Hilary Davidson Books In Order

Lily Moore Mystery Books In Publication Order

  1. The Damage Done (2010)
  2. The Next One to Fall (2012)
  3. Evil in All Its Disguises (2013)

Shadows of New York Books In Publication Order

  1. One Small Sacrifice (2019)
  2. Don’t Look Down (2020)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Blood Always Tells (2014)
  2. Her Last Breath (2021)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. PULP INK (2011)
  2. D*CKED: Dark Fiction Inspired by Dick Cheney (2011)
  3. Feeding Kate (2012)
  4. Trouble in the Heartland (2014)
  5. Unloaded: Crime Writers Writing Without Guns (2016)

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Hilary Davidson Books Overview

The Damage Done

Winner of the Anthony Award for Best First NovelLily Moore, a successful travel writer, fled to Spain to get away from her troubled, drug addicted younger sister, Claudia. But when Claudia is found dead in a bathtub on the anniversary of their mother’s suicide, Lily must return to New York to deal with the aftermath. The situation shifts from tragic to baffling when the body at the morgue turns out to be a stranger s. The dead woman had been using Claudia s identity for months. The real Claudia had vanished, reappearing briefly on the day her impostor died. As Claudia transforms from victim to suspect in the eyes of the police, Lily becomes determined to find her before they do. Is Claudia actually missing, or is she playing an elaborate con game? And who s responsible for the body that was found in the bathtub? An obsessive ex lover? An emotionally disturbed young man with a rich and powerful father? Or Lily s own former fianc , who turns out to be more deeply involved with Claudia than he admits?As Lily searches for answers, a shadowy figure stalks her and the danger to her grows. Determined to learn the truth at any cost, she is unprepared for the terrible toll it will take on her and those she loves.

The Next One to Fall

Hilary Davidson’s The Next One to Fall takes place three months after the events of her debut novel, the Anthony Award winning The Damage Done. Travel writer Lily Moore has been persuaded by her closest friend, photographer Jesse Robb, to visit Peru with him. Jesse is convinced that the trip will lure Lily out of her dark mood, but Lily is haunted by betrayal and loss. At Machu Picchu, the famous Lost City of the Incas, they discover a woman clinging to life at the bottom of an ancient stone staircase. Just before the woman dies, she tells Lily the name of the man who pushed her. When the local police investigate, the forensic evidence they find doesn t match what Lily knows. Unable to accept the official ruling of accidental death, Lily hunts down the wealthy man who was the dead woman s traveling companion and discovers a pattern of dead and missing women in his wake. Obsessed with getting justice for these women, Lily sets in motion a violent chain of events that will have devastating consequences.

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