Julia London Books In Order

The Cabot Sisters Books In Publication Order

  1. The Trouble With Honor (2014)
  2. The Devil Takes a Bride (2015)
  3. The Scoundrel and the Debutante (2015)

CedarSprings Books In Publication Order

  1. Summer of Two Wishes (2009)
  2. One Season of Sunshine (2010)
  3. A Light at Winter’s End (2011)

Desperate Debutantes Books In Publication Order

  1. The Hazards of Hunting a Duke (2006)
  2. The Perils of Pursuing a Prince (2007)
  3. The Dangers of Deceiving a Viscount (2007)

Highland Grooms Books In Publication Order

  1. Wild Wicked Scot (2016)
  2. Sinful Scottish Laird (2017)
  3. Hard-Hearted Highlander (2017)
  4. Devil in Tartan (2018)
  5. Tempting the Laird (2018)
  6. Seduced by a Scot (2018)

How to Marry a Highlander Books In Publication Order

  1. The Perfect Bargain (2015)

Lake Haven Books In Publication Order

  1. Suddenly in Love (2016)
  2. Suddenly Dating (2016)
  3. Suddenly Engaged (2017)
  4. Suddenly Single (2018)

Lear Family Trilogy Books In Publication Order

  1. Material Girl (2003)
  2. Beauty Queen (2004)
  3. Miss Fortune (2004)

Lockhart Family Books In Publication Order

  1. Highlander Unbound (2002)
  2. Highlander in Disguise (2005)
  3. Highlander in Love (2005)

Lucky Dog Books In Publication Order

  1. You Lucky Dog (2020)
  2. It Started with a Dog (2021)

New York Blades Books In Publication Order

  1. Body Check (By:) (2003)
  2. Fair Play (By:) (2004)
  3. Total Rush (By:) (2005)
  4. The Penalty Box (By:) (2006)
  5. Chasing Stanley (By:) (2007)
  6. Just a Taste (By:) (2008)
  7. Power Play (By:) (2008)
  8. Icebreaker (By:) (2011)
  9. Breakaway (By:) (2012)
  10. Hip Check (By:) (2013)

Pine River Books In Publication Order

  1. Homecoming Ranch (2013)
  2. Return to Homecoming Ranch (2014)
  3. The Perfect Homecoming (2015)

Princes of Texas Books In Publication Order

  1. The Charmer in Chaps (2019)
  2. The Devil in the Saddle (2019)
  3. The Billionaire in Boots (2020)

Rogues of Regent Street Books In Publication Order

  1. The Devil’s Love (1998)
  2. Wicked Angel (1999)
  3. The Dangerous Gentleman (2000)
  4. The Ruthless Charmer (2000)
  5. The Beautiful Stranger (2001)
  6. The Secret Lover (2002)

A Royal Match Books In Publication Order

  1. Last Duke Standing (2022)

A Royal Wedding Books In Publication Order

  1. The Princess Plan (2019)
  2. A Royal Kiss & Tell (2020)
  3. A Princess by Christmas (2020)

The Scandalous Books In Publication Order

  1. The Book of Scandal (2008)
  2. Highland Scandal (2009)
  3. A Courtesan’s Scandal (2009)

The Secrets of Hadley Green Books In Publication Order

  1. The Year of Living Scandalously (2010)
  2. The Christmas Secret (2011)
  3. The Revenge of Lord Eberlin (2012)
  4. The Seduction of Lady X (2012)
  5. The Last Debutante (2013)

7 Brides for 7 Blackthornes Books In Publication Order

  1. Devlin (By:Barbara Freethy) (2019)
  2. Jason (2019)
  3. Ross (By:Lynn Raye Harris) (2019)
  4. Phillip (By:Cristin Harber) (2019)
  5. Brock (By:Roxanne St. Claire) (2019)
  6. Logan (By:Samantha Chase) (2019)
  7. Trey (By:Christie Ridgway) (2019)

