Betty Neels Books In Order

Dr Fforde Books In Publication Order

  1. Always and Forever (2000)
  2. The Doctor’s Girl (2001)

The Final Touch Books In Publication Order

  1. The Final Touch (1991)
  2. A Happy Meeting (1992)

Sealed with a Kiss Books In Publication Order

  1. Dearest Love (1994)
  2. Angels Do Have Wings (By:Helen Brooks) (1994)
  3. Invitation to Love (By:Leigh Michaels) (1994)
  4. Wanted: Wife and Mother (By:Barbara McMahon) (1995)
  5. Legally Binding (By:Jessica Hart) (1995)
  6. P.S. I Love You (By:Valerie Parv) (1995)
  7. The Best for Last (By:Stephanie Howard) (1995)
  8. Return to Sender (By:Rebecca Winters) (1995)
  9. Undercover Lover (By:Heather Allison) (1995)

White Weddings Books In Publication Order

  1. An Innocent Bride (1952)
  2. Shotgun Bridegroom (By:Day Leclaire) (1999)
  3. A Wedding Worth Waiting For (By:Jessica Steele) (1999)
  4. Matilda’s Wedding (2000)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Waiting for Deborah (1967)
  2. A Match for Sister Maggy (1969)
  3. Sister Peters in Amsterdam (1969)
  4. Nurse in Holland (1969)
  5. Visiting Consultant / Blow Hot, Blow Cold (1970)
  6. Tempestuous April (1970)
  7. Fate is Remarkable (1970)
  8. Tulips for Augusta (1971)
  9. Tangled Autumn (1971)
  10. Damsel In Green (1971)
  11. The Fifth Day of Christmas (1971)
  12. Uncertain Summer (1972)
  13. Tabitha In the Moonlight (1972)
  14. Wish with the Candles (1972)
  15. Victory for Victoria (1972)
  16. Saturday’s Child (1972)
  17. Winter of Change (1973)
  18. Cassandra by Chance (1973)
  19. Three for a Wedding (1973)
  20. Stars Through the Mist (1973)
  21. Enchanting Samantha (1973)
  22. The Gemel Ring (1974)
  23. Cruise To A Wedding (1974)
  24. The Magic Of Living (1974)
  25. The End of the Rainbow (1974)
  26. Roses for Christmas (1975)
  27. Heaven is Gentle (1975)
  28. A Star Looks Down (1975)
  29. The Moon for Lavinia (1975)
  30. A Small Slice of Summer (1975)
  31. Henrietta’s Own Castle (1975)
  32. Cobweb Morning (1975)
  33. The Edge of Winter (1976)
  34. Esmeralda (1976)
  35. A Gem of a Girl (1976)
  36. The Hasty Marriage (1977)
  37. The Little Dragon (1977)
  38. Grasp a Nettle (1977)
  39. A Matter of Chance (1977)
  40. Pineapple Girl (1977)
  41. Philomena’s Miracle (1978)
  42. Britannia All at Sea (1978)
  43. Never While the Grass Grows (1978)
  44. The Promise of Happiness (1979)
  45. Sun and Candlelight (1979)
  46. Midnight Sun’s Magic (1979)
  47. Ring In A Teacup (1979)
  48. Winter Wedding (1979)
  49. When May Follows (1980)
  50. Last April Fair (1980)
  51. Caroline’s Waterloo (1980)
  52. The Silver Thaw (1980)
  53. An Apple From Eve (1981)
  54. Not Once but Twice (1981)
  55. Hannah (1981)
  56. Heaven Around The Corner (1981)
  57. All Else Confusion (1982)
  58. A Girl to Love (1982)
  59. Judith (1982)
  60. Never Too Late (1983)
  61. A Dream Came True (1983)
  62. Midsummer Star (1983)
  63. Roses And Champagne (1983)
  64. Never Say Goodbye (1983)
  65. Polly (1984)
  66. Year’s Happy Ending (1984)
  67. Once For All Time (1984)
  68. A Good Wife (1985)
  69. Heidelberg Wedding (1985)
  70. A Summer Idyll (1985)
  71. Magic In Vienna (1985)
  72. Never the Time and the Place (1985)
  73. At the End of the Day (1985)
  74. Two Weeks to Remember (1986)
  75. A Girl Named Rose (1986)
  76. The Secret Pool (1987)
  77. A Gentle Awakening (1987)
  78. Off With The Old Love (1987)
  79. Stormy Springtime (1987)
  80. When Two Paths Meet (1988)
  81. Paradise for Two (1988)
  82. The Course of True Love (1988)
  83. The Chain of Destiny (1989)
  84. No Need to Say Goodbye (1989)
  85. Hilltop Tryst (1989)
  86. The Fateful Bargain (1989)
  87. The Convenient Wife (1990)
  88. The Girl with Green Eyes (1990)
  89. A Suitable Match (1990)
  90. Roses Have Thorns (1990)
  91. A Little Moonlight (1991)
  92. The Most Marvellous Summer (1991)
  93. Romantic Encounter (1992)
  94. A Kind Of Magic (1992)
  95. An Unlikely Romance (1992)
  96. An Old-Fashioned Girl (1992)
  97. The Quiet Professor (1992)
  98. A Girl In a Million (1993)
  99. At Odds with Love (1993)
  100. A Valentine for Daisy (1993)
  101. Wedding Bells for Beatrice (1994)
  102. A Christmas Wish (1994)
  103. Two For The Heart (With: ) (1994)
  104. The Awakened Heart (With: ) (1994)
  105. Dearest Mary Jane (1994)
  106. Fate Takes A Hand (1995)
  107. A Secret Infatuation (1995)
  108. The Bachelor’s Wedding (1995)
  109. The Right Kind of Girl (1995)
  110. The Fortunes Of Francesca (1996)
  111. Marrying Mary (1996)
  112. A Kiss for Julie (1996)
  113. Only By Chance (1996)
  114. The Daughter of the Manor (1997)
  115. The Vicar’s Daughter (1997)
  116. The Mistletoe Kiss (1997)
  117. An Ideal Wife (1998)
  118. Nanny by Chance (1998)
  119. A Winter Love Story (1998)
  120. Love Can Wait (1998)
  121. Discovering Daisy (1999)
  122. An Independent Woman (2001)
  123. Emma’s Wedding (2002)
  124. Innocent Brides To Be (2008)
  125. Making Sure of Sarah (2008)
  126. The Doubtful Marriage (2013)

Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. A Christmas Romance (1999)
  2. Dearest Eulalia (2000)
  3. The Proposal (2001)
  4. A Christmas Proposal & A Christmas Romance (2001)
  5. An Ordinary Girl (2008)

Collections In Publication Order

  1. Mistletoe Magic (With: Margaret Way,Rebecca Winters) (1999)
  2. A Betty Neels Christmas (2002)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Christmas Miracles (1996)
  2. Nearly Weds! (1999)

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Betty Neels Books Overview

The Doctor’s Girl

Loveday West was thrilled when Dr. Andrew Fforde offered her a job as his temporary receptionist. She hadn t expected to fall in love with him but he was just so handsome and charming! But was her place in his life as temporary as her contract?

A Happy Meeting

Would he ever notice her?

All alone in the world, Cressida had little choice but to accept Aldrik van der Linus’s help. But while he seemed happy to fix her up with a job, and even to try to help with her other problems, she couldn’t help but wonder what he would do if she presented him with most serious problem of all: unrequited love!

Dearest Love

An Offer She Couldn’t Refuse? ‘I wish to marry for the wrong reasons. I am not in love with you…
‘ Titus Taverner was a busy and successful medical man who lacked a wife. Arabella had applied for the job of caretaker at his consulting rooms, but was happy to accept this new position Titus was offering until she complicated matter by falling in love with him…

Invitation to Love (By:Leigh Michaels)

Dillon Archer had already ruined Heidi Cameron’s father’s business and played a part in his early death. Now he seems set on wrecking the rest of Heidi’s life the bed & breakfast business which is all she and her mother salvaged from the wreckage and acquiring Heidi herself, just for good measure! Leigh Michaels is the author of more than 90 books, including 80 contemporary romance novels. She also writes single title historical romance set in Regency England. Her website is www. leighmichaels. com

An Innocent Bride

A tender awakening…
Aunt Thirza had been a lifeline to Katrina Gibbs, but her death left Katrina with little money and no marketable skills. She had inherited her aunt’s small cottage in Dorset. She also, though she didn’t know it, had Simon Glenville, the wonderful doctor who had cared for Aunt Thirza. Simon knew he loved Katrina, and he thought Katrina loved him, but so much had happened to her he wasn’t at all sure this innocent but gallant girl was aware of it. When the time was right, he would propose, they’d plan a white wedding, and he would cherish her all their days…

Matilda’s Wedding

When Matilda’s father retires due to ill health, the family’s new life in Much Winterlow falls into reduced circumstances. To make ends meet, Matilda applies to be Dr. Henry Lovell’s receptionist. She does her best to ignore the instant attraction she feels for him. It wouldn’t do to dream of marrying the boss especially when Henry is already engaged to the haughty Lucilla. But Matilda still thinks she’d suit Henry better…
and it looks like he might agree!

A Match for Sister Maggy

WHO WAS THE BRIDE TO BE? Sister Maggy MacFergus was tall, and she discovered that most men found this off putting. When Dr. Paul Doelsma offered Maggy a nursing job in Holland, she took it. There was something special about Dr. Doelsma, and it wasn’t just that he was taller than her. She was sensible enough to realize that he would never love her back after all, Paul had said he’d already chosen himself a wonderful wife. But who was the lucky girl?

Visiting Consultant / Blow Hot, Blow Cold


Sophy’s relationship with the attractive Dutch surgeon Maximillan Oosterwelde was of the blow hot blow cold variety. He might be unsure of his feelings for her, but one thing she knew for sure in her heart, Sophy did not want any ‘blow cold’ at all!

Fate is Remarkable

Sarah Dunn had worked with Hugo van Elven for a long time, and she was astounded when he suddenly proposed to her. Both of them were still recovering from previous unhappy love affairs, which was why Sarah decided to accept. Surely neither of them would wish to get emotionally involved again for a very long time, but she had not considered what would happen if her feelings for Hugo changed, while his remained the same. Could their need for love overcome their painful pasts, and allow a new companionship to grow?

Tangled Autumn

Sappha Devenish jumped at the chance of a job in Scotland after her romance with Andrew went wrong. The change in scenery took Sappha’s mind off her heartbreak, and the presence of the often infuriating but very attractive Dr. van Duyren was also a nice distraction . But with Andrew’s unexpected return, Sappha found herself entangled in the past once more!

