a reliquary. His eyes are wide with fright, his mouth a horrified rictus where spiders now dwell. Kelsey Donovan returns to the old house to catalog her estranged grandfather’s collection of artifacts and antiquities, vowing to see his treasures divested properly. But she cannot ignore the sense that she’s being watched, the reports of malevolent black figures, the pervasive smell of death. Is the Merlin house haunted, even cursed? Liam knows well that some ghost stories are true and he swears to protect Kelsey. But there are forces at work for whom one more life is a pittance to pay for their deepest desire….

Phantom Evil

A secret government unit is formed under the oversight of Adam Harrison, famed paranormal investigator. The six members he’s gathered know a little of the otherworldly – each has honed a psychic talent of their own. Jackson Crow, part English, part Cheyenne, heads the group. Haunted by his experience with an ancestral ghost who saved his life as a child, and the recent murders of two previous teammates, Jackson can’t tell if Adam’s demoted him or given him an extraordinary opportunity. Despite his link to the realm of spirits, he’s well aware that the living commit the most heinous crimes, with spiritualist charlatans existing merely to fool and seduce the unwary. To counterbalance Jackson’s careful skepticism, Adam Harrison has paired him with Angela Hawkins, a young woman who learned the painful lesson of loss at an early age. A police officer utilizing her paranormal intuition in Virginia, she already has her hands full. But Adam’s call to New Orleans is strong. The case: In a historic mansion in New Orleans’ French Quarter, a senator’s wife falls to her death from a balcony. Most think she jumped, distraught over the loss of her young son. Some say she was pushed. And yet others believe she was beckoned by the ghostly spirits that inhabit the house – once the site of a serial killer’s grisly work. Whether supernatural or all too human, crimes of passion, greed, and desire will cast the pair into danger of losing their lives…
and their immortal souls. ‘Graham does a great job of blending just a bit of paranormal with real, human evil.’ -Miami Herald ‘Graham wields a deftly sexy and convincing pen.’ -Publishers Weekly ‘An incredible storyteller.’ -Los Angeles Daily News

Night, Sea and Stars

After the crash of their plane, fashion executive Skye Delaney finds herself stranded on a Pacific island with its pilot, Kyle Jagger, a ruthless business tycoon with a reputation as an international playboy.

Queen of Hearts

The years haven’t eased the sorrow Rhiannan feels after having lost her husband and children to a terrorist’s wrath in an airline hijacking, nor has she forgiven the man she holds responsible. Now Congressman Kiel Whellen is here, aboard the luxury liner on which she ekes out a living as a blackjack dealer. She is determined to hate him until Kiel dares her to let passion make two hurting hearts care again. But also aboard is someone who could shatter Rhiannan’s world unless she fights for her future with the only weapon she has left, the power of a woman’s love.

Night Moves

Photographer Bryn Keller is struggling to raise three boys while getting her career on track, so working with superstar Lee Condor is an opportunity she can’t pass up even if he is the most infuriating and desirable man she has ever met. But then Bryn finds herself in unexpected danger. Someone wants something from her badly enough to hurt her family. The only person Bryn can turn to is the one man she can’t trust: Lee. But under his protection, Bryn knows she’s in more danger than ever .

The Di Medici Bride

Christine Tarleton finds herself drawn into a complex web of murder and intrigue in the mysterious city of Venice, as she gradually begins to realize that the greatest danger may come from a man she hardly knows, her husband. Reissue.

Blue Heaven, Black Night (As: Shannon Drake)

Shannon Drake, the author of Tomorrow the Glory, ‘once again…
proves that she is a multi talented author able to breathe life into tempestuous characters who live in a glorious and turbulent age’ Romantic Times.

The Devil’s Mistress

HE IS A MAN POSSESSED BY A WOMAN WHOSE BEAUTY DRIVES MEN TO MADNESS. If there was ever a devil who could lure and seduce the innocent, Lord Sloan Treveryan is that man. Captain of the Sea Hawk and bound to the king’s business, Treveryan may be a lord but he is no gentleman. Yet even he cannot ignore a lady in distress or the temptation she provides. Bewitched by Brianna MacCardle s beauty, Scottish inquisitors have called her the devil s own. Though Treveryan saves her from the witch hunter s clutches, how can she be grateful? He has carried Brianna off to America, claimed her, and taken her innocence. She vows that he will never capture her heart. But against her will she begins to fall in love while swearing to reap revenge against the arrogant lord who has made her the devil s mistress.

