Asa Larsson Books In Order

Rebecka Martinsson Books In Publication Order

  1. Sun Storm / The Savage Altar (2003)
  2. The Blood Spilt (2007)
  3. The Black Path (2008)
  4. Until Thy Wrath be Past (2011)
  5. The Second Deadly Sin (2013)

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Asa Larsson Books Overview

Sun Storm / The Savage Altar

On the floor of a church in northern Sweden, the body of a man lies mutilated and defiled and in the night sky, the aurora borealis dances as the snow begins to fall…
. So begins sa Larsson’s spellbinding thriller, winner of Sweden s Best First Crime Novel Award and an international literary sensation.

Rebecka Martinsson is heading home to Kiruna, the town she d left in disgrace years before. A Stockholm attorney, Rebecka has a good reason to return: her friend Sanna, whose brother has been horrifically murdered in the revivalist church his charisma helped create. Beautiful and fragile, Sanna needs someone like Rebecka to remove the shadow of guilt that is engulfing her, to forestall an ambitious prosecutor and a dogged policewoman. But to help her friend, and to find the real killer of a man she once adored and is now not sure she ever knew, Rebecka must relive the darkness she left behind in Kiruna, delve into a sordid conspiracy of deceit, and confront a killer whose motives are dark, wrenching, and impossible to guess…

From the Hardcover edition.

The Blood Spilt

It’s midsummer in Sweden when the light lingers through dawn and a long, isolating winter finally comes to an end. In this magical time, a brutal killer has chosen to strike. A female priest who made enemies and acolytes in equal number has been found hanging in her church. And a big city lawyer quite acquainted with death enters the scene as police and parishioners try to pick up the pieces…

Not long ago, attorney Rebecka Martinsson had to kill three men in order to stop an eerily similar murder spree one that also involved a priest. Now she is back in Kiruna, the region of her birth, while a determined policewoman gnaws on the case and people who loved or loathed the victim mourn or revel in her demise. The further Rebecka is drawn into the mystery a mystery that will soon take another victim the more the dead woman s world clutches her: a world of hurt and healing, sin and sexuality, and, above all, of sacrifice.

In prose that is both lyrical and visceral, sa Larsson has crafted a novel of pure entertainment, a taut, atmospheric mystery that will hold you in thrall until the last, unforgettable page is turned

From the Hardcover edition.

The Black Path

A grisly torture murder, a haunting northern Sweden backdrop, and a dark drama of twisted sexuality collide memorably in sa Larsson’s masterpiece of suspense a tale of menace, hope, longing, and darkness beyond imagining.

The dead woman was found on a frozen lake, her body riddled with evidence of torture. Instantly, Inspector Anna Maria Mella knows she needs help. Because the dead woman found in workout clothes with lacy underwear beneath them was a key player in a mining company whose tentacles reach across the globe. Anna Maria needs a lawyer to help explain some things and she knows one of the best.

Attorney Rebecka Martinsson is desperate to get back to work, to feel alive again after a case that almost destroyed her. Soon Rebecka is prying into the affairs of the dead woman s boss, the founder of Kallis Mining, whose relationship with his star employee was both complex and ominous. But what Rebecka and Anna Maria are about to uncover a tangled drama of secrets, perversion, and criminality will lay bare a tale as shocking as it is sad about a man s obsession, a woman s lonely death, and a killer s cold, cold heart.

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