Hakan Nesser Books In Order

Inspector Van Veeteren Books In Publication Order

  1. Borkmann’s Point (2006)
  2. The Return (2007)
  3. The Mind’s Eye (2008)
  4. Woman with Birthmark (2009)
  5. The Inspector and Silence (2010)
  6. The Unlucky Lottery / Munster’s Case (2012)
  7. Hour of the Wolf (2012)
  8. The G File (2012)
  9. The Weeping Girl (2013)
  10. The Strangler’s Honeymoon (2013)

Inspector Van Veeteren Books In Chronological Order

  1. The Mind’s Eye (2008)
  2. Borkmann’s Point (2006)
  3. The Return (2007)
  4. Woman with Birthmark (2009)
  5. The Inspector and Silence (2010)
  6. The Unlucky Lottery / Munster’s Case (2012)
  7. Hour of the Wolf (2012)
  8. The G File (2012)
  9. The Weeping Girl (2013)
  10. The Strangler’s Honeymoon (2013)

Gunnar Barbarotti Books In Publication Order

  1. The Darkest Day (2001)
  2. The Root of Evil (2007)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. The Summer of Kim Novak (1998)
  2. The Living and the Dead in Winsford (2015)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Norton’s Philosophical Memoirs (2018)

Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. Intrigo (With: ) (2018)

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Hakan Nesser Books Overview

Borkmann’s Point

An ex con is brutally murdered with an ax in Kaalbringen. Then the body of a wealthy real estate mogul is found, also the victim of a violent attack. There appears to be a serial killer on the loose, and Chief Inspector Van Veeteren is called in to help the local police. In his storied career he has only left one case unsolved, but he’s never before faced an ax murderer. As details surrounding the grisly murders are collected, Van Veeteren finds that there is almost nothing to go on; nothing links the two victims. But then there s another murder, and shortly thereafter one of Van Veeteren s colleagues, a promising female detective, goes missing perhaps because the criminal knows she has come too close to the truth…
. In this riveting novel, full of fascinating, quirky characters and deep motives, H kan Nesser introduces American readers to a detective who is already beloved by his European readership, as he spins a story that leaves even the most veteran crime novel readers chilled.

The Return

Van Veeteren thought back to what his friend Mahler had said the previous evening: Doing something at the right time is more important than what you actually do…
An unmissable hospital appointment is looming for Inspector Van Veeteren when a corpse is found rolled in a rotting carpet by a young child playing in a local beauty spot. Missing head and limbs, the torso is too badly decomposed for forensic identification bar one crucial detail…
Circumstantial evidence soon points to a local man, a double murderer who disappeared 9 months before, shortly after being released on parole; a local hero turned monster after being convicted of killing two women over a span of three decades. Recuperating after an operation, Van Veeteren is nevertheless directing investigations from his hospital bed, for he is convinced that only the innocence of this new victim can be the motive for his murder. But the two women have been dead for long enough for any evidence to have died with them…
And is he a little like Inspector Morse can be on occasion simply on the wrong track completely?

The Mind’s Eye

The highly anticipated first novel in the Inspector Van Veeteren series in now available in English. At last, American readers will be able to enjoy, from its very beginnings, this addictive series by one of Europe’s most beloved and best selling crime writers. Chief Inspector Van Veeteren knew that murder cases were never as open and shut as this one: Janek Mitter woke one morning with a brutal hangover and discovered his wife of three months lying facedown in the bathtub, dead. With only the flimsiest excuse as his defense, he is found guilty of a drunken crime of passion and imprisoned in a mental institution. But Van Veeteren s suspicions about the identity of the killer are borne out when Mitter also becomes a murder victim. Now the chief inspector launches a full scale investigation of the two slayings. But it may only be the unspoken secrets of the dead revealed in a mysterious letter that Mitter wrote shortly before his death that will finally allow Van Veeteren to unmask the killer and expose the shocking root of this sordid violence.

Woman with Birthmark

A mother’s dying wish sealed with a deadly promise. Four men with a secret they thought they d buried decades ago. A detective in love. A man desperate to live despite the shadow of his guilty past. After hearing her mother s deathbed confession and following the dreary funeral, Maria Adler realizes she has no other option but to seize upon her mother s imperative to do something. Dissolving the life she loathes, Maria changes her appearance and disappears. When she emerges, revenge is her sole occupation. Inspector Van Veeteren and his associates are left bewildered by the curious murder of a man shot twice in the heart and twice below the belt. He was a quiet, utterly dull man, and the only suspicious activity his surviving wife can recall is a series of peculiar phone calls. Repeatedly the telephone would ring, offering nothing but the words of an obscure pop song from the 1960s. This siren song is linked to an identical murder, but the true link between these heinous crimes remains unknown, while a daughter s pride grows with the satisfaction of vengeance and another detective s lover offers telling insights that only an outsider could deduce. With the critical eye and cool observation necessary for a successful chess match, Van Veeteren pursues his subject across the country, wading through outrageous leads and fruitless tips. A breathless thriller full of deception, blackmail, and cold murder, Woman with Birthmark is a chilling read.

The Inspector and Silence

In the heart of summer, the country swelters in a fug of heat. In the beautiful forested lake town of Sorbinowo, Sergeant Merwin Kluuge’s tranquil existence is shattered when he receives a phone call from an anonymous woman. She tells him that a girl has gone missing from the summer camp of the mysterious The Pure Life, a religious sect buried deep in the woods. Chief Inspector Van Veeteren is recruited to help solve the mystery. But Van Veeteren’s investigations at The Pure Life go nowhere fast. The strange priest like figure who leads the sect Oscar Yellineck refuses even to admit anyone is missing. Things soon take a sinister turn, however, when a young girl’s body is discovered in the woods, raped and strangled; and Yellineck himself disappears. Yet even in the face of these new horrors, the remaining members of the sect refuse to co operate with Van Veeteren, remaining largely silent. As the body count rises, a media frenzy descends upon the town and the pressure to find the monster behind the murders weighs heavily on the investigative team. Finally Van Veeteren realises that to solve this disturbing case, faced with silence and with few clues to follow, he has only his intuition to rely on…

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