King of the Castle

From the bestselling author of Slow Burn. Following the mysterious death of her husband, Kit McHennessey returns to the country where he died to uncover the deadly truths she once fled, and to confront the man who holds the key to the past…
and to her future.

A Circumstantial Affair / A Matter of Circumstance

Visiting the tranquil paradise of the Bahamas, Amanda Blayne finds herself kidnapped, and when an undercover officer arrives out of nowhere, challenging her abductors while claiming to be her lover, she has no choice but to trust him. Reissue.

Strangers in Paradise

Escaping to Florida to recover from a broken marriage, Alexi Jordan becomes the target of a stalker and finds protection from neighbor Rex Morrow, who presents a greater danger to Alexi’s heart. Reissue.


Ondine, once a pampered lady, becomes an innocent pawn in a terrible game of power and influence that ends in her being condemned to death, and she is rescued by the vengeful Lord Chatham, who needs a wife for his own purposes.

Every Time I Love You

Every Time I Love You is the captivating tale of a modern couple and their struggle with ill fated past lives. Avenging Angel follows a beautiful woman out for revenge as she finds love in the arms of the brother of the man who wronged her.

Forever My Love

Kathryn had loved Brent McQueen before he was a rock star, when he was just a struggling musician and they were just two people in love. But now their marriage was in tatters, torn beyond repair. Then Brent’s boat was destroyed, killing a man on board . Brent survived the explosion, but someone was after him. The only person he trusted was the woman he’d been trying to forget his wife. Brent needed Kathryn’s help to find what the killer wanted before he took the one thing Brent couldn’t live without.

A Perilous Eden (As:Heather Graham Pozzessere)

Thrilling to the end, Perilous Eden is the romantic and suspenseful story of a young woman who must overcome ghosts and prejudices of her past in order to allow herself to accept the love she has denied herself.

Wedding Bell Blues (As:Heather Graham Pozzessere)

UNHOLY MATRIMONY If Kaitlin O’Herlihy got one more wedding invitation, she was going to scream. Suddenly everyone including her grandmother was getting married. It was making a shambles of her well ordered existence. It had also brought a certain Brendan O’Herlihy back into her life, as the best man. That troublesome ex husband of hers seemed to be everywhere, making a perfect nuisance of himself. He was as maddening and exciting as ever, and she could certainly do without any pesky reminders that he might be the best man for her.

Emerald Embrace (As: Shannon Drake)

After a friend’s untimely death arouses suspicion of murder, Martise St. James journeys to the brooding Scottish castle of the late Mrs. Creegan to find her mystifying widower. Lord Bruce Creegan s presence arouses more than just her suspicions. Surrounded by fear, temptation, and uncertainty, Martise tries to unlock the mystery of the ancient castle and locate a missing emerald. But when the Lord s stormy eyes and charm melt her resolve, Martise struggles to destroy the shadow of her doubts in flames of reckless passion.

Bride of the Wind (As: Shannon Drake)

The daughter of a wealthy Virginia planter, innocent Rose Woodbine curses cruel fate for leading her to the court of the British King Charles and into an unwanted marriage with handsome and dangerous Lord Pierce Deforte, a man she dares never love. His soul searing desire for the stunning Rose had once blinded Pierce to the treacherous machinations of his enemies. Now banished from his beloved England, he lives the life of a pirate seeking vengeance on those who betrayed him…
including the beautiful temptress whom he once held dear. On a storm tossed sea they are united once more he, no longer a noble, but the notorious brigand called Dragonslayer. And she, one his bride, is now his helpless prisoner forced to submit to his fury, his will…
and the blistering, sensuous need that chains her captive heart.

Double Entendre (As:Heather Graham Pozzessere)

While pursuing the truth about some long missing diamonds, reporter Bret McAllister struggles to revive his failing marriage to his beloved Colleen. Reissue.

Damsel in Distress (As: Shannon Drake)

Forced to marry for her own protection, Katherine de Montrain agrees to wed but promises never to give in to the sexual desires of her husband, the handsome Lord Damian Montjoy.

The Last Cavalier

The battle was raging, the air hot with smoke, loud with rifle fire. Then the air turned dim with an eerie mist, and for Jason Tarkenton, captain of the Confederate cavalry, the true nightmare began. Vickie Knox was today’s woman dressed like yesterday’s, wearing Yankee garb to play a part. But playacting ended when a Reb stepped out of the mist and took her prisoner for real. They never should have met, never should have battled never should have loved. But something had gone wrong with time itself, weaving together past and present like torn threads of a tattered tapestry. Something had gone wrong, and in mending such shredded silk, their love and their lives might be the final sacrifice.