7 Brides for 7 Soldiers Books In Publication Order

  1. Adam (By:Roxanne St. Claire) (2017)
  2. Zane (By:Christie Ridgway) (2017)
  3. Wyatt (By:Lynn Raye Harris) (2017)
  4. Jack (2017)
  5. Noah (By:Cristin Harber) (2017)
  6. Ford (By:Samantha Chase) (2017)

Thrillseeker Anonymous / Over the Edge Books In Publication Order

  1. Wedding Survivor / All I Need Is You (2005)
  2. Extreme Bachelor / One More Night (2006)
  3. American Diva/ Fall Into Me (2007)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Guiding Light (2007)

Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. Lucky Charm (2013)
  2. The Vicar’s Widow (2013)
  3. The Bridesmaid (2013)
  4. One Mad Night (2015)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. The School for Heiresses (2006)
  2. Snowy Night with a Stranger (2008)

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Julia London Books Overview

Summer of Two Wishes

Macy Lockhart’s life shattered in a moment with the news that her husband, Finn – serving in the military overseas – has been killed in the line of duty. Their ardent and devoted marriage is over, leaving Macy alone, empty, directionless. But while she tries to sustain herself with memories of Finn, the quiet, strong man who made her and their small Texas ranch the center of his life, it is wealthy Wyatt Clark who slowly brings joy back into her life. Her love for Wyatt may be less romantic than the breathless passion she’d once shared with Finn, but she vows to cherish him, and their marriage is happy and as solid as a rock. Until the day that Finn, miraculously spared from death, returns home to claim his bride…
. How can a woman choose between the two men she loves? And how will she make the right choice – for herself and everyone involved? In a deeply moving, passionate novel, New York Times bestselling author Julia London illuminates the questions hidden in a woman’s heart. ‘Superbly crafted characters, graceful writing, and sinfully sexy romance.’ – Booklist

One Season of Sunshine

Should some questions be left unanswered? Adopted as an infant, Jane Aaron longs to know the identity of her birth mother and why she gave her up. Her only clue is the name of the small Texas town where she was born, so she’s come to Cedar Springs for answers. Handsome ad executive Asher Price lost his wife, the beautiful, mysterious Susanna, in a terrible car crash eighteen months ago. When he hires Jane as the nanny for his two children, sparks fly. Jane finds herself falling in love with both Asher and his children, but begins to suspect that Susanna was not the perfect mother and wife the family portrays her to have been. As Jane gets closer and closer to finding out the truth about both her own and Susanna s past, devastating secrets begin to emerge that may be more than anyone can bear. Will the truth bring Jane and Asher closer together or tear them apart forever?

A Light at Winter’s End

Holly Fisher opens her door one day and finds her estranged sister Hannah standing there with a glassy look and her nine-month old baby on her hip. Before Holly knows what is happening, Hannah has left her baby with Holly and disappeared. Three months later, fresh out of rehab for addiction to painkillers, Hannah shows up sober, contrite, and wanting her son back. But Holly is in love with the baby and not willing to give him up to the mother who abandoned him.

Into the middle of this extraordinary conflict between two sisters walks a lonesome cowboy, Wyatt Clark Summer of Two Wishes who knows a thing or two about childcare and fractured families. He’s had his own troubles and has stayed away from women the last couple of years, but he can’t resist Holly and the baby. But when Holly is delivered a devastating blow and returns the baby to his mother, Holly is too distraught to continue her relationship with Wyatt. It will take an extraordinary turn from Hannah to bring Holly and Wyatt together so that they both may find the happiness that has eluded them.

