Mark Timlin Books In Order

Nick Sharman Books In Order

  1. A Good Year for the Roses (1988)
  2. Romeo’s Tune (1990)
  3. Gun Street Girl (1990)
  4. Take the A-train (1991)
  5. The Turnaround (1991)
  6. Zip Gun Boogie (1992)
  7. Hearts of Stone (1992)
  8. Falls the Shadow (1993)
  9. Ashes by Now (1993)
  10. Pretend We’re Dead (1994)
  11. Paint It Black (1995)
  12. Find My Way Home (1996)
  13. Sharman and Other Filth (1996)
  14. A Street That Rhymed at 3am (1997)
  15. Dead Flowers (1998)
  16. Quick Before They Catch Us (1999)
  17. All the Empty Places (2000)
  18. Stay Another Day (2010)
  19. Reap the Whirlwind (2019)


  1. I Spied a Pale Horse (1999)
  2. Answers from the Grave (2004)
  3. Guns of Brixton (2010)

Non fiction

  1. 101 Best TV Crime Series (2010)

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Mark Timlin Books Overview

Dead Flowers

Nick Sharman’s gone to ground since his daughter returned to Scotland. Nothing will tempt him back into the business again except money-and a story to touch his heart. And Ray Miller’s got plenty of both as a Lottery jackpot winner who wants to find the wife who left him three years ago.

All the Empty Places

It’s the oldest story in the world: boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl. But when the boy is Nick Sharman, and the girl has a violent ex-boyfriend, who promises extreme retribution to anyone who gets near her, it’s never going to be that simple. Both Nick and the girl are looking at a lot of trouble. What with an audacious multi-million-dollar robbery being planned, and enough ordnance to stock the Woolwich Arsenal, the scene is set for a savage and bloody confrontation beneath the streets of London. It all ends explosively, with only one man standing. And guess who that is.

101 Best TV Crime Series

In this shamelessly personal view of the best television crime series, Mark Timlin has taken the straightforward approach of including any crime show that he’s enjoyed since he was small. Fortunately, that encompas*ses an enormous range of shows, from the good, to the bad, to the plain bizarre. Classics range from Z-Cars to Hill Street Blues, The Professionals, The Bill, and Callan, but Mark also includes 77 Sunset Strip, Highway Patrol, and Johnny Staccato from the late 1950s, the Birmingham-based Gangsters from the mid-70s and the more recent 55 Degrees North-and of course lots more. The first 90 are in no particular order, the top 10 in order of preference. Packed with information and curious facts, there is nostalgia aplenty, sharp opinions, and surely plenty to disagree with and dispute-and of course, that’s the point. Amuse your friends, irritate your enemies, and enter into the debate-this book is the perfect jumping off point for sorting out your own personal Top Ten.

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