Alice Alfonsi Books In Order

Eternal Books In Order

  1. Eternal Vows (1997)
  2. Eternal Love (1998)
  3. Eternal Sea (1999)


  1. Honky Tonk Dreams (1994)
  2. Flyboy (1996)
  3. Godzilla Vs Gigan & the Smog Monster (1996)
  4. Some Enchanted Evening (1998)
  5. Hidden Passions (2000)
  6. The Cheetah Girls Book #2 (2006)
  7. The Pink Panther Gets Lucky (2006)
  8. The Pink Panther’s Just Desserts (2006)
  9. New Kid in Town (2007)
  10. College Road Trip (2008)
  11. Hatching Pete (2009)
  12. Tron (2010)

Picture Books

  1. The Easter Beagle Returns! (2004)
  2. Make a Trade, Charlie Brown! (2004)

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Alice Alfonsi Books Overview

Godzilla Vs Gigan & the Smog Monster

This action packed Pictureback will appeal to young fans who love monster battles! When Los Angeles is attacked from above by the Smog Monster Hedorah and from below by the underground creature Gigan, the mayor calls for reinforcements. But there’s only one force that can save the City of Angels now Godzilla. From Beverly Hills to the Hollywood Hills, here’s one monster showdown sure to make the earth quake!

Some Enchanted Evening

When Mary Jane Magorski finds an antique bottle, she finds herself the master of Sinjin, a pirate turned genie who is ready to grant her every wish. But someone else is after this eccentric genie, the evil spirit who made Sinjin a genie long ago, wants his bottle and his powers back. From the author of ‘Eternal Vows’.

Hidden Passions

Welcome to Harmony…
On the surface, this seaside town is a New England dream of cobblestone streets and charming colonial homes. In its sleepy little harbor, fishing trawlers bob next to pleasure yachts on sun drenched waves. But beneath the picture perfect waters and walkways lie tumultuous secrets that threaten to tear Harmony’s families apart. Hidden Passions turns back the clock in the quant town more than twenty years to reveal the intimate details of those secrets.. Sam Bennett is the hardworking son of the town’s police chief. Handsome and well built, he catches the eye of every woman in town. Unfortunately, his heart belongs to one who will break it.. Eve Johnson is an upstanding premed student who on a lark decides to pursue a private fantasy one that could ravage her life…
Julian Crane is a wealthy law student who is desperate to marry the beautiful Ivy Winthrop, but the reason why could shatter Ivy’s happiness forever..T.C. Russell lives to become a tennis pro, but his heartfelt dream is about to be smashed in a way no one would ever suspect.. Grace Standish is a home schooled farm girl who wants nothing more than to live a peaceful life in the country until her mother reveals a shocking secret…
Only one woman knows the intimate details of all their stories. While everyone in Harmony believes this woman is nothing more than a harmless eccentric, the truth is that she is an irrepressible sorceress of darkness who’s been causing trouble in Harmony even before Prudence Standish accused her of being a witch in 1693 a grudge this society shameness still holds today! She has always known the Hidden Passions of every man, woman, and child in this quiet harbor town. But only now is she ready to reveal that tantalizing details to you. So turn off the Coast Road and enter Harmony…
but be very careful if you should encounter a mysterious woman carrying a doll. As she’s done with Harmoney townfolk for hundreds of years, she may very well look into your heart to see what it is you truly desire and grant it for a terribly high price

The Cheetah Girls Book #2

The Cheetah Girls are back! Galleria, Chanel, Aqua, and Dorinda return for a cheetah spotted sequel of diva licious proportions, and now you can read all about it! The feisty foursome star in this junior novelization of the all new Disney Channel original movie chronicling the further adventures of New York’s favorite musical teens! Plus there s an 8 page full color insert of photos from the film.

The Pink Panther Gets Lucky

When the legendary Hot Pink diamond mysteriously vanishes during a magic show at the popular MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas along with the famous starlet who was last seen wearing it upon her ample bosom authorities immediately summon Chief Inspector Jaques Clouseau, the world renowned investigator from the Paris Police Bureau, to the scene of the crime. With the aid of an American private eye and bounty hunter ‘Junkyard’ Bob Convoy, the French detective who bumbled his way to fame in the widely celebrated Pink Panther case is determined to track down the bauble and the bosom it was last cleaving to. Oddsmakers predict he’ll solve the case…
or go bust trying to! So look out evil doers: Clouseau is in Sin City. And look out Nevada Highway Patrol, because some fool has given him the keys to an SUV!

New Kid in Town

Series Description:Cory Baxter is just a regular kid from San Francisco, but when his dad gets the job of White House Chef, Cory discovers that life can be very unpredictable especially when you’re living one floor away from the President of the United States!Title Descriptions: Junior Novel 1: New Kid in TownCory is the new kid at school, and he wants to impress his classmates. When an ambassador’s daughter invites Cory to a presidential equestrian event, he pretends he s an experienced rider. But horses scare him silly, and he s been put into the jumping competition! Will he end up in the dust, and embarrass himself in front of Washington s elite? Plus, when an Ambassador decides that Cory is a bad influence on his daughter Meena, can Cory prove him wrong?Junior Novel 2: Top Secret!When Cory accidentally tells a reporter about a private conversation he had with the President, a national news scandal erupts! Can Cory out scheme the paparazzi, or will he cause a major catastrophe? Plus, when Cory tries to raise money for a ski trip by giving secret tours of the White House, can he stop the hordes of curious tourists from bursting in on the President and revealing his scheme?

College Road Trip

When Rachel Raven finds out that her only chance to get into her number one college choice–Georgetown Law–is an in person interview, she is determined to make it happen. The only problem? Her father. James played by Martin Lawrence is a super strict cop who wants to keep his baby girl close to home. But when Rachel announces she is going to take a road trip to Georgetown with her two best friends, James knows he must take action. Soon, the friends are switched for Rachel’s father and brother and a road trip of disastrous proportions is underway. As they make their way across the country, Rachel and her father discover that growing up doesn’t necessarily mean growing apart. The 128 page junior novelization will feature an eight-page photo insert with full-color stills from the film!

Hatching Pete

Catch this captivating junior novel retelling of Hatching Pete, a new Disney Channel Original Movie airing in January 2009!School spirit at Brewster High is at an all time low. The Ragin Roosters basketball team hasn t won a game all season. Plus, the school mascot is totally lame! Things aren t so great for Pete Ivey, an ordinary sophomore, either. His teachers forget he’s in their class, and the girl of his dreams thinks of him as a brother. But when Pete secretly puts on the school mascot chicken suit, he s the basketball dunking, pyramid jumping spectacle they ve all been waiting for. Suddenly the whole school is pumped up, but no one knows it s all because of Pete. Can he admit to everyone that he s the man behind the beak?


Sam Flynn is the rebellious 27 year old son of Kevin Flynn, a computer programmer who disappeared when Sam was just a child. When Sam looks into his father’s disappearance, he finds himself pulled into the same world of brutal programs and gladiatorial games where his father has been living for almost 25 years. Along with Kevin s loyal confidante, Quora, Kevin Flynn and his son Sam must embark on a life and death voyage across a visually stunning cyber universe to put an end to the evil Clu and his reign of this digital world.

The Easter Beagle Returns!

It’s Easter time again, and everyone eagerly awaits the return of the world famous Easter Beagle. Everyone, that is, except for Charlie Brown, since the Easter Beagle never brings him anything. As the hours pass, there’s still no sign of the egg bearing Beagle. Will Easter be spoiled for the whole gang?

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