The Hazards of Hunting a Duke

USA Today bestselling author Julia London, ‘a gifted and versatile author’ Publishers Weekly, introduces a sexy, wildly romantic and emotionally charged new trilogy in which three aristocratic young ladies, upon discovering they are destitute, resort to desperate means to keep up appearances…
and find the husbands of their dreams. When the young ladies of the Fairchild family learn that their stepfather has absconded with their late mother’s fortune, Ava, the eldest, hunts down the notoriously wealthy rakehell Jared Broderick, the Marquis of Middleton and heir to a dukedom. Much to her shock and delight, the marquis sweeps her into a whirlwind romance and proposes marriage. But after their passionate wedding night, Ava discovers Jared has ulterior motives of his own. Not only does he expect her to deliver an heir while he continues to enjoy a rogue’s life, but Ava also suspects she is a pawn in her husband’s quest for revenge. Marriages of convenience work for some, but for Ava a loveless bond won’t do. So she devises a bold plan to confront her husband’s demons so that he might be free to choose to give her his heart for the right reason: because she is the only woman he will ever truly desire.

The Perils of Pursuing a Prince

From New York Times bestselling author Julia London comes the second novel in her irresistibly romantic Desperate Debutantes trilogy, in which three suddenly destitute aristocratic young ladies must resort to desperate means to keep up appearances…
and find the husbands of their dreams. Lady Greer Fairchild’s only hope of avoiding marriage to the first bidder lies in journeying into the untamed Welsh countryside in search of an inheritance she’s not sure even exists one reportedly controlled by Rhodrick Glendower, Earl of Radnor, also known as the Prince of Powys. Rumor has it that the prince is rough, ruthless even a murderer. But Greer never imagined that the brute would refuse to let her leave his remote castle until she has proven her identity. Or that she would find herself powerfully attracted to this passionately virile man whose gruff demeanor belies a proud and sensual nature. The further Greer falls under his spell, the more determined she becomes to unravel the secrets of her Welsh heritage and the mystery surrounding the dark prince who dares her to become his wife and princess.

The Dangers of Deceiving a Viscount

Lady Phoebe Fairchild is well aware that the ton would be appalled to learn of a young lady of quality involved in a trade. Therefore, she resorts to selling her beautiful handmade gowns under a fictitious name: Madame Dupree. So when circumstances force her to visit the estate of William Darby, the Viscount of Summerfield, to design ball gowns for his sisters, she assumes Madame’s identity. Phoebe’s discomfort in her new position as hired help is nothing compared to her visceral attraction to the viscount himself. Heathenishly handsome and shamelessly seductive, Will invites her to be his mistress and Phoebe is shockingly tempted to accept. But as their desire for each other grows and the risk of exposure becomes even greater, Phoebe is in dire danger of losing her reputation, her livelihood and her chance of becoming the bride of the man whose passion has claimed her forever.

Material Girl

In the first book of her sizzling new trilogy, Julia London introduces readers to the glamorous Lear family, whose dying patriarch has vowed to teach his spoiled, pampered daughters to appreciate the important things in life like love…
Glamorous jet setter Robin Lear gets a crash course in Reality 101 when her father demotes her from her cushy job in the family business. And thanks to a sexy contractor, her scrap metal love life is about to undergo some major renovations.

Beauty Queen

Three glamorous sisters live up to the last wish demands of a dying patriarch, and compete for that elusive dream called love. This imaginative update of Shakespeare’s King Lear is a hit with the critics:

Miss Fortune

One practical father’s wishes for his three fanciful daughters make for a captivating trilogy by Julia London, author of Beauty Queen and Material Girl, which was praised as ‘simply irresistible…
a polished gem.’ Now, the last Lear sister is forced to get her head out of the clouds and her feet on the ground to find love.

Highlander Unbound

On leave from his Highland regiment, Captain Liam Lockhart comes to London on an urgent mission: to repossess the stolen family heirloom that could save his ancestral estate. He never dreamed it would involve surrendering his heart. But the beautiful and scandalous socialite Ellen Farnsworth sets his Highland blood aflame with a will as strong and reckless as his own. Though bound to Liam by a soul searing passion, duty impels Ellen to commit a terrible betrayal. Now, driven by passion, pride, and vengeance that know no bounds, this fearsome Highlander will reclaim not only his family’s ancient treasure, but the one daring woman he was meant to love for all time.

