Fiona O’Brien Books In Order


  1. Charity (2002)
  2. Sold (2004)
  3. None of My Affair (2008)
  4. No Reservations (2009)
  5. Without Him (2010)
  6. The Love Book (2011)
  7. The Summer Visitors (2017)
  8. The Lost Summer (2018)
  9. The Summer We Were Friends (2021)

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Fiona O’Brien Books Overview

No Reservations

Dom Coleman Cappabianca is the divinely handsome owner of Dominic’s, the hottest restaurant in town. But he’s about to find out things are even steamier out of the kitchen. For starters, his blonde PR exec girlfriend Tanya seems hell bent on promoting her own interests, whatever the expense. Carla Berlusconi, the beautiful Italian American waitress, keeps her New York past to herself in Dominic’s. But who is she? And what is her real story? Sexy doctor P.J. O’Sullivan is one of Dom’s best customers. Five years on he still struggles to cope with the death of his beloved wife. Will he find true love again? Charlotte Keating is the perfect daughter, the perfect mother and now, the perfectly behaved divorcee. But her daughter Candy is about to change all that. And then Dom’s glamorous Italian mother Cici is getting herself into some very hot water. From Dublin to Rome and New York, family fidelity is tested to its limits as the cast of Dominic’s discover when love is the dish of the day, it’s a recipe for trouble.

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