The Fifth Day of Christmas


It hadn’t taken Julia long to fall in love with Ivo van den Werff. But as soon as she met Marcia Jason she realized she had to fall out of love just as quickly. Clearly the other girl had a much stronger claim on Ivo’s affection…

Tabitha In the Moonlight

HER PRINCE CHARMING? Sister Tabitha was an efficient nurse, but when it came to matters of the heart she was less sure of herself. So when she fell in love, she had no idea how to deal with her feelings. Was that why the Dutch surgeon Marius van Beek called her Cinderella? If only Marius would ride up on a white horse and ask for her hand in marriage. But people lived happily ever after only in fairy tales, didn’t they?

Wish with the Candles

originally published in 1972. It has been republished

Saturday’s Child

Abigail worked hard for a living. And she expected to go on earning her own living for no man had shown signs of wanting to marry her least of all the mysterious Professor Dominic van Wijkelen. Certainly he admired her nursing skills. He confidently asked her to take on his private cases, which took Abigail from London to Holland then Spain. But all he seemed to feel for her was intense dislike! Did Dominic not trust women? Was she too plain? Whatever the reason, there was little Abigail could do about it.

Winter of Change


At twenty one, Mary Jane Pettigrew was perfectly able to look after herself, but it came as quite a surprise to discover she had inherited a large house and an income to go with it. There was, of course, a catch, and his name was Fabian van der Blocq, who had been appointed Mary Jane’s guardian. She couldn’t even marry without his consent! Mary Jane wasn’t going to let Fabian have it all his own way. But that was easier said than done!

Cassandra by Chance

He needed her as a nurse, not a woman Benedict van Manfeld was one of the surliest, most unfriendly men Cassandra had ever met! But when she learned he was a brilliant Dutch surgeon who had severely damaged his sight in an accident, her attitude changed. Benedict asked Cassandra to go to Holland with him as his nurse. She agreed…
and soon began to feel something deeper than sympathy for him. But with his close friend Paula nearby, why should he even notice Cassandra?

Three for a Wedding

Phoebe Brook hadn’t planned to take a nursing job in Holland, still less under false pretenses. But when her sister Sybil decided to get married instead of going to work for Dr. Lucius van Someren, Sybil persuaded Phoebe to take her place. With Lucius’s son Paul so hostile, and Paul’s governess signaling Lucius was her property, Phoebe really didn’t need to compound her problems by falling in love but she did.

Stars Through the Mist

When Dr. Gerard van Doorninck proposes marriage to Deborah Culpepper she accepts, knowing that it will be a marriage of convenience but hoping that things will eventually work out, unless Dr. van Doorninck’s friend, Claude Von Trapp, ruins her dreams of happiness. Reissue.’

The Gemel Ring

SHE THOUGHT HE WAS TOO BIG FOR HIS BOOTS! Sister Charity Dawson loved her job, but there was one problem. Like the other members of St. Simon’s nursing staff, she had to put up with the arrogant Dr. Everard van Tijlen. When Charity discovered that the distinguished doctor’s exorbitant fees funded a playboy lifestyle, she hit the roof. Everard might have an engagingly boyish smile, but he needed to be taken down a peg or two. And Charity knew just how to do it!

Cruise To A Wedding

A DOUBLE WEDDING WOULD BE TWICE THE FUN Everybody said that Loveday was good in a crisis. When her old friend asked for help Loveday was only too willing to lend a hand. Rimada was desperately in love and wanted to get married, but her guardian, Baron Adam de Wolf van Osinga, didn’t approveof her choice. Loveday was in charge of the couple’s wedding plans. Adam was going to discover he wasn’t a match for true love…
or Loveday Pierce.

The End of the Rainbow

Olympia’s overbearing aunt treated her horribly, until attractive Dutchman Waldo van der Graaf quite literally rescued her. He suggested that she exchange her life of drudgery for the role of his wife. Since Waldo needed someone to look after his small daughter and run his home it would, he said, be a marriage of convenience. Olympia was thankful and accepted his proposal, but found she had exchanged one set of problems for another. The child refused to accept her, and then Olympia fell in love with her husband! Reissue.

Roses for Christmas

Eleanor not only remembered the domineering Fulk van Hensum from her childhood, she recalled how much she had disliked him. Now Eleanor was grown up and a qualified nurse, and suddenly Fulk, a renowned consultant, was back in her life. He hadn’t changed a bit he was still dictatorial and overbearing, which was a problem, since under the circumstances she couldn’t avoid him! It shouldn’t have mattered that Fulk was engaged to the lovely Imogen but somehow it did.

Heaven is Gentle

Professor Christian van Duyl was a formidable character, but it didn’t take Sister Eliza Proudfoot long to fall in love with him. And a great waste of time that was going to be, since he was shortly to amrry the so suitable Estelle. Or was she so suitable?

A Star Looks Down

Beth had agreed to help Professor Alexander van Zeust look after his young nephews and nieces for a weekwhile their mother was in the hospital. The week stretched to two: then it was proposed she accompany them to Holland for a further period. Would Beth ever be able to get back to her hospital job? And did she want to now?