Highlander in Disguise

Griffin Lockhart holds the key to his family’s fate. Since his brother Liam failed to reclaim the priceless heirloom that could save their ancestral Scottish estate, it’s now up to Grif to find it among the lords and ladies of fashionable London society. Disguised as a Scottish earl, Grif attends the most glittering balls, hunting for the woman who is rumored to possess his family’s treasure. Along the way he catches the eye of Anna Addison, a highborn young woman whose sharp tongue and even sharper wits have limited her marital prospects but enable her to detect Grif’s deception. Determined to find a husband this Season, Anna draws Grif into a scandalous bargain: She will deliver his precious heirloom and keep secret his true identity if Grif can teach her how to seduce a man and win his heart. Well aware of what a man wants from a woman, Grif reluctantly instructs her. Soon Anna is besieged by suitors and Grif’s exasperation with the troublesome beauty turns into heated desire. With time running out, Grif commits a reckless act in order to claim not only his treasure, but the passionate woman he believes is his and his alone.

Highlander in Love

The Lockhart brothers’ quest for an ancient family heirloom has proved fruitless…
and an unpaid loan has left them indebted to their rival, Payton Douglas. With no recourse, the Lockharts offer Payton their most valuable commodity: their sister Mared’s hand in marriage. Raised to despise the Douglas name, Mared outwardly agrees to the marital bargain for the sake of her family; secretly, she concocts a plan to ensure Payton will not wish to marry her. Seeing the handsome, virile laird Payton face to face, however, threatens a centuries long enmity and awakens Mared’s deepest desires. But she will not be swayed. Choosing to repay her family’s debt by working as his housekeeper instead of wedding him, she finds herself inexorably drawn to the man she vowed to resist. Then a profound discovery changes everything…
. Now, no longer bound by a promise to her family, Mared must let her heart decide if the laird Payton is the enemy of past legend or if he holds the key to a future filled with a passion beyond her wildest dreams.

Body Check (By:)

When persistent sports publicist Janna MacNeil butts heads with hockey team captain Ty Gallagher, they don’t just crack the ice they melt it.

Fair Play (By:)

To the deep disappointment of her large family, PR princess Theresa Falconetti never dates Italians, men from her old Brooklyn neighborhood, or professional athletes.

Michael Dante, winger for the Stanley Cup champion New York Blades, is all three and he is head over heels for her. So when Theresa finds herself a buttoned up lawyer, Michael is forced to take his game to the next level.

Total Rush (By:)

Free spirit Gemma Dante wishes her love life were going as well as her New Age business. So she casts a spell to catch her Mr. Right. But when the cosmic wires get crossed, into her life walks a clean cut fireman who’s anything but her type.

Sean Kinnealy doesn’t know what to make of his pretty neighbor who burns incense. He only knows that being near her sparks a fire in him that even the guys at Ladder 29, Engine 31 can’t put out.

The Penalty Box (By:)

Everyone from Didsbury High remembers Katie Fisher as the dumpy brainiac from the poor side of town.

Everyone from Didsbury High remembers Paul van Dorn as the school hockey star and heartthrob. But now they re facing off and matching up in more ways than one. Katie’s lost the pounds, added some self confidence, and become a drop dead gorgeous sociology professor.

And since a series of concussions put an end to Paul s pro hockey career, his star has dimmed. Now he hits the ice as a coach. But he s still got the hometown crowd behind him as the owner of a bar called The Penalty Box.

Paul is reliving his glory days. Katie wishes she could put those years behind her. And the battle of wills that ensues just might knock love right out of the game

Chasing Stanley (By:)

Professional hockey player Jason Mitchell is thrilled when he’s traded to the New York Blades the team of his dreams. There’s just one problem: his pooch isn’t adjusting to city life too well. Good thing he crosses paths with dog trainer Delilah Gould. And then he begins to fall for her…
Now, with the season heating up, Jason realizes he’ll have to score big to win the Stanley Cup and the woman who has tamed his dog and unleashed his heart.

Just a Taste (By:)

For delizioso pasta, go to Dante s. For a sumptuous Cordon Bleu, go to Vivi s. To really heat things up get them together.

