Alyssa Day Books In Order

Warriors Of Poseidon Books In Publication Order

  1. Atlantis Rising (2007)
  2. Atlantis Awakening (2007)
  3. Atlantis Unleashed (2009)
  4. Atlantis Unmasked (2009)
  5. Atlantis Redeemed (2010)
  6. Atlantis Betrayed (2010)
  7. Vampire in Atlantis (2011)
  8. Heart of Atlantis (2012)
  9. Wild Hearts in Atlantis (2012)
  10. Shifter’s Lady (2012)
  11. Halloween In Atlantis (2016)
  12. Christmas in Atlantis (2016)

Cardinal Witches Books In Publication Order

  1. Alejandro’s Sorceress (2014)
  2. William’s Witch (2016)
  3. Jake’s Djinn (2017)
  4. Damon’s Enchantress (2017)

League of the Black Swan Books In Publication Order

  1. The Unforgiven (1999)
  2. The Cursed (2013)
  3. The Curse of the Black Swan (2018)

Tiger’s Eye Mystery Books In Publication Order

  1. Dead Eye (2015)
  2. Private Eye (2016)
  3. Travelling Eye (2016)
  4. Evil Eye (2019)
  5. Eye of Danger (2019)
  6. Eye of the Storm (2019)
  7. A Dead End Christmas (2020)
  8. Apple of My Eye (2020)
  9. Blink of an Eye (2020)
  10. Eagle Eye (2021)
  11. Eye for an Eye (2022)
  12. Eye on the Ball (2022)
  13. More Than Meets the Eye (2022)

Poseidon’s Warriors Books In Publication Order

  1. January in Atlantis (2018)
  2. February in Atlantis (2018)
  3. March in Atlantis (2018)
  4. April in Atlantis (2018)
  5. May in Atlantis (2019)
  6. June In Atlantis (2019)

Vampire Motorcycle Club Books In Publication Order

  1. Bane’s Choice (2020)
  2. Hunter’s Hope (2021)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Bane’s Choice (2020)
  2. Whisper of Rebellion (2022)

Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. Random (2014)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Wild Thing (2007)
  2. Shifter (2008)
  3. Enthralled (2013)
  4. Romancing the Holidays (2020)

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Alyssa Day Books Overview

Atlantis Rising

Eleven thousand years ago, before the seas swallowed the Atlanteans, Poseidon assigned a few chosen warriors to act as sentinels for humans in the new world. There was only one rule desiring them was forbidden. But rules were made to be broken…

When she calls…
Riley Dawson is more than a dedicated Virginia Beach social worker. She’s blessed with a mind link that only Atlanteans have been able to access for thousands of years. Being an ’empath’ may explain her wistful connection to the roiling waves of the ocean, the sanctuary it provides, and the sexual urges that seem to emanate from fathoms below…

He will come. Conlan, the High Prince of Atlantis, has surfaced on a mission to retrieve Poseidon’s stolen trident. Yet something else has possessed Conlan: the intimate emotions and desires of a human. Irresistibly drawn to the uncanny beauty, Conlan soon shares more than his mind. But in the midst of a battle to reclaim Poseidon’s power, how long can a forbidden love last between two different souls from two different worlds?

Atlantis Awakening

To rescue the world from an overwhelming evil, Poseidon’s warriors have risen from Atlantis. Chief among them is Ven, serving as the King’s Vengeance by birthright and by battle challenge. None can conquer him except perhaps for one human female.

Atlantis Unleashed

Poseidon’s warriors swore an oath eleven thousand years ago to protect humanity from those who stalked the night. Now those powerful forces are uniting. So are two souls who are all that stand between justice and the eternal darkness: a warrior prince and a woman of science.

Atlantis Unmasked

Immortals: Three. Vampires: Zero.

Alyssa Day’s Warriors of Poseidon series: A KNOCKOUT.

Poseidon’s warriors swore an oath eleven thousand years ago to protect humanity from those who stalked the night. Yet when a woman with an ancient Gift dares to claim the heart of one of Poseidon’s fiercest warriors, the world teeters on the knife’s edge between desire and darkness.

Atlantis Redeemed

The fate of Atlantis is on the line and the future of the world is at stake…
Poseidon’s warriors have learned that the battle to protect humanity produces unexpected enemies and alliances. But non more unexpected than the bond between a cursed Atlantean warrior and a woman whose sight surpas*ses any lie.

Atlantis Betrayed

Another Warriors of Poseidon novel for romance lovers to dive into…
What could Christophe, powerful Warrior of Poseidon, have in common with Fiona Campbell, the notorious jewel thief known as the Scarlet Ninja? Answer: The Siren, a legendary Crown Jewel that Fiona has targeted for her next heist. It’s said to be worth millions, but to Christophe it’s invaluable. For the Siren also happens to be one of the missing jewels from Poseidon’s trident. But breaking into the Tower of London is a two person job, and Christophe and Fiona must team up to commit the crime of the century.

Vampire in Atlantis

The most unexpected of all allies to Poseidon’s warriors has proven to be the fiercest Daniel, a vampire and Night Guild mage. But even the strongest alliance can be destroyed when a vampire’s oath crosses paths with a maiden’s quest, and an eleven thousand year old desire is reborn.

Wild Thing

New York Times bestselling authors Maggie Shayne and Marjorie Liu join two hot talents in an anthology of all new sexy paranormal romance. New York Times bestselling authors Maggie Shayne and Marjorie M. Liu, and sizzling newcomers Alyssa Day and Meljean Brook discover the wild instinct in everyone with four all new stories of feral heat. Fans will get swept away by the passions in the unfathomable depths of Atlantis; they’ll follow the shadows that stalk both the living and the undead in a world of vampires and guardian angels; they’ll enter the forbidden world of the demon horde and their willing victims; and they’ll be privy to the secrets of a beautiful animal whisperer who’s drawn closer to the most suspect of all male animals man.



New York Times bestselling author Angela Knight, USA Today bestselling author Lora Leigh, and national bestselling authors Alyssa Day and Virginia Kantra?

Whether transforming under a blue moon or prowling the streets, the Shifters come alive to fulfill the wildest of fantasies in this seductive anthology by four masters of paranormal romance.

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