Slow Burn

After the brutal slaying of her husband, Spencer Huntington demands answers for the senseless murder of the man she loves. She turns to David Delgado, her husband’s former partner — and her exlover. Soon the reluctant partnership and their loyalties are tested by the tortured secrets and desperate schemes of a killer — and a desire for each other they cannot deny…

An Angel’s Touch

Killed in a train disaster on Christmas Eve, lovers Cathy and Don learn that they must perform six miracles before midnight if they are to become angels, and they significantly affect the lives of several strangers. PW.

For All of Her Life

A romance about a woman married to a rock star, who walks out on him in the aftermath of a shocking murder. Ten years later, the group arrive in her home town on a nostalgia tour, and she finds herself drawn to her ex husband again. From the author of DARK STRANGER.

Eyes of Fire

Buried under the ocean, deep within the Bermuda Triangle, lies a treasure worth killing for. Having already lost two men in her life to the lure of the bounty of the sea, Samantha Carlyle wants nothing to do with treasure hunts. She wants to be left in peace to run her dive resort on Seafire Island. But unexplained events continue to happen. Adam O’Connor Samantha’s ex lover arrives unannounced on the tiny island. Samantha becomes the target of an attempted kidnapping. And she’s beginning to realize that none of the resort’s guests are who they claim to be. Caught in an undertow of lies and murder, Samantha confronts the secrets that have for centuries, been drawing men to their watery graves. And she realizes that the little she knows about the lost treasure is more than enough to get her killed.

The King’s Pleasure

Danielle D’Aville, the ward of Edward III, was sworn to obey the King’s order to marry her enemy Adrien MacLachlan, the legendary Scot who masterminded the fall of Danielle’s beloved home, Aville. Suddenly she was the arrogant knight’s reluctant wife, pledged to a marriage neither desired. But swept off to his castle in the Scottish highlands, and into his strong embrace, Danielle was soon possessed by a raging passion for the husband she had vowed to despise.

A Magical Christmas

Publishers Weekly says Heather Graham knows what her readers want, and with over 22 million copies of her books in print, no one can argue! Now available in paperback, A Magical Christmas tells the riveting story of one family’s desperate search for meaning in their lives, the discovery of the healing power of love, and the true spirit of the holiday season!

Down In New Orleans (As:Heather Graham Pozzessere)

While attempting to clear her husband of a murder charge, artist Ann Marcel enters the shadowy world of New Orlean’s erotic clubs and after hours jazz joints, where she meets a ruggedly seductive man who tells her lies and secrets.

If Looks Could Kill

Tormented by psychic nightmares about the brutal murder of her famous mother, Madison Adair, a divorced, single mother, holds the key to finding an unknown serial killer stalking women in Miami and joins forces with FBI agent Kyle Montgomery, a man from her past, to find the murderer.’

Never Sleep with Strangers

‘She almost looked as if she slept, except…
The trident had pierced through her. And the snow white gown was turning ever more crimson.’ Four years ago, while vacationing at their country estate in Scotland, Jon Stuart watched his wife plummet from the balcony to a horrific death. Although cleared of any involvement, he’s endured years of public suspicion losing friends and his good standing in the community. But this was no accident, and now he’s determined to prove it was murder. Orchestrating a dangerous plan, Jon has gathered the prime suspects at the scene of the crime. The stage is set as past and present collide, old lovers reunite…
and a killer plots another perfect crime.