Since his wife’s untimely death, Anthony Dante has thrown himself into his cooking, making his restaurant, Dante s, a Brooklyn institution. So far, his biggest problem has been keeping his retired hockey star brother out of the kitchen. But now, a mademoiselle is invading his turf. And you know what they say: too many chefs spoil the neighborhood

Stunning Vivi Robitaille can t wait to showcase her tastebud tingling recipes in her brand new bistro, Vivi s. Her only problem is an arrogant Italian chef across the street who actually thinks he s competition. The table is set for a culinary war until things start getting spicy outside of the kitchen

Power Play (By:)

Just in time for hockey season Hockey player Eric Mitchell is a man in demand. First he was traded to save the New York Blades, and now the publicity department has loaned him out to help boost daytime diva Monica Geary’s career. What no one knows is that one of People magazine s hottest bachelors is also a closet soap opera fan. He s had his eyes on Monica for years and can t wait to get his arms around her.

Icebreaker (By:)

Attorney Sinead O’Brien’s new client is Adam Perry, the star of the New York Blades. It’s a good thing she doesn’t date clients, especially jocks. Charged with assault on another player, the private, no nonsense Adam knows this is his last shot at Stanley Cup glory. Sinead quickly discovers that there’s a wounded man under that helmet, and she’s falling for him hard. Can they play on their feelings without penalties?

Breakaway (By:)

Rory Brady was Ballycraig’s golden boy, the local lad who moved to America and became a professional hockey player. But he broke his promise to Erin O’Brien and never went back for her. Now Erin has moved on, and Rory must race the clock to prove to her that the man she fell in love with is still there. But can happy go lucky Erin risk it all and give another chance to the man who broke her heart?

The Devil’s Love

A woman’s desire…
With dreams of a great romantic love, Abigail Carrington sails to England to marry the man she has loved since childhood, Michael Ingram, Marquis of Darfield. She believes her betrothed is a generous and noble man who has been longing for her. But the handsome man waiting for her at the altar is a dark, brooding stranger who rushes her into marriage, then abandons her at his country estate. Only the passion of Michael’s kiss gives her hope that theirs can be more than a marriage of convenience.A man’s need…
With scandal shadowing his past, Michael, the Devil of Darfield, had no need for a wife. Remembering only the little hellion who made life miserable for him aboard her father’s ship, he resents the agreement he made to marry her so he could save his ancestral home. Though determined to ignore her, he cannot stop thinking about his lovely violet eyed bride. Her beauty tempts him. Her charm bedevils him. He tries to drive her away until he almost loses her. Then he vows to regain her love before it is too late…

Wicked Angel

Forbidden love is always a scandalous choice…
. She raced across the pasture, vaulted a fence, and landed, stunned and breathless, on top of the most handsome man she had ever seen. The bemused stranger stayed to capture the fancy of the brood of orphaned children in her charge, then stole Lauren Hill’s heart with a searing kiss as he left. Lauren couldn’t tell him she was a widowed countess fallen on hard times. She tried to forget him until she saw him again at a London ball. The man who haunted her dreams was a duke, out of her class…
and he was pledged to another woman. The ton is ablaze with talk of the ravishing Bavarian countess. Stunned, Alexander Christian, Duke of Sutherland, recognizes Lauren as the country girl who’s captured his heart. Duty has forced him to pledge himself to another, to take his proper place in society and in Parliament. He wants one night with his blue eyed enchantress, but will he be able to walk away from her again, or will he risk it all to be with the woman who fires his blood and makes him think of a…
Wicked Angel.

