Gill Paul Books In Order

Florence Nightingale Books In Order

  1. No Place For A Lady (2015)


  1. Enticement (2000)
  2. Compulsion (2001)
  3. Women and Children First (2012)
  4. The Affair (2013)
  5. The Secret Wife (2016)
  6. Another Woman’s Husband (2017)
  7. The Lost Daughter (2018)
  8. The Second Marriage (2020)
  9. The Collector’s Daughter (2021)
  10. The Manhattan Girls (2022)


  1. Love, Maybe? (2015)


  1. We Sink or Swim Together (2015)

Non fiction

  1. The Fantastic Home Maintenance Manual (2006)
  2. Detox (2007)
  3. 48-hour Detox (2008)
  4. The Little Book of Calorie Burning (2008)
  5. Titanic Love Stories (2011)
  6. World War I Love Stories (2014)
  7. World War II Love Stories (2014)
  8. Hollywood Love Stories (2014)
  9. Rock ‘n’ Roll Love Stories (2014)
  10. Royal Love Stories (2015)
  11. Perfect Detox (2017)

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Gill Paul Books Overview

48-hour Detox

Whether detoxing for the first time or adopting it as an approach to life, this is the perfect portable guide to finding a detox plan that works for you and ridding your body and lifestyle of toxins. In just 48 hours, it is possible to kick start a sluggish system, lose weight, and improve the look of your skin. With a variety of 48 hour detox plans to choose from, it becomes easy to pick a regime that fits into your life. Each plan includes delicious recipes and menus. Shopping lists and must have items for the kitchen are also included, making this the ideal book to slip into your handbag for quick and speedy reference. Up to date information on detox aids and therapies as well as useful addresses and a section on taking your detox beyond the 48 hours makes this book a great one stop guide to safe and easy detoxing.

The Little Book of Calorie Burning

A quirky guide to counting the calories as they come off, through ways you may never have considered possible. Exactly how long would you have to kiss in order to burn off a bottle of beer? Or how long would you have to argue with someone to burn off a Mars bar? From playing ping-pong to having sex at different levels of intensity!, this little guide contains more than 100 activities and their calorie-burning powers. For instance, have you ever thought about the calories you burn simply by eating and digesting? Activities are arranged A-Z and show the calories burned for four different weights. Each entry also gives an example food, telling you how long you must do that activity to burn it off.

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