Mary Rosenblum Books In Order

Rachel O’Connor Gardening Mystery Books In Order

  1. Devil’s Trumpet (1999)
  2. Deadly Nightshade (1999)
  3. Bleeding Heart (2000)
  4. Garden View (2002)


  1. The Drylands (1993)
  2. Chimera (1993)
  3. The Stone Garden (1994)
  4. Horizons (2006)


  1. Synthesis and Other Virtual Realities (1993)
  2. Water Rites (2007)

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Mary Rosenblum Books Overview

Deadly Nightshade

While investigating the murder of a city councilman, landscaper Rachel O’Connor unearths some disturbing suspects, and the tension threatens to tear her town and her family apart…

Bleeding Heart

A botanist hires Rachel O’Connor to landscape her exquisite estate. But when the woman is murdered, Rachel must rake through clues to find the culprit.


‘Mary Rosenblum paints a fascinating future landscape with all the skill of a true artist. Chimera is a book to savor and enjoy over and over again.’PAT CADIGANDavid Chen severed his family ties to become a virtual reality artist on the Net. Jewel Martina left an impoverished family in the ‘burbs to become a medical aid, on her way to becoming a VR deal broker in the economic network that spanned the world. When Jewel saves David’s partner’s life, it becomes clear someone wanted him dead. There is trouble brewing on the Net, and as Jewel and David are caught up in it, they search the Net, the flesh world, and their own unhappy pasts for some answers. Nothing was ever as it seemed on the Net, where illusion was the rule of the game but for Jewel and David, the difference beween real and virtual was a matter of life and death…


Ahni Huang is hunting for her brother’s killer. As a class 9 empath with advanced biogenetic augmentations, she has complete mental and physical control of her body, and can read other people’s intentions before they can even think them. Ahni soon finds though, that there are deceptions behind deceptions, and in the middle of it lies the fate of her brother. Earth is in the midst of a political struggle between the World Council, which governs humankind, and the Platforms, which orbit high above Earth. On the Platform New York Up, ‘upsider’ life is different. They have their own culture, values, and ambitions and now they want their independence from Earth. One upsider leader, Dane Nilson, is determined to accomplish this goal, but he has a secret, one that could condemn him to death. When Ahni stumbles upon Dane during her quest for vengeance, her fate becomes inextricably linked to his. Together they must delve beyond the intrigue and manipulative schemes to get to the core of truth; a truth that will shape the future of the Platforms and shatter any preconceived notions of what defines the human race.

Water Rites

We failed to check global warming. In this dry future water is the most valuable resource. It is power. And in the US, the Army Corps of Engineers has become the guardian and keeper of water. Life is metered by water by it’s lack and its location. And who controls it. Major Carter Voltaire, newly in charge of The Pipeline, the enormous water project that keeps much of the western US alive, finds himself standing between thirsty locals and the need to provide water to the many. He has seen devastating water riots and must find a way to prevent that from happening here, while protecting precious water. There are no good answers.

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