The Dangerous Gentleman

She was a lady. But he was no gentleman…

With her trademark sensuality and dazzling storytelling, Julia London brings us the Rogues of Regent Street, three dashing, aristocratic gentlemen whose scandalous exploits are the talk of the ton. Adrian Spence, Earl of Albright, has earned his notoriety on the dueling field, and in the finest drawing rooms and boudoirs of England. This is his story…

It was strictly business as Adrian Spence claimed the woman his brother desired. A hasty wedding, and Lilliana Dashell was his sweet revenge on the father who disinherited him and the brother who let it happen. Their wedding night is a revelation as passionate, innocent Lilliana ignites fires Adrian tries desperately to deny. By day he is a stranger. By night he is the lover of her dreams, and she a shameless wanton in his arms. But Adrian is determined that no woman will ever possess him. And Lilliana knows that her only hope of taming this very dangerous gentleman is to unlock his deepest mysteries and open his shuttered heart to love…

The Ruthless Charmer

No woman could resist Julian Dane. Except Lady Claudia Whitney. Julian had known her since childhood, but the headstrong lass had grown into a beautiful woman. Julian vows to teach her everything he knows about passion. But Claudia, in her most innocent ardor, promises to challenge him to the most dangerous emotion of all: wild, all consuming love. The rogue met his match in the woman he was forced to wed…

The Beautiful Stranger

He was dangerous, infamous, scandalous…
and the most beautiful man she’d ever seen. Fighting for her land, widowed Kerry McKinnon can’t believe the handsome Arthur has come to seize her home and leave her to a terrible fate. Yet from the moment they meet, a scandalous passion ignites between them impossible to resist. Then a crime will force Kerry to flee with Arthur to England where a challenge to their love could drive them apart forever…

The Secret Lover

Julia London captivated readers and critics alike with her acclaimed Rogues of Regent Street trilogy. Now the nationally bestselling author Romantic Times calls a rising star returns with the passionate story of a man and a woman pursued by secrets, shadowed by scandal, and surprised by love Eight years after fleeing England in the wake of a terrible scandal, Sophie Dane is no longer the trusting debutante betrayed by love. Now as companion to a worldly French widow, she returns to London where her arrival instantly sets tongues wagging and attracts the roving eye of aristocratic Trevor Hamilton. But it is his mysterious brother, Caleb, in whom Sophie senses a kindred soul and who captivates her as no other man has before. Reared on the continent, Caleb has come home to his ailing father only to be shunned by society as a fortune hunting imposter. Sophie, alone, seems to believe in him. But an unexpected series of events sets them both in flight once more. As scandal pursues them to a remote ancestral estate, a man and a woman haunted by the past will defy every convention on earth for a future in each other’s arms

The Book of Scandal

Nathan Grey, the Earl of Lindsey, is infamously known as the Libertine of Lindsey for his scandalous ways with women. But when he hears gossip that his estranged wife, Evelyn, is about to be named in The Book of Scandal, he has no choice but to remove her from London to protect her and himself from charges of treason – even if it calls for abduction! While Evelyn has no legal recourse against the man who broke her heart years ago but is still considered her lord and master, she is no longer the immature girl Nathan married. Her enforced homecoming quickly turns into a battle of wills that tears down her husband’s defenses and lays bare the passion that still burns between them. Before it is too late, Nathan must confront powerful adversaries as he convinces Evelyn that she is not only his wife, but the one woman he will love for all time. ‘SINGULAR, OUTSTANDING…
London’s masterful ability to bring characters to life makes this romance entirely absorbing.’ -Publishers Weekly starred review on The Dangers of Deceiving a Viscount

Highland Scandal

On the run from the wrathful Prince of Wales, Jack Haines, Earl of Lambourne, is taken prisoner by a Highland laird who makes him an unusual offer: if Jack handfasts his niece, then his life will be spared. The old Highland custom – a marriage lasting only a year and a day, unless both partners agree to make it a lifelong vow – sounds preferable to Jack to being dragged to London in chains, and when he meets lovely Lizzie Beal, his dilemma starts to seem positively enjoyable. Until the hellion vents her fury…on him! Detesting the scandalous match that will end all her chances of making a respectable marriage, Lizzie can’t abide living intimately with a fugitive nobleman bent on seducing her and then running off. But in teaching her the pleasures of a wife’s duties, Jack sparks within them both a passion that will make him wish he could stay with Lizzie for much longer than a year and a day.

