Fiona Harper Books In Order


  1. Blind-Date Marriage (2006)
  2. Her Parenthood Assignment (2007)
  3. Break Up to Make Up (2007)
  4. Christmas Wishes, Mistletoe Kisses (2008)
  5. Three Weddings and a Baby (2011)
  6. Always the Best Man (2012)
  7. The Rebound Guy (2013)
  8. Tell Me You Do (2013)
  9. Make My Wish Come True (2013)
  10. Italian on the Inside (2014)
  11. Taming Her Italian Boss (2014)
  12. The Little Shop of Hopes & Dreams (2014)
  13. The Doris Day Vintage Film Club (2015)
  14. The Summer We Danced (2016)
  15. The Other Us (2017)
  16. The Memory Collector (2018)


  1. Trip with the Tycoon / Invitation to the Boss’s Ball (2009)
  2. Oh-So-Sensible Secretary / Housekeeper’s Happy-Ever-after (2010)
  3. Australia’s Most Eligible Bachelor / Bridesmaid’s Secret (2010)
  4. Blind Dates and Other Disasters (2011)
  5. Christmas Kisses (2011)
  6. Three Blind-Date Brides (2012)
  7. Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe (2012)
  8. Snowkissed! (2012)
  9. A Christmas Letter (2012)
  10. Bella Rosa Marriages (2013)
  11. Taming Her Italian Boss / Fortune’s Prince (2014)
  12. Harlequin Romance June 2014 Bundle (2014)
  13. Love Affairs (2015)
  14. The Italian Bachelors Collection (2017)
  15. Italian Bachelors: Ruthless Propositions (2017)
  16. Call Me Cupid (2018)
  17. The Red-Hot Collection (2018)
  18. Christmas Brides And Babies Collection (2019)
  19. Summer Of Love: Once Upon A Wedding (2021)
  20. The Summer Of Love Collection (2021)

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Fiona Harper Books Overview

Blind-Date Marriage

Serena loves everything in life, except for blind dates! She’s turned her back on her unconventional upbringing, and her deepest wish is to marry Mr. Right…
. Jake is a highly successful and focused businessman. He’s worked hard to escape his roots, and now lives by one rule: never get married! A romantic candlelit restaurant, a dozen red roses, champagne on ice…
the scene is set for the perfect blind date! Silhouette Romance 1843, December, 2006.

Break Up to Make Up

For Adele and Nick Hughes this idyllic evening for two is the last place either of them wants to be. Their marriage over, they never believed they could find their way back to each other. But stranded in this picturesque cottage, Adele and Nick find they cannot resist the spark that has always fizzed between them. As the twinkling firelight begins to work its magic, this couple discovers that the wonderful thing about breaking up is making up…

Christmas Wishes, Mistletoe Kisses

Three wishes this Christmas…

1. A new life in the country:

It has taken all of Louise Thornton’s courage to start again. This will be a different life, one away from the paparazzi-and her cheating celebrity husband!

2. Someone to help decorate the Christmas tree:

Louise is determined to make this Christmas perfect for her son. But it’s not until she meets meltingly attractive Ben Oliver that she starts to sparkle again.

3. A proposal under the mistletoe?

Single dad Ben puts his daughter first. But when he catches Louise under the mistletoe, Ben realizes only he can make Louise’s wishes come true….

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