Gerald Seymour Books In Order

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Harry’s Game (1975)
  2. The Glory Boys (1976)
  3. Kingfisher (1977)
  4. Red Fox / The Harrison Affair (1979)
  5. The Contract (1980)
  6. Archangel (1982)
  7. In Honour Bound (1984)
  8. Field Of Blood (1985)
  9. At Close Quarters / An Eye for an Eye (1987)
  10. A Song In The Morning / Shadow on the Sun (1987)
  11. The Journeyman Tailor (1989)
  12. Home Run / The Running Target (1989)
  13. Condition Black (1991)
  14. The Fighting Man (1994)
  15. Heart of Danger (1995)
  16. Killing Ground (1997)
  17. Dead Ground / The Waiting Time (1998)
  18. A Line in the Sand (1999)
  19. Holding the Zero (2000)
  20. Untouchable (2001)
  21. Traitor’s Kiss (2003)
  22. The Unknown Soldier (2004)
  23. Rat Run (2005)
  24. The Walking Dead (2007)
  25. Time Bomb (2008)
  26. The Collaborator (2009)
  27. The Dealer And The Dead (2010)
  28. Deniable Death (2011)
  29. The Outsiders (2012)
  30. The Corporal’s Wife (2013)
  31. Vagabond (2014)
  32. No Mortal Thing (2015)
  33. Jericho’s War (2017)
  34. Battle Sight Zero (2019)
  35. Beyond Recall (2020)
  36. A Damned Serious Business (2020)
  37. The Crocodile Hunter (2021)

Standalone Novels Book Covers

Gerald Seymour Books Overview

Harry’s Game

Back in paperback after years out of print, Harry’s Game, the novel that defined the career of master espionage writer Gerald Seymour, is a deadly hide and seek between two killers. One is a super assassin who has already murdered a high up government official. The other is secret agent Harry Brown, who must uncover and destroy him. As Brown goes to Belfast and immerses himself into the community there, attempting to flush out the assassin, the two men circle each other in their lethal game, ensnaring the reader in a world of violence as the book plunges into a nightmare world of creeping terror. With the taut pacing, gritty realism, and brilliantly fleshed out characters that have led Seymour to be known as one of the master of the modern thriller, Harry’s Game is widely regarded as one of the greatest thrillers of the past fifty years, and with this new edition, Overlook makes it available again to Seymour’s fans both old and new.

The Glory Boys

When Abdel El Famy, a Palestinian zealot and would be terrorist, is sent with two others to assassinate a leading Israeli nuclear scientist giving a lecture in London, he knows that there is little prospect of a safe return. Yet he feels no fear. Famy is prepared to sacrifice himself for his cause, for if he succeeds he knows that the reverberations will be felt throughout the Western World. But when his hit squad is intercepted by Israeli Intelligence in France and his accomplices are shot, Famy remains determined that this setback will only be temporary in spite of his lack of experience. Upon arrival in Britain, his only contact is Ciaran McCoy, a hardened IRA mercenary. McCoy can provide him with firearms and local knowledge, but the difference in their aims and motivations means that their alliance will always be uneasy. Meanwhile, British Intelligence has assigned a hard drinking maverick to protect the scientist. Will this be enough to prevent the inevitable bloodshed?Reissued with a fantastic new cover in the same style as The Killing Ground and The Waiting Time. The Killing Ground has sold over 200,000 copies in Corgi paperback.


After one of their friends disappears, three young Soviet Jews hijack an airliner and demand passage to Israel. In the style that has won him comparisons to Graham Greene and John le Carr , acclaimed thriller writer Gerald Seymour zeroes in on the moral ambiguities of the activists’ deeds. As several nations agonize over the conflict between political freedom and the safety of innocent bystanders, Seymour forces us to wonder whether the hijackers are victims, terrorists, or both.

As in all his novels, Seymour focuses on the everyman foot soldier torn between the enemy before him and the high ranking diplomats at his back. Charlie Webster is a world weary counter terrorism expert who has been called away from his soft desk job to negotiate with the hijackers. Gripping, explosive, yet still fully human, Kingfisher demonstrates the concept that elevates all of Seymour’s stories: victory in multinational political conflicts is quite often Pyrrhic at the personal level.

Red Fox / The Harrison Affair

When Italy’s most ruthless terrorist is captured her lover uses a British businessman, who has been kidnapped in Rome, as a bargaining tool to free her and unleashes forces which threaten to escape everyone’s control.