A Small Slice of Summer

Betty Neels is a sales opportunity that simply cannot be missed. She is a consistent 1 seller whose books are eagerly anticipated and sought after by her readers. A retired nurse herself, Betty is particularly well known for her tender romances set in Holland, featuring Dutch doctors. Fans of Betty Neels will love these Reader’s Choice books, all set amidst the lowlands of Holland and the English countryside all four are Betty Neels at her best.

Henrietta’s Own Castle

An Unexpected Inheritance!

When Henrietta was left a house in a Dutch village, she decided to make her home there, and settled happily into her new abode. She thought she would like everything about Holland except Marnix van Hessel. As ‘lord of the manor,’ he behaved as if it were still the Middle Ages! Why couldn’t he just marry his fianc e and leave Henrietta in peace?

Cobweb Morning

What was the truth about Penny? Nurse Alexandra Dobbs met a distinguished Dutch doctor, Taro van Dresselhuys, when he asked her to help with Penny, a teenager with amnesia. Before long, Alexandra had fallen in love with Taro and Penny did, too. It had to be a teenage crush. Yet Taro did little to discourage the girl, and when he began to side with Penny against her, Alexandra began to have suspicions about Penny…


SHE WAS A MOST UNLIKELY BRIDE Esmeralda Jones was a very nice girl. It seemed to Esmeralda that she was also invisible to the opposite sex. Perhaps the real reason for this was the impaired foot she had struggled with since childhood. When the brilliant surgeon Thimo Bamstra offered to cure her, Esmeralda was over the moon. Thimo also managed to mend her broken heart. Esmeralda had never imagined marriage as part of her future, but now she could dream of little else.

A Gem of a Girl

The angel and the professor Gemma may not have been the prettiest girl in town, but she was something better kind and conscientious, which made her a wonderful caregiver. To her patients she really was A Gem of a Girl! So when she unexpectedly found herself out of work, Ross, a distinguished professor, readily asked her to accompany him to Holland to look after his invalid sister. Gemma accepted even though she knew Ross was never likely to see her as anything more than just his sister’s nurse…

The Hasty Marriage

Which sister would he marry? Laura had always been used to taking second place to her pretty younger sister, Joyce. If Joyce wanted something, she got it! It was, therefore, no surprise to Laura that when she fell in love with the attractive Dutch doctor Reilof van Meerum, he chose Joyce instead. But when Joyce walked out on him to marry another, richer man, Reilof asked her to marry him. He needed a wife, and Laura, it seemed, would do as well as anyone. So she accepted but could she really expect to be happy with a man who did not love her?

The Little Dragon

She swore she would never marry a rich man! As a private nurse to the wealthy, Constantia had seen the misery that too much money could bring. Jeroen van der Giessen, though, was only a poor overworked GP, so when she found herself stranded in Delft without money or a passport, and Jeroen offered marriage, Constantia accepted. At first she was quite happy with her loveless marriage, even though Jeroen was being recklessly extravagant. Then she began to discover things, about herself and him, that took away all her newfound happiness…

Grasp a Nettle

When Jenny gave up her nursing job to look after her aunt, she saw it as no sacrifice. The only difficulty was her aunt’s doctor, the imposing Eduard van Draak te Solendik. Eduard managed to be both attractive and infuriating at the same time. Unfortunately for Jenny, the attraction won and soon she was falling in love with him. Much good it would do her, though, since Eduard was engaged to be married. But luckily for them both, he seemed to have some alternate wedding plans.

A Matter of Chance

This is Harlequin Romance 2095, a small paperback, A Matter of Chance, by Betty Neels.

Midnight Sun’s Magic

Nurse and the doctor love story.

Ring In A Teacup

Nurse Lucy Prendergast had not made a good impression. Falling asleep during a consultant’s lecture was hardly the best way to attract the great man’s attention! So she set out to correct the bad impression she had made. Dr. Fraam der Linssen, however, seemed to have a positive genius for catching her in the most awkward situations. And anyway, who should she care what he thought? He’d already made it plain that he preferred her pretty friend, Mies.

When May Follows

Romantic Inspiration love story

Last April Fair

Phyllida Cresswell has defi nite ideas about love, and her current boyfriend is certainly not marriage material. So when the chance of a nursing job abroad comes up, she takes it.

When things don’ t go smoothly in Madeira, however, Phyllida finds herself stranded. Fortunately, the dashing Pieter van Sittardt is on hand to rescue her. Pieter, Phyllida discovers, is a man she could definitely love. In fact, she’ d be happy to marry him. All he has to do is ask….

An Apple From Eve

Considering she didn’t like him very much, Doctor Tane van Diederijk seemed to pop up in Euphemia’s life quite a lot. But beggars couldn’t be choosers. Euphemia had been left with debts to pay and a big house she couldn’t afford to keep. Tane offered the only workable solution to her problems he would become Euphemia’s tenant. However difficult it might be, Euphemia was going to have to grit her teeth and bear it. After all, Tane might grow on her in time.

Not Once but Twice

Dr. Duert ter Brandt disapproved of Christina’s relationship with his brother, Adam, and he made sure they both knew it. True, he didn’t stop Chrissy from coming to Holland to work near Adam. Still, he made it clear that her infatuation was not in the best interest of his hospital. But maybe he had other hidden reasons for hoping that Chrissy would give up her notion of love at first sight .

All Else Confusion

Back by popular demand Betty Neels Collector’s Edition. She probably shouldn’t have married him…
Annis’s life as daughter of the Rectory was a busy and happy one but she loved Jake Royle even more than she loved her family.