A Season of Miracles

In a time long ago, in a land under siege, the fury of revolt pushed a knight and a lady of the manor into a secret, forbidden love until treachery destroyed it all in a fiery cataclysm that shattered what could have been…
Heiress to a powerful family empire, jewelry designer Jillian Llewellyn is envied by women, desired by men and fiercely protected by her loyal, gregarious family. Since her husband’s death a year ago, Jillian has withdrawn, focusing only on her work. But this yuletide season, something unimaginable is going to shatter her safe world, drawing her into a web of danger and desire. At the center of the storm is a handsome stranger, Robert Marston, the new silent partner at Llewellyn Enterprises. Dark, powerful and disturbing, he is as formidable as he is intimidating…
as mysterious as he is familiar. The connection she feels is bone deep as if they’ve known each other before. As the Llewellyn family celebrations move from Manhattan to their elegant Connecticut farmhouse, several bizarre accidents strike Jillian and a chilling fear that someone wants to harm her begins to grow. She recognizes this terror from a memory she can’t explain or understand. But who at Llewellyn Enterprises would want her dead? A co worker? A member of her own close knit family? Against, her will, she is drawn to Robert, unsure whether he is her salvation…
or her damnation. Perhaps he is both, but only he can prevent the nightmare from happening again. As the ghosts of the past are resurrected, Jillian and Robert must unlock the timeless secrets of passion and betrayal…
clashing once again in a drama of murder and intrigue. Three hundred years ago, two lovers were damned by the fires of treachery. In another lifetime, the man Jillian loved tried but failed to save her. Now, in this season of magic and miracles, two lost souls are being given a second chance. At Christmas time, anything is possible…
if you believe.

Summer Fires

Heather Graham weaves her magic in a Civil War trilogy featuring the indomitable Slater brothers…
DARK STRANGER Kristin McCahy was a fighter, struggling to keep the remnants of her family and ranch together as the Civil War raged around them. Then, on the day when all hope seemed lost, a stranger rode to her rescue, his guns spitting fire and his eyes ablaze with a passion only she could quench. RIDES A HERO The war was over, but, embittered by the conflict, Shannon McCahy and Malachi Slater still fought a raging battle of wills all their own. A Yankee whose only solace was the land she had struggled to save, Shannon hated the hot tempered Malachi, a Rebel on the run who stood for all she had come to despise. APACHE SUMMER Born and raised in frontier Texas, beautiful Tess Stuart needed a hired gun to avenge her uncle’s murder. But the only one willing to help was the infuriating, irresistible Lieutenant Jamie Slater the man whose passion set her soul on fire.

Night of the Blackbird

Moira Kelly has come home to Boston to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with family and friends. The last thing she expects to find in the family pub is the undercurrent of danger as talk turns to politics. All too quickly, Moira finds herself struggling with the anger of her old flame, Dan O’Hara, and the convictions of her new love, Michael McLean. Torn between them, she becomes a pawn in a conspiracy that promises to bring the violence and hatred of a different time and place to her own backyard.

This passionate, close knit community is harboring a traitor. And as the chilling acts of evil unfold around her, Moira must face the fact that a generation is not long enough to soften revenge.

Forbidden Stranger

Two forbidden loves…
Heather Graham FORBIDDEN FIRE Proud and beautiful Marissa Ayers grew up determined to escape her life of hardship, so when she was asked to stand in for the bride to be in an arranged marriage to wealthy Ian Tremayne, Marissa knew she had found her chance. But though her husband claimed to want nothing from her, his passionate gaze promised to uncover the hidden truth about his wife…
Julia Justiss SEDUCTIVE STRANGER The Season was proving to be disastrous! Caragh Sudley’s father had entrusted Lord Branson with finding husbands in London for Caragh and her sister, Ailis. But Ailis had proved difficult and had run away with a notorious rake. Now Caragh realized she was hopelessly in love with the one man she could never have Lord Branson, her handsome and entirely too honorable chaperon!

Snowy Nights

A holiday bonanza of compelling tales about the power of family, homecomings and love! The Christmas Bride by New York Times bestselling author Heather Graham It started out as a platonic skiing vacation, but one impulsive touch changed everything! Always and Forever by Lindsay McKenna She was the only woman the fighter pilot could never have…
The Greatest Gift by Marilyn Pappano They had one more chance to make it would it be enough? Christmas Magic by Annette Broadrick Their teenage marriage hadn’t lasted but now they were about to meet again!


Big city lawyer Lorena Fortier’s suspicions about her father’s death brought her to a small Florida town nestled in the Everglades. Then whoever or whatever had killerd her father started claiming more victims, and AS they faced danger more menacing than any they had ever imagined, Lorena needed to put her life in Jesse’s hands. could she do the same with her heart and hope that a man who had once loved and lost would learn to love again…
before time ran out?

