A.E. van Vogt Books In Order

The Empire of Isher Books In Publication Order

  1. The Weapon Makers (1946)
  2. The Weapon Shops of Isher (1951)

Null-A Series Books In Publication Order

  1. The World of Null-A (1945)
  2. The Pawns / Players Of Null A (1948)
  3. Null-A Three (1973)
  4. Null-A Continuum (By:John C. Wright) (2008)

The Mutant Mage Books In Publication Order

  1. The Wizard of Linn (1950)
  2. Empire of the Atom (1957)

Slan Books In Publication Order

  1. Slan (1940)
  2. Slan Hunter (By:Kevin J. Anderson) (2007)
  3. Slan & Slan Hunter (By:Kevin J. Anderson) (2007)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Slan (1940)
  2. The Beast (1943)
  3. The Book of Ptath / Two Hundred Million A.D. (1943)
  4. The Changeling (1944)
  5. The Universe Maker (1950)
  6. The House That Stood Still (1950)
  7. The Voyage of the Space Beagle (1950)
  8. Earth’s Last Fortress (1950)
  9. Mission To The Stars (1952)
  10. Mixed Men (1952)
  11. The Mind Cage (1957)
  12. The War Against the Rull (1959)
  13. Siege of the Unseen (1959)
  14. The Violent Man (1962)
  15. Rogue Ship (1963)
  16. The Winged Man (1966)
  17. The Silkie (1969)
  18. Quest For The Future (1970)
  19. Children of Tomorrow (1970)
  20. The Battle Of Forever (1971)
  21. The Darkness on Diamondia (1972)
  22. Tyranopolis / Future Glitter (1973)
  23. The Man with a Thousand Names (1974)
  24. The Secret Galactics / Earth Factor X (1974)
  25. The Anarchistic Colossus (1977)
  26. Supermind (1977)
  27. Cosmic Encounter (1979)
  28. Renaissance (1979)
  29. The Enchanted Village (1979)
  30. Computerworld (1983)
  31. Futures Past (1999)

Collections In Publication Order

  1. The Three Eyes Of Evil (1941)
  2. Out Of The Unknown (1948)
  3. The Sea Thing, And Other Stories (1948)
  4. Destination (1952)
  5. Away And Beyond (1952)
  6. The Twisted Men (1964)
  7. Monsters (1965)
  8. The Blal And Other Science Fiction Monsters (1965)
  9. Far Out Worlds of Van Vogt (1968)
  10. More Than Superhuman (1971)
  11. M33 in Andromeda (1971)
  12. The proxy intelligence and other mind benders (1971)
  13. The Book of Van Vogt (1972)
  14. Lost (1972)
  15. The Worlds of A.E. van Vogt (1974)
  16. The Best of A.E. Van Vogt (1974)
  17. the Gryb / The Proxy Intelligence (1976)
  18. Pendulum (1978)
  19. Transfinite (2003)
  20. The Earth Killers and Other Stories (2010)

Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. Vault of the Beast (1940)
  2. The Storm (1943)
  3. Masters of Time (1950)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Hypnotism Handbook (1956)
  2. The Money Personality (1972)
  3. Reflections of A. E. van Vogt (1975)
  4. A Report on the Violent Male (1993)

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A.E. van Vogt Books Overview

The Weapon Makers

Sequel to The Weapon Shops Of Isher. Imagine: a future empire of super science, so strong that it had lasted thousands of years, so vast that it encompassed the entire Solar System, and whose ruler was a glamorous and thoroughly willful young woman. Yet, this tremendous set up was completely unable to cope with the machinations of one solitary outlaw. That man was the amazing Robert Hedrock, and though Hedrock had been declared a kill on sight outcast even by those who had once been his own faction, neither they nor their empress foe suspected that he alone could provide the solution to their deadliest cosmic crisis.

The Weapon Shops of Isher

Science Fiction. A very nice vintage collector’s item. Number 81354. Originally $1. 50.