After the hurly burly of the big London hospital where she had been working, Judith found it a very pleasant change to be offered a private job looking after a charming patient, Lady Cresswell, in the Lake District. Her patient gave her no trouble at all which was more than could be said for her son, the disagreeable Professor Charles Cresswell. He seemed to have taken a dislike to Judith on sight a dislike which, it must be confessed, Judith returned with interest. And now he was turning up to spoil their pleasant holiday in Portugal .

Never Too Late

Far from being brokenhearted when her long standing and rather dull engagement to Tony came to an end, Prudence welcomed it as an opportunity to break out of her comfortable shell, to make a new and exciting life for herself. So the job that Benedict van Vinke offered acting as his secretary and looking after his little daughter had come just at the right time. It would also give Prudence a chance to visit Holland. But would she have such an exciting life, after all, if she accepted Benedict’s cold blooded proposal?

A Dream Came True

After her parents’ deaths, and her brother’s departure for America, Jemima had no choice but to make a new life for herself. Since she wasn’t trained for anything, that wasn’t going to be easy. On the whole, she realized she had been very lucky to be taken on as companion help to Lady Manderly, yet Jemima knew that her life was somehow unsatisfactory, and she felt unfulfilled. Such thoughts might, of course, have something to do with Lady Manderly’s nephew Professor Alexander Cator!

Midsummer Star

Facing bankruptcy, Celine’s family was forced to turn their home into a guesthouse to make ends meet. Celine found her new life to be a lot of hard work but great fun, too. And she soon met a young man, Nicky, who seemed very taken with her if only Nicky’s overbearing cousin, Oliver, would stop interfering. But when Celine discovered that Nicky was married, she was only too grateful for Oliver’s comforting presence. Gratitude wasn’t exactly what Oliver had in mind, but it was a start.

Roses And Champagne

Katrina has known Lucius Massey all her life, and her childish hero worship has grown into a comfortable, warm friendship. They’re so at ease in their friendship that a pretend engagement to each other to teach Katrina’s selfish sister Virginia a lesson strikes both as a worthwhile but harmless idea. Yet as more and more people congratulate Katrina on her match, a mysterious sadness begins to creep into her heart…


Working for Professor Sam Gervis was difficult enough, even if you weren’t falling in love with him…
which Polly was. Luckily she was realistic about the situation. Sam was engaged to the lovely Deirdre. And besides, he would never look twice at anyone as quiet and mousy as Polly. So she decided, sensibly, to get away and take up a new career nursing children. But she soon discovered that Sam was not an easy man to escape!

Year’s Happy Ending

COULD SHE SETTLE FOR LESS THAN LOVE? Professor Gideon Beaufort tried Deborah’s good nature severely. He scorned her future as a trained nanny destined to spend her life caring for other people’s children. Yet was his proposal any more enticing? All he wanted was a substitute nanny for his young daughter and nothing more. ‘I won’t pretend,’ he told Deborah candidly. ‘You see, I think I’ve forgotten how to love.’ Deborah found herself wishing the sultry skies of Portugal’s exotic Algarve weren’t wasted on such a cynical widower and a dedicated nanny with stars in her eyes.

Once For All Time

Clotilde Collins has worked with Dr. James Thackery at busy St. Alma’s Hospital in London for three years, but she’s never considered their relationship as anything more than solidly professional. Then tragedy strikes and James steps in to take charge of Clotilde’s shattered world, offering her his unhesitating comfort and support. How easy it would be to fall in love with him. Except he’s already committed to another woman…

A Good Wife

It seemed strange to Serena Lightfoot that whenever she most needed help, orthopaedic surgeon Mr. Ivo van Doelen always seemed to have a solution. When he installed her at his old nanny’s home in Chelsea, Serena knew she couldn’t stay long, for she was in danger of losing her heart to him. But Ivo knew what he wanted he simply needed space to allow Serena to get to know him, and a marriage between friends would give him that time. Now all he had to do was persuade Serena to accept his convenient proposal…

Heidelberg Wedding

Getting engaged had seemed like a good idea. But now Sister Eugenia Smith wasn’t so sure. She was fond of Humphrey, but did she love him? When surgeon Gerard Grenfell offered her the chance to work in Europe, she gladly accepted. Perhaps a break would help her think things through. But Eugenia hadn’t expected to fall in love with Gerard. It all seemed pretty hopeless, though, since he was already engaged to the glamorous Miriam. Fortunately, wedding plans could be changed!

A Summer Idyll

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD When Dr. George Pritchard asked Phoebe to marry him, she hadn’t needed much persuading, since the death of her aunt had left her penniless and without a job. Besides, she liked him. So what if he’d made it plain that he wasn’t in love with her at least she knew where she stood. It wasn’t until after the wedding that she began to wonder if liking was going to be enough…

Magic In Vienna

‘A rather dull girl with no looks to speak of.’Doctor Charles Trescombe’s opinion of his niece’s governess was far from complimentary. Cordelia knew she was plain. She also knew what good manners were, and the high and mighty doctor didn’t have any!But there was Magic In Vienna that could transform even the most unlikely people. Much to her dismay, Cordelia fell in love with him anyway. And Charles soon discovered that quiet and unassuming ways had a knack for stealing a man’s heart without him even realizing it.