The Island

A slice of paradise in the turquoise waters of southern Florida, The Island is a lush, breathtaking sanctuary. Few can resist its allure, or its primitive beauty but fewer still know its secrets. On a weekend vacation with her brother and niece, Beth Anderson is unnerved when a stroll on the beach reveals what appears to be a skull, and instantly recalls the retired couple who disappeared off The Island‘s coast a few months earlier. As a stranger approaches, Beth panics and covers the evidence. But when she later returns to the beach, the skull is gone. With only her niece as a witness, there is no proof of foul play for Beth to bring to the authorities. To her brother, the missing skull is just a good story to tell at an island bonfire and campout that night. The tale is heard by an eager group of vacationers including charismatic Keith Henson, the stranger from the beach. Everyone dismisses the events as the product of an overactive imagination, but when Beth hears someone outside her tent, she instinctively knows her fears are justified. Determined to find solid evidence to bring to the police, Beth digs deeper into the mystery of the skull and everywhere she goes, Keith Henson seems to appear. He claims to be keeping an eye on her safety, but Beth senses other motives. Then a body washes ashore, and Beth begins to think she needs more help than she bargained for. Because investigating is a dangerous game, and someone wants to stop Beth from playing.

The Last Noel

It’s Christmas Eve, and all is neither calm nor brightWith a storm paralyzing New England, the O’Boyle household becomes prey to a pair of brutal escaped killers desperate to find refuge. Skyler O’Boyle is convinced the only way they can live through the night is by playing a daring psychological game to throw the convicts off their guard. Threatened by a pair of Smith & Wessons, she has to pray that the rest of her family will play along, buying them time. Her one hope for rescue is that the men are unaware that her daughter, Kat, has escaped into the blizzard. But as the wind and snow continue to rage with all the vehemence of a maddened banshee, her prayers that Kat can somehow find help seem fragile indeed. When Kat stumbles on a third felon, half frozen and delirious, her shock deepens, because she recognizes Craig Devon immediately. What is the onetime love of her life doing back in town and in such company? With the threat of death hanging over the O’Boyles, Craig is desperate to unload a vital secret that could change their destiny. But can he trust Kat with the truth? Because one false move and everything he’s sacrificed will shatter and this could be everyone’s final Christmas alive.

The Pirate Bride (As: Shannon Drake)

Those who survive the wrath of Red Robert would never guess the pirate’s secret Red Robert is a woman, masquerading as a man. Yet though the swift steel of her sword has spread her reputation to the farthest corners of the map, there is only one treasure she seeks the blood of her lifelong nemesis Blair Colm. Shipwrecked on a desert isle with the handsome Logan Hagarty, she soon rediscovers her femininity in the irresistible captain’s arms. But their paradise skies darken with the appearance of their common enemy. Now the two must summon all their strength and cunning to best the evil Colm, and protect the fierce love that has grown between them.

A Bride by Christmas (With: Candace Camp)

Home for Christmas by Heather GrahamIt broke Travis’s heart to see Isabelle go, but he was the Yankee captain who had commandeered her home and she was a daughter of the Confederacy. Yet even in the war torn South, there was room for a Christmas miracle or two. The Wise Virgin by Jo BeverleyTheir families have feuded for generations. But will the love of Edmund de Grave and Joan Montelan overcome all this Christmas Eve or will a family secret keep them apart forever?Tumbleweed Christmas by Candace Camp’Bah humbug’ rancher Daniel MacKenzie met his match in his new housekeeper, Melinda Ballard. She was determined to bring the holiday spirit into his home and the magic of love into his heart.

Home in Time for Christmas

Centuries ago, by a scaffold in Manhattan, rose petals drifted gently to the ground…

like snow on a wintry Massachusetts night. Melody Tarleton is driving home for Christmas when a man clad in Revolutionary War era costume appears out of nowhere, right in the path of her car. Shaken, she takes the injured stranger in, listening with concern to Jake Mallory’s fantastic claim that he s a Patriot soldier, sentenced to death by British authorities. The last thing he remembers is the tug of the noose.

Safe at her parents house, Melody concocts a story to explain the handsome holiday guest with the courtly manners, strange clothes and nasty bump on the head. Mark, her close friend who wishes he were more, is skeptical and her family is fascinated though not half so fascinated as Melody herself. Jake is passionate, charming and utterly unlike anyone she s ever met. Can he really be who he claims? And can a man from the distant past be the future she truly longs for?

With the aid of enchanted petals, ancient potions and the peculiar magic of the season, Melody and Jake embark on an unimaginable Christmas adventure and discover a love that transcends time.

There Be Dragons

When the beautiful Marina tragically loses her parents, she is left alone and in the hands of the one responsible the devious sorceress, Geovana. Greedy for power, Geovana arranges for the girl to marry her evil son, even though Marina is in love with someone else. As Christmas day approaches, the girl is faced with the terrible choice to either save her land and her people or follow her heart and believe in the magic of Christmas and true love. This enchanting holiday tale also includes an audio CD of original Christmas songs by the author as well as several classic carols.

