Brian Haig Books In Order

Sean Drummond Books In Publication Order

  1. Secret Sanction (2001)
  2. Mortal Allies (2002)
  3. The Kingmaker (2003)
  4. Private Sector (2003)
  5. The President’s Assassin (2005)
  6. Man In The Middle (2007)
  7. The Night Crew (2015)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. The Hunted (2009)
  2. The Capitol Game (2010)

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Standalone Novels Book Covers

Brian Haig Books Overview

Secret Sanction

A battalion of Serbs has been senselessly murdered in Kosovo and the Green Berets stand accused. Now, Major Sean Drummond, a top Army lawyer, is assigned to investigate this unspeakable atrocity. But of course, no one saw anything. Drummond gets consistently suspicious depositions from all of the Green Berets: Supposedly pursued by Serb soldiers, they left the engagement with wounded Serbs firing at them, and no one can explain the number of deaths. Teamed with a straight laced prosecutor and a sexy defense attorney, Drummond probes further but forces continue to hide the truth. Soon a reporter is found dead, Drummond suspects that there’s a traitor on his team, and everyone from the CIA to the president may be involved in a cover up that could threaten the stability of the most powerful nation in the world.

Mortal Allies

JAG lawyer Sean Drummond has gotten himself in way over his head with a case that challenges his deepest fears and a co counselor who challenges just about everything else. Assigned to South Korea as an advocate for a gay officer accused of brutally killing the son of a South Korean war hero, Drummond is teamed up with an old law school nemesis. Katherine Carson is a curvy, liberal, William Kunstler like attorney with a reputation for manipulating the media on behalf of her mostly gay clients. Drummond is as distraught to be working with a woman who knows how to push all his buttons as he is to be defending this client. However, it’s just this lack of political correctness that makes him the one man the CIA can trust with its disturbing secrets, and Drummond quickly learns that what appears to be an open and shut case is really just the top layer of a deep conspiracy.

The Kingmaker

Smart mouthed hero of bestselling Secret Sanction and Mortal Allies, Sean Drummond returns to defend the biggest traitor America has ever seen. In the worst case of treason in U.S. history, General William Morrison has been charged with a breathtaking array of crimes. Oddsmakers give Sean Drummond zero chance of saving his client from a death sentence. However, Morrison’s wife, a CIA executive, has begged Sean to save her husband, and Drummond doesn’t want to disappoint his old flame. Despite ever more damning intelligence leaks that paint Morrison worse than Benedict Arnold, Drummond bulls ahead and soon discovers that this simple case of turncoat is actually a chess game being played at the highest levels by the best and brightest. Now, Drummond must defeat the most adept player of all a man called The Kingmaker, the force behind every Russian leader of the past three decades or he’ll find himself caught in a deadly checkmate.

Private Sector

The bestselling author of Secret Sanction returns and this time, Army lawyer Sean Drummond is loaned out to a law firm whose 1 client may have ties to a vicious serial killer and a massive international crime ring. Wherever Sean Drummond goes, it seems that the JAG officer leaves a trail of political fallout in his wake. So when his superiors get an opportunity to loan him to a prestigious law firm, they jump on it, hoping he’ll soak up the nuances of civilian lawyering. But almost immediately, dark clouds appear when Sean’s predecessor in the loan out program is murdered. Then Sean begins to sense something amiss with the firm’s biggest client, a telecom behemoth with large defense contracts. Now, he must survive in D.C.’s buttoned down lawyer culture long enough to stop the killer, and long enough to discover why his firm and its top client are willing to kill anyone who gets in their way.

The President’s Assassin

With just three days to prevent the assassination of the President, Army lawyer Sean Drummond races the clock in the high stakes countdown of his career. Army lawyer Sean Drummond’s new posting is to the Office of Special Projects, a CIA cell that handles the most dangerous threats. When the White House Chief of Staff is found brutally murdered, there s a note beside him promising more victims including the President. Sean leaps into action, teaming up with a beautiful colleague to try to stop the assassin. As the killer stalks the campaign trail, apparently driven by a $500 million bounty on the President s head, all arrows point to a member of the White House security detail who s gone missing. Only after a dramatic hostage rescue that culminates in an intense shootout does Sean realize law enforcement s horrible miscalculation and what must be done to set things right.

Man In The Middle

For newly promoted Army lieutenant colonel Sean Drummond, his latest assignment starts off simply enough: find out if the death of one of D.C.’s most influential defense officials was murder or suicide. Most investigators would call it a cut and dried case, but nothing is ever that simple. Teamed with Bian Tran, the attractive Army Military Police officer investigating the case, Drummond is about to embark on a journey that takes him from the labyrinthine channels of American intelligence to the killing rooms of Iraq. None of it will be more difficult than navigating the shadowy minds and motivations of his enemies and so called colleagues. What Drummond uncovers will make him question everything he believes in. Because the more he digs, the more he learns about the key players American and Middle Eastern in a war that rages bloodier every day. A war where betrayal is a daily occurrence and makes him ask: Are my loyalties to my superiors or to the American soldiers battling for their lives?

The Hunted

New York Times bestselling author Brian Haig delivers his a thriller inspired by a true story about one man running between two countries, trying desperately to escape his past.

In 1987, Alex Konevitch was thrown out of MoscowUniversity for ‘indulging his entrepreneurial spirit.’ But by 1991, he was worth $300 million. On track to become Russia‘s wealthiest man, he makes one critical mistake: he hires the former deputy director of the KGB to handle his corporate security. And then his world begins to fall apart. Kidnapped, beaten, and forced to relinquish his business and his fortune, Alex and his wife escape to the United States, only to be accused by his own government of stealing millions from his business. With a mob contract out on his life and the FBI hot on his trail, Alex is a desperate man without a country facing the ultimate sacrifice for the chance to build a new life for himself and his family.

The Capitol Game

New York Times bestselling author Brian Haig returns with a riveting new thriller about a man caught between the politics of big government and the corruption of big business. The Capitol GameIt was the deal of the decade, if not the century. A small, insignificant company on the edge of bankruptcy had discovered an alchemist’s dream; a miraculous polymer, that when coated on any vehicle, was the equivalent of 30 inches of steel. With bloody conflicts surging in Iraq and Afghanistan, the polymer promises to save thousands of lives and change the course of both wars. Jack Wiley, a successful Wall Street banker, believes he has a found a dream come true when he mysteriously learns of this miraculous polymer. His plan: enlist the help of the Capitol Group, one of the country’s largest and most powerful corporations in a quick, bloodless takeover of the small company that developed the polymer. It seems like a partnership made in heaven…
until the Pentagon’s investigative service begins nosing around, and the deal turns into a nightmare. Now, Jack’s back is up against the wall and he and the Capitol Group find themselves embroiled in the greatest scandal the government and corporate America have ever seen…

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