Never the Time and the Place

AND YET SO COLD? Ward Sister Josephine Dowling was heartbroken over the end of her engagement but how could she marry a man she didn’t really love? What she didn’t expect, though, was to have to cope with her tears and the arrogant attitude of the brilliant Dr. Julius van Tacx. He seemed to make a habit of finding her just when she was feeling and looking her worst. And yet he was incredibly handsome…

At the End of the Day

Was there any hope for her love? Having worked on Women’s Medical for some time, Julia Mitchell had trouble accepting the arrogant, domineering attitude of Professor van der Wagema. It was only when she got to know him that an entirely different man emerged and one that she had difficulty disliking! Yet how could her heart betray her when she had Nigel and what hope was there for her anyway when the Professor was already engaged to someone else?

Two Weeks to Remember

HOPE — AND CHARITY! Nothing exciting happened to Charity. Her job as a hospital secretary was hectic, but routine. Even the man everyone expected her to marry was safe, reliable and dull. There surely had to be more to life. So, when Professor Jake Wyllie-Lyon offfered her the chance to work for him, Charity didn’t hesitate to accept. The job was everything she dreamed of — and so was Jake! But there Charity’s problems really began…

A Girl Named Rose

BLOSSOMING INTO LOVE Through pure chance, Rose met Sybren Werdmer ter Sane, one of the most eminent surgeons in Holland. Their accidental meeting led her to a job, nursing Sybren’s godson. Rose loved everything about her new life including Sybren! But surely such an important man wouldn’t have time to take an interest in her. What Rose didn’t realize was that she had the gift of love. It touched everyone around her even hard hearted surgeons.

The Secret Pool


Calm and capable those were the words used to sum up Francesca. Certainly, she had plenty to cope with, looking after the home she shared with three elderly aunts and working at the local hospital. Yet she dealt with it all with her usual quiet efficiency and believed her life was complete…
until the arrival of Dr. Litrik van Rijgen! Having taken the trouble to track her down while she was enjoying an occasional holiday in Holland, he seemed to have other plans for her. But was she really willing to let him take over her life and possibly her heart?

A Gentle Awakening

‘Don’t think you can come sneaking back here if you are ever out of a job!’ Florina’s father was furious when, after a lifetime of drudgery, she finally developed the courage to rebel. But there was no danger of her returning home. Florina loved her job as a cook in the household of eminent consultant William Sedley. And it wasn’t long before she realized that she loved her employer, too. But she had no chance of attracting his attention when he was engaged to the glamorous Wanda!

When Two Paths Meet

HE HAD SAVED HER, BUT HE DIDN’T LOVE HER. Katherine Marsh was practically a slave to her brother’s family in the small English country village where she lived. Then she met Dr. Jason Fitzroy and fell instantly in love. Dr. Fitzroy found her a job at the hospital and gave her a new sense of self respect. He also gave her her first taste of the freedom missing from her earlier years. But Katherine knew she could never be truly free not while her heart was a prisoner of love.

Paradise for Two

Prudence Makepeace had a soft heart, and so she readily gave up her own plans in order to escort her godmother to Holland. Once there, Prudence found the country and the Dutch people charming, with one exception the overbearing Dr. Haso ter Brons Huizinga. As infuriating as the man was, sparks flew whenever they met, and Prudence couldn’t deny a certain attraction to him. But why was she fretting over Haso? After all, he was about to get married. Little did Prudence know that the doctor’s wedding plans weren’t quite finalized. There was still the small matter of his intended bride .

The Chain of Destiny

Suzannah Lightfoot was alone in the world, without a job or the means to support herself. So when Guy Bowers Bentinck came to the rescue, she had to accept his help. Guy was hardly a knight in shining armor. He was arrogant, infuriating and bad tempered! He was also difficult to avoid. Even worse, he seemed to have assumed that Suzannah was about to join the ranks of all those females wanting to marry him. What was a girl to do? Make a run for it?

No Need to Say Goodbye

Dr. Aldo van der Linden would make a marvelous husband-Louise was certain of that. Before he’d involved himself in her family’s affairs, Louise hadn’t considered the doctor as anything more than a work colleague. But now that she had lost her job, she had plenty of time to think about him…his charm, kindness, splendid good looks. The young nurse knew she was the last woman on earth Aldo would propose to, but she couldn’t help wondering what it would be like to be Mrs. van der Linden.

Hilltop Tryst

When Beatrice’s world turned upside down, Oliver Latimer was on hand to pick up the pieces. There was something solid and reassuring about Oliver. Beatrice felt safe with him. But he wasn’t an easy person to get to know. Accompanying him on a lecture tour to Europe convinced Beatrice that there was more to Dr. Latimer than she’d imagined. In fact, she came to believe he was the only man she could truly love. But Oliver kept his feelings hidden. What did he really think of her?

The Fateful Bargain


Dutch surgeon Sebastian van Tecqx had offered Emily’s father the chance of a life-changing operation. But favors don’t come cheap, and he expected something in return. It wasn’t hard for Emily to exchange her drab nurse’s lodgings for Sebastian’s luxurious home, but how could Emily stop herself from falling in love with her charismatic employer? Especially once Sebastian made it clear that marriage was not part of the bargain.

The Convenient Wife

Despite her better judgment, Venetia Forbes accepts the marriage proposal of Professor Duert ter Laan Luitinga, who is only looking for a surrogate mother for his young ward.’