Up in Flames

A romance about a woman married to a rock star, who walks out on him in the aftermath of a shocking murder. Ten years later, the group arrive in her home town on a nostalgia tour, and she finds herself drawn to her ex husband again. From the author of DARK STRANGER.

Bayou Midnight (By:Emilie Richards)

Louisiana Detective Sargeant Sam Long thrived on challenges, but to unlock the secrets of a little girl’s mind, he needed the help of psychologist Antoinette Deveraux. Warm, sensitive, and beautiful, she was everything Sam distrusted. Yet she held the keys to his murder investigation and soon, the keys to his heart.

Dark Delicacies: Original Tales of Terror and the Macabre by the World’s Greatest Horror Writers

In a truly distinguished collection of twenty superb, sublimely dark tales written especially for this volume, such acknowledged contemporary masters of horror fiction as Clive Barker, Ray Bradbury, Ramsey Campbell, Nancy Holder, Richard Laymon, Brian Lumley, Joe Lansdale, Whitley Streiber, F. Paul Wilson, and Chelsea Quinn Yarboro serve up a veritable feast of fear. For the first time ever, Dark Delicacies, the world’s foremost horror bookstore, lends its famous name and imprimatur to an anthology designed to please the palate of the genre s most discriminating fans. Throughout, the editors Del Howison co owner of Dark Delicacies and leading horror anthologist Jeff Gelb present perfectly crafted, freshly original horror fiction fare that is as terrifying as it is chillingly delicious.

Dark Delicacies II: Fear

In a second distinguished collection of twenty superb, sublimely dark tales written especially for this volume, such acknowledged contemporary masters of horror fiction as Barbara Hambly, John Farris, James Sallis, Steve Niles, Tananarive Due, L. A. Banks, and Gary Brandner serve up a veritable feast of fear. For the second time, Dark Delicacies, the world’s foremost horror bookstore, lends its famous name and imprimatur to an anthology designed to please the palate of the genre’s most discriminating fans. Throughout, the editors Del Howison co owner of Dark Delicacies and leading horror anthologist Jeff Gelb present perfectly crafted, freshly original horror fiction fare that is as terrifying as it is chillingly delicious.

Dark Delicacies III: Haunted

A stellar cast of horror writers comprise this third entry in the Dark Delicacies anthology series. These twenty one short works will examine and lay bare all the ways in which we are haunted both literally and figuratively. With a new novella from David Morrell and a short story Chuck Palahniuk is writing as a teaching class on his blog, interest in this anthology will prove that the third time is no trick and all treat! Includes contributions from: Kevin J. Anderson Clive Barker Michael Boatman Heather Graham Richard Christian Matheson David Morrell Chuck Palahniuk Victor Salva And many more!

Goblins (By:Charles L. Grant)

Opening the X Files…

MeetMulder and Scully, FBI. The agency maverick and the female agent assigned to keep him in line.

Their job: investigate the eeriest unsolved mysteries in modern America, from pyro psychics to death row demonics, from rampaging Sasquatches to alien invasions. The cases the Bureau wants handled quietly, but quickly, before the public finds out what’s really out there. And panics. The cases filed under ‘X.’

Whirlwind (By:Charles L. Grant)

Serial killers come in all shapes and sizes, but this one is particularly puzzling. There’s no pattern to the mutilated bodies that have been showing up in Albuquerque: both sexes, all races, ages, ethnic groups. There is no evidence of rape or ritual. Only one thing connects the victims. They were the victims of a natural disaster. One of the most unnatural natural disasters imaginable, leading to a most painful, most certain and most hideous death…

Mulder and Scully, FBI: the agency maverick and the female agent assigned to keep him in line. Their job: investigate the eerie unsolved mysteries the Bureau wants handled quietly, but quickly, before the public finds out what’s really out there. And panics. The cases filed under ‘X.’

Ground Zero (By:Kevin J. Anderson)

Dr. Gregory, a renowned nuclear weapons researcher, is not only dead he’s been charred to a radioactive cinder. Since this is a death on Federal property, Mulder and Scully are hastily called in. As FBI agents who specialize in unexplained phenomena, they are the investigators of The X Files, strange and inexplicable cases which are also mysteries that the FBI doesn’t want solved. When a second victim, completely unrelated to nuclear science or Dr. Gregory is obliterated in the New Mexico desert, and then a third dies the same way in Washington, DC, Mulder and Scully begin to focus on the frightening dimension of their task. The bizarre deaths cannot be a coincidence. And as they work to uncover the secret unifying element that unites these deaths, it becomes clear that this twisted puzzle has fatal consequences for the entire world.