A Courtesan’s Scandal

Kate Bergeron is the beautiful and mysterious former mistress of a cloth merchant…
and the latest beauty to capture the interest of the Prince of Wales. Mired in a disastrous divorce, the Prince attempts to distract attention from his next amorous pursuit by ordering Grayson Christopher, the eligible Duke of Darlington, to pretend to London society that he is having an affair with Kate. When Grayson reluctantly agrees to his Prince’s demand, he finds the lady no more willing than he is. Kate will grudgingly act the part in public, but her favors are not for sale to any man. As Grayson and Kate mimic ardor for the world to see, they find what started as a deception becoming all too real. And when passion flames into love, their predicament becomes extreme. For while marriage between a duke and a courtesan could never happen, Kate knows in her heart that she is willing to accept nothing less…
‘ -BookPage on The Book of Scandal ‘IN HISTORICAL ROMANCE, MS. LONDON IS ONE OF THE VERY BEST.’ -Publishers Weekly

The Year of Living Scandalously

In 1792, the village of Hadley Green executed a man for stealing the Countess of Ashwood’s historic jewels. Fifteen years later, questions still linger. Was it a crime of greed or of passion? When Declan O Connor, Earl of Donnelly, arrives at Hadley Green to meet with Lily Boudine, the new countess of Ashwood, he knows instantly that the lovely woman who welcomes him is not who she pretends to be. In an attempt to avoid an unwanted marriage, Keira Hannigan has assumed her cousin s identity and is staying at the estate while Lily is abroad. When Declan threatens to expose her, Keira convinces him to guard her secret, then enlists him in her investigation of the missing jewels, for she now believes an innocent man was hanged. Unable to deny the beautiful, exasperating Keira or their simmering passion Declan reluctantly agrees. But neither is prepared for the dangerous stranger who threatens to reveal Keira s lies…
and Declan knows he must protect Keira at all costs, for she is the woman who now owns his heart.

The Revenge of Lord Eberlin

Returning to Hadley Green after fifteen years, the young Lord Eberlin has but one goal in mind: to avenge the death of his father. But when he is reunited with the beautiful target of his smoldering wrath, his plans take an unexpected turn…
. Tobin Scott has not been back to Hadley Green since Lily Boudine’s childhood testimony helped send his father to the gallows for stealing the valuable Ashwood jewels. Now a wealthy man, he intends to exact his revenge by destroying Ashwood and its lady. He offers Lily a choice between her life and the livelihoods of the people who depend on the estate. She chooses the former, certain she can hold his dangerous plans at bay. Lily and Tobin s game of one upmanship quickly becomes a delicate dance of seduction, and she realizes he is not the cold, heartless man he tries to seem. In fact, she is certain he is right his father was innocent. Together, they set out to find the jewels that will restore his family s honor, and soon their unbridled passion uncovers a shocking secret that will change their lives forever.

Wedding Survivor / All I Need Is You

National bestselling author Julia London delivers a new series about a members only adventure service that caters to the rich and famous. In this captivating opener, one of its founders is about to embark on the thrill ride of his life meeting a woman he can’t live without.

Extreme Bachelor / One More Night

Second in the series featuring men who find love the most extreme sport of all. Living on the edge is nothing to the men who started Thrillseekers Anonymous, a members only adventure service that caters to the rich and famous. But ‘extreme sports’ takes on a whole new meaning for former CIA operative Michael Raney. Hollywood’s most notorious bachelor will have to mend his ways and risk it all for the one who got away.

American Diva/ Fall Into Me

From a national bestselling author, a sexy, scorching story of two Texans getting used to the glitterati life.

Jack Price has one dream: to own and operate a flight school. For him, any job that gets him closer to his goal is worth it, no matter how difficult. So when the opportunity to guard today’s hottest pop singer comes along, Jack leaps at the chance. Not long ago, he had a sexy encounter with this American sweetheart which makes taking this job pretty sweet. But the vixen he knew has turned into a raging diva and there’s no way he’ll let her walk all over him like she’s doing to everyone else.