The Contract

Set against a backdrop of the treacherous East/West German border, a journey into redemption for a disgraced British army officer requires the defection of a top flight Soviet scientist.

Field Of Blood

Ferris, the young British lieutenant, hadn’t wanted to join the army, but a cruel twist of fate put him in the front line of a brutally tense war of nerves. He becomes pawn in a game where the stakes are the entire command of the Belfast IRA.

At Close Quarters / An Eye for an Eye

A diplomat and an Israeli master sniper plan to walk by night into the Beqa’a valley in east Lebanon, home of Palestinian revolutionary groups, in search of one man. They are far into the Beqa’a, out of reach, when their cover is blown and Syrian Intelligence are alerted to their approach.

A Song In The Morning / Shadow on the Sun

A thriller about a British undercover agent in a jail in South Africa awaiting the death penalty and the determination of his son, who was abandoned 25 years earlier, to set him free.

The Journeyman Tailor

Undercover in Northern Ireland for the British, Gary Brennard and Cathy Parker struggle to keep their true identities from the residents of County Tyrone, even as the IRA goes to any length to uncover them.

Home Run / The Running Target

Mattie Furniss is ordered to Iran by British Intelligence to fortify his remaining agents and stimulate a flow of information. Unknown to him, Mattie’s mission is about to be blown wide open by political pressures, and he is soon left alone in a hostile environment where his every move is tracked.

Condition Black

Just prior to the invasion of Kuwait, Bill Erlich, a young FBI operative, is hard on the heels of a terrorist. As he blunders in to the lines by which the Iraqi puppet masters control their undercover agents in England, Bill realises he has gone beyond the point of recall. He is engaged in Condition Black lethal assault in progress.

Heart of Danger

A mass grave is uncovered in a devastated Croatian village, and the mutilated body of a young Englishwoman, Dorrie Mowat, is exhumed. Her mother, who detested Dorrie when she was alive, is determined to find out how her daughter died. But with civil war tearing apart the former Yugoslavia, none of the authorities are interested in what they view as a minor war crime. She employs private investigator, Bill Penn, a former MI 5 officer, who anticipated a short trip to Zagreb where he will compile a meaningless report and receive a good fee at the end of it. But once he has seen the killing ground, Penn becomes determined to find the truth behind the young woman’s death. As Penn searches for evidence of war crimes, he finds himself pitted against a ruthless opponent who will stop at nothing to cover his tracks…

Killing Ground

MysteryLarge Print EditionAt the top of the hero*in pyramid behind an impenetrable shield of loyal henchmen and Swiss bank accounts are the drug czars and the most elusive of the kingpins is Mario Ruggerio, a brutal and resourceful man who has managed to evade authorities on two continents. Charlotte Parsons, a woman who knows nothing about organized crime, once worked as a nanny in the home of Ruggerios brother. To her, the drug trade is sad, but someone elses problem, until a single minded DEA agent convinces her to re establish contact with the Ruggerios…
making her a pawn in a deadly game of conspiracies and sinister intrigue.

Dead Ground / The Waiting Time

Celebrated for his ‘palm sweating tension’ The New York Times and ‘rare insight’ The Plain Dealer, Gerald Seymour defines spy fiction at its best. Now, in this chilling revenge mission and haunting love story, he floodlights the East German Stasi as a young female British army corporal seeks retribution for Cold War atrocities. One frozen night, Tracy Barnes witnesses the killing of her lover by the East German secret police. Years later, when the Wall has crumbled and old enemies have become new friends, Tracy encounters the murderer and plans to make him pay. But in a country still at war with itself, Tracy finds that she is being played as a pawn in a far bigger game reaching all the way to Moscow.

A Line in the Sand

A decade ago, Frank Perry had privileged access to Iran’s chemical weapons installations a mission he believed was well behind him after he had built a new life in an English coastal village. But now Iran has dispatched its most deadly assassin, code named the Anvil, to target the spy who single handedly crippled Iran’s killing capacity. While his protectors race to save him, a new threat looms as residents of his town, and those whom he believed to be his friends, close ranks against the man who may pay for his past by putting their security on the line. The internationally acclaimed author who creates ‘palm sweating tension’ ‘New York Times in his electrifying espionage fiction, Gerald Seymour brilliantly masterminds the plight of an ordinary man caught in a violent crossfire.