The World of Null-A

The classic novel of non Aristotelian logic and the coming race of supermenGrandmaster A. E. van Vogt was one of the giants of the 1940s, the Golden Age of classic SF. Of his masterpieces, The World of Null A is his most famous and most influential. It was the first major trade SF hardcover ever, in 1949, and has been in print in various editions ever since. The entire careers of Philip K. Dick, Keith Laumer, Alfred Bester, Charles Harness, and Philip Jose Farmer were created or influenced by The World of Null A, and so it is required reading for anyone who wishes to know the canon of SF classics. It is the year 2650 and Earth has become a world of non Aristotelianism, or Null A. This is the story of Gilbert Gosseyn, who lives in that future world where the Games Machine, made up of twenty five thousand electronic brains, sets the course of people’s lives. Gosseyn isn’t even sure of his own identity, but realizes he has some remarkable abilities and sets out to use them to discover who has made him a pawn in an interstellar plot.

The Pawns / Players Of Null A

In this sequel to World of Null A, Gilbert Gosseyn must learn to use both hisbrains and function in various bodies in order to save the universe from Enrothe Red.

Null-A Continuum (By:John C. Wright)

Grandmaster A. E. van Vogt was one of the giants of the Golden Age of classic SF, the 1940s. Of his masterpieces, The World of Null A is perhaps most influential. It was the first major trade SF hardcover ever, in 1949, and has been in print ever since. The careers of Philip K. Dick, Keith Laumer, Alfred Bester, Charles Harness, and Philip Jose Farmer were created or influenced by The World of Null A. It is required reading for anyone who wishes to know the canon of SF classics.

And so John C. Wright was inspired to write a sequel to the two novels of Null A the second was The Players of Null A. To do this, he trained himself to write in the pulp style and manner of van Vogt. So return again to the Null A future, in which the superhuman amnesiac with a double brain, Gilbert Gosseyn, must pit his wits once more against the remorseless galactic dictator Enro the Red and the mysterious shadow being known as The Follower, while he is hurled headlong through unimaginable distances in space and in time and through alternate eternities to fend off the death, and complete the rebirth, of the Universe itself!


In the 1940s, the Golden Age of science fiction flowered in the magazine Astounding. Editor John W. Campbell, Jr., discovered and promoted great new writers such as Isaac Asimov in New York, Robert A. Heinlein in California, and A.E. van Vogt in Canada, whose novel Slan was one of the basic works of the era. Throughout the forties and into the fifties Slan was considered the single most important SF novel, the one great book that everyone had to read. Many SF fans rallied to the cry, ‘Fans are slans.’Today it remains a monument to pulp SF adventure, filled with constant action and a cornucopia of ideas. And maybe fans really are slans. Read it and see for yourself.

Slan Hunter (By:Kevin J. Anderson)

The sequel to A. E. van Vogt’s Slan, one of the most famous SF novels of the twentieth century!

This startling SF adventure novel is a collaboration between the classic SF Grand Master, A. E. van Vogt, and contemporary master Kevin J. Anderson. At the time of his death in 2000, van Vogt left a partial draft and an outline for the sequel to his most famous novel, Slan. Van Vogt s jam packed, one damn thingafter another storytelling technique makes his active plots compulsively readable. Now the story has been completed by Anderson, and is sure to be one of the most popular SF novels of the year.

Slans are a race of superior mutants in the far future, smarter and stronger than Ho*mo sapiens and able to read minds. Yet they are a persecuted minority, survivors of terrible genocidal wars, who live in hiding from the mass of humanity. Slan Hunter tells of this towering conflict in the far future, when a new war among the races of mankind bursts out, and humanity all types of humanity struggles to survive. The heroic Jommy Cross of Slan is once again called upon to save the human race.

Slan & Slan Hunter (By:Kevin J. Anderson)


The Book of Ptath / Two Hundred Million A.D.

The god Ptath is flung into the far future by a deadly rival and given the mind of a 20th century man. Stranded in this alien world, he must fight to regain his powers before the rival goddess sends the world spinning into chaos and darkness. ‘Van Vogt’s work has a raw power that has never been equalled in science fiction’. Damon Knight.

