Bill Knox Books In Order

Thane and Moss Books In Order

  1. Deadline for a Dream (1957)
  2. Death Department (1959)
  3. Leave It to the Hangman (1960)
  4. Little Drops of Blood (1962)
  5. Sanctuary Isle (1962)
  6. The Man in the Bottle (1963)
  7. The Taste of Proof (1965)
  8. The Deep Fall (1966)
  9. Justice On the Rocks (1967)
  10. The Tallyman (1969)
  11. Children of the Mist (1970)
  12. To Kill a Witch (1971)
  13. Draw Batons (1973)
  14. Rally to Kill (1975)
  15. Pilot Error (1977)
  16. Live Bait (1978)
  17. A Killing in Antiques (1981)
  18. The Hanging Tree (1983)
  19. The Crossfire Killings (1986)
  20. The Interface Man (1989)
  21. The Counterfeit Killers (1996)
  22. Blood Proof (1997)
  23. The Lazarus Widow (1999)

Webb Carrick Books In Order

  1. The Scavengers (1964)
  2. Devilweed (1966)
  3. Blacklight (1967)
  4. The Klondyker (1968)
  5. Blueback (1969)
  6. Seafire (1970)
  7. Stormtide (1972)
  8. Whitewater (1974)
  9. Hellspout (1976)
  10. Witchrock (1977)
  11. Bombship (1980)
  12. Bloodtide (1982)
  13. Wavecrest (1985)
  14. Dead Man’s Mooring (1987)
  15. The Drowning Nets (1991)

Talos Cord Books In Order

  1. Cave of Bats (1964)
  2. Lake of Fury (1966)
  3. Isle of Dragons (1967)
  4. Place of Mists (1969)
  5. Path of Ghosts (1971)
  6. Nest of Vultures (1972)

Jonathan Gaunt Books In Order

  1. A Property in Cyprus (1970)
  2. A Killing in Malta (1972)
  3. A Burial in Portugal (1973)
  4. A Witchdance in Bavaria (1975)
  5. A Pay-off in Switzerland (1977)
  6. An Incident in Iceland (1979)
  7. A Problem in Prague (1981)
  8. Mayday from Malaga (1983)
  9. A Legacy from Tenerife (1984)
  10. The Money Mountain (1987)
  11. The Spanish Maze Game (1990)

Andrew Liard Books In Order

  1. All Other Perils (1974)
  2. Dragonship (1976)
  3. Salvage Job (1978)
  4. Witchline (1980)
  5. Cargo Risk (1980)


  1. The Co*ckatoo Crime (1958)
  2. Death calls the shots (1961)
  3. Die for Big Betsy (1961)
  4. Court of murder: Famous trials at Glasgow High Court (1968)
  5. The View from Daniel Pike (1974)
  6. Children of the Water (1974)
  7. Storyland Wall Frieze (1981)
  8. A Cut in Diamonds (1997)
  9. Drum of Power (1998)
  10. Death Bytes (1998)


  1. Tales of Crime (1982)

Non fiction

  1. Scottish Labour Leaders,1918-39 (1984)

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Bill Knox Books Overview

Sanctuary Isle

In a bird sanctuary off the coast of Argyll, a local bird watcher is found murdered. In this wonderful haven, now tainted by the killing, Detectives Thane and Moss encounter two kinds of danger. One human in the form of their quarry grows increasingly desperate. The other natural, a line of deadly half tide rocks known as The Fangs.

The Man in the Bottle

Thane and Moss are asked to help identify the body of a poacher who apparently killed himself while dynamiting a salmon pool, but there are two surprises: firstly, he had a companion who has now disappeared; and secondly, he was linked to an assassination attempt on a politician from Moscow.

The Taste of Proof

Hardcover: 349 pages Publisher: Ulverscroft Large Print Books July 1978 Language: English ISBN 10: 0708901549 ISBN 13: 978 0708901540 Product Dimensions: 9.2 x 6 x 1.2 inches

The Tallyman

Beware The Tallyman, a merciless predator…
Somewhere in the Millside district of Glasgow a tallyman an unlicensed loan shark is preying on people in desperate financial straits. He loans them cash at rates they cannot hope to pay back and then demands various services in kind. And these ‘services’ make The Tallyman a one man crime wave. It’s a tough, depressing case for Inspectors Thane and Moss, especially after one of Thane’s close friends is found dead a victim of the brutal moneylender. And so it takes all of Thane’s hot headed drive and Moss’s cool determination to flush out The Tallyman but neither of them is prepared for the final violent confrontation in the heart of Scotland’s wild, craggy highlands.

The Interface Man

John Gort, known as the ‘Interface Man’ for his ability to penetrate any electronic system ever created, leaves Britain to run a bar in Spain. He is then approached to carry out an audacious robbery, one which will involve Glasgow detective Colin Thane in his most dangerous international case. This is Bill Knox’s twentieth novel featuring Detective Superintendent Colin Thane. It follows ‘The Crossfire Killings’, which won the Police Review Award.

Dead Man’s Mooring

Audio Cassette, Magna Story Sound

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