Top sites for finding freelance writing jobs

Where Can I Find Freelance Writing Positions?

1. specializes in web development tasks. If you are a designer, SEO expert, or web developer, then PeoplePerHour is the place for you to be creative.


Fiverr offers a wide range of services, including writing and translation, online marketing, advertising, and business consulting, among many others.

When enrolling for an account on Fiverr, every member may establish their own service to help clients locate their individual faster when it is suitable. Furthermore, Fiverr provides a blog and a forum for parties to exchange and help each other in the process of working, as well as advice for novices to make working with Fiverr easier.

3. Freelance Writing Gigs

This is a global website for authors, editors, and bloggers.

Not only do Freelance Writing Gigs assist you in finding work, but it also provides the advice and experiences of others who have gone before you to help you develop your talents.

4. IFreelance

iFreelance connects businesses with freelancers all over the world in a variety of professions such as finance, accounting, legal, design, and so on.

The unique aspect of iFreelance is that you do not have to pay a commission to the website; your money is totally yours.


By far, the largest freelance employment site in the world is With over 50 million registered users and approximately 20 million job postings. The figures are sufficient to persuade everyone who wants to participate.

The professions on the freelance job site are also quite broad; with 1800 job categories, you may find a suitable job on no matter what industry you operate in.

6. Seoclerk

Seoclerk is a freelancing job platform that functions similarly to Fiverr. That is, participating freelancers also advertise their services for sale to people in need.

From my perspective, Seoclerk’s services are far less expensive than those on Fiverr. The lowest service starts at $5, although it is worth noting that there are numerous affordable services like this on Seoclerk.

7. College Recruiter

Unlike Toptal, which exclusively recruits and works with professionals, College Recruiter is a freelance job site for recent graduates.

College Recruiter has a large number of part-time employment, seasonal jobs, and internships available for students who require part-time work or recent grads who have not yet found work or have no work experience.

8. Cloud Peeps

Cloud Peeps is a new website among freelancer employment sites, having only been established in 2015. Cloud Peeps is a modest webpage in comparison to others. If you can’t compete and find tasks on the large freelancing sites mentioned above, consider Cloud Peeps; you could find suitable employment there.

9. GoDaddy Blog

The “GoDaddy Garage” blog helps entrepreneurs plan, develop, grow, and sustain their businesses. The site covers topics including healthcare, real estate, food, and even art.

GoDaddy Garage has a segment for web experts as well as a section for entrepreneurs. Topics include WordPress, website design, and web development.

The blog’s editorial staff accepts suggestions and subjects. Submit a unique, fascinating idea! Become a regular contributor by applying.

10. Couchbase

Pitch Couchbase if you’re a tech writer with an understanding of subjects like NoSQL databases and programming languages. This site is dedicated to providing readers with technical information presented in a clear, instructive, and approachable manner. If you have samples of other tech lessons, your pitch is more likely to get approved.

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