Audrey LaRue is the latest ‘It’ girl. Everybody wants her or wants something from her. She’s being hounded by the paparazzi, her fans, and her boyfriend turned manager. And now she has a deadly stalker. Only Jack Price, her sexy, fearless bodyguard, is grounded enough to protect her and put her in her place. Audrey must learn to trust him, not only with her life, but with her heart.

Guiding Light

From New York Times bestselling author Julia London comes the passionate, suspenseful novel based on Guiding Light, the 2007 Emmy Award winning daytime drama.

When his true love Tammy Winslow died saving his life, Jonathan Randall had only one reason left for existing: his baby daughter Sarah. But Sarah’s great grandfather, powerful millionaire Alan Spaulding, was obsessed with bringing her up himself. Faking his death, Jonathan fled Springfield, leaving only his mother Reva Shayne aware he and Sarah were still alive.

After being on the run for months, Jonathan comes to the sleepy town of Tourmaline, California, with no intention of staying. But ten month old Sarah seems strangely happy here, and Jonathan himself feels an inexplicable pull toward the town. It’s almost as if Tammy’s ghost were whispering to him that he should stay for a while. But life is hard for a bad boy trying to turn good, until a local young woman comes into his life.

Aubrey Cross isn’t quite sure what attracts her to this stranger in Tourmaline. Perhaps it’s his dark good looks; perhaps it’s because she too has always felt as if she doesn’t belong in Tourmaline, even though her father is the popular town sheriff. Aubrey alone knows that this pillar of the community is in reality a sad*istic abuser.

And, of course, with a past like Jonathan’s, it’s no surprise that life doesn’t stay peaceful in Tourmaline for long. Sheriff Zeke Cross is sure there are some secrets buried, and he’s not going to rest until he uncovers them. Can Reva protect Jonathan and Sarah before they’re discovered by the dangerous Alan Spaulding?

Featuring some of Guiding Light‘s favorite characters, Jonathan’s Story is the passionate tale of how Jonathan may have finally found a second chance for true love…
but who knows better than Jonathan how quickly everything you love can be ripped away from you?

The School for Heiresses

Inspired by New York Times bestselling author Sabrina Jeffries’s School for Heiresses series, this delightful anthology features four young women who learn that there’s nothing textbook about love…
. ‘It is better not to marry at all than to marry badly.’ Mrs. Charlotte Harris, headmistress At The School for Heiresses, the lessons go far beyond etiquette and needlepoint. In addition to teaching her students how to avoid fortune hunters, headmistress and founder Charlotte Harris proposes the radical notion that women of means need not shackle themselves to men at all unless they find a suitable, desirable mate. So lessons in the fine art of acquiring a loving and passionate husband are part of the curriculum at this highly unusual school. And as the holidays approach, Mrs. Harris sends her young ladies home with personally tailored lessons to work on. Will they return any closer to finding the perfect husband? Join this dazzling roster of authors as they put their own spin on The School for Heiresses in four spirited tales of passion!

Snowy Night with a Stranger

Warm up on a winter’s night with three passionate love stories from three shining New York Times bestselling authors! Jane Feather leads an unwitting Yuletide traveler down a twisting path…
. Edward Vasey, Viscount Allenton, is journeying precariously through a snowstorm when his coach is overtaken by highwaymen! Robbed of his money, Ned takes refuge at Selby Hall, where a spirited beauty with a shocking secret may steal something more his heart. Sabrina Jeffries unlocks the heart of an embittered lord…
. When a coach accident strands heiress Elinor Bancroft at the home of the notorious Black Baron, she discovers the Christmas Day heartache that darkened his soul years ago and her generous heart brings a festive air to his home and reawakens his spirit to love. Julia London sends a debutante into the wintry Scottish wilds…
. Searching for her rakehell brother, an earl lying low in the wake of a scandalous affair, Fiona Haines is led by a rugged Highlander who obscures his scarred face. As they journey on, Fiona draws closer to her brave, enigmatic protector but will fury or passion ignite when he reveals his identity?

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