Arnaldur Indriðason Books In Order

Inspector Erlendur Books In Publication Order

  1. Jar City / Tainted Blood (2000)
  2. Silence of the Grave (2001)
  3. Voices (2002)
  4. The Draining Lake (2004)
  5. Arctic Chill (2005)
  6. Hypothermia (2007)
  7. Outrage (2008)
  8. Black Skies (2009)
  9. Strange Shores (2010)
  10. Reykjavík Nights (2012)
  11. Into Oblivion (2014)

Konráð Books In Publication Order

  1. The Darkness Knows (2017)

Reykjavik Wartime Mystery/Flovent and Thorson Thrillers Books In Publication Order

  1. The Shadow District (2013)
  2. The Shadow Killer (2018)

Reykjavik Wartime Mystery/Flovent and Thorson Thrillers Books In Chronological Order

  1. The Shadow Killer (2018)
  2. The Shadow District (2013)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Operation Napoleon (1999)

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Reykjavik Wartime Mystery/Flovent and Thorson Thrillers Book Covers

Reykjavik Wartime Mystery/Flovent and Thorson Thrillers Book Covers

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Arnaldur Indriðason Books Overview

Jar City / Tainted Blood

Jar City introduces American readers to a new crime writer from Iceland whose work has created an international sensation. Arnaldur Indridason has been compared to such luminaries in the field as Henning Mankell, Georges Simenon, Per Wahloo and Maj Sjowall; everyone agrees that here is a world class writer. When a lonely old man is found murdered in his Reykjav k flat, the only clues are a cryptic note left by the killer and a photograph of a young girl’s grave. Inspector Erlendur, who heads the investigation team, discovers that many years ago the victim was accused, though not convicted, of an unsolved crime. Did the old man s past come back to haunt him? As the team of detectives reopen this very cold case, Inspector Erlendur uncovers secrets that are much larger than the murder of one old man secrets that have been carefully guarded by many people for many years. As he follows a fascinating trail of unusual forensic evidence, Erlendur also confronts stubborn personal conflicts that reveal his own depth and complexity of character. Like all great crime fiction, Jar City is about much more than murder, and avid suspense fans are about to discover a first rate writer who has already received rave reviews around the world.

Silence of the Grave

Now Iceland has its own Mankell. Holger Kreitling, Die Welt GermanyLast year Jar City introduced international crime writing sensation Arnaldur Indridason to rave reviews and a rousing welcome from American thriller fans. And now, Silence of the Grave, the next in this stunning series has won the coveted Golden Dagger Award. Presented by the British Crime Writers’ Association, previous winners of this award include John Le Carre, Minette Walters, Henning Mankell, and James Lee Burke. In Silence of the Grave, a corpse is found on a hill outside the city, and Detective Inspector Erlendur Sveinsson and his team think the body may have been buried for some years. While Erlendur struggles to hold together the crumbling fragments of his own family, slowly but surely he finds out the truth about another unhappy family. Few people are still alive who can tell the tale, but even secrets taken to the grave cannot remain hidden forever. Destined to be a classic in the world of crime fiction, Silence of the Grave is one of the most accomplished thrillers in recent years.


Arnaldur Indridason took the international crime fiction scene by storm after winning England’s CWA Gold Dagger Award for Silence of the Grave. Now, with the highly anticipated Voices, this world class sensation treats American readers to another extraordinary Inspector Erlendur Sveinsson thriller.

The Christmas rush is at its peak in a grand Reykjav k hotel when Inspector Erlendur Sveinsson is called in to investigate a murder. The hotel Santa has been stabbed, and Erlendur and his detective colleagues have no shortage of suspects between hotel staff and the international travelers staying for the holidays.

But then a shocking secret surfaces. As Christmas Day approaches, Erlendur must deal with his difficult daughter, pursue a possible romantic interest, and untangle a long buried web of malice and greed to find the murderer.

One of Indridason s most accomplished works to date, Voices is sure to win him a multitude of new American suspense fans.

The Draining Lake

An international sensation, published in over twenty five countries around the world, Arnaldur Indridason attained instant fame in the English speaking mystery world after winning the Gold Dagger Award for Silence of the Grave. His other crime novels in the series, Jar City and Voices, have also been published to highest acclaim U.S. readers who have already discovered this extraordinary writer are eagerly anticipating this latest Inspector Erlendur Sveinsson thriller. Following an earthquake, the water level of an Icelandic lake suddenly falls, revealing a skeleton that is weighed down by a heavy radio device bearing inscriptions in Russian. Inspectors Erlendur, Elinborg, and Sigurdur Oli’s investigation takes them back to the Cold War era, when bright, left wing students in Iceland were sent to study in the heavenly state of Communist East Germany. But one of the students went missing, and her friends suspected that her heavenly state was all too real. Erlendur follows a long cold trail that leads back to Iceland, international espionage, and murder. Another astonishing thriller from one of crime fiction s brightest stars, The Draining Lake is Arnaldur Indridason s most gripping book yet.

Arctic Chill

On an icy January day, the Reykjavik police are called to a block of flats where a body has been found in the garden: a young, dark skinned boy, frozen to the ground in a pool of his own blood. The discovery of a stab wound in his stomach extinguishes any hope that this was a tragic accident. Erlendur and his team embark on their investigation with little to go on but the news that the boy’s Thai half brother is missing. Is he implicated, or simply afraid for his own life? The investigation soon unearths tensions simmering beneath the surface of Iceland s outwardly liberal, multicultural society. The boy s murder forces Erlendur to confront a tragedy in his own past. Soon, facts are emerging from the snow filled darkness that are more chilling even than the Arctic night. From the Hardcover edition.


Indridason fills the void that remains after you’ve read Stieg Larsson’s novels. USA Today on HypothermiaInspector Erlunder has spent his entire career struggling to evade the ghosts of his past. But ghosts are visiting him, both in the form of a’s ance attended by a dead woman and also in the reemerging puzzle of two young people who went missing 30 years ago. And there s the ghost of the detective s disastrous marriage, which, despite the pleas of his drug addled daughter, he is unwilling to confront. In addition, he s still obsessed with the disappearance of his brother, who vanished without a trace when they were boys. He can only run from his ghosts for so long, and, when they finally catch up with him, Erlunder is forced to face the heart shattering truth of his past. One of the most haunting crime novels readers are likely to encounter this year or any other, this is classic story that belongs on the shelf of every serious reader of suspense fiction. Hypothermia will chill you to the bone.

Operation Napoleon

From the CWA Gold Dagger winning author of the Reykjav k Murder Mystery series comes an international thriller sweeping from modern Iceland to America and Na*zi Germany at the end of World War II. 1945: A German bomber flies over Iceland in a blizzard; the crew have lost their way and eventually crash on the Vatnaj kull glacier, the largest in Europe. Puzzlingly, there are both German and American officers on board. One of the senior German officers claims that their best chance of survival is to try to walk to the nearest farm and sets off, a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist. He soon disappears into the white vastness. 1999, mid winter, and the US Army is secretively trying to remove an aeroplane from the Vatnaj kull glacier. By coincidence two young Icelanders become involved but will pay with their lives. Before they are captured, one of the two contacts his sister, Kristin, who will not rest until she discovers the truth of her brother’s fate. Her pursuit puts her in great danger, leading her, finally, to a remote island off Argentina in search of the key to the riddle about Operation Napoleon.

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