Dani Sinclair Books In Order

Heartskeep Books In Order

  1. The Firstborn (2003)
  2. The Second Sister (2003)
  3. The Third Twin (2003)


  1. Better Watch Out (1997)
  2. Best-kept Secrets (2001)
  3. Secret Cinderella (2005)
  4. Beautiful Beast (2006)
  5. Sleeping Beauty Suspect (2007)
  6. Midnight Prince (2007)
  7. The Missing Millionaire (2008)
  8. Police Protector (2009)


  1. The Private Eye Omnibus (2003)
  2. Silent Night (2003)
  3. The Second Sister / Unmarked Man (2004)
  4. The Third Twin / Sheikh Surrender (2004)
  5. Straight Silver / D. B. Hayes, Detective (2005)
  6. Bodyguard’s Promise / Missing Millionaire (2009)

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Dani Sinclair Books Overview

The Missing Millionaire

Sexy, enigmatic entrepreneur Harrison Trent had secrets. And Jamie Bellman knew the biggest one his current whereabouts. Because she’d kidnapped him.

Ordinarily the multimillionaire wouldn’t object to being held captive by a beautiful woman, but the mysterious Jamie had another thing coming if she thought he would submit to her demands.

Going missing was the perfect ploy since Harrison’s many secrets and enemies were coming back to threaten his life. But when a determined killer targeted them both, Harrison knew he had to make Jamie reveal her motives and who she really was even if he had to kiss her senseless to find the truth.

Silent Night

What Child is This?: Every Christmas Travis wondered if this would be the year he would discover who Travis Stone was. Except, this year his life depended on finding out. Armed with nothing more than vague memories, he sought his real parents. Instead, on a snowy Maryland street, he found Erin Morgan. For Travis, Erin was his Christmas miracle. But now he’d placed her in danger. And there could be no Silent Night, no peace on earth, until he made her safe again. Better Watch Out: J.D. Frost’s kids fell in love with the lady in the ice cream parlor. When he laid eyes on their new playmate, J.D., too, felt a sudden craving for sweets. A craving only Jackie Neeley could satisfy. But Jackie told tales of stalking strangers, dead bodies, and disappearing elves. J.D., had two options, both hazardous. Walk away from this woman with her shaky grasp on reality. Or trust her and protect her from and all too real threat.

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