Ruins (By:Kevin J. Anderson)

A well connectedAmerican archaeologist disappears while exploring the lost Mayan city ofXitaclan and FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are flown to the Yucat njungles to investigate. Not an ordinary FBI team, Mulder and Scully are assigned to the X Files,the strange and inexplicable cases the FBI wants to keep hidden from scrutiny…
thecases involving the paranormal, the supernatural and possibly, the extraterrestrial. Based on a mysterious jade artifact and ominous local legends, Mulder decidesthere may be more to this case than simply a missing team of scientists namely ancient curses, blood sacrifices, and deadly reptilian monsterslost in the jungle since before history. Scully is more skeptical. Her priorityis to keep an eye on her partner and try to provide logical explanationsfor Mulder’s unorthodox speculations. Unbeknownst to the two FBI agents, the lost city of Xitaclan is the sceneof an impending three way brush war between Central American drug lords,international smugglers who deal in looted Mayan artifacts, and a covertU.S. military commando team that has been sent to investigate, and destroy,a strange electronic signal received from beneath the ruins a signalaimed upwards, at the stars! Mulder and Scully must unravel the secret ofXitaclan and discover what has become of the lost archaeology team beforethese opposing forces converge on the forgotten ruins…
and unleash a powerthat nothing on Earth can contain.

Antibodies (By:Kevin J. Anderson)

A novel based on the Emmy Award winning television series created by Chris Carter. When a disease ravaged body is found in the smoldering ruins of the federally funded DyMar genetic research lab, Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully fear that a deadly, man made plague is on the loose. As the FBI agents investigating the ‘X Files’ cases the bureau has deemed unsolvable Mulder and Scully pursue the truth wherever it leads, even into the labyrinthine corridors of the FBI…
and beyond. Racing to contain the lethal virus before it can spread, Mulder and Scully make a chilling discovery. Before his death, Dr. David Kennessy, a hotshot cancer researcher at DyMar, had been experimenting with a promising but highly dangerous technology: microscopic bio machines that can cure any disease, heal any wound. In theory, this research could be a miracle cure, perhaps even a doorway to immortality. It was also the only way Dr. Kennessy could save his leukemia stricken son. But when a second corpse turns up, savagely mutilated from within, it’s anything but theoretical. Could machines created to cure have learned to kill? Scrambling for answers, Mulder and Scully are opposed at every step by faceless enemies with all the resources of the government even perhaps of their own agency at their command. Enemies who will stop at nothing to ensure that the secret of immortality falls in the right hands their hands. As sinister forces close in, Scully fights to save the life of an innocent boy while Mulder comes face to face with a crazed and desperate man. A man whose slightest touch brings agonizing death and perhaps a resurrection more horrible still.

Skin (By:Ben Mezrich)

It’s a fairly common, if ghoulish, procedure: the ‘harvesting’ of skin from corpses for temporary use on emergency burn victims until their own grafts are ready. But when a team of moonlighting medical students accidentally takes skin from the wrong donor, the results are catastrophic: a New York City hospital ward is destroyed in a psychotic bloodbath, and an elderly professor, admitted for a routine skin graft, is suddenly the city’s most wanted fugitive. Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are the only ones to suspect something more ominous than a medical procedure gone awry. As the FBI agents investigating the ‘X Files’ strange and inexplicable cases the Bureau wants to keep hidden, Mulder and Scully are determined to track down the forces they suspect are behind the murderer. While the police hunt the fleeing professor, Mulder and Scully track the skin that was mistakenly grafted onto him. The trail leads from the morgue to the headquarters of a cutting edge biotech company. Soon Mulder and Scully are in Thailand, searching the jungles for an abandoned MASH Unit, where napalm victims were treated with an amazing recovery rate’even though none of the hundreds of men who were nursed back to health ever returned to their families. Scully is looking for an experimental medical technology with disastrous side effects. Mulder suspects the stakes are even higher, a fear gruesomely confirmed as they begin to uncover an unholy and totally deniable alliance between a battle trained plastic surgeon, international politicians, and a legendary Thai monster known as the ‘Skin Eater.’