The House That Stood Still

A thrilling tale of a struggle to save Earth from Armageddon, written by one of the crucial authors of the Golden Age of Science Fiction. Disaster is quickly approaching and the only ones who know of it are Allison Stephens and a group of ancient sinister aliens. Now the aliens plan to abandon Earth and seek a new home. ‘Packed with unexpected surprises’. SF Booklist.

The Voyage of the Space Beagle

An all time classic space saga, The Voyage of the Space Beagle is one of the pinnacles of golden age SF, an influence on generations of stories. An episodic novel filled with surprises and provocative ideas, this is the story of a great exploration ship sent out into the unknown reaches of space on a long mission of discovery. The crew encounter several terrifying alien species, including the Ix, who lay their eggs in human bodies, which then devour the humans from within when they hatch. This is one of the most entertaining and gripping stories in all of classic science fiction. ‘Nobody, possibly with the exception of Alfred Bester of The Stars My Destination, ever came close to matching van Vogt for headlong, breakneck pacing, or for the electric, crackling paranoid tension with which he was capable of suffusing his work.’ Gardner Dozois The Voyage of the Space Beagle 1950 is a classic novel of science fiction by A. E. van Vogt in the space opera subgenre. The novel is a ‘fix up’ compilation of four previously published SF stories: ‘Black Destroyer’ appeared in the July, 1939, issue of Astounding magazine the first published SF by A. E. Van Vogt chapters 1 to 6; ‘War of Nerves’ May, 1950, Other Worlds magazine chapters 9 to 12; ‘Discord in Scarlet’ December, 1939, Astounding magazine the second published SF by A. E. Van Vogt chapters 13 to 21; ‘M33 in Andromeda’ August, 1943, Astounding magazine, later published as a story in the book M33 in Andromeda 1971 chapters 22 to 28. The book was republished in 1952 under the title Mission: Interplanetary. This is an exclusive 2009 hardcover reprint by the Science Fiction Book Club, 1258306, of an Orb trade paperback published in 2008 by Tom Doherty Associates.

The Mind Cage

David Marin risks his reputation and government career when he makes a plea for Wade Trask, a brilliant scientist condemned to be executed for sedition. Trask is experimenting with transplanting the mind and nervous system of one animal into the body of another. When Marin goes to see him, the nearly mad scientist suddenly blasts Marin with his gas gun, and now Marin’s identity is encased in Trask’s body!

The War Against the Rull

When A.E. van Vogt wove several of his classic stories of The Rull into a novel, he created a work of enduring popularity in the science fiction field. Now back in print for the first time in the 1990s, this Tor edition includes ‘The First Rull,’ a story that postdates the novel and makes this book the first complete edition of the saga of the war between humanity and the alien shapechangers.

The Battle Of Forever

First British paperback edition. ‘For thousands of years, mankind had survived in leisure behind the barrier. In miniature form, men had evolved a physiology and a philosophy of peace and contemplation. Modyun was to be the first to enlarge his body to the massive proportions of ancient times and then to go out to explore the world where animal men had established their realms. His quest was to lead him to a darkness he had never expected and an uncertain future with which humanity might not be able to cope.’ Van Vogt was winner of SFWA’s Grand Master Award.


All ten of these stories originally published between 1942 50: Far Centaurus; The Monster; Dormant; Enchanted Village; A Can of Paint; Defense; The Rulers; ‘Dear Pen Pal’; The Sound; The Search; Postscript, by the author

the Gryb / The Proxy Intelligence

Stranded in another universe, two mortals face a slow wasting or a quick death from the gryb. A scale armored, blood sucker gryb glinted off the incredibly small and gem like disk of sun, which rose higher and higher from the fantastic horizon of Europa, blinding Thomas. The man in front was desperately hard to see against the relentless brilliance, and it seemed as if he was deliberately holding himself in the sun’s glare to distract Thomas’s wearying mind and dull his strength. Had the guide uncovered the real reason for his mission to this alien world?


Contains the most popular and important stories from van Vogt’s wide and varied career.

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