best tech magazines

10 Best Technology Magazines [2022]

New technologies are emerging, and the world is shifting gradually to a modern era. What better way to keep up and stay in the know than by having the updates right at your fingertips? Tech mags offer great and valuable information about the technological world. It can give you all updates from the latest news …

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Best Acting Books

6 Best Acting Books [2022]

So you want to be an actor? Awesome profession! Truth be told, acting classes are very important if you are to master the art of acting but we couldn’t recommend reading more. Acting books are full of knowledge and information that help you package yourself better as an actor. Acting books help you learn good …

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Best Books for Kindergarten

6 Best Books for Kindergarten [2022]

If you have youngsters starting kindergarten this year then it’s time they started learning to read for themselves. Learning to read is very difficult, there are a lot of words and letters to remember, so having a few books at home to practice with will not only come in handy but help your child learn …

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Best Books for 10 Year Old Boys

6 Best Books for 10 Year Old Boys [2022]

If you have a ten-year-old who spends his days playing video games and nagging you for new toys and food, then perhaps it’s time you inspired him to start reading again. It’s likely that he hasn’t been interested in books for a few years – all the books they make him read at school are …

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Best Sales Books

10 Best Sales Books [2022]

If you’re in sales or marketing then you’ll greatly benefit from reading sales secrets from legendary sellers such as Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, and Jim Rohn, but there are many other great books out there from equally good salespeople – people that you can learn from to become an even better seller. The best sales …

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Best Audiobooks for Kids

6 Best Audiobooks for Kids [2022]

If you’ve got young kids that love stories but you don’t have hours upon hours to spend reading to them, then an audiobook is going to be your new best friend. Audiobooks are a great alternative to paper books for the busy parent and can give you the much-needed reprieve from bedtime duty. Here we …

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Best Marvel Graphic Novels

10 Best Marvel Graphic Novels [2022]

If you love Marvel, you’ll love our list of the best marvel graphic novels. Unlike the marvel comic books, these novels have 200+ pages of graphic and dialogue filled pages. You’ll be able to really immerse yourself in the story and watch, read, and enjoy the story as it unfolds in front of your very …

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best true story books

6 Best True Story Books [2022]

If you love reading thrilling novels then you can’t go past the best true storybooks on our list. Not only are these tales much more exciting and real than fiction books but the stories are even more believable because they actually happened to someone in real life. You’ll thoroughly enjoy every book on our list. …

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Best Books for College Students

6 Best Books for College Students [2022]

If you’re in college or thinking about going to college then there are a handful of books that will make college life a lot easier for you. Where most people try to find things out on their own and never think to read from the pros who’ve figured it out already; you’re different. You’re one …

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Best Self-Help Books

10 Best Self-Help Books [2022]

If you’re someone who enjoys learning about yourself and wants to become successful or wealthy, then reading the best self-help books can really add an edge to your game. Not only do self-development books teach you how to become a better version of yourself, but they also save you the time of learning through trial …

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Best Business Audiobooks

6 Best Business Audiobooks [2022]

It’s a tough world out there, especially in business. With a lot of competitors in your industry all racing you to the money pot and finish line, it can be hard to succeed without some form of guidance. Business audiobooks offer knowledge and assistance for busy entrepreneurs who don’t have much time to sit down …

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Best Vampire Romance Books

6 Best Vampire Romance Books [2022]

We are all fascinated by tales of love and romance. Being human, romance is one of the qualities that we seek in many of our relationships. We strive for that happy ending that sees us live happily ever after. When we seek books to read we, therefore, go for those with such a theme. At …

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Best Nonfiction Audiobooks

6 Best Nonfiction Audiobooks [2022]

You probably like reading: well, let’s say you love reading. In fact, maybe reading is your favorite hobby. Your favorite genre is anything nonfiction. It is the only thing that you think about when you are not busy with other things. That book: that story. You probably can’t wait to get home so that you …

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best lsat prep books

10 Best LSAT Prep Books [2022]

Getting to law school is the ambition of many young scholars currently in the academic system. It is through this way that they will get to realize their ambition to be lawyers or to work in the judiciary. To be admitted into law school you need to seat for the LSAT exams. But these exam …

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Best Magazines for Men

6 Best Magazines for Men [2022]

It was kind of a difficult task for us to limit the number of best magazines for men to just six. We don’t know you or what you’re interested in, so we’re relying on good ole’ intuition to help guide us and we think that we’ve covered a broad range of topics that you’ll like. …

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Best Love Story Books

10 Best Love Story Books [2022]

We all know how incredibly exciting and sexy romance novels can be. With millions of stories about star-crossed lovers from the greatest classic novels to modern fairytale stories of urban sweethearts, this genre is simply one with the most dedicated and passionate fans in the world. However, due to the increase of published books each …

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Best Survival Books

10 Best Survival Books [2022]

There is a lot of survival advice out there, so which author do you turn to? A wilderness survival guru, a botanist or an ex-navy SEAL? Someone who knows everything about cold weather survival or someone who has survived a month in the desert? Ideally, you’ll have a mixture of all of these books. Whether …

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Best Dystopian Novels

10 Best Dystopian Novels [2022]

As humans we tend to like the feel good stories. Those that conclude in a happy ending and the characters live happily ever after. But our preferences are changing and dystopian fiction is gaining huge popularity among the masses. Dystopian literature is written so as to frighten the reader but that seems to be its …

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Best Fashion Magazines

10 Best Beauty & Fashion Magazines [2022]

Seriously? We were forced to choose the best fashion & beauty magazines and then rate them from awesome to good? Well, we won’t complain too much. We could have been stuck entering data all day rather than pouring over the pages of today’s top fashion mags. We know that you all have your own preferences …

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Best Detective Novels

10 Best Detective Novels [2022]

We’re sure that there are plenty of other “best detective novels” lists in existence (well, of course we know there are because we look at them, too), yet each one is so unique. That’s because each reader is unique. What we like, you might hate. What you like, we might hate. Some of us are …

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