Traitor’s Kiss

For the past four years, a high ranked Russian naval officer named Viktor Archenko has been passing valuable information to MI6. His contacts in London know nothing about him but when the flow of information stops, they know for sure that he’s under suspicion. The time has come to get him out. But a new breed plays the spy game now: men like Gabriel Locke. Locke has no interest in irrelevant Cold War sparring or the risk of a scandal. He would rather leave Archenko to fend for himself. Only one veteran agent realizes that there is much more at stake than one man’s life. With his latest tale of intrigue, Gerald Seymour gives us a novelistic world that is as duplicitous, subtle, and as terrifyingly immediate as the headlines the world could wake up to tomorrow morning.

Rat Run

All traces of self esteem have been brutally stripped from Malachy Kitchen, an Intelligence officer posted to Iraq. He is accused of cowardice while on patrol with an infantry platoon ambushed by insurgents. Word spreads that he ran under hostile fire. In the military family there is no worse crime. Humiliated and broken, kicked out of the army, Malachy sinks into despair. He becomes an isolated recluse in a drug infested London estate. But the mugging of an elderly widow by addicts lights a flame that draws him to fight to regain his lost pride. His target is the network of narcotics traders. Pushers, dealers, suppliers are that network, and at their head is Ricky Capel, a crime baron importing hero*in into the UK. Untouchable up to now, Capel will have to confront an enemy more driven than any of the policemen he has so far successfully outwitted. Capel is fighting a war on only one front, but when his Albanian associates demand that he uses his drug route to ferry an Islamic fanatic to Britain, suddenly he is vulnerable from other directions. From the author who ‘isn’t just abreast of the headlines, but ahead of them’ The Washington Post Book World, and who is truly ‘one of the unsung heroes of the political thriller’ Chicago Tribune, this is a novel at once international and personal and altogether riveting.

The Walking Dead

A stunning contemporary thriller from a master of the genre.A young man starts a journey from a dusty village in Saudi Arabia. He believes it will end with his death in faraway England. For honour, for glory, for victory. If his mission succeeds, he will go to his god a martyr and many innocents will die with him. For David Banks, an armed protection officer charged with neutralising the growing menace to London’s safety, his role is not as clear cut as it once was. The certainties which ruled his thinking are no longer black and white. Banks has begun to realise that one man s terrorist is another man s freedom fighter. Never have those distinctions been more dangerous to a police officer with his finger on the trigger and to those who depend upon him. On a bright spring morning the two men s paths will cross. Before then, their commitment will be shaken by the journeys which take them there. The suicide bomber and the policeman will have equal cause to question the roads they ve chosen. Win or lose, neither will be the same again…
Closure is a breathtakingly suspenseful thriller about the world in which we live, with all its dangers and complexities. With intelligence and deep understanding, Seymour shows us the choices we are forced to make, and their consequences. It is one of the most excitingly contemporary and relevant novels you will ever read.

Time Bomb

The new, stunning, contemporary thriller from a master of the genre. In 1992, after being fired from a top secret facility, a top KGB man buried a nuclear suitcase. Sixteen years later he has found a buyer for it. An exchange point in Eastern Europe is agreed upon. Travelling with the buyer is an undercover policeman, working for MI6. But as their shadowy journey across Europe begins, it becomes clear to a top psychiatrist at MI6, that their man may be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome and the whole operation is very likely to be thrown into jeopardy . .

The Collaborator

Not since the arrival of John le Carr has the emergence of an international suspense novelist been as stunning as that of Gerald Seymour, raved the Los Angeles Times Book Review upon publication of Rat Run. With The Collaborator Seymour has entered new territory, penning a novel of the Sicilian Mafia with the pace of Mario Puzo and the craft of Alan Furst. She is an Italian accountancy student in London. But the prime reason Immacolata Borelli came to Britain was to look after her gangster brother. Mario Castrolami is a senior Carabinieri investigator, his career dedicated to destroying the corruption and violence of clans such as Immacolata’s family. When Immacolata calls from London to say she is prepared to collaborate with justice, he knows she is setting in motion a terrifying series of events.

The Dealer And The Dead

A brilliant, bruising thriller, told in a unique way, about what happens when the hand of the past suddenly reaches out to the present and is holding a gun. Eighteen years after the barbarous war with the Serbs that tore their communities apart, a group of Croation villagers discover the identity of the Englishman whom they believe betrayed them by welching on a deal to supply them with arms. With revenge in sight at last, they hire a professional killer from London to track him down…
but is the story as simple as they think?

The Outsiders

Hardcover, Hodder & Stoughton General Division

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