The Girl with Green Eyes

Lucy wasn’t much for the glamorous social circuit that her sisters frequented. She was much happier at home if only she could find Mr. Right to share it with!Just when she’d given up her search for such a man, the eminent pediatrician William Thurloe came into her life. Attractive and dynamic, he was the answer to her dreams. But why would he be interested in her when the sophisticated and beautiful Fiona made it clear she was also available?

A Suitable Match

‘Don’t Worry, It Will Work Out Perfectly.’

But did he mean the wedding arrangements or their future life together? Eustacia didn’t know. After all, it was a marriage of convenience, definitely not a love match. Colin made it very clear that he wanted a down to earth partner who would help him care for his brother’s orphaned children, not a dreamy girl whose head was full of romance. But Eustacia couldn’t help hoping that one day he might grow to love her as much as she loved him.

Roses Have Thorns

He Was Coldhearted and Arrogant…
and She Loved Him to Distraction

Sarah had been happy working at the hospital until Radolf Nauta interfered and left her jobless. Forced to find other means to support herself, she was totally unprepared to meet the domineering Radolf again. He hadn’t changed one bit! The only problem Sarah had…
? She soon realized that her heart now belonged to him.

The Most Marvellous Summer

‘I’m Surprised No Man Has Snapped You Up.’

Matilda had every quality that turned a man’s head but she had remained heart whole and fancy free despite a number of offers. Then she met eminent surgeon James Scott Thurlow and fell in love at first sight. But James clearly didn’t feel the same way. How could he when he was already engaged to the glamorous Rhoda…

A Kind Of Magic

Rosie already knew the sort of man she wanted to marry and Fergus couldn’t be further from that ideal! Yet he had also made it clear that he, too, had decided on the girl he wanted to marry…
but did his plans include her?

An Old-Fashioned Girl

How could she make him notice her?

Patience knew she couldn’t be more different form the sort of women Dutch surgeon Julius van der Beek seemed to attract. After all she was a quiet country girl with a somewhat unique taste in clothes and an assertive personality to match! Yet she was attracted to him. Not that she had a hope of making him notice her, particularly with the glamorous Sylvia van Teule already at his side…

A Girl In a Million

Dark Horse Manga and Harlequin Books are delighted to present a shining new line of books that marry two of the most successful phenomenon to hit bookstores bestselling Harlequin romance fiction and female friendly Japanese manga! These sparkling manga adaptations of Harlequin’s best selling titles are a romantic step above much of the cookie cutter manga hitting the shelves today. A vacation fling was completely out of character for old fashioned Carol, but her attraction to intriguing, older Marius tempted her to break her own rules. The next thing she knew, though, he’d turned up working at her hospital! Does she have what it takes to attract much less keep the attentions of this intimidating, sophisticated, and utterly compelling man?

At Odds with Love

What Were His Plans For Her?

When Jane needed help, she was amazed that it was the charismatic surgeon Nikolaas van der Vollenhove who tore himself away from his busy schedule to come to her rescue. A renowned workaholic, it was obvious that he had no time for anything or anyone in his life. Which was why his marriage proposal came as such a shock. Just why did he want Jane for his wife if it wasn’t for love?

A Valentine for Daisy

Surely Her Heart Realized He Was Totally Unsuitable? Arrogant, overbearing and dictatorial! What was there to like about brilliant pediatrician Dr. Valentine Seymour? Not much, Daisy Pelham had to admit. Yet, his small patients seemed to adore him…
Daisy was mystified. She could only think that perhaps there was another side to him, one that he didn’t want her to see…

Wedding Bells for Beatrice

‘You should marry again.’

Beatrice sympathized with Gijis van der Eekerk. A widower with a small child and a busy medical career needed someone to make sure his domestic life ran smoothly. What she hadn’t counted on was his decision to offer her the position. As his wife, she would have a comfortable lifestyle and everything that money could buy. But what was that, if Gijis couldn’t offer her love?

A Christmas Wish

For Olivia Harding, the offer of employment at a small private school came as something of a godsend. With no qualifications, she hadn’t expected to find a job so easily, let alone one that still brought her into contact with the eminent surgeon Haso van der Eisler. Olivia always looked forward to Haso’s visits, though she knew he came mainly to see his goddaughter, Nel. The idea that Haso should marry the child’s glamorous mother seemed obvious to all, but Olivia’s stubborn heart told her otherwise!

The Awakened Heart (With: )

‘Shouldn’t There Be Love, As Well?’

Devastated by a love affair that had gone wrong, Sophie was determined to avoid any more heartache. Then one day the brilliant brain surgeon Rijk van Taak appeared in her life. He, too, had been hurt in the past and made it clear that he now wanted a companion rather than a wife. Sophie was pleased to accept his proposal on that basis alone but her heart seemed to have other ideas!

Dearest Mary Jane

‘Would you like me for a brother in law, Mary Jane?’

She wouldn’t like him for a brother in law she would like him for a husband! But why should she suddenly discover this now of all times, sitting opposite him, being cross examined as though she were in a witness box…
and fighting an urge to fling her arms around his neck and tell him that she loved him? ‘Yes, oh yes, that would be delightful.’

Fate Takes A Hand

Too good to be true?

When Eulalia first met Fenno, she found him thoroughly irritating! So she was alarmed when her attraction to him escalated to uncomfortable levels. And it certainly didn’t help that she was engaged to another woman.

