10 Signs of a Bad Writer and How To Improve

0o, are you a bad writer? Wondering how you can find it and improve your writing skills?

Then you have come to the right place. I’m glad you have landed on this article.

Being a bad writer isn’t something you need to be embarrassed about!

Everyone started as a newbie, and they’ve too made mistakes while they started something.

There’s always room for improvement in writing, even for established writers.

It is just like a game where you start from level one, and you do all the necessary quests to level up yourself.

Likewise, you can improve your writing skills gradually, even if you are a bad writer.

“A person who wrote badly did better than a person who does not write at all. Bad writing can be corrected. An empty page remains an empty page.”
― Israelmore Ayivor

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How To Find That You Are a Bad Writer?

Bad writing can be detected by most people who read a lot.

They can find the difference between good writing and bad writing.

These are just a few to mention, but significant facts to consider.

It will help if you read a lot to find yourself how you can transition from being a bad writer to a good writer.

Check out these essential characteristics of a good writer.

Here Are 10 Signs You Could Be a Bad Writer

1. You Never Proofread And Edit Your Work After Writing

If you never proofread and edit your work after writing, it’s a hard toil on your piece of work.

Even some great writers have a second thought about proofreading and editing their work.

They are so excited to click the publish button at the cost of mistakes they might have made in their work. A bad writer never proofread and edits his work.

Only if you proofread and edit your copy; you can find your mistakes and improve your writing.

You can also try using Grammarly to auto-detect errors in your copy and correct them on the go.

2. The Flow Of Words That You Want To Pen Down Is Slow

You could be a bad writer because your flow of words is too slow.

You can overcome this if you start researching the topics very well.

Develop a strong understanding of topics in your niche, so you will know what to write.

To make your flow of words faster, you need to research and gather knowledge on your niche a lot.

3. You Have a Limited Vocabulary

Having a limited vocabulary is a sign that you are a bad writer.

To overcome this, you need to read a lot, and it is not limited to just books.

You have read all popular magazines to get an idea of how good writers are structuring their words beautifully in their articles.

Also, you should be following blogs that you have an interest in and improve your writing.

Always make an effort to know the meaning of new words that you find while reading to improve your vocabulary.

4. Too Many Grammatical Errors Are Found In Your Writing

A bad writer is someone who makes too many grammatical errors in their written copy.

This won’t be a problem if you understand the rules of grammar.

But still, it is a tricky game. Even great writers are not perfect in their grammar.

So, you can overcome this if you use a tool like Grammarly.

Grammarly helps you detect all sorts of grammatical errors, sentence formation mistakes, and suggestions for the choice of words you can use.

5. You Don’t Invest Your Time In Reading And Learning

When you don’t often read and learn, you are becoming a bad writer.

Reading and learning are the most essential for transforming from being a bad writer into a good writer.

When you read and learn a lot, you spend very little time penning down the words.

It would be best to have reading and learning habits because you can improve as a good writer.

Spend a minimum of 1 hour every day on reading and learning something.

6. You Have a Second Thought To Research Content

A bad writer always doesn’t spend much time researching the topic that he wants to write.

The more you research, the more accurate facts you can bring in and improve your content quality.

It would help if you never had a second thought of whether you need to thoroughly research the topic.

Good research on the topic you write helps you draft compelling content that your readers will love.

7. You Never Encourage Constructive Criticism

Bad writers never encourage constructive criticism.

We often hear from our family and friends being too optimistic towards us.

Understandably, they always want to say things positively because they like you.

So your ears should be open and transparent when someone pinpoints your mistakes in writing.

The more you are open to constructive criticism, the more you tend to learn and grow.

8. You Falsely Claim That You Are Writer

You might have often seen that many people falsely claim themselves as writers even though they are never seen writing and have poor writing skills.

Taking pride in something that you aren’t is not a good thing, and bad writers do this.

A good writer will only take pride when he is successful by having clients who trust their skills.

Your work should speak of yourself and not you, and in fact, this is the quality of a good writer.

When you have a good portfolio and happy clients, you can take pride and credit in calling yourself a writer.

9. You Hardly Take Effort To Write

A bad writer always finds excuses to refrain from writing.

You can become a good writer only when you make an effort to write more.

The concept behind this is when you write more; you learn how and what to write.

Regularly writing helps improve our writing skills and our thought process.

So, never refrain from writing a lot, and gradually you become a good writer.

10. You Always Think About Quitting

A bad writer is someone who always thinks about quitting.

Only when we try something to the full extent we can find whether it would work for us.

Quitting only makes us refrain from being successful in any venture we start.

If you are very talented at doing something, you should never quit.

Likewise, writing is a great and lucrative career option because the consumption of content is more nowadays.

5 Best Ways You Can Improve Your Writing

bad writer

There could be even a million ways you can improve your writing.

But, you have to try and experience it yourself to know what works for you best.

I have listed the 5 best ways which I thought is more important.

1. Learn The Rules Of Grammar

Learning the rules of Grammar is not rocket science.

You can gradually learn it when you read and write a lot.

There are many online resources where you can learn Grammar freely.

But still, if you are not sure about Grammar rules even after practicing them, you can try using Grammarly.

Grammarly will auto-correct your grammatical errors and also sentence formation mistakes.

2. Make It Simple

Even native English-speaking people find it difficult to understand new words or complex sentences.

Some writers think that they would sound superior if they use complex words, but that is not true.

It would be best if you always stuck to writing in simple English so that even non-native English-speaking people can understand what you write.

To be simple, your writing should be understandable to even 4th to 8th Grade school students.

So, make sure you always write in simple English without complex words.

3. Structure Your Writing Properly

Always try to short sentences and don’t write more than two lines.

Never write long paragraphs because people hate to read long blocks of words.

You should present your copy in such a way that people should not be distracted while reading.

Try to use many headings in your written copy, and don’t write more than ten lines in a sub-heading.

Use images if you are publishing them online so that they would look readable.

4. Keep Writing More Often

The more you write, the more mistakes you can identify in your writing and improve the same.

To be precise, you should be writing for around 4-5 hours a day to master your writing skills.

Writing at the beginning of your career is a challenging task, considering the deadlines.

Yes! I have experienced it personally. There were times when I couldn’t follow my client’s deadlines.

But, I overcame it by writing a lot, and I never stopped once I got used to it.

5. Stick To The Point

I have read many articles on the internet, where they never stick to the topic.

This causes a distraction to the reader, and he leaves your article and moves onto another website.

As much as you could, you should always write which relates to the topic you are writing.

If you have a subheading, you should only write that entirely relates to the subheading.

Never deviate from the topic when you write something. It only causes distraction to the reader.

The 10 Essential Characteristics of a Good Writer

  1. Attention To Detail
  2. Patience
  3. Be More Creative
  4. Choice Of Words
  5. Express Your Thoughts Clearly
  6. Be Hungry
  7. Read a Lot
  8. Discipline
  9. Multi-Niche Talented
  10. Keep Challenging Yourself

Please visit Characteristics of a Good Writer for the details.

Final Thoughts

If you are reading this, I appreciate you had the patience to read it till the end of this article.

Everyone started as a bad writer, and only our willpower to learn makes our transition to being a good writer.

Indeed, I am confident that I have given value for your time reading my article.

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