Fight the Future (By:Elizabeth Hand)

Beneath the tranquil surface of a North Texas town, the future of the human race awaits…
After forty years, members of the Global conspiracy known only as The Project are finally nearing the completion of their plans. Only FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully have a glimpse of the nightmare that lies ahead for the rest of the world: an alien invasion fueled by the most devastating virus in human history. And only they know that the Truthisn’t out there anymore It’s already here.

I Want to Believe (By:Max Allan Collins)

In the bitter heart of a brutal winter, women are inexplicably vanishing in rural Virginia. The only clues to the bizarre disappearances are grotesque remains human remains that are turning up in snow banks along the highway. And a disgraced priest has begun to experience strange and disturbing visions possibly connected with a terrible secret. But are the images haunting a fallen man of God to be trusted…
. or are they the deadly lies of a twisted mind?

It is a case right out of the X Files. But the FBI suspended its investigations into the paranormal years ago. Ex agents Fox Mulder and Dr. Dana Scully are the best team for the job, but they have no desire to revisit the past. Still, the truth about these horrific crimes is out there…
. and only Mulder and Scully can uncover it.

Love’s Legacy

Eleven of the world’s most popular romance authors celebrate the love of learning and the learning of love. Authors include Madeline Baker, Mary Balough, Elaine Barbieri, Lori Copeland, Cassie Edwards, Heather Graham, Catherine Hart, Virginia Henley, Penelope Neri, Diana Palmer, and Janelle Taylor.

Lonesome Rider & The Heart’s Desire

HEATHER GRAHAM’S Lonesome Rider Blade McKenna was on a mission a mission of revenge, and he couldn’t abide the distraction of the widowed Jessica Dylan. But she insisted on accompanying him through Indian territory on the hunch she could clear her late husband’s name. They found they needed each other, and need turned to want until Jessy’s life was threatened, and only Blade could save her. GAYLE WILSON’S The Heart’s Desire A soldier’s daughter, Emily thought she knew what furies drove men in the name of honor, until she met the enigmatic Duke of Avon, Dominic Maitland a man with a tragic past and an empty future. A man who would grant her but one night to lie with abandon on his willing arms…

I’d Kill For That

New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Crusie teams up with USA Today bestselling author Bob Mayer to write a sizzling, high octane romantic adventure about a straight talking woman and a straight shooting man
Lucy Armstrong is a director of television commercials who’s just been recruited to finish a four day action movie shoot. But she arrives on the set to discover that the directing staff has quit, the make up artist is suicidal, the stars are egomaniacs, the stunt director is her ex husband, and the lead actor has just acquired as an advisor a Green Beret who has the aggravating habit of always being right.

Green Beret Captain JT Wilder had thought that hiring on as a military consultant for a movie star was a good deal: easy money and easier starlets. Instead he has to babysit a bumbling comedian, dodge low flying helicopters, and resist his attraction to a director who bears a distracting resemblance to Wonder Woman. Then the CIA calls and he realizes that somebody is taking shooting a movie much too literally.
Full of suspense and humor, non stop action and fast paced dialogue, Don’t Look Down is the perfect blend of male and female, adventure and romance, Mayer and Crusie.

More Than Words, Volume 5

A little comfort, caring and compassion go a long way toward making the world a better place. Just ask the dedicated women handpicked from countless worthy nominees across North America to become this year’s recipients of Harlequin’s More Than Words award. To celebrate their accomplishments, five New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling authors have honored the winners by writing short stories inspired by these real life hero*ines.

We hope you’re stirred by More Than Words to become a real life hero*ine in your own community.

First Thrills

New York Times bestselling author Lee Child and International Thriller Writers, Inc., present a collection of remarkable stories in First Thrills. Showcasing many of the organization’s bestselling authors as well as rising stars in the genre, here are twenty five brand new, never before published stories packed with murder, mystery, and mayhem. A cunning criminal thinks he can use a child to take the rap for his crimes. A hospital intern turned body snatcher A priest who comes face to face with his wife s murderer on death row A Confederate soldier comes home to his love, but changed by more than just the war…
he comes back wrong. The discovery of a flying saucer in the ocean depths brings one man to the brink of a massive revelation. A dying man s last request proves to his ex wife that he s still rotten to the core. A clandestine operative finds himself caught in a wicked game of confusion…
but who is calling the shots? No matter what type of thriller you listen to, you ll find something here that will entertain you…
and perhaps a new writer you ll cherish for years to come.

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