Rent xxx days: you are NOT going to buy but rent the book for xxx days. Vendor may send you a pre-paid shipping label for you to return the book.

BAMM club: BooksAMillion Millionaire's Club, annual fee is US $5.00. Millionaire's Club members receive an additional 10% off all merchandise purchased online at BOOKSAMILLION.COM. Your 10% discount also applies to purchases at Books-A-Million, Inc. retail stores. (The discount does not apply to gift certificates.)
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B&N club Barnes & Noble Reader's Advantage membership, annual fee is US $25.00, save 10% at every store in the Barnes & Noble family, save 5% on Barnes & (
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new: a brand new book

used : a used book, which are all in fairly good if not excellent condition

remainder: a brand new book that was sold at a discount
These are books which, in a previous life, were on the shelves at chain and independent bookstores around the world. The bookstore operators needed to make space for new stock, so they sent these titles back to the publishers. When thousands of bookstores do this simultaneously, the publishers have a problem -- they don't have room for all those returns.
(from FAQ)

sale: or markdown: new books that have been discounted beacuse it was had so long or have incurred some minor wear and tear from physical browsing

hurt: which are new books sold at a discount because they could not be sold as new. These books are usually in excellent condition but may have a dent or small gouge in the cover-- still eminently readable!

short discount(sd): Short Discount books are generally books printed for professional use, dealing with specialized fields of knowledge. Smaller numbers of these books are printed, so the usual discount afforded to independent booksellers is smaller than usual. Hence, these books are usually a little more expensive than other new books.

Mass Market: A smaller paperback, the size you often find at grocery store.
Trade Paperback: Usually taller, wider, and printed on nicer paper than a mass market.