The Cat Who Books In Order

The Cat Who Series Books In Order

Cat Who Series Books In Publication Order

  1. The Cat Who Could Read Backwards (1966)
  2. The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern (1967)
  3. The Cat Who Turned On And Off (1968)
  4. The Cat Who Saw Red (1986)
  5. The Cat Who Played Brahms (1987)
  6. The Cat Who Played Post Office (1987)
  7. The Cat Who Knew Shakespeare (1988)
  8. The Cat Who Sniffed Glue (1988)
  9. The Cat Who Went Underground (1989)
  10. The Cat Who Talked to Ghosts (1990)
  11. The Cat Who Lived High (1990)
  12. The Cat Who Knew a Cardinal (1991)
  13. The Cat Who Moved a Mountain (1992)
  14. The Cat Who Wasn’t There (1992)
  15. The Cat Who Went into the Closet (1993)
  16. The Cat Who Came to Breakfast (1994)
  17. The Cat Who Blew the Whistle (1994)
  18. The Cat Who Said Cheese (1995)
  19. The Cat Who Tailed a Thief (1997)
  20. The Cat Who Sang for the Birds (1998)
  21. The Cat Who Saw Stars (1999)
  22. The Cat Who Robbed a Bank (1999)
  23. The Cat Who Smelled a Rat (2001)
  24. The Cat Who Went Up the Creek (2002)
  25. The Cat Who Brought Down the House (2003)
  26. The Cat Who Talked Turkey (2004)
  27. The Cat Who Went Bananas (2004)
  28. The Cat Who Dropped a Bombshell (2006)
  29. The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers (2007)
  30. The Cat Who Smelled Smoke (canceled by publisher)

Cat Who Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. The Cat Who Had 14 Tales (1988)
  2. Short and Tall Tales / Qwilleran’s Short and Tall Tales (2002)
  3. The Private Life of the Cat Who… (2003)


About The Cat Who Series

The Cat Who series is written by Lilian Jackson Braun.

The books are set in the fictional town of Pickax, located somewhere in northern Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula.

The series follows the life of Jim Qwilleran, a journalist for the local newspaper. Qwilleran, along with his two Siamese cats Koko and YumYum, solves mysteries involving murders and thefts in the town.

The first book introduces the reader to all the essential characters in the town of Pickax and quickly sets up the formula for the rest of the series. Each book typically follows Qwill as he solves another mystery with Koko’s help while developing new relationships and enjoying life in his new home. While there are some recurring characters and plot arcs, each book can be read as a standalone.

Braun wrote The Cat Who Could Read Backwards after her cat died. After hearing about how detectives used their “sixth sense” to solve crimes, she was inspired to create the series.

The series ran for 29 books (plus 3 collections) and ended with The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers in 2007. There was supposed to be a 30th book, The Cat Who Smelled Smoke, but it was canceled.

The Cat Who series is loved by many fans for its charming characters and light-hearted mysteries. Braun’s writing style is easy to read and often includes humor. In addition, her detailed descriptions of the town and its inhabitants will make you feel like you’re right there with them. The Cat Who is an excellent option if you’re looking for a series to get lost in.




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