Eulalia had more important things to take care of like finding a home for herself and her young cousin. But her mysterious inheritance of a country cottage made her suspicious. Was fate or Fenno giving her a helping hand?

A Secret Infatuation

Just for once allow your heart to rule your prudent common sense…
Tempting advice – dare Eugenie take it? A country upbringing had taught her to be practical…
not to cherish romantic dreams about tall, handsome strangers But a chance encounter one misty day in spring changed all that. Eminent surgeon Aderik Rijnma ter Salis was a very special man – he made Eugenie’s life seem brighter, full of exciting possibilities But with the gorgeous Saphira at his side, could Aderik’s feelings for Eugenie ever be more than strictly professional?

The Bachelor’s Wedding

Christmas Delights…
Claudia first met Thomas when he was asked to discuss the health of her great uncle, Colonel Ramsay. After the colonel’s death, Thomas always seemed to be around and then, astonishingly, he proposed. It took a wonderfully delightful Christmas with his family for Claudia to realize that she truly loved her new husband. Now all she had to do was find a way to persuade Thomas to love her…

The Right Kind of Girl

A suitable wife? Emma had spent most of her life looking after other people, so it was quite a shock to meet a man so determined to take care of her. Sir Paul Wyatt’s proposal even if it was motivated by convenience on his part was hardly one that Emma was in a position to refuse. Could this renowned surgeon be the answer to all her dreams?

The Fortunes Of Francesca

Marriage under the mistletoe…
Francesca Bowen has cut short her medical career to look after her elderly aunt, so she jumps at the chance to be assistant to Lady Trumper. But Francesca soon discovers that she’s made the wrong decision and is being treated like a dogsbody. Then, suddenly, a glimmer of hope appears…
Professor Marc van der Kettener unexpectedly proposes! Marc has been a helping hand since they met but Francesca is confused by his sudden proposal. Does Marc just want to help her out of a tight spot, or has he really fallen in love…

Only By Chance

So Near…
Yet So Far…
Life had not been easy for Henrietta Cowper, but she hoped to improve her lot. Then, shortly after she met consultant neurosurgeon Adam Ross Pit, Henrietta fell seriously ill and her small world changed forever. She had him to thank for her new job, and she was very grateful…
and perhaps a little in love. But he didn’t need to know that even if he did continue to come to her rescue!

The Mistletoe Kiss

Professor Ruerd ter Mennolt couldn’t understand why he was bothering with Ermentrude Foster, when he had a beautiful fiancee in Annaliese. But after Christmas in Holland with Emmy, he realised he must end his engagement.

Nanny by Chance

About to begin training as a nurse, Araminta Pomfrey found herself looking after Dr Marcus van der Breugh’s twin nephews instead! But when the time came to leave him and the boys, she began to wonder if nursing was what she really wanted to do.

A Winter Love Story

Claudia first met Mr Thomas Tait Bullen when he asked to discuss the health of her great uncle William. After William”s death, Thomas was always on hand until, astonishingly, he proposed.’

Discovering Daisy

A brand new romance for springtime. Let international bestselling author Betty Neels sweep you away into a world of bliss with this wonderfully romantic, brand new novel…
Daisy Gillard led a quiet life in her father’s little shop, until the handsome pediatrician Mr. Jules der Huizma swept her away to Holland! It was a secret joy for Daisy that Jules seemed to want to spend time with her. But Daisy knew her feelings couldn’t lead anywhere, because Jules was promised to another woman…
But he was so attentive and charming, Daisy was starting to hope that she would become Jules’s bride…

An Independent Woman

Julia Gracey has always lived by the rule that women should stand on their own two feet. But whenever there’s a problem, Professor Gerard van der Maes always seems to be on hand with the perfect solution! Gerard seems determined to steal Julia’s heart yet she’s just as adamant that he won’t take over her life. But when Julia is about to lose her home, Gerard offers one final proposition that she finds impossible to resist marriage!

Emma’s Wedding

Meeting Dr. Roele van Dyke was a blessing for Emma Dawson. He always seemed to go out of his way to make her happy, and she couldn’t imagine life without him…
. When the time came for Roele to return to Amsterdam permanently, he knew he couldn’t leave Emma behind. So he offered her a job at his surgery. Emma was in love and simply couldn’t refuse. But did Roele want Emma to be his secretary or his wife?

The Doubtful Marriage

Tilly accepts Rauwerd van Kempler’s offer of marriage, knowing it is a practical arrangement, but she suddenly realizes that she wants more from their relationship, especially love. Reissue.’

A Betty Neels Christmas

Tow holiday romances by a treasured USA Today bestselling author. A Christmas Proposal Dr. Oliver Hay Smythe seemed to have met a modern day Cinderella! Ever since Bertha’s father had remarried, the kindhearted woman had been put upon by her family. She appeared to live in her stepsister’s shadow, stuck doing the housework and wearing hand me downs! The doctor was about to change all that. In fact, he was about to change Bertha’s entire world. Winter Wedding Some people might think Emily Seymor was a bit prim and proper. But she preferred to think of herself as sensible; she was a staff nurse, after all. Unfortunately, all the good sense in the world couldn’t stop her from falling in love with Professor Renier Jurres Romeijn, though he barely seemed to notice her. He was too busy making plans for a winter wedding